Rudolph Steiner’s Predictions Aren’t Just for 50 or 100 years; They Are for Cosmic Aeons Ahead

By Fred

Steiner and Bees

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Regarding the reasons Steiner gave as to why bees will start disappearing, he said, “But we must wait and see how things will be in fifty to eighty years time, for by then certain forces which have hitherto been organic in the hive will be mechanised, will become mechanical.”

In modern beekeeping, bees are transported in trucks to the orchards where they are required. What was once an organic process, literally became mechanical. This is just one aspect of the problem, but Steiner made an absolutely precise and correct prediction.

I am 100% certain that the proliferation of wireless technology has also had a vast negative impact on bees. Take a look at the research done by the world expert on this subject, Dr Ulrich Warnke, and tell me if it isn’t both convincing and frightening:

Just his findings on the “midnight phenomenon”, how bees’ behavior would change radically at midnight when a nearby transmitter was turned off, is startling enough.

Other recent research has shown that bees are naturally drawn to flowers that have not yet been visited, simply because these flowers are more highly charged — the bees “bleed” the charge off as they harvest the pollen. I’ve often watched bees being drawn towards an unvisited flower since then, and you can clearly see this effect, somehow bees “know” from a distance whether a particular flower is worth visiting or not. Watch for yourself. Even the bees’ “waggle dance” is mediated by electromagnetic forces between them, as Dr. Warnke measured and proved.

I personally feel that just for his discovery as to how flocks of birds manoeuvre together through sensing each others’ electromagnetic fields, should earn Warnke a Nobel Prize in biology. He even derives their flying formations directly by calculating the coulombic electrical forces between them. This is a problem that has never been fully resolved in the literature. An entire flock 500 metres wide reacts within 5 milliseconds, faster than can be explained by any perceptual mechanism.

Steiner often spoke about the incredible dangers of the proliferation of artificial electromagnetic fields in the environment, and noted that these fields were ever-increasing. From that perspective, I don’t think his predictions were particularly hard for him to make.

Mistletoe as Cure for Cancer

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As for cancer and cancer treatments … it’s a very long story, and still very much a subject for research, but you can check out this scientific review:

“The PubMed database alone lists more than 1,200 citations for “mistletoe,” with approximately 50 new entries each year. There are a multitude of laboratory-based studies demonstrating immune stimulation, cytotoxicity, proapoptotic effects, antiangiogenesis, and DNA stabilisation; animal experiments have found tumor-reducing effects. Recent observations of a potent anti-inflammatory effect of Viscum album via selective inhibition of COX-2 protein expression provide a further rationale for an antitumor role of mistletoe in view of the close relationship between cancer and inflammation. More recent research focuses on new mistletoe extracts that contain lipophilic components, that is, triterpenes, shown to have strong cytotoxic effects in mouse models.”

Comparing Rudolf Steiner to L Ron Hubbard, a hack science fiction writer, is just absurd.

Hubbard had exactly one insight, that of the “engram”, a term he stole from someone else. He then spun it out into a fantastical web of endless total bullshit to control people and extract money from them. I had very good friends who got sucked into Scientology and then got spat out, one of them I rescued personally. I had two other friends who were born into that cult, whose parents had worked directly with L. Ron Hubbard when he was in England, and who literally fled in the night from the Sea Org with their possessions in a pillowcase. They told me all about it. There really is no comparison.

Steiner and Aristotle

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Steiner never, ever spoke publicly about his previous incarnations.

I’ll just point out that Aristotle’s descriptions of the “four temperaments” are basically identical to Steiner’s, Steiner just gave deeper scientific insights into how these temperaments are derived:

As to Steiner’s future incarnation, I have no doubt that if and when he returns, it will be with full knowledge of his previous existences, which will be evident in everything he/she says. I’ve seen no one yet who remotely meets this criterion. There was a German woman somewhere who claimed to be Steiner reborn, she was clearly nuts.

One woman who asked Steiner if she would be reincarnated with him was told, “Only if you are prepared to walk barefoot through the ruins of Europe” — that’s on the record, so let’s see what the future holds, it hasn’t happened yet, thankfully.

Raniere and Steiner

Keith Raniere may have gone to a Waldorf school, but apart from the Knife of Aristotle, I have yet to detect a single thing he said that bore the slightest connection with anthroposophy, apart from using the concept of reincarnation to hoodwink and manipulate people. I’d be genuinely interested to know if anyone can spot any other elements that Raniere might have stolen from Steiner. What’s absolutely clear is that he pilfered much from Scientology, including the propensity for verbose bullshit.

I know Steiner can look wordy and obtuse, but you really do need to begin at the beginning. This was a radically unfinished life program, there’s no question.

I will absolutely agree that some people have gotten completely swallowed up in this vast, uncompleted cathedral; but I’ll also point to the evidence that the movement has been deeply infiltrated and deliberately skewed by hostile forces, not least the Jesuits.

Remember that Ita Wegman, Rudolf Steiner’s very closest associate and confidante, was herself promptly thrown out of the General Anthroposophical Society and shunned, straight after Steiner died….

Steiner and Mysticism

Paperback The Philosophy of Freedom Book

Rudolf Steiner is adamant that the only valid knowledge is that obtained in full waking consciousness. Trance states, channeling, dreams, automatic writing, you name it, are not valid sources of knowledge, period.

His occult path can be summed up in three words, “Continuity of consciousness”, i.e. completely lucid and aware perceptions. He never employed hypnosis to my knowledge and never condoned it.

What he does insist is that the concepts he puts forward do work on the subconscious mind and grow within you.

People who “speed read” Steiner to pick up points to throw at me, have no idea just how stupid this really is.

The best example I can give is the work Steiner always regarded as his most important, by far. This is The Philosophy of Freedom. It’s a work of pure philosophy, with nary a hint of an occult insight or principle, beyond the notion that ideas are universal, while perceptions are particular to the person or organism that does the perceiving.

It’s not an easy work to read, by any means, and I read the whole thing from cover to cover every couple of years. Each sentence grows out of the previous one, Steiner maintains, in organic form, and will continue to grow inside you. Every time I return to it, I find something new.

Try this from that book for an insight that can grow inside you.

Concept and Percept

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All knowledge, every single thing you will ever know, derives from one of two sources: (a) Perception; and (b) Thinking. Percept; and concept.

Consciousness, Steiner says, is the stage upon which percept and concept unite.

Go and ask any modern psychologist for a definition of “consciousness” and watch them waffle about “emergent phenomena” from electrical activity in the brain. It’s like they think if you squash enough radio components together, a Beethoven symphony will magically “emerge” from the wiring.

Just note that Steiner says “stage”, a very carefully chosen term. A stage is an artificial construct, it’s a CONCEPT. It’s a place where fantasy and reality meet. You suspend your disbelief when actors on a stage are having breakfast, when it’s 9 p.m. at night, you enter into the fantasy to learn and be entertained. Yes, philosophy always has to pull itself up by its bootstraps; but in decades of reading everything from Sartre to Wittgenstein, I’ve never found anything remotely as clear and concise and complete as Steiner’s philosophy, as put forward in that book.

If you really want to understand anthroposophy, this is the real starting point. If anyone has any questions about that book, I’d be delighted to entertain them, rather than discuss these random sayings that people throw at me, it’s so pointless.

Steiner Poisoned?

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Having tried my best to get to the bottom of the story, I’m fairly certain now that Rudolf Steiner was poisoned, it’s a long story. His associate E. Pfeiffer actually had a confession from an anthroposophist who had moved to America that he did the deed — there’s no doubt that if it was poison, it was an insider.

His physical body was weakened, he himself said, by the amount of time he spent in astral realms. He was also totally overworked by the incessant demands of neurotic Germans for cures and advice on all sorts of issues, which he always gave. He hardly slept at all, as many first-hand accounts will attest. One person who had him as a house guest tried to get him to sleep, when he had been on the go for days, and he said, if I sleep, I really WILL get exhausted.

I’ve spent the last year reading as many first-hand accounts as I could find, of people who met him and listened to his lectures, very ordinary people. They are unanimous in saying that he was the very model of courteousness, dignity and good cheer, always with a joke to lighten the mood.

The unbelievable amount of work he did in his final years is truly scary. He himself clearly thought that he was going to pull through, right up until the end, perhaps this was denial; but the sheer volume and range of his efforts in those last few years shows that he maybe knew he didn’t have much time left.

But the final straw that many say destroyed him was the burning-down of his Goetheanum, the magnificent and architecturally completely unique centre he built in Switzerland. It’s another long story, but there’s no doubt that this shock fatally weakened a physical system that may already have been impaired by poison.

Steiner’s predictions aren’t just for 50 or 100 years ahead; they are for cosmic aeons ahead, and as I say, his time is still coming.


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  • I have wavered about this or that matter in his books but keep returning to them (for nearly twenty years now), as I found him to be scrupulously honest. I’ve wondered could the method he used always be totally relied upon to give unambiguous ‘seeing’. Still struggling with it.

  • Spectacular, thank you for this thoughtful and well researched article. I am convinced that future generations will come to recognize the genius of Steiner more prevalently.

  • I’ve only ever seen eyes like that in the face of someone who was suffering through a serious psychiatric crisis.

    It’s the ‘Gates of Hell’ gaze.

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