Singer Billie Eilish Plays a Female Keith Raniere in Violent Insanity Show Called Swarm

The murderous Dre and Eilish a singer possibly bombing out on TV as the female Keith Raniere

Swarm, the ultraviolent children’s and low IQ adult series created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, follows the story of the heroine, a young black woman, Dre (Dominique Fishback), who idolizes a pop star, Ni’Jah, and goes on a cross-country killing spree to avenge anyone who insults Ni’Jah’s reputation.

Pop singer Billie Eilish plays Eva, who the producers say is a female Keith Raniere, in episode #4 of Swarm, titled “Running Scared.”

In the episode, Dre has a violent encounter with Ni’Jah,  but she does not kill her idol  and ends up in Manchester, Tennessee, eager to see her idol in concert.

Without a wristband and after a tense encounter with a cop, Dre finds refuge with a group of white women who indulge in a high-end, holistic lifestyle.

Things turn predictably cliche when the women Dre encounters believe that their leader, Eva, played by Eilish, possesses magical healing powers, similar to cult leader Keith Raniere of NXIVM.

The women also have initials carved into their bodies, like NXIVM’s sorority DOS members did, but anatomicallu higher.

The initials are on the women’s shoulders in Swarm.

Co-creator Janine Nabers confirms that Raniere was her inspiration for Eilish’s character, Eva.

The episode predictably explores the cult-like mentality of seeking a savior, and illustrates perfectly the mind numbing, mindless dumbing down of low IQ violence + woke television.

The creators chose to focus on women making the Raniere character female.

After taking a walk with Eva, [Raniere likes to take walks with women] she invites Dre to a private room [a library?] and offers her a psychological experience similar to an exploration of meaning or Scientology auditing.

It is not clear as of press time whether Dre saw a blue light.

In Swarm, Eva uses a therapy technique called a “grounding point” on Dre, causing the mentally insane and violent hero, to get up, get in a car and run over Eva not once, but twice.

Fishback and Nabers told Rolling Stone that Dre’s violence was amply justified because Eilish brought the fate upon herself by doing what is in effect unlicensed therapy.

EIlish may be headed to career suicide with this bizarre and offbeat role, much like John Denver sunk his career in playing the likeable dummy in Oh God.

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  • When I was a kid my parents would not let me see anything like this. Kids can see this garbage on the tele. How did any of this become the status quo for entertainment?


    Interesting take on it. Alison Mack is going to want credit for Billies role.

    When Mack gets out of the slammer, she is probably going to have a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

    Watch, she is going to turn all of it to her advantage.

    She’ll snag an indie film or she’ll be a talk show host like Drew Barrymore.

    Hollywood is going to be obsessed with her when she’s out.

  • This show sounds like torture. Literally like torture. Billie Elisha is horrible. I imagine “grounding point” is an “EM” or “Intensive”?

    ~ Pilgrim

    • Billie Eilish doesn’t wear revealing clothes for the same reason Slash doesn’t wear revealing clothes.

      • Don’t people get tired of seeing T and A? It is so over kill these days, it’s monotonous, vapid and quite frankly has become ordinary.

  • Damn our society is morally bankrupt…just because people may or may not watch something like this, doesn’t mean it should be made.

  • ✅ a cult that existed to make money

    “… In the mid-1980s, DeWolf gave several interviews and made sworn statements about his father’s history. He explained that his father had been “deeply involved in the occult and black magic.” Aleister Crowley’s death in 1947 was a pivotal event that led Hubbard to “take over the mantle of the Beast”. “Black magic is the inner core of Scientology”, DeWolf said. “My father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan.”

    “99% of what my father ever wrote or said about himself is totally untrue”, DeWolf said in a TV interview in 1983. That same year, he told Penthouse magazine that his father was a KGB asset and a drug addict who claimed to be Satan incarnate. According to DeWolf, his father was so close to embattled actor Errol Flynn, that Hubbard regarded Flynn as DeWolf’s adoptive father, and that together Hubbard and Flynn engaged in such illegal activities as drug smuggling and statutory rape. Speaking on WDVM in Washington, DC, in 1983, on the Carol Randolph Morning Break show, he compared Sea Org with the Nazi SS, and described drug importation operations he alleged his father had been involved in, citing organised crime connections in Mexico and Colombia. In his opinion, Scientology was little more than a cult that existed to make money …”

  • Billie Eilish has too big a following for this nonsense to be a career ender.

    But I don’t know the John Denver story….

    • She’s trying to do what lady Gaga did with American horror’s Hollywood agenda . They glamorize all this evil junk, destroying moral vector..her age group / peers are very impressionable’s Hollywood bullshit.

      • Lady Gaga has overdone the whole demonic illuminati hail Satan crap. It’s repetitive and has become so mainstream, it’s just like a tube of generic Vaseline.

    • she seemed more like Alison Mack that Keith Raniere.

      Spoiler ‼️ alert ‼️ Billy has a small role. Definitely was a NXIVM-y female empowerment cult thing, complete with the branded bods. Worth seeing just that one episode, for a chuckle. The rest of the show is disturbing, does show how far a fan ( or cult member) will go- in the name of their idol -definitely illustrates how social media combined with the entertainment industry is a covert cult-
      how many people are so lost in their lives, they allow these industries/cults to literally become their reason to live. The main character is chilling.

      • The word “fan” is an abbreviation of “fanatic”.

        Fans and fan magazines became a thing in the era of the silver screen. People became obsessed with movie stars, collected pictures and posters, etc. That was 100 years ago, so social media isn’t to blame.

        Somewhere along the line, being a fan, a fanatic, became reputable. It became perfectly normal to want to know the shoe size of some actor you had never met.

        Numerous people probably joined Nxivm because Allison Mack was Chloe and Nikky Clyne was Callie.

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