Make Justice Blind Releases Video of India Baking Cookies With DOS Slave to Prove India Was Happy in NXIVM

Eduardo Asunsolo has a series of videos on Make Justice Blind called “Lies About NXIVM People Think Are True.” So far, there are 16 videos in this series, and the most recent one shows a never-before-seen video of India Oxenberg and Nicole, the sex-trafficking victim whose face is blurred, blowing kisses to Keith Raniere. Eduardo alleges this video was sent to Raniere, though Eduardo does not say how he obtained it.

The lie, Eduardo says, is that “India Oxenberg was forced to live in Albany, forced to be friends with Keith and Allison, and forced to be in NXIVM and DOS.”

The truth, according to Eduardo, is that “India Oxenberg lived voluntarily in Albany. She was happier than ever. She was building her own business and she had many friends.”
The proof of this so-called truth is a video of India and Nicole in what looks to be an industrial kitchen baking cookies while they are talking and blowing kisses to the camera. Eduardo says that India sent this video, along with “many” others, to Keith personally.
Transcript of the video:
India: Ready for cookie action?
Nicole: Hi Keith!
India: Hello!
Nicole: *Blows kiss* Wait, we’re baking cookies.
India: I know it’s not… I know it’s not sexy. It’s like the farthest thing from sexy.
Nicole: Lies.
India: A lot better later.
Nicole: *Blows kiss*
Nicole, the sex trafficking victim in Raniere’s trial, blows a kiss to Raniere in this video released by Make Justice Blind
There’s no date on this video, so it’s unclear when it was sent to Keith. Frank Report estimates that it was sent sometime between late 2015 to early 2017.
Other “Lies About NXIVM People Think Are True” according to Eduardo, are as follows. Click the link to discover the “truth.”

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  • “… His most dangerous type of followers are those who have little conscience, like Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman. Who never cared when other people’s lives within NXIVM were being destroyed or falling apart, and often facilitated that destruction directly, as they did mine. Consumed with their own power and status, regardless of cost, and having a limitless willingness to lie and deceive …”

  • Why does Nicole have her face blotted out? Didn’t she know the video was being recorded? This isn’t for commercial distribution, so no release is necessary.

  • Accordingly to surveys of mental health professionals the most common female sexual fantasies are: beung raped, being a slave, being part of a harem. DOS hit 2/3! Raniere is and was a real sicko, but these ladies wanted to do it. Don’t use wimpy collateral as excuse for them!

  • Imagine marrying someone who voluntarily got herself branded on the pubes with another man’s initials? Guys are such simps!

    • India was 100% happy to be an integral part of the NXIVM community. She spent $200k on her coursework. What type of “traumatized” person would do that? Many will say she was “highly collateralized”, but ask yourself: would an unhappy person even give up collateral? India is lucky (along with Nicki) not to have been charged. She cooperated with the authorities. She was being fast-tracked up the NXIVM food chain. She would have been a First Line slave by now if the FBI did not arrest Vanturd. Also, she went along with the seduction assignments. What type of traumatized person would be sleeping with their abuser? Nothing about India case adds up. What does add up is she knew she was potentially in trouble with the law, then the “trauma” began

  • Is it my imagination or are they getting worse!? This is awful 😖! The men seem nuttier than the women. Of course India and Nicole were acting happy in the video. That’s how they were programmed. And who are they to say what anyone’s feelings or truths are?

    • Especially when you are being blackmailed as these women were. India tells harrowing stories of Keith demanding explicit videos from her to the point where he would tell her to pull over in her car and film her genitals for him right then and there. This recording has a Vibe of being coerced as well. Especially the way the women are talking about it not being sexy. It makes you wonder if Keith had requested a sexy video of the two? And there’s no accounting for whatever Eduardo has edited out.

      • Wouldn’t it have been better to have had the collateral released than get branded? After all nude photos and videos of people aren’t exactly uncommon anymore.

        • That’s a good observation but think what people feared most was the compromising information they had given up about family members or the lies they had told about being molested. Some of them wrote letters to authorities falsely accusing their own parents of molesting children and just other complete Horrors. There are also false confessions of theft and other crimes . But think most people who are decent would rather hurt themselves than those they love and Keith was diabolical about getting blackmail material on other people in their lives. Not necessarily true information but potentially extremely damaging nonetheless

          • Not at all damaging. False confessions and unenforceable contacts. I realized we are talking about complete simpletons but evem they should have and I believe did realize it.

          • Including (one L) Michele! Which is what she told the prosecutors in her first interview which is why they threatened her with perjury if she testified for the defense; which was valid. She didn’t want to be challenged on the stand for any of that shit. And was incapable of lying about it, which she has been prone to do. In all of her proclamations about not be able to testify, she conveniently omits that. I’m sure Keith called it an ethical breach. Amazing how telling the truth is unethical to him.
            They were all trained liars too. Calling shit a sorority, all the while lying about Keith’s involvement to anyone they attempted to enroll.
            I think it’s ridiculous every time they call someone a “story changer,” while constantly omitting huge sections in their side of the story.

  • Even if the FBI messed up protocol, why the fuck would this man want a sexual predator loose? Does Eddy have a daughter? A wife? The women in Eddie’s life must be proudly elated to allow him to preach nxivm 🤥 lies.

    • Eddie is following after his Master in Chief Raniere.

      He doesn’t seem to care about his wife & daughters or family first.

      He’s got his nose so far up Raniere’s ass he’s the #1 ass wiper.

      If I was his wife I be moving my girls home with my parents & filing divorce papers.

      They met in NXIVM but enough of this BS

  • “Nicole: *Blows kiss* Wait, we’re baking cookies.
    India: I know it’s not… I know it’s not sexy. It’s like the farthest thing from sexy.”

    India is sort of apologizing to Keith that what they are doing is not sexy. Why would she apologize for not doing something sexy? Because by now she knows Keith’s primary interest in her is sexual.
    India looks very thin in this video.
    Nicole is blowing kisses to Keith to show her love and affection to him.

    Isn’t it odd that both of them have a sexual/intimate message to Keith while doing something so regular as baking cookies? What does that tell us? It tells us that they know what Keith wants from them and are willing to provide it to him: sex.

  • Most of Eddie’s videos get comments that say, “Rub a Lamp.”
    When I read that I almost spit my morning coffee out.
    No one takes this idiot Eddie seriously.
    Now Eddie and his buddy Marc will have something else to boo-hoo over for the next six weeks.
    That is unless Judge G comes out with the dismissal of the Rule 33
    Since Tully is going after OLD evidence that throws Rule 33 out the window

  • Would Eduardo be comfortable answering questions about connections between NXIVM in Albany, NXIVM Mormons in Mexico, weapons distributed in Mexico via the “Fast and Furious” project, Mesa Arizona and the Sinaloa cartel?

  • Eduardo’s video got 4 likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    American is waking up to the fact that when Keith is in prison everyone is in prison.

    This nation will not be free until Keith is free.

    This is the start of the most powerful social movement this country has ever known.

  • Nothing like a video with one person’s face blurred out to eliminate any sense that anything sketchy is going on.

    Eduardito got some next level marketing skillz!!!!!

  • I watched Eduardo’s passionate video’s about the “truth” about NXIVM. It’s hard to watch. He has a dark shadow around his eyes, as if he didn’t have enough sleep. He sounds like he’s possessed by some demon. His Mexican accent doesn’t help either.

    And that’s only his appearance. His arguments are terrible too.

  • “… In that you were a big part of the NXIVM puzzle and you were faced with the hard truth that you needed to fight like hell to break back out, of your, you know, regain control of your destiny, which is just such an important story that I really want to touch on. And this experience really proved how truly vulnerable we are as humans and how easy it is to give one’s power away unintentionally …”

  • To Nicki Clyne:
    Did you, Allison and India spend a lot of time baking Alice B. Toklas cookies for your Vanguard?

  • Oh look a couple of starved, collateralised slaves, enjoying a brief spell of joy in anticipation of f-ing Cookies!
    Assunsulo is a bonafide ass who should quit smoking his navel lint.

      • there’s another picture of the girls in tears as the forbidden fruits come out the oven and disappear into the hot tub lair for keith’s post ‘volleyball’ snacks..

      • Funny, I’ve seen emails where India has people bringing cake., asking for cake, seems people were allowed to eat cake if it came from Indias Delegates though, kinda like a mutual SUPPORT group of each other business’ to me ?
        The intention anyway

  • Why did India Oxenberg bake Alice B. Toklas cookies?
    Did India and Allison want to make a movie about two “stoner” women?
    A female version of “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”?
    “Smiley Face” starring Anna Faris!
    Smiley Face – Trailer

    • Shadow-

      You watched this movie?
      (Rhetorical question)

      Yep, that’s positive confirmation you’re an idiot….

      ….And possibly gay.

  • Did India Oxenberg bake Alice B. Toklas cookies?
    Did all of the NXIVM women bake Alice B. Toklas cookies?
    From a Peter Sellers movie!
    ” i love you, alice b toklas! ” – official film trailer 1968.

  • When did India ever say she was forced to stay in Albany?

    What’s next Make Justice Blind?

    Are you going to start releasing DOS branding videos?

    What a bunch of morons

    Eddie & Markie are still crying about Markie interview with Ethan Klein. How unfair he was…..

  • Make justice blind. Exactly. The clue is in the title. Marie please paint Eduardo without eyes, for he is blind.

  • I am not much of a fan of India as she was essentially last NXIVM member standing and only did the right thing when back was against the wall, but what is the point of this? Congrats, this idiot proved the women were enjoying cooking that day. But nothing else. Is he so stupid that he think if unhappy about a situation, supposed to be look and act miserable the whole time?

    Why post this video now? What triggered that? Just bored and going through videos of “happier” times? It is really just bizarre and only proves what Make Justice Blind singular purpose is despite fake claims to the contrary. These people really need to move on with their lives. This fixation on one man is just so pointless.

  • Lady Morrison, why is Nicole blurred out? Do you think Eduardo, the pedophile supporter, blurred it, or is that how he received it?

  • If Eduardo was ever falsely accused of sexual crimes, these stupid videos would bury him.

  • What is Asunsolo trying to prove here? A one minute clip showing two people making cookies – two women who have collateral on them. So they seek happy for 1 minute. So what ? What does it prove?

  • Oh I get it now, Eduardo needs to be starved out and raped.

  • Funny how they say india and Nicole are liars but its a proof Raniere got a harem lying his teeth out making millions saying he was celibate. How do we know they didnt record these when the víctims of genital mutilations and sex trafficking havent Saw the fucked Up part of Nxivm? Asunsolo and Nxivm 5, i mean Nxivm 4 , i mean the rest of the luciferian pedophile cult truly dont care about being known as pedophile friendly , because theres a vídeo of Raniere bragging about making a rapable baby or his obvious pedophile agenda , or pedophile crimes . You can see Nancy salzman brain in flames when she is grilled about her own pedophile grooming friendly comments . ” Oh i just like read becasue of the program, i never thought much about It” what kind of granny wouldsay pedophile rape is not so bad ? Ew

  • Eduardo disgusts me. He’s obviously twisted in a perverted way. I literally just realized how sick, unhealthy looking and what lying sack of shit all of the remaining dead enders are. Nicki your fucking lucky. Your old friends actually suck. They would have been perfectly content with you destroying your life for a pedophile.

  • Eduardo, I so hope you read this comment. You need to know that your videos accomplish the opposite of what you hope. All they prove is that you must be of very, very low intelligence. I wonder how many years you will waste before you finally accept that the man you’re in love with, is NEVER getting out of prison because he was investigated, evidence of him committing crimes was discovered, the evidence then shown to a jury at trial, and he was CONVICTED, because HE IS guilty! No matter how many videos you put out, the love of your life will never be set free,. He is a convicted sexual predator and he will die in prison. Your gushing over him only makes you look like a very desperate, pathetic, lovesick idiot. I’d feel sorry for you, except you deserve whatever backlash you get for being such a moron, defending a sexual predator.

    • Exactly what you said. I’ll add this to say to him. You are wrong. You will not be held as an esteemed man. You literally make me 🤮 sick by defending a pedophile. Eduardo! So what the pictures got fucked up. It doesn’t matter. It proved he’s a perverted pedophile and when you die on your cross you’ll die with your Vanguard. You are your Vanguard by choice, so I will feel no pity on you and may have mercy on your soul. Amen

  • Wow. I know I am neurodivergent somewhat, but the human mind can really entertain with the fantasies it comes up with.

  • Was this supposed to help their cause??? Ya’ll need to vote Eduardo off the island, Deadenders. That’s embarrassing.

  • Eduardo is a creep. He presents as lacking intelligence or empathy.

    As a wannabe actor Eduardo listed as his special thespian skills “animal sounds” and “long hair”

    That resume is way more embarrassing and proof of “something” than this sicko recording of two blackmailed, unhealthy looking women who were victims of sex abuse that Eduardo shouldn’t even posess let alone use to harass victims of a pedophile cult leader.

    Eduardo gives such strong ick.

  • “His victims have said that they had their confessions in their weekly hypnotherapy sessions used against them ..”

    • ….They say it was a sex cult where, heterosexual men had sex with the cult leader.

      I say it was a cult where homos came out of the closet.

      • Jamie Simone Gomez aka Andreas aka Reyji aka The Teacher aka Michel Rostand is a …

        🖇🔗👀 trained hypnotist …

        Sep 25 2021
        By Thea Jacobs

        “… Group members were also required to pay for weekly hypnotherapy sessions with their leader …“
        “.. He knew all the skeletons in our closet, all our fears, everything. Later he would use them to control us …”

  • I think the fact a couple of women taken classes for self improvement send the leader of the business cheesy lovey dovey videos is in itself proof of the mental manipulation, coercive control. It’s like providing a photograph or video of a happy man and wife and saying that it’s lie he beat her behind clothes doors. Edwardo seems to hate women. I hope the woman who donated her womb for nine months gets the fuck out of this relationship and takes his kids with her. What a God awful “man”.

  • If the remaining NXIVM supporters have any hope of credibility or relaunching NXIVM, they’ll get rid of Eduardo. He hurts their cause.

  • I like Janines articles. Very concise, quick reads.

    India is NOT a victim. She was full,-blown NXIVM until she was facing possible jail time. Then the tears and personal trauma started. She knew what she was doing all along. There are people who were victimized because if NXIVM, but India ain’t one of them.

    BTW, word on the street is Patriot God got a sex-change.

    ~ Pilgrim

    • I don’t like some of Pilgrim’s comments. Very concise, but often rude.

      Pilgrim is NOT a mind reader. He’s sometimes a full,-blown rude guy and has probably made dumb mistakes, just like everyone has. Then the tears and personal trauma probably started, and he got over it. Sometimes he knew what he was doing and sometimes he didn’t. Same goes for everyone. There are people who were victimized because of NXIVM, and India is one of them — as they all were in one way or another.

      BTW, word on the street is no one thinks adolescent comments in adult forums about destructive cults are funny.
      ~ Peace

      • I agree. I do make rude/disrespectful/juvenile comments. Not always, but sometimes for fun.

        We will have to agree to disagree about India. She’s a phony. She was a full-blown NXIVN until she knew the gig was up. She would still have a pod of sex-slaves for Vanturd if him and Pimp Mack didn’t get busted. She loved the power. She thrived off the attention from Pimp Mack and Vanturd. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Spoiled little rich kid who no one could stand prior to NXIVM. NXIVM gave her the power she always yearned for. Now she’s back to being just a boring, dull rich kid who no one likes. She will always cherish and secretly want all of it back: the pod of slaves, the access to power, etc. If she should trade everything to go back to being a “Slavemaster” to her Vanguard, she would do it in a heartbeat. Same with Lauren, Pimp Mack, and most of the others who have disavowed Vanturd to save their own hides. I cannot stand her or her mother. Typical rich Karen mother: nothing is her daughters fault. Fucking pathetic.

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