Prioritizing the Father Over the Children: Family Court Parental Alienation Expert Offers Ambrose Advice

Chris Ambrose

In all seriousness, this work of satiric fiction shows how faulty, how short sighted, how stupid Judge Thomas O’Neill’s decision to issue a restraining order on the three teenage children of Chris Ambrose and Karen Riordan is. Judge O’Neill successfully kicked the teens  out of their happy home with their mother, but this fictional work shows how great the difficulties of forcing teenagers to live with a father with whom they refuse to live will be. 


By Dr. Winston Sharp, FCP

Family Court Professional

The following is my advice for Chris Ambrose and Judge Thomas O’Neill to complete the transaction that Mr. Ambrose purchased – the custody of his three children from CT Family Court.

As an FCP, I offer my advice to Mr. Ambrose and Judge Thomas O’Neill to ensure that the teenagers do not return to their mother.


During the time when Mr. Ambrose had sole custody of the children, he made arrangements for them to take psychotropic medications to address their depression over losing their mother. However, the use of these medications ceased once they left their father’s custody and lived with their mother because they said they were not depressed anymore.

To minimize the risk of them running away again, it is crucial to reintroduce these medications at significantly higher dosages.

 I recommend the following medication regimen:

Diazepam: 360 mg orally, 4 times a day, preferably mixed in juice or soda.

Haloperidol: 220 mg orally, 3 times per day.

Phenobarbital: 440 mg orally, 4 times per day, for the initial month, with a subsequent doubling of the dosage in the second month.

Zolpidem: 85 mg daily, administered as sublingual tablets.

Hydroxyzine: 800 mg orally, 4 times a day.

Propranolol: Extended-release oral capsules, 900 mg, taken 6 times a day.

Lubiprostone, docusate sodium, prucalopride, linaclotide, and methylnaltrexone as needed, based on the specific requirements.

Side Effects Might Be Helpful

While the prescribed drugs at the dosages I recommend will cause side effects, these can also diminish the children’s ability to distance themselves from their father.

My recommended dosage of diazepam will induce shakiness and an unsteady gait, an outcome typically undesirable. However, in this scenario, these side effects could impede the children’s attempts to flee. 

Similarly, the slurred speech side effects attributed to high dosages of Haloperidol can undermine the children’s ability to falsely accuse their father of maltreatment. 

Still Attached to Their Mother

In light of the children’s ongoing attachment to their mother, medication may not be sufficient. Neuromodulation techniques like trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) must be considered if the children remain resistant to the desired outcome of family court.

While prefrontal lobotomy is not preferred, if all other methods prove ineffective, it may warrant consideration.

Financial Considerations

It’s important for the children to feel guilty when they learn about the financial resources their father allocated to enlist the expertise of court-appointed professionals who conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the custody situation and decided he was the parent they must live with.

The children’s attachment to their mother resulted in additional financial commitments, forcing their father to take their mother’s inheritance and her share of the marital assets to cover the expenses incurred in engaging these experts.

Chris Ambrose….

My Diagnosis

The children grapple with a rather uncommon manifestation of Delusional Identity Disorder. This disorder triggers intricate cognitive distortions that compel these little ones to believe they derive happiness and love from their mother, and experience unhappiness with their father.

This notion is in contradiction to the evidence presented by the father, his attorneys, and the experts he retained during the custody case.

The Father’s Needs

Chris Ambrose…

It’s paramount to recognize that the central victim in this complex narrative is Mr. Ambrose himself. It is imperative to take proactive measures to safeguard the emotional well-being of Mr. Ambrose, who, by his own admission in court filings, is at a heightened risk of suicide.

Prescription for Mr. Ambrose

I recommend for Mr. Ambrose the inclusion of antidepressant medications, specifically selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), to alleviate his psychological distress.

In conjunction, additional medications, including anticonvulsant medications, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, and benzodiazepines, should be considered. 

But above all, Mr. Ambrose needs a compassionate and supportive environment to facilitate his recovery from the emotional distress stemming from the actions of his children.

Reunification Therapy

Their father must keep the children in isolation – away from their mother and her family….

It is advisable to exclude all interaction between the children and the mother, her family and friends for the rest of their lives.

It has come to my attention that Mr. Ambrose previously established boundaries by prohibiting all interactions with the mother, her family and friends for three years, until the children distanced themselves from their father by running away and joining their mother, who raised them the first 13 years of their lives.

The optimal course of action involves creating an environment where the children remain in isolation with Mr. Ambrose, resembling the concept of a reunification camp. 

Suspend School for Now

Academic endeavors may be temporarily paused for one to two years – as they were for much of the three years Mr. Ambrose provided the sole caretaking. This hiatus can facilitate the children’s and Mr. Ambrose’s recovery from the effects of parental alienation.

Some Fun and Relaxed Rules

My usual stance is to discourage the use of marijuana, alcohol, MDMA, cocaine, opioids, and mushrooms due to potential risks. However, in Mr. Ambrose’s unique circumstances, there could be rationale to explore an unconventional amalgamation of these substances. 

This novel approach may help Mr. Ambrose pursue emotional equilibrium and well-being.

Furthermore, the idea of partaking in euphoria-inducing drugs with his children might foster a father-child bond. I’m aware that during his three-year custodial time, one of Mr. Ambrose’s sons used marijuana regularly, while his daughter consumed alcohol – both practices he encouraged. However, both children discontinued recreational drugs after leaving his care and going to their mother. 

Reintroducing these substances in a controlled context and introducing other drugs to enhance the party experience could offer a bridge to reconnecting with the lifestyle they shared with their father.

Secure Housing

The children – now 16, 16 and 13, have proven they will run. They must not be allowed to run away and they will if these measures are not taken: 

  1. Arrange for the children to have 24/7 monitoring with ankle monitors to track their location in real-time.
  2. Install surveillance cameras and alarms to detect unauthorized movements. In the past, I am told Mr. Ambrose took the doorknobs off the doors so he could enter at will. It would be wise to resume this precaution.
  3. Designate a secure room for evening confinement.
  4. Assign trained security personnel, such as visitation supervisors, to monitor the residence.
  5. Restrict the children’s contact to only their father, security personnel, and themselves.
  6. Monitor and document all phone and email communication.
  7. Develop a detailed emergency response plan in case of escape attempts.
  8. Coordinate with local law enforcement for swift and effective actions.
  9. Maintain close coordination with court-appointed experts to ensure transparency and compliance.
  10. When contemplating the use of restraining devices, ensure they are used with caution.
  11. Force should only be used as a last resort, and its application must be precisely calculated to prevent harm to the children or their father or his reputation.

The Mother

Turning our attention to the mother, it is my belief that a period of confinement for the mother at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution is in the father’s best interest and something he will pay for. 

I am confident that Judge Thomas O’Neill, Mr. Ambrose, who is a lawyer, and his attorney, Mr. Cuda, can privately collaborate to determine the appropriate charges and legal actions against her.

The most likely starting point is contempt of court charges, which do not require a trial to incarcerate the individual, which should be for a period of time of not more than 20 years and not less then 10 years.

If my advice is followed, I am confident Mr. Ambrose will have achieved his desired outcome, for which he paid handsomely, and CT Family Court will once again have achieved everything it exists to do.


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  • This doctor knows exactly what is going on and can save the day for Mr Ambrose. He is lucky to have Dr Knight. I use him for all my parental alienation cases. Usually by the time the case reaches its termination the kids are so doped up that ankle monitors are not needed. They don’t even remember their mother and don’t want to go anywhere. He’s the best.

  • This story is just nuts. This family should be referred to a competent clinical psychologist known as Dr Craig Childress. The so called doctor involved in this case is some kind of kook.

  • Starting at about the 7:00 minute mark, Mr. Cuda almost signals to his friends in the game: “I could fall asleep, here.”

    As former FOX61 news anchor Jenn Bernstein is speaking with a domestic violence advocate, Mr. Cuda then seems slightly offended and impatient at having to wait for the opportunity to speak. Once given that opportunity, he advertises his services, telling viewers where they can find him. He tells viewers what his professional accomplishments are.

    Regarding the backlog of family court cases, Mr. Cuda can apparently get a restraining order for anyone very quickly and right away through something he said is “The Priority One Docket”.

    Does Mr. Cuda need to file an appearance in a family court case to file motions on “The Priority One Docket”?

    Did he file his appearance in the Ambrose family court case yet?

  • Ambrose is a Hollywood flunkie with connections. His brother Neil Ambrose is a New haven attorney who comes to defend his pedo brother. The youngest brother has hidden himself away because he knows Chris is a pedo. Rumor has it there’s another pedo in Ambrose family but we are working to confirm this.

    • Chris is a control freak sadist. He is clearly a narcissist. The children clearly don’t want to live with him. No reasonable person would want to live with him under these circumstances. He’s blowing all possibility of having a bond later on in life because he is literally holding these children hostage, agaisjt their own will. The photos of the children with Karem are proof they are gleaming! Of course Chris doesn’t what that! That would force him to see that his behavior will instill deep resentment and fear. Fear is the opposite of love. He is so desperate and just can not take the perspective, his vision is myopic and short term. Of course the children are going to dread dealing with him
      . He already spoke with those children with such a sickening tone of voice, spewing abusive language that is absolutely disgusting! He is not stable – he is a PEDOPHILE!
      The single worse thing a human can do is mess with a child. Why can’t he just let it go? He has zero shame. What profanities and threats are the childten going to endure now? He’s already a hot mess!
      If he really loved these children, really loved…mot that kind of love people have for a material object, that they possess, he’d let them
      Decide. Id feel mortified if I felt my children wanted to escape from
      Me. I’d let my children find their joy and go enjoy life. Boxing up people is border line serial killer behavior. This Chris has so much to learn. Children are human beings, not chattel! They are going to be emotionslly bruised after all this and aggravating their wounds by forcing them to live with a person who caused the bruisies. It’s not going to bring them closer.
      They are only going to want to leave his mental state is so depraved
      Is Chris do drugs? He seems do dellusipnal and acts like a dissociate. Illusions of grandeur and like a borderline. Just the way he barks at the children is sick, He has an insidious mean streak and is flat out aggro. But not in a cool
      Way where he protects people from the bad guy, he is just a real pisser! And he is so mean and perverted. He’s got to be a million times worse now that he got his way.
      These kids have the world watching and have some major fighters aimed to protect them, they’ll come through okay Later on. But Chris destroyed any respect they may have had.
      They are only going to count the days until they are free from him,
      And he thinks he “ won”.
      He lost. He lost his kids respect and he the public only see him
      For what he really is, a sniveling, pathetic bully with a little clout.
      It’s just dumb.

    • Why can we find the below reading on the website ?

      Really think about that.

      It is a real network of people who are protected by secret societies where they are sworn to oath not to tell on any of their brothers, even if they commit murder or child rape!

      You dont think family court and Hollywood aren’t going to be in groups that protect them with their life?

      They are.

  • If Miss Chris can copy and paste scripts, why can’t we? Home Alone plot but add a twist? Instead the boy is actually being forced to live with a sick fuck adopted father who WAS a Hollywood writer and is now the laughing stock of the town.

    • He needs to leave these kids alone. The GAL took money and so did the twisted therapists but AMBROSE is such a sick fuck that he can’t keep his kids safe and happy after he bought custody. The GAL earned her money silencing those kids. And now she’s nowhere to be found. Neither are the court appointed quacks. I don’t think any of the court people could possible know Ambrose was a true psychopath. but he is. And now it’s time to let the kids go. Walk away from ambrose and just let the kids go with their mother.

  • While you say it’s satire, coming from a family court expert, I concur this is very accurate. The “Professionals” in the INDUSTRY OF FAMILY COURT TAKE THEIR JOBS VERY SERIOUSLY , AS WELL AS YOUR CHILDREN AND MONEY, WE ARE ONLY AND ALL ABOUT THE BEST INTEREST $$ OF THE CHILDREN. Let there be no Maternal relationship between mother and child/children. Erase all memories, drug them, call the mother and children crazy especially when children want a relationship with their mother, this is a must in “family court”. Threaten them if you must, and yes that includes the police, school, therapist, and drugs.
    Yes children must be put on drugs. Drugging children is a must, along with a court appointed therapist, because we know best. We know that drugging a child, shaming them, telling the child that something is wrong with them and they are like their terrible loving parent is what must be done, only then can our experts work with them. Once they have been brainwashed, we have sealed the deal. Whatever must be done to ensure the child/children never go back to the loving protective parent, trust that family court and all of our experts will ensure that we line our pockets all the way to the bank. Yes our goal is just that. See ,we need to make money, and we can’t do it without our you and creating conflict. If you have money, a house or assets we will take it all. If you don’t have money, don’t worry we will receive funding from IV Social Security to do what’s best for your children. And don’t worry because we will put them in foster homes via CPS & separate the children, which will be paid for .it’s free to you. The Experts of family court know what is best for families, they are experts in the field. We will decide what is best for your children, because after all it takes a village to raise children. We , Family court, et al, are your village. We will raise your children without you and we will all profit while doing so. It is really so easy to just comply with family court as they know what is best for you and your children. Chris Ambrose Is just an innocent father, like so many other Dad’s in CT who wants what’s best for his children. The family court , especially in Connecticut, would never send children back to a deranged, pedophile father, despite the proof he watches porn and statements from his children that he abused his children as claimed . Clearly it must the mom, always. Karen should be ashamed of herself for loving her children and their love of her. We/the family court can not allow this to happen, we can not be exposed or our gig is up.

    • Mary Brigham- pedophile advocate and greedy pig like the rest of the family court vermin. Make your money by subjecting kids to chronic abuse- go get blood money- like the rest

  • You…..Have…. Got…. To….Be….Shitting …. ME –
    The person that wrote that piece of crap needs to be arrested and locked away. Any “unethical professional” that is performing these kinds of acts against innocent children needs to have their license removed, jailed and barred from ever being any kind of professional ever again.

    This is literally a reborn Hitler type of decimation of children. Most likely the only thing these actions would produce is severely de-humanized adults that possibly will end up committing suicide or perform criminal types of activities.

    Somebody please outlaw this.

      • But it’s absolutely true. They lock kids up. They drug them. They do anything to silence them. These three teens are in SERIOUS DANGER. AMBROSE is chasing down Mia from the hospital! She’s 16. She’s been abused. Even if you don’t want to believe it, why on Earth would anyone condone a father hunting his child, calling the cops, to FORCE the child into your care? THIS HORRIFYING. Arrest this sick fuck and keep your kids and all kids away from him. He should be ashamed– and he’s not. That is a real problem.

    • Most American citizens who know it happens in family courts are as upset as you are, FB.

      If Connecticut legislators were representing citizens, they would be upset, too.

      • They are not
        People need to start protesting.. handing out flyers.
        If we continue to allow these people to remain in power it’s over for Americans.

  • Although he is already thinking like this, I truly hope it don’t give him anymore crazy ideas. This would be his perfect world.

    • These guys are dumb as phooey .
      Doesn’t he see that the kids are going to despise him for forcing them to be with him ? He’s just like one of those kids who squeezes little animAls to the point where they die. You know you hear about those creepy kids who are so scary? They end up turning into scary serial killers or something.

  • At what age can the kids make up their own minds who the hell they want to live with?

    This isn’t the stone age anymore.

    If kids today can now decide to become the opposite sex & start taking drugs to change their bodies & in some states still get birth control & or an abortion without their parents consent, you mean to tell this Judge doesn’t believe these three kids are not old enough to decide what parent is best fit for them as individuals to live with?

    It’s not like they are infants and need the “COURTS” to look after theor best interests.

    Not the court system does the best job doing this.

    With parents, it really comes down to who has the most money to hire the best pit bull attorney to get the children in a custody case where the parents are too immature to consider what is best for rheor kids.

    In a case where one or both parents are unfit. The court system f#@k up on a daily basis and does very little to protect children.

    Children get placed with the parent who doesn’t really want them but wants to punish the other spouse or with the parent who is the narcissist.

    The forster is system is garbage, with little to no effort to fix it. Not all forster parents are bad. There are some wonderful ones out there.

    Some are in for the money only & abusive as hell.

  • May Democrat Representative Stafstrom be reminded of the following in some small way, each and every day he works as a legislator and a lawyer in the state of Connecticut:

    All Connecticut legislators who have purposely ignored and enabled crimes in the state’s family courts are guilty of legal malpractice and dereliction of duty.

    A history of how the theories and practices of Alfred Kinsey and Richard Gardner informed Connecticut “family courts”:–CrimesConsequencesJudithReisman

    The ALEC Report on Kinsey’s Fraud
    ALEC represents 2,400 State legislators across the nation …

    The evidence presented in this State Factor reveals compelling evidence of illegal and criminal acts masquerading as science taken from Kinsey’s confessions in his own “Reports” (1948-1953). Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a “sexual revolutionary” and his “Kinsey Reports” are junk science. Professor of Constitutional law Dr. Charles Rice of Notre Dame concluded that Alfred Kinsey’s research was: “…contrived, ideologically driven and misleading. Any judge, legislator or other public official who gives credence to that research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty.”

    How many Connecticut legislators know about crimes committed in Connecticut family courts since 1984?

    Did any Connecticut legislators with or without ALEC ties read “The ALEC Report on Kinsey’s Fraud”?

    The following list of Connecticut legislators associated with ALEC who might have received “The ALEC Report on Kinsey’s Fraud”.

    All of Connecticut’s Republican, Democrat and Independent legislators — associated with ALEC or not — will eventually need to comment on crimes committed in the state’s family courts since 1984.

    So far, only a handful of Democrat legislators have had the courage to speak out against criminal “family court” practices and protocols which were established, organized, orchestrated and enforced by an obviously sinister shadow government of some kind.

    The time for those secrets and that bullying is over. It’s long-past time for transparency, honesty and accountability in Connecticut family courts. Witnesses and whistleblowers are needed to testify. Stay tuned.

    “… House of Representatives

    Rep. Tim Ackert (R-8) joined ALEC in 2018 and is a member of the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force;[1] ALEC Member (2018-2021)[2]
    Rep. Vincent J. Candelora (R-86); Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force[3]
    Rep. Christie Carpino (R-32); Civil Justice Task Force [4]
    Rep. Craig Fishbein (R-90) ALEC Member (2018-PRESENT), member of Civil Justice Task Force[2]
    Rep. David K. Labriola (R-131); Civil Justice Task Force[5]
    Rep. Ben McGorty (R-122) ALEC Member (2016-PRESENT), member of Civil Justice Task Force[2]
    Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113); ALEC Member (2013-2016)[2] Health and Human Services Task Force,[6] attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Rep. John Piscopo (R-76),ALEC Member (2013-2021)[2], member of the Homeland Security Task Force;[1] Second Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors[8][9] and Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force[10] and International Relations Task Force member,[11] served a term as national president in 2013[12][7]
    Rep. David Rutigliano (R-123) ALEC Member (2015-2021)[2][13]; member of the Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force[14]
    Sen. Eric Berthel (R-32) ALEC Member (2016-2019)[2]
    Former Representatives
    Rep. Al Adinolfi (R-103); Health and Human Services Task Force[15]
    Rep. Bill Aman (R-14); Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force, Civil Justice Task Force [16]
    Rep. Penny Bacchiochi (R-52); International Relations Task Force[11]
    Rep. Whit Betts (R-78) ALEC Member (2013-2021), Tax Task Force member[2];Health and Human Services Task Force[17][12]
    Former Rep. Lawrence F. Cafero (R-142) (former House Minority Leader); attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Rep. Fred Camillo, Jr. (R-151); ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force[18][13]
    Rep. Dan Carter (R-2); Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force [19]
    Former Rep. Christopher Coutu (R-47); Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force[20]
    Rep. Christopher Davis (R-57); Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force[21]
    Former Rep. William Dyson[22]
    Rep. Mike France; State Chair[23]; ALEC Member (2015-2021), member of Tax and International Relations and Federalism Task Forces[2]attended 2020 States and Nation Policy Summit where he participated in “State Chair Meeting,” “Workshop: State Budget Reform Toolkit: Policy Best Practices to Help Legislators Navigate the Fiscal Uncertainty of COVID-19,”Training: TPUSA: Saving America’s Academic Institutions: One Student Regent at a Time. What They Are, Why They Matter, How You Can Help,” “Workshop: Against Critical Theory’s Onslaught: Reclaiming Education and the American Dream,” “Federalism and International Relations Task Force Meeting,” “Workshop: Stop the Cancel Culture, Before it Stops You!,” “Training: Digital Media: Applying Presidential Strategy To Legislative Races,” “Training: Let’s Talk About Workforce Development with Frank Luntz,” “Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Meeting”
    Former Rep. Norma Gyle, later became Deputy Commissioner Connecticut Department of Health. [22]
    Former Rep. Bill Hamzy (R-78)[24]
    Former Rep. John Harkins (R-120, now Mayor of Stratford, CT),[24] former ALEC State Chair[25]
    Rep. DebraLee Hovey (R-112), State Chairman[26]; Public Safety and Elections Task Force [27]
    Stratford Mayor Laura Hoydick (R-120); attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Rep. Themis Klarides (R-114); Public Safety and Elections Task Force,[27] attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143), listed as member of Education Task Force as of July 2011,[28] but according to ALEC only attended the one meeting;[29] not a member as of June 2013[30] or May 2014.[31]
    Rep. Timothy LeGeyt (R-17); Education Task Force[32]
    Rep. Lawrence Miller (R-122)[24]; Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force[33]
    Rep. Michael Molgano (R-125); Education Task Force[34]
    Rep. Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-70); Communications and Technology Task Force,[35] attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Rep. John T. Shaban (R-135); Civil Justice Task Force[36]
    Former Rep. Robert M. Ward (former House Minority Leader, currently Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles, as of 2012), listed in “1999 ALEC Leaders in the States” by ALEC[25]
    Former Rep. Sean Williams (R-68); attended ALEC annual conference in 2013[7]
    Former Rep. Lenny T. Winkler [22]
    Former Senators
    Former Sen. M. Adela Eads (R), ALEC alumna[25]
    Former Sen. George L. “Doc” Gunther (R) (state senator 1966-2006, died 2012), former National Director[25]
    Former Sen. Kevin B. Sullivan, Lt. Gov. 2004-2007 [22]
    Former Sen. Michael McLachlan (R-24); Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force[37]
    Sen. Kevin Witkos (R-17)

  • “Pale skin can be a sign that you have a shortage of normal red blood cells (anemia), which means that less oxygen is delivered to your body. This can be from a nutritional deficiency, blood loss, or a blood cancer like leukemia. Other causes of pale skin include low blood pressure or infection.” Google

  • The 5 ps of fatherhood. Protect the family against all odds (even the mother who filed for divorce) . Provide for daily needs and lifetime needs until children become independent. Being their provider, priest, and head of household to take charge of the family institution. It’s all over the internet twitter and tic Tok. Concerned people should start paying attention. LinkedIn jobs and business.

  • What he did was STEAL his wife’s inheritance. A wife whom he never consummated the marriage with.
    Then, the paid for by theft circus freaks, enables a now known child predator to commit more child predatory acts.

  • York-niantic. Is the only woman prison in CT. The farm and reformatory. Helping women because good citizens. Is Connecticut reforming society? Where woman like Karen have forgotten they are second class citizens?. Children are considered possessions of the father in family court. When you have a state passing laws that state all father’s to be engaged in the lives of their children the agenda has been made clear. Father’s over the best interest. Mother’s have no rights. The fatherhood initiative welfare reform is being abused in Connecticut. Rich men like Chris Ambrose are allowed to buy custody. The use of coursive control is a message to mother’s in Connecticut. Don’t step out of line and attempt to assert your rights. Your maternal instincts to gatekeep for the safety and well-being of your children will be punished. If you report the truth and provide evidence we are going to label you crazy. Ensure you are left penniless and possibly tossed in jail. Occasionally we will do this to fathers just to ensure no one figures out what is going on. Connecticut is the leader in welfare reform and mapping the road for the rest of the state.

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