Psychedelic Healing: Catherine Oxenberg Offers 11-Day Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

Three years ago, Catherine Oxenberg, 61, overcame pain using the hallucinogenic tranquilizer ketamine.

People Magazine wrote:

… in early 2020 [Oxenberg]… found herself bedridden and overcome with pain: stabbing, radiating, excruciating pain that moved around her body seemingly at random. Her hands swelled, her feet went numb, her spine ached.
Unable to sleep, drive or even hold a toothbrush, she [made appointments with] …rheumatologists, neurologists and psychologists.
Doctors offered up a string of misdiagnoses — inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and pre-autoimmune disease, among others — and prescriptions for antidepressants and opioids that provided no relief.
“The thing with pain is that your life gets small really fast. It becomes part of your identity without you even realizing,” says Oxenberg, 61. “Everything is filtered through it. One doctor told me, ‘This becomes chronic pain after three months. Once the brain is wired, it can’t be unwired.’ It was like getting a death sentence.”
Then one doctor at UCLA “made a lifesaving connection between her past trauma and current agony.”
As Oxenberg remembers: “She told me, ‘For somebody who’s had the experiences you’ve had, you are a poster child for late-onset pain.’ ”
The theory — that a part of the brain will create physical discomfort in response to fear and repressed trauma as a coping mechanism and a “safer” alternative to addressing a more insidious mental or emotional threat — led Oxenberg to a second breakthrough, this time in November 2020 at the Bioreset clinic in Northern California.

Catherine took an intravenous dose of ketamine, an anesthetic with psychedelic properties, used by veterinarians for decades.

When humans use it, it induces a trance-like state, hallucinations, and pain relief.

It has been used as an illegal street drug for years, with names such as Special K, Donkey Dust, and Vitamin K – a single dose costing about $25 and lasting about an hour.

In recent years, medical doctors have been prescribing injections of ketamine for humans to treat depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through intravenous infusion or nasal spray.

It is said to “rewire the brain” or, as doctors say, it encourages “neural plasticity,” so patients can address painful memories without triggering the brain’s fight-or-flight response.

Oxenberg described her experience after she had an injection:

“What I felt was the depth of relaxation, that every cell in my body just let go,” Oxenberg said. She also heard a voice from within herself who spoke to her:

“It said only I could heal myself because only I could connect all the dots of my experience — and I got it. And I never went back to despair.”

Catherine Oxenberg

Psychiatrist John Krystal said that “a single dose [of ketamine] can produce a lasting reduction in the brain of that traumatic memory [and] a weakening of the ability of that memory to produce distress.”

Oxenberg has had six intravenous treatments in the past two years, and periodically uses prescription ketamine lozenges.

Oxenberg, along with her daughter, India, 32, and Vicky Dulai, 47, has launched Healix 180.

Dulai is listed on the website as the Interim Executive Director. She is described as an independent psychedelic philanthropic consultant.

Vicky Dulai

Healix 180 is conducting 11-day retreats, called HEALIX IMMERSION, to “facilitate somatic release of trauma in the body” for “survivors of sexual trauma.”

The main feature of the retreats is that retreatants will get an injection of ketamine.

India at the first Healix 180 immersion

They will also be provided with methylation-support, NAD+, [nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), vitamin/mineral IV infusions, equine therapy, sound therapy, art therapy, biopsycho-social healing, yoga, and bodywork.

The 11-day retreat will be followed by six months of monitored group aftercare, which will provide ketamine lozenges to self-administer at home twice a week, provided that individuals attend group therapy twice a month.

Prospective candidates for the Immersion retreat will be tested:

The Adverse Child Experiences [ACE] survey, which is a set of questions about adverse experiences a person had during childhood, including physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence or substance abuse, or having a family member incarcerated.

ACE will be followed up with:

Beck Depression Inventory, a self-report 21 multiple choice question test to assess depressive symptoms.

PTSD checklist, a self-report for symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, nightmares, avoidance behaviors, hyperarousal, and negative mood.

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, which assesses symptoms of anxiety, such as tension, anxious mood, fears, and insomnia.

The Post Traumatic Growth Inventory, a self-report questionnaire that assesses:

  1. Personal Strength: Increased personal strength, self-confidence, and a sense of empowerment.
  2. Appreciation of Life: A greater appreciation for life and a focus on the present moment.
  3. Relating to Others: Improved relationships and a deeper sense of connection with others.
  4. New Possibilities: Recognition of new opportunities, possibilities, and a sense of personal growth.
  5. Spiritual Change: Enhanced spiritual beliefs, a sense of meaning or purpose, and a deeper connection to something greater than oneself.

Mystical States Inventory, a self-report to assess:

  1. Unity/Interconnectedness: Feelings of interconnectedness with others, nature, or the universe.
  2. Transcendence of Time and Space: Experiences of timelessness and a sense of being outside of normal space.
  3. Ineffability: Difficulty expressing the experience in words due to its profound nature.
  4. Positive Mood: Heightened positive emotions, such as joy, peace, and awe.
  5. Paradoxicality: Encountering contradictions or paradoxes that challenge ordinary logic.
  6. Sacredness: Perception of the experience as sacred or deeply meaningful.
  7. Noetic Quality: Sense of receiving deep insights or profound knowledge.

Walter Pahnke and Raymond D. Richards developed the Mystical Statea inventory in the 1960s as part of their research on the effects of psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound found in certain mushrooms.

Catherine is one of 300 keynote speakers at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in Denver.

Catherine Oxenberg at the Healix 180 immersion

Catherine also plans to marry banker Ellis Jones in October.

For more info on the Catherine Oxenberg Foundation 

Important Note:

It is always wise to use caution when dealing with psychedelics. Ketamine is a mind-altering drug that can cause vomiting, a panicked reaction, disorientation, or loss of mobility. Overdoses can be fatal and interactions with other drugs increase the risk tenfold.

Anyone prescribed ketamine at home should do so under the supervision of a therapist or sitter to ensure their safety, and that person should not also take ketamine at the same time.

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  • WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT? “Learning that even intelligent people can be cowards and that courage is a much rarer attribute than intelligence.” – Julian Assange

  • I don’t know, Frank, the fact that Vicky Dulai is the first women to be added as executive director to the board of Mapps, seems exactly the same as Bronfmans donating 1 million to The Dali Lama considering she got the Solo Holocaust survivor to donate 1 million to them , kinda Quid Pro Quo to me.

  • The relief didn’t last. On a trip to Hawaii last year, Sarlo was in deep despair. He was joined part of the time by his longtime companion and personal assistant Vicky Dulai, 46. A trained psychedelic therapist, she helped oversee his use of the drugs, according to court records, which also say their relationship was romantic. When Sarlo, now in his 80s, repeatedly expressed suicidal thoughts, Dulai allegedly offered to help him end his life.

    A friend overheard this conversation and warned Sarlo’s family that his life was in danger, according to a lawsuit filed in May 2021, which also alleges Dulai exploited her relationship with Sarlo to take more than $4 million from him.

  • Psycheldelics Spotlight


    by James Hallifax on April 28, 2022

    A sexual misconduct scandal, a data scandal, and an elder abuse scandal haunt psychedelics leader MAPS, currently being scrutinized by Health Canada, who tells Psychedelic Spotlight that they have “requested additional information from the sponsors [MAPS] regarding adverse events, efficacy data and complaints from participants.”

    MAPS, long a leader in medical psychedelics research, has recently attracted scrutiny as multiple potential ethics scandals erupted into the public eye.

    First, there was video footage released by New York Magazine podcast, Cover Story: Power Trip, which showed two MAPS-sponsored therapists inappropriately touching and cuddling their sexual-assault-survivor PTSD patient during an MDMA-assisted psychotherapy session.

    Next, it came to light that Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent to the FDA, is launching a review of all MDMA clinical trials in the country in response to a complaint made to the organization. The complaint, as first reported by the CBC, alleges that several PTSD patients in the MDMA trial experienced worsening suicidal thoughts which were wrongly not reported as “adverse events”.

    Finally, last week, STAT published an investigation into MAPS board member Vicky Dulai. The investigation highlighted a now-settled lawsuit that alleged that Dulai manipulated a wealthy and elderly venture capitalist to give her gifts worth more than $4 million.

    Before diving into the details of each scandal, it is worth briefly recapping the history of MAPS.

    [ … ]

  • The Verge

    Go read this STAT investigation into the risk of elder abuse in psychedelic therapy

    Older adults who turn to psychedelic therapies to treat psychiatric conditions like depression and PTSD are uniquely vulnerable to financial abuse, according to a STAT investigation. The substances could make people feel more emotionally connected with care providers who deliver the drugs, making them susceptible to manipulation by bad actors.

    The story highlights a lawsuit brought against psychedelic therapist Vicky Dulai alleging that she took more than $4 million from Holocaust survivor George Sarlo, who had turned to psychedelics to treat depression and trauma. Dulai and Sarlo met in 2002, and according to the lawsuit, she gradually took over as his personal assistant and caregiver. She had access to his bank accounts and personal documents. In 2019, the lawsuit says she introduced Sarlo to ketamine as a “control mechanism.”
    Dulai denied the allegations, [ … ]

  • Sexual Abuse

    Wednesday, July 6, 2022
    Ways Forward in the Wake of Psychedelic Therapy Abuse
    By David S. Prescott, LICSW, and Natalie Villeneuve, MSW, RSW

    [ … ]

    Since our first blog, other allegations have surfaced, such as this example, in which a therapist is reported to have taken millions from an elderly client who was a holocaust survivor. Although legal action against the therapist, Vicky Dulai, reportedly began in May 2021, the case was only reported in April 2022. These allegations were especially noteworthy given that Dulai is on the board of directors for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), which initiated an investigation only after the case was reported publicly. Not surprisingly, MAPS trials are now under review over the alleged abuse of study participants.

    [ … ]

    • The lawsuit alleges Dulai used drugs including ayahuasca and MDMA to heighten Sarlo’s dependence on her, and as Sarlo’s health deteriorated, she introduced him to ketamine and supervised an “intensive” dosing regimen. Meanwhile, Sarlo bought her a Porsche and loaned her $1.4 million to purchase a home now worth an estimated $2.3 million for her and her husband in Mill Valley, an affluent city in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. He later forgave the loan, turning it into an outright gift.

      No criminal charges were brought, and the lawsuit was settled earlier this year, with Dulai agreeing to return the Porsche, and she and her husband agreeing to pay $150,000 immediately, plus a further $350,000 on the house over time; her husband will return $190,000 he received as a business investment within three years.

      Short version : Shes still up 500k after paying back PLUS the additional BONUS of over a million in equity on the house he gave her the $ to purchase!!
      Sarlo even gave her husband $190k.

  • Coincidentally, many parents develop “complex PTSD” in “family courts”. Had there been a Ketamine clinic in Westchester County “family courts”, maybe Catherine Kassenoff would still be with us.

    “Ketamine” is known as a street drug, just as Ivermectin was known by some as only a ”horse de-wormer”. Look at the maps of Africa showing how safe and effective Ivermectin was in preventing the spread of “COVID-19” there. Safe and effective cures for debilitating medical conditions such as COVID-19 and PTSD are welcome “breakthroughs” in medicine.

    Had there been a Ketamine clinic in Westchester County “family courts”, maybe Allan would still have his job in that big skyscraper owned by China — right next to the Bank of China, in the country formerly known as “America”.

    After so many years of the purposeful destruction of or families in “family courts”, years of war in so many ways and places and such unfettered political blackmail in Manhattan, China, The City of London, Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, New Mexico, The Ukraine … did Catherine Kassenoff, American families in “family courts” and the once-sovereign nation called “America” ever have a chance?

    It seems Catherine Kassenoff never had a chance. Greenberg Traurig has offices around the world. They have an office in Westchester County where their “team advises clients on a wide range of legal matters and often connects clients to the firm’s national and international resources.”

    Their attorneys “hold leadership positions or are otherwise actively involved in the Westchester business community and service organizations such as:

    Business Council of Westchester
    Westchester County Association
    Her Justice
    Human Rights First
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bar Foundation
    Westchester Jewish Council   

    America doesn’t seem to have a chance either. About a year ago, Americans allowed Eric Van Nostrand, “former BlackRock managing director who was head of research for sustainable investments and multi-asset strategies” to start work in the US Treasury Department as “a senior adviser on economic issues tied to Russia and Ukraine“.

    Eric reports to Ben Harris. Ben is “assistant Secretary of Treasury for economic policy” in what used to be “America” … where “family courts“ destroyed families for profit on purpose for the past forty years.

    • In the Sarlo civil suit, after a time it no longer worked and Vicky Dulia was overhead offering to help Sarlo with suicide after she helped herself to some of his millions so not sure it would have helped Catherine K either…

  • When these lunatics end up killing or severely harming one of the patients, despite not being licensed in medicine or therapy in any way, who are they going to pin it on?

    The cowardly Alec Baldwin has managed to pin what he did on a then 23-year-old set worker. Does this family have a scapegoat ready to go if something goes wrong?

    Does this family have an agent or a handler who can go to them and point out the 50 different ways this could end poorly? Catherine’s soon to be banker husband and India’s restaurant owner husband, do they want to be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit for something they have nothing to do with?

      • I’m very sorry, I’m spoken for. My girlfriend is a very jealous woman.

        But to help with that little problem of yours, I suggest lots of exercise in the sunshine, with a fish and grain diet. Lay off the sugar and get more sleep.

    • The Oxenberg’s are not held responsible for anything. They are Yugoslavian royalty, making them de facto American royalty. Guaranteed they are already padding the campaign accounts of judges, prosecutors, etc. within proximity of any jurisdiction they will operate in.

  • Sounds like Oxenberg has created NXIVM2.0. She could not force her daughter to love her (obviously India wanted nothing to do with her), so she went to the media to coerce and bully her daughter into pretending to love her. Now she starts this cult? What a fucking sicko Catherine Oxenberg is.

  • Dear Catherine Oxenberg,

    How much new-age-bullshit will you try?

    Catherine my dear…..

    ….Cults and psychedelic drugs went out of style in the 70s.

    Please don’t drag India into anymore bullshit!!!!!



  • What are they doing to themselves now? Again, I am so disappointed in the choices they’re making.
    They might as well book the next submarine trip to the Titanic.

  • If Catherine Oxenberg is pushing use of ketamine, she is as INSANE as Allison Pimp Mack.

    Let us look at the Merck Manual of drugs for the truth.
    Sold as a grainy white or light brown powder. Looks similar to cocaine but is a very different drug.

    Also called:

    Donkey Dust GreenK Ket Special K Super K VitaminK Wonk

    Ketamine and phencyclidine are chemically similar drugs used for anesthesia but are sometimes used recreationally.
    Ketamine is available in powder and liquid form. The powder can be snorted or taken orally. The liquid can be injected intravenously, into a muscle (intramuscularly), or under the skin (subcutaneously).

    Phencyclidine (PCP or angel dust) is most often smoked after being sprinkled on plant material, such as parsley, mint leaves, tobacco for smoking, or marijuana (some street names are “wet” and “fry”). It can also be snorted or taken orally.

    (See also Drug Use and Abuse.)

    Symptoms of Ketamine or PCP Use
    Ketamine and PCP cause giddiness and euphoria, which are often followed by bursts of anxiety. With high doses (overdose), users have a distorted perception of their body, the environment, and time. They feel scattered or as if they are not real (called depersonalization), and they feel detached from their environment (called dissociation).

    At even higher doses, hallucinations and paranoid delusions may occur, and the sense of detachment from the world intensifies. Ketamine users often refer to these experiences as a k-hole. People may become combative. Coordination may be lost, and muscles tremble and jerk.

    Very high doses may cause

    A life-threatening high body temperature (hyperthermia)
    A fast heart rate
    Hypersexual behavior
    Very high blood pressure
    Death in rare cases

    Regular ketamine use can cause:

    panic attacks
    damage to short- and long-term memory
    depression, if taken frequently

    Physical health risks
    Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic that can cause serious harm. Taking ketamine can be fatal, particularly if it is mixed with other drugs.
    Ketamine can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It can make you confused, agitated, delirious and disconnected from reality.
    It can make you feel sick, and it can cause damage to your short- and long-term memory.
    Because of the body’s loss of feelings, paralysis of the muscles and the mind’s loss of touch with reality, you can be left vulnerable to hurting yourself or being hurt by others.
    Because you don’t feel pain properly when you’ve recently taken ketamine, you can injure yourself and not know you’ve done it.
    Ketamine can cause serious bladder problems, with the urgent and frequent need to pee. This can be very painful and the pee can be blood-stained. Although stopping using ketamine can help, sometimes the damage can be so serious that the bladder needs surgical repair or even removal.
    The urinary tract, from the kidneys down to the bladder, can also be affected and incontinence (uncontrolled peeing) may also develop.
    Abdominal pain, sometimes called ‘K cramps’, have been reported by people who have taken ketamine for a long time.
    Evidence of liver damage due to regular, heavy ketamine use is emerging. The liver has a range of important functions, such as cleaning your blood and removing toxic substances.
    Mental health risks
    The longer term effects of ketamine use can include flashbacks, memory loss and problems with concentration.
    Regular use can cause depression and, occasionally, psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations. Ketamine can also make existing mental health problems worse.
    Interestingly, medical grade ketamine is now being researched as a potential treatment for severe depression, but it is too early to know the results of this research.
    What is ketamine cut with?
    Street ketamine is usually sold as a white/beige crystalised powder and is sometimes cut with other powders to add weight and improve the dealer’s profits.

    It’s impossible to tell whether the ketamine you buy has been cut with other substances by looking at it.

    Frank Parlato:

    I have a late uncle who became a Pharmacist after serving in the US Navy in World War 2/

    And i have a cousin who is a Pharmacist.

    Any Guru who advocates use of an animal tranquilizer like Ketamine is more dangerous than a bogus Guru like Raniere.
    From Channel 4 news in the United Kingdom.
    New health fears surrounding ketamine

    • Shadow,
      I guarantee Oxenberg is not using “street ketamine.” I’m not defending her necessarily but ketamine is available at any pharmacy and is a common, relatively safe drug.

  • Who did what to America in the 1950s, 60s and 70s — and, where are Dr. Brandon Porter’s notes and data?

    “… Gottlieb wanted to create a way to seize control of people’s minds, and he realized it was a two-part process,” Kinzer says. “First, you had to blast away the existing mind. Second, you had to find a way to insert a new mind into that resulting void. We didn’t get too far on number two, but he did a lot of work on number one. …

    In the early 1950s, he arranged for the CIA to pay $240,000 to buy the world’s entire supply of LSD. He brought this to the United States, and he began spreading it around to hospitals, clinics, prisons and other institutions, asking them, through bogus foundations, to carry out research projects and find out what LSD was, how people reacted to it and how it might be able to be used as a tool for mind control.

    Now, the people who volunteered for these experiments and began taking LSD, in many cases, found it very pleasurable. They told their friends about it. Who were those people? Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, got his LSD in an experiment sponsored by the CIA by MK-ULTRA, by Sidney Gottlieb. So did Robert Hunter, the lyricist for the Grateful Dead, which went on to become a great purveyor of LSD culture. Allen Ginsberg, the poet who preached the value of the great personal adventure of using LSD, got his first LSD from Sidney Gottlieb. Although, of course, he never knew that name. …

    The CIA mind control project, MK-ULTRA, was essentially a continuation of work that began in Japanese and Nazi concentration camps. Not only was it roughly based on those experiments, but the CIA actually hired the vivisectionists and the torturers who had worked in Japan and in Nazi concentration camps to come and explain what they had found out so that we could build on their research.

    For example, Nazi doctors had conducted extensive experiments with mescaline at the Dachau concentration camp, and the CIA was very interested in figuring out whether mescaline could be the key to mind control that was one of their big avenues of investigation. So they hired the Nazi doctors who had been involved in that project to advise them.

    Another thing the Nazis provided was information about poison gases like sarin, which is still being used. Nazi doctors came to America to Fort Detrick in Maryland, which was the center of this project, to lecture to CIA officers to tell them how long it took for people to die from sarin …”

    • The best biography of Dr.Sidney Gottlieb is “Poisoner in Chief” written by Stephen Kinzer.
      Around 1953 Gottlieb and his pals doped an Army scientist named Frank Olson with LSD as a[Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control Hardcover – Illustrated, September 10, 2019 prank and Olson committed suicide in Manhattan.
      Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control Hardcover – Illustrated, September 10, 2019
      The Darkest side of the American Deep State
      Poisoner in Chief Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control Stephen Kinzer

    • America’s Chief CIA Poisoner was Doctor Sidney Gottlieb who grew up in New York City and was Jewish.
      Another CIA Poisoner was Cornelius Roosevelt, a relative of Teddy Roosevelt.

      Evan Thomas wrote that Roosevelt was the person who originally suggested the CIA project that attempted to poison Fidel Castro.[13] Roosevelt, as a head of the CIA technical division, supervised Sidney Gottlieb, who brought a biological poison to Congo during the autumn of 1960.

    • Nazi doctors worked with Alfred Kinsey’s group; and, Kinsey’s work has informed family court “laws” since the 1950s.

  • Frank, we are approaching July 3rd. I suppose you’ll dedicate a special to the Allison Mack case that day.
    Will you be at the gate of the Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin, California?

  • I can’t locate the ticket price for the “experience” that provides an outcome of such a profound nature, it will be difficult to express in words.

    Can you please report the cost of Catherine’s wealthy woman trauma retreat?

    And do you have to have evidence of trauma or can anyone who wants to take drugs and be happy attend?

    Thank you.

  • Whilst this may work for Catherine and her age category, I don’t see this as good idea for India at age 32.
    If she chooses to get pregnant, wouldn’t that transfer to the fetus as well? Just a thought going forward.

    • This is a Class B drug, which means it’s illegal to have for yourself, give away or sell.

      Possession can get you up to 5 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

      Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

      Like drink-driving, driving when high is dangerous and illegal. If you’re caught driving under the influence, you may receive a heavy fine, driving ban, or prison sentence.

      If the police catch people supplying illegal drugs in a home, club, bar or hostel, they can potentially prosecute the landlord, club owner or any other person concerned in the management of the premises.

    • Upgrade your experience, wasn’t that Allison’s Mack’s description of NXIVM?

      What money won’t buy.

      How much gals?

      Are your scholarships similiar to Clares scholarships?

      Does it help you overcome the anxiety associated with the lives you ruined?

      Special K, Keith might approve!

    • Incidentally, did a bit of raking around and found Master Jones’ official website which holds right at its top the caption: “Changing human behaviour to solve problems, create opportunities and improve society.”

      Does this sound familiar to any… ? 😀

      And you with your fireman, don’t waste our time with people physically saving others from death, please! We like captions here, ok?? The prettier the better!

      Get lost!

      • Captions?
        You mean you prefer starlettes pictures to The Fire Dept.? Gotcha!
        Some who actually volunteer hours during their service to humanity.

        CPRS is valid treatment with ketomine but less than 200k are diagnosed with that dis ease.

        India wasn’t experiencing pain all over her body so I don’t know…why she would want to take a chance with her liver, etc.

  • Wow. Don’t these people ever learn? I have been reading the Frank Report over the last 2 years since I first saw The Vow (I read mostly for NXVIM content). I read all these stories about the former NXVIM members. They are all joining new “self help” type groups, doing “spiritual” podcasts or other “spiritual activities” like reading tarot cards. Now yes, KR is evil, but I can see why he was able to hook these people into his cult. Damn, how easy it must have been. They are all so gullible and naive. He was able to have a field day with this crew! No wonder it took years and years to tear down NXVIM. They will all denounce KR and say cults are bad. But in reality, they are all Cult Hoppers. Every damn one of them! Catherine of all people. Talking on The Vow how she felt responsible for bringing in India. What now? Let’s start a new cult with drugs. Wow. There are no words.

    • Vulnerable people with no self esteem who need others to fit in with will always join cults and when one cult is taken down they just move to the next one. They aren’t loyal to one specific person or cult. They are loyal to their own mental incapacities.

  • Seriously, when you ladies come out of your K hole what happens next? Do you pre-purchase your next fix? This drug is obtained dirt cheap. Will your customers get a good low price? The usual 400 dollar per injection is a bit inflated.

  • I think it has possibilities to help trauma. You don’t need to go to an intensive. You can get Special K easy. It works.

  • No. No, no, no Catherine! We do not introduce our daughters into self help programs like Nxivm and turn around 6 years later to introduce our daughters into drugs. Why are these drugs being glorified in people magazine? Was it for a sexy table top photo shoot? This drug is extremely hard on the liver. It’s even worse when you combine ketamine while being extremely thin. You women are literally injecting poison into your blood stream.

  • What the fuck is this? I don’t come here for this shit. I come here for updates on that lying cunt Catherine who is hiding at a Swiss hotel.

    • Aristotle,

      You don’t understand! They’ve learnt everything worthwhile there is to know about our planet and beyond. This field is the only area that separates them from total enlightenment!

      P.S. Oh, that and Master Jones’ support… physical and of other sorts…

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