Raniere’s Attorney, Teny Geragos, Seeks to Replace Moira Penza at EDNY – Raniere Likely to Have Curcio Hearing

Teny Geragos wants to replace Moira Penza

Things move fast at the DOJ Eastern District of NY.

No sooner do we learn that Moira Penza has left as an assistant US attorney for that office than we learn they have a replacement in mind.

And it is no less than Teny Geragos.

Now, if that name is familiar to readers, it’s not only because she’s celebrity attorney Mark Geragos’ daughter – but also because she was one of Keith Alan Raniere’s attorneys in his recent trial.

Teny Geragos outside of Brooklyn federal court with the always affable Marc Agnifilo. Both of them were Keith Alan Raniere’s attorneys. While they did not fare well in terms of getting Raniere acquitted on any of his charges, one has to consider that they had an uphill battle. After all, Raniere was guilty as sin.

While Teny did little to no cross-examination of witnesses during the trial, she was there every day and she met with the masterful Vanguard innumerable times for months on end at the Metropolitan Detention Center where he was being held without bail.

She helped out in his defense and probably got a closeup look at the Vanguard.

Now Teny wants to take Moira Penza’s position and it seems the bosses over at the EDNY want her to do so as well.

There is only one potential problem – Keith Alan Raniere.

What the EDNY is asking the Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis, who presided over the Raniere trial, to do is hold a Curcio hearing – where Keith – with separate legal representation if he so desires – will be asked if he thinks there will be a conflict for him if Teny goes to work for the opposition.

Three assistant US Attorneys – l -r Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza stride out of court in the Keith Raniere trial with a confident, victorious air.

Here is the letter that Assistant US Attorneys Mark Lesko, Tanya Hajjar and Kevin Trowel wrote on behalf of their boss, US Attorney Richard Donoghue to Judge Garaufis.

[I have omitted the case numbers etc. of the cases cited]. 

Dear Judge Garaufis:

The government respectfully submits this letter to notify the Court of a potential conflict of interest involving Teny Geragos, Esq., who represents the defendant Keith Raniere in the above-captioned case.

The conflict is presented because Ms. Geragos, an associate of Brafman & Associates, P.C., and one of Raniere’s counsel-of-record in this case, has submitted an application for a position as an Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York (the “Office”).

The government advises the Court of this information pursuant to its obligation under Second Circuit law so the Court may conduct the appropriate inquiry pursuant to United States v. Curcio, 680 F.2d 881, 888-90 (2d Cir. 1982).

Applicable Law

The Sixth Amendment affords a criminal defendant the right to effective assistance of counsel. See Wood v. Georgia…. That right, however, is not absolute and does not guarantee the defendant counsel of his own choosing. See United States v. Jones….

While there is a “presumption in favor of the [defendant’s] chosen counsel, such presumption will be overcome by a showing of an actual conflict or a potentially serious conflict.” Jones… see also Wheat v. United States….

The Second Circuit has held that when a potential conflict of interest arises, before, at, or during trial, generally, the district court should conduct a hearing to determine whether there exists a conflict which would prevent the accused from receiving the kind and quality of legal advice and assistance that is guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment…. The Second Circuit has repeatedly noted that such conflicts should be brought to the attention of the court as early as possible. See United States v. Stantini…. United States v. Malpiedi…

Regardless of the severity of the conflict, “[f]ederal courts have an independent interest in ensuring that criminal trials are conducted within the ethical standards of the profession and that legal proceedings appear fair to all who observe them.” Wheat…

To determine if a defendant’s counsel is burdened by a conflict of interest, the court “must investigate the facts and details of the attorney’s interests to determine whether the attorney in fact suffers from an actual conflict, a potential conflict, or no genuine conflict at all.” United States v. Levy….

An actual conflict exists “when the attorney’s and the defendant’s interests diverge with respect to a material factual or legal issue or to a course of action, or when the attorney’s representation of the defendant is impaired by loyalty owed to a prior client.” Jones….

An attorney has a potential conflict of interest “if the interests of the defendant may place the attorney under inconsistent duties at some time in the future.” United States v. Kliti….

If the court determines that the “attorney suffers from a lesser [actual] or only a potential conflict,” then it may accept a defendant’s knowing and intelligent waiver. Levy….

Defendants can knowingly and intelligently waive potential conflicts arising out of an attorney’s application for employment at a United States Attorney’s Office. See United States v. Buissereth…. (finding that defendant had made a knowing and intelligent waiver where fully informed of the potential conflict of interest arising out of his counsel’s application to the United States Attorney’s Office); United States v. Jenkins….

The Government’s Proposal

The government respectfully submits that the pending application on the part of Ms. Geragos to the Office gives rise to a potential conflict of interest.

However, in view of the nature of the conflict, Raniere may waive his rights and continue to be represented by Ms. Geragos. Particularly because Ms. Geragos is not lead counsel to Raniere, the possibility of her making decisions disadvantageous to Raniere in order to please the government is remote. Under these circumstances, the government respectfully submits that the conflict can be waived.

Ms. Geragos has listed several of the undersigned prosecutors, among others, as references in her application to the Office.

The government therefore respectfully submits that the Court should conduct a Curcio inquiry of Raniere to ensure his waiver of the conflict is knowing and voluntary. Specifically, the government proposes that the Court advise Raniere as follows:

“Mr. Raniere, I am advised that one of your attorneys, Ms. Geragos, has a pending application to work as an Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, which is the prosecutor’s office currently handling your case. Generally speaking, you have the right to be represented by the attorney of your choice, and I have every reason to believe that Ms. Geragos is capable of adequately representing you. You may continue to have Ms. Geragos represent you if you so desire, but there are some risks for you in proceeding with Ms. Geragos, and I must ask you a series of questions to assure myself that you understand the risks and still want to proceed with Ms. Geragos. It is possible that Ms. Geragos could make decisions in connection with her representation of you, consciously or unconsciously, with an eye to how such decisions might affect her application to work for the United States Attorney’s Office. For example, Ms. Geragos could wish to avoid antagonizing the government, and advise you to take certain positions in your case in order to please the government. Such decisions may have a negative effect on how your criminal case or sentencing proceeds with respect to your situation.

“There may be other issues, in addition to the ones that I’ve just described, that can arise in which your attorney’s ability to do certain things might be affected by the fact that she is seeking employment with the United States Attorney’s Office. No one can foresee every possible conflict of interest. Do you have any questions about what I have just explained to you? Can you tell me in your own words what you understand the potential conflict of interest to be? You have the right to be represented by an attorney who does not have any possible conflict of interest in representing you at all stages of this case, including at your sentencing. If you proceed with Ms. Geragos as your attorney, you will be giving up that right. Do you understand that?

“Have you discussed these issues with your attorneys? You also have the right to consult with an independent attorney who can advise you about the possible conflicts of interest that might arise if you proceed with Ms. Geragos as your attorney. Do you understand that? You are not under any pressure to make a decision about this right now. You are entitled, if you wish, to a reasonable period of time to think about these matters, or to consult further with your lawyer or with another, independent lawyer before you advise the Court what you wish to do. Do you feel you have had enough time to consult with your attorney or any other such attorney and are you comfortable making a decision now?

“Are you willing to give up the rights that I just described to have counsel free of any conflict, so that you can proceed with Ms. Geragos as your counsel? “


For the reasons set forth above, the government respectfully requests that the Court conduct a Curcio inquiry in order to record Raniere’s knowing and intelligent waiver of the conflict described herein.

Respectfully submitted,

RICHARD P. DONOGHUE United States Attorney

By: /s/ Tanya Hajjar, Mark J. Lesko, Kevin Trowel Assistant U.S. Attorneys

cc: Marc Agnifilo, Esq. (counsel for Raniere) Teny Geragos, Esq. (counsel for Raniere) Avraham C. Moskowitz, Esq. (Curcio counsel for Raniere) (by email)


What is Left for Geragos to Do for Raniere?

It is important, I think, to note that Raniere is no longer a defendant in the case. He was convicted and is awaiting sentencing. That’s mainly what lies ahead for the lad. [That and a possible appeal which I suspect has a snowball’s chance in hell to succeed.] The appeal – if Geragos goes to the DOJ – won’t be handled by her, obviously.

A sentencing date is not set yet for Raniere – or any of the other Nxivm convicts – but it is anticipated that a date will be set before the end of the year.

Raniere’s attorneys, including Geragos, will work to try to get Raniere the lightest possible sentence. They might speak with probation to favorably influence their Pre-Sentencing Report, help gather information that is favorable to Raniere, and even help gather letters to the judge asking for leniency from some of the followers of Raniere. They may even speak in his defense at sentencing, trying to persuade the judge that the lordly one, who called himself Vanguard, was really misunderstood and actually helped out a legion of followers.

His intentions were good, if a little perverted [and perversion is not necessarily a crime.]

How well all that will serve Raniere is hard to say. Judge Garaufis will probably get numerous letters from victims of Raniere who will describe a monster that will be quite similar to the monster that was described by prosecution witnesses at his trial.

EDNY Seems to Want Geragos

I think it is also important to note that if the EDNY did not wish to hire Teny Geragos, they would not likely bother the court with a request for a Curcio hearing.  My suspicion is that Judge Garaufis will grant the hearing and the little rascal will come to court and likely not object to her application to work at the DOJ and her continuing to represent him.

He could also discharge her but I do not think he will do this because he might think it will help him.

In reality, it will have little to no impact on his sentencing. Other than the fact that he can appear to be a little cooperative and reasonable in keeping Teny as his lawyer despite her desire to get a new job, the judge will be weighing much heavier factors in determining what to sentence the self-proclaimed ethicist and leader of Nxivm.

Keith Alan Raniere was the leader of Nxivm and described himself as an “ethicist.” An ethicist is a person who determines the ethics for a group or community. An ethicist’s judgment is considered superior and morally suasive and his community takes, on trust, what he believes is ethical and follows it as their agreed-upon ethics.

Who would have thought that the path to being a million dollar a year attorney is to leave private practice, take a pay cut and become an assistant US attorney – do a bang-up job on a high profile case – then go get a partnership with a prestigious private firm – like Moira Penza did?


So Teny is doing just about what Moira did and hopes to take her place at her office. She is likely to get the job and go to work for about $150,000 per year. Maybe she will luck out like Moira and get a big case and slam it home.  Then go back to private practice and get a partnership somewhere in the million-dollar per year range.

Ongoing Prosecution of Nxivm?

What does the potential hiring of Raniere’s attorney say about any ongoing investigation and prosecution of the Nxivm criminals? We cannot be too certain.  At first blush, it does not seem to augur well for any further prosecution at the EDNY of Nxivm.

[That does not rule out the NDNY].

If the EDNY was going to pursue an investigation and prosecution of additional Nxivm criminals, the optics of having Raniere’s attorney on their staff is a trifle awkward.  Of course, conversely, Teny would be sequestered from anything having to do with NXIVM.

Teny Geragos’s assignments for prosecution at the EDNY would be far removed from anything remotely connected to Nxivm.,

It is also fair to suggest that Teny would likely have little to no impact on any decision to go easy on Raniere.  Chances are she would not even have a discussion – at least not one on the record – with anyone at the DOJ about Raniere or his sentencing.

Whatever secrets she learned about Raniere and his case are bound by attorney-client confidentiality. And I do believe that this is sincerely respected by attorneys on both sides.

Raniere may not realize it, but there is nothing Teny can do to help him on the other side.

His fate is in the hands of the judge.  And his fate looks gloomy since Raniere, 59, faces a minimum of 15 years for his sex trafficking conviction alone.

He will get credit for the time he has already served at M DC. Raniere has been in federal custody since March 26, 2018, making it about one and a half years [almost as much time as he kept Daniela confined in a room.]  With about 15 percent off for good behavior, were Raniere to get the minimum sentence – of 15 years – with his year and a half in custody and another approximately 2.5 years off for good behavior – Raniere could be out in 11 years – or in 2030. He would be 70.

Of course, it seems unlikely that Raniere will get the bare minimum. He might get 20, or 25 years or maybe even life. It is up to the judge.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will make the decision on how long the Vanguard will go to prison. He has some discretion. He has to sentence Raniere to at least 15 years – but he could also sentence him to more years or even to life imprisonment  From 15 years to life is a lot of discretion and it is in the hands of one man – the judge.   While Raniere claimed to his followers to have power over nature, one man, one simple human being, seems to have power over Keith Raniere’s entire future.

Raniere’s attorneys will, of course, argue for leniency and very likely the DOJ attorneys will argue that the judge should sentence him to the maximum legal sentence – which is life in prison.

There could be one exception to this. If Raniere has chosen to cooperate with the feds and is giving them information about some of the public corruption that he helped arrange. If Raniere chose to tell what public officials he bribed and got to do illegal things, perhaps there is a chance that the prosecution might go a little easier on him in their arguments for sentencing before the judge.

Geragos, Agnifilo Seemed Friendly With DOJ Attorneys

When I was in court, I observed a very collegial attitude between Marc Agnifilo and Teny Geragos and Moira Penza, Mark Lesko and Tanya Hajjar.  They were courteous and friendly to each other and outside of the jury’s presence, they were jovial.

I personally don’t think this is improper. What I observed is that the EDNY team seemed to like and respect Raniere’s defense team of Agnifilo and Geragos and vice versa.

This is not improper, I don’t think, providing both sides act diligently in defense of their cause – and behave appropriately before the jury.  From my observations,  they did.  They would contest vigorously before the jury and the judge and outside the jury’s presence, they were quite chatty and friendly.

Evidently, the EDNY team saw something in Teny and now want to hire her.

Chances are she’ll make a fine Assistant US Attorney and in a few years, perhaps move along on her upward path.

Female Lawyers Were Likely the Type Raniere Craved

It is ironic that the three female lawyers in Raniere’s case – Tanya Hajjar and Moira Penza for the prosecution – and Teny Geragos for the defense  – are all slender, attractive women.

In a case rife with descriptions of Raniere’s sexual proclivities and his desire for slender attractive women, it must not have been lost on the jury, on observers and on Raniere himself the poetic irony of the legal team arrayed against him and even for him being the very type of women he so wantonly craved.

One wonders if Teny’s decision to leave private practice – she is an associate at Brafman and Associates – to go into prosecution was motivated at all by being on the wrong side of the Raniere case.

She will never tell, I suspect, but one cannot help but wonder, as she learned more and more about her client, the Vanguard, if she were not thinking that she would have much rather prosecuted this rascal than defend him.


How much has Keith Raniere changed in prison? Marie White’s conception of the Vanguard as prisoner 57005-177.







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  • Perhaps, just perhaps, one of the reasons the charges couldn’t get dropped due to Agniflio’s efforts is because he didn’t have a wife in the EDNY like he does in the NYC DA’s office.
    Would be handy to get an associate in there, wouldn’t it?

  • As predictably corrupt as this proposed Teny Gregaros switch-up is in the Evil Empire State of New York — wouldn’t you know Teny’s sharkiest of sharksters Daddy-o DID find a way to keep his teeth in Clare Bronfman’s AND, very likely, some of Emiliano Salina’s booty DESPITE getting caught (by NIKE lawyers) red-bloody-handed in an extortion scheme with Micheal Avenetti using Smollet, Frank Parlato and others as chum — I am shocked that EDNY would so blatantly support this piracy of justice!

    Even Clare, herself, was so panicked that her $$$$$$ might pale against justice when Gregaros’ role in the dirty bargain was revealed, it caused her to collapse in court.

    [Fear not, dumb-as-fuck Legatus, baby Teny’s got that second row of fresh cut Gregaros sharkette pearly whites deep in and ready to feed on what’s left of your fortune to keep your mitey Vanguard’s dream alive at any cost, and maybe even with Uncle Sam’s blessing.]

    I’d bet on Gaurufis throwing the whole nepotic pile of swamp filth out of his Court but that was before Epstein suicided himself and Ghislaine became the invisible woman and I temporarily lost my own disabled kid trying to protect him from crooks feeding on the corrupt components of the Medi-care and justice system here in LA.

    Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water…

  • Does Clare Bronfman have enough money left to “encourage” a law firm to hire Moira Penza away from EDNY prosecution for a million dollars a year, thus leaving an opening at EDNY ?

    Yes, Captain Obvious.

    Could Clare ask her lawyer to ask Raniere’s lawyer Teny Geragos if she would lime to apply for an opening at EDNY ?

    Yes, Captain Obvious.

    Would Clare Bronfman have enough money to arrange a very indirect and untraceable way to bribe Teny Geragos as the replacement prosecutor of Raniere to arrange to minimize Raniere’s sentence ? And perhaps her own sentence ?

    Yes, Captain Obvious.

    Inquiring minds want to know ….

    • “Does Clare Bronfman have enough money left to “encourage” a law firm to hire Moira Penza away from EDNY prosecution for a million dollars a year, thus leaving an opening at EDNY ?”

      Yes, Clare Bronfman still has more money than any person reasonably needs.
      And so does her sister Sara Bronfman.
      And so do their wealthy Mexican friends.

  • Hello nepotism? Maybe Teny is one of the rare good ones, maybe if we were watching a John Wayne movie. Who hasn’t had the multiple, and possibly even unsought opportunities to watch her father in bombastic action for decades? With some of the clients Mark Geragos has represented, the only way he could play it was as an automatic dog-and-pony show and milk the notoriety for all it’s been worth.

    Teny looks sweet, so here’s hoping she wasn’t too skunked out, having to be around that old turd, Raniere, day in and day out, with his greasy hair and his compulsive hypochondria and the barrage of post-its.

    Might as well sound optimistic and say that at least Teny isn’t Michael Avenatti. Or Clare “the hatchet” Bronfman. But life can be full of surprises. Be like Travis McGee and see how she does in hurricanes.

  • Parlato,

    Can we please get an update on Vanguard at MCC this evening?

    As I always mention it makes my Friday and is a great start to the weekend!!!!!!!!

    • P.S. Frank

      Re The top photo of Ms. Geragos:

      Frank did you spend two days photoshopping and airbrushing that photo because it looks nothing like her?

      You could’ve had a Taiwanese hooker be a stand-in in the photo……

      And the hooker would’ve bared a greater resemblance to Ms. Geragos.

      • Niceguy,
        The photo you are referring to, shows an US actress named Cassandra… something. I came across her profile accidentally online, elsewhere.

    • We’re working on getting another update. Things have tightened up a little bit at MDC since Epstein’s misadventure at MCC. But, rest assured, we’ll post that info as soon as we get it.

  • This story is not surprising. Many lawyers by their nature don’t have thoughts such as “right”, “wrong”, “ethics”, or “morality”, “duty”, “loyalty”, or “honor”, in their consciousness. They especially don’t have the word “JUSTICE” in their vocabulary. The only thing they know is that they have a desire to accumulate more $$$, regardless of the source.

    I am not saying that all lawyers are bottom sucking slimebags, but I have encountered many who are willing to do anything slimy for a buck.

    • “I am not saying that all lawyers are bottom sucking slimebags, but I have encountered many who are willing to do anything slimy for a buck.”

      Video of then Arkansas lawyer Hillary Clinton laughing about how she helped a rapist get off the hook.
      The guy had supposedly raped a 12 year old girl.
      The transcript plays alongside the video so if the audio is bad you can still understand what Hillary Clinton is saying.

      • What does a fake, politicized decades old story have to do with it?


        Are you trying to actually distract from relevant current issues, like who in the White House told then US Attorney Alex Acosta to lay off proven serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, or the real nature of Epstein’s connections to wealtlhy Republican donor Leslie Wexner? Or how NXIVM originally bought influence and protection in NY state during the Pataki administration, including employing Republican boss Alfonse D’Amato, providing plane rides and “massages” to top Republican state senator Joseph L. Bruno and making their largest 5-figure donations to his campaign funds?

        • AnoyMaker,

          Shadowstate has fallen so far down the Rabbit Hole of Conspiracy Theory that……

          …..Shadowstate has now fallen out the other side of the Earth and is now in outer space…..

          Good luck bringing him back because he lost his tether a long time ago….

          • “Good luck bringing him back because he lost his tether a long time ago….”
            Who’d want him back? let him dissapear in space, i say!

    • Interesting. FR covered Kreuk’s “time out” retreats and the group she formed under Raniere & Salzman targeting under age girls with Kendra Voth, “Girls By Design,” and the “Sexy 7,” extensively last year.

      The GBD and Sexy 7 websites that were active and, possibly, continuing to net girls in the 12 – 17 age range through personality quizzes, photo contests, etc., for months after KAR, ET AL’s arrests also mysteriously vanished.

  • The curious aspect of this hiring of Teny Geragos by the DOJ is that she already has a job for life at her father’s law firm in Los Angeles.
    And Mark Geragos is already a well paid celebrity lawyer.
    There are no end of perverted Hollywood celebrities and corrupt cronies of the Bill Clinton family for Mark Geragos to defend in criminal cases.
    Going from Geragos’ law firm to the DOJ is not a normal promotion.

    Here are some of Geragos’ past clients”

    Susan MacDougal
    (Bill Clinton friend)
    Geragos first garnered national attention when he began representing convicted Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, the former business partner of former President Bill Clinton.[15] Geragos secured a presidential pardon for McDougal on January 20, 2001.[16] Geragos also represented McDougal in a 12-count embezzlement trial in Los Angeles in which the jury returned a not-guilty verdict.[17]

    Winona Ryder
    (Kleptomaniac and drug abuser)
    Winona Ryder – In December 2002, Geragos defended Academy Award–nominated actress Winona Ryder on charges of stealing more than $5,500 worth of merchandise from a Beverly Hills, California store in 2001. She was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to undergo psychological and drug counseling.[24][25]

    Michael Jackson
    (Pervert and child abuser)
    Michael Jackson – In the early stages of the Michael Jackson molestation case, Geragos simultaneously handled that case as well as Scott Peterson’s case, two of the best-known U.S. trials at that time.[26] Geragos’s “crushingly busy calendar” in the courtroom earned him a rebuke by a judge in an embezzlement case Geragos was also representing.[27] On April 26, 2004, Jackson removed Geragos as his attorney, replacing him with Thomas Mesereau. In a public statement provided by his spokesperson, Raymone Bain, Jackson stated, “It is imperative that I have the full attention of those who are representing me. My life is at stake…” suggesting that Geragos may not have had enough time to handle his case because of his workload.[28] Geragos later said that he was dismayed to see Jackson climb atop an SUV to the cheers of his fans after leaving the Santa Barbara County, California courthouse in January 2004, when he was first arraigned on the initial complaint.[29] Geragos’s co-counsel, Benjamin Brafman, also expressed disapproval of Jackson’s actions.[29] “Although [in January] the lawyers explained the behavior as ‘Michael being Michael’,” The New York Times reported, “they are said to have privately expressed consternation at the display of frivolity in the face of serious charges.”[29]

    Roger Clinton Junior
    (Tosspot and half brother of Bill Clinton)
    Geragos won dismissal of all alcohol-related charges against former President Clinton’s brother.[30]

    Carradine Family
    (David Carradine was an actor and pervert who accidentally hanged himself while practicing autoerotic asphiziation.)
    Carradine family – He assisted the family of actor David Carradine in the aftermath of his accidental death.[31] Geragos had previously represented a class of plaintiffs that had included actor Keith Carradine, his spouse, actress Hayley DuMond [de], attorney Stephen Kolodny, and designer Donna Dubrow in a class-action lawsuit related to private investigator Anthony Pellicano’s illegal wiretapping conspiracy and subsequent conviction

    Chris Brown
    (Girl Friend Beater)
    Chris Brown – Geragos represented Brown, who pleaded guilty to the assault of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. On February 8, 2009 he brought Chris Brown to surrender to the LAPD.[citation needed] Later, Brown was arrested, and his court date was set to be on March 5, 2009. Geragos and Brown attended the court date, but did not plea and asked for arraignment until the next court date, April 6, 2009.[citation needed] On June 22, 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to one count felony assault and was sentenced to 5 years probation and 6 months community service

    Jussie Smollett
    (Racist and drug abuser who files false police reports.)
    Jussie Smollett – He represented Smollett in the 2019 alleged false police report. Geragos was sued, along with another member of Smollett’s legal team, on April 23rd, 2019, under claims of defamation and false light by the two individuals originally arrested in connection with an alleged attack on the actor.

    I smell Bronfman money once again buying off justice.

  • So when are the defendants going to be sentenced? It was the theory that the reason they weren’t sentenced was because more indictments were coming. Where are they? In the meantime, the courts have helped Pimp Mack secure a drivers license, considered whether to allow Clare Bear to continue her education (they vetoed that, which is possibly why she is getting further educated by a NXie coach…) and one can only wonder how Kathy Russell’s ballet career is going. Will she perform in the Nutcracker Suite during the upcoming holiday season?

    And now we see the increasing reward$ of the star attorneys involved in this case, and with the World’s Smartest Chump possibly being summoned to give his opinion on it all. Suppose it only makes sense to have the Master Ethicist weigh in on these matters. Meanwhile, regular folks are being quickly processed to time behind bars for traffic violations and other comparatively minor infractions, and I bet their attorneys aren’t getting $tar reward$ for their efforts, either.

    EDNY, NDNY … I suggest a cost-cutting measure by designating all the districts under the same acronym: FYNY. Justice apparently really is blind — selectively.

    • More indictments may be coming, but the primary reason for the delay is because the probation folks needed more time to put together their recommendations for sentencing. As Trump said about the election, “It’s complicated.”

      Regarding Mack’s driver’s license, a girl has to go shopping, and a driver’s license is commonly used for ID to fly, use a credit card, etc. What would the legal basis be for denying Mack getting her driver’s license renewed?

      They allowed Bronfman to take her GED test, not additional education. She needs to spend some time in the ‘hood and get some street smarts where she’s going next.

      Without Raniere, Russell’s ballet career is over. However, pictures of her wearing a tutu in prison should go over well.

      Are you against increased rewards for a job well done?

      The Biggest Chump isn’t going to give his opinion as much as accept or reject Geragos being a part of his sentencing team. That’s it.

      Do you think most folks should be slowly processed for minor crimes? That would be unConstitutional.

      Do you think lawyers should get $tar reward$ for handling minor cases? Their clients can’t afford that.

      Do you think the new combine FYNY should operate more like NDNY or EDNY?

      Other than that, great post.

  • WTF! Kristin Kreuk recruiting 13-17 yo girls?:


    Published on Jan 23, 2009
    TIMEOUT FOR TEENS is an overnight holistic retreat for teen girls where they will have the opportunity to attend rotations designed to empower them to have access to tools to achieve balance in their lives.

    There will be an evening event introducing young female celebrities who will attend as speakers for the evening as well as mentors. Retreat is opened to all girls aged 13-17 in the Los Angeles area. Transportation, food and lodging is free thanks to the generous donation of Warner Springs Ranch (www.warnersprings.com) and Kristin Kreuk. To be selected to attend, follow the directions below.
    Answer the following question:

    What do you want the world to look like in your lifetime? Send us a project that best expresses your vision of how you can contribute to make the world closer to that vision.
    *Please submit your project in either a collage, painting, writing, video, musical c.d., or other multi-media format.

    To Enter go to http://www.timeoutretreat.com

  • How surreal! The government, instead of asking themselves what is the likelihood of T. Geragos unduly influencing the course of justice to bring favour to Raniere and thus directly to her family’s coffers, should they employ her services, they have decided to ask Raniere some rubbish. It’s like the government after all this is asking Raniere how does he like the density of pubic hair on an underage victim! This smacks of deep and rampant corruption even if viewed from the Moon!!!!

    As for the lawyers on both sides being jovial… it only reinforces the above point: the tendency to slip on the wrong side of moral precepts… runs on well oiled and smooth ground!

    In regard to the assertion that Raniere is unavoidably awaiting sentencing and jail time, it would not be the first time in legal history a criminal sentence would be overturned. Why can’t a 25 years sentence be bought with 15 million dollars cash? Or 30 or 45 million?? Who is to say??? Is there no precedent of that??? What guarantee is there someone would not be interested to double their wealth at the snap of their fingers by letting one criminal free?? It has happened in the very recent past where dozens of killers have been left untouched. The “upshot” is that Raniere, as opposed to those mass killers, has barely killed a few. Hence he’s all the more likely to be left alone together with unofficial apologies for the ‘undue trouble’ he’s been through.

  • The lawyers play musical chairs and the upshot is unless the NDNY steps up to the plate the much-needed takedown of NXIVM will not happen.

    The NXIVM criminal gang will continue to exist and the corrupt political gangsters in the Albany region can breathe a little easier.

    And people say that Bill Clinton is not the behind the scenes Boss of New York State!

    Had Raniere and his top tier harem masters exercised a little self-restraint and avoided branding and overt blackmail, even this case would not have happened.

    But Clare and Sara will ultimately continue as the new, covert de facto bosses of NXIVM and after an extended vacation in Cuba, even Emiliano will return.

    And the hard-working, diligent Nicki Clyne will continue as the new public face of NXIVM.

        • Bronfman money will once again buy justice.
          And in five years, except for Raniere, it will be business as usual for NXIVM and the five co-defendants.

          In the last several years, Raniere was too busy with his orgies to even run the criminal gang.
          It was really all the show of the underlings, particularly the Bronfman sisters, Nancy Salzman and the Mexican elite.

  • “Who would have thought that the path to being a million dollar a year attorney is to leave private practice, take a pay cut and become an assistant US attorney – do a bang-up job on a high profile case – then go get a partnership with a prestigious private firm – like Moira Penza did?”

    For most lawyers, unless you are the main lawyer in the company, it’s not a “million a year”.

    Anyway, it tends to prove that I’m right when saying Penza is demoted, not raised…

    It’s a step-down and this proof clearly that it’s the case for most lawyers.

    The power is higher and eventually the pay gets way better when you go from assistant to a higher level of the DOJ…

  • This appears to be mostly a mere formality. Geragos will probably not be allowed to go after Raniere if/when she joins the DOJ, which is the same situation had she not applied for the DOJ position. So the only difference will be for the sentencing and possibly the appeal, and the worst case is Raniere decides to remove her immediately, which would be the same result as if she got run over by a beer truck. If he decides to let her stay for the sentencing, because she will be long-gone for the appeal, then he has to waive any conflict. If he fires her, he still has at least the two other lawyers and all of the paralegals behind the scene to handle the sentencing phase.

    I’m sure part of Geragos’ decision to join the DOJ is she was well paid by Bronfman, so she can afford to live temporarily with less pay for a later payoff. And people say Bronfman is good for nothing, but she really helped out Geragos, both short and long term. Talk about interesting discussions around the dinner table with her dad….

    I can’t imagine Raniere letting her stay on, as she is the last female during his lifetime that he can “punish” by not allowing her to be paid for the sentencing phase. On the other hand, Geragos may be the last female, and a thin one with long hair (does she grow a bush?) at that, not wearing a prison guard uniform that he will see for the rest of his life. Such a quandry….

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