Violet’s story #2: ‘Hell would freeze over’ before I would go back

Violet, who last night told her story of how Keith Raniere, the Vanguard, sought to and ultimately succeeded in bedding her then claimed her as his possession, had some additional insights to share with readers.

I asked her: You say that Keith Raniere is not your enemy, but would you ever consider going back to him or join his group?

Violet: Hell would freeze over before I would be involved with that group. Because he lied; because he said ‘sex doesn’t matter’ and yet it did to him.

They teach some great things maybe. They help some people maybe. But no matter what great things they may teach on the outside, the leadership is harming innocent people and they are using the money from deception to seriously harm innocent people. It would be wrong to support NXIVM knowing what I know about Keith.

I really never thought of Keith as a monster until I saw what he did to destroy other people. At the time I knew him I thought he was eccentric, egotistical and sort of kinky.

He claimed his polygamy was a more evolved way to live.

But the reason I could never support NXIVM or take their course is because every dollar that goes to that machine is a dollar that can be used to harm innocent people.

(to be continued)

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