Raniere women, Clare Bronfman included, show interest in Fiji and Volleyball

I recently posted in  FIJI Islands Mentioned in Blog elicits query

that  there is a rumor that Clare Bronfman bought an island in Fiji.

fiji et

I wonder if NXIVM or some of its members are planning on taking up residence in FIJI?

Marianna Fernandez’s Facebook profile photo shows this picture (above) with a Fiji mural next to it.

Last June, on her FaceBook page, Keith Raniere’s live-in-lover, Marianna Fernandez posted  a picture of a Fiji fabric/paper welcome mural.

fiji cloth
Fiji mural posted on Marianna Fernandez’s Facebook page.

Marianna comments to a Facebook friend, “Hi Ale! Isn’t it? It’s beautiful! The Fiji culture considers this type of fabric-Holy paper and use it only on very special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and sometimes to bienvenir to their guests. Beautiful the warmth of this culture! Greetings!”

An interest in (and what seems to be direct knowledge of) Fiji by one of Raniere’s women, means of course that someone is funding it.

Could that be Clare Bronfman?

cbWhen I Google, “Clare Bronfman plus Fiji?”, the sixth entry is “Wakaya Volleyball Fundraiser” on Facebook.

When I click on it and scroll down a few posts, I find that last May, Clare Bronfman was evidently buying Fiji t-shirts and caps from local villagers and a one Miriam Whippy Uale on Wakaya Island.

Some of the villagers including Uale are apparently involved in Wakaya Volleyball Fundraising.

Uale posts:  Clare Bronfman  here you go…caps will let you know later

t sh

Clare Bronfman here you go..t-shirts coming soon…..
 t shirts


A photo from Miram Uale’s Facebook

Keith Raniere, the Vanguard, is well known to enjoy playing volleyball.

Perhaps he is still playing volleyball. It is nice to think of him playing with new friends in Fiji.

Marianna Fernandez’s brother, Adrian “Fluffy” Fernandez’s Facebook page has pictures posted on it which looks like they could have been taken in Fiji.

Google “Wakaya Island for sale”.  An estate named Rai Ki Wai recently sold on Wakaya.

The following question is posed: Why would Clare Bronfman buy volleyball t-shirts on an island in Fiji? From villagers who do not apparently have an e-commerce site and appear to be poor resort staff?

Did she get them in person?

The following is rank speculation:

Will the  Vanguard and certain select #1 wives in his harem, led by Clare Bronfman, decamp for Fiji one day?

Would Clare finance Keith’s whole harem to relocate?

If not, who would go and who would be left behind?

If they did go (or plan to go) would this be an escape plan so that Vanguard and Clare Bronfman can avoid criminal charges?

Would we assume Nancy Salzman will be left in New York holding the bag?

This of course may be absolutely absurd (although is seems possible that both Clare and Raniere will be criminally charged and that, according to one source who claims to have direct knowledge, they are under investigation).

It is possible that Clare and Marianna simply took a splendid vacation in Fiji with or without their Vanguard.

Stay tuned.



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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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