Debate: Suneel ‘Over the Top’ in Support of Vanguard?

He won't back down.

In a recent Twitter exchange with critics, Suneel Chakravorty asked people to “look into [the Keith Raniere case] critically and debunk at least some of it.”

Frank Report wrote about the exchange. 

In response to the story, some FR readers debated whether Suneel’s continued devotion to Raniere was a bit excessive, or as one reader wrote, “over the top.”

As readers know, Suneel didn’t meet Raniere until after he was convicted when he began to visit him at the Metropolitan Detention Center, as he awaited sentencing.

Before the grand Vanguard’;s arrest, Suneel was a low-level coach with NXIVM.

He was never invited to the library at 8 Hale for one-on-one time with the great Vanguard.

Except for the fact that most of Raniere’s inner circle abandoned him, running for their lives when they found out about the secret side of the man who claimed to be the smartest in the world, Suneel might never have been a candidate for such sought-after private meetings – though they were rather confined to the dank and malodorous jailhouse.

Through years of effort and criticism, Suneel never backed down. He never wavered.

He believes his Vanguard is innocent and that the FBI tampered with evidence to frame him.

Suneel put his name on the line too. A bright young man with computer tech skills and his own company, which he sold, this young man was ready to toss away his name, wealth and reputation for the one man he knows is true blue – the grandest of all men – the one friend who always cares about you – more than your own mother and father, [as is evidenced by so many of his followers breaking with their parents]. That man is Keith Alan Raniere.

Some have criticized Suneel over an apparent contradiction: While he has put in extraordinary effort and years of his time and his own  money too – to investigate the alleged FBI tampering with photos during thr trial, he remains convinced that an equal effort to investigate his Vangaurd is not required.

He knows Raniere would never have sex with a 15 year old girl, or that he would lie or try to deceive or abuse any woman.  He knew it was not necessary to call any of the more than three dozen women,dating all the way back to the 1980s to just before his arrest, who this writer offered to provide the phone numbers for, who all tell similar tales:  That they were solidly abused by a very deceptive Keith Raniere.

But Suneel doesn’t need to speak to any of these women. He knows how conspiracies work. He knows liars when he sees them.

And his faith in his Vanguard made him whole. Suneel went straight to the top! He achieved true Executive Success.

As hundreds fled from the deplorable Raniere, Suneel rushed in and, rising to the top, he became Raniere’s most trusted confidante, and in a striking act of trust and love between the two men, his power of attorney.

The question is, did he go over the top?

Here are a few readers’ comments.

Anonymous wrote:

It seems Suneel wants justice to be served. Not that he’s over the top blindly loyal to Keith, but he’s devoted years to getting to the truth.

Yes, Keith is guilty of crimes, but so is the FBI.


Suneel isn’t going over the top about Raniere. He’s focusing on the lack of due process and the extensive evidence that supports the FBI tampered with the evidence.

What’s surprising is that the public doesn’t care if the FBI tampered or not. The evidence is there. Professionals with incredible credentials and reputations have said it warrants an investigation, but everyone looks the other way.

We can indict people with little to no evidence and ruin their lives, but when handed a plethora of evidence re: conduct of FBI agents, the ignore it. I empathize with Suneels frustration.

However, saddened if he’s still leading Raniere’s team. Hope he’s a least getting paid.

I think there are many people who DO care about stuff like this, maybe not so much in Raniere’s case because of his infamy and obvious guilt, but more generally for sure.

Clamping down on corruption in high places has be a priority for us all. But to clean stuff like this up, the country needs to have politicians who can actually talk to each other and agree on what needs to be done.


There’s a difference between “the public doesn’t care” and “the public doesn’t agree”.

The evidence is not “there”. The professionals are paid. By definition that’s what makes them “professional “. They were hired by the DEFENSE.

It’s not “looking the other way” it’s looking at everything. All of the copious evidence. And disagreeing with this paid team of experts who must either deliver what the defense wants them to say or they’re not hired/kept on the job.

There’s not a “plethora” of evidence of anything but the fact that Keith Alan Raniere was and is guilty. A jury found him so. An appeals court upheld it.

It IS over the top for Suneel to have regularly danced ‘erotically’ outside a detention center for his beloved imprisoned cult leader with a glow stick, lovesick eyes and coded flashlight/phone messages. Very over the top

It was also over the top for Sunieel to lie about his identity to the BOP. Which Suneel was caught doing and has never addressed.

Act like a deranged cult member, you’re going to be treated like a deranged cult member. There’s not really any surprise there.

If you truly care about Suneel, then maybe explain the optics to him and help him move on with his life.

If Suneel was ever going to be a person that anyone took seriously and would listen to about Keith… Well. that ship has sailed long ago. Same for Marc Elliott. They’ve both been exposed as deceitful. Moving on would really be their best, smartest and most productive next step.

Some Artistic Effects

MK10ART’s Suneel and Raniere. While others only pussyfoot around, Suneel has done a very elegant public dance with his joyful Vanguard.

Artistic representation of Suneel. He sacrificed his current reputation and possible future opportunities to defend his Vanguard. Shown with his gold and jewel encrusted tribute to the Albany [now Tucson] Vanguard.

Well, if you lose your reputation, it’s possible to get another. There’s only one Vanguard. When you’re young, you simply understand these things.

Keith Raniere was framed, Suneeel says, and he was ready to challenge anyone on the subject.

Portrait of Suneel by MK10ART,

Suneel also fought against the judge letting the women who allegedly were abused by his Vanguard get away with using Jane Doe when it came time to collect restitution money.

This is not to be construed that Suneel doesn’t like Does, and here’s the proof.  He is feeding a doe. He just wants her names told.


MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere and Suneel Chakravorty, who dreams of freeing his friend.

To clarify a small matter. Many think it was Suneel who lied to the BOP and gave the MDC a phony name, Isaac Edwards.

But it was Raniere who lied and gave the name Isaac Edwards, along with a phone number.

Such was his great fervor to speak to his beloved Vanguard that when he called Suneel by the name “Isaac,” he answered yes.  Any name your Vanguard calls you is sweet to the ear.

MK10ART, Keith Raniere, Clare and Sara Bronfman and below Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty

Whether he wins fame and success or is retired to the dustbin of ignominy, one thing is certain Suneel is loyal to his friends Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

It is our wish at the Frank Report that he finds out a little more about these two before he spends too many more years of the best years of his life.

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  • I don’t know if Suneel is over the top, but his eyes definitely are. He always looks like he’s just been tasered. He needs to relax.

  • Let’s face it. Suneel doesn’t support Vanguard. He supports himself and his connections to the Bronfman name because Clare still supports the short, pudgy conman. Like all of those who weren’t actually searching for truth, but joined this cult for its societal connections and its superficial display of clout, these people were just opportunists for themselves. Just like the head honcho with his grift job of a cult (which was just another exclusive clique) was.

    • Fully agree. Suneel has eyes on the Bronfman prize. He knows what an easy mark Clare is – Q.E.D.
      He also knows that he himself is capable of a much more sophisticated grift than Raniere managed.
      I mean there’s obsequiousenss and then there’s ass-wiping, which is a whole other level of finessing.

  • Suneel is spending the best years of his life on Vanguard and the angels are singing in heaven over his wisdom. Hold on dear Suneel. Don’t quit. All good people support you.

  • Suneel is loyal. Stop picking on him. I wish I had a loyal friend like him when I was convicted of raping a 15 year old.

      • What kind of evil man kisses a boy on the lips, then tells him to suck his tongue?

        What kind of people paid that man $1 million to endorse their sex cult?

      • Unfortunately, it’s in our nature to gravitate towards more attractive people in our society therefore the message will be better received through the masses. I think that’s what he was trying to say

    • That’s not true. The Dalai Lama was paid $2 million to endorse Raniere’s cult. The Dalai Lama is no cheap whore.

  • Imagine spending years of your life trying to get a guilty man out of prison…if that ain’t bat shit crazy..I don’t know what is.

    He can’t actually think KR is innocent of the 10 or so different crimes he was convicted of…

    When 12 people were presented with all the evidence…it took them less than 5 hours to determine he should die in prison and this idiot Suneel thinks they are all wrong?

    When Suneel snaps out of being brainwashed…I hope he provides his reasoning for continuing to support a rapist and a pedophile.

    Get on with your life man!! There is nothing noble about what you are doing.

  • You can be smart and dumb at the same time.
    Hybristophiliacs cling to a jailed person, wanting to feel important and, the most important thing, ‘vital’, to another’s life.

  • I think I might’ve watched Suneel compete recently on “Dancing With The Stars In Your Eyes.”

  • I would pay more attention to Suneel IF Raniere/his lawyers had raised objections at the time of trial. Raniere knew for sure which camera he took the pictures on, if there was any discrepancies, he should have objected there and then. He had a voice at that point, he chose not to use it.
    I would definitely pay more attention to Suneel IF he gave a cogent argument as to why the fbi bothered to ‘tamper’ (if they did) in a case of no importance whatsoever to anyone except the Nxivm crew. To the fbi, Raniere is a zero nobody, not a hero like he seems to be to Suneel. If and when Suneel can explain WHY the fbi would have got involved then it would more believable.
    And no … vague insinuations, ‘they’, ‘the enemies’, ‘the press, the media, the mexican cartels’, etc… is not ‘proof’.
    Not saying that the fbi never get involved in dirty tricks (that is reasonably well-known), but there has to be a reason for it; why would the fbi risk their reputation for a plain old nothing sex-maniac self-deluded Raniere?
    Suneel also seems to have forgotten (such a short memory) that his good friend Nicki has now openly stated that Raniere had sex with 15 year old Daniela – something which D herself confirmed. The prosecution could have simply had D testify, no need for any shenanigans involving the fbi.
    So, Suneel, if you’re interested in justice, go and fight for someone like Julian Assange; now there’s a clear case of international meddling, entrapment, etc worth fighting for.

  • Suneel must love fellating Raniere so much that he’ll follow “Vanguard” anywhere, and do whatever “Vanguard” wants, just to continue milking that semen. Sometimes it’s just impossible to guide weak-minded people onto the right path.

  • Seems like a good time for a new Haiku:

    Don’t worry Vanturd
    Suneel is on the case
    Hard drives are a bitch

    Someone else take a shot at knf. They are fun.

  • Well written, Janine.

    Let’s imagine the FBI did alter the hard drives. My non legal mind assumes that particular evidence would be inadmissible. In this case would he be granted a brand new trial or would the particular charges be removed with respective sentences?

    Bottom line: what is Suneel’s end game here?

    Do we need Luthmann’s legal experience on this? Any lawyers who would know?

    ~ Pilgrim

    • Nah. There is zero motivation to consider an “if” the FBI did such a thing in Raniere’s case. This is the modus operandi of Raniere (what if a woman is raped but enjoys it?) and just a last ditch effort to get his guilty ass out of prison. File access dates changing because someone looked at a file isn’t any kind of proof for alteration of file content let alone tampering of evidence, and minor violations of procedure aren’t some stupid Hollywood movie technicality to get the bad guy off and toss an entire case with literally hundreds of other points of beyond reasonable doubt evidence. This has been Raniere’s established pattern of behavior for years, and it is much more probable he just got caught red handed than otherwise, such that an “if” to throw in doubt “just because”, or because they paid an expert to write a report without conclusive proof (who wasn’t not going to say what they wanted), is not sufficient and should just be ignored.

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