Man makes dubious claim to have dated Sara Bronfman

  • This too was posted on reddit , It sounds a little fishy but is reposted here in the interest of comprehensive gathering of info:

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I went on a few dates with Sara Bronfman a few years back. She is charming and pretty. The dates were fun. I liked her but she kept talking about the guy she worked for. It was Keith Raniere of course. At first I just thought it was her boss. But she talked about him so much that it got kinda gross. She called him ‘The Vangard’ here and there and I asked what that meant and she said it was just the thing they called him. I of course learned all about Raniere later. But at the time I just thought he was her boss or something. In one conversation she said he was her ‘spiritual guide’. At that point alarm bells started going off.

About the same time we had begun the first stages of intimacy and it looked like things were going to go all the way. I don’t know how to put this delicately but we were just about to get there when she stopped me. She said something I will never forget. ‘I can’t do this unless you understand that I belong to Keith. You have to share me with him’ That was the end. I put on my clothes and left. I have only seen her a couple of times since in passing but we never went out again. After that I started asking questions and found out all about Raniere and Nexium. That was maybe the weirdest experience of my life. I’m not ‘scarred’ or anything like that but I will never look at dating the same way again. She seemed really normal and somebody I could start a relationship with. So the revelation was a total shock.

BTW is it just me or has this site sort of become a ‘Nexium self-help’ group? LOL!

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