YouTuber ‘Colonel Kurtz’ Goes Down ‘NXIVM Rabbit Hole,’ Promises Weekly Series; DOS Sisters’ Kitchen Revealed!

By Marie White

Colonel Kurtz is on the Case!

A YouTuber going by the moniker “Colonel Kurtz,” who some might remember as Marlon Brando’s character in “Apocalypse Now,” has recently published a video sharing her thoughts on the NXIVM case, including Nicki Clyne’s recent statement about leaving Keith Raniere.

Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now
Colonel Kurtz relays her thoughts on NXIVM to her viewers

Kurtz promises a new weekly series diving into the controversial NXIVM saga, its leader Keith Raniere, the trial, and more. In the video, she shares their current perspective on NXIVM and some psychoanalysis of Raniere. She says the series will explore old revelations and new information as Kurtz learns more about the topic. In the description, she makes a plea to her viewers to watch before making assumptions about the upcoming series.


What are the DOS Sisters Cooking?

The remaining Dossier women mentioned in their last video that they have a lot of exciting things cooking in the kitchen. One of our readers discovered this restaurant, perhaps giving a clue to what’s cooking: Mexican food! Well hot Mexican food is better than hot iron branding

I love the name and apparently the restaurant is in Nashville.  Seriously I doubt it is connected to DOS.

Ethan Klein Roasts Marc and Eduardo’s Attempts to Stir Klein’s Conscience

Ethan Klein, the YouTuber who previously interviewed Marc Elliot in a not-so-ceremonious affair, recently commented on Eduardo and Marc’s video from Make Justice Blind in one of his recent podcasts.

There’s a slight inequality in audience. Eduardo and Marc’s Instagram video criticizing Ethan got 280 views, and Ethan’s video mocking the two Raniere followers’ has 657,410 views in the last two days.

Eduardo Asunsolo calls Ethan Klein a “journalist” due to his nearly 3 million followers who has a responsibility to retract his statements about Marc Elliot, to which Ethan responds, “LeBron James, he’s a little bit of a journalist out here brother, yeah.”

Eduardo Asunsolo and Marc Elliot put videos out on the Make Justice Blind Instagram about Ethan Klein

New MK10Art Shows Nicki Clyne Waking Up to the Aroma of Raniere’s Stench

MK10Art is one of my favorite artists  I love the expressions she puts on her subjects  They tell 1000 words.

MK10 Art showing Nicki waking up to the scent of “KAR is a douche”

One of my latest paintings …

Keith Raniere gets the news about Nicki leaving him as he rots alone in the SHU.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see his face when he got the news that the last of his beauties – Nicki Clyne – flew the coop.

Nicki The Goddess

By the way Nicki Clyne recently posted this post-Raniere photograph of herself on her social media.  Even without makeup but free of Raniere she looks radiant. Rather like a Greek goddess I’d say.
– maybe Diana.  I think I’ll paint her.


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  • Colonel Kurtz is a scam. She latched onto the dossier women and conducted the most fawning interview imaginable. She loves male victims unjustly persecuted by women. It’s her favorite narrative.

  • She’s too late in the game to offer anything remotely accurate or interesting. There’s five years of information and that’s just since his arrest. Then going back decades there’s so much more content to cover. On that basis alone it’s pointless entertaining her podcast or her opinion when she’s merely skimmed the tip of the iceberg. Next.

    • Natashka
      I welcome all points of view.
      Unfortunately I do believe that the situation in America and the world is swiftly deteriorating.
      If and when America’s economy goes South and the economy collapses, Americans will have far more serious issues to confront.
      Only a wealthy secure society has the luxury to worry about Raniere and NXIVM.
      America is now careening towards an economic crisis that rivals the Great Depression.

    • Natashka-


      Colonel Kurtz is an attention junkie and trying to be relevant. Kurtz should date Alanzo. Alanzo is a good listener and a fellow drama queen.

      Hope your surgery went well.

  • Kurtz uses the Johnny Depp case to build a pulpit basically preaching NO claims of abuse are ever legit, and the lack of proof of abuse always means it’s a lie, and tearing apart every accuser for every single thing that can be dug up…she’s just awful.

    There is video of her where she describes being sexually harassed in a workplace and goes on about how she had the appropriate response- which was to be “flattered.”

    • “Kurtz uses the Johnny Depp case to build a pulpit” Anonymous

      I hate to say this but Amber Heard’s aberrant, abnormal conduct actually made me sorry for Johnny Depp, a fine actgor but an abnormal person himself.

      • —An abnormal person himself.

        Jesus Christ! Shadow you’re so judgmental for a serial taxidermist.

  • Colonel Kurtz is a little wacky and has mostly no idea what she’s talking about.,..

    However, she did make ONE astute observation: Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, NXIVM’s biggest recruiters made a fortune and are making money of off self- proclaimed victim hood. Kurt is right about that.

    • Well, NXIVM, like all MLM/pyramid schemes was built upon members recruiting new members. It seems a bit odd to blame Edmondson and Vincente, who seems to have been very dedicated true believers, for being good at what they were doing. And like everyone else they were conned by KR. Considering that a huge part of their lives were dominated by their experiences in NXIVM, it is hardly surprising they are using that in their current lives. Good for them.

      • Yet,
        1) Amway is fine (Betsy Devoes head of education under Trump)

        2) Kares purple rice with 30k customers is fine

        3) Cutco
        4) Pampered Chef
        Etc etc etc.

    • A little whacky? That’s got to be the understatement of the year. ‘Mostly’ no idea? Completely gone fishing.
      As for M&S, and of course Bonnie, we all owe them a massive debt of gratitude for finally taking down NXIVM and revealing to the world the con artist KAR.

      • Like I said she’s a little whacky.

        Her boyfriend or girlfriend must drink or have a ton of patience….

    • If it is true that Colonel Kurtz is misogynistic and defends abusers, then she is an ideal candidate for the Dossier Project. Here is a candidate who should become a member of the Dossier Project. They are already looking for new members. It is time to recruit someone after Nicki left. And Dr. Danielle Roberts should prepare for a new branding ceremony, without having to follow hygiene regulations and without anesthesia, since she is no longer a doctor and can do what and how she wants. But which initials should Dr. Roberts burn into the flesh of the women, because the Dossier Project is not supposed to have anything to do with KR? How about a brand of the four elements? If they look exactly like the initials of KR or Allison Mack, that’s pure coincidence and still symbolically mean only the four elements. Everything else would only be slander, if someone claims something else.

  • I have to remember I’ve been here for some years now reading the Frank Report. Seeing new people talking about the nxivm story kind of reminds me of when people “find”Jesus. They want to tell everyone the news. Unfortunately people don’t actually collect all the facts and like colonel Crunch they sound a bit less than smart and only a tiny bit entertaining.

      • Thank you for asking. My 1st thought is his father kinda sucks. Why would a father want to put such a big burden on his only begotten son? I think Jesus meant well and loved prostitutes. If it is true Jesus rose from the dead, than it must be a zombie. I would love to explore the ancient catacombs that the 1st Christians occupied.

    • Were you not ‘new here’ once yourself? Is the tendency to clique-up or gate-keep smarter? or more entertaining?

  • Couldn’t get more than halfway through the Kurtz Youtube. What a train wreck! For one, she got so much wrong. Also, she is all over the place…has so many side stories that you can’t even follow what she is trying to say. She never seems to finish a thought. Look! Squirrel!

  • “Colonel Kurtz relays her thoughts on NXIVM to her viewers…”
    Just completed my binge watch of The Vow Season 1 (wow), and now this….From the sublime to the ridiculous.
    Can’t believe ‘Colonel Kurtz’ was a college prof, she can barely string a sentence together! She’d make a great addition to the Dossier Project though?

    • I’m reading her twitter right now and she’s going off on minorities getting into med school with lower MCAT scores. Like they don’t have to go through rigorous testing through and past med school. In healthcare if you don’t know what you are doing, it will become clear. No way around it.
      Someone let her become a professor, let those people become doctors.

  • Perfect photo of that beautiful young woman starting her actual life.

    So, who will charge the Albany DOJ agents for letting Raniere and Salzman do what they did to those ESP/NXIVM victims? How many Albany DOJ employees were brainwashed, too? How many felt pressure to conform?

    Did they know how dangerous Neurolinguistic Programming and Scientology were? How many knew what was happening and were too afraid to protect the victims?

  • Colonel Kurtz has been appearing to try to sew doubt in the verdict. Her researching skills are not great… Her channel is devoted to attacking Me Too… Might not be the best YouTuber to follow for good NXIVM info. She interviewed Nicki less than 6 mos ago, and appeared to throw dirt on her Nicki’s exit letter. Someone in her comments suggest she was being paid by the Bronfman’s. We shall see.
    H3/Ethan take down of Marc was legendary. Maybe Nicki saw that and was like, it’s time to go, they’re onto me. Because everyone who interviewed her not only wore kid gloves, but she completely gaslighted them into giving Keith the benefit of the doubt. Every last one of them, including Colonel Kurtz. The force was strong in that one, it’s a good thing she came back from the dark side.

  • Love your art. Why is Frank censoring so many comments again? And why no posts on the newest development in the Civil Trial that seems highly relevant.

    Eduardo is in a literal padded room on the make justice blind posts.

    That would be a great painting very fitting for the level.of dead-ender delusion. The amount of fixation on Ethan is stalker level concerning.

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