Raniere Calls Out From Prison: The BOP May Kill Me

Keith Raniere

Keith Alan Raniere through a series of affidavits and filings has revealed a lot about his current conditions. He has called out from his prison cell, deep inside the bowels of USP Tucson.

Raniere has been in the Segregated Housing Unit, [SHU] for seven months. Here is what Raniere wrote on February 8.

By Keith Raniere

I am in imminent danger. I am being silenced: I have had my legal mail opened, analyzed, and I’ve had mail and pictures sent to me, intercepted, and no answer given (after multiple requests over a year) as to if they were lost or being held.

I have had my account “scrubbed” – not just blocked, where my contacts, including my attorneys, were erased. I’ve had all my visitors eliminated, and my attorney visits and calls greatly navigated and reduced.

I have been told by my unit team that because of my legal visits and calls – “anything legal” – I am recommended for transfer to CMU [Communications Management Unit] (since I have no visitors, this is to limit my attorneys and access to the courts).

This will further silence and endanger me.


I was attacked by another inmate 7/26/22, placed in the S.H.U. The inmate who assaulted me was transferred. S.I.S. [Special Investigative Service] interviewed me 8/2/22, said I was a victim.

Maurice Adonis Withers attacked Raniere.

My Disciplinary Hearing Officer expunged my shot August 9 , and formally on August 15).

My S.I.S. investigation ended August 26, and I was cleared by both to go back to general population {GP].

Suddenly, my paperwork was “rerouted.” I was told by several lieutenants it just needs an error corrected and resigned. I never was returned to GP.

S.I.S. reopened an investigation September 20, extended it until November 4, and now they are trying to transfer me to a CMU.

I am a high-profile, political case. I have been framed (see Alan Dershowitz press conference on October 6, 2022, and the May 22  Rule 33 motion on the docket.

I am labeled as a sex-cult leader of Hollywood actresses and an abuser of women. Shortly after I was approved back to GP, an intersex woman [William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly] down-range was beaten and raped. She went to the hospital, and then was placed on suicide watch for 24 hours.

Raniere's SHU "cellie" is Toni Fly, a transgender woman who was sentenced to prison for rape when she was a man.

Raniere’s cellie William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly.

She is supposed to be single-celled and is known to be very violent. She has 75 PREAs [Prison Rape Elimination Act charges] against other inmates, and claims, and is on record saying she will kill any sex-offender cellmate.

I am currently labeled as a sex-offender.

On September 8, 2022, she [Fly] was placed in my cell. This was dangerous, crazy, and malicious. The next day, both she and I were taken from our cell by the Warden, SIA [Special Investigative Agent], Executive Secretary, and others, and placed in two cages, in a cell with 19 streaks of feces on the wall and two piles on the floor.

We were forced to eat lunch there and kept there for over 4 hours. The law is clear that similarly situated inmates must be treated alike..

Last week, my cellie’s [cellmate’s] hormone meds were not renewed.

She became highly unstable, violent, and escalating. Staff did nothing to help. Psychology [staff] would not see her.

Artist rendering of Toni Fly and Keith Raniere in the SHU

Her meds have now been “temporarily” extended for 30 days, yet nothing is being done for the future – except this week she was designated [for transfer]. She is highly agitated and fears rape, violence and murder.

I am deeply concerned for her fate, and also when my next cell-mate will be, for I am not safe in the S.H.U. with a cell-mate (even the emergency button is not answered).

It is wrongful that at this facility, Administrative Detention [not in the SHU for a disciplinary infraction] is the same as Disciplinary Detention – even staff and the Executive team state this.

It is undeniable.

This is a safety risk to me, inhumane, and directly violates the above mentioned law and principles.

It also continues to interfere with my access to attorneys, participation in my cases, and access to the courts.

My Unit Team informed me that I am being recommended for transfer to CMU. Since I have no visiting privileges, this can only be to further limit my legal access. This will silence me more. This is wrongful. This will endanger my life more, because I am a high-profile, labeled sex-offender, who is a trophy target.

The B.O.P.’s past handling of Whitey Burger, and Jeffery Epstein (and many others, most not popular) underline this risk.

Epstein left prison abruptly.

I have done nothing to be held, against my wishes, in the S.H.U. for the past 7 months; nothing to now be recommended for transfer – especially to the CMU – and nothing to deserve being placed in harm’s way or possibly killed (by staff, the negligence of the staff, or through staff malice executed by inmates).

I am concerned for my well-being even filing this: We have 7, highly esteemed, national computer forensics experts (4 former F.B.I. computer forensics experts) with absolutely conclusive data the FBI planted and tampered with essential evidence, and committed a series of crimes against me of historical magnitude. It is also shown that the prosecution, and possibly judges, were involved in these criminal actions and more.

Here is what concerns me besides the history of my improper treatment by the B.O.P.

[Attorney General] Merrick Garland gave an award to these agents, who committed these crimes, for their performance in my case!

Merrick Garland is also the ultimate boss of the B.O.P. (other than the President).

Am I to hope, even with the past wrongdoing of the B.O.P. to me, the B.O.P.’s many false statements to the court in my civil case, multiple provably false internal memos and reports, and this final effort to silence me further (and likely hurt or kill me) by trying to transfer me to CMU, that the administrative remedy process will protect me, and bring me safety and justice?

This is why I am concerned for my safety and life just filing this.

Proposed resolution: Immediately return me to my original unit in GP and ensure no inappropriate actions towards me, by staff, either directly, or indirectly through inmates, occur (staff frequently inspire or facilitate inmate violence), or keep me in the S.H.U. single-celled if absolutely necessary; or lower my management variable and transfer me to a low level (or camp/home confinement) facility from which I can adequately fight this corruption and obtain justice in my case.

Please immediately make me humanely safe.

Imminent threat – 4 prongs:

My current cell-mate Please notice case 4:21-CV-00506-TUC-SHR, Affidavits of Neveah Olivia Knobelack AKA Bryson L. Knoelack, #14166-025, signed 10/23/21 and 11/11/21.

Considering the B.O.P.’s view and records on both my cellie, Ms. Toni Fly, and myself, it was solely with the expectation of harm that we were placed together.

If there is a white supremacist who has vowed to kill any black man with whom he cells, what would you consider the act of celling him with a black man – especially when other cells are open?

Similarly with my situation, my current cellie is becoming increasingly unstable, having violent, suicidal, and homicidal ideations.

Some staff enjoy her instability and mock her, increasing the escalation. This is dangerous.

On 2/17, we were moved in cell-rotation from the closest cell to staff on the range (and closest to aid if needed) to the furthest isolated cell in the back of the range.

During the past seven months, I have never been moved more than two cells in front of the range.

Several C.O.’s [Correctional Officers] expressed surprise. This endangers me even more.

My cellie is leaving.

B.O.P. transfers can happen on a moments notice and both she and I have been transferred “off-schedule” in the past.

Notably, I was transferred, off-schedule, to here.

I tested positive for COVID at Lewisberg [USP Lewisburg], then rush shipped. Over 200 inmates were exposed to me in close proximity, but my records “temporarily” said I was COVID negative (I asked at Oklahama [BOP transfer center],. The night I arrived here, I once again tested positive.

Transferring me into danger.

The CMU, an active yard, or even another USP or Medium, can mean death for me, like Whitey Bulger. I was assaulted. (It appears staff inspired), my attacker was shipped. My not going immediately back to GP once I was cleared by S.I.S. and D.H.O. is sinister.

BOP’s handling of me.

Over the past 5 years, there are many instances where B.O.P. was used as a tool for wrongful treatment. The corruption in my case is shown to a scientific certainty by seven top forensic experts (see Press Conference and Motion 33 in my case).

B.O.P. is a tool of the D.O.J., as is the FBI and the prosecution – and can be corruptly, politically motivated.

Please don’t any more be a tool used corruptly to damage, kill or silence me. Please stop this corrupt, inhumane, inappropriate, treatment now.

Please act on this within 24 hours of receipt.

My cellie may become violent, suicidal, and/or start “running teams” [causing a problem requiring COs to come in and pepper spray everyone] among other things this week out of instability and violent anger.

I do not want any part of this, but as her cellie, I have to bear the crazy consequences no matter my compliance and obedience to the C.O.’s.

I have an asthmatic cough and risk death or serious complications from the pepper spray.

An inmate in my unit at MDC [Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn], with asthma died by pepper spray.



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  • I guess his health is being affected cuz his people surrounding him are not complying with his wishes. He used to get ‘sick’ when his concubines weren’t behaving the way he wanted, too. He says he was “framed “. Does he mean in the whole case or just from the child pornography? I agree there could be tampering in this case, but not the whole thing.

  • Keith, try to out-smart Toni, you say you are smart, you try to talk smart, you think you are smart, what happened, maybe you are just a dumbass, loser, short-man, who better get used to NOT sleeping on his stomach, joke is on you.

  • Keith has a thing for people named “Toni”. But I think the tables turned: he used to fuck a Toni, now a a Toni is going to fuck him.

    ~ Pilgrim

  • Why didn’t the people who were considering being a part of NXVIM just leave when they were told they had to give collateral?

  • In my dreams they would house Ghislaine Maxwell and Keith Rangers together, they match like salt and pepper shakers. They both think they are smarter and better than anyone, they have made a ton of enemies with their superiority complexes, they are victims, they didn’t do anything wrong, they take exception being held by standards of all. I hope they both have a miserable existence in prison as long as they continue their same attitude. If going to prison isn’t a “come to Jesus” moment for them both, it’s their loss.

  • If Keith could make a baby “ rape-able” why can’t he make himself “rape-able”? Why doesn’t he offer himself up as the greatest sacrifice to his cause?

    This is a really gross person. I still do not understand why or how any decent woman or person COULD stay a part of any organization that was so callous that their ring leader would actually say that he could make a baby rape-able!

    Yes, he is a dirt bag.

    Did all the sheep in the cult stay because of the collateral? If anyone said that in front of me, I d gag and run!

    What ever happened to all the collateral?

    I just can’t get why so many people co-signed his madness?

    • Because some of them are as bad as he is. Allison Mack was on board 100% with his agenda. The Bronfmans thought he was an amazing person with great ideas for fixing the world. The Salzmans helped plan and execute his program.

      They’re all just selfish, ambitious people lacking morals. Birds of a feather.

  • It’s interesting that Raniere assigns the BOP with Keith’s own psychology and MO.

    “Whenever possible use other people as your agent of control destruction, punishment and harm.”

    Marc Elliot recently said Keith never physically branded a woman.

    Will Marc Elliot defend the BOP when they are not the ones to actually physically harm Keith?

    • Keith and Nancy built quite the sophisticated operation. Just those two! What talent! What skills! says:

      “… On a trip in 2013 to take a week-long course on “family values,” Oxenberg recounted that NXIVM’s Mexican headquarters was in a luxurious, centrally located, highly-guarded mansion.

      “On the street in front, there were armored vehicles and armed guards everywhere .”

      Several prominent Mexicans appear in the documentary The Vow , among them, Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of the owner of the newspaper Reforma, Alejandro Junco de la Vega and Javier Jileta Verduzco, the former director-general of links with civil society organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE). …”

  • I guffawed at, “She is supposed to be single-celled and is known to be very violent.” That sounds like a particularly virulent bacterial strain.

  • Many years ago I tried to gently tell Keith that his constant bragging and claiming to be “the best” at everything can sometimes piss people off. In response, he berated me as a socially inept ignoramus. I don’t think anyone should be treated vindictively or inhumanely in prison, but it sure looks like a whole lotta people are feeling pretty pissed off at him. Or perhaps I simply remain as socially inept and ignorant as always.

    • Yeah, where he says “staff frequently inspire or facilitate inmate violence” he really seems to know how to make friends and influence people!
      And then he says about Toni Fly “I am deeply concerned for her fate”, he doesn’t give a fuck

    • His problem is he’s being a nuisance. And his handlers are reacting to it. He needs to scale down.
      Security staff don’t have time to tolerate passive aggressive conflict.

      • If they bake a cake each time they’re invited to a prisoner’s pity party, BOP employees could open bakeries in every state. Keith’s prisoner-like behaviors are the same as most prisoners’ behaviors but he’s the smartest guy in the world and a master of neurolinguistic programming.

        Fortunately, the dancing and free donut ideas were flops. That could mean BOP staff probably aren’t as easily fooled as the 42 billionaires Marc Elliot mentioned.

        About those billions: How about we send the billions going to The Ukraine to the BOP instead?

        And since billions aren’t enough to pay BOP staff to tolerate Keith’s antics for 120 years, make that trillions.

    • Since KR thinks that torturing other people would benefit his vision for his cult, why not just use himself as the tortured one ?

  • how delicious to see a man who caused so much harm to so many people getting hurt, shitting himself with fear.

  • Keith thinks he’s going to be let out of prison, “on home confinement”?

    Keith has lost his damn mind.

    To “fight corruption and adequately obtain justice ” in his case?

    Dude. It’s over. Your trial is done.

    You are done.

    Your case is closed.

    You lost.

    Settle in for the stay.

    You ARE home now.


    This IS your home confinement.

  • https://www.aclu.org/about-aclu

    Somehow someone should contact the ACLU.

    I can’t stand the guy, he deserves to be behind bars, but this should not be the status quo for prisoners.

    Just because he is a criminal, doesn’t mean that it’s ok to torture him.

    • I agree. This is frightening that a prisoner loses all control over their own mistreatment once behind bars.

      That said, Fuck Keith.

  • “data the FBI planted and tampered with essential evidence“?

    He *knows* FBI agents did it — even though it could have been anyone?

  • Lol does he even realize he is in prison? No one cares about you dude!!! Except for a few crack pots haha

  • RE The latest Fecal revelation:

    Two piles of POOP on the cell floor!!!!!

    This is the most SHOCKING revelation yet!

    Initially, according to Kieth, his cell contained 19 streaks of feces, this revelation adds two piles of poop to the equation.

    I hypothesize that there was only one heap of poop and as Kieth entered his cell, he stepped in said poop heap, and thus created two piles. Very plausible!

    Now there are more questions:

    1. What constitutes a “pile” versus say a chunk, or lump?

    2. Are there actually 2 piles or is it a mound with 2 humps?

    3. If Kieth stepped in the heap and created 2 piles, then is Kieth 1/2 at fault?

    Will the contrarian imbecile NutJob claim a mound with 2 humps
    constitutes 2 piles?

    I must say, the plot has thickened as well as the poop.
    Kieth’s full quote:
    “I and Toni were placed in two cages, in a cell with 19 streaks of feces on the wall and two piles on the floor.”
    —Kieth Raniere

    • 2 humps is a good day. (unless it’s backseat middle on the hump)
      Sorry to be contrarian again, but his name isn’t Kieth. It’s Raneire. Or make him happy and call him Vangaurd.

      • NutJob-

        I have followed this story for far too long, over 5 years. I feel Kieth and I should be on a first name basis.

        As you now know thanks to Frank and as I’ve always maintained; I truly am a middle aged crank, who happens to collect poopy. Therefore as a crank I shall refer to Kieth as Kieth. If Shadow refers to Mack as Pimp Mack and Sultan6 refers to Kristen Kreuk as Honey Bunny, I get to refer to Kieth as Kieth.

        I can live with 2 humps. I blame Kieth for making the situation worse.

  • Why are they being so vicious? This is insane. Leaving Keith in the Shu for a year is enough punishment to last a lifetime. And now they’re shopping him off to live in fear or be killed immediately?

    And no one cares. Our government sucks. This is more evidence of it. Keith did plenty wrong but no one deserves this treatment.

    • I think they have him there cuz he’s a risk for being sexually assaulted or worse in GP. I think that the BOP has the call on whether the said inmate is safe in GP or seclusion. If he was attacked once he is probably gonna be attacked again. It isn’t necessarily they are trying to torture him. He isn’t where he wants to be so he’s making a fuss.

  • The most significant part of the filing is the list of lawyer visits and phone calls and the inclusion on the list of a lawyer who has represented Clare Bronfman in the governmengt filing. As long as he has all these visits and phone calls he is able to communicate with Clare Bronfman, using lawyers as intermediaries, It is the same thing that terrorists did and it is one of the reasons the CMU’s were created. Raniere is going to end up in a Communications Management Unit where even his lawyer visits and calls are limited. That is his nightmare- no followers to communicate with-
    but that is the only was to end his ongoing abuse of Clare Bronfman and take his hand out of her pocket and his words and advice out of her mind.

    • “the list of lawyer visits and phone calls and the inclusion on the list of a lawyer who has represented Clare Bronfman”

    • I agree that they need to keep him from communicating with his underlings here. This isn’t the usual criminal they are dealing with here. He knows how to do things that not every prisoner knows how to do. I think the best place for him is in the CMU. If allowed to hobnob with his followers, who knows what they could do.

  • Well this certainly guarantees another season of the Vow. Raniere’s third act is a special kind of hell and it’s only 5 years in. Bravo Frank, you caught your Hannibal Lector and now the rest keeps writing itself. All Raniere can do is keep pointing out how flawed and corrupt the “System” is. Duh. We all know that already. It’s slime balls like Keith who ruin the good intentions of everyday people by being a conniving corrupt criminal.

  • Don’t do the crime…if you can’t do the time.
    Don’t create a brand…and steal from Ayn Rand.
    Don’t be a fake champ at Judo or you’ll end up in walls smeared with doo-doo.
    Don’t created sashes for rank or EVER mess with Frank!
    Boo-hoo. Viva Executive Success!!

    • *edit*
      Don’t do the crime…if you can’t do the time.
      Don’t create a brand…and steal from Ayn Rand.
      Don’t be a fake champ at Judo or you’ll end up in walls smeared with doo-doo.
      Don’t create colored sashes for rank or EVER mess with Frank!
      Boo-hoo. Viva Executive Success!!

  • It’s horrifying. There’s no reason for Raniere to be abused in this way. They are targeting him and determined to have him live a life of fear and inhumane treatment. This is sadism under the veil of Justice.

    • Who invented healthy relationships: The Dalai Lama, The United Nations, Yale, Alice Bailey or Nxivm? says:

      SARA: “… and, about two-and-a-half years ago I heard his holiness (sic) speaking and he speaks beautifully. I don’t know if you’ve heard him.”

      RADIO GUY: “I have. Only on tape but I’ve heard him. – – he does speak beautifully.”

      SARA: “He does, and he speaks so simply about such deep and important issues, I think and they really spoke to me — and in listening to him I recognized that his the assumptions that he speaks from and the way that he looks at things is very very scientific and very much in line with the philosophy, I think, of Nexium and I have been with Nexium — associated with Nexium and a student there for about three years at the time and I thought to myself and he was calling for a secular education that combined ancient Eastern philosophical or introspective practices with Western modern scientific thinking. And I thought to myself, “Wow, that kind of sounds like what we do. …”

      What a coincidence!

      That sounds like what a few other hidden and well-organized groups do, too!

      “… Weaponizing public schools for sinister purposes, an obscure United Nations institute is quietly working to transform education worldwide to impose radical political and spiritual values and beliefs on children. It is all happening under the guise of “social-emotional learning,” or SEL, a scheme hatched at a New Age organization whose founder and namesake was a follower of Lucifer Publishing Company chief Alice Bailey.

      … Even a brief perusal of its website and reports reveals serious cause for alarm.

      At first glance, those unfamiliar with the manipulation of language used by New Agers and communists may not even notice the warning signs. For instance, the organization publicly claims it is merely working to give children “kinder brains” through its programs so the world can be more peaceful and “sustainable.” But in reality, the institute is a key vehicle for injecting occult “spirituality” into classrooms worldwide, as called for in Chapter 36 of the UN’s Agenda 21 global plan for “sustainable development.”

      Like SEL promoters in the United States, where the controversial indoctrination tools were invented and developed, the UN outfit argues that children need this sort of emotional manipulation to form healthy relationships and regulate their emotions. Proponents never explain how children regulated their emotions or developed healthy relationships prior to SEL. But in any case, it is all just cover for something much darker …”


  • For the leader of a group that had written in their mission statement “ there are no ultimate victims” Keith sure whines a lot about being a victim. A victim of the prosecution, a victim of the FBI, a victim of a corrupt judge, a victim of the BOP, a victim of Merrit Garland, a victim of CO’s, a victim of a biased media, a possible fatal victim of his fellow inmates or the CO’s. You read that last one correctly folks: Keith is saying he might be killed either directly or indirectly by prison staff. I do think the American detention system has room for improvement, but Keith is the very definition of obnoxious.

    • Ironically enough, I feel like his teachings would be very helpful to him right now.

      VICTIMS. “Are you a victim? No there are no ultimate victims so I will not choose to be a victim”

      CAUSE. He is at cause. He caused all of this, including his time in the SHU. I have no doubt in my mind he’s been a pain in their ass and they are teaching him a lesson that he still isn’t learning. These letters prove it. Making demands… You are causing your own misery my friend.

      GOOD AND BAD. When we were little children, we learned “bad” when someone yelled “No!” or “That’s bad. Stop!” We learned “good” when we were rewarded in some way. This sort of learning is inconsistent and limiting – because in order to have a full understanding of each concept, we would have to examine every example of good and every example of bad. This practice session affords you the opportunity to re-evaluate your definitions of these vital concepts to form a solid foundation for the future. ~This would be a great time to whip out this handy tool. Since it was all bullshit, it’s probably not going to be that helpful. What is evident is that you’re doing something wrong. The SHU isn’t big enough for everyone. And they may never tell us, but there is a reason he’s in there. It’s not like they have forgotten him, his ego would definitely not allow that.

      SUCCESS. “Success is an internal state of clear, honest knowledge of what I am – my value in the world and my responsibility for the way I react to all things.”
      ~It is an internal state, so be like Buddha and meditate and chill. Ommmm, no one can fuck if you don’t care about anything, Ommmmm.
      Ommmmm, maybe if I stop begging for so much time with my attorney they will let me see them, Ommmmmm
      Ommmm, Toni the Fly is not going to hurt me or else they would have done it already, Ommmmm

      • A gem, this reply!

        “This practice session affords you the opportunity to re-evaluate your definitions of these vital concepts to form a solid foundation for the future. ”

        Hahaha! A 120 year practice session!

  • So awesome seeing this guy who used the litigation system as a weapon against so many people “silenced” (obviously not for his ridiculous conspiratorial reasons, but for repeatedly breaking the rules). It looks like he’s suffering from “narcissism underload”, i.e., the lack of manipulative control of others and obsequious attention from them is driving him nuts.

  • Keith is not “a political case”.

    Only in his self-important dreams.

    This complaint is all over the place and contradicts itself.

    Keith claims to be both in danger from his cellmate and potentially endangered because his cellmate is leaving.

    Keith says he should be let out of the SHU because there is no danger to him anymore from the previous fight.

    But then Keith also says that he is a “trophy” and a “target” who IS in danger.

    Keith has made multiple nuisance complaints and broken the BOP rules repeatedly. Keith has filed many restraining orders and lawsuits against the BOP. Keith has violated communication mandates set forth by the BOP repeatedly. Keith is on record spending hours of time meeting in person and talking with Clare funded lawyers.

    It is fair for the BOP to say, “Look dude, we have other prisoners. You are not the sole inmate here. Keith you are too high-matinence. Just too ‘extra’ for this facility. A facility which btw you requested. And then shit on once you were kindly placed here.”

    The underlying true Keith request is: “Blah blah blah I want my own private room. I am special blah blah I am Vanguard. Blah blah”.

    If Keith believes that he is special and has special needs than the BOP can decide that Keith needs to go to a special place. It makes sense, really.

    It’s kind of fascinating that Keith really thinks he’s still going to dictate the who what where why how of his life.

    It’s prison. Dude. You are in prison.

    • He willing requested a solitude SHU assignment because he believes he’s being set up! Thats NO Suite, sweets!!

      • It’s a a private room with a private toilet. There are “studio apartments” that ain’t much bigger.

        And they aren’t rent free.

        Who’s gonna pay for every diva criminal to get their own personal desires and requests catered to?

        And thanks for acknowledging my sweetness. You have a good day!

    • Exactly.

      Raniere claims he’s a political prisoner. What a joke. What a megalomaniac.

      He’s been whining about his imminent murder since MDC Days. He’s whining about being “silenced” in yet another verbose message, the latest in a stream of lawsuits, demands, motions and appeals. Held incommunicado? Hardly.

      He’s been claiming his life is in imminent danger for the past five years. In all that time in prison he got punched in the head, once. By my reckoning he’s safer than I was back in high school.

      The little punk needs to stop bitchin’ about it. It’s getting old.

      Actually, the “people are trying to kill me” whine dates back to before prison. There used to be a YouTube video of him talking about contemplating hiring armed guards. The “I’ve had people killed”video.

      The appropriate response to Raniere’s silly complaints is laughter. His self-centered whining and hysterical exaggerations are risible. Political prisoner my arse. “I was framed”, my jolly bollocks.

      Now he demands to be released to home confinement. Dream on, jerk.

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