Bouchey Letter to Judge Peebles, NXIVM ‘should be considered criminal’

In 2011, Barbara Bouchey sent a letter to US Magistrate Judge David Peebles defending herself against a sanctions motion made by NXIVM. At the end of the lette Bouchey reveals the extent of the effort Raniere and his crew have made to harass her through litigation – something that collectively merits sanctions themselves.

2011 09 12 Bouchey Lr to Judge Peebles

In the letter, Bouchey writes, “The facts are that  I have acted responsibly, graciously  and dutifully  in complying fully to the barrage of legal abuse directed towards me collectively from their 6  prominent law firms resulting in  my being dragged  into, without any say or control, at least  10 litigations (6 filed against me) resulting in over 800 filings, containing over 16,000 pages filled with untruths and fabrications, from within 3 different states, before 8 Judges; thereby, forcing me into bankruptcy after costing me over $400,000 in fees trying to defend myself. I assure Your Honor that should all the facts be known about what NXIVM  has really done to me over the  last two years that it should  be considered criminal.  What I have been doing recently, though, is fighting back by bringing forth facts and evidence  in the hopes that this legal abuse is not allowed to continue, and that is my legal right to do so and not defiance. I hope someday the truth comes out, because their abuse of the legal system and the vendetta sought on individuals such as myself needs to stop.”

The problem Barbara is they have the money to buy justice and you don’t.





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