Suneel Tweets Faithful to Raniere Despite Clyne’s Departure

Suneel Chakravorty
Some readers speculated about how Suneel and the gang are handling Nicki’s departure from Raniere. We know Eduardo Asunsolo and Marc Elliot have been taking to the Make Justice Blind Instagram to lament the media’s lack of interest in the FBI tampering allegations and criticize Ethan Klein for mocking Marc’s NXIVM advocacy.
Suneel appears to have taken to Twitter in recent days to proclaim that the media reporting on NXIVM is false, despite all the evidence exposed, and even his former cult companion’s condemnation of the man at the center of the controversy: Keith Raniere.
Here is a Twitter exchange between Suneel and some fellow Tweeters after Suneel replied to a tweet accusing Hillary Clinton of being influenced by NXIVM funds:

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives @dom_lucre
On May 13, 2019, The Rolling Stone reported Mark Vicente testified that members of NXIVM cult donated to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. NXIVM is a cult that branded women and sold them to sex slavery for the high-class. Did Hillary return the funds?
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Replying to @dom_lucre
This is a false, crafted narrative. Wish someone of your skill would look into it critically and debunk at least some of it. Happy to provide info, source materials, etc.
Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives @dom_lucre
Take it up with @RollingStone
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
I don’t find corporate media to own their mistakes or be motivated by truth, and they just parrot. I do find you to be interested in truth, but no one has any obligation to expose this, tho it illustrates in extreme what happens elsewhere. Also there was gov evidence manipulation
[Suneel then posted a link to the Make Justice Blind video about the FBI tampering claims featuring Alan Dershowitz]
Snarky FemVet @fem_mil
Replying to @suneelchakra and @dom_lucre
Go ahead and share the info and source materials you claim to have. We’d like to see them. You should also personally contact and inform these other publications that they are disseminating disinformation. . .
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Replying to @fem_mil and @dom_lucre and are good places to start, with the forensic proof of evidence manipulation. Then a sober look at the actual alleged conduct underlying the charges versus the headlines would be illuminating to any open but skeptical thinker.
Snarky FemVet @fem_mil
Replying to @suneelchakra and @dom_lucre
So, the women that came forward are lying? It sounds like you’re going to bat for him? Why? What’s your connection to the situation? . .
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
There was government evidence manipulation that denied the defendant a fair trial. The testimony of the 5 government witnesses, given in the shadow of the false evidence, even if 100% true, doesn’t match the elements of the crimes. I’m the manager of the legal & forensics team.
Snarky FemVet @fem_mil


Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Fine. Resolved without issue after submitting an affidavit to the Magistrate Judge, who quickly understood that there was no wrongdoing or improper intent on my part.
Snarky FemVet @fem_mil
Replying to @suneelchakra and @dom_lucre
Okay. But, please explain how you came to be connected to this group in the first place. How does one have an association like this? . .
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Replying to @fem_mil and @dom_lucre
I took personal development classes from a subsidiary of nxivm btwn 10/2016 and 5/2018 and helped out at classes too, primarily in NYC, when I was building my tech consultancy and wanted to be a more effective founder. With little connection to those accused i attended the trial
Snarky FemVet @fem_mil
Exactly what made him qualified to host classes on “Human Potential Development”? The course descriptions sound very much like the teaching of other cult leaders. What made you determine that this was a legitimate source of teaching? Why did you not vet it more thoroughly?

Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Replying to @fem_mil and @dom_lucre
I vetted it thoroughly. You’re assuming all that you’ve read is true. I found the classes to be very helpful and novel training in emotional intellect, self awareness, goal setting, and fortifying one’s personal values. In time, a more balanced perspective will come out. 1/2

Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
So far a small group of people have dominated the narrative. The vast majority of 17,000+ students who statistically had good experiences cant speak without extreme social stigma. For now my focus is on exposing the legal injustice. The media narrative analysis will follow. 2/2
Suneel Chakravorty @suneelchakra
Also I agree the marketing around the courses sound at best out of touch and overly grandiose. That wasnt my experience of the classes or the teachers or the students who were mostly smart, down to earth people.

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  • Isn’t it the DOJ or someone else who you should be clammering to about your tampering? If the media isn’t interested your shpeel, go to someone who is in a position to DO something about it!

  • Suneel, when asked about certain things, ya’ll always turn to your PAID expert, ex FBI people to explain/defend KR. Just for a moment, put the supposed “tampered with evidence”. All of the other charges besides child pornography, do they not matter to you men? How stone age to say that all the women are lying. Yes,there are good things about NXIUM. There are good things about any coercive control group or they wouldn’t exist. Just for a moment imagine that you, Marc, Eduardo, were messed with by Nancy and her expertise in mind control. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Look at all the people that this has happened to. She was a top person in the type of NLP that grabbed ya’ll. That is what your Vanguard counted on. You are a good person wanting to do good things. He counted on that also. This is why you good men are still sticking your necks out for him. Take a step back. Even with your belief that evidence has been tampered with, he’s not what he marketed himself as. He took your money, lied to everyone in his orbit. Is that alright with you? Put your energy into a noble cause. He is done. Everyone sees but you few. Please wake up. What they did to ya’ll is not ok. You were picked to defend him cuz you had the smarts. He is USING you like he has everyone before.

  • —It’s interesting that Marie White didn’t learn to write until ChatGPT came on the scene.

    You can’t write like that with ChatGPT. In fact ChatPT is a joke.

    • Marie always showed promise as a writer. I’ve known her more than 20 years.

      She read a fair deal when she was young.

      She is getting better at writing through practice. She does her own work. She works hard, and does research. No need to insult her. She doesn’t need AI. Her own authentic voice is what she wants to deliver.

      Your allegation is unfounded.

      • It’s not an insult, just an observation that the timing is coincidental for a visual artist to suddenly become a writer. And this text scores about 46% human generated in an AI detector. Whatever. Buzzfeed uses AI stuff but attributes it to “Buzzy”

        • I do not think she wrote one word with AI. I also do not think the AI detectors are accurate.

        • Anonymous 6:10pm-

          How many hours did you spend playing video games this past weekend, Scott: 18hrs or 26hrs?

          You consider your STEAM streaming to be a revenue stream.
          Do you consider $.15 a week EBIT a revenue stream? Reminder: you don’t live in Bangladesh.

  • “To clarify a small matter. Many think it was Suneel who lied to the BOP and gave the MDC a phony name, Isaac Edwards. But it was Raniere who lied and gave the name Isaac Edwards, along with a phone number. Such was his great fervor to speak to his beloved Vanguard that when he called Suneel by the name “Isaac,” he answered yes. …”

    Did Suneel (aka “Issac”) change photo data to frame the FBI … to try to destroy the government’s case against NXIVM?

    Which plaintiffs in the above case consider Vanguard’s photos of Camila to be “collateral”? What evidence or testimony do the plaintiffs int he above case have to prove Suneel shared NXIVM “collateral” with “others”?

    Did Vanguard and his followers run to Jack’s resort in Mexico AFTER someone told the Vanguard that the DOJ was investigating NXIVM crimes?

    Did Suneel, Issac or anyone else have access to the computer hard drive in Raniere’s office before the FBI arrived in Albany?

    Can’t someone subpoena Suneel to discover what he knows with or without a Rule 45?

    With the way things have gone in America lately, shouldn’t the DOJ raid Suneel’s home to seize all electronics and find evidence to prove either way whether or not he had access to the Vanguard computer’s?

    It seems the evidence showing tampering in the NXIVM case is a little too obvious. If someone at the DOJ wanted to plant fake evidence before the trial, shouldn’t that DOJ person be smart enough to NOT use a camera that wasn’t available yet at the time the photo was alleged to have been taken?

    • I have been screaming that ANYBODY could have played around with the evidence if it was as easy as they say. Nobody concurs. Chain of command. I just think it’s too pat an excuse. Many people were pissed and hated Vanguard by this time. It just seems that they had enough to convict him. Why would they have to cheat to win. Seems like a desperate attempt to keep him out. Not they would have, he’s guilty.

  • I don’t care one jot about a person’s sexual orientation, so this question is not intended to gay shame. Einsam is gay, right? Is he out?

    Eduardo Asúnsolo talks about how he isn’t sure he’d be a father today were it not for Keith and Nancy. And he, too, strikes me as gay. His Facebook pages wears his fatherhood on its sleeve, in classic closeted deflection.

    And forget about Marc Elliot. That guy’s as queer as a three-dollar bill. Again, this isn’t about homophobia. It’s just that all the male dead-enders set my gaydar beeping off the charts. Keith really has a hold on these guys that goes beyond the ideological.

    • Why the hell autocorrect changed Suneel to Einsam in my comment is beyond me.

      By the way, I Googled Einsam and it’s the German word for lonely. Autocorrect can be apropos, apparently.

  • Taking to Instagram to “lament the media’s lack of interest in the FBI tampering allegations “

    They paid all this money for Dershowitz to make a statement and they paid for an “expert” report and nobody cares. What a bunch of failures. What a bunch of dumbasses!

    These clowns actually expected to summon up a groundswell of popular support for their asshole imprisoned cult leader. Some kind of “Free Raniere!” popular uprising.

    There’s stupid, and then there’s stoopid.

  • California Golden Girl Allison Pimp Mack might soon be released from Federal Prison to live in scenic California.
    As California Goes so Goes America.
    I Drove Around California For A Month. It Was A Disaster. Nick Johnson

  • The Shocking Truth About Shadow State
    Even Scott Tex Johnson Will be Shocked.
    I am a former Texan.
    I lived for several years in the Lone Star State.
    I still have Texas Attitudes.
    Recently a taxi driver was convicted of using deadly force to defend himself from a Communist AntiFa mob in Austin Texas.
    I sent Texas Governor Greg Abbott an email urging him to pardon Daniel Perry for defending his life from a mob of
    Communists in Austin Texas.

    Daniel Perry CONVICTED For Defending Himself From BLM Antifa Extremists, FACES LIFE IN PRISON

    • Governor Abbott:
      Please pardon Daniel Perry.
      He was only trying to save his life from a mob in Communist run Austin Texas.

    • Great to see justice prevail…
      “It’s I’ll be here in sunshine or in Shadow,
      Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!

  • How The Left Hijacked Education
    The Next Generation of Communists in America.
    From Jessie Kelly
    How The Left Hijacked Education

    • I bet he can make those eyes go in different directions at once. Y’know, like one goes side to side while the other spins round an’ round.

    • Madame Tussauds exhibit is Shadow’s muse!

      Tussaud does with wax what Shadow does with formaldehyde, which is his preferred medium.

  • In my humble opinion, the highlight of this article is the high definition photo perched on the top… quite hypnotising rather… makes you wanna study it at close quarters… like start counting the skin pores and…

    Do you mind if we do that, Frank?

  • Now that Suneels dancing days are through and the mother ship has left, does he still identify as human?
    In my best Darth Vader voice, SUUUNEEEL RANIERE IS NOT THE DAD.

  • No one cares what Suneel thinks. That’s why he and the Dos project haven’t gained any real traction. It’s been a few years and they have a few hundred followers on division media. Why? Because the world knows it’s BS

    I’m not sure why he’s fighting Keith’s fight for justice. There are truly innocent people locked up – why isn’t he fighting for them? He (like the other dead enders) ignores the MOUNTAINS of evidence against Keith and make it about justice for all.

    If you want to prove that you truly care about justice, go fight for those who are truly innocent and incarcerated – and trust me, that’s not keith. Potential FBI tampering aside, Keith is guilty as fuck for so many things and he belongs behind bars where his influence is mitigated.

    Suneel, No one will ever take your efforts seriously if you’re standing behind KR. Everyone with half a brain can see through the BS.

  • Get a new picture for Suneel if you’re going to post it. This one is a bit creepy with the open eye stare. It seems like a lot of these cult people have this strange hypnotized look.

  • He said he had materials and sources that debunks the Clinton reporting yet never produces it and twists it to FBI tampering. No, they asked for the evidence he said he had to set the record straight about that specific issue yet provides nothing. Just like people have found a cure for tourettes. Where is this cure? Nowhere, all we are given is the BS link to Make Justice Blind. If the media haven’t run with it, they won’t. Back to the drawing board on how to free Keith and be quick, Keith will kick you to the curb if you don’t come up trumps. And don’t fail like Marc Elliot’s recent attempt or you will be in Keith’s bad books.

    • Remember when there was that reward money being offered to the person who could pick apart the trial and find….well, FBI tampering? Will Suneel be a rich man?

  • Suneel is Horseface Clare’s personal ASSWIPER!!!!!

    Suneel, you Asswiping freak. You are still supporting PEDO Vanturd!? Get your head out of his ass, ASSWIPER!!!!!!!

  • Chakravorty: Don’t believe what you read in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, or the court transcripts. Believe me instead, some random nut on Twitter! Be open-minded!

    • Aristotle sausage is tasty upon delivery. As you eat this delicious line of meat, wisdom will shoot into the cerebral like lightning. No, not blue lightning, white lightning. Suneel that is not the sun shining upon you and yes the world is in fact totally flat….with some hills

  • Interesting that Suneel would describe the NXIVM’s teachers and students as “mostly smart, down to earth people”. This coming from a man who believes Keith Raniere to be a deity.

    If Keith Raniere’s a deity, I’m a banana. But maybe Suneel believes bananas can be deities too?

  • Suneel doesn’t know crap
    I was there when NXIVM was collecting funds for Hillary Clinton campaign.
    The leaders were asking members to write personal checks to Clinton’s campaign and repaying them with cash out of NXIVMS Cafe fund.
    Of course they didn’t ask everyone to do this. They only asked those who wouldn’t have a problem with the fraudulent nature of this activity.
    Suneel know know what he talks about. He wasn’t at the Albany Center.

  • Suneel, how are you pretending to be hetero to your parents now that your fake girlfriend Nicki has ditched Vanturd and all his gay ass kissers like you?

    Asking for a friend

  • I think I see Suneel squinting in the photo above. Is this what connects Suneel to Raniere? The same visual defect. The same flaw. Or is Suneel fixing his gaze on something too close in front of his eyes? Or is it due to a short-term stimulus like lighting or a flash?

    • Suneel has missed the departure date of his mothership and has to wait until the year 2120 for another one to come along. But Suneel is lucky, then he can expect Keith at the prison when Keith is released from prison. Unfortunately, the next mothership flight to his home planet is scheduled for that day and Suneel will miss his departure again. His spaceship ticket for his missed return flight to his planet is also invalid and I don’t know if he will have enough money to afford a return ticket home in 2120 or later, since his interplanetary credit card will have expired by now. And this is only available on his home planet. US dollars are not accepted as payment for the mothership flight, and cannot be exchanged for the currency of Suneel’s home planet at Earth-based American banks. But Suneel can ask Keith for advice, since Keith is known for his problem-solving skills among his followers (and infamous among everyone else). Keith will certainly help Suneel as he has helped everyone else.

    • Addendum: Suneel’s passport from his home planet has expired, and the passport authority is on his home planet. Since Suneel’s home planet has no diplomatic relations with Earth and especially with the US, he cannot get a new passport. And with Suneel’s US passport he cannot travel home with the mother ship, because Suneel does not have a visa for his home planet, which will not or cannot be issued anyway, because US passports are not recognized there and there are no diplomatic or consular representations of his home planet on Earth.

      • You’re so fat and dumpy—when you go to McDonalds, kids ask there parents why Grimace isn’t purple.


          • —Because he didn’t want people to know he was fucking a chicken

            Comedy Gold! That’s a good joke!

            Which came first the chicken or the egg?
            Neither did, cuz only cocks come.

  • It seems Suneel wants Justice to he served- not that he’s over the top blindly loyal to Keith, but he’s devoted years to getting to the truth.

    Yes, Keith is guilty of crimes, but so is the FBI.

    • I’m sure there isn’t a police service in the world that’s not. Question is did they tamper with the evidence in this case, or was it someone else? Certainly hard to believe they would have done it in such an ostensibly transparent manner.

      • Exactly what I have been saying! They didn’t need to create any evidence against him! Many people had begun to hate the man!

  • Suneel, so you are saying that ALL of these others are lying 🤥? Anyone could have fudged the Metadata that ya’ll keep saying was tampered with. You’re also stating that the FBI is crooked, but ya’ll trust former members of the FBI that you had to pay to address this issue. The FBI didn’t need those pictures to put your Vanguard away. He made a whole lot of enemies by lying, abusing, and just thinking he could do no wrong. And he got a lot of people in trouble for following his twisted teachings. His head simply got too big from people like you that thought he was noble. He is a gifted. You were had and still being had. I would have never thought the men would be such die hards. Take what good you found, and get on with your life. You have paid for your courses. You owe him NOTHING! Join the Innocence Project! They need help from people who know the law. Save some wrongly convicted people!

  • Suneel isn’t going over the top about Raniere. He’s focusing on the lack of due process and the extensive evidence that supports the FBI tampered with the evidence.

    What’s surprising is that the public doesn’t care if the FBI tampered or not. The evidence is there. Professionals with incredible credentials and reputations have said it warrants an investigation, but everyone looks the other way.

    We can indict people with little to no evidence and ruin their lives, but when handed a plethora of evidence re: conduct of FBI agents, the ignore it. I empathize with Suneels frustration.

    However, saddened if he’s still leading Raniere’s team. Hope he’s a least getting paid.

    • I think there are many people who DO care about stuff like this, maybe not so much in Raniere’s case because of his infamy and obvious guilt, but more generally for sure.

      Clamping down on corruption in high places has be a priority for us all. But to clean stuff like this up, the country needs to have politicians who can actually talk to each other and agree on what needs to be done.

    • There’s a difference between “the public doesn’t care” and ” the public doesn’t agree”.

      The evidence is not “there”. The professionals are paid. By definition that’s what makes them “professional “. They were hired by the DEFENSE.

      It’s not “looking the other way” it’s looking at everything. All of the copious evidence. And disagreeing with this paid team of experts who must either deliver what the defense wants them to say or they’re not hired/kept on the job.

      There’s not a “plethora” of evidence of anything but the fact that Keith Alan Raniere was and is guilty. A jury found him so. An appeals court upheld it.

      It IS over the top for Suneel to have regularly danced ‘erotically’ outside a detentoon center for his beloved imprisoned cult leader with a glow stick, lovesick eyes and coded flaslight/phone messages. Very over the top

      It was also over the top for Sunieel to lie about his identity to the BOP. Which Suneel was caught doing and has never addressed.

      Act like a deranged cult member you’re going to be treated like a deranged cult member. There’s not really any surprise there.

      If you truly care about Suneel, then maybe explain the optics to him and help him move on with his life.

      If Suneel was ever going to be a person that anyone took seriously and would listen to about Keith… Well. that ship has sailed long ago. Same for Marc Elliott. They’ve both been exposed as deceitful. Moving on would really be their best, smartest and most productive next step.

    • If the justice system thought these claims were of merit, they would have acted upon it! Any enemy of KR could have set him up. And prove that the pictures ARE tampered with….Could have been and WERE are 2 different things.

  • It’s like the game whack o mole. One dead ender popping up here then there. Who’s next ?

  • Bring up Clinton campaign in 2023? How pathetic is that twitter person? Now just need a “but her emails!” tweet. At least keep it topical like say a $2 billion payout (yep with a B, not an M) to the Trump family by Saudi Arabia royals, you know the royals that paid for 9/11.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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