The Last Six DOS Women Reemerge with New Website: The Dossier Project Dot Love

Angelica Hinojos, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Linda Chung

And then there were six…

After Samantha LeBaron and Nicki Clyne left the Dossier Project, there were only six women out of the original 105 in the DOS sorority.

When Clyne left, making an announcement on Frank Report, she closed down the website,

For a short time, the remaining six women posted on social media and released a couple of videos on a new YouTube channel. But they had no website and were, for all intents and purposes, dormant.

Then came glad tidings

Today, they have retaken their place on the World Wide Web with a brand new website: The DossierProject.LOVE

They celebrated the launch with a new video called “Friendship is the REALship: Part 1.

The six women who stick to it are:

Michele Hatchette


Linda Chung 


Danielle Roberts


Leah Mottishaw


Sahajo Haertel


Angelica Hinojos


Angelica Hinojos, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Linda Chung
The Dossier Project gathering in Brooklyn


Mk10art’s rendition of the last remaining Dossier Project women

In a previous video, Michele Hatchette said she was “…very excited about a lot of the things that we’re cooking up in the kitchen for the Dossier Project in this new season.” This new website appears to be the appetizer. At present, it is just one page, but it promises updates and a “library of information.”


Ladies and Gentleman, For Your Delectation…




A record of our experiences in the DOS sorority, NXIVM community and the trial of Raniere v. USA.

A spade is a spade. We oppose all forms of oppression, bullying and hate.

We are six women who were part of the DOS sorority and the NXIVM community. We created this website to tell our stories about DOS, NXIVM and the trial of Raniere v. USA in our own words.

The mainstream story detailing the sorority, the community and Keith Raniere (and his trial) has been told by many who weren’t there. Or it has been told by people who have motives for telling a particular version of the truth. The common narrative is riddled with scandal, celebrities and sensation and has successfully garnered a lot of clicks, profiting some at the expense of others.

In the midst of this, our stories, our names and our images have been used against our will for others’ gain. We are holding this space for telling our stories using our own voices.



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Frank Parlato


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      • Not at all …just discusses the transgender agenda Frank had mentioned. I think people should support each other but I do not think children should be able to make such an enormous decision with their body until they are old enough and thats not in Grammer school or middle school for sure.
        I also don’t think its fair for men to compete as women in sports. Basic common sense really.

        • In the 80s and 90s doctors were allowed to tell everyone and their dog that they had low serotonin (even though they couldn’t even test levels) and needed antidepressants to raise their levels. They were prescribing them like they were candy. They made millions, and were allowed to continue, even when data revealed that antidepressants were causing suicides.

          And now, those same doctors are letting children who believe in fairies who fly off with their baby teeth, and in a man in a red suit who steers a sleigh hauled by flying reindeer, to decide what gender they want to be. You can’t be trusted to make the right decision about which politicians get elected until you’re 18, but you can be trusted to know what gender you should be at 8?

          Anyone with a bit of commen sense knows this is wrong, wrong WRONG.
          We don’t need to listen to a liar and propagandist for Donald Trump, an ardent defender of insurrectionists, a willing supporter to the fall of democracy, someone who supports Russia over a country fighting tooth and nail for democracy, someone who lied, lied, and told even more outlandish lies for the support of Donald Trump’s cult members, and did everything in his power to recruit and agitate extremist cult members into a frenzy for ratings, just because he agrees that kids who believe in tooth fairies shouldn’t be allowed to change genders.

          If Tucker Carlson ever opened his mouth in front of my children, I’d stog rolls of toilet paper down his throat until they came out of his ass. He’s a vile, despicable self-centered douche bag who’s trying to keep a grip on his foaming at the mouth cult members with Twitter after being deplatformed by Fox. You know you’re extra, extra toxic slime when even Fox dumps your propagandist ass for lying your slithering skin off.

  • I think in the complete privacy of one’s own mind, it is almost impossible to admit to oneself that we might have been completely wrong about something or someone.
    Especially if we have had an intimate, personal or sexual relationship with that person. Or invested time, emotion and mental energy.
    There are many people who have had a normal, sometimes extraordinary, happy, ecstatic existence with a person. Even had children with that person. Then one morning you get that knock on the door and there is a warrant for the arrest of your loved one. Then ten hours later after you home is searched and you have given your statement to the police. Full of outrageous indignation and disbelief that your “person” could even have been suspected of such a crime. Within hours you find out it was actually true. And your wonderful life is a train smash.
    Then your brain acts like a documentary maker. It starts to revisit every conversation, moment, dinner, holiday, each and every time the phone was answered in your presence. Or someone came to your home. And you look for discrepancies in your memory.
    Then you start the doubt journey.
    The doubt journey will always begin with the accusers, the accusations the agents compiling these accusations.
    Then you will be examining extenuating circumstances. The, ‘well they were under a lot of pressure’. A very busy complicated person who people misconstrued the actions of. He is a demonstrative person and affections were misinterpreted.
    I know him.
    I know him like no one else does.
    This is one of the best human beings I have ever met. I’m a great judge of character.
    I let him come close to me. I let him in. We had a child.
    Then one morning you wake up. Get out of bed. Pull open the curtains. And look out the window. The doubt train has pulled into a station, the station’s name is ‘What If?’
    What if I was wrong.

  • New York Times
    Guest essay

    This Drug Holds Promise for Cult Survivors
    July 9, 2023

    By Maia Szalavitz
    Ms. Szalavitz is a contributing Opinion writer who covers addiction and public policy.

    [ … ]

    The Oxenbergs are acutely aware of these risks. Earlier in their desperate quest for recovery, both took various psychedelics in underground ceremonial settings and encountered predatory behavior by so-called healers. “I had to come out of my psilocybin journey to say ‘Get your hands off me,’” said Catherine, with rage and disgust.

    Consequently, when planning retreats, India felt a profound responsibility to make them safe. “I wanted a zero-coercion environment,” she said. Because trauma is fundamentally the experience of being helpless in the face of relentless threat, recovery requires exerting agency and feeling in control.

    [ … ]

    • I don’t know. I doubt it. Sahajo is an intelligent woman in her own right and if I recall correctly she once lived in an ashram founded by Rajneesh a man who had a pretty liberal view of sexual relations in a polyamorous sense. Unlike Raniere he was not as madly enflamed with one -sided monogamy such as where he could have two dozen women and e every one of them had to be monogamous with him – leaving quite a few women lonely and a few who cheated.

      • Sahajo’s LinkedIn still has Exo | Eso and “Executive Success” (missing “Programs”) listed as career experience. I would think one would scrub that after Vanturd was convicted of child pornography. She is a hardened Dead-Ender.

        • Because she’s probably proud of such a great program regardless of Raniere’s proclativities, she IS NOT Raniere. They are separate individuals.

  • What’s with Leah’s goggles? Why are her glasses covering her entire face? She looks ridiculous.

    • Shes NOT totally wrong. Frank & Raniere, two sides of the SAME coin. Do Ray ME, ME, ME.
      No matter who they hurt or extort.

    • She should start her own show on PBS: “The Art of Branding”, featuring Dr. Danielle Roberts. She can tease her hair up and focus on cult leader initials on womens upper-pussy regions. “Let’s put a happy little period between each letter. Yeahhh, look at this happy little period between the K and R.”

    • Mosienko’s artist, 45-year-old Blair McLean of New Tribe Tattoos and Piercings in Toronto, says there are many misconceptions about the practice.

      He says scarification often hurts less than a tattoo; in fact, all forms of scarification occur on the same level of the skin as tattoos: on the dermis, far above fatty tissues and muscle matter.

  • Can you tell me how you know Samantha Lebanon left DOS? Did she say so herself? Or you got it from your sources? Just wondering because I wasn’t sure if I missed Samantha’s announcement on leaving DOS.

  • There were 105 “masters” and “slaves” in the DOS “sorority”? The sexually active arm of NXIVM probably would have grown like the Providence cult in South Korea had Raniere not been stopped.

    And, the regional AG office saw no problem with NXIVM for 20 years? They probably would have continued to see no problems with NXIVM for the next 20 years. 🤑

  • Just wondering if people really care at this point? I’m not trying to be mean, but most if not all of these dead enders didn’t really know their Vanguard, did they? At least that’s what I remember some of them saying. Michelle and Danielle? Any others? And their “experience” of him is different than others. So in their eyes, this makes everyone else liars and dishonorable. To me, they could be dangerous, in the sense that they know the teachings, which cult experts have studied and determined the “tech” to be some of the worst manipulation in cult history. Others involved in the case as defendants or witnesses have been told they are not to be in contact with other members, in or currently out. Isn’t it dangerous for these DOSers,to be allowed to hang out, promoting ESPian tech to the masses, even if they aren’t calling it such? I have asked about this, but neither the DOSers nor anyone else has answered: in one of the last posts by the group before Nicki left, I am nearly certain that Danielle was going to start a class using the module for ESO-EXO. I probably spelled it wrong. Isn’t this a blatant thumb to the nose at law enforcement? 🤔 I wish these women the best, but selling classes that Nancy and Raniere invented seems to go against ending the harm of coercive control and us vs. them. If the convicted aren’t allowed to sell or teach it, what makes them exempt from punishment?I mean, Alison just got sprung early. She says she’s rehabilitated. Who knows for certain? She could hook up with them secretly and they could label the modules something different and start selling. I just don’t put anything past them. 6 women who refuse to entertain the idea that Keith is a psychopath and that they are/were marionettes, and one woman who plunged headfirst from the minute she met him. Doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to think Alison never really rehabilitated herself, and just told her handlers what they wanted to hear to not go away for a long time. Sure, she turned over some information, but it wasn’t fatal. She probably feels like she and everyone but Keith has committed a n ethical breach, and now needs to repair that. I don’t know. It just seems so possible. Any thoughts 😕?

    • Really, what experts have studied the tech since the government confiscated it?

      Exo eso was an excersize/ dance/ stretch & educational anatomy class for God’s sake.

      Think your really reaching 🤔
      And Nancy had nothing to do with it , a group of women worked on it together.
      Had zilch to do with their tech.
      And its taxes were paid in case thats your next move. She wasn’t arrested for A REASON, she’s not guilty.

        • Yeah. This whole comment doesn’t make much sense 🙄 to me. I’m sure they are hating on me for some reason, but it’s a bit out there. I think it’s a dead ender.

          • I don’t hate you, I don’t know you. Simply a lucid response to Danielle was going to start a class using exo eso module. I am not Danielle or any of her friends, this is my personal opinion of which I am entitled to.

      • Forgot to mention this in my last reply. For God’s Sake, the tech was used in EVERYTHING they taught. Even games and exercise. Probably even sex. Had to keep these people striving and struggling to be ethical, remember?

          • Exercise….tech? Sure. From the books I have read by former members, cuz I don’t have first hand experience…pushing through hard physical stuff. If you feel uncomfortable, you must push through it. Calorie intake. Bare amount of calories to survive and have a menstrual cycle. I think pretty much, if it was something created or ok’d by Raniere, it had tech behind it.

          • Sorry but I think tech was the EMs that were licensed intellectual property & I don’t imagine anyone is getting an EM during exercise with a group of many people. Danielle never gave an EM. You had to work up the stripe path like Sarah did to have permission to give & Hargett for an EM. Danielle was a yellow sash, the lowest rank. Her interests have always been health, exercise, yoga etc. Not training for EMs!!

      • Ok. Well, if I am reaching about ESO-EXO, apparently I am right. Someone verified that she is planning some kinda revival if not of EE, then some other Yoga module, based tech. Glad you don’t hate me. I try to see all sides of situations and be tolerant of all opinions.

        • Millions of people enjoy yoga , meditation in a stressful world.
          Millions more would probably be interested in measurable body results to see if ,in fact, its making a positive body change. Its a lot of work so I could understand why people would prefer to “SEE” good results for all their effort.
          You go to the gym and their machines give you your pulse, heart rate, rpm a minute, this isn’t new. There’s body mass index, weight for age, etc. Kinetic studies , they’re all geared to optimal health, staying mobile, and correct posture so as to try to avoid those hip replacements later in life., knee, etc. I believe her intentions were always for the good of the individual. Trying to motivate and inspire others is a honorable and difficult TASK.
          Peace out.

          • I believe they ALL had good intentions when they joined. I doubt anyone said, ‘Hmmm. What really messed up, degrading, and expensive cult can I join today?’ LOL 😆 I totally agree with you! Peace back!

          • You sound like you know a great deal about it. Must be connected somehow, hmm? It’s OK. I would be curious, too.

          • 10:00
            I did a lot of research as I was curious & Danielle helped me get on my feet when I was physically down.
            Shes a wonderfully educated body person with a heart.

    • Good points robrata63. I don’t think they are much of a danger to anyone though. They live in an echo chamber and whenever they post anything, they receive nothing but mockery. Sure, they’ll got ready-made applause from a few idiots like Suneel, Eduardo, Marc, and a dwindling small number of others. But does John Q Public about them? No, they don’t.

      I’m pretty sure Alison is completely out. She’d never be seen, or be allowed to be seen, with another man if she were still even 1% loyal to keith.

      “Isn’t this a blatant thumb to the nose at law enforcement?” – everything they do is a thumb to the nose of law enforcement. Lies, “Issac Edwards”, attacks on other victims, dancing outside the MDC, storming Moira Penza’s office with a laughable affidavit, … the list goes on.

      With Nicki gone, they just aren’t that interesting.

      • Jan 6th was a blatant thumbs to the nose of law enforcement as well.

        Hunter Biden is a thumb to law enforcement BIG TIME , give your thumbs down a rest. This whole country is a mess and these few ladies are who your concerned with?

        Look at your politicians, thats where the crime is rampant as of late.

      • So right! I hope Allison is done. I nearly died laughing in disbelief at the affidavit. It makes me uncomfortable, the degree they really seem to believe what they say.

    • Robrata63,

      I do not believe there is any danger in remaining DOS hanging out. They are not masters in NLP/Hypnosis. Just six Dead-Enders flapping their gums into a camera.

      As far as a double standard with whom can use NXIVM based modules, good point. But Dossier Project girls were not convicted of crimes. The judge can place restrictions on the sex cult members who were convicted, but not non-criminal members.

      Let’s face it, anyone can copy and paste NXIVM curriculum, tweak it then start a new version of NXIVM. You are correct, Danielle is trying to set up her Bodhi Mastery classes, kind of like Exo Eso. She is the one in particular who is just so awe inspired by Keith, she can find no fault. He will always be her “Slavemaster”.

      Bottom line: I believe Clare Horseface Bronfman is who we all should be worried about. She will stop at nothing to avenge Keith.

      I appreciate your commentary on the topic. Well stated and well thought out.

      • Yes…Clare…therein lies the problem 🙄. I often forget about her cuz, well, outta sight outta mind. She’s the ultimate dead ender. With all that money, I wonder when she gets out, if she’ll be able to buy her way into communication with Raniere.

    • I think that 120 years IS pretty fatal, don’t you? I also think the remaining 6 women are friends & have a point about FBI tampering being a downward spiral to American ethics, especially when it comes to the chain of evidence being BROKEN!!

      None of them broke the law & their being put on display here is reprehensible, they have great work ethics and have been bullied beyond the pale. Dealing with all this takes great strength & as non-convicted ‘human beings’, they deserve the time it takes to heal & also, to defend themselves in a civil suit.

      Most of the people who ran were part of this for WAY longer, & I suspect they had a much greater knowledge of the ‘inner workings’ than these 6 ladies.

      • None of them broke the law? Danielle broke the law. That’s why she is denied her license to practice. And I never said anything about the FBI tampering. Maybe they did. I don’t put anything past our former great country. Reprehensible? They put themselves here. On social media, I mean. Is that what you mean? Which of the 6 are you?

        • Scarification in Syracuse, NY
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          You didn’t mention the FBI tampering because it portray her in a better light and this blog isn’t about that, is it?

          • What does tampering have to do with Danielle’s case? Ya’ll have been saying the tampering was with Camilla’s stuff. Now it’s with Danielle. I don’t doubt the FBI could do something like that, but the whole case wasn’t made up from tampering. Danielle should have known better than to put her license at stake.

  • More Bad News for Allison Pimp Mack./
    She tried to sign up with Mark Zuckerberg’s new website “Threads’
    Threads A PROMPTLY LAID AN EGG and faces lawsuits from Elon Musk!
    Legal Cage Match: Elon Musk Threatens to Sue Facebook over Zuckerberg’s Twitter Clone
    Meta Launches Data-Harvesting Twitter Clone, Immediately Starts Censoring
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    by Tyler Durden
    Friday, Jul 07, 2023 – 04:35 AM

    Meta claims that over 10 million people had signed up for its Twitter competitor, Threads, in what CEO Mark Zuckerberg framed as a “friendly” alternative to the little blue bird.

    “Let’s do this. Welcome to Threads,” wrote Zuckerberg in his first post on the app, which is a “text-based conversation app” where users can publish posts up to 500 characters long, and allows people to post links, photos and videos.

    Threads is directly linked to Meta-owned Instagram, which has over 2 billion users. The Twitter competitor is being rolled out in over 100 countries for iOS and Android.

    “The goal is to keep it friendly as it expands. I think it’s possible and will ultimately be the key to its success,” wrote Zuckerberg in a Wednesday post, casting the service as a more wholesome substitute to Twitter. “That’s one reason why Twitter never succeeded as much as I think it should have, and we want to do it differently.”

    Meanwhile, data privacy and censorship concerns have emerged, with former Twitter owner Jack Dorsey highlighting the vast amount of data collected by Threads.

    All your Threads are belong to us
    — jack (@jack) July 4, 2023

    As journalist Michael Shellenberger notes,

    Within a few hours of launching, Threads was already secretly censoring users and not offering them the right to appeal.

    Meta is already too powerful. One company controls what much of the public is allowed to see. And if Threads succeeds, it will have 80% of the global market outside of Russia and China, according to one industry insider. As such, it’s reasonable to expect that Meta will censor precisely the same way the large news media corporations, including the New York Times, and corporate advertisers want it to. More censorship is what the mainstream news media, big corporations, and their celebrity pitch people have been demanding.

    …additionally, Unlike Twitter, Threads collects data about “Health & Fitness,” “Financial Info,” “Sensitive Info,” and “Other Data.”

    What’s ‘other data’?

    Shellenberger further noted that within hours of launching, Threads was already secretly censoring users and not offering them the right to appeal.

    .@meta /IG just released their new threads platform and I’ve been informed by multiple users that I’m censored on their new platform.

    Sheesh, can’t a dude catch a break.@elonmusk doesn’t have me censored
    — Derek Utley (@realDerekUtley) July 6, 2023

    Just downloaded and signed up for the new Meta app “Threads” meant to imitate Twitter

    I posted once about wanting to expose Biden’s corrupt government and they’ve already flagged me for censorship

    Great platform Zuck
    — DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) July 6, 2023

    Threads flashed a warning after users clicked on Utley and O’Hanley’s profiles. “Are you sure you want to follow…?” asked the Threads warning. “This account has repeatedly posted false information.” -Public.substack

    Other Twitter clones who have taken a shot at the king include Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky and Mastadon – all of which have failed to gain large enough user bases to cross into the mainstream.

    The new leftist echo chamber attracted celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, as well as Congressional performance artist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who hit a snag after just five minutes.

    I was on threads for 5 minutes but now I think my app is bricked 😭 it was just as I hit send on a long post of Queens food recommendations
    — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) July 6, 2023

    Needless to say, the new platform has attracted plenty of criticism on Twitter.

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 6, 2023

    Is the point of Threads to make money for Meta shareholders or to claw back political influence from Twitter?

    This is just one reason I don’t own Meta stock. Threads looks like it is screwing the shareholders to win some social credit for Zuck and political advantage for Dems.
    — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) July 6, 2023

    T*yl*r L*r*nz is over on Threads acting like she’s trying to pull string a lawnmower to start
    — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) July 6, 2023

    Needless to say, not off to a great start.
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  • Hey Michelle and dumb dumbs..

    It’s important to approach the truth with a sense of skepticism and caution. Don’t be fooled by those who claim to have all the answers or insist on their version of the truth. Stay steadfast in your beliefs and don’t let anyone sway you with their so-called “facts.” After all, why bother seeking the truth when it’s much easier to live in a comfortable bubble of ignorance?

    Embrace denial and close-mindedness as your allies. Ignore any evidence that challenges your preconceived notions and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who reinforce your biased perspectives. Who needs personal growth, self-reflection, or intellectual curiosity anyway? Simply reject any uncomfortable truths and live in blissful ignorance.

    Remember, it’s much simpler to dismiss opposing viewpoints as false or misguided rather than engaging in thoughtful discourse and expanding your understanding. Stay firmly rooted in your own narrow worldview and avoid the discomfort of confronting inconvenient truths. After all, ignorance is bliss, and who needs truth when you can have comfort?

    At one point, some of us wished you the best but your ignorance just makes me hate all of you. You are making it more difficult for people to heal. Maybe you liked being raped by KR…others did not. Why is that hard for you to wrap your brains around?

  • They are all too old and fat for Keith now/
    He’s a chubby who doesn’t chubby chase.
    Michele is just happy to be involved in something. Pity it’s not real women’s issues. Well, she’d probably be good at a cattle farm with Dr Ugly and her branding iron
    What awful people. I hope they don’t breed. Well, breed without express permission from their masters. Keith didn’t impregnate any of them did he? Hope not

  • These women don’t get that they are irrelevant and so yesterday. As was said, nobody cares, move on and be gone. So sad.

  • Sounds like Meghan Markle and the Prince of … Lalaland. ‘Doesn’t it make sense to hear our version of our special love story’ – MY truth, MY story, I believe it and so must YOU. “Recollections may vary” but you must believe MY truth, otherwise you’re all haters.
    Let’s hope we’re ‘spared’ and the DOS-6 don’t decide to pitch a docu-series to NF, complete with a near-fatal high-speed car chase in Manhattan to show they are being ‘harassed’ by Raniere-detractors, if not indeed by a three-letter agency’s operatives intent on shutting down their oh-so-ethical-humanitarian-worthy lawsuit.

    • That wasn’t a high speed car chase! It was Cartman in his pedal car, trying to give Harry the camera that he left behind. 😁📸

  • Some cult members stick with the cult forever, no matter how ridiculous it makes them.

    Leon Festinger in his classic study of the 1954 “Seekers” cult examined this odd aspect of human behavior, and his theory of “cognitive dissonance” was born. Basically, when people are committed strongly enough to an idea (no matter how whacky) they won’t give it up, no matter what. All the proof in the world won’t shake their belief.

    When the Seekers UFO cult predicted the end of the world, and the world manifestly did not end, resulting in public humiliation and embarrassment, most of the cult members left in disgust. Many gave it a few more days, then quit. Some persisted for weeks, months before slinking away. The founder of the cult, Dorothy Martin, never gave it up. She ended up in Sedona, Arizona, another New Age fruitcake. Like Sedona needed one more of them…

    For some people, it’s easier to deny reality than to admit they were wrong. Call it cognitive dissonance, or call it stubbornness.

    So expect some of these DOS nuts to never give up. Raniere never will.

  • Dear Michelle,
    “A spade is a spade. We oppose all forms of oppression.”
    (Michelle Hatchette, DossierProject)

    Yes, we know you are a spade, and we support your right to be an oppressed slave of a white man(Raniere). It makes sense!

    Have you ever seen Roots? I think you look pretty darn sexy in a dog collar picking cotton.

      • If this is indeed you….

        Do you get the the racist point? It’s offensively funny.

        Frank reported you were mocked as I’m mocking you by Kieth.

        To the best my knowledge Frank stands by that story.
        You are one of the only Black members in NXIVM.

        Unless NXIVM is like a STAR TREK convention—a white people thing—something odd was going on.

        Is NXIVM like a Star Trek convention? 🛸🚀

        Pilgrim I’m very disappointed in you.

        • It’s just cheap. It’s 2023, are racist insults really funny to some people? Just seems below the belt.

        • If people get upset about every bad or misconstrued comment they could spend their whole life being upset. Thick skin is good for white & black skin.

  • Rule number 1 to join this group. Have really fucked up eyebrows that are way to small and butchered. Rule 2…be completely oblivious to who Keith and Nancy were. Rule 3. Be ugly. Rule 4…you are so insecure and need major psychological counseling. Rule 5…must be able to manipulate others. Rule 6…simply just be a self absorbed dick.

  • The evidence of Keith Raniere”s crimes is now out in the open for all to see, and a jury has convicted him based on this evidence. If these six ladies are refusing to accept what their ears heard and their eyes saw, then I have zero interest in hearing from them.. There is only one thing they’ve said that is true: they’re not victims.

    No, they’re not victims. They’re morons. And if these morons want to waste their time, money, reputation and lives on trying to convince the world that Keith Raniere is a noble man, then waste away. In my eyes, they’re no different than a junkie living under a slice of cardboard. It’s a complete waste of a life. So if these morons want to haul a slice of cardboard over their eyes and ears and ramble nonsense to anyone who’ll listen, I’m all for letting them rot under that cardboard.

    And Frank, thank you for allowing me to call these retards morons.

    • You mean, “OUR fiction. OUR reality. ”

      Michelle, you keep saying how only one side is out there, and it’s not the truth, that you know the “truth”. Then please, do tell us why you agreed to become a white person’s slave and vowed to be their slave for life, and cemented that commitment by allowing your owner’s, your grand master’s, initials to be burned into your flesh as proof of how ownership of you. PLEASE share with the world how this makes sense to you. Go ahead. Enlighten us.

  • This just makes me so sad.

    Why can’t these six just move on? What is the point of it for them at this point? I really do not get why they continue to bother.

    • They believe they made a lifelong vow, and that they are badass heroines for sticking to their vow amidst such extreme adversity. They think they’re gold medal winning Olympians in Keithworld, even though in reality they’re just cardboard junkies.

    • Think if this angle: Dossier Project girls remain loyal to Vanturd. Horseface Bronfman gets released from prison and begins to destroy the lives of Vanturd’s “enemies”. Dossier Project girls are spared from Horseface’s wrath. If they play their cards right, they may even get a piece of the filthy Bronfman fortune. Sounds farfetched, but I can see it. Same with Asswiper Suneel, Brandon Porter Potty, Asshole Elliot and the rest of the cast of the Dead-Enders.

      • Truth does matter, but who’s truth are we talking about here? All the remaining deadenders think the first members out are lying about their own truths. NXIUM taught them that if they disagreed with something or someone, ESPECIALLY Keith or Nancy they needed an EM, or they were committing an ethical breach. So who’s truths?

        • Regardless if NXIVM taught that or not, a lot of the first members out did & have lied, to me, your so called dead enders are the telling their point of view and do admit they dint know everything

          • They ALL were telling their POV! Their truths. Some were also told to “lie ethically” by Raniere. Everyone has admitted there is stuff they weren’t aware of. Different secrets for different groups or individuals. No one person knew everything except Raniere. Peace!

    • Patriot God, I heard you paternal grandfather was Jewish. Also, I heard there is some Native American ancestry in your family tree.

      Any of the true?

    • C’mon, Frank! Are they really gonna start this crap again? It gets old very, very fast. Why do they use this platform for their racism? There are most likely thousands of groups of racists they can get off on.

      • I was hoping they would start their own website.

        I diagnosed the leader as having an acute epileptoid manifestation with a presentation of panphobic melancholia. There is no cure.

  • Daaaammmnnn… Linda is getting CHUNKY!!! She gots to get back on that 500 calorie per day diet. Leah is still cute though. Need to see Danielle’s body, in current form. I hope she’s still firm.

    Poll: You can pick and two DOSSIER Girls for a threesome?



      • Boy Uncle Leroy

        For a guy whose wife died by 🔥 burns, you sure seem emotionally healed as you pick two to replace her with. That was quick & dbl the fun huh? You sure you didn’t burn her ?

        • Burn or burns?

          My dick burned after I banged your mom.

          I felt really special though…..

          ……Catching gonorrhea and chlamydia from the same vagina is quite rare.

          • Leeer ROY Boy…

            That’s all I needed to know just another bullshit liar to pretend Danielle almost killed somebody, by burns Crawl back into your hole be it filled with gonorrhea or not.
            Preferably with… you pretend Bullshit Hillbilly

          • No wonder you burned your own wife & pretended she got some infection from 3rd degree burns, all makes sense now, Lowlife

      • Michelle and Leah.

        Michelle is very sexy in a “1980’s Grace Jones” kinda way. Dark complexion, short hair. Very different personality than Grace Jones though. It’s disappointing Michelle married Soy-Boy Jerome. She needs to get on the Pilgrim ticket.

        Leah is that shy, timid librarian type that just turns into an animal in the bedroom. I think she is very pretty, with good style. But I really want to see more of her. She needs to post some bikini pics.

        After them, maybe rotate Linda in for Michelle. Linda has a little baby-fat which can be very sexy under the right circumstances.

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