Ex-Nxivm Member: Emiliano Salinas Was Coerced to Be Gay; Nicki Clyne Was Led Down a Dark Road by Allison Mack

The following is from an interview with one of the former harem members.

By Janet Doe

Emiliano Salinas and Ludwika Paleta had twins birthed by a surrogate. Emilian’s longtime lover, Alex Betancourt, also had twins, also birthed by a surrogate.

Anyone that was in NXIVM when Ludwika showed up around 2013 knew about the extreme disharmony between Alex and Emiliano. It was all everyone talked about.

happy couple alex and smil
Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas: Were they lovers because they wanted to be or because Keith Raniere instructed them to be?

Everyone felt so sorry for Alex, Emiliano’s “wife” for several years, who he dumped for Ludwika when he decided to go straight.

Ludwika and Emiliano.

It does not mean Emiliano was ever gay or bisexual.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman were notorious for psychologically programming people to the point of real mental torture, to convince them to have gay sex. We have to assume that was a possibility with Emiliano and Alex. As a means of mentally breaking Emiliano – and so they would have “collateral” on him.

Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas toast Keith Raniere and his creation – Nxivm. [Edgar Boone standing, far left.]
There is no question Emiliano Salinas’ gay relationship with Alex Betancourt could have been coerced. No one should underestimate the power of Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere – and their ability to get people to demean and destroy their values.

Look at Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

Nicki was with Keith Raniere first. Years ahead of Allison Mack in the harem. After five years in Clifton Park working her ass off to become a good “enlightened” NXIVM person, after Battlestar Galactica, Nicki Clyne was bankrupt, working for “Malignant Narcissist” Clare Bronfman, making peanuts. Spending her days waiting for Keith Raniere to throw her a five-minute crumb of attention while she maxed out all her credit cards trying to stay afloat in Knox Woods.

Trashing her acting career in the process. Did anyone in NXIVM care? No. Her only friends were fake friends, also in Keith’s harem, who wanted her bankrupted and out.

Nicki Clyne gave her all to her Vanguard.

Fast forward. Allison Mack was posting on her Instagram that she and Nicki are “soul sisters” and “friends forever”. Translation: Nicki Clyne: Bankrupt, financial slave of insanely jealous, homely, Clare Bronfman. Nicki was now a mid-level harem member of Keith Raniere (after pregnant Marianna Fernandez and so many others).

Allison Mack says “best friends forever” on Instagram? “And whose dreams I crushed by fucking her boyfriend”? That is the truth. Poor Nicki.

Nicki is one example to explain the Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas gay affair.

Emiliano may have never been gay, but he was coached personally by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere. Once you are in their clutches mentally, who knows what you will do? How low you will go? They have real power and their sole goal is to get each person they work with to destroy and degrade themselves beyond all recognition.

DOS is just one example of how they do everything.

What is worse about all this is Nicki Clyne’s descent was witnessed, FACILITATED, by a large community of people in NXIVM. Everyone knew this was happening and nobody said a word. Nothing. It was disgusting.

What kind of person would go along with this shit for so long?

Allison Mack helped destroy Nicki Clyne.


Clare Bronfman


mack and clyne
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.


Keith Raniere led the women of DOS.


Keith Raniere gave Emiliano Salinas permission to end his relationship with Alex Betancourt in order to marry Ludwika Paleta.

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  • This is precisely why no one took you seriously and it took the NY Times for any action.

    I could tell Em was gay at first sight.
    Any hetero relationship he has is either a business arrangement beard or the result of a tormented self-hating psyche.
    He’s as gay as any gay can be.

    Someone can be manipulated into having a threesome or experimenting. No one can be mindfucked into maintaining a long-term gay relationship.

    Saying absurd things like that is exactly why this website lent credibility to Nxivm.
    You made it look like the anti-Nxivm people were delusional psychotics.

    Mark Vicente was very kind to you on the documentary. The legitimacy he has brought your public image is an opportunity for you.
    You should take it and live by a higher standard. This ludicrous article is Alex Jones-level idiocy.

    I realize you’re not like a man of integrity and you’re vendetta wasn’t about helping people the way it was for others, but come on.
    Set higher standards for yourself.

    • I did not write the story. I was written by a former harem member of Keith Raniere who knew Emi and Alex very well. Blame the eyewitness, a woman in this case, not me. I published it because it was an authentic voice from the inner circle of Nxivm.

  • Don’t know if Keith ordered Emi to go gay, but I do believe he’d try to “humiliate” any male threat to his alpha status. So I suspect Keith made SOP-men and other “male members” (pun) do something sexually humbling to prove the dominance of Keith.
    Keith might not be bi, but I doubt his desire to humiliate others was restricted only to women.

  • Neither Frank, nor anybody else, has provided conclusive proof that Emi copulated with another man.

    Who is Frank’s source?

    How would that ‘source’ (likely Keeffe) even know about the private fuck sessions between 2 men who likely never talked about such things to anybody else.

    Keith would never talk about it either, even if it did happen and he knew about it.

    Frank can’t even confirm that Keith was involved in ‘Girls By Design’ —– so how the fuck can Frank confirm that Emi fucked another male?

    I challenge Frank to come clean and admit that he may be wrong about this allegation.

    It’s possible that Frank is not telling us the truth here. He’s simply telling everybody what they WANT to hear.

    Emi seems like a fairly nice guy compared to other Nexians. Maybe he’s not as evil as Frank claims? Frank seems to be conflating Carlos Salinas with his son Emi.

    Frank seems to be punishing Emi for the sins of his father.

    I implore people not to believe what Frank is saying about Emi unless Frank gives us PROOF and serves up the goods on a silver platter, along with jumbo shrimp.

  • “Nicki was with Keith Raniere first. Years ahead of Allison Mack in the harem. After five years in Clifton Park working her ass off to become a good “enlightened” NXIVM person, after Battlestar Galactica, Nicki Clyne was bankrupt, working for “Malignant Narcissist” Clare Bronfman, making peanuts. Spending her days waiting for Keith Raniere to throw her a five-minute crumb of attention while she maxed out all her credit cards trying to stay afloat in Knox Woods.

    Trashing her acting career in the process. Did anyone in NXIVM care? No. Her only friends were fake friends, also in Keith’s harem, who wanted her bankrupted and out.

    What is worse about all this is Nicki Clyne’s descent was witnessed, FACILITATED, by a large community of people in NXIVM. Everyone knew this was happening and nobody said a word. Nothing. It was disgusting.

    What kind of person would go along with this shit for so long?”

    Why don’t you look in the mirror and tell us yourself you cowardly piece of shit. You were obviously there witnessing and probably facilitating if not actually scheming alongside your rapist, pedophile sex slaver. Frank is more than willing to overlook and help to hide your role in enabling Raniere’s criminal enterprise so long as you are willing to spread your mouth wide for his precious blog, I’m assuming you are probably Kristin Keefe. If Frank doesn’t post this, I’ll know I’m right. Frank is soo stupid, he doesn’t realize that what he chooses not to post is often just as, if not more, revealing about himself and the criminals he’s shielding for his own self-serving purpose.

  • Can Janet Doe also be called Nicki Doe? Not to be confused with Nicki Lee, of course. Any similarity would be deniable and only the author and the person in question know.

  • Does Allison Mack say “best friends forever” on Instagram? “And whose dreams did I crush by fucking her boyfriend?” That’s the truth. Poor Nicki.

    poor Nicki. and what happened to –
    – Poor Lauren?
    – Poor Pam Cafritz?
    – Poor Barbara Jeske?
    – Poor Barbara Bouchey?
    – Poor Ivy Nevares?
    – Poor Karen Unterreiner?
    – Poor Dawn Morrison?
    and poor (insert name of a poor miserable fool)

    The people who were followers of Keith were happy at their Kool-aid party as if to worry about what lew would happen to the one next to him.

  • I can only imagine the thoughts going through Keith’s mind when Emiliano entered the picture.

    Keith – “Hmmm…Here’s this guy who can really help build this ESP/NXIVM thing I’m doing, BUT holy shit is he rich, good looking, powerful, and so much more than a simple worthy adversary. How can I get A but squash B???…. Hey, Nancy – notice how Emi is really gay but hiding it? Let’s help him fix that!”

    Mission accomplished.

          • Was it a pattern or a coincidence? Any clue what the difference is?

            A pattern is you trying to chase away all Frank Report commenters who have first hand knowledge of NXIVM. A pattern is you getting kicked off message boards due to using the exact same offensive schtick. A pattern is you trying to get everyone to look at you.

            A coincidence is when you and your procured tranny are wearing the same blouse. A coincidence is when the strange boxer shorts show up in your laundry and they fit you.

  • Yolanda Cortez (aka Yolanda Cortez)
    February 28, 2020 at 11:48 pm
    Allison is a dirty cunt. The bitch.

    Hey, Nicki:
    Since you are so eager to talk about NXIVM and Allison Mack let’s clear some issues up.
    For starters who is Charger426hemi1?
    Charger has posted around 202 pictures dealing with Allison Mack.
    Many of these photos are publicity stills, head shots, selfies, personal pictures.
    How is it that Charger has so many pictures of Allison Mack?
    What are Charger’s ties to Allison Mack?
    Charger has admitted to reading the civil suit against Allison Mack.
    Is Charger a friend or relative of Allison Mack?

    @hollissmith81 i mean no offense but to be honest whether i do or not know Allison is really of no one’s concern

  • Nicki Clyne should be proud of her relationship with Allison Mack.
    Allison Mack is now one of the most Notorious Criminals in History.
    That is not an easy accomplishment.
    Many criminals work their whole lives and never achieve the fame and notoriety that Allison Pimp Mack achieved.

    In Wikipedia Nicki’s spouse, Allison Mack is already listed as one of the Great Criminals of the 21st Century.
    Allison Mack is listed near the Ponzi swindler Bernie Madoff and the Mad Pooper of Colorado, a woman who jogs around Colorado Springs and defecates in people’s yards.

    Any actor can win an Oscar or Emmy but not many actors are anointed as “Great Criminals of the Century.”
    Category:21st-century American criminals
    Allison Mack
    The Mad Pooper
    Bernie Madoff

    Allison Mack “was arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 20, 2018, on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy in relation to her role in the NXIVM organization. Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in April 2019.

    And Nicki Clyne can bask in the reflected Glory of Allison Mack’s considerable accomplishments.

    Sex Trafficker
    Human Trafficker
    Slave Master

    Well done, Allison and Nicki!

    And kudos to Emiliguano Salinas!
    How many Mexican politicians can claim to have had Gay Sex with the reincarnation of Mussolini?
    Only Emiliguano Salinas!
    And you can bet that Emiliguano was the Bottom.

    Emiliguano, did you squeal like a pig?

    • M
      Let’s set the record straight.
      Allison Mack had constant feuds with other women in NXIVM.
      I recently detailed some of those feuds.

      1.) Pimp Mack pushed aside Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne in the harem putting herself as head of the wolf pack.

      2.) Pimp Mack used Siobhan Hotaling as a punching bag because Siobhan would not have sex with Raniere.

      3.) Pimp Mack had a feud with Marc Vicente’s wife Bonnie based on Allison Mack’s jealousy issues. This fact comes from Marc Vicente’s in court testimony.

      4.) Pimp Mack had a feud with Esther Chiappone Carlson based on Esther’s refusal to lose enough weight to look like a 12 year old girl.

      5.) Pimp Mack had a feud with Clare Bronfman over who would be the Master of India Oxenberg.

      6.) I might add the in court testimony where Pimp Mack was taking pictures of the various slaves and told Michelle thatshe had a “beautiful cunt.”

      Part 3: Gems From Trial: Allison Mack Tells Nude Slave She Has ‘Beautiful Cunt’
      “Michelle Hatchette was admired by Allison Mack”
      A Well, she said something when Michele went.

      Q What did she say when Michele went?

      A She said — … she looked at the photo and just kind of said, ‘Beautiful cunt.’ And I was just like, ‘God, what?’ I just was grossed out. And, yeah, and I just waited for my turn and I was, like, really angry. Really angry.


      Most men would not make a comment like that.
      Women would not consider it a complement.

      Michelle happens to be Nicki’s current room mate and girlfriend.
      Michelle and Nicki have been friends for a long time.

      Nicki Clyne gets along with a lot of these women.

      On the other hand Allison Mack is a nasty piece of work.

      • Again you continue to do heh shadow, before I had refuted all these, false statements and you again only ignore those who claim your lies and half-truths, used for the purpose of supporting your narrative.

        but I can also copy and paste.

        1.) Allison Mack entered the NXIVM Inner Circle, leaving aside other women like Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne.
        The aggressive search of Alison Mack de Raniere created much ill will.

        R-tell me Shadow at what time this happened, at what point Allison had more power than Lauren and Nicky, show me the evidence, so every reader of Frank Report knows that Lauren’s testimony made it clear that the 8 lines of women from First class responds only to KAR and, therefore, they have the same power and leadership, Lauren is also in NXIVM, green belt and Allison and Nicky are orange, on the other hand, Daniela Fernandes’s testimony says that KAR and only KAR determine who enters or leaves the intimate circle, so competing with each other does not change the leadership roles or the level of trust that KAR has in them, ask the Fernandes sisters that some of them struggled to reach the intimate circle.

        2.) Much of Mark Vicente’s testimony in court concerned the dispute between Allison Mack and Vicente’s wife, Bonnie Piesse.
        Finally, Raniere had to intervene and resolve the dispute.

        R-Raniere had to intervene because Mark requested it, and it wasn’t a dispute. Allison had a hostile attitude towards Bonnie, but her reasons were never set forth and, according to Vicente Raniere, forced her to accept that she wanted to destroy her wife, which fails to understand that Vicente was not sure if that was the truth or not.

        3.) One of Allison Mack’s friends was Siobhan Hotaling.
        But Allison liked to take out her frustrations with Siobhan and use her as a figurative punching bag.
        What was the ethical violation of Siobhan?
        The openly gay Siobhan refused to sleep with Raniere and that jeopardized Allison’s position in the Inner Circle.

        R- the story originally published in the comments section and then presented by Frank says so, but Lauren’s testimony gives another light on this episode, according to Lauren Siobhan and her girlfriend wanted to have a baby through artificial insemination Raniere believed that she would ask her she was the donor, but she knew that she did not want and that offended her, so she complained as the diva she is, made those in the inner circle claim Siobhan for her supposed ethical breach that made her see that she does not consider to Vanguar as a decent dynante for his son, so this was not exclusively from Allison.

        4.) Allison Mack had a dispute with Esther Chiappone Carlson.
        How did Esther offend Allison Mack?
        Esther is an older woman and a longtime member of NXIVM.
        Esther is not overweight but has a woman’s body.
        And Esther’s refusal to reduce the body of a 12-year-old girl offended Allison Mack.

        A. Here a clear sample of his bad intention to the public tirade continues on allison altering the facts in his narrative, the dispute with Esther was NOT about his own weight if not, in fact about the weight of allison, Esther was worried that Allison was losing a lot of weight and besides that she and other women were hungry and bulimia, Allison told Esther “you want it to look like a vallena.” so when you see shadows you continually try to change the facts with your narrative as if the other readers did not read.

        5.) Allison Mack even had a dispute with Clare Bronfman about who would be the Master of India Oxenberg, a dispute that Allison finally won.
        A- This alleged dispute has never been confirmed, it was only said that India Oxenberg did not want to be a slave to Clare Bronfman and preferred Allison, but in light of the evidence and testimonies presented during the trial, it is clear that Clare Bronfman was not a party of DOS.

         NXIVM was like a high school for “Mean Girls” and Allison Mack was the meanest girl of all.

        R if she was the baddest girl of all, since Lauren said that the things that were done in DOS were always under KAR’s orders and they all did, and on the other hand, the story of the Allison and Siobhan dispute says : “Allison discharges all her frustration and evil against Siobhan just like Lauren, unloads all her frustration and mischief against Allison” sounds very different, doesn’t it?

        Shadow asks you, how do you know that Nick has a better relationship with women in DOS than Allison? .before, you have privileged information that we do not know, that even Frank does not have, because you do not share your sources, I am sure we would all like to know about your great research work

  • im personally offended by this.

    like a gay man, a writer, a person that wants all of this in the public eye. first, its all a hypothesis, that emiliano wasn’t gay, and he was a victim of raniere only based in something that we cannot see and the poor understanding of gay couples.

    for me, many people in nxivm knew exactly what was happening. it was a luciferian cult, in disguise(a very stupid and transparent one). all of nxivm technology, was horrible, dumb, cruel, misogynist, bizarre, and useless.

    it was pretty obvious, what it was, especially with raniere history and accusations against him, the bronfmans, the scandals, emiliano father etc. i’m mexican, so i can tell you that carlos salinas its the most hated man, in mexico, way before nxivm, we know that raniere had many homosexual tendencies, and he was a pervert. i’m not gonna say that he was a homosexual or bi, i think that those classifications, only truly matter , if there’s love and a very difficult path full of questions.

    i see raniere like someone that has no profundity, only pain, and the worst kind of weakness, and i think for knowing you’re truth, limits, tastes etc, you have to have a capacity for question yourself. the same goes for emiliano, i just think that they have the oportunity for no limits, freud, jung, and manny others, put homosexuality, not just like a part of human psyche in general, like a force that forge the mind of all children/humans and if you contradict me, i hope that you never have a homosexual thought before after that, only then you can do it .

    its weird that rich people have so many rumors, of homosexual promiscuity, and freedom for centuries so that makes me wonder, are we all a little bit bisexual? let me rephrase that, given the opportunity of fucking everyone, with no consequences what would you do?

    i think raniere enjoy having lesbian porn, not because he likes lesbians or women, its a control thing, a power thing. in personality disorders, we can find that people don’t separate reality well, that people cannot separate symbols from real things, and raniere looks so much like carlos salinas, both sociopaths that enjoy charming massses, like edgar bronfman, alejandro junco, robert maxwell, donald trump etc. i think that betancourt and salinas where just another one of raniere whores maybe (yeah nicki clyne had a force affair with mack, but everything in nxivm was rape, a mental rape, a economic rape, even they rape many literally. so no shock, allison had a serious problem with females, many psychologist have describe a sexual tension in sexual rivals, and allison was so happy to have sisters who she can fuck. she enjoys it, she got gift, pleasure. its obvious that emiliano knew, and clare, betancourt, sara, del negro, salzman etc knew, almost everything.

    yes emiliano seems like a ignorant and a victim, for not knowing about nicole, so is nancy for not knowing about her daughter with raniere, and clare that jockstraps don’t cure trauma or anything. everyone knew the important, we are a satanic cult, that steals, kill, torture etc for decades. everyone knew about pedo raniere, about nancy hitler, they thought they were nazis, they create almost the same system, a network that can pull politic strings, that feeds with children and women, they were the best version of satanic luciferian people (nxivm was fucked up, but way less terrifying and cruel, that dutroux/nihoul, franklin scandal, mcmartin, saville, le var, mk ultra, monarch, even epstein seems like he killed way more)

    raniere took those techniques and transform them, the trauma, the disassociation, the mind control, the rituals, teachings. i think everyone knew, ludwika its one of many, of a long list of mexican actresses that marries for money. and also betancourt has many similarities with emiliano father, racitic horrible man, that only thinks in power, i’m a firm believer of the oedipus complex, so i can imagine emiliano falling in love with his father, always wanting his acceptance, the love of the devil himself.

    everyone compete for the love of a stupid, weak, liar, ignorant,tyrannical,insignificant, ugly man, not because he was great or intelligent, handsome, special, he look like the violence that all of them suffer, in their own family or whatever. that was the thing that makes raniere special, and a horrible fractal of what happens in the world, woman competing for the attention of a small tyrant, politicians sons looking for a messiahs that makes them “special”

    • Mauricio Urtaza
      Allison had a serious problem with women, many psychologists have described a sexual tension in their sexual rivals,

      Could you tell me where you got this, so far I have not found any story that I credit your statement, and I certainly doubt that someone who has a gay sister and who is openly proud of it, who also has the full support of his family, would have to hide if she is gay or bisexual herself, I suppose that after barios trios anyone could be considered bisexual, but your statements are unfounded, you also say that this was a very obvious cult, certainly that is dictatable, it depends on how attentive this the observer, if it were fasil to notice the cults when you do not have a real knowledge of how they work internally, would not be fascinating to someone whose first internal reference comes from a very close friend, finally say that the story about the fake marriage of allison and nicky came from a person who left this information in the comments section and that person clearly said it was to control allison, that means that It wasn’t Allison who offered to perform the marriage and only Nick would benefit.

  • They turned out Carlos Salinas’ son?!

    I just don’t get how the m’fers haven’t been assassinated yet.

  • Another thing to keep in mind in terms of cultural differences that may apply to NXIVM in Mexico, and Mexican NXians, is that homosexuality is viewed somewhat differently in Hispanic culture than in Anglo – those who have been around long enough may recall that there was some discussion of that in the infamous Menendez brothers murder trial.

    It’s complex, but despite our stereotypes about macho culture, there is a surprising acceptance of pubescent and teenage boys who act feminine in family settings, such as when playing with younger children – a role Betincourt might have played – and then men who assume the dominant role in same-sex encounters are not necessarily considered homosexual, and can even be seen as expressing male dominance* – a role Salinas might have played.

    It’s thus possible, for instance, that it may have taken less suggestion and manipulation on the part of Raniere and Salzman, to get Salinas into a same-sex relationship with Betincourt, than we might expect from our accustomed point of view. And there are even those aspects of machismo which could have been exploited to encourage that.

    I can even start to imagine Raniere the manipulator enjoying figuring out how to try to exploit that to get the Mexican men to do things. I wonder if he had enough ties to his own Italian/Sicilian background to understand more of the dynamics of Latino culture.

    My graduate work was in doing business in Latin America and non-Anglo-Franco European countries, and besides the fact that, for instance, their legal systems are based on constructs of Roman law quite different from the English common law basis that we are used to, there are surprisingly significant cultural and behavioral differences that affect business dealings and negotiations, and which have to be taken into account and adapted to.

    see, for instance, Cultural factors affecting urban Mexican male homosexual behavior.

    • “homosexuality is viewed somewhat differently in Hispanic culture than in Anglo ”


      I dare you to go to a bar in Mexican neighborhood and tell the men in that bar that they are all “Maricones.”
      I Double Dare You!
      I Triple Dare You!

      maricón m (plural maricones, feminine maricona, feminine plural mariconas)

      (derogatory, offensive, vulgar, slang) homosexual man, queer, faggot, effeminate man or boy, sissy

      • As I wrote, underneath the veneer of machismo are subtleties or even seeming contradictions that Anglo Americans may not understand – thanks for making my point about such lack of cultural knowledge.

        For instance, you may not go into a bar and use that word – but when you greet those men personally, they may expect a hug that is uncomfortably intimate by anglo standards:

        “When a male greets another male, who is his relative or friend, it is customary for them just to approach each other and give each other a hug. If you are a male and this sounds a little uncomfortable, then you better start practicing giving out hugs.”

        [in my extensive experience traveling in Latin America, younger men expect such warm greetings from strangers if they are friends-of-friends, and it in parts of South America a kiss on the cheek may even be part of the ritual]

        Spanish Greetings tips in Latin America

        If you want to learn something, put the term “proxemics” into The Google, and look at the differences between Anglo and Latino culture.

        Also, note 1) below – which fits with what I wrote previously:

        ‘Mexican sexual culture is often portrayed traditionally as grounded in values inherent in machismo and influenced by Catholicism. There is a contrast between these traditional interpretations of roles and sexual identities in Mexico and the identities that are being adopted by many contemporary Mexican homosexual men. The homosexual men were categorizable in terms of 1) those who dominated in the sexual relationship and who were capable of maintaining a nonstigmatized identity as regular men, 2) those who assumed a feminine role and were penetrated and who were stigmatized for their effeminate demeanor, and 3) a minority of men who assumed both roles and who were termed “anally active and passive”. ‘

        Cultural change, hybridity and male homosexuality in Mexico.

        • I was taught by a young male Mexican Spanish teacher not to use the word Maricon.

          I will stick with tried and true North American customs.
          You can hang out with Alex Betancourt and Emiliguano Salinas.

          • Yes, its fairly obvious that your strategy is to stick with the simplicities of what you learned in grade school.

            How far has that gotten you in life?

          • “Yes, its fairly obvious that your strategy is to stick with the simplicities of what you learned in grade school.” AnonyMaker

            Actually I learned German in High School and Spanish in college.
            And some Russian in Adult Education.If you are interested in the sciences you study German and Russian.
            There is almost no scientific research done in Spanish.

          • Ah, but you get to kiss the women, as well 🙂

            I probably get to kiss more ladies on a hot night along the Rio de la Plata, than you have in your entire life. I think that leaves me having the last laugh….

          • I’m beginning to lean towards AnonyMaker being a male.

            It depends on how one defines “ladies”, and Scott doesn’t know what a Rio de la Plata is, but he can go toe to toe with AnonyMaker on smooches if Scott can use early mornings on the Canal St boardwalk as his home base.

          • I figured out that both you and AnonyMaker were eunichs a LONG time ago. LOL

            Actually, I didn’t know what the Rio de la Plata is, so I asked the all-knowing Mr. Shadow, and he told me this, off of the top of his head: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            Jump to navigationJump to search
            For other uses, see Río de la Plata (disambiguation).
            Río de la Plata
            River Plate, La Plata River
            Rio de la Plata BA 2.JPG
            NASA photo of the Río de la Plata looking from northwest to southeast. Buenos Aires is visible on the right side near the Paraná River delta. River sediments turn the seawater brown in the vicinity of Montevideo, visible on the left coast.
            Map of the Río de la Plata basin, showing the Río de la Plata at the mouths of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, near Buenos Aires
            Etymology Spanish for “river of silver”
            Country Argentina, Uruguay
            Cities La Plata, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San Fernando, San Isidro, Vicente López, Avellaneda, Quilmes, Berazategui, Hudson, Punta Lara, Atalaya, San Clemente del Tuyú, Ciudad del Plata, Ciudad de la Costa, Colonia del Sacramento
            Physical characteristics
            Source Confluence of Paraná and Uruguay Rivers
            ⁃ location Argentina/Uruguay
            ⁃ coordinates 34°0′5″S 58°23′37″W[1]
            Mouth Atlantic Ocean
            ⁃ location Argentine Sea, Argentina
            ⁃ coordinates 35°40′S 55°47′WCoordinates: 35°40′S 55°47′W[2]
            Length 290 km (180 mi)[3] 4,876 km (3,030 mi) including the Paraná
            Basin size 3,170,000 km2 (1,220,000 sq mi)[4]
            ⁃ average 22,000 m3/s (780,000 cu ft/s)[3]
            Basin features
            ⁃ left Uruguay River, San Juan River, Santa Lucía River
            ⁃ right Paraná River, Luján River, Salado River
            The Río de la Plata (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈri.o ðe la ˈplata] (About this soundlisten), lit. “river of silver”)—rendered River Plate in British English and the Commonwealth and La Plata River (occasionally Plata River) in other English-speaking countries—is the estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and the Paraná rivers. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean, forming a funnel-shaped indentation on the southeastern coastline of South America. Depending on the geographer, the Río de la Plata may be considered a river, an estuary, a gulf or a marginal sea.[3] It is the widest river in the world, with a maximum width of 220 kilometres (140 mi).

            Río de la Plata in Argentina
            The river is about 290 kilometres (180 mi) long, and it widens from about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) at its source to about 220 kilometres (140 mi) at its mouth.[5] It forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay, with the major ports and capital cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo on its western and northern shores, respectively. The coasts of the river are the most densely populated areas of Uruguay and Argentina.[3]

            1 Geography
            1.1 Islands and shoals
            2 Hydrology
            2.1 Drainage basin
            2.2 Tributaries
            3 History
            3.1 European exploration
            3.2 Colonial period
            3.3 Revolutionary period
            3.4 Naval Battles
            3.4.1 Battle of Juncal (1827)
            3.4.2 Battle of the River Plate (1939)
            4 English names
            5 Fauna
            6 See also
            7 References
            8 Bibliography
            9 External links
            The Río de la Plata begins at the confluence of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers at Punta Gorda and flows eastward into the South Atlantic Ocean. No clear physical boundary marks the river’s eastern end; the International Hydrographic Organization defines the eastern boundary of the Río de la Plata as “a line joining Punta del Este, Uruguay and Cabo San Antonio, Argentina”.[2]

            Though it is generally spoken of as a river, the Río de la Plata is considered by some geographers to be a large bay or marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean.[3][5] For those who regard it as a river, it is the widest in the world, with a maximum width of about 220 kilometres (140 mi) and a total surface area of about 35,000 square kilometres (14,000 sq mi).[3]

            Islands and shoals
            The upper river contains several islands, including Oyarvide Island and the Solís Islands in Argentine waters and Juncal Island, Islote el Matón, Martín García Island and Timoteo Domínguez Island in Uruguayan waters. Because of deposition of sediments from the heavy stream load carried down from the river’s tributaries, the islands in the Río de la Plata generally grow over time.

            A submerged shoal, the Barra del Indio, divides the Río de la Plata into an inner freshwater riverine portion and an outer brackish estuarine portion.[6] The shoal is located approximately between Montevideo and Punta Piedras (the northwest end of Samborombón Bay). The inner fluvial zone is about 180 kilometres (110 mi) long and up to 80 kilometres (50 mi) wide, with a depth which varies from about 1 to 5 metres (3.3 to 16.4 ft); the depth of the outer estuary zone increases from 5 to 25 metres (16 to 82 ft).[6] The river’s discharge is strong enough to prevent saltwater from penetrating to the inner portion.[7]

            The Río de la Plata behaves as an estuary in which freshwater and seawater mix. The freshwater comes principally from the Paraná River (one of the world’s longest rivers and La Plata’s main tributary) as well as from the Uruguay River and other smaller streams. Currents in the Río de la Plata are dominated by tides reaching to its sources and beyond, into the Uruguay and Paraná rivers.[5] Both rivers are tidally influenced for about 190 kilometres (120 mi).[3] The tidal ranges in the Río de la Plata are small, but its great width allows for a tidal prism important enough to dominate the flow regime despite the huge discharge received from the tributary rivers.

            The river is a salt wedge estuary in which saltwater, being more dense than freshwater, penetrates into the estuary in a layer below the freshwater, which floats on the surface. Salinity fronts, or haloclines, form at the bottom and on the surface, where fresh and brackish waters meet. The salinity fronts are also pycnoclines due to the water density discontinuities. They play an important role in the reproductive processes of fish species.[6]

            Drainage basin
            Main article: Río de la Plata Basin

            Satellite image of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers emptying into the Río de la Plata. Due to the relatively calm surface of the estuary and the angle of the Sun relative to the satellite, the current of the river flowing out into the Atlantic is visible.
            The Río de la Plata’s drainage basin (sometimes called the Platine basin or Platine region)[8][9] is the 3,170,000-square-kilometre (1,220,000 sq mi)[3] hydrographical area that drains to the Río de la Plata. It includes areas of southeastern Bolivia, southern and central Brazil, the entire country of Paraguay, most of Uruguay, and northern Argentina. Making up about one fourth of the continent’s surface, it is the second largest drainage basin in South America (after the Amazon basin) and one of the largest in the world.[4]

            Further information: List of tributaries of the Río de la Plata
            The main rivers of the La Plata basin are the Paraná River, the Paraguay River (the Paraná’s main tributary), and the Uruguay River.[6]

            The Paraná River’s main tributaries include the Paranaíba River, Grande River, Tietê River, Paranapanema River, Iguazu River, Paraguay River, and the Salado River, after which it ends in the large Paraná Delta. The Paraguay River flows through the Pantanal wetland, after which its main tributaries include the Pilcomayo River and the Bermejo River, before it ends in the Paraná. The Uruguay’s main tributaries include the Pelotas River, Canoas River, Ibicuí River, and the Río Negro. Another significant tributary to the Río de la Plata is the Salado del Sur River.


            Discovery of the Río de la Plata by Juan Díaz de Solís. He would be attacked and killed by Charrúas later.
            European exploration
            The Río de la Plata was first explored by the Portuguese in 1512–13.[10][11] The Spanish first explored it in 1516, when the navigator Juan Díaz de Solís traversed it during his search for a passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, calling it the Mar Dulce, or “freshwater sea.”[3] The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan briefly explored the estuary in 1520 before his expedition continued its circumnavigation,[3] and in 1521 Cristóvão Jacques also explored the Plate River estuary and ascended the Parana River for the first time, entering it for about 23 leagues (around 140 km) to near the present city of Rosario.[12] The area was also visited by Francis Drake’s fleet in early 1578, in the early stages of his circumnavigation.[13]

            Explorer Sebastian Cabot made a detailed study of the river and its tributaries and gave it its modern name. He explored the Paraná and Uruguay rivers between 1526 and 1529, ascending the Paraná as far as the present-day city of Asunción, and also explored up the Paraguay River. Cabot acquired silver trinkets trading with the Guaraní near today’s Asunción, and these objects (together with legends of a “Sierra de la Plata” in the South American interior brought back by earlier explorers) inspired him to rename the river “Río de la Plata” (“River of Silver”).[3]

            The first European colony was the city of Buenos Aires, founded by Pedro de Mendoza on 2 February 1536. This settlement, however, was quickly abandoned; the failure to establish a settlement on the estuary led to explorations upriver and the founding of Asunción in 1537. Buenos Aires was subsequently refounded by Juan de Garay on 11 June 1580.[3]

            Colonial period

            The city of Buenos Aires sits along the southern coast of the Río de la Plata.
            During the colonial era the Río de la Plata was made the center of the Governorate of the Río de la Plata, but the region’s development was largely neglected by the Spanish Empire until the 1760s, when Portugal and Britain threatened to expand into the estuary.[3] The governorate was elevated to form the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata in 1776. In 1806 and 1807 the river was the scene of an important British invasion that aimed to occupy the area.

            Revolutionary period
            Conflict in the region intensified after the independence of the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the first quarter of the 19th century. Interests in the territories and the navigation rights over the Platine region played a major role in many armed conflicts throughout the century, including the Argentine civil wars, the Cisplatine and Platine wars, and the Paraguayan War.[3] The river was blockaded by France and Britain in 1838–1840 and 1845–1850.

            Naval Battles
            Battle of Juncal (1827)
            Main article: Battle of Juncal

            The naval battle during the Argentine-Brazilian War, 1827
            During the Cisplatine War, the Battle of Juncal (named after Juncal Island) took place in the waters of the Río de la Plata from 8–9 February 1827 between squadrons of the newly independent United Provinces of the River Plate and the Brazilian Empire. The Argentines scored a decisive victory, capturing or destroying fifteen Brazilian vessels and losing none.[14]

            Battle of the River Plate (1939)
            Main article: Battle of the River Plate
            In the first naval battle of the Second World War the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee was engaged by the Royal Navy (RN) cruisers HMS Exeter and Ajax, and the Royal New Zealand Navy cruiser Achilles,[15] off the estuary of the River Plate in December 1939. The German ship retired up the estuary with a crippled fuel system and put into port at Montevideo. A few days later, rather than fight when believing himself outgunned, her captain scuttled her in the estuary. This engagement was part of the early Battle of the Atlantic.

            English names
            The historical English name “River Plate” uses an obsolete sense of the word “plate,” which was used extensively as a term for “silver” or “gold” from the 12th century onwards, especially in Early Modern English.[16] The estuary has been known as the River Plate or Plate River in English since at least the time of Francis Drake.[17] This English version of the name served as an inspiration for one of Argentina’s most important football clubs, Club Atlético River Plate.

            A more literal translation of the name is “Silver River”, though this is virtually never used in practice.

            The Río de la Plata is a habitat for the loggerhead sea turtle, green sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, the rare La Plata dolphin, and many species of fish.

            See also
            Rioplatense Spanish
            Argentina–Uruguay relations
            1973 Boundary Treaty between Uruguay and Argentina
            The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, in Rome’s Piazza Navona, contains a figure representing the River Plate.
            1888 Río de la Plata earthquake
            Río Paraná Guazú at GEOnet Names Server (main distributary of the Río Paraná)
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            (The Achilles was part of the New Zealand Division)
            Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition, online version.
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            Simionato, Claudia G.; Vera, Carolina S.; Siegismund, Frank (2005). “Surface Wind Variability on Seasonal and Interannual Scales Over Río de la Plata Area”. Journal of Coastal Research. 21 (4): 770–78.
            External links
            Wikimedia Commons has media related to Río de la Plata.
            Wikisource has the text of a 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article about Río de la Plata.
            Treaty between Uruguay and Argentina concerning the Rio de la Plata and the Corresponding Maritime Boundary (19 November 1973)
            Paraguay, or the Province of the Rio de la Plata, with the Adjacent Regions Tucamen and Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a map from 1616 depicting the area
            “An Account of a Voyage up the River de la Plata, and Thence over Land to Peru: With Observations on the Inhabitants, as Well as Indians and Spaniards, the Cities, Commerce, Fertility, and Riches of That Part of America” from 1698
            “Plata, Rio de la” . New International Encyclopedia. 1905.
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        • Thanks for those links, AnonyMaker. Interesting stuff.

          There’s a pic of Raniere greeting Emiliano with wide-open arms making a mug face. Much as he researched the dossiers on NX targets and taught mimickry as an NLP sales principal do you suppose he boned up on the Mexican greetings?

          On another note, I have a hard time believing homosexuality has anything to do with tops or bottoms, giving or receiving — likely story — but mebbe I’m just not accustomed.

    • No matter how much women pretend to accept polygamy or polyamory, it really hurts them in their hearts .
      Only a fool like Raniere would impose such a system on women and think it was “paradise.”

  • Oh, and I forgot, people in the know are aware Allison wanted out a few months before the reveal…but then came Nicki and convinced Allison to marry her…

    Who’s the victim there? Nicki? Care to explain?

    Who was in Puerto Vallerta for months before the arrest? Who took advantage of whom?

    Allison didn’t get anything positive from her friendship with Nicki but Nicki sure benefitted from it…

    What I see here is a troll… Some kind of “monte blu” or “pea onyou”…Nothing else…

  • BTW, Frank, funny how you systematically give voice to anyone against Allison (even when the story makes NO SENSE AT ALL) but how you make a deliberate choice to ignore the facts when it comes to Allison’s defense…

    I can’t believe you are that dumb as to actually trust it’s a good story…a story that goes against every fact…
    A story that pretends that Allison led Nicki in the down path while saying clearly that Nicki was in BEFORE ALLISON…While we also know as a fact that Nicki was in the inner circle before DOS (without coercion!!!).
    And you dare to title it “Nicki was led down a dark road by Allison”…

    There is Nothing showing this in this “article” and it doesn’t make any sense (but it’s not like you usually make sense, anyway)

    • Speaking of ignoring the facts, there’s absolutely no evidence that your Ally was drugged, as you (I presume) continually claim – and while NXIVM may have done that to intensive participants in isolated cases, it’s highly improbably that it was done to any significant extent in DOS and the inner circle without it having come up at trial or been reported by Frank’s inside sources, plus there’s the inconvenient fact Mack was away from Knox Woods and the direct influence of Raniere for significant periods of time at several points. So Mack’s behavior that is actually hard to understand in any normal frame of reference, remains not only unexplained but almost highlighted by your desperate, failed attempts at excusing her.

  • And here we go for more BS stories…the title says it all!

    “Nicki Clyne Was Led Down a Dark Road by Allison Mack”
    Except that it was Nicky who dragged down Allison…she was a member for longer (including in the inner circle).

    “And whose dreams I crushed by fucking her boyfriend”? That is the truth. Poor Nicki.”
    Well, that is not Nicki and certainly not because of Allison!

    “Allison Mack helped destroy Nicki Clyne.”
    Nope, it’s the opposite and it’s proved

    “What is worse about all this is Nicki Clyne’s descent was witnessed, FACILITATED, by a large community of people in NXIVM. Everyone knew this was happening and nobody said a word. Nothing. It was disgusting”
    No, it was her work…she enjoyed it but Allison’s descent was witnessed (and testified in court) and facilitated by…Lauren, Nicki, and a large community of NXIVM people…

    What is funny is you stupidly recognize that Nicki was inner circle BEFORE Allison but manage (as stupidly) to pretend that it’s Allison who’s behind her fall…can someone be more idiotic (don’t answer, it’s possible, especially on FR)?

    You pretend to be an Ex Nxivm member and yet dare to defend Nicki against Allison…

    BTW who is waiting for sentencing, you idiot? Nicki? Allison?
    Who fell?

    Allison arrived after Nicki but it’s Allison’s fault that Nicki (who was inner circle for a LONG TIME) lost Raniere? Good for her than!
    Give a medal to Allison!

    BTW, Nicki’s descent was witnessed and facilitated? Where were you when it happened?
    Instead of accusing someone victim of this, how about looking at your action?
    What did you do to protect Nicki? You pretend you are an ex Nxivm member, so you were there!

    All I see here is another idiot who tries to blame Allison based on NOTHING.
    And, once again, while ignoring every possible fact…

    • Clyne may have been there first, but Mack somehow got herself fast-tracked to the position of being Raniere’s right-hand henchwoman – an inconvenient truth you can’t explain, much less explain away.

      In DOS, Mack ended up ranking above even Lauren Salzman, who’d been around far longer than anyone.

      Vicente said she appeared to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”)

      Edmondson thought “she’d now replaced Pam [Caftiz, infamous wing woman, and procurer – including of underage girls] as Keith’s number one”

      She reportedly took over running DOS after Raniere was arrested, and until she was arrested herself, which wouldn’t seem to fit with your narrative that she’d been ready to leave – plus don’t forget that she held out relatively long before finally making a plea bargain.

      Any satisfactory explanation, would have to actually explain all those sorts of things.

  • Nobody needs to write that down for Nicki Clyne, that’s all she knows for herself. Nicki’s self-knowledge was certainly always there as a hunch, but later she certainly became aware of herself. But she couldn’t stop, let alone dare to say anything or leave. Probably she lacked the courage to do so.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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