Family Court Judge O’Neill’s Broken Compass: Where Money’s Fun and Children Run

The model for artist Titan Surge's painting 'Judge Satan O. Nil, junior member of the Greedlord's Tribunal; Hades Abysmal Court of Eternal Bias' is said to be notorious real life CT Superior Court Judge Thomas J. O'Neill. 

High-Stakes Showdown 

Bridgeport, Connecticut – On September 1, Superior Court Judge Thomas J. O’Neill will hear Christopher Ambrose’s motion for contempt against his ex-wife Karen Riordan.

On August 8, Judge O’Neill granted Ambrose’s petition for Restraining Orders, made on behalf of his teenage children against their wishes. His orders barred their mother, Riordan, from seeing Mia, 16, Matthew, 16, and Sawyer, 13, for one year.

Now Ambrose wants her arrested for custodial interference.

Christopher Ambrose aims to maintain control of his children’s lives, regardless of their wishes….

Teens’ Pleas for Understanding 

During his three days of hearings, Judge O’Neill refused to hear the testimony of the teenagers. His decision cast three teens into homelessness, since they lived with their mother.

Ambrose perhaps hoped the teens would come to him. Instead, they fled to their maternal grandfather in Rhode Island.

This is the basis of his contempt motion. He wants the judge to punish the mother for the teens not coming to him.

Mia, Sawyer and Matthew Ambrose – the voices of vulnerable teens are drowned out by the sound of money.

An Abrupt End to Mother-Child Bonding

Ambrose will go to court this Friday to seek to get Riordan arrested in an evidence-free attempt to blame her for the teenagers refusing to return to live with him.

The children were kept in isolation – away from their mother, and extended family by their father for three years. They grew old enough to escape. Now they say they do not want to return to his home of loneliness and abuse.

Legal Battle Unfolds as Teens Seek Refuge

They lived with their father – by CT Family Court order – for three years until they ran away earlier this year to reunite with their mother. She had raised them every day for 13 years.

The mother Karen Riordan never had a chance with Judge O’Neill, where money talks and justice walks.

Riordan had no money for an attorney and represented herself, trying to save her children from the abuse they claim they endured.

Law partners Melissa Needle and Alexander Cuda are said to carry family court judges in their pocket, like so many nickels and dimes….

Ambrose retained the well-connected attorney Alexander Cuda, whose silver tongue inspired by his green-loving heart was like magical notes for the money-driven Judge O’Neill.

Artist Titan Surge’s Portrait of a Cuda…

Cuda got Judge O’Neill to remove the mother from the lives of teenagers. They perverted a new Connecticut law, Jennifer’s Law, to hand the victims – the children – a stunning defeat by mislabeling the mother as the abuser when the children say it is the father who abuses them.

This is about money, and that is what corporate lawyer turned judge Thomas O’Neill understands. He does not understand children.

No man with a heart would possibly think teenage children should not be heard. That he would listen only to the cooing of Cuda parroting the lies of blackheart Ambrose, a man so depraved and delusional that he would, without shame, try to force teenagers terrified of him to live with him.

But Ambrose can outspend his wife. This is all that is needed in CT Family Court’s cash for kids enterprise.

Because family court judges never mandated Ambrose file financial affidavits – though required by law – he absconded with more than one million dollars of Riordan’s money.

With that money, he bought the kids.

Four Years Ago…

The following is from the transcript of a hearing on August 22, 2019.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr.

At the hearing, before Judge Eddie Rodriguez, in the case of Ambrose v Riordan, Ambrose admitted he took 100 percent of the marital assets [he was entitled to 50 percent] and all of Riordan’s inheritance.

At the time, Riordan had a lawyer, Richard Callahan. The relevant testimony:

Richard Callahan

CALLAHAN: [Karen Riordan] at one point asked you for access to the financial accounts, your marital, financial accounts, right?

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.

CALLAHAN: And she wanted that information to have an adult conversation with you about what was possible for your children in the midst of this divorce—

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.

CALLAHAN: That you just started, correct?

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.



AMBROSE: Yes. I’m sorry. Yes.

CALLAHAN: And you didn’t give it to her?

AMBROSE: I told her. I said what – I said that it’s the same as before. The mutual fund is the same as it was before. I was not going to give Karen the password to our investment portfolio.


AMBROSE: Because I don’t trust her.

CALLAHAN: Okay. Even though you know that there is $150,000 of money that she received from her mother’s estate that you are in control of?

AMBROSE: And the rest of it is– she never had a problem with that. She never asked for access before. And I don’t trust her to have access… And when she started asking for the passwords to the Fidelity account, [their joint money], it was the same kind of dynamic. And I was worried that Karen – if I gave her the passwords, she could go in, she could sell stock, she could deplete the whole thing, she could lock me out of the account….

CALLAHAN: So, you have control over that?

AMBROSE: I — I have– well, control, as I have the entire marriage, and she’s never asked once before this year to see the accounts.

Sounds Legit: He stole her money because she might steal it from him. Will that work in any other court?

They were getting a divorce. How things were handled when they were married is no argument that he could take control of all the money during their divorce. But that is what Ambrose said and he took control of the marital assets.

He locked her out of their joint accounts because he said he did not want her to lock him out and deplete the money – even though more than half the money was hers.

He took her entire share of the marital assets accumulated over 17 years of marriage and took all of her inheritance because he said if he didn’t, she would take his share.

Imagine the nonsense of this. He stole her money because he was afraid she would steal his. The first thief gets all. Stealers, keepers, losers, weepers.

Judge Rodriguez was not buying it. He gave Ambrose a deadline of September 5, 2019, to file his financial affidavit so the court could explore where the marital money was and how to divide it.

Ambrose did not want to file a financial affidavit.

So he switched judges. He went to Judge Jane Grossman, who was up for reappointment as a judge.

Ambrose retained attorney Nancy Aldrich, the mother of State Senator Will Haskell, a member of the judicial reappointment committee.

That sent a clear message to the enterprising Judge Grossman.

Shortly after, Judge Grossman flipped custody to Ambrose. He used his wife’s money to pay for the lawyer-mother of the senator. He bought his kids.

And the lawyer mother, who got paid about $600,000 for her services, sold her son’s influence to get Ambrose his kids. She got paid for her kid-selling with Riordan’s share of the money.

Senator Haskell duly worked to help Judge Grossman get reappointed, when it was far from a sure thing.

Judge Grossman never required Ambrose to show where the marital funds went, or where Riordan’s inheritance went. It never got on the record, because she never required a financial affidavit from Ambrose.

Judge Jane Grossman ordered three children out of their mother’s house, not to contact the woman who raised them. There was money and a judicial reappointment involved.

Twisted Justice: When Money Determines Custody

So, all these years, Riordan was at a disadvantage, as Ambrose spent her share of the money on his own lawyers.  And she represented herself penniless, powerless to persuade the various judges Ambrose moved the cases to with the slick moves of his high paid lawyers.

In CT Family Court you can move from one lawyer to the next if you have the money. If one won’t sell you the kids, you go to another.

None of the slick judges Ambrose chose required him to show the money he took from her. In CT Family Court silence is literally golden.

It’s a long story that will perhaps play out in a federal criminal racketeering case.

Attorney’s Silver Tongue Paves Way for Money-Driven Judge

After his kids ran away in 2023, Ambrose retained attorney Chris Goulden, who was to ensure the courts forced the teens back to Ambrose’s house. They went to two different judges. Both said they were not going to force three teens back.

Artist Surge Titan’s Portrait of a ‘Bari’ Cuda

Ambrose dumped Goulden and retained big gun Alex Cuda, and arranged to get in front of money-driven Judge O’Neill – the third judge on the same matter.

As Cuda might have told Ambrose, “Guys like O’Neill don’t care where you get the money. For a guy like O’Neill, possession is all 10- points of the law. A guy like O’Neill doesn’t care what kids want. Kids are irrelevant in family court. He knows you have the money.”

Yes, Ambrose was smart to retain Cuda, the former head of the CT bar association family section, and active in making judges happy.

This is cash for kids and nothing else.

This is not a Jewish game, an Irish game or Italian. It is neither male nor female, black or white. It is greed, and in the end, it is criminal.



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    According to Bloomberg News, Navarro had “roots as a mainstream economist” as he voiced support for free trade in his 1984 book The Policy Game. He changed his positions as he saw “the globalist erosion of the American economy” develop. …”

    • After doing a bit of research in to the Hon Judge O’Neill, as it turns out I think he might actually be honorable, just and fair. Time will tell.

      ONeill may have gotten his last ruling wrong and how could he not as he was horribly, horribly deceived? I do not think any reasonable person could have anticipated the cavalier hubris of Ambrose and his counsel that he would be bold face lied to. For starters, another judge very rightly already denied the restraining order not to mention the litany of other provable lies and inconsistencies throughout Ambrose histrionic testimony. Don’t even get me started on the teens claims (and proof) of abuse that were never heard.

      As the saying goes,’fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’.

      The optimist in me holds out hope that ultimately the shame of all of this will land with the right party (and thats not with this judge, the ex wife or the nearly adult teens)

    • So, did everyone else besides the mother and her three teenagers enjoy the summer? 🏖 🌴 🏖

      After Mr. Goulden left the stage, Mr. O’Neill allowed Mr. Cuda to take two full days from a court that’s supposed to be reserved for actual victims of domestic violence. How many lives were lost because Cuda and O’Neill reserved those two court days for The Mr. Cuda Show? As long as “Mirth is king” and Latino Boi barber fun is part of the game, who would know?

      After Adelman wrote his court orders, lawyers “in the know” knew whatever they saw in the case, what they heard in the case would stay with the case when they left the case. When everything’s a secret, anything goes and hey, it’s almost Labor Day!

      Mr. O’Neill seems to have enjoyed the fun. He taunted and mocked that mother who was simply trying to protect her three children from that Court of Jesters. Shame on Mr. Ambrose. Shame on Mr. Cuda. Shame on Mr. O’Neill.

      And shame on Mr. Adelman as he slithers off into the sunset.

      All of Mr. O’Neill’s “court hearings” have as their foundation: Adelman’s Bogus Court Orders

      Needle and Cuda lawyer ads online say they’re experts in restraining orders. Mr. Cuda knows that courts reserved for actual domestic violence victims are for actual domestic violence victims. Court time reserved for actual domestic violence victims is supposed to save the lives, not to put victims in danger again. Mr. Cuda knows he’s using Jennifer’s Law to crush the victims that law is supposed to protect.

      Mr. Cuda and Mr. O’Neill both look like horrible people.

  • I’ve seen quite a lot of comments from people that live in Connecticut and I only hope that when it’s time to vote that they get someone in that office who won’t condone the corruption and greed that is going on now.

    • Absolutely. In the following order. Richard Blumenthal, William Tong, Lamont/Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy, Martin Looney, Pat Callahan, Kissel , Whitfield, Carol Hall, Flexor, Porter, Johnson. Please feel free to add to the list. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

  • The stress and fear Ambrose has inflicted upon his kids. He’s filed motion after motion and his “relief” hos demand to the court has been to have the teens physically removed from their mothers home and brought to his.

    Do legislatures, and DCF not see a major problem with such demands?

    Is DCF going to condone the physical removal of teens from the mother they love?

    The Madison PD said they would not touch the kids. Ambrose asked what was needed to get them out of their mothers home. They told him a criminal violation or a restraining order.

    He’s fought for s conviction of custodial interference for years but no evidence and prosecutors refused. But Ambrose comes back with motion after motion getting shut down by judges but he keeps paying to get his wife incarcerated.

    The. He can prove his wife is bad and he is good!

    It’s all her fault.

    So he gets a RO against the kids desires and speaks for them – silencing them as he’s done for four years of family court!

    This case is so obvious!

    Take your money Cuda. Give what’s needed to Oneill and leave the kids alone.

    Someone will be dead. This is on the hands of Oneill and Cuda. Enjoy the ride. Everything is documented. No covering this up like you savages did with Jen Dulos.

  • It amazes me that Chris Ambrose and his questionable attorneys (and they are questionable simply by their association with him and his nonsense) have any credibility at all with the courts given their lying hearts.

    As only an armchair quarterback to this entire debacle, it occurs to me that the MAJOR on the record lies and/ or misleadings from camp Ambrose:

    1. This whole huge deception around the marital assets (and THEFT) recapped in this article
    2. MISLEADING O’Neil on the TRO matter ( another judge had already denied it )
    3. Plagiarism (boldface professional lie) and Ambrose loosing his career over it
    4. Never consummating the marriage (evidence is clear that Ambrose likes men) I.e lying to his wife and family about his sexuality

    Just these four LIES are HUGE HUGE moral, character flaws and should be BIG red flags for the Courts to consider when blindly accepting testimony from camp Ambrose

    In terms of on the record lies from camp Riordan, I can’t think of ONE from the Greenwich celebrated special education teacher of the year.

    With this in mind, who is telling the TRUTH in these matters Judge ONeil ?

    • HUGE HUGE? CAP CAP. It’s a family affair but also the MARK MARK of dogma from upside down institutions. So it affects everyone everyone. Oh, I mean EVERYONE EVERYONE. Oneil is looking for his nugget pouch. Left it under the court reporters skirt after a little 3way action with Mr. AMBOSE AMBOSE

      • This comment sounds so much like how Vanguard ( or Aristotle’s Knife acolytes) would have responded = on the surface passively aggressively seem to agree with an opposing perspective and then throw in a salacious accusation for good measure to distract from the point:

        Ambrose has been caught in MANY (yes MANY ALL CAPS) LIES


        Riohrdan has been caught in NO (yes NO ALL CAPS) LIES.

        Who do YOU believe ?

    • Did Mr. O’Neill ignore the red flags or consider them to be sign posts on his path to the fallen world?

  • K.R. Claviger, the dumbest commenter on the Frank Report!. questioned my motives in fleeing the Communist State of Illinois!

    Here are some newspaperstories.
    A Monee man has been charged in the fatal attack of a 76-year-old Matteson resident on Monday.

    Jeffery Meegan, 30, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the death of Floyd Farkas, whom police found lying face down inside his Wildrock Terrace home just before 4 a.m. Monday, Cook County state’s attorney spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said.
    (Meegan was released from Illinois prison to save his like from Covid-19.
    Meegan’s wounds are self-inflicted after he murdered Floyd Fakas.

    Farkas was pronounced dead at an area hospital less than an hour after he was found, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

    Jeffery Meegan
    Jeffery Meegan (Cook County sheriff’s office)
    His death was ruled a homicide caused by multiple injuries suffered in an assault.
    Link to Jeffrey Meegan’s mugshot!

    As long as Illinois allows psychopaths like Megan to roam the streets, Illinois is run by criminals and psychopaths~
    Fuck the Communist state of Illinois.

  • Judges deplete family assets! A judge asked a friend of mine on the stand if he had a business line of credit and the amount! All the black robes are looking for contentious divorces for profit sharing! The ones that are not contentious the financial disclosures are the deciding factors besides the married pair! So many people experiencing issues in FC and eventually will get the exposure when they try to extort the wrong person! Lamont wake up! AG wake up! Stop the corruption! You work for the people of the state of CT not the players! Regarding Karen I pray she makes it through! Atn Attorney was actually sued by one of his clients as he did not freeze half of the spouses’ funds for them! Lookup FST-CV15-6025511-S on the CT Judicial website. The ex-client sued him in court, but I think it settled outside! They do things on purpose to increase their billings! I pray Karen does not get incarcerated! No one should get incarcerated for becoming un-married!

  • Punishing a mother because her children love, miss and want to live with her? That’s going to be in the best interest of the children? The fair resolution and determination of childrens best interest appears out of reach in our family courts today. Between coursive control and parental alienation our courts have a haze and smoke screen. I’m sorry but three almost adults have come forward with aligations of abuse. All three are brainwashed? Sorry but we are not buying it. Is the state going to arrest some one every time a child runs away?

  • She won’t go to jail.
    If she does, it will not be long and the kids will only hate Cissy even more. He’s so stupid actually. Small dick energy.No kid wants their mom sent to jail.

    • True, no kid wants their mom sent to jail. So this Mom should stop egregiously violating court orders left and right.

      • Be more specific, what court court orders has she violated. Then be specific about how he has manipulated the court system because he left her with nothing, can’t afford to hire a decent attorney and even if she could the good ones are shying away from the case for fear of being disbarred like the one good attorney.she had because Chris couldn’t buy her off. I’ll tell you now if my child was taken from me in this same situation I damn well would defy anything I had to to be in contact with her or be able to see her. Any decent mother.who loves her children would do the same. If you have children what if it were yours, what would

        • If those were my children, I would’ve shown up to supervised visitation on day 1 after the 90 day no contact order was up. bingo presto kids in my life! No jail threat. No fines for contempt. No more wasting time in court. yay. And did I mention, kids in my life?
          I don’t get why that was too complicated for Karen to understand.

          • You’ve never experienced Connecticut family court, right 12:58 am?

            Those children disclosed several forms of constant abuse and neglect at the father’s home, His lifestyle activities such as the solicitation of various services online is dangerous behavior. Those teens were right to be concerned and afraid.

            If Karen’s “would’ve shown up to supervised visitation on day 1 after the 90 day no contact order was up” she would have fallen into several traps Mr. Adelman and Mr. Horwitz set for Connecticut mothers who try to protect children from sexual abuse. Mr. Adelman sends children who disclose sexual abuse to Mr. Horwitz. Mr. Horwitz attempts to groom the children for the identified perpetrators.

            Bingo presto … kids in the perpetrators life! No jail threat. No fines for contempt. No more wasting time in court. yay. And did you mention, kids? Yes you did.

            Maybe you don’t get why that was too complicated for Karen to understand because you’re okay with certain judges and certain kinds of “therapists” forcing Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories and practices on children.

            Any decent mother.who loves her children would do all she could to keep her children far away from Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories and practices.

            The teenagers are finally safe, healthy and happy again. Karen is a great mother. She’s smart, too. That’s why she did what she did.

            I hope the next judge hearing the case tomorrow is smarter than Judge O’Neill was.

          • Maybe the complication that Karen did understand was she would be sharing custody with a pedophile.knowing her children would be abused while they were with you, Chris. Don’t seem complicated to me that she would try to protect HER children from you.

          • She didn’t protect them. she left town you imbeciles. she was so smart to not go to supervised visitation that the result was the kids were left with the father who you believe is abusive for three years, whereas if she went to supervised visitation they would’ve been with her. You all are so stupid and crazy, no wonder you lost custody.

      • Maybe 🤔 the court orders are what should be looked at and not the mother. Custody for sale in the state of Connecticut .

    • When they throw the mother of their children in jail so they can ‘legally’ traffic and kidnap kids, not only do real men think of them as weanies & the kids will resent them, but the little laws of physics will make them the butt of their jokes.

      Eventually little karma monkies start throwing their poop sacks at everyone who breaks those invisible codes of ethics. And putting a mother in jail for loving her children, wanting to protect them? Even the jailers laugh at those white-man-privilege wankers.

      One of the biggest examples . The monarchy has been dealing with horrendous scandals since they “paparrazied” the peoples princess, the quintessential mother of our times.

      What goes around eventually comes around.

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