Happy 38th Birthday, Allison Mack

Allison Mack outside of court on December 6, 2018

Today, July 29, is the 38th birthday of Allison Christin Mack.

She has spent her last three birthdays at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, subject to home arrest. She was initially arrested in April 2018 – and charged with sex trafficking and racketeering. She pled guilty a year later to two felony counts of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in exchange for the feds dropping the more serious sex trafficking charges.

She joined Nxivm in 2006, recruited by her costar, Kristin Kreuk, of the hit TV series Smallville. And her life went to rack and ruin in the succeeding years as she quit acting and moved to Albany, NY, to be near her cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere.

This must be another sad birthday for Mack, who is awaiting sentencing for her crimes.  She may not leave home without permission of the court and she wears an ankle monitor to safeguard that.

Soon she will fly to Brooklyn and be sentenced by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who presided over her plea deal and the trial of her former lord and master, Keith Alan Raniere.

The likelihood is she will go to prison. There was no guarantee when she took her plea deal of what the sentence would be. The judge can sentence her to a prison term of 40 years – since both racketeering charges come with a maximum sentence of 20 years and he can, if he chooses, sentence her to the max on both and have them run consecutively.

He can also sentence her to nothing, or probation, or anything he chooses, anywhere from zero to 40 years.

At the time of her pleading guilty, it was estimated that her sentencing guidelines would suggest a prison sentence of between 3- 5 years.

It is impossible to know what the judge will do. He may go within the sentencing range or veer upwards or downwards. We do not know the judge’s mood on all things Nxivm. He has six defendants to sentence.

He seemed to show some sympathy for one Nxivm defendant, Lauren Salzman who testified at the trial of Raniere.  On the other hand, he put on the record that he was considering sentencing Clare Webb Bronfman to a longer sentence than what the sentencing guidelines suggested.  Bronfman’s original sentencing guidelines were estimated at from 21-27 months. It seems the judge will make an upward departure from that original estimate.

Happily for Mack, she will not be the first one sentenced. That privilege appears to be going to Bronfman, who is scheduled to be sentenced on September 30.  Bronfman is also subject to home arrest on a $100 million bail. [Mack is out on a $5 million bond].

According to sources, Mack has been vacillating between hating Raniere and being repentant for wasting years of her life with a scoundrel – and, again, missing the life she led with her sister-wives in Nxivm and getting the commands of her glorious master.

I was told she had a nervous breakdown at one point and that on a happier note, she had a boyfriend.

It is not known if she is completely out of Nxivm – at least in heart and spirit, although her bail conditions require her to not have any contact with anyone associated with Nxivm – at least not anyone who is or was a coach or higher in Nxivm as of 2017.

MK10ART’s portrait of Allison Mack as she appeared in a video recruiting for Jness, a woman’s group that taught women how to behave as per the teachings of Keith Alan Raniere.

Many people may think that Allison had a bad day when she was arrested – on April 20, 2018. I have always thought of that day as one lucky one for her. For it was, in a sense, a kind of second birthday, the day when she was forcibly stopped from following Raniere. Up until that time, she was his ardent slave – a slave by her own admission.

She admitted in court that it took her about a year to finally realize the man was a cad.  So she celebrated her 34th and 35th birthday as a DOS slave.  Her 36th birthday she celebrated under house arrest but still as a follower of Raniere, and as a DOS slave.

Prior to her 37th birthday, she renounced Raniere publicly. And today is her 38th birthday. She is still a young woman and if the judge is not too harsh in sentencing her, she may be out sometime around age 40 or 41 – still young enough to start over again.

She should be thankful for her arrest, for had she not been arrested, had Raniere not been stopped, almost certainly Allison would still be in DOS, trying to recruit sex slaves for Raniere and getting blackmail material on them and getting them branded.

Add to that her sleep deprivation and semi-starvation diet required by Raniere and its likely consequent ill health, she was a perfect candidate for disposal by Raniere, either by murder or ill health – like cancer – like so many of the other women when they aged out – as Allison would have done very soon.

Allison Mack subject to home arrest is required to wear an ankle monitor.

Just before he was arrested, about a month before her, she was feverishly recruiting younger women for his bed, which is what actually got her into trouble.  Had she not been arrested, she would likely still be recruiting young women – perhaps even underage girls – to satisfy the inordinate perversions of her master this very day.

On her birthday, but for his and her arrests, she would be spending the day trying to please her master, perhaps participating in a group blow job, or commanding some 20-something woman to go on a walk with Raniere and to do anything he commanded, or giving a slave a seduction assignment – to seduce a horrible, fetid, sweaty, flabby old pervert, with erectile dysfunction, and the decided absence of regular bathing, adding, ” I give you permission to enjoy it.”

Decades would have passed like this and a life totally wasted in the service of a monster who really hated her deep down and wanted her to take the fall for his disgusting master-slave group. He wanted to blame her, coward that he is.

Poor Allison, she even told the New York Times that it was her idea to brand women, an outright lie – in order to help her master.

Now soon she will be sentenced and likely headed to prison and following her completion of that sentence, when she finishes whatever prison sentence the judge gives her, she will then have three years’ probation.

But one day, she will return to normal life, not as a slave of Raniere or a slave of the government.

Perhaps by the time, when she is in her mid-40s, with a little luck, she will be free, like she was before Kristin Kreuk recruited her and the Bronfman sisters and Nancy Salzman told her about this wonderful man with his wonderful teachings.

No doubt when she is free again her money will be all gone. It may already be gone. She came to Nxivm with an estimated $8 million net worth and, of course, Raniere bled it all out of her.

If anything is left of that original bundle, she is being sued by some 80 plaintiffs, she and the other Nxivm leaders, and they are likely to prevail.  She will be bankrupt by the time she emerges from prison if she is not bankrupt already.

Allison Mack

Soon also Allison will be living in a prison. After more than two years at her parent’s home, she will go to prison most likely, hopefully, a low-security prison, where she won’t have to suffer too much, or at least not more than necessary.

Perhaps the judge will be lenient.  Perhaps he has come to realize that Raniere was the monster and that he made victims of all the women he caught in his web. Maybe he will let Allison off with home confinement – since she was a victim too.

I see no need to put her in a cage or prison. Maybe she has learned her lesson and maybe she can articulate that to the judge at sentencing and maybe he will exercise mercy and allow her to remain at home to serve out her sentence.

That is my wish for her on her birthday. That the judge exercises leniency. And that she free herself from all attachment to Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack was bedazzled stupefied and enthralled by Keith Alan Raniere – and it and led to her destruction.

Though she still has scars of his initials on her pubic region, I hope her mind becomes clear of Raniere and finds something positive, something strengthening from her experience. Perhaps she could help others who are caught in horrible cults. She knows every inch of the way.

Perhaps she can help other prisoners. She has experience in teaching. Not everything she learned in Nxivm is bad.  She could be a voice for the underprivileged. She has enough of a name that any good cause she undertakes in prison, would be listened to, would attract attention. Maybe she can be a force for good in prison.

With her fame and winsome ways [and she is winsome and charismatic], she could use her talents to bring joy to others, even in prison.

If that is too maudlin for some readers’ taste, then I will only say this: She did not kill anybody. She believed in a cause and was deceived – like other victims – so she is a victim. She is not an angel but she is not a devil and she does not need to be in prison in order to heal, I think. She does not need to be in prison to protect society [like Raniere].

When she was just a few months shy of 37, she wept in front of the judge, then composed herself and said in part [and I know she is an actress who can cry at will]:

This past year has been one of introspection and self-examination, but, also, a year of understanding and acceptance. It has been a year of looking at what I had done for the past ten years, looking at my relationships with other members of NXIVM, friends, family, and associates, looking closely at the decisions I made, the people I trusted, and, more importantly, those who placed their trust in me. And having done so, I am prepared to take responsibility for acts in which I was involved, some of which I now recognize were wrong.

As Your Honor is aware, I dedicated years of my life to an organization in which I and others truly believed, NXIVM. In the course of my time with NXIVM, I became close with many individuals, many of whom are wonderful people, and some of whom I now realize are not.

But relevant here, I became close with Keith Raniere. I joined NXIVM first to find purpose. I was lost and I wanted to find a place, a community in which I would feel comfortable. Over time, I truly believed that I had found a group of individuals who believed, as I did, and who were interested in trying to become better people and in doing so make those around them better. And when I came to that realization, misguided though it was, my purpose shifted from trying to help myself to helping other people. Through it all, I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them.

I was wrong. And I now realize that I and others engaged in criminal conduct. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment.

The goal of the enterprise that I joined was to further and promote the objectives of Keith Raniere.

Allison went on to describe the crimes she pled guilty to.

… certain racketeering [acts]…   At Raniere’s direction, I and other women sought to recruit other women to join DOS… I knowingly and intentionally took and withheld property [collateral] from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8… 

I encouraged Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 to deliver this collateral to me, through my participation in a scheme that was designed to instill in them a fear that if the property was not delivered, we would expose collateral previously given to the organization, which could have been embarrassing and personally damaging to themselves or others, if released.

…  I knowingly and intentionally obtained the labor and services in the form of so-called acts of care from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8…  through, among other things, being part of a scheme, namely DOS, designed to make them believe that if they did not perform the requested acts of care, they could suffer …  the release of their collateral, which they had pledged in order to join the organization.

…  I knowingly and intentionally worked with others and devised a scheme to make materially false representations …  I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS and characterized DOS as a women’s only organization, knowing that Keith Raniere was the head of the organization…

Your Honor, having reviewed the charges against Keith Raniere in the most recent indictment and having many months to reflect on my own actions and motivations of others, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that is why I am pleading guilty today.

I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done. Through this plea and the help of others, I have begun the process of healing and repairing the relationships in my life.

I wish to thank the Court, Your Honor, the prosecutors, my lawyers, and, most importantly, my family for their role in this process. I know that I am and will be a better person as a result of this.


So, if she is a better person for this – for her arrest and conviction – and the time she spent at home contemplating her mistakes, and if she is sincere, and if her goal from the start was to be a better person – which I think it was – then I wish for her on her birthday that she obtain leniency from the judge and complete dissociation from Nxivm and from all lingering thoughts of hope or love or enslavement from the monster that ruined her life, the beastly Keith Alan Raniere.




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  • Hi Frank — I know you have personal hatred towards Clare for the part she played in getting you indicted, but if you can separate yourself from your personal bias, I’m wondering why you don’t apply the same sympathetic, lenient, forgiving tone toward Clare’s behaviour that you do toward Allison Mack. Both ladies were 23 when they got involved with NXIVM and they seem to both have been victims/perps of Raniere’s manipulation, using whatever resources they had to do his bidding. Or since you personally know what it is like to be the victim of Raniere and one of his wing women, why not consider how Mack’s former slaves like Nik feel before writing that you think/hope the judge should be lenient with regards to Mack’s sentencing.

    • Reasonable question. I will try to answer it in a separate post. Thanks for asking the question.

    • Only one of them provided limitless finances for a racketeering enterprise. It wasn’t the whatless A. Mack.

    • Allison did not knowingly commit any crime. She thought DOS would be empowering and helpful to women, while Clare knowingly filed false lawsuits again people for years. But it’s true they still were both victims of Keith!

    • Allison did not recruit Nicole to harm her in any way. She was not in her right mind anymore to recognize what was going on. She had to go through all the abuse herself as well – and Keith justified it by making her believe it would make her a stronger and better person.

  • I cannot bring myself to agree fully with this article, but I can understand the intent. Granted Alison did pay a steep price in exchange for her relationship with Keith, part of that price was the forgoing of a simple, healthy relationship that could have resulted in motherhood and the joy that it brings to any woman. Alison is not so old that she cannot conceive a child, but to bring a child into her life and give the child a stable home is going to take up precious time that she doesn’t have. Hopefully the judge will give her a light sentence.

    • ionwhitepoetry2

      I remember some two years ago you mentioned that Ms. Mack was stalking you on a college campus in the Albany area.
      Not to belabor the point but I think the behavior you described by Ms. Mack was that of a predator trying to recruit new members into the cult.

  • “The judge can sentence her to a prison term of 40 years – since both racketeering charges come with a maximum sentence of 20 years and he can, if he chooses, sentence her to the max on both and have them run consecutively.”
    There is a limit…the 20 years apply to a big racketeering charge and here she didn’t even committed the crime…i don’t see how he would decide to give her the max.
    His statement was made PRE trial and he was probably expecting to see proofs (never shown by prosecution).
    And since she was locked for more than 2 years, he would risk contest if he applied any prison sentences.
    The crime she committed is exclusively collecting collateral (and under coercion).

    “He seemed to show some sympathy for one Nxivm defendant”
    No, he showed sympathy to 2 nxivm defendant (atleast)…Nancy also had his sympathy…i suspect he, (contrary to the prosecution) consider the victimhood side of the cult.

    “According to sources, Mack has been vacillating between hating Raniere and being repentant for wasting years of her life with a scoundrel – and, again, missing the life she led with her sister-wives in Nxivm and getting the commands of her glorious master.”
    I wonder which source told you she was missing her sister wive’s life…Allison is done with Nxivm.
    Anyone telling you the contrary is lying.

    ” trying to recruit sex slaves for Raniere and getting blackmail material on them and getting them branded.”
    No, remove the branding part…put atleast, it’s closer to truth now.

    “Soon also Allison will be living in a prison”

    “and if her goal from the start was to be a better person”
    Except for those not knowing her, it was always a fact.

  • Something I have learned from years of working with people of all backgrounds, is that lives are fragile things. An unwise association, a reckless decision, an unrestrained mpulsive act can destroy something that could have continued and prospered. Regret is hard to live with, but necessary. So is anger. They can provide enough impetus to begin again. After regret comes the anger. Anger at oneself being the most potent.

    Anger is an energy that can stimulate resolve and action. After the anger a sense of realistic acceptance can be found and appreciated.

    If she can reach and feel her anger at Raniere, she will find the Self she lost.

    Anger if often the doorway out of depression

    That would be her moment of reivificatiin and rebirth.

    A door opens.

    Here is a clip for an old friend and mentor of mine who is sadly no longer with us 🙂

    And as Carl jung said “Give a sane man and I will cure him.”


    Good luck Allison.

    • R.D. Laing treated my father and the friend he grew up with in an orphanage in Pollock, Glasgow. My father went on to become a teacher and headmaster. His friend – a Prof. Emeritus of History. This despite being blinded (malnutrition) from the age of 9. Laing is akin to a saint in our house. All good, Paul.

  • “and, again, missing the life she led with her sister-wives in Nxivm ” Frank Parlato

    “In the course of my time with NXIVM, I became close with many individuals, many of whom are wonderful In the course of my time with NXIVM, I became close with many individuals, many of whom are wonderful people” Allison Mack’s allocution.

    Keith Raniere is gone, never to return to the helm of NXIVM.
    Now, Frank, whether you admit it or not, Nicki Clyne is the de facto head of NXIVM.

    Allison Mack’s allocution leaves the door open to her return.
    And Nicki Clyne, Allison’s wife, has invited her to return.
    That is the meaning of Michelle Hatchette wearing that white dress that Mack wore in 2016.

    July 30, 2020 at 1:17 pm
    Come back, Allie. The patience of the martyr is the gift of Priapis”

    “Pea Onyu
    July 30, 2020 at 12:41 pm
    Allison, we love you and forgive you. Compassion is our tool and hatred is theirs. You know this now.”

    NXIVM is very resilient.

    • Nicki:
      Please make it clear to Frank that Allison Mack is part and parcel of NXIVM.
      Even if she has issues with Raniere, she sees herself as part of the NXIVM family.
      And she misses that family.

    • Dont you mean the patience of priapis [sic] is the gift of martyrdom? Yes, you certainly all crucified Alli. And yeah, you could call enforced incarceration a kind of enforced patience? Although, its a reach- but if it helps you get through the pain of failure..

    • Wether she returns to you or not, you will hound her to hell. Spite and vengeance – That is your tool.

      There are no exceptions to this rule. Everyone falls out of favour with Tyrants eventually – thats why Tyranny is always opposed by the free, and also why Tyrants inevitably die alone. OK, sometimes there’s one or two dribbling fanatics in attendance, sadly nearly always broken women, as we see here with you dancing dumpster chicks.

      I have a feeling Alison Mack may be cut from a different and altogether classier cloth.

  • Serious Question!

    Who is more dangerous?
    Arthur Graham of Kenai Alaska who makes bizarre threats but so far has taken no action or Allison Mack a convicted extortionist who has battered dozens of women with hot irons?
    Graham makes threats, Mack batters and blackmails women!
    Who is more dangerous?

    • Good question, Shadow. I would like to review his criminal background before I answer this question. You make Allison sound like a violent beast btw.

  • Here’s a great business opportunity: The DOS gift card! PERFECT for last-minute gift-giving occasions such as this. Can be loaded with any dollar value of collateral, on behalf of the giver to her master.

    Because really, what’s more awkward than showing up to a branding with a duplicate gift? I hate when that happens…

  • And Kristin Kreuk could not give a fuck if Mack goes down for forty years. She feels zero guilt or remorse. If she did, she would of made the smallest of efforts. Instead, she had people go to the press to lie on her behalf (and lies they were)

    Frank, is it not true Kreuk had people demand you take down any references to her on Frank Report? She couldn’t find the ovaries to ask you directly? A truly innocent naive woman would be honest and not lie about her role and when she left. Only someone with something to hide would claim to of left years before she did.

    Do you not know if when in 2015, Mark Busse thanked Kreuk (as well as Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts) for their “encouragement” on his Vancouver-based NXIVM intensive, what she was thanked for? It must of been coaching. What else?

    Also, either Kreuk or Voth took down or made private the Girls By Design videos, though the channel is still there.


    The deleted videos have been deleted due to a copyright claim by a Cayleigh Santana. Does that name ring a bell?

      • Go away [redacted]. You can’t help but stick your [redacted]. Are there any other disgusting NXIVM members you defend from criticism or is it just this one you have been [redacted]? You have the [redacted] as you can’t defeat the facts.

    • “And Kristin Kreuk could not give a fuck if Mack goes down for forty years…If she did, she would of made the smallest of efforts.”

      I doubt you would know anything about how Kristin Kreuk feels, nor if she made any effort to attempt to get her (former) friend and co-worker out from the cult behind the scenes. Perhaps Allison chose her cult “friends” over Kristin, but then you would no longer have Kristin to blame for what befell Allison.

      “She feels zero guilt or remorse.”

      I doubt you would know this either. Besides, she shouldn’t she feel either. Allison was an adult woman when she joined NXIVM. She chose to do whatever she wanted and was legally allowed to do (or not be stopped from doing) so, as long as she broke no laws. In that volition that everyone in life is given, regardless of whether you believe she was brainwashed or not, she chose to “ride or die” with a charlatan over and above her boyfriend Chad, Kristin, former friends, etc., and now has to suffer the ramifications of her choices.

      • You probably think Mark Hildreth, Sarah Edmondson, Olivia Cheng and Mark Vicente don’t need to feel guilt or remorse either, if it means defending this one NXIVM cultist you are [redacted]. I can list a whole ton of things that she should feel guilty for, but you don’t care. Having no guilt or remorse is a sign of selfishness. You are not Kreuk’s [redacted] does not change facts. You are [redacted].

        • “I can list a whole ton of things that she should feel guilty for”

          You mean you’ll just make up a list of what YOU THINK she (or these other people) should feel guilty for because [redacted]

          • You are impossible [redacted]. Either you know you are wrong or [redacted] You are blinded by your infatuation. You think Kreuk’s [redacted]. You will make an excuse for anything. You will defend other NXIVM cult members if it means defending Kreuk. You don’t defend Mark Hildreth do you? [redacted]

      • –I doubt you would know anything about how Kristin Kreuk feels–

        Of course they know. If they made such firm accusations about someone without knowing, they would look like dumb haters—which they are not!

  • Maybe Allison Mack can hook up with Arthur Graham of Kenai, Alaska.
    They seem like the perfect couple.
    They seem so sympatico.
    Arthur can make the threats of grievous bodily harm and Allison, with her cauterizing pens, can carry them out.

  • There is absolutely nothing a woman could do that Frank wouldn’t excuse.

    It’s white knight bullshit like this that prevents women from EVER growing up.

        • So stupid to conflate anonymity and cowardice.

          If you detest this false conflation so much, why not just ban it, and us from your site?

          • Ideas are important too. Only when you put your name behind it, it is more impactful, for it proves you stand behind your words. Still I understand that people want to be free to say what they feel without bringing themselves into public view – in this era with cancel culture and vindictiveness. So I am not prepared to ban anonymous speech.

  • “I see no need to put her in a cage or prison. ” Frank Parlato

    Let’s be blunt.
    What leniency did Allison Mack show women whom she seduced into sexual slavery and peonage?
    What leniency did Allison Mack show the many women whom she blackmailed?
    What leniency did Allison Mack show the many women whom she tortured with hot irons applied to their pubic regions?

    “on a happier note, she had a boyfriend.” Frank Parlato

    Why would Allison Mack need a boyfriend?
    She is already married to the lovely and talented Nicki Clyne.
    Allison and Nicki are perfect for each other and their union can’t produce any children to torment others.

    Of course, there are many people attracted to the bizarre and criminal.
    There are websites where one can become a pen pal to convicted felons.
    Women would send love letters to Charles Manson.


    Hybristophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities, or crime — such as rape or murder. The term is derived from the Greek words ὑβρίζειν hubrizein, meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from ὕβρις hubris “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”.[1] In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”.[2]

    Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison that is sometimes amorous or sexual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.

    Allison Mack’s legacy is branded into the flesh of her many victims.
    From Wikipedia:
    Allison Mack
    21st-century American criminals
    American female criminals

    • I think she was led up a garden path Shadow. Not much of a peep from her since and her parents stand to lose their home if she does. Her actions before will go to court to be tried by your law but she was fooled just like your friend was but not only in the digital domain but also in the real one.

  • Not even on her birthday do you leave her alone, you stupid asshole. You just needed another reason to repeat the same shit you already wrote at least 50 times on here. Get a life! The judge could also release all of them on probation if he wants to do so! Always the same speculation but never any real news. You would likely be the last person on earth that Allison would want to receive birthday wishes from, after all the lies you made up about her in the last years. And even when you knew it was bullshit, you still didn’t take it down.

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