The Real Real Keith Raniere Now on Twitter, Instagram and China’s TikTok

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Keep It Real

God bless Keith Raniere. He is real. So real, he is out there now on social media with a new account – the Real Keith Raniere.

The “Real” Keith Raniere 

Perhaps in anticipation of his imminent release from the proofs he offers in his Rule 33 motion, and partly to restore his shattered image, some lucky followers have taken on the joyous task of foraging the plethora of known videos of Raniere to cull elegant soundbites of him speaking profoundly and otherwise making social media-friendly statements to post on a new social media account: “The Real Keith Raniere.”

The Real Keith Raniere has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and the hyper-inflated views and followers [plus AI comments bloviated] TikTok of the honest slave tenders, the Chinese Communist Party.



On Twitter, the REAL ONE follows only one real person, Elon Musk.

Dead Enders’ Revival

Raniere isn’t the only one attempting to make a comeback.

After quieting down on social media these last few months, the leaders of Raniere’s followers have started tweeting frequently these last few days.

Suneel Chakravorty and Eduardo Asunsolo published videos to answer how they got involved in “justice advocacy.”

Was it a question people often ask?

Or was it Raniere’s suggestion to divert attention from the fact that neither has spoken publicly about any injustice other than the one supposedly wrought against Raniere?

Eduardo goes so far as to say he will spend the rest of his life fighting for justice.

Dr. Martin Luther King

In fact, Eduardo even tweeted a Martin King quote: “If a man has not found something worth dying for, he is not fit to live.”

Is Eduardo willing to die for Vanguard?

Would he trade places for his master in prison for the next 97 years?

If he would not die, would he consent to take a small beating?

His reputation has taken a beating.

Both Suneel and Eduardo have threads giving tips on freedom and expression – and talk about how AI can be the new enforcer of morality in government and maybe the media.

Marc Elliot tweeted too, but only old, recycled Dossier Project tweets — about a play called The Crucible – about the Salem Witch trials and a Make Justice Blind video about the goodness of branding women with the master’s real initials.

MK10ARt’s Dossier Project without their leader

As for the Dossier Project, nothing has been heard from the glorious ladies lately. After promising an eager world that something was “cooking up in the kitchen,” the Dossier Project has been silent since April – just days after Nicki Clyne left the group and denounced Raniere.

Helpful Hints from Eduardo

This is as good or better than Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

Eduardo Asunsolo

Eduardo Asúnsolo says:

1. Become used to looking at yourself without shame. If it’s in the mirror or on your phone, become familiar with how you look and sound. No matter how many judgments you have at first, soon enough, it’ll become a comfortable experience.
2. Learn to change your state. If you listen to your voice when you just woke up vs. in the middle of the afternoon, after a little exercise, you’ll notice the latter is much more effective. If you practice bringing this state on command, you’ll express better.
3. Be congruent. If you’re talking about something big, open your arms large and use a big voice. Learn what are the different ways you have to express within your body, and practice using them congruently.

Eduardo says, ‘use a big voice.”
4. Eyes, mouth, and head. Learn to observe these 3 parts of human expression. Learn to do different combinations.
Watch people’s mouths and see what they do? Is they smilin’ in your face all the time? Then they want to take your place!
When you learn to observe people’s ears, you get a sense of what they like to listen to. 
Study people’s eyes – the mirror of the soul…
Look at them real close:
So, see if you can stop them from mocking the big ideas of Eduardo Asunsolo, and the Real Keith Raniere, you sons of bitches. 

Find the Real Keith Raniere

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  • I encourage anyone who has the time – and the inclination – to become an advocate for justice and criminal justice reform. But my experience is that those who post on social media about being “justice advocates” actually do very little to effectuate change or reform.

    Perhaps Suneel and Eduardo could be a bit more specific – and tell us some of the specific things they’ve done to bring about change in our criminal justice system that didn’t involve Keith Raniere. And if they can’t do that, then perhaps they can start referring to themselves as “Raniere Advocates” rather than as “Justice Advocates”.

    • That’s so true. I saw the narrow focus, but somehow couldn’t make the leap to see the obvious. It’s definitely “Raniere advocacy” rather than real truth-seeking and the broader justice advocacy they seem to sincerely want. It’s almost as though they’ve been brainwashed. 🤔

  • Hum… something say Grace Parks’ lawyers are gonna says something about her being with Raniere in those videos on social media

  • 🤨 Hey Ginzo!

    When are you finally going to get a pair of nuts about yourself like a real man and finally allow our Great and Hallowed Dark Lord, Patriot God, to speak about the real problem pervading this country right now that is also the real hand behind NXIVM without being a little whiny censoring bitch?!…….

    • Because he’s the fluffer that distracts us all from how much worse NXIVM really was. Like they sent that dude to prison for over a hundred years for those couple of charges. I’ve seen savage murderers get less than a quarter of the time he did. Rainiere was an Epstein. Pimp for the elite. Frank is a dingle berry Rainiere will never be able to wipe off. It’s a pretty sick relationship but probably a far healthier connection than Frank has ever had with a woman.

  • I like to watch people’s mouths. I can tell a lot by that. I don’t pay as much attention to eyes or ears.

  • Wow, what a weird post from Eduardo. He seems really vain.

    Once you get past that, he’s basically just saying “Pay attention to people when you’re communicating with them.” It’s nothing profound. Yet? He seems incredibly proud of these statements!

    Then, at the end? He calls the reader a bitch, refers to himself in the third person and invites the audience to mock him (and Keith).

    It’s just weird.

  • You really have nothing better to do right frank? Haha what a loser. Maybe you should try to speak in camera for people to see just what a creep and loser you are… coward

    • Dear Anthony ‘Sexy’ Ames,

      I’m a supper fan of both you and Sarah.

      Can you please post a dick pic?

      I wanna see the thing of legend which makes women bowlegged!!!!

      Some say, “it blocks out the sun when it’s whipped out.”

      Your dong is more powerful than Vanguard or StarWars’ the Force™️. Sarah left Vanguard for you!!!

      Post the dick pic and I’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift!!!!

      Sincerely yours,

      I actually listened to your football show. It’s pretty damn good!!! Seriously!
      Take it easy man!!!

        • A Nice Guy imposter??
          How can you tell?
          Didn’t Nice Guy admit a few years ago that he himself is fake and that the Nice Guy commenter is a character he made up like some kind of method actor would do?
          There’s been no reason to give consideration to anything he has posted since (not that there was much reason beforehand either)

        • 🤬 HEY GINZO!

          I’M TALKING TO YOU, BOY!

          I SAID,

          When are you finally going to get a pair of nuts about yourself like a real man and finally allow our Great and Hallowed Dark Lord, Patriot God, to speak about the real problem pervading this country right now that is also the real hand behind NXIVM without being a little whiny censoring bitch?!…….

  • Frank:

    Are you certain that this is the real Vanguard in all his glory and not the Illustrious Nicki Clyne in drag?
    The Real Shadow State

    Nicki is well versed in the teachings of NXIVM and fully capable of preaching to the True Believers.

    • Dear Pyriel,

      As Canadians discuss an “American-style revolution” to break free from the Privy Council, most Americans don’t know what a Privy Council is.

      As you might already know, the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundations and other We-Are-Better-Than-You Foundations funded American public schools and mainstream news outlets, making sure most Americans wouldn’t learn real history — and wouldn’t want to know about current events.

      How many Americans today know whether or not the “Ethical Science Foundation” was as tax-exempt as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? How many Americans understand why they should care?

      All the best to you and your endeavors anyway,

      Anonymous for several reasons in what used to be called “America”

      • At that time, was the translation for ”That’s anti-semitism!” 👉 “Stop the investigation!”? 🤔 says:

        “… and I had then, to set up an aspect of the investigation outside of our office — more or less secret. And The Republican National Committee got wind of what I was doing and they did everything they could to stop me. They appealed to council to stop me — and finally they resorted to the White House.”

        “Was there objection because of what you were doing or because of the fact that you were doing it outside of the official auspices of the committee?”

        “No, their objection was – – as they put it – – my devotion to what they call “anti-semitism”. That was a cooked up idea, but – – in other words, it wasn’t true at all. But anyway, that’s the way they expressed it. And – – “

        “Excuse me, why wold they say – – ?”

        “And they made it stick.”

        “ – – why did they do that? How could they say that?”

        “Well, they could say – – they could say it, Mr. Griffin, but they had to have something in the way of rationalization of their decision to do everything they could to stop what – – stop the completion of this investigation in the direction that it was moving — which would have been an exposure of this Carnegie Endowment story and the Ford Foundation and the Guggenheim and the Rockefeller Foundation all working in harmony toward the control of education in the United States …”

  • 😂 too fucking funny. What is the little tik tok boy Suneel doing, telling prosecutors how to think, act and be? Eduardo, I will not be taking your pre school advice on life. You boys really need a good old fashioned beating by a true leader like the Parlato. You winny brats know so little of the world and your faces surely shows it. I hope by the time a comedy sketch is written about nxivms lost boys, it features you two driving a short bus to summer camp where you learn what your balls are there for. 😉

  • Imagine being so deluded in your own grandiosity that you think re-releasing what amounts to “Keith Raniere Conversations” (has this idiot looked at the YouTube and other Internet related comments? — of course not he’s in jail) on various social media accounts is going to help stir even an infinitesimal amount of public sentiment for you — a convicted sex trafficker — to help get you out of jail. I do find great irony in that ‘what is justice?’ video where he blabs on about the rigors of evidence in a court system!

    • Raniere could have had these: internet access, cell phones, human contact, more phone calls and better food. He could have watched TV, gone outside more, but chose to instead make a stink with the warden and break rules. He’s probably completely insane by now from being in the SHU this long.

      • “Crazy people” like Raniere do not think rationally, and Raniere lives with the illusory idea that he is in the right and that it is only a matter of time before he gets his due. He has too much invested in his bossiness to fail grandly with it. He can’t live with that. He always wants to be the winning guy. His own failure does not appear in his thoughts. When he fails, it is always because of others’ conspiracy against him. He had always cultivated the idea that others were out to get him. He always spoke of this and always warned against it. That others or the justice system could have a real reason to be after him because of Raniere’s criminal actions is far from his mind. Raniere believes he is above the law, and free to act according to the rules and laws of society. In his mind, his own needs and desires must not be restricted by social norms or laws and are above everything.

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