Connecticut’s Family Court Scandal: Ambrose Drama Unveils Web of Alleged Corruption

A hoary history - from the burning of witches to the burning of mothers - four centuries of consistency.

By Gwen Cunningham

As long as mainstream news outlets ignore corruption and crimes committed in family courts, public curiosity about the Ambrose case MUST focus on crimes committed in the original divorce and custody case.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Judge Gerard Adelman didn’t allow the mother, Karen Riordan, to present her case in a fair court.

His April 26, 2022 “Memorandum of Decision” is based on the crimes committed in that case, not facts.

For those who don’t know how the law works, Judge Adelman’s statements in his April 26th “Memorandum of Decision” are fiction-turned-into-facts.

Nickola Cunha…

Attorney Nikola Cunha witnessed the corruption. In good faith, she took her concerns to Judge Adelman, the judge presiding in Ambrose v Riordan.

At that point, Judge Adelman was in control of Attorney Cunha’s concerns about the corruption in that case.

Judge Adelman could have prompted an investigation of Attorney Cunha’s concerns. Instead, Judge Adelman punished her for raising concerns about corruption.

Sent to Judge Moukawsher

Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher 

How and why did the case then go to Judge Thomas Moukawsher — who should have prompted an investigation of Cunha’s justifiable concerns about corruption?

Instead of prompting an investigation, Judge Moukawsher disbarred Attorney Cunha.

That alone should have sent up a few bright red flags.

Whether there was corruption in the case, or whether the corruption and/or bias was about religion, tribalism, old friendships, profit or something else, Connecticut’s judicial branch had an obligation to investigate allegations of corruption in a family court case.

Instead, Connecticut shot the messenger. What followed are coverups on top of coverups.

The current Ambrose dispute isn’t about whether the mother communicated with her children. It’s not about her parenting style. It’s not about her mental state as she navigates that dangerous and corrupted storm pro se.

It’s about players in family courts twisting the actual facts of a case to build an entirely different case to distract public attention away from corruption in Connecticut’s judicial branch.

It’s about using organized for-profit corruption in family courts to push cultural norms with a political agenda.

It’s about Connecticut’s judicial branch offering profit and political reward for any judge, attorney, evaluator or guardian ad litem with controversial morals and/or criminal intent who wants in on that long-standing CT AFCC, Inc. network that destroyed thousands of children and families for decades.

The CT family court racket is the same family court racket in most states affected by that sinister nightmare.



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  • “DOCKET NO. FST-CV21-5024907-S
    MARCH 12, 2023


    The Defendant herein provides this status report as ordered by the Honorable Judge Lee on May 26, 2022.

    Since the last report in this matter the undersigned, a pro-se litigant, has been denied all due process by Alex Trembicki. Mr. Trembicki on behalf of Mr. Nusbaum has:

    1. Refused to provide the undersigned with a copy of her file in violation of Rules of Professional Conduct.
    2. I have been granted a fee waiver and indigent status, but Mr. Trembicki has filed motions to deny my due process and deny my ability to access court records.
    3. Mr. Trembicki would like me to proceed to arbitration without any records from his client, Mr. Nusbaum, and without any transcripts essential to this case.
    4. Mr. Nusbaum has acted in an unethical manner and has committed fraud upon the court. His records are essential. To deny them violates my due process and demonstrates Mr. Nusbaum is hiding the fraud contained within his exorbitant billing statements.
    5. The ‘private’ arbitration which Mr. Trembicki is trying to force me to participate in, does not allow for discovery, which is a violation of due process, and promotes the criminal conduct of Mr. Nusbaum.
    6. As explained by Judge Lee, the “no discovery” requirement is highly unusual, and in fact, it is unknown to all legitimate arbitration processes and not supported anywhere on the CT Judicial Branch website.
    7. Judge Lee explained Mr. Nusbaum and Mr. Trembicki selected Mr. Portanova as the arbitrator. It was never explained, nor is is written in the illegal contract, why they get to choose the first arbitrator.
    8. If I do not agree with Mr. Portanova, it was explained I could select another attorney—one who has a family law practice within Fairfield County—in essence, a club of Mr. Nusbaum’s buddies.
    9. I requested of Mr. Trembicki a list of these family law attorneys who participate in his special, private arbitration. Mr. Trembicki refused to provide me with a list; he provided not a single name.

    The most recent of many requests which went unanswered:

    From: Karen Riordan
    Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
    To: “”

    Good Morning Alex,

    Before you depart, can you honor a much earlier request, where I asked for you to provide me with a list of for a Fairfield county family law attorneys who participate in this alternate arbitration process that endorses no-discovery and has no oversight?

    The Judge clearly stated that should I not want Portanova, I was to select another attorney of my choosing, based on your criteria of having a family court practice in Fairfield county. I’ve contacted 33 attorneys and no one wants to participate in this highly suspect arbitration process.

    Can you please provide a list of attorneys who participate in this alternate arbitration? There is no information posted anywhere. There is no literature about it. The CT Judicial website contains no information and calls to the judicial clerks yielded no further information.

    Please provide a list. Otherwise I’m afraid this arbitration process is only you and Mr. Portanova, who takes direction from you. Clearly he is not a neutral arbitrator.

    Thank you Alex.

    10. I then sent an email to 33 Fairfield county family law attorneys and asked if they knew of or participated in Mr. Nusbaum and Mr. Trembicki’s private arbitration. I provided this list to the court. Only one person responded. He said he had never heard of such a thing and does not participate in such arbitration.
    11. Mr. Portanova has demonstrated he is a personal agent of Mr. Trembicki. Email correspondence provided to the court, demonstrates Mr. Portanova reporting back to Mr. Trembicki and asking, “Should I send the Marshal?”
    Mr. Portanova had never emailed me with the email provided to the court; the email used many times by Mr. Trembicki, nor had Mr. Portanova contacted me by phone. Why would Mr. Portanova not correspond with me the same way he corresponded with Mr. Trembicki? Which is by the email registered with the court.
    This conduct is intended to intimidate and shows bias and allegiance to the orders and desires of Mr. Trembicki.
    12. Mr. Trembicki reported to the court that Mr. Portanova had not been able to get in contact with me. This is a blatant lie. In fact, I emailed Mr. Portanova at least 7 times (also provided in motions to the court) and Mr. Portanova did not respond to a single email. Mr. Portanova’s refusal to respond to a single email shows tremendous bias, and for these reasons, he cannot be considered to be a neutral arbitrator.
    13. Mr. Portanova and Mr. Trembicki refuse to answer reasonable questions with regard to personal history—specifically, how many times has Mr. Portanova been the arbitrator for Mr. Trembicki and/or Mr. Nusbaum? They refuse to provide an answer.
    14. Mr. Trembicki contacted my prior attorney, John Williams in February 2022. Mr. Williams has refused to provide me a copy of my file and has refused to provide me a copy of all financial records. He drafted a list of things he had done ad-hoc, and among them was fielding a call from Alex Trembicki. Mr. Nusbaum had not filed a lawsuit against me at that time. Mr. Trembicki refuses to provide me any information on why he contacted my then attorney, John Williams, which is underhanded, unethical and a potential conflict of interest.
    15. Lastly, I am confused what it means to have Mr. Trembicki’s representation. I was led to believed Ed Nusbaum was having Trembicki represent him, but then Mr. Nusbaum contacted a third party- not involved in this case and launched disparaging comments about me. Mr. Trembicki denied his client’s comments, but they can be proven. Mr. Nusbaum, not surprisingly, was ranting and hot-tempered which I have experienced with two separate witnesses on different occasions. Mr. Nusbaum is a bully, a liar, and a manipulator.
    16. Mr. Nusbaum eventually composed himself, but on two occasions, Mr. Nusbaum tried to engage this third party into negotiations on my behalf, when it is clear I am a pro-se litigant. The third party was not an attorney and never suggested representation of any kind. This was initiated by Ed Nusbaum.
    17. Ed Nusbaum made two “offers” to a third party of monetary amounts to give to me to settle this matter. Yet, it is Mr. Nusbaum and Mr. Trembicki that suggest to the court that I am in contempt.
    18. The methods and actions of Mr. Nusbaum, Mr. Trembicki and Mr. Portanova are highly unethical. They are attempting to coerce this defendant into engaging in an untoward, secreted arbitration process, void of discovery—and if Mr. Trembicki and Mr. Nusbaum have their way, I would enter arbitration without discovery, without my records (that Nusbaum refuses to provide) and without a single transcript needed to present my case. This is a travesty of justice. This appears to be a trio of thieves, who have engaged in this very conduct successfully, with other unsuspecting litigants.
    19. Judge Lee explained if I did not want Mr. Portanova, then I would select a second attorney in the Fairfield county family law attorney club, and then together, these two attorneys would select a third Fairfield county family law attorney and the three of them would form a panel, whereby the payment of all arbitration costs (at hour rates for each to be approximately $450/hr), would be decided at the conclusion of arbitration.

    I am a pro-se litigant, unfamiliar with law, but with common sense. This process seems to undermine the system of justice, and all principles of due process and fairness.

    Mr. Trembicki’s motion of contempt demonstrates Mr. Trembicki’s lack of regard for the truth. He has been wholly uncooperative, underhanded, and had lied in many of his motions to the court.

    Whereby, the undersigned respectfully asks the court to dismiss Mr. Trembicki’s motion of contempt and allow the undersigned to participate in a jury trial where due process will be honored …”

    The demand for a jury trial is reasonable.
    Any good attorneys out there willing and able to make history … and make “family law” what it should be?

  • Some family judges could have been municipal traffic night court judges prior to being politically appointed as a family court Judge. It’s sad.

  • Violations of criminal law, sexual misconduct, joining discriminatory organization and using judicial positions to enhance private interests. These are the 4 types of judicial misconduct. The AFCC is a discriminatory organization. Discriminating against mental health professionals who don’t believe in alienation. These judges are forcing private interests of AFCC court appointed professionals. Are promoting the private interests of individuals. Reunification camps ECT. There promotion the private funding of these family court psychologist. Who are receiving large monitary gains.

    • Judges are all politically appointed jobs. Every judge is. They need to serve the politicians that appointed them. They don’t need to be qualified. There is no judge college degree specifically. You just need a generic law degree in anything.

  • Judge O’Neil does what almost all of the judges do. Shut women up and refuse them the ability to present evidence and testimony. He is has been taught the script .Gender apartheid going on in the state of Connecticut . Passing laws and expecting gender specific funding. Making a natural instinct of a mother illegal. Closing the gate to a pedophiles is more dangerous than losing funding. Toss out the restraining order. Free the children.

  • The corruption is blatant:

    1. Cunha was disbarred just before it was time for Riordan to out on her case. For 30 days chris Ambrose dominated and dragged out litigation.

    2. He spent five full days testifying about how much he hated his wife. In a no-fault divorce case.

    3. Jocelyn Hurwitz, $400/hr gal was directed by Adelman to sit through everyday of the trial, collections $3,000/day – this goes agaibst ct statute and Adelman denied Riordan’s plea NOT to have Jocelyn be there.

    4. Riordan told Adelman she had no money for trial, no money for a gal, did not want a trial, and the GAL hadn’t talked to her since Nov 2019. She had seen the kids twice before taking them. She told Adelman it was child abuse but Adelman said the trial would take place. GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz would steal her life savings and render her homeless.

    5. Judge moukhowsher summarily disbarred cunha as Ambrose was wrapping up 30 days of his case.

    6. The judiciary found cunha to be incompetent based on her conduct in Ambrose case. They listed all they believed cunha had done wrong and moukhowsher acted as judge, jury and executioner.

    7. Riordan was now with no counsel, had no home, no money and there was no way any attorney (even if she could afford one) could hop on the case.

    8. Riordan should automatically have been granted a mistrial. Adelman denied it.

    9. How are adelmans final order valid when the judiciary determined Cunha’s incompetence was so pervasive that she was disbarred on the spot?

    10. The case is on appeal. Ambrose keeps asking for delays on is response bc he’s busy filing motions to get his wife incarcerated.

    11. They waive around contempt of adelmans orders which was based on incompetent representation which isn’t the fault of riordan yet the court punished her as if she were the disbarred attorney.

    12. The best part: cunha is being dragged through litigation to punish her fully. Who is the presiding judge on every single claim against cunha?

    … Moukhowsher – the very judge who disbarred her. The judge she has filed a federal case against.

    There’s zero oversight. They are criminal actors. It’s known. Parents proved racketeering and the feds of Corrupticut buried it.

    • “8. Riordan should automatically have been granted a mistrial. Adelman denied it.“

      Did Mr. Adelman explain on record his reason(s) for denying Riordan’s request for a mistrial?

  • The word around the courthouses in several areas across the U.S. is that Mr. Parlato is conducting incredible investigative reporting on this apparent criminality. I ran across the report below. WTF is wrong with those people involved in this shit? Is it in your damn drinking water? This weird SOB role plays being a teenage girl getting raped in an incest relationship with someone role playing the father and he gets the kids? Apparently mental institutions were closed down quite a few years too early.

  • Jennifer law was carefully butchered before passing to be used by the family court industry. The legislators don’t want to fix the courts. They want more funding and profit into the state of Connecticut. Our family courts are the worst in history. Connecticut family court witch trials.

    • Family court judges are previous attorneys politically appointed in every state. They don’t need any psychology degrees in child or family psychology. These judges don’t even need previous family law attorney experience either. They could have been an entertainment lawyer in their previous role..or even just an environmental attorney or something. Family and custody experience is not a pre requisite. Frank….do a story on this!!!

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