Are Allison Mack and Salzmans Cooperating With Feds in New, Bigger Nxivm Case Against Sara Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas?

Emiliano Salinas

A new Order just issued today by Judge Nicholas Garaufis grants Kathy Russell’s motion to postpone her sentencing.

Here it is:

ORDER re: Defendant Kathy Russell’s [839] Motion to Continue Sentencing. The Motion is GRANTED. Ms. Russell’s sentencing hearing is ADJOURNED sine die. The court will issue a further scheduling order following receipt of Ms. Russell’s pre-sentence report. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 1/21/2020. (Kelly, Daniel)

Now, it is official: Not one of the six Nxivm defendants has a sentencing date. That’s a little unusual.

Five of the defendants pleaded guilty in March-April 2019.  Keith Raniere was convicted on June 19, 2019,

Miss Kathy Russell

Now, it is 7-10 months later – and not one sentencing date?

I don’t think it augurs well for Keith, Clare and possibly even for pretty ballerina Kathy Russell.

Clare Bronfman AKA Legatus

Clare is definitely going to the slammer and for much longer than her original plea deal suggested. They told this goose when she took her plea deal last April that the prosecution estimated the sentencing guidelines were 21-27 months. [Then the prosecution went out and recruited dozens of victims to crank up her sentencing guidelines.]

One veteran federal criminal trial lawyer said when he heard, “So, all her money didn’t buy her anything.”

But why no sentencing dates?

Keith Raniere is in for the long haul. Frankly he is not likely to leave prison standing up.

For Raniere, experts in the federal sentencing world told Frank Report he is not likely to get “life”, but more likely between 25 and 35 years.  Which for 59-year-old Raniere is likely to be life anyway.

Whatever time he waits for sentencing at MDC will go toward time served.

As for Clare, we are expecting a 4-7 year sentence – at least double what she thought she was going to get.

Just like Miss Kathy, Clare’s and Keith’s Pre-Sentencing Reports have been delayed.  The prosecution rounded up victims and got their impact statements and that takes time.

Kathy and Clare are just seeing their Pre-Sentencing Reports.  I know for Clare it is not pretty. It is a monster of a report [about a monster] and recommends a much higher sentence than her plea deal suggested.

As for Kathy, I don’t know. Did the prosecution go out of their way to find victims of this hapless, aging ballerina who joined in threesomes with Raniere and cleaned his toilet, hot tub and dirty sheets after he fucked other women?

While this simpleton should probably not get a longer sentence than the 6-18 months her plea deal suggested, she could face up to 10 years.

Clare could get up to 25 years.

As for Keith, I can only imagine what his Pre-Sentencing Report looks like.  It might be one of the ugliest and shocking Pre-Sentencing Reports in recent memory.

But then again, he is one of the ugliest criminals you might not want to see.


Keith Alan Raniere.
Image result for pretrial and probation services
The US Probation and Pretrial Services, a part of the judicial branch of government, is tasked with writing a Pre-Sentencing Report on all federal convicted felons. These reports can greatly influence the decision the judge makes on sentencing.

I think we can excuse the US Probation and Pretrial Services Dept. for taking longer on these reports than they normally do. I doubt they handle cult leaders very often and with such a large number of victims.

Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy. She was the very first to hop on the plea deal bus.

But the real mystery is the delay of sentencing for Lauren and Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack.  Nancy faces a maximum of 20 years.

Lauren and Allison face a max of 40 years.

Lauren Salzman testified for the prosecution. Will she be called upon to do it again? She pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

The old sentencing guidelines upon which they all made their plea deals are out the window. They were in the 3-5 year range.  But with all the victims coming forward, it seems that all three might be facing longer sentences than their plea deals suggested.

On the other hand, it may not be so bad for these three.

Allison Mack, subject to home arrest at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, is awaiting sentencing. She pleaded guilty in April 2019 but there is still no sentencing date set for her. While Keith, Kathy and Clare had dates set in January, they were canceled because of delayed presentencing reports.

But unlike Keith, Clare and Kathy – Lauren, Nancy and Allison have not had any sentencing dates discussed at all.

The judge has put Keith, Clare and Kathy on the calendar. He has postponed dates and ruled on their requests for adjournments.

Not so with Nancy, Lauren and Allison.  For these three are not even on the calendar.


Are they cooperating with the feds as they move forward with an ongoing investigation?

What would they know?

Lauren and Nancy know enough to bury Clare for decades. Why? Because they were her coconspirators.

The Salzmans also know enough to snag another big fish – Sara Bronfman. She is worth big money in fines. And she is a big-time criminal coconspirator in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

Sara Bronfman-Igtet is in France and has refused to return to the USA since her sister was arrested.

And both Nancy and Lauren have enough on the biggest fish of them all  [in terms of headlines] – Emiliano Salinas.

Emiliano Salinas, his bride, actress Ludwika Palata, and his world-famous father, former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

Emiliano is the son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas.  Emiliano, along with his business partner and longtime lover, Alex ‘El Duce’ Betancourt, ran the Mexican Nxivm operations.

Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman and Emiliano Salinas toast the wonder that is Keith Raniere and his creation – Nxivm.There was criminality galore – of the racketeering kind – that Lauren, Nancy, Emiliano and ‘El Duce’ Betancourt handled for their criminal enterprise.

From extortion to smuggling to illegal spying, and money laundering, Emiliano was as stupid as Clare and Sara. They did not need the money. They committed crimes to please Keith Raniere.

On top of that, Nancy might know about various public officials who were bribed and a spate of lawyers who did various illegal activities [think obstruction of justice] to enable the racketeering enterprise.

Nxivm lawyer William Savino with his client Clare Bronfman, head to court to punish and likely cheat some victim of Raniere and Bronfman’s wrath.

I would not be shocked to see Nxivm lawyers like Steve Coffey, Pam Nichols and Bill Savino charged with racketeering, suborning perjury, etc.

And we can’t forget Albany DA David Soares and NYS Trooper Rodger Kirsopp.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares. He waded through curious conflicts of interest to ensure Nxivm enemies were indicted

All these people did strange and seemingly corrupt things for Nxivm and against their enemies.

And who can forget the extremely corrupt Anthony Bruce, the AUSA who indicted me – quite possibly for pay – and then retired?

An ad regarding Anthony M. Bruce

Lauren would also know about another prominent Mexican, Rosa Laura Junco, whose father is said to be richer than the Bronfman brats by several orders of magnitude.

There would be big headlines and money too.

Rosa Laura Junco, a DOS first line master, offered her underage virgin daughter to Keith Raniere

As for Allison?

She knows about two dirty doctors, Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts. She knows about their medical crimes and financial fraud.

Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.
Dr. Danielle Roberts wielded the branding pen and participated in the racketeering scheme to lie to women about initials on the brand.

Allison also knows about Nicki Clyne and their fake marriage.

Nicki Clyne, according to the DOJ, was in a “fake” marriage with Allison Mack. She could be charged for that criminal offense and Allison could testify against her. It would be an extra headline for a very juicy case.

Allison also could testify about the dynamic duo – Jim Del Negro and Esther Chiappone Carlson – and their series of frauds in SOP and Jness.

It could make for a pretty good second trial with an all-star cast.

Just suppose:

Keith Raniere on additional charges: another 30 years on top of his first sentence.

Clare on any number of the dozens of easily provable crimes she committed but got away with: another 10 years and $10 million.

Sara Bronfman:5 years and $20 million.

Emiliano Salinas – [worldwide news. The son of the former Mexican president – Carlos Salinas – the man said to be the boss of bosses of the drug cartels]: 3 years $20 million.

Carlos Salinas is said to be the boss of bosses. He has an imbecile son. But in Mexico, everyone knows Carlos is dangerous, It is said of him that he has a high turnover in friends. One day he meets a guy, then he never sees him again.

Nicki Clyne: 3 years but no fine. Then  deportation.

Plus lawyers, politicians, two doctors, a District Attorney, perhaps a state trooper – and a few rank-and-file members like Del Negro and Chiappone Carlson – and you have a sickening stew of criminality – which translates to a very sweet case.

Keep in mind, this is the Trump DOJ – and the EDNY is led by a Trump Republican appointee. The Bronfmans and Salinas are very Clinton/Democrat-friendly.  If the Trump DOJ has the guts to tackle Emiliano, it will weaken a Trump enemy and garner world headlines.

The DOJ already said at the Raniere trial that Emiliano committed numerous criminal acts.  They know his crimes. It is said they wanted to indict him for the first trial when Jeffrey Sessions was Attorney General, but they backed down.

With William Barr as AG, the atmosphere may have changed.

In any event, this trial could be bigger than the first trial – with a lot more seizure money at stake.

If AUSA Tanya Hajjar wants to make her name like Moira Penza did in the Raniere trial, this is her chance. The evidence will be there if she has the cooperation of Lauren, Nancy and Allison.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar can step into prominence if she is appointed lead prosecutor for the Nxivm Case Part 2. Maybe this is why we have not had a whiff of sentencing dates for Lauren, Nancy and Allison.

It is standard operating procedure to postpone sentencing for cooperating witnesses until after the trials they are cooperating in are completed.  That’s the best way to ensure “the right kind” of testimony.  The old carrot and stick.

If Allison, Lauren and shrewd Nancy Salzman were sentenced before they testified, they would have a lot less incentive to tell what the prosecution wants to hear –  true or false – and a lot of it will be true.

On the other hand, perhaps this is nothing more to the lack of news about Allison, Lauren and Nancy’s sentencing – while hearing a lot about Keith, Clare and even little Kathy – other than it is just taking a long time to complete Pre-Sentencing Reports.

Still, Clare and Kathy remain loyal to Keith.

Allison, Lauren and Nancy have turned on him. Have they turned state’s evidence?

If Allison, Lauren and Nancy have sentencing dates set soon, then we will know they are not cooperating and most likely there will be nothing more for Nxivm from the feds.

But if the others get sentencing dates and Allison, Lauren and Nancy still do not, I would conclude there will be a new wave of indictments.


Finally, two stories have been reported and we are unable to confirm or deny them.

Unpleasant Picture Ahead

Image result for waRNING SIGN


Keith is rumored to have told a female prison guard at MDC, “I just had my first blow job since I came to prison.”

She smiled and asked, “How was it?’

Keith reportedly said, “It tasted horrible.”


Esther Chiappone Carlson with her longtime boyfriend Jim Del Negro

The other story concerns Jim Del Negro and his lovely girlfriend, Esther Chiappone Carlson.

Jim was talking to his Nxivm buddy [redacted].

Jim said, “Did you hear that SOP has a new club to replace Apropos?”

“No, what’s it like?”

“Well for $6 admittance, you get a drink, lunch and get laid!”

Jack said, “Six dollars, I can’t believe it. Have you been there yet?”

Jim said,  “No, but Esther has.”


Viva Executive Success!





















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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

You know, Rex, I must confess — although I’m sure doing so will hugely diminish my alleged “cult leader” following here among Clare’s multitude of head-fuck, harassment victims — I do sometimes feel a tinge of compassion for the Bronfman brats, especially the less pretty one.

In fact, this past couple of weeks I happened to be among the Santa Barbara polo set — I’m awaiting a court date to maybe get to see my son again, though a Christmas visit was apparently out of the question as the greedy Mr. Solomon was not available to bill Dylan for court approval on that — and the Bronfman family name came up bc some of the brats kinder kin once lived there and still run a charitable, Jewish family center.

As I watched some old friends lovingly riding and grooming their geldings, I thought, “But for Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman and all the avaricious attorneys and consultants they used to help harness the Bronfman wealth for themselves, why Clare Bear might be here showing her own prize stallion.”

[Frank told me once that Raniere put the kabosh on Clare’s riding bc, from his ethically superior perspective, “riding them hurts the horses.”]

And, it also occurred to me — IDK why — that Clare was in so few of those pics at Necker Island — I can’t recall one, in fact — I’d have to remember to ask Frank if she were even there. Meanwhile, Clare’s big sis, Sara, and even her Mom, Georgiana, were prominently, flirtingly featured in so many of them — some, I noticed, where Georgiana was vainly arching up to tighten her neck and some where she was most provocatively displaying her tongue, not unlike Raniere acolytes are prompted to do in many group pics thereafter.

You see, I’ve learned a little in hindsight about how Raniere and Salzman deftly used even good natured sibling rivalry and family dynamics against their most targeted victims — the hard way.
My first shocking lesson on that came when I pulled down the visor on the passenger side of Gina’s car at the scene of her “suicide” to find a picture of me, Gina and my ex-husband, with me torn clean off it. It fell in two pieces into my lap and gave me such a jolt of pain, I still quiver a bit discussing it.

So, yeah, there’s some compassion there in my heart for even wicked, weaponized Clare.

Until I had my friend call Jeff and ask about maybe making some plans for me to see my son without going into court and costing Dylan another few thousand gouged from his medical funds — which hurts less than seeing him but still causes me pangs knowing that with so little of it left relative to Dylan’s ginormous medical needs and Medicare on the brink of ending that’s a virtually death sentence for him someday when I may not be around to support him — but, ever-anxious to stay on the good side of Solomon lest he even consider making an appearance of impartiality and at least check Dylan’s medical records to confirm whether or not Jeff is telling the truth at all — Jeff declined even our old, mutually friend’s entreaties.

At that point, my compassion for Clare Bronfman — given the multi-millions she’s spent on Salzman’s mind-fucking minions and in litigation to destroy so many others lives falls flat.

So, TROLL ON ASSHOLE! See ya at Clare’s sentencing hearing!

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Could be both, Clav.

I know my ex-husband, the infamous Jeff Apple, has offered me up as an excuse for Raniere to have fled the Country in fear of my alleged, avenging assassin acumen — despite the fact that I didn’t even attend the trial Jeff generously offered to not only provide my first class transport to but put me up in a stylish Manhattan hotel for the duration — yes, you have no idea what Jeff has done and will do to avoid his lifelong support obligation to our disabled son while relying on the County to provide Dylan’s home health care in lieu of the loving care of his mother to whom he must then pay support and share in the SSA benefit Jeff receives for Dylan but already diverted to his own, separate household through fraud — combined with the fact that I do not nor would I ever own a gun —despite Jeff’s lies in that regard to the conservatorship court — added to the fact that with Raniere certain to spend the remainder of his life in prison, were I so vengefully inclined I would not put him out of his misery but delight in his daily torment — which tells me that Raniere’s Bronfman-funded legal team is, indeed, yet seeking grounds for appeal ISO new facts or lies, as the case not only may be but IS.

And you’ll proudly note, Frank, I didn’t mention anything about the gaslighting and death threats so as not to appear paranoid even though we all know that’s what NXIVM does and continues to do with a little help from fellow narcissists like, say, Jeff Apple and possibly a Dennis Burke or Bronfman conspirator who can put on a really good street theatre show like David Geffen, whom we know Jeffrey Bronfman met with.

IDK, maybe Jeff Apple WILL work in Hollywood again despite Al Pacino’s promise if Jeff’s accusations help keep Clare or Sara Bronfman and/or Emiliano Salinas out of prison at Jeff Apple’s disabled son’s expense.

Except they aren’t charged with fleeing the Country and so far don’t need an alibi to do so. Well, at least not yet. Oops.

But I do wonder why Dr. Phil’s producer asked me if I thought Clare killed my sister, however. True Answer: No, I believe Keith & Nancy got Gina out of the picture, by hyper assisted suicide or — as Frank not I, necessarily, believes — murder hoping the Bronfman’s would not ever learn about the statuatory rapes. Too bad Keith couldn’t resist Camila Fernandez, however.

3 years ago

“But unlike Keith, Clare and Kathy – Lauren, Nancy and Allison have not had any sentencing dates discussed at all.”
Wrong…Nancy had a date , Her daughter too (in september 2019)…only Allison never had a sentencing date.

“She knows about two dirty doctors, Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts. She knows about their medical crimes and financial fraud.”
No she doesn’t, if trial showed one thing is that Allison wasn’t connected to any crime until the vow (and that means , after the coercion)…

You start to imagine a huge new trial while it’s obviously for the appeal (and they need Allison and the Salzmans because of the poor management of the first trial)

“Allison also knows about Nicki Clyne and their fake marriage.”
And you believe that if true she’ll shot herself in the foot? seriously ? think for a second…
Allison still has the benefit of the doubt for this part as in her case, she kept her engagement ring…
At this point, this is likely the least of the problem for justice.
They aim at serious crimes.
The 2 doctors risk nothing more than losing their licences and Nicky would likely be send back in Canada for a sham marriage…

“Allison also could testify about the dynamic duo – Jim Del Negro and Esther Chiappone Carlson – and their series of frauds in SOP and Jness.”
Whatever, believe what you want to believe but you know very well it’s bull…Allison was connected to DOS, period…nothing else and she was not in the inner circle until 2015-16.
Why would she know anything before that while Raniere hid everything (even from his trustee).

“If AUSA Tanya Hajjar wants to make her name like Moira Penza did in the Raniere trial, this is her chance”
This is the proof of your delusion…any lawyer would tell you that Penza’s career was going backward, not forward…
Hajjar already did a good name during the trial as she made sense, asked the right question and tried to pin the only defendant of the case (instead of trying and failing to pin one of her “joker”).

If anything, this will just show that Hajjar really got the “talent” for this job further more…but she is certainly not going to take penza as an example.

“On the other hand, perhaps this is nothing more to the lack of news about Allison, Lauren and Nancy’s sentencing – while hearing a lot about Keith, Clare and even little Kathy – other than it is just taking a long time to complete Pre-Sentencing Reports.”
No, Since Allison didn’t had a date and the 2 got postponed way to early, it’s likely the appeal…

“Allison, Lauren and Nancy have turned on him. Have they turned state’s evidence?”
Nancy didn’t yet but Allison and Lauren did…it’s factual.
Allison gave access to certain document she had and a USB key while Lauren testified enough for this…

You have to stop with this rinsed story…We know nothing and the only logical explaination is the appeal…you dream about a second trial (for your revenge) but the reality is they likely will never do a second trial (but the appeal)…
First , it cost way too much to the US citizen…while for some people of Nxivm, it would be useful, you go with a del negro or a cline that are pawn rather than fishes…
You always aim at the bottom player (or some victims) rather than being logical.
I’m confident this whole postponing is just a mix of victims coming toward and preparation to the appeal…nothing else

K.R. Claviger
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m curious as to your repeated references about “the appeal”. Are you suggesting that the prosecution has been delaying the sentencings so that it could be better prepared when Raniere files his appeal? Or are you suggesting that the defendants are somehow delaying the sentencings so that they’ll be more prepared for their appeals?

While Raniere is the only one who can appeal his conviction, all six of the defendants can appeal their sentences. Clare, however, can only appeal hers if it’s more than 27 months – which it’s going to be.

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

My guess:

Yes, victims coming forward.

No, they would not postpone for an appeal.

3 years ago

Keith Raniere already has seven convictions against him many based on Racketeering.
Each Racketeering charge can bring twenty years in prison.
Judge Garaufis could easily sentence Raniere to one hundred years in prison without the need for any extra convictions.
And Raniere faces potential charges in the NDNY for child sex trafficking and child pornography.

So why the delay in sentencing Keith Raniere?
Using the logic of this post maybe Keith Raniere is cooperating.
After all a recent article in the Frank Report suggested that Raniere has the reputation of being a snitch.
And Raniere received mysterious lumps on his head even though he was kept isolated in a SHU Special Housing Unit at the Brooklyn MDC.
Federal prison and jail facilities seem to be having an epidemic of high profile prisoners being injured mysteriously.

There is only one logical explanation.
Keith Raniere’s sentencing has been delayed because Keith Raniere is cooperating.
And since Clare Bronnfman has cut off Raniere’s commissary money he has no reason not to cooperate against Clare

Now let’s get back to reality.
The Feds were in a hurry up mode in early 2018 to shut down NXIVM before it committed any further damage to its many hundreds of victims and haste makes waste.
There were rumors that NXIVM was in the process of setting up websites to distribute blackmail material over the internet smearing its many hundreds of victims.
Moreover, both Raniere and Clare Bronfman were in Mexico, a nation with a judicial system for sale to the highest bidder.
To top it off Clare Bronfman owns an island in Fiji and both miscreants could have headed off to the South Seas further complicating any efforts to extradite them back to the US.

As a result even before the investigation was complete the US Justice Department had to arrest Raniere and his fellow gangsters and shut down NXIVM.
Even before all of the computer files were analyzed and all the witnesses were interviewed NXIVM had to be closed down.
Only with the time available after all of the NXIVM defendants were convicted did the FBI have the leisure to investigate more completely.

For all of the people who praised Moira Penza I will offer a dose of reality.
Former AUSA Penza offered too many sweet plea bargain deals.
The worst example is the plea bargain deal offered to Clare Bronfman.
Further investigation revealed that the NXIVM gang inflicted far more damage than was first apparent and the deal given to Clare Bronfman stunk to high heaven.
Penza’s new job with a private law firm combined with the EDNY job offer to Teny Geragos, Raniere’s attorney, make it appear like some kind of fix was in.

“Raniere’s Attorney, Teny Geragos, Seeks to Replace Moira Penza at EDNY – Raniere Likely to Have Curcio Hearing”

Not only did Teny Geragos represent Keith Raniere but her father Mark Geragos represented Clare Bronfman for a time.

No doubt the time since the trial has allowed the NXIVM investigation to continue at a more relaxed but complete pace.
And it turns out that NXIVM has hundreds of victims.
A literal Tsunami of Victims.

As it turns out NXIVM was not just a Sex Trafficking Operation it was also an industrial scale Blackmail Operation.
Every month the one hundred plus victims of NXIVM DOS had to submit new blackmail.
Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were very diligent about producing and archiving this blackmail.
This information was digitized and uploaded to the internet.
In spite of the requests of victims who want this blackmail returned to them, this information is still out there in cyberspace with the potential to seriously damage the victims in the future.
NXIVM is an ongoing crime against these women.

I believe that any pre-sentencing reports will have a difficult time identifying all of the victims of NXIVM and listing what harms they suffered.

I might add that the Feds don’t always prosecute every crime they uncover.
Don’t get your hopes up that these potential defendants will be indicted.
Particularly in the case of potential NXIVM defendants who live overseas it might be quite time consuming getting other nations to cooperate for political reasons.
For NXIVM members like the Salinas family, the Betancourts, Rose Laura Junco the US will have political considerations in prosecuting them.
The same holds true for Sara Bronfman in France or Kim Constable in the UK.
I’ll give you an example where the Feds let a minnow go when they had the goods on him.

Back around 1988 the FBI in Chicago had an informant named Robert Cooley.
Cooley wore a wire for the Feds to uncover corruption in the Cook County political and judicial system.
Cooley reported to the FBI that a young prosecutor in Cook County was working part time as a bookie to the Mob and was paying the Mob a Street Tax.
The FBI said this prosecutor was just a minnow and they were going after whales.
So the FBI let the young prosecutor off the hook.
Over time this minnow turned into a whale.
He became a US Congressman in 1996 and was elected Illinois Governor in 2002.
In 2004 this minnow even developed Presidential ambitions.

Who was this minnow?
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Blagojevich is now serving time at the Federal prison in Florence, Colorado for numerous crimes.

“Blagojevich was bookie, says federal informant”
“His name is Robert Cooley.
Cooley was a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago in the late 1980’s who became one of the most potent witnesses against Chicago corruption, testifying for federal prosecutors in cases that resulted in dozens of convictions”

“When I was working with government wearing wire, I reported, I observed Rod Blagojevich who was running a gambling operation out in the western suburbs. He was paying street tax to the mob out there,” said Robert Cooley, federal informant.”

“On a web-based interview show last week, Cooley said he reported to federal authorities nearly two decades ago that Rod Blagojevich had been operating an illegal sports gambling business.”

“Robert Cooley is a former Chicago police officer-turned mob lawyer-turned federal informant.”

“During Operation Gambat in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Cooley’s undercover work and testimony put away 24 crooked politicians, judges, lawyers and cops.”

“He told ABC7 that Mr. Blagojevich regularly paid a so-called street tax to Robert “Bobby the Boxer” Abbinanti, a convicted outfit gambling collector. In the early 1980’s, Abbinanti was working for convicted West Side mob boss Marco D’amico. Bookies pay street taxes to the crime syndicate in exchange for being allowed to operate such a racket.

“I predicted five years ago when he ran (for Governor) the first time that he was a hands on person who would be selling every position in the state of Illinois and that it exactly what happened,” said Cooley.”

3 years ago

Very interesting.

3 years ago

Almost interesting but too much fantasy or fake stories in your BS…like those:

“As it turns out NXIVM was not just a Sex Trafficking Operation it was also an industrial scale Blackmail Operation.”
It’s already not a sex trafficking operation but you probably don’t know what is a sex trafficking operation…
It’s a harem here, the only sexual operation was the sexual abuse that Raniere did on the victim…no money was involved and no exchanges happened between the victims and a potential new owner (if it was a sex trafficking, it’s also human trafficking…nobody was prostituted or anything like that…they were sexually abused by 1 guy…this is all in the court document but you prefer to read your fictions).

” Every month the one hundred plus victims of NXIVM DOS had to submit new blackmail.”
No, it was clearly pointed that only those Raniere chose had to do it…and it’s nowhere near the 100…

“Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were very diligent about producing and archiving this blackmail.”
Sure, diligent when you ignore the starvation, coercion, sleep deprivation and potentially the drugging (for Allison, at least)…
The reality is they didn’t have the choice …Lauren a little bit more as she was involved many crimes for a long time but Allison was caught in the same position as the other victims…

You ignore this but the court didn’t…The court stuck by facts, not by fake stories or fantasy stories, old man…

Nobody bought any of your bs stories (in the sane world anyway)…

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’d add Sinoloan drug cartel money laundering operation (one of them) and second the large-scale extortion or blackmail operation premise evidenced by 42 library floors of terabyte data confiscated by the FBI. Also substantiated by the fact that NXIVM hackers extraordinaire Ben Myers and Steve Ose have not been charged and Nancy Salzman’s extraordinary plea bargain deal did not include her cooperation with prosecutors — when has that ever happened?

But that’s fine so long as they got that ruthless, bloodthirsty criminal mastermind, Allison Mack. (Sarcasm.)

3 years ago

In case nobody noticed, Emiliano Salinas has a private instagram page and Sarah Edmondson is following him, one of her more recent follows. He has also ‘liked’ some of her recent posts. Are these two perps in contact still? Salinas is a horrible bastard. Is it not true that he and Keith Raniere wanted to get Susan Dones thrown in Mexican prison thru his contacts and have her raped, literally, into signing a retraction of all her criticisms of NXIVM? And Sarah Edmondson, the wannabe hero, who wants everyone to think she knew nothing was wrong about NXIVM until May 2017, is happy to be buds with Salinas?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I believe you will find many of the current and former members of NXIVM are still mentally part of the criminal gang/cult.

NXIVM is a magnet for misfit toys, people who are mentally disturbed in one way or another.

And many NXIVM people believe that the only thing Raniere did wrong is get caught.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I don’t think you can assume that just because they are still connected on social media, that they are still all in on NXIVM and trying to be ‘buds’ per se. For example with Sarah, she could be keeping an open line of communication in case people reach out and wise up, need advice, seeking desperate help, etc. It’s also easier to assist others that need help when you have a fuller picture of what is going on with the others, staying connected will do that. I think it is a smart move for her, she has nothing to hide now. So you might be right, but I personally do not think so.

Both are shit people
Both are shit people
3 years ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

There is no excuse to be associating with a criminal and thug like him, especially with so much information out there about him. Sarah Edmondson is not clean either. That is why they are all happy to associate with each other. They can’t finger point like they have nothing to be ashamed about, as if they even are ashamed. They are opportunists, like Sarah Edmondson reBRANDING herself (pun intended) to be an innocent victim/hero. Salinas doesn’t seem to have a problem with Edmondson if he’s liking her social media posts. Salinas has apparently distanced himself from the cult, only because the branding story affects his political ambitions. Sarah Edmondson because she was too high up in the cult to walk away quietly after she was personally affected. Same with Mark Vicente.

“she has nothing to hide now.”

She is hiding lots about her role in the cult, what she knew about, did, ignored etc. She pretended to be a messiah in the cult and is now still pretending to be a special moral person with her book and media attention seeking behavior.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I read in the Canadian press, some months back, that S. Edmondson was one of the few heads of a NXIVM branch to make substantial income from her efforts.

“Edmondson, 41, says the training gave her a sense of purpose and drive, which she harnessed at one point to earn up to $20,000 a month recruiting members and running the Vancouver centre. (This was after she’d spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses to rise up the ranks.)”

Some praise Edmondson for helping to take down NXIVM and that’s fine but the question remains why she was such an enthusiastic acolyte of Raniere and the NXIVM curriculum. She worked hard for the organization. As a center-head and coach, she was a leader within an MLM scam.

So, fine, praise her for doing the right thing when she did.

I guess we might also pat a car thief on the back for refusing to traffic slaves.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“So, fine, praise her for doing the right thing when she did.”

She didn’t though. She was trying to save herself. The right thing to do would be to leave as soon as you found out about unethical behaviour and tell everyone what you know. Speak out in public so to not allow the cult to get new members. Sure, NXIVM went after critics, including ex-members, but Sarah Edmondson already knew that… and couldn’t give a tiny rat’s fart about it. Waiting twelve or so years until you became on the receiving end of your cult’s bullshit, before leaving and going to the press and authorities to save your old branded ass is not doing the “right thing”.

If an ISIS insurgent was accused by his fellow terrorists of being a spy and they try and kill him and he goes to the CIA to help hunt down his terror cell, he wouldn’t be doing that because it’s the “right thing” to do morally, but because he wants to save his brown ass.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

To Anonymous:

“She didn’t though. She was trying to save herself.”

You’ll get no argument from me. It appears her major concern was whether good or bad PR would result from her actions. Anything to preserve her public persona and career.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The name Marty Rathbun springs to mind. For those who don’t know, Rathbun was the deputy leader of the Church of Scientology for many years. In 2004, he was sent to The Hole, a prison for Scientology executives, and very soon after, he escaped (quite literally – on a motorbike) from the cult.

He later became one of the leading voices against Scientology, appearing in many news reports and documentaries about the group – including the HBO movie Going Clear. In recent years, however, he seems to have rejoined the cult in some capacity, releasing a series of videos in which he defends Scientology and trashes its critics.

The reason I say all of this is that, to me, it’s funny how Rathbun was happy destroying other people’s lives for so many years, beating underlings, sending them to Scientology prison and splitting families – yet as soon as HE found himself in the firing line, he escaped faster than you can say ‘Xenu’.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m in no position to judge having no clue what went on in Vancouver but I do know, firsthand, there’s a huge Hollywood factor in this case and in much of the corruption that goes on worldwide.

What your average person — be they cop or crook or politician or Judge or grocery clerk or MLM salesperson — why, even a disabled program “founder” — wouldn’t do for a shot (or second shot) at stardom is a very short list in my personal experience.

Take, for instance, the founders of my disabled son’s program. (Though amongst themselves they’re still fighting over the founder title.) Why, one of them recently got a “Women in Film” achievement award though she has not worked in the film industry for decades, while another former child star got renewed world-wide attention — ever mentioning her historic Hollywood achievements — by falsely claiming her disabled son and his Hispanic caregiver were being harassed by neighbors in Malibu. Whereby said child star, Kym Karath, formed a tight relationship with an equally ambitious DA investigator who just happens to be investigating Karath’s husband, Jeff Apple’s, claims that I’m not only out to kill Keith Raniere but also, in my general paranoid delusions of late (the typical age of onset for the paranoid szchizophrenia they hope to diagnose me with for women is about 35 years younger than either of us, ssshhhh.)

Well, I suppose if you can call once telling Kym she has “so much Botox in her face it’ll be the last thing standing on earth” in anger that she refused to allow Jeff Apple to pay a penny of support for his own son to help prevent Dylan and I from being evicted a “threat” to her very life, then I guess I’m guilty.

There you go, Kym, that oughtta be good for another 15 minutes of fame without having to make me Clare Bronfman or Keith Raniere or Dennis Burke’s would-be assassin, or have you got a Geffen deal in the works to boot?!

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Many of them are still facebook friends, as well.

3 years ago

With all the sentencings being delayed, it does seem that there is a high probability that something is up.

It could be something big – or mundane, like something going on in the probation office resulting in all these relatively complex reports being delayed, from staff turnover to changes in procedure; if so presumably it would be something the defendants and attorneys hope would work to their advantage, and thus have no reason to object to while the defendants remain in home detention.

Rex E Noslrac
Rex E Noslrac
3 years ago

Haven’t Clare and Sara suffered enough already? Allison, Nancy, Lauren are evil incarnate. Stop the madness.

3 years ago
Reply to  Rex E Noslrac

Rex E Noslrac:

Nice new name, Nicki!

So are Sara Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas funding NXIVM through its days of darkness?

So again, Nicki, I must renew the question:
Who is Charger426Hemi1?

yesterday, Charger posted a new picture on Instagram.
That was around 8 AM Chicago time, 6 AM Los Angeles time.

Yesterday evening, a young woman recorded her disgust at the sex trafficker and torturer with one word.

Being the Puckish, fun-loving character I am, I responded: “Don’t you want to be branded, blackmailed and turned into a sex slave?”
Within one hour of my comment, charger426hemi1 deleted both the young woman’s comment and my comment.

So again, Nicki, I must renew the question:
Who is Charger426Hemi1?
How does Charger426hemi1 have access to so many photos of Allison Pimp Mack?

3 years ago

Nikki’s new thing is to spell name’s backwards. She recently did that with Orge N. Ledsemaj ( aka James Del Negro lol). So this is, Carl Sonexer? or Maybe Carlson Exer? Carl Son (of ) Exer?

I personally love the creativity. Interested to see who is next!

3 years ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

Or whoever the troll is, who likes toying with Shadow.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

I’ll say this for Nicki, she is a clever young woman.
But, unfortunately, she uses her cleverness for the wrong purposes.

3 years ago


3 years ago
Reply to  Ice-nine

Esther Carlson

3 years ago
Reply to  Eureka

ah yes, obviously.

3 years ago

Can we ALL just look at the above comment! When Pea Onyou posts Anti-A.M posts “she is Evil, betrayed Keith” etc etc Shadow responds “pea is Nikki Cline!!!” When “charger” posts Fan pages devoted to A.M… he shouts “it’s Nikki Cline”!! He has found at least 9 now!! This ” journalist” is deranged stalker with a PERSONAl Vendetta after being rejected… Nikki Cline is his new target.. he ignores facts logic to peddle his obsessions… Be aware the full extent of his years long campaign are coming.. he hasn’t had the intelligence to cover his tracks

3 years ago
Reply to  Truthseeker

What effects?

Frank Parlato has mentioned that there is an odd rivalry between Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.

Nicki expected to be Raniere’s Number One Slave.

Then Allison Mack moved to Clifton Park and horned in on Nicki’s show.

Raniere is too stupid to understand human nature.

While women might claim to be “cool” with sharing a boyfriend, the truth is that such arrangements never work out.

That rivalry between the two women would be enough by itself to explain why Nicki posted the Instagram photos from Puerto Vallarta and alerted the FBI.

Nicki Clyne neatly arranged Allison Mack’s downfall and got revenge on Allison for her man stealing.

3 years ago

Ok, Thanks for clearing that up, Shadow. So Pea is a Nikki Cline that hates A.M and Charger is a different Nikki Cline that loves Allison and sets up pages devoted to her.. I hadn’t realized there were so many different types.. Gotta catch em all.. Keep up the good work hunting them all down 😄😄😄

3 years ago
Reply to  Truthseeker

Shadow was always the kid that fell for Grandpa’s “Pull my Finger” trick….every fucking time. Grandpa ruined a lot of boxer shorts over shadow’s formative years.

Mexican Lady
Mexican Lady
3 years ago

Not sure if you guys are aware but yesterday Caros Salinas was accused of being part of a big scheme that Obama orchestrated to pass illegal guns into Mexico for the drug cartels (fast and furious operation). I think attacking Salinas could be a big win for Trump to showcase the corruption of Obama .
Mexico’s president AMLO would also be happy with it because this operation of Fast and Furious happened during the presidency of his enemy Calderon. Trump wins and AMLO also wins in this. I could see both countries cooperating to bring down Salinas

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Mexican Lady

You’re absolutely right, Mexican Lady, but it’s a sad day in the USA when the only person in high office with the balls to stand down Carlos Salinas & his multi-billionaire cohorts and indict his son is being impeached, perhaps rightfully, IMHO.

How’s about if one of the ball-less hypocrites happy to impeach our own POTUS would dare show the same disrespect toward Mexico’s former corruptor-in-Chief and impartially mete out Justice?

Needless to say, I’m not a Trump fan but the corrupt cowards swimming around swampland with a track record are the reason he’ll prolly be re-elected.

Americans are so sick of the two-tier justice system here and so in fear of becoming what Mexico was under the PRI party, many of us will even tolerate Trump.

Would be a good test of Trump’s true colors, however. He doesn’t see to it that Salinas or Betancourt or Junco — ANY of the guilty Mexicans are indicted — and IDK if they are but seem to be as much so as any of the Americans — not getting my vote.

3 years ago

So much to digest. Is it weird that my number one thought is bewilderment about Savino buying “off the rack”?

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

Yes, it is weird. But then again, most of your thoughts are weird. LOL

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

No, just plain weird.

K.R. Claviger
3 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob

What I’ve always wondered about that picture of Savino and Clare is why he’s carrying an extra shirt with him. Does he have a special “going to court” shirt – or did he and Clare just come back from a Nooner?

3 years ago
Reply to  K.R. Claviger

Whatever he’s carrying in his right hand may lend a clue. His hariline is nice and neat. It’s like the two of them glued on the same hair. They do have similar facial features and expresions – good rapport like an old couple. A nooner may not be off base.

3 years ago
Reply to  K.R. Claviger

It’s a fact Clare likes to ride.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

That taste Raniere detected must have been the garlic in the diet.

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