Time to Crack Down on Family Court Professionals Like Priests Who Abuse Children

By Janine Morrison

I quote from a Frank Report commenter about paid custody evaluators, such as the notorious Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, who write “evaluations” made to order. Their reports often rife with lies, and half truths, made to fit whatever a GAL or family law attorneys on the case tell her, which is what makes them the most money, without regard to how it affects children’s lives forever.

It is astonishing how often these reports happen to support the narrative that will bleed the family best. That is not a coincidence.

The commenter said, “The only ones who should be suing anyone should be the children against these heartless jackals who made knee jerk evaluations that destroyed their lives.“

Which law firms are willing and able to represent child victims in family courts?

Law firms as large and accomplished as Pullman and Comley should petition the Courts. Those kinds of large law firms should ask for compensation for all the abuse children endured in family court cases for the past forty years. Those lawsuits against family court offices should mirror the lawsuits against Catholic Church offices.

When will those lawsuits be filed? The abuse is the same abuse. The gross lack of oversight and accountability is also the same.

For the past forty years, several heartless jackals in family courts have knee-jerked, carefully planned and purposely propagated malicious evaluations and family court decisions. They’ve destroyed tens of thousands of childhoods, both directly and indirectly. They have done so with judicial authority, near-total immunity, and no effective oversight. So far.

That may change.

Many state legislators have known what’s happening now and what has been happening for decades. Only a few legislators have spoken up so far.

In 2014, a few legislators connected to a few large law firms shot down most of the efforts to protect children and families from blatant fraud, blatant extortion, and state-involved racketeering.

That last problem was probably the sticking point.

DOJ employees can easily investigate and prosecute blatant fraud and extortion. State offices led the racketeering through CT AFCC, Inc. Gerard Adelman was the “Director”.

Judge Gerard Adelman has destroyed innumerable childhoods as a GAL, director of AFCC and judge.One of his favored evaluators was Bruce Freedman, CT AFCC, Inc. “Treasurer”.

Evaluator and court supervisor Robert Horwitz is the contact on CT AFCC, Inc. 990 forms.

Dr. Robert A. Horwitz, psychologist, is in it for the money. 

Officers of Connecticut AFCC, Inc. told the IRS they were a tax-exempt organization.

According to the IRS:

“Form 990 is the IRS’ primary tool for gathering information about tax-exempt organizations, educating organizations about tax law requirements and promoting compliance. Organizations also use the Form 990 to share information with the public about their programs. Additionally, most states rely on the Form 990 to perform charitable and other regulatory oversight and to satisfy state income tax filing requirements for organizations claiming exemption from state income tax.”

This legislative session, citizens of the state must demand transparency and legislators must investigate Connecticut AFCC, Inc.’s long history and current influences.

The only consolation efforts among family court professionals in the AFCC are how to conciliate between them on bleeding a family of its assets.  

State representatives who have not yet spoken up should at least be willing to endorse amendments to bills that require formal investigations into long-standing problems in family courts.

State, federal or private offices somewhere must find the data to figure out how much physical, emotional and financial harm family court employees, officers and private vendors inflict on children and families in the state for the past forty years.

With no objective record of harm done to children and families in family courts, family courts will continue to be an arena and a haven for a professional class of criminals lying in wait to exploit every parent and child officially added to their case loads.

Hundreds of legislators across America have already spoken up to expose and address corruption in family courts. Good legislators don’t need nudges from lobbyists to do and say what’s right.

In this upcoming legislative session in Connecticut:

Support the legislators who truly represent children and families of the state.

Notice which legislators remain silent.

Watch the legislators from the largest law firms — and those formerly affiliated with CT AFCC, Inc. — speak up against proposed amendments to bills.

Witness the disparaging remarks made to silence all who dare to advance ideas such as these:

✅ None of the custody evaluators should be privately paid for.

✅ There should be a health care system that provides care for children based on the children’s needs, not based on price.

✅ It should be completely equal for all children.

Will Representative Steve Stafstrom from Pullman and Comley and Steve from St. Ann’s parish endorse a bill in which victimized children in family court cases can be compensated in the same way victimized children in Catholic Churches received compensation?

CT representative Steven Strafstrom.

What would Robert Holzberg and his colleagues at Pullman and Comley do when this effort for justice for all must be honored?

Robert Holzberg conducted a comprehensive investigation to determine and publish efforts made on behalf of the Catholic Church’s Diocese of Bridgeport to prevent “credibly accused” priests from furthering their abuse. He is seen with whom many consider one of the godmothers of the use of parental alienation to take parents out of children’s lives and hand them to their abusers, former family court judge, now attorney Lynda Munro. 

“Maybe these children will become the catalyst for this much needed change.”

There will be many opportunities for much needed change in this legislative session.

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  • “It is astonishing how often these reports happen to support the narrative that will bleed the family best. That is not a coincidence.”

  • Did you know that if you blow off visitation with your kids and you don’t show up to your child custody hearings without good reason…the judge is probably not going to be able to give you custody?

    The judge might really really want to give you custody, but how can they if you are a no-show? If they gave you custody despite the fact that you didn’t participate in a damn thing and you never even showed up to important hearings, they’d probably be accused of corruption. And there probably would have to be corruption involved if they were going to give kids to a parent who never even showed up.

    • If the father is telling the children those horrible lies or posting those horrible lies in this comment section
      hoping the children will read those lies, the judge needs to do something to protect those children ASAP.

      So easy to see how wrong that case went.
      All three children should file multi-million dollar lawsuits as soon as they’re able for all the harm done.

      • What’s a lie? It’s a fact that the mother didn’t show to visitation. It’s a fact that she didn’t show to the last several court dates, including the final one. Please tell me how a judge could have given her custody under those circumstances.

        And no, I am not the father and I do not know him. I only know what I have read at this blog and in the documents shared here. I’m still scratching my head on how Karen is acting furious at the legal system and her ex when she never even showed up.

          • Did she “half” show up to any of those things? She didn’t show, and that’s what the judge had to go on. I don’t see how she could’ve expected any other outcome when she chose to be a no-show. ?

            The good news is if she starts
            showing up where she’s supposed to, she can probably see her kids again.

      • I have personally witnessed my friend talk so badly about her son’s father to her son.

        It’s very very sad, but true..
        The dad was abusing the boy.

        The story is gruesome.

        But I noticed that when his mother says anything bad about his dad, he literally cowers. He internalizes. He shows signs of depression when she says petty things about his biological father. ( this would be the same if a father spoke the same about a mother )

        Point being, It is important to respect that these children are genetically created from both parents. When one says something disparaging about the other, it can subconsciously shame that child. The child might subconsciously feel resentment towards the parent who might be blowing off steam, by putting their parent down. It’s tricky because a child needs to feel heard if they say that the parent abused them, of course action must be taken. But be careful not to frivolously take jabs. It might come back at you.

        Adults forget that their children are children. Their brains are not developed yet. That doesn’t mean that their feelings are not real, it just means that we have to help them acquise and nurture their own boundaries.

        We mustn’t use their experience as an opportunity to land in and build up our own ego. We have to be their parents, not their peers.

        Important to have as much integrity as possible. We have to pick our battles.

        We must protect our children from abuse. Become super heroes, not monsters.

        When we fight monsters, it’s very important we don’t become one ourselves.

    • This is a tribute to the the incompetent understanding of abuse. Legal abuse. When you have continuesly presented evidence of abusive behavior. Swept under the rug. The gals are bias. Often abuse their power. They in conjunction with the psychologist attack you. Karen had bad experience with Nusbalm her own attorney. Cunha disbarred. Calvery , well we all know now what she is all about. The majority of the psychologist the same. You begin to realize that the system will find any reason to paint you. She probably knows that the supervised visits will be used to harm her. If she had to pay it’s good money after bad. Any attorney, good attorney is telling people to go pro SE. They are not allowed to call the attorneys or psychologist out. They will be black listed. Targeted like the clients. No one is delusional this is what is really happening. She is probably suffering from significant PTSD. The family law system is incompetent in recognizing it or doesn’t want to. . The system feeding into it. It’s brutal. The system is designed for abusers not the abused. It’s easier to label her than admit the system is a mess. Wonder if this is what is happening to adults. How bad it is for the children? Just look at the kids locked in a room to avoid abuse of a parent and the legal system.

  • OK. Here’s an idea:
    Why doesn’t everyone who feels so passionately about this , spread FR articles about like sunflower seeds ? SPREAD THE NEWS! 👏👏👏

    • Good idea. These cases have been all over the state, all over the country and all over the world for decades because the mainstream news outlets are silent about the crisis.

      Do local news reporters really not know or not care that families lose everything in family courts?

      What’s been going on??

  • “The den of thieves.”

    That photograph represents a rather sordid selection of people.

    They all look absolutely miserable.

    Some remind me of life sized bedbugs: swollen with the “blood” ( life and hope ) of their prey.

    And then some look like decrepit zombie-buggers that just won’t let go. Toxic and demented shells of “ people”.

    No humanity left in sight.😶‍🌫️ 100% FUGLY.

    Really sucks to be them.

  • Judges are acting under color of law, a criminal offense, when they willfully violate a litigant’s constitutional rights. Judicial conduct organizations refuse to report crimes committed by judges to law enforcement and instead cover them up under the guise of private discipline or dismissal of complaints altogether. We need constitutional amendments in every state to allow citizens to have unfit judges removed from office.

    Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law



  • Progressives like Bernie Sanders and leftist organizations like the ACLU have accepted pedophilia as an acceptable identity. They literally side with child rapists at every turn. This started with Ginsburg and Polanski: the idea that it’s ok to rape children if you are “artistic”. The entire Democrat Party is chock full of Pedophiles and enablers of child rape.

    Democrats, how do you walk through life believing pedophiles are good people? You sick, twisted fuck-

    – Pilgrim

    • CT is heavily democrats. Adelman, Horwitz, Aldrich (and her son- the Senator in the same district of Fairfield county where Aldrich has her practice) are all democrats. They have no interest in the children or the families. They are criminals who drain marital funds and silence the children.

      The abuse to these kids is lifelong trauma.

      The custody evaluators are few in CT. They are sadistic – Biren Caverly and Linda Smith are at the end of their careers. Linda Smith is finally being held to account in the case with John Sakon.

      Jessica Biren Caverly will be in prison for her conduct. It’s coming.

      • The head of the Ccadv is the wife of a legislator. New to DV it appears. With the increasing number of deaths. We can hope she will advocate to help with the individual needs of situation.. The increasing number of suicidal children living in abusive situation in Connecticut should be concerning. Cookie cutter solutions to cut deals in family court to avoid loss of custody to abusive parents is bound to lead to even more poor out comes .

    • Know what you mean about the liberals..
      But the dems aren’t the only ones who are a part of this. Repubs are doing this stuff too.

      • There are some Republican pedophiles. But the Democrat Party fully condones and supports and even encourages Pedophilia. Totally different story. The Democrat Party supports PEDOPHILE Joseph Rosenbaum. Fact check me.

    • It’s all true and credible. It came out in 2005 and CT courts continue to operate as a criminal enterprise.

      Federal charges need to be brought. The ct judiciary will not self govern. It’s a waste of time and energy and only feeds the greed of court actors.

      They love the litigation. Do we really believe the ct appellate court is any different?

    • Thank you for posting those articles, Emery. As you probably already know, the governor, most state legislators, most family court administrators, judges and vendors probably don’t think family courts need to be as safe for children and families as they are for governors, state legislators, family court administrators, judges and vendors.

      Equal safety for all. What a concept. 🤯

      “… A Critical Assessment of Child, Custody Evaluations
      Limited Science and a Flawed System
      Robert E. Emery, Randy K. Otto, William T. O’Donohue

      “… Sadly, we find that (a) tests specifically developed to assess questions relevant to custody are completely inadequate on scientific grounds; (b) the claims of some anointed experts about their favorite constructs (e.g., ‘‘parent alienation syndrome’’) are equally hollow when subjected to scientific scrutiny; (c) evaluators should question the use even of well-established psychological measures (e.g., measures of intelligence, personality, psychopathology, and academic achievement) because of their often limited relevance to the questions before the court; and (d) little empirical data exist regarding other important and controversial issues (e.g., whether evaluators should solicit children’s wishes about custody; whether infants and toddlers are harmed or helped by overnight visits), suggesting a need for further scientific investigation.

      We see the system for resolving custody disputes as deeply flawed, for reasons that go beyond the problem of limited science. The coupling of the vague ‘‘best interests of the child’’ test with the American adversary system of justice puts judges in the position of trying to perform an impossible task, and it exacerbates parental conflict and problems in parenting and coparenting, which psychological science clearly shows to be key factors predicting children’s psychological difficulties in response to their parents’ separation and divorce …”

  • It really doesn’t matter what you say or do, the evaluators will nail you into a coffin with their report. The report will become part of the record.

    • Correct. Mandatory recording of all proceedings and all communication throughout each of these cases is now cheap and easy.

      That kind of oversight would keep everyone honest.

  • Thank you for highlighting the comments that I wrote about this.

    Check the stats on each state.

    Obviously it’s best to get proper legal counsel, but you don’t need to wait for a law firm to take the case. You are all entitled to represent your self.

    Children have been treated like property for too long.

    Lawyers are people with immunity. AKA, a badge to get away with just about anything.

    Lawyers do not serve their clients, they serve the courts.

    Be smart, be brave and have an amazing sense of humor.

    Do not forget that.

  • Bring it!
    Start a class action lawsuit against these venomous vultures lurking in the family law machine.

    Become the hero you are waiting for.

  • Annie Dranginis, chief child predator of the judiciary chaired a committee in 2002 which outlined the family court’s business plan to increase pay for GALs and to use private pay vendors taxed to parents for granting administrative no-fault divorces, for the sole benefit of enriching pets of the court.

    The players were: The Commission was co-chaired by Mr. Thomas C. Foley and Judge Anne C. Dranginis. They were joined by
    members Judge C. Ian McLachlan, Judge Herbert Gruendel, Judge Lynda Munro, Marsha Kline-Pruett, Ph.D., Jerry
    Brodlie, Ph.D., Kenneth Robson, M.D., Stephen Grant, M.A., Eugene Falco, Esq., Christine Whitehead, Esq., Sidney
    Horowitz, Ph.D., Nancy A. Humphreys, Ph.D., Pat D’Angelo, Phyllis Cummings-Texeira MSW, Robert Tompkins,
    M.A., Jill Davies, Esq, and Rebecca Calabrese, CISW.

    The specific recommendations made to Governor Rowland advancing the fleecing of parents:

    Ensure better compensation … for
    Guardians Ad Litem.

    Providing better compensation for GALs will encourage the
    availability of highly competent professionals in these important roles.

    The Commission believes that the Judicial Branch’s ongoing efforts to expand and improve the availability of private sector services to children and their parents should be supported and promoted.

    Provide collaborative partnerships with the private sector.

    Establish collaborative partnership between Family Services, private clinicians and the Family Bar.

    Maximize collaboration of state agencies and the academic and private communities with expertise in the areas of divorce, custody and children.

    The racketeering is obvious, laid out in full public view, a business plan to fleece families, enrich lawyers, profit the private sector, all orchestrated by judges.

    The report is available at https://thefamilycourtcircus.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Rowland-Commission-CCDC-Final-Report-2.pdf

    • “2002 … The Commission was co-chaired by Mr. Thomas C. Foley and Judge Anne C. Dranginis. They were joined by members Judge C. Ian McLachlan, Judge Herbert Gruendel, Judge Lynda Munro, Marsha Kline-Pruett, Ph.D., Jerry Brodlie, Ph.D., 👉 Kenneth Robson, M.D.👈, Stephen Grant, M.A., Eugene Falco, Esq., Christine Whitehead, Esq., Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D., Nancy A. Humphreys, Ph.D., Pat D’Angelo, Phyllis Cummings-Texeira MSW, Robert Tompkins, M.A., Jill Davies, Esq, and Rebecca Calabrese, CISW …”

      Which state officials allowed Mr. Robson to destroy children and families in Connecticut “family court” cases? 🤔

      Al Jazeera article, 2014 …

      “Do courts use a controversial theory to punish mothers who allege abuse?

      ‘Parental alienation’ is sometimes used in family court to wrest custody from a parent who alleges abuse

      January 24, 2014 6:30AM ET
      by Tim Stelloh

      On a winter evening in 2009, Anna Cooper was with her 5-year-old son, Ben, at her parents’ apartment in Connecticut. Cooper, who had filed for divorce just a few months earlier, was relaxing in the living-room rocking chair while Ben was playing with his toy train set when, without warning, he reached for his mother and thrust his hand between her legs.

      (Cooper’s name and those of other family members have been changed to protect their privacy.)….



  • CT created a task force to study these high-conflict cases almost TEN years ago. Note the chair of the committee and the other members – do you see the possible self-serving interests of the committee members? The chair works as a GAL and we have seen on this site the many complaints against Horowitz.

    GALs/AMCs are NOT needed in family court. If there is a need for a custody evaluation (with probable cause), the matter should be referred to DCF that employs individuals who are extensively trained in domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse. If abuse is determined, criminal charges should be pursued.

    DCF employs social workers and psychologists – GALs are not. In fact, after initial training, GALs in CT are required to engage in a mere 12 hours of continuing education over 3 years.


  • The fear of retaliation is real and warranted. Until there is a larger number of professionals in this state that are willing to stand up against the atrocities that occur in Family Court, it will continue.

    • When you lie to courts and try to blame Jews you get disbarred. Then when you tell the judge you’re mentally ill and can’t hand over your files you get ridiculed. The court is a better place now that you are gone and I’m not even in CT!

      • The one who calls me a liar, that uses a fabricated label, trying to gain support for the false statements posted, should remember, I have all the exhibits and transcripts that matter. I can support everything I stated. You, who hide behind a false label, can’t support anything. I had no inmates, was all by myself when I was illegally locked up, for not showing up for a a hearing that I wasn’t subpoenaed to attend and never received a summons for the matter. The civil capias was issued and executed absent any legal authority, for the sole purpose of further trying to intimidate me and silence me. Imagine that, not a party to an action, licensed suspended, but yet a judge still maintains such a strong interest in making an example of me.

        Nice try though. Keep posting the false narratives.

  • “Their reports often rife with lies, and half truths, made to fit whatever a GAL or family law attorneys on the case tell her”

    Where is your evidence of this? This sounds like another half-baked conspiracy theory put out by parents who need to scapegoat someone (anyone but themselves) for their own wrongdoings.

  • The highly trained professionals of
    The AFCC work with diligence to place the best interest of the children ahead of the disputing parents.

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