Money Talks in Family Court: How Christopher Ambrose Bought His Kids and Their Futures – And Turned Maternal Love into a Liability

Christopher Ambrose one-upped his kids by going to Family Court before his kith Judge Thomas O’Neill.

The mother had no money. She was a stay-at-home mother, and Ambrose, when he started the divorce proceedings in 2019, snatched every dime out of their accounts. He even took her inheritance for good measure – leaving her penniless and unable to play the game in CT Family Court, which is justice is what justice can buy.

Ambrose outspent the mother 10-1. In CT Family Court, money buys custody and bullshit talks.

Ask the wake of judges – Grossman, Adelman, Moukaswher, or newly-minted O’Neill, called up from hell to roll in the detritus caused by a selfish father’s insane demand to force three teenagers to live with him.

Judge Thomas O’Neill has something special in his eye, a tongue of flame, and someone in his ear…

O’Neill was the perfect choice. In court, instead of words, Judge O’Neill emitted shrill, unsettling screeches that sounded like the wailing of tormented children’s souls, sending chills down the spines of all who threaten the parental alienation racket by refusing to force teenagers to live with the man who purchased them.

The racket O’Neill protects is called parental alienation – which is to conspire to hand kids to abusers, then watch how the motions add up, and hearings pile high, billable by the hour.

Though profitable for the cast of family court professionals, it causes havoc in the lives of mothers and children, which drives up the cost to the father.

Ambrose paid a fortune to buy his kids.

Now that his three teenage possessions ran away, he retained the children-snatching family law attorney Alexander Cuda, the leader of the conspiracy of attorneys and judges in the family law section of CT.

Alexander Cuda

A hunched, menacing silhouette, Cuda, with his bald, scabrous head and air of malevolent intent, was a sight in O’Neill’s courtroom. His eyes, like sharp daggers, fixated on the mother whose kids, for Ambrose money, he steals with unemotional detachment.

His voice is not melodious but a harsh, grating sound that serves as a grim herald for any mother or child unfortunate enough to cross his path in Family Court.

The mother, Karen Riordan, represented herself. Every muscle in her body tuned to the safety and well-being of her children. She stood flabbergasted when Judge O’Neill refused to hear from the teenagers about their fate. 

Karen and Sawyer when they were briefly reunited this year

Nor would he hear from the psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee, who believes Ambrose is a dangerous psychopath, or Private Investigator Manual Gomez, who has evidence he says of Ambrose’s abuse.

It is hard to fathom why any man, other than a psychopath, would wish to force three teens, young adults, to live in his house against their wishes. So much against their wishes, they are runaways.

But Riordan is there like a sitting duck with a boil of hawks – O’Neill, Ambrose, and Cuda – keen-eyed, sharp of talon, and strong beaked, hooked to tear flesh, united in their guttural hiss, Let Us PREY.”

They are agents of destruction, opportunistic feeders that scan the ground for any sign of vulnerability, which means profit.

Their presence is a stark contrast to the beauty and serenity that the mother and her children bring to the earth and meadow. But the court is no meadow and is less of earth than the sulphury smoke pits of hell.

At the center of the case, with his hunched shoulders and ugly visage, Ambrose seems the incarnation of greed. His beady eyes scan the court, uncaring and unfeeling, interested only in destroying the mother of his children and running their lives.

He has an air of cold calculation, his psychopathy so virulent he seems ready, if need be, to use the law of Family Court profit, like Scott Mangano and Fotis Dulos, to snatch life away.

The courtroom the other day was one of tension. The mother raises her head, her senses alert. For a moment, the world seems to hold its breath as if waiting for some divine intervention to tip the scales and bring the kids back to her.

The beautiful, noble mother versus the ugly menace of a murder of crows – Cuda, Ambrose, and O’Neill – could not be more profound. 

The scene tells a tale as old as time, a stark representation of life’s struggle between beauty and harshness, vulnerability and predation, love and indifference.

In CT Family Court, harshness, predation, indifference, and greed always win.

It is overwhelmingly bleak and terrifying to be a poor mother protecting your children when money tips every scale. 

CT Family Court evokes fear, disgust, a sense of endless suffering, and the distant sound of the agonized cries of children, echoing the imbalance of power and money called justice that fails the families it sneeringly pretends to protect.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Whose idea was it to put an RO against the mother they love?

    Has this ever been done before?

    I have not found any case where RO was put against a parent whom the children love and want to be with.

    Please provide case law if any exists.

    Dangerous precedent.

    O’Neill should recuse himself.

    • Does Lynda Munro at Pullman and Comley still participate in the “Overcoming Barriers psycho-educational family camp”? If a “family court” judge forces the teenagers to go there, they’ll receive the “psycho-education” they need to learn to appreciate barbers, lettuce, grooming, alcohol, drugs and “Dad’s Song”:

      DAD’S SONG (sung to the tune of “Hey Jude”)

      Hey Campers
      We love you all
      Here at camp we came
      To have a good time
      We hold you in our hearts
      Because you are all so beautiful
      Hey Campers
      Let’s build a plan
      Like the boats we launched Into the river
      Even if its hard
      We must give love a chance
      For it is love
      That makes it better
      And anytime you feel the strain
      We’ll be there with this refrain
      We want you to know
      We’re here forever
      So let it out, and let it in
      We should begin
      The memories you made will stay forever
      Nah, nah, nah, nah nah . . . . . .

      For more information about the Overcoming Barriers “psycho-educational family camp”, see:

      “OVERCOMING BARRIERS FAMILY CAMP: A PROGRAM FOR HIGH-CONFLICT DIVORCED FAMILIES WHERE A CHILD IS RESISTING CONTACT WITH A PARENT by Matthew J. Sullivan, Peggie A. Ward, and Robin M. Deutsch in The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts FAMILY COURT REVIEW, Vol. 48 No. 1, January 2010 116–135.

  • How does Cuda and O’Neill not see the blinding hypocrisy?

    The solution suggested by criminal 1 (Ambrose) and criminal 2 (Cuda), is to “lift the RO” against Karen just long enough for her to go to NY and get three teenagers to get in the car with her to return them to their owner.

    Once returned to criminal 1, criminal 2 would alert criminal 3 (O’Neill) that the chattel are secured in Ambrose prison and the RO can be dropped back on mother like a ton of bricks.

    Their fraudulent RO is apparent in their suggested solution.

    If mother was actually abusive and teens in need of RO against her, then criminal 1 & 2 suggest the teens be abused again by their victimizer- just long enough to secure their capture- just long enough to take them against their will and force into Ambrose’s care.

    No doubt the horrid Dr Horwitz would be waiting- his prescription for institutionalization of Mia and Matthew already written and state beds at lockdown facility are secured.

    The only “one that could pass for white”- per Ambrose testimony- is sawyer- who would be left alone in the home of Ambrose- without siblings and no way out.

    Criminal plans expose Ambrose and Cuda for the frauds that they are.

    And O’Neill considers this abusive option! His concern was not the victimization of children but whether as a judge he could make such an overt order.

    Furious at himself for failing to trick the Ambrose teens into returning to Ambrose as planned with the RO- he shows his gross bias when he directs Cuda to put in for financial sanctions against the mother. She has no means to pay, so that’ll be another reason to lock her up.

    O’Neill is a sick sick pup. Looks like he’s in the right pound.

  • Christopher Ambrose – is this really you? Get some help. You’ve lost your way. Thought the L&O reveal would be a wake up call.

  • Splitting one stressful case into many stressful cases: common tactic or a Needle | Cuda (Hurwitz?) invention? says:

    When Jocelyn B. Hurwitz filed the following motion a few weeks before the tragedy, did she and Zeldes, Needle & Cooper, P.C. predict the date and result of the horrible stress they created for that Westport mother?

    Family law’s now almost a science: A few grueling profitable years followed by a few quick lawyer tricks and it’s done.

    BPH CV21-6009451-S


    : JUNE 2, 2021


    Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §47a-70(a), the Defendant Tracy C. Do (“Ms. Do”) hereby moves to transfer the above-captioned action from the Housing Session at Bridgeport to the regular docket in the Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport.

    The present action involves complex evidentiary and factual issues arising out of the years-long romantic relationship between Ms. Do and Plaintiff Eric J. Malon (“Mr. Malon”), which overlap with the issues involved in a prior action brought by Ms. Do against Mr. Malon, currently pending on the regular docket in the Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport. …

    The transfer of the present action will accomplish judicial economy and avoid a duplicity of discovery and trials, as Mr. Malon’s claim in the present action and Ms. Do’s defenses are directly related, and any amounts found to be due to Mr. Malon would potentially be an offset to amounts due to Ms. Do in the Do Action. …”

    • Thank you for brining this to light!

      Like the Jen Dulos case, the media fails to investigate the true cause of the deaths of these women and child- as well as to the trauma of the children left to survive.

      Jocelyn Hurwitz slid out of the spotlight on this case as she’s done with Sandra MacVicar’s two girls (abused by father who gal Hurwitz gave $ole custody) and Riordan where 3 Ambrose children were abused and father given sole custody.

      In both cases Jocelyn Hurwitz buried evidence from the court, both mothers were dragged through RFTD and both mothers and all children were punished ruthlessly with no contact orders to protect the abusers.

      With Tracey, it was divide and conquer. Jocelyn Hurwitz scared the hell out of her, and threats by all attorneys involved drove this healthy mom over the edge.

      All about money.

      It’s good v evil and family court is the most evil place- the court vendors and. “Attorneys” are criminals. They dine in westports finest restaurants, wear the best clothes, attend fundraisers, but make no mistake — they are predators in plain sight.

    • Legal word salad to confuse and distract from the abuse upon this innocent mother. Jocelyn Hurwitz is evil. She destroyed Tracy. Destroyed her through chronic fear and threat. Jocelyn is toxic abut she makes a mothers love toxic.
      Tracy was treated horrifically throughout litigation. They make you feel like you are nothing and you deserve nothing. They take every cent and then walk away.

    • In all these cases, and many others, liberals take positions that make them look good and feel good — and show very little interest in the actual consequences for others, even when liberal policies are leaving havoc in their wake.

      • … Hartford Courant

        UConn Law School parental-rights symposium slammed by conservatives

        By Susan Dunne
        March 31, 2023

        A symposium on the “parental rights” movement happening Friday at UConn Law School has drawn fire from some conservatives who accuse the event of pushing “a message of family separation.”

        The UConn student-led Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal is hosting the event, called “Are Parental Rights Always in the Best Interest of the Children: Race, Gender and Sexuality and the Conflict Over Parental Rights.”

        The event’s promotional flier describes the subject matter: “This symposium will explore the complex issues surrounding the role of parental rights in advancing progressive goals while at the same time examine how parents rights are being used to undermine racial, gender and LGBTQ equality.

        “These conflicts have come to a head recently in the areas of education, gender-affirming care and family regulation. The discussion will also include how children’s interests can and should be represented, and whether that is best accomplished through their parents.” …

        … Reitz, who called the symposium “academic and objective,” added that “the topic is not an uncommon area of legal discussion.

        “Similar symposia have taken place and/or been examined in other initiatives by faculty and students at other esteemed law schools,” Reitz said in an emailed statement. “As a law school that values and fights for the rights of free speech and peaceable assembly, UConn Law respects all who choose to publicly express their views on the symposium and the broader legal topics it explores.”

        The symposium also came under fire in a statement on Feb. 17 from House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora.

        The release called the event “little more than a training camp for progressives who are fighting to insert more government bureaucracy between parents and their children.

        Candelora is quoted in the release: “A lot of Connecticut families will find it troubling to see our state’s flagship university promoting ideology that contemplates somebody being a better judge of a child’s best interest than that child’s parents.” …

        • The states flag ship university. Health and human services fatherhood initiative. “Gatekeeper” parental alienation hypothesis ruling the courts. Unconn should probably focus on the sexual assault problem on campus. Maybe 🤔 if some of these rapist were not seeing abuse swept under the rug and people reporting it punished we would have less DV problems in our state. The flagship university health and human services fatherhood initiative department should be investigated for using federal funding for conference at expensive places. Maybe they should be concerned with the prejudice and bias against women due to fatherhood funding. That the head of family services and violent offender program is run by the husband of the head of the fatherhood initiative at Uconn and the question it’s been raising. with complaints women are raising? Maybe Uconn should of invest the money into researching the outcomes of cases so the they can figure out why the Connecticut family court system is rated one of or the worst system in the country. We don’t need more reasons to destitute the divorcing parents and endangering children. We don’t need another reason to graduate Nausbalms raping their clients financially and betraying the publics trust in the officers of the court. Maybe 🤔 unconn can start thinking of spending money wisely in the best interest of the residents of the state they are graduating. Maybe they can stop what appears to be waisting money over paying their employees. Lots of divorce people could benefit from the benefit from Connecticut’s flagship university choosing to possibly explore fixing our family courts rather than adding to the problem to gain more control of the residence in the state.

        • Another form of the AFCC. Children’s rights and voices are only heard when they support a lucrative money train to court appointed vendors. We have for profit courts.

          The government overreach is out of control.
          Families are being systematically destroyed. “Gender care” equates to court appointed therapists for positions that will last for a decade. It’s all about pre and post gender surgery and all the supports and treatment that go along with it.

          Gif help us all.

          • What is next? Children unhappy with their development will be allowed to get breast implants? Children brains don’t develop fully until 25. You want to let people out of jail because they committed a crime before becoming an adult. Now people think a child under 18 should decide to transition? They can decide what parents house they can live at ? Get these Democrats out of office! They are ruining the country!

  • National news story Frankie? Hobgoblin of little minds. She’s gone. Prison awaits. Watch.Learn. It is you who loses Frankie boy. Can’t con a con.

      • PRISON awaits? I thought the bullshit violating of the bullshit restraining order carried a penalty of 30 days in a county jail not PRISON.

        Or is this just the embellishment of a known plagiarist?

        • The state of Connecticut loves to toss mothers in jail. Just ask Gerald Adelman. How many father’s are they n in contempt ignored by the courts. Threatening women all over the state with contempt motion. Connecticut how is the budget going? Are you riding the access and visitation wave in to retirement?

          • Yes he does, he threatened me twice back in 2015 and 2016 with going to jail. I was mostly a stay at home Mom, and he took my daughters away from me, just because I was upset

    • Chris,
      Did you just admit to being a con artist???
      You’re blatant bravery thinking that this won’t come back to bite you is concerning….

      You are opening Pandora’s box on your abuse towards your children and hopefully an investigation especially if you’re admitting to being a con artist…

  • Cuda and Ambrose suggested the judge lift the bullshit restraining order, pay a pal of theirs to supervise and demand the mother drive to get the teenagers in NY (since they are cargo in family court) and “return” the teens to their rightful owner – Ambrose.

    Once returned and locked in home of Chris Ambrose, the restraining order would then be placed on the mother once again- for a full year.

    The blood sport of CT family court.

    • So these yahoos suggested lifting the RO to achieve their goals of bringing the slave teens back to the Ambrose plantation? Seems like that speaks to the absolute absurdity of the RO to begin with in that the mother is not a threat to these runaway teens whatsoever and they know it. Contradictory much?

      It’s actually sort of a dark comedy at this point: Let us lift the RO against the mother, let her now play the role of dog the bounty hunter and traverse the USA to find these runaway teens. Once she’s found them does she pepper spray, handcuff and hog tie them and throw them in the back of a pickup truck and ferry them back to the plantation in CT? Does she chain them up together or shackle them independently to a post on the plantation once she’s gotten them back to Master Ambrose? Does she then guard them until she’s summoned back to court to have a Restraining Order placed against her again or is she free once she’s secured them to a post in the yard?

      R I D I C U L O U S

      • Who would call this tragedy a comedy is abnormally indulging in other people misery even if try to be ironic bad taste kids lives at stake

      • Um, I see it as giving her a chance to act like a grown-up. Does she really want her kids running from home to home when they’re supposed to be focusing on their studies, the ones that are going to determine their futures? Karen is enabling and promoting this damage and instability at a critical time in their young lives. And she knows they are not abused in Ambrose’s home. Karen is the abuser here who relishes playing “show them you choose mommy, it doesnt matter if your future is destroyed.” The woman has no common sense.

        • Starting your comments with “Um, … “ and typing statements such as “giving her a chance to act like a grown-up” don’t automatically make you the adult in the room when you totally ignore all the most important facts of the case.

  • Mediation is funded through the access and visitation grant run through the child support enforcement office. That’s why they are pushing mediation. .

    • It’s running through the department of labor and then the child support enforcement office. The labor force in Connecticut as of 2022. 56.6 percent of the work force in Connecticut are women. We need to start demanding a say in matters. Women in Connecticut you must start being aware of what is happening in your state. The political leaders are not going to make the information public. We have no voice. Even the female leadership is turning a blind eye on to the women’s issues in the state
      We need stronger leadership for women to ensure our rights. These gender bias legislation and agreements are unexpectable. Are a huge insensitive to keep the custody flipping going. Laws designed to protect are being used against women. We are being silenced by punishment for reporting abuse. We need women who are not afraid to meet the challenge head on. Equal rights in the state of Connecticut. Stop the war on women.

      • The so called “coven” is tired of being silents and painted by the elite group of privilege folks using the fatherhood initiative welfare reform act funding to influence cases. The parental alienation voodoo spells. Children in the all countries are being subjected to horrible conditions so these AFCC professionals can engage in hypothetical theories started by what appears to be a pedophile. Our nations family court system is built on hypothesis and gender bias funding leading to the elimination of mothers at an alarming rate.

        • “the fatherhood initiative welfare reform act funding to influence cases”?

          Which office has records of which cases received how much funding, when, why and how?

          • The access and visitation grant is through the child support enforcement office. Looking to find out where to get information on who exactly receiving funding. Apparently based information from a report happened upon. There is fatherhood initiative funding to the department of labor given to the child support enforcement office for mediation. Unclear if Sean Scanlon would know. Appears that there various ‘partners of the initiative ‘ and with millions of dollars of funding it’s hard to figure out where it goes and gets passed around.

          • Don’t collecting money through child support funds? Men have been complaining about the state of Connecticut profiting off child support. It allegedly appears that they are using the access and visitation grant through their for a reason. Father’s who don’t want to pay child support. So now the fatherhood funding appears to be supporting the child support office. Some one should see what they do with the profit the office is making. ❓ why would children support services have anything to do with access and visitation. Why would the department of labor be giving the child support enforcement office? Who is benefiting? Why is there a profit off the children support being replaced with fatherhood funding? Sean Scanlon may have the answers. Someone should ask him? Alterior motives for family court system mess? Could this be adding slip and falls in Connecticut?

  • I think it’s about time for the world 🌍 to wake up and smell the Columbian coffee bean. These are experiencing all the things that fathers are claiming are happening in a fatherless household. They lived with Chris for three years. These children desperately miss their mother. They are missing school because they don’t want to go to the house they are registered to go to school from. This mess was started by chris poured gasoline on by the GaL and more set a blaze by Gerald Adelman. What would you do if your children were reporting abuse and you were forced to leave them there? Suggested you round them up and bring them back? There is a significant underestimation of the importance of a mother. I think there is an over estimation on the courts ability to force relationships. How much collateral damage will be done by the time the children turn 18?

  • What transpired in Ambrose’s court today? (I would have said ONeil’s court but preferred to be more accurate given Chrissy-pooh seems to be the shot caller in CT Family kourt)

  • Oneill let he’s his abuse of power. It’s a fix. He’s an actor and not a good one. His hostility is palpable.

    His disregard for children evidenced repeatedly.

    Lamont’s choice for diversity and understanding of people is a joke.

    • Maybe Tom O’Neill is the patsy, fall guy, scapegoat or sucker, set-up and thrown under the bus to the wolves to save all the judges, lawyers, therapists, evaluators and state employees who should be in jail right now for what they did to thousands of Connecticut families with all those “Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.” cash-for-kids transactions since 1984.

  • Can “Parents for Trump” kick the pedophile judges, attorneys and administrators out of Connecticut family courts? says:

    “Strengthen Family Values: Parents for Trump stand for the sanctity of life, traditional family values, and the importance of strong, stable families as the foundation of a prosperous society. As 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump safeguarded individual freedoms, including the right to bear arms, free speech, and religious liberty, which are vital to preserving our way of life.”

    • Since 1984, those who hijacked Connecticut family courts with AFCC, Inc. created that monster of a for-profit, pro-pedophile, purposely adversarial, public-private network to destroy: the sanctity of life; traditional family values; strong, stable families; individual freedoms; the right to bear arms; free speech; religious liberty; and, the preservation of our way of life.

      Norman Dodd researched, documented and reported other “non-profits” destroying families in the same kinds of ways throughout the nation.

      DOJ and AG offices let AFCC Inc. establish and promote AFCC, Inc. public-private networks in many other states — and many nations around the world. Maybe that explains how William Tong got to be the state AG and Jim Comey got to be the FBI director. The only individuals, legislators and organizations allowed on and in public platforms are those who ignore family courts’ purposely adversarial, for-profit, pro-pedophile, anti-free speech, anti-religion, anti-life and anti-tradition rules, policies and law.

      Millions of parents and children have suffered in so many horrible ways since the 1980s for that political agenda. Our police officers have lost hours and lives cleaning up family court messes all over America. AG and DOJ offices ignored state and federal crimes committed in family courts and how many tax dollars were spent on the Dulos case so far?

      Public awareness of what’s been happening and grand juries could help if we make it happen.

  • I just watched a video on fb of a dog getting her pups one by one out of a storm to a safe place where they would be dry and out of the wind, then I thought thrers a loving mother in Ct facing jail time for doing the same thing, protecting the children she loves from a monster. How ironic that a dog can take care of her young but a human mother can’t.

  • How many children did Robert Horwitz groom in the Ambrose case?

    “… Grooming is a tactic where someone methodically builds a trusting relationship with a child or young adult, their family, and community to manipulate, coerce, or force the child or young adult to engage in sexual activities …“

      • Porn on the children’s computer in the Sorrentino case … Adelman was the judge in that case, too. The son ran and Adelman jailed the mother. Anyone see a pattern, yet? 🤔

        • 1. “Where’s the data showing outcomes in child custody cases involving disclosures of abuse?”

          2. Which judges, lawyers and “therapists” were involved in the worst outcomes?

  • While we’re talking about the abuse of children by the U.S. legal system, take a look at these videos of riots breaking out in American schools. Several kids arrested in both cases.

    I warned you that with the rollout of 5G in schools, your kids would go completely out of control.

    These two cases occurred within the last couple of days, in Florida and Philadelphia.

    If you think this has nothing to do with 5G and microwave radiation, I’m including a third video. This is a classic, the time-delay photography of the pioneer John Ott. Apart from filming things like plants growing, he also filmed animals and children being exposed to electromagnetic fields. You can see this from [4:37] in the third video. You will see rats fighting and scrabbling with each other when they are exposed to radiation, just like the kids scrabbling in the other videos; and acting completely calmly and normally when they are shielded from radiation.

    Then Ott shows a classroom where little children are being radiated. [b]Watch their behavior.[/b] Watch the behavior of those rats. Compare with the videos of your children fighting. All that is required to prove the effects of radiation is a simple video. This was done decades ago. It has all been covered up. You could easily make the same videos again today. Video some Amish children in a classroom, no phones, no vaccinations, no ADD, not a single case of autism in the whole community. Then look at your own kids, with 3 percent of them diagnosed now as autistic. Millions of kids, banging their heads against walls.

    They’re asking you to wake up.

    Riots at Zephyrhills High School, Florida:
    Riots at Abington High School, Philadelphia:
    John Ott video:

  • Hey Judge Thomas O’Neill – Was it worth it? This is just the beginning. Think of all the cases to follow where you will be forced to make unfathomable decisions and cause irrepairable pain to innocent children. Good luck sleeping at night. Good luck having any of your golf buddies look you in the eyes. Good luck avoiding RICO when it inevitably comes calling. Again, was it worth it?

    Or, was your role not properly disclosed upfront? Did you not comprehend the overwhelmng greed and psychopathy you were being set up to enforce? It might be a good time to rethink some life choices…

    Is life good? If yes, then I guess it was worth it. If no, save yourself and eject.

  • … Mike Yoder an attorney on location asked, “Is it normal for the governor to just unilaterally change the landscape of law in Hawaii. Yoder filed a lawsuit with OMG as plaintiff, against the Governor in Federal court, arguing the statue is unconstitutional and incompatible with the 1st Amendment. …

  • corporate defense
    complex trauma
    attachment disruption

    Mr. O’Neill’s three gifts for Governor Lamont’s bottom line … and Governor Lamont’s gift to Pan.

    • Jeffrey Epstein had a statue of Pan in his Manhattan mansion and he “belonged to Intelligence”. Those who own the world know what peasants don’t know — and the peasants don’t know they don’t know. That’s been the biggest and funniest secret. 🤫

  • Do the kids still need laptops? Hopefully they are attending virtual school. Education is important. There lives here been effected enough.

  • Ron Hopkin. Economic development and children’s affairs. What do these things have in common? The welfare reform act. Fatherhood initiative. Ron are you a friend of the court? . Influencing cases for the financial best interest of the country and not in the best interest of children. What is going on with the fatherhood initiative and family court?

  • The teens learned that Ambrose had plans to see them in RI. Ambrose also said he had obtained a court order from judge oneill to physically remove the teens from safe haven in RI.

    I spent the day at court looking through the Dickey’s. Ambrose has no such order but he conveyed this to dcf and the grandfather. He also implied he could get RI DCF to force the kids out of safe haven and back with him.

    Such threats- based on Ambrose’s delusions of grandeur are what the courts and dcf responds to. Whatever Ambrose says, goes. He has the grandfather thinking he’s breaking the law if he doesn’t comply— and everyone fears frivolous lawsuits from this animal.

    With grandpa weakening and Ambrose threatening to see them, they fled for safety and protection with loved ones in New York.

    What Ambrose fails to accept doctor reality that the three Ambrose teens will not be returning to madman’s house of horrors.

    He can torture the mother all he pays for – oneill can make himself look like more of an ass by kissing the albino ass of Chris Ambrose, but he’ll look more foolish than he already does.

    Ambrose has his restraining order. That was the deal. Oneill it’s not oneills fault the kids fled. And will continue to run far away from Ambrose.

    These teenagers have lived a hard lonely painful existence – with no love at all for almost four years.

    They’ve gotten their lives back — and stronger each day. There’s no going back. This has little to do with Karen. Life is bigger than family court.

    These teens are gone forever Ambrose. You had plenty of time and instead of creating a world of love and joy you did the opposite.

  • Has anyone contacted her or her daughter Lisa Bloom? This mother daughter duo are bad ass attorneys who have made it their mission in life to protect women and children and I’ll bet they could and would sort out this mess. They do a lot of work pro bono and this seems right up their alley of expertise

    Just a thought.

      • I contacted her office to start a civil rights action against the state of Connecticut. I have had no reply. She represents girls at Uconn I believe because of all the rapes. We desperately need her help. The MOU and access and visitation grant. The war on women/ motherhood happening in the family court. Discrimination is ramped in family court.

  • Frank you are on target. Thanks for believing in Karen and the children. There are many cowards in the state of Connecticut. Karen is not one of them. Karen Riorden you are the mother many children wish they had. We are not optimistic but we support you and your ability to make a difference. Many women have been subject to the situation you are facing. You are noble and should be proud. Your three children are aware of your sacrifice. To All protective Mothers, thank for your bravery and diligence. There has been many battles. The war is not over yet. I’m sorry you have been chosen to endure this. I’m praying for you and your children.

    • Unfortunately, this is happening to Karen, but it happens more commonly then publicized
      It happens to many parents, mothers and fathers cases are determined prior and all they do is navigate the case and shifting around orders to extract financial incentives and use one parent as a scapegoat to line their pockets and always the pathological sicko gaining control they can’t make money with the stable sane parent

    • Thanks. There’s really no choice. It’s good v evil. Love v hate.

      You have no choice but to endure. The truth comes out. It’s taken longer than I hoped but it still coming out.

      Chris is going to delight in hailing the mother of the children who love her. And somehow this will bring remedy to the damage he alone did for years?

      No one believes it. It’s over Chris. They’re not coming back. Hold Karen hostage. They’re not coming back. Save your money and walk away. You’re a fraud and the public know it. This is without all the evidence.

      Spare exposing green and Horowitz. It’ll blow up one way or another. But for you Ambrose, none of the abuse would have happened.

      You stand alone. Fat. Arrogant and alone. You had it all and lost it all. Your kids love Karen and yearn for her. You can’t stand it. You can’t stop it either.

      Find a guy. Get the tuck out if Madison and leave your kids alone.

  • So, after grandpa sent the wild teenagers packing, they must’ve gone straight to the loving arms of the woman they have been begging for years to live with.

    Oh, wait.

    • How do these teenagers (two of them nearly adults) fall in to the category of wild ?

      Is it that their adoptive father encouraged them and let them booze it up, take drugs, vape and have sex with much older partners?

      How do you know that grandpa sent them packing?

      How do you know where they are headed?

      It seems that Connecticut is the land of crooked judges and closeted unhinged gay men, a bad look for any state.

      Id leave too.

    • Grampa sent them to the next leg of the race to freedom. The underground railroad for children enslaved to Connecticut family court system.

      • This is the best. I wish I could highlight this reply.
        I never knew this component of humanity existed.
        Why didn’t they go to live with the woman they have been begging and fighting tooth and nail to live with?

        • 1. Mr. Cuda filed an appearance to guide the case down the basement stairs.
          2. Mr. Ambrose field for a restraining order using Jennifer’s Law.
          3. Mr. O’Neill ordered the mother to stay away from her children.
          4. Mr. Adelman was director of CT AFCC, Inc.
          5. Mr. Horwitz was treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc.

        • Try to keep up..she has an ro against her and these children want to protect her because they do love her
          ..and do not want her to go to jail. As far as the component of humanity it’s not surprising that you know nothing about that. Humanity is a foriegn word to you. Give it up Chris. They are not coming back. Cudacudacuda


    • The only time these teenagers were wild is when they were with you. Who wouldn’t be with what you put them thru, I’m surprised they handled it as well as they did.

    • Now we have moved on from Karen to making three children the problem. It is Chris Ambrose who is the problem. Wake up family court fools 😡.

  • I don’t know how many women in Ct are aware of what the court and Chris Ambrose are trying to do to this mother, but if I lived there I would be standing on the courthouse steps with a sign in protest against the money hungry judge who is presiding over this case. Any mother who loves her children and know the same thing could happen to you should be there.

    • Unfortunately mom’s will never understand until it happens to them. Connecticut mom’s in the court. Friday we ride at 9am. We have to figure out how to stop this!

      • As many as you can get, send a message that this kind of thing cannot be tolerated. I wish I could be with you but I’m many miles away and old. Please show up and support this wonderful mother and her kids

    • Connecticut parents need to rally. This is not a mother father issue. It’s an issue of unethical corrupt attorneys and judges who don’t do the right thing. All they look at is how much money can they make from a case stop pointing the guns inward it’s about the system not the parents, the stable sane parent is used and abused

    • Stop with the mother issue it’s the parents in general need to rally they do it intentionally to pit parent against parent that’s how they keep the money flowing. Are you guys such a ditz balls in those groups????

  • First I want to thank you, Frank for not being intimidated by these jerks that call themselves judges and by this freak who thinks he’s a father, God only knows why, and standing up for Karen. He’s tryng so hard to get rid of her one way or another. What could she have done to him for him to have so much hate for her to hurt her thru what he’s doing to her children? He don’t really want the kids, he’s just trying to hurt her, the mother that has nothing against her and nothing but a wonderful mother to her kids, while he’s in California doing only God knows what with his pedophilic friends. But then he has to come home because he couldn’t use his manipulation to keep his job,is that what he’s mad about and taking it out on her and the kids? God bless her and the kids for what they have been thru because of this freak. One day you’ll get what’s coming to you Chris and it can’t be soon enough!!

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