Kevin: Hypocrite Readers Condemn Paedo Raniere; Excuse, Ignore 1000 Teacher Paedos

Kevin is responding to Peter Longworth’s Raniere No Paedo in Many Lands; Here in US He Is & Bronfman Knew Nothing?

By Kevin

If it makes everyone feel better, let’s pretend Keith Raniere was a football coach for a winning program, and he rammed a bunch of 10 and 11-year-old boys instead of a 15-year-old girl.

That way, we can take our masks off and ask who’s going to coach the game on Saturday, demand his statue not be removed, and point out all the good things he did for students in the community.

As if helping a middle linebacker with his calculus class makes up for him sticking it in the rear ends of elementary and middle school kids, across state lines, over two decades.

They All Did It

Do you know why Raniere wasn’t arrested in the 80s and early 90s for touching lesser known girls from upstate NY?

Because adult men sleeping with underage girls was a common, accepted part of the culture back then.

I’m not defending it. It’s disgusting, but that’s how it was.

Keith Raniere in the 1990s.

Pointing out that slavery was once a thing isn’t an endorsement of it either. But pretending it never happened isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Teachers in my school had sex with the students all the time. No one said a word, and if you questioned why Becky from science class got an A on her assignment despite having not submitted one, you were treated like the nuisance, not the 40-something year old who just scored some anal from a girl whose body was still developing and wasn’t even old enough for a work or driving permit.

Am I a bad person for pointing out that this is how it was 30-years-ago, even though I think it’s awful?

You tell me. Is Keith a bad guy for doing what half the teachers in the country were doing at the time? If he did it, yes.

But so are the other adults who did the same things, and so are the police, school administrators, and parents who looked the other way.

But what doesn’t help things is us revising history, telling ourselves that these things never happened, and that when they did, we were always outraged and fought for charges to be pressed. Nothing on earth could be further from the truth. The adults in authority positions either looked the other way, encouraged it, or did it themselves.

Here are a few teachers, a microscopic percent, charged recently with sexual abuse


Epstien Unique?

No one in West Palm in an authority position knew that multiple girls were giving massages to the richest man in town for close to a decade? Bullshit.


Look up a program called Quest that was active in the 1980s in Vancouver, BC.

It was an outdoor retreat program that students could join in place of gym class. They received preferential treatment to non Quest students, and over 80% of participants were girls. Every coach was a man.

The coaches were exempt from all school policies, and did whatever they wanted. And the girls found the authority and power of these men attractive. I won’t spoil what happened, but I think the story tells itself…

How he looked when he had sex with his students [above],

Here is how Tom Ellison looked when the law charged him, prompted by shifting values and morals..

The Quest sex scandal at Prince of Wales high school occurred during the 1970s and 80s.  Thirty years later, Tom Ellison told the court, “It was the time. When I look back now, it’s unbelievable.”

He told the court that it was common 30 years ago for high school teachers to have secret sexual affairs with their students.

The conspiracy theories about GBD being a gateway for Keith to sleep with 14-year-olds was the reality of the Quest program. No celebrity endorsements needed, not when every school and parent was in support of it.

And 30-35 years after the program was dissolved, all the school administrators in BC get to play revisionist historian and virtue signal about the evils of grown men taking underage girls camping using school resources, for school credit, when those same administrators approved, supported and defended the program in the first place.

The girls who were addicted to the power and authority that these men yielded, who never once filed a police report or made an allegation in 30 years, became hapless victims in need of justice once the stories started coming out. And on and on we go.

Actress and NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] that recruited teen girls into a club. To date, no woman or girl has come forward with any allegation that they were sexually abused by Raniere or anyone connected with GBD.

You want to stop adults from having inappropriate relationships with kids? Good. You can start by telling the people who you know are involved in this stuff to cut it out. You can start by asking why your attractive daughter, who is as dumb as a pile of bricks, gets better grades than your less attractive daughter, who studies, does her homework, and knows the material.

You can demand that female supervisors and chaperones accompany students on class trips, and that if there is an overnight stay, the adults are in a separate location from the students.

But that would require actual parenting and actual effort, and it’s just so much easier to point fingers and play the victim and act like you had no idea what was going on the whole time, despite being a witness to it, and in some cases, participating in it.

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  • Everyone get into the time machine!

    Even if you weren’t born yet it is your responsibility to correct the past at “Kevin’s” (alleged) child molestation factory of a school.

    Because “Kevin” says you cannot be concerned with more than 1 case of child sexual abuse at the same time.

    Each human is only capable of caring for 1 injustice. “Kevin” claims

    Guess who WAS born and was (allegedly) present daily at this epic sexually abusive to minors learning environment?


    But “Kevin” did nothing to rectify the situation. “Kevin” demands that all of you who were not present, did not live there, did not go to school there and maybe were not even born yet — are the ones who are responsible for not stopping the (alleged) massive sexual zbuse of children.

    Which isn’t just illogical.

    It’s irrational.

    And if you dear blog commenters do not travel back in time right now and fix this child abuse situation from Kevin’s past then you cannot care about any child sexual abuse in the present or more recent past.

    You can not. And you can not care about both situations. You can not. No!

    By Kevin’s own (cough) logic — Kevin is not allowed to weigh in on Keith Raniere’s more present day sexual abuse of children.

    Because Kevin cannot possibly care now if Kevin did nothing to stop the.minor sexual abuse back then.

    It’s just flipping around what Kevin is telling the blog readers and commenters here.

    Kevin says you’re a hypocrite if you care now if you didn’t care back then — even though you didn’t know about it back then — and were maybe not even alive.

    So by that (cough) rationale — Kevin is a hypocrite.

    Because Kevin was there and he didn’t do anything to stop the sexual Buse of students.

    Kevin can’t possibly care now. No.

    Remember. It’s impossible to care about both! Only 1 concern only for each human!

    Across all time!

    Again, you all need to get into the time machine, pronto!

    And fix this shit in “Kevin’s” past.

  • The perfect theme song for NXIVM
    And Nicki Clyne’s Favorite Song.
    The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me

    Young teacher, the subject
    Of schoolgirl fantasy
    She wants him so badly
    Knows what she wants to be
    Inside him, there’s longing
    This girl’s an open page
    Book marking, she’s so close now
    This girl is half his age
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Her friends are so jealous
    You know how bad girls get
    Sometimes it’s not so easy
    To be the teacher’s pet
    Temptation, frustration
    So bad it makes him cry
    Wet bus stop, she’s waiting
    His car is warm and dry
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Loose talk in the classroom
    To hurt they try and try
    Strong words in the staff room
    The accusations fly
    It’s no use, he sees her
    He starts to shake and cough
    Just like the old man in
    That book by Nabokov
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    Don’t stand, don’t stand so
    Don’t stand so close to me
    The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me

    • Would Nicki endorse the part where I said that if Raniere ever touched an underage girl, that he belongs in prison?

      Or is your reading comprehension just garbage?

      • Yes, I reckon she would. She’s said as much in interviews. The point she makes is that it was never proven because he wasn’t prosecuted at the time. She also believes Camila was lying.

        • To clarify, Camila is the one who performed a sex act on Nicole, which Raniere was convicted for and which was used as leverage against Allison? But which Camila herself was never charged for?

          • She wasn’t charged for it because she was coerced by Keith into doing it. Do you seriously think she just happened to come into the room and see a blindfolded naked girl tied up on a table and instantly decide to go down on her? LOL

            As I’ve said before, it was in his sick mind one of his greatest sexual achievements: rape two women at the same time without touching either of them.

          • Whether Camila performed a sex act on Nicole as instructed to by Raniere, or not, I don’t think Nicki sees anything wrong with adult men having sex with teenage girls. She said as much recently in one of the Dossier Project videos, commenting that she would have thought it was COOL to date an older man when she was a teenager. I think Nicki believes that Camila is lying about being abused, not about being in a relationship with Raniere at 15 because in her mind those two things cannot go together. If Raniere “touched” a teenage girl, maybe Clyne would think that was wrong, but it seems like she thinks he didn’t do that. What he did with Camila was “different” because they were in a “long-standing relationship” or whatever. Nicki probably thinks Camila should consider herself lucky for losing her virginity to Raniere at 15.

          • Yeah, I reckon you’re spot on there. One of the things they ‘learned’ in NXIVM EMs was of course the pedo lesson – the one where they were taught to openly question laws relating to its practice. It was all about the age of the soul or some such BS.

            What does come across from the rant, and something I’ve always suspected, is that Nicki was probably abused herself when she was a child. That experience would have left her far more emotionally vulnerable to Raniere’s advances later on, and the ‘teachings’ of NXIVM on one level helped her to rationalize those painful memories. They also really screwed her up of course.

            I think deep deep down there is a decent person in there trying to get out, desperately in need of therapy to remove the demons that lie in layers on top. It’s ironically that toughness and resilience she has that makes it so unlikely she’ll ever seek it.

  • Pedophila is rampant throughout the US. So lucrative that people will kill to silence anyone who names names.

    It’s all over Hollywood. Kids are trafficked. Slavery is everywhere—

    Biden is doing nothing. Our country has gone to shit.

    • Kevin probably went to school with Nicki Clyne at the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University.

    • I grew up in a NYC suburb, and moved to Vancouver as a teenager after my parents divorced. I preferred Vancouver.

      • Didn’t happen to be Brooklyn did it? LOL
        Nicki’s parents split up too strangely enough.
        Vancouver you say? Hmmm..Ever bump into a cute blonde girl called Nicki off her face at a rave? Those were the days…

  • I think you are correct about 30 years ago. One of my favorite teachers had just had a baby in my junior year. That was 1980. After I had graduated in 1981, he ended up divorcing his wife and married a girl that was 2 years behind me. He left his job at that school, but not because he had to. He thought it was better. I was molested as a child in 1970,and nobody talked about stuff like that. I never told my parents till I was an adult.

  • Hi Kevin,

    If I’m not mistaken, in some of your previous comments, you stated that you worked on the set of a TV show (Smallville). Can you write an opinion article about your observations about the TV show business?

    It is possible to come up with a long list of questions about the TV show business, but the following ones come to my mind. Have you observed workplace harassment, such as directors/producers yelling, bullying, or gaslighting actors/actresses? Have you observed any sexual harassment by people in power positions? What are the personal dynamics between the cast and the producers/directors?

    “Me too” movement brought a lot of sexual harassment allegations to the entertainment industry. Based on your personal observations, it would be interesting to hear your take on these allegations.

    Please let me know what you think about writing an opinion article about these subjects. Thanks.

  • So, Nicki, to summarize: you think that Keith’s behavior, if it ever happened, can be excused because pretty much everyone was either looking the other way, encouraging it or doing it themselves? There’s no doubt cultural mores have changed a bit since the 80s, and that the pendulum has swung so far the other way that LGBTQ+ folks and liberals in general are equated with pedophiles by the loony right.

    Where you argument falls flat on its face is:
    1. Most people have always strongly disapproved of such practices, and were unaware of the extent of the problem then.
    2. It takes time for lawmakers to enact legislation to address such problems and for law enforcement to put in place training and resources.
    3. Just because other disgusting people were doing the same, don’t make it right for Raniere to do it. It’s like saying “he’s an evil bastard, but that’s OK because there are other evil bastards too, so he’s not really that evil.

    Sorry, Nicki, but moral relativism, like everything else, has its limits.

    The girls who you claim “were addicted to the power and authority that these men yielded” were more likely terrified by filing a complaint because they wouldn’t be believed and the perpetrators would then exact their revenge. Society was not aware of the problem and was in denial. It’s exactly the same in today’s society when it comes to rape. Your argument that “actual parenting” is wanting is a little rich coming from someone who’s never been a parent.

    • Negative. Please read again. Put your big boy thinking cap on. Pay close attention to the part where I make it clear that if Raniere touched an underage girl that he belongs in prison. That anyone who touched a kid belongs in prison.

      My point is that people like you don’t really care about victims of sexual abuse when their stories can’t be used to push an agenda. Which is why the reaction to the Penn State scandal was “who’s going to coach the game on Saturday?”

      That, and looking the other way at abuse for decades, and now pretending to be outraged by it, without examining the teachers, parents, and police who let it go on for decades.

      Using the precedents set in the NXIVM case, any teacher who had any association with any other teacher who did these things should be indicted as a co-conspirator, retroactively, statute of limitations or level of knowledge or involvement be damned.

      But since we’re talking about a mostly female profession with the strongest union in the country, probably not. The whole Helen Lovejoy “won’t someone PLEASE think of the children” line goes out the window when it comes to those people. Which means you never cared about the children in the first place.

      They didn’t know, huh? The girls would brag about it in the middle of class, loud enough for everyone to hear. And every single adult who knew, well, they just didn’t understand the scope of the problem?

      Whatever. The average virtue signaling, “Me too” goody goodies in the schools, police and media aren’t any different than the Bishops and Parrish directors who moved pedophile Priests around from diocese to diocese.

      So selective and picky in our faux outrage and moral panics, aren’t we?

      • “…I make it clear that if Raniere touched an underage girl, he belongs in prison”
        Refer to previous response above.

        “…people like you don’t really care about victims of sexual abuse when their stories can’t be used to push an agenda.”
        Actually I really do care about such victims, having witnessed such abuse myself when at boarding school. Child sexual abuse did go on for decades, but thankfully it’s now better monitored and much harder for the perpetrators to get away with it.

        “any teacher who had any association with any other teacher who did these things should be indicted”
        If they knew about it and did nothing – agreed.

        “The girls would brag about it in the middle of class, loud enough for everyone to hear.”
        Teenage girls brag about all kinds of shit, much of which isn’t true. Real victims are often silent and feel terrible shame and fear, which is one of the reasons they tend not to brag.

        ““Me too” goody goodies in the schools, police and media aren’t any different than the Bishops and Parrish directors who moved pedophile Priests around”
        Sniff, sniff…A little hatred and intolerance coming out there methinks. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are: hanging out with assholes can turn you into one. Just remember your critical thinking skills, and don’t just soak stuff up without thinking it through. You talk about the press or the media pushing an agenda as if they were some kind of homogenous entity, when in fact they represent a whole political spectrum of views. Do you think they should be regulated and controlled? Are you not in favor of a free press? “Me too” goody goodies have as much right to talk shit as Marjorie Taylor Greene.

      • “Touched”?

        Keith Raniere RAPED a 12 year old.


        GTFO with this “touched” bullshit.

        Keith stuck his dirty old dick into a 12 year old child.


        Keith “touched” a child’s genitals by poundinRhianna 12 Year old girl in the vagina with his cock.

        Keith raped a 12 year old child




        Fuck off.

    • Put those reading comprehension skills to work. I made it clear that if Raniere harmed a child that he belongs in prison.

      My point is that if teachers and other adults who did the same things or looked the other way we’re prosecuted as aggressively, that we’d have to double the prison population.

      And I’m not the one who asked “who’s going to coach the game on Saturday.” That was the same press that has you hiding under your bed because grown women in a sorority got a brand on their hips.

      • For once I agree with you. ‘Pedo’ is a word a few commenters throw around with little thought. Many of us have had painful experiences growing up, but I also believe in basic goodness and decency, and in the end that something that’s in all of us. It’s up to us to find it.

        I just don’t think you can really call DOS a sorority for the simple reason it was based on deceit. It’s incumbent on all of us to be straight with people, and we do a disservice to ourselves when we’re not. Collateral was never a good idea, even if you believe that you were giving it for yourself to achieve your goals. As adults our discipline must come from within us: externally imposed discipline is in the end just infantilization.

  • — Teachers in my school had sex with the students ALL THE TIME.

    Sure Kevin, sure. I’m sure your school was just a giant orgy of student-teacher sex. What was its name? “Allporn High” or “Vaginadictorian High”?

    You’ll pull any kind of shit of your ass to defend your hero with your “ethical” lies.

  • Yes, let’s pretend Raniere was sentenced to 120 years for statutory rape. ‘Cuz that’s the false narrative that the dead enders are pushing.

    Raniere wasn’t charged with statutory rape. He wasn’t convicted of or sentenced for statutory rape.

    Raniere was indicted and convicted on seven counts:
    racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy; forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy.

    Anybody see “having sex with a minor” there? No? So why are we having this “debate”?

    This is nothing more than an attempt to create a controversy where there is none. To peddle a false narrative.

    I can understand why the Raniere supporters, the dead-enders, are pushing this sad reeking bit of red herring. They’re always eager to change the narrative and hide the facts, the simple fact that Raniere was running a criminal organization and a sex trafficking cult where women were blackmailed and branded on their loins with his initials. He’s a racketeer and a sex trafficker and the way he went about it was exceptionally egregious and that’s why he got sentenced to 120 years in prison.

    That’s the fact. This “debate” is a lie.

    • The case was over-charged, plain and simple.

      The only way around Prosecutors over-charging is jury nullification. Defense attorneys should be allowed to argue that the charges are a “square peg” in a round hole, and unless the prosecutor is curbed, you could be next.

      Let’s look at the charges:

      Racketeering, racketeering conspiracy – KR is no gangster. Racketeering charges are for gangsters. The only way that KR becomes John Gotti is if the Government stretches the definition of what racketeering is well beyond what it was intended to cover, and the jury is corralled into believing the stretch. That’s what happened. There’s an old saying: “No body. no case.” Where is the “body” here?

      Forced labor conspiracy – right. Because DOS and NXIVM members were chained to the radiators or stored in shipping containers during off-hours. This charge devalues women who are transported overseas to foreign countries and abused as sex slaves – for years – before many are discarded and killed. And these career-minded prosecutors could care less about them compared to a case involving suburban white women who got “taken.”

      Sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, and sex trafficking conspiracy – Well, here is pay dirt. We are at least in the ballpark here. However, the Mann Act, 18 U.S. Code § 2422, best defines what went on here – “Coercion and enticement” of individuals over state lines to have illegal (underage) sex. The MAXIMUM under that statute is 20 years.

      Wire fraud conspiracy – because every prosecutor needs a catch-all. What exactly was fraudulent outside the ambit of KR inducing sex from minors? Is it because KR lied to get laid with other consenting adults? Newsflash: 98% of the adult male population would be in jail.

      I’m not making light of the harms suffered by the victims. The harm is real. My point is that the charges never reflected the crimes or the actual activity engaged in by KR. The charges were “shiny and shocking,” meant to “wow.” But society deserves better than a prosecution by PT Barnum and his cabal of clowns.

      Realistically, KR should have been looking at 220 months, not 120 years.

      • As a former lawyer you really ought to know that a law created for one purpose may often find itself being used in another unrelated and unanticipated context. It is up to prosecutors, judges and juries to determine whether that a varied application is warranted.

        • I agree. But –

          At a certain point, the law twisted, hackneyed, and spread too thin that it substantially deviates from the legislative purpose. In those instances, our constitutional republic guarantees due process and equal protection rights. Prosecutors forget this all too often.

          The only crimes that are not susceptible to such attack are crimes that are apparently wrong or malum in se. The Ten Commandments are a perfect example. Murder is wrong. False witness is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Rape is wrong. Full stop. Those crimes have nothing to do with Legislative Intent or “state lines.”

          What not charge KR with simple, understandable charges and cut the bullshit?

          Answer: Moira doesn’t get Star Wars numbers, a million dollar a year + job at a Democrat Party law factory, a spot on the Vow, and a reputation she’ll try to ride to a judgeship.

          If Raniere is 120 years (1440 months), what about the sex traffickers that seal 20 in the container in Asia, and only 5 arrive? Are they worse? What does 150 years (2000 months) even mean? Are we bringing back a death penalty discussion?

      • Richard, you said, “Realistically, KR should have been looking at 220 months, not 120 years”. Is that assessment solely based on the evidence presented at the trial? What are the legal names of the charges he should have faced fairly, based solely on the court evidence?

        It seems like the prosecutor and law enforcement agencies did not do a good job of investigating all the allegations covered by the Frank Report website. Initially, they refused to take any action. Later, they could not even recover the alleged blackmail material (collateral, photos, videos, etc.) in a timely manner. If I am not mistaken, the alleged blackmail material is still in possession of a defense attorney. That fact alone gives the impression that the investigation was handled less than perfectly.

        For the sake of academic discussion, if the law enforcement agencies could find legal proof for all the allegations covered in Frank Report articles, or if Ranier was brutally honest in his testimony and said that all Frank Report articles are accurate, how many years would he be facing? What would be the legal names of the charges he would face (e.g., racketeering, sex trafficking, etc.) in that hypothetical case?

        Just the multi-level marketing money grab and multi-level marketing nude collateral collection parts of the allegations seem pretty severe, even on their own. And there are lots of other far worse allegations. I don’t know anything about law, but I feel that he could get far more than 20 years if all allegations covered by the Frank Report articles were proven in a court of law. Of course, everybody is innocent until proven guilty, and many allegations did not come up in court. I am just asking a hypothetical question.

    • I wasn’t defending Raniere. That wasn’t the point I was making. More to do with manufactured moral outrage about sex and relationships that happened in this group that isn’t applied to other groups involving more vulnerable victims.

  • “Actress and NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] that recruited teen girls into a club. To date, no woman or girl has come forward with any allegation that they were sexually abused by Raniere or anyone connected with GBD.”

    But GBD was a part of NXIVM, according to an ex-GBD young woman. “The girls group was lead by coaches for NXIVM’s Executive Success Programs. They also had several other leaders who were in ESP and several NXIVM leaders in the chat groups. In 2009, the group recommended I check out NXIVM’s ESP and the company’s new program, Jness. It was suggested by the individual it could help provide me with an environment similar to the girls group.”

  • All pedo offenders should be locked up for maximum allowed sentences. How many underage girls did Keith rape? I was under impression it was two?

    • Charlie Brown’s teacher said,
      “wha, wha, wha, wha”,
      not, “blah, blah, blah.”

      Incidentally, Scott’s wife says,
      “gurkle, gulkle, gurkle, gack”, when servicing truckers at the rest stop.
      She’s a [Lot Lizard].

      • Wait that is not what you said about her before. You said she was the best Anway solicitor you ever encountered.

        • She solicited me for
          the tool scam. She taught me the difference between a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. It’s like swinging vs a gangbang.

          • She says you still don’t know the difference between a tool scam and a gang bang. Or what she meant a drink of Texas tea

    • Did you actually read the part where I said that any abuse against children is disgusting? Or are you assuming that I’m excusing that kind of behavior just for pointing out that the culture once condoned it?

      “Who’s going to coach the game on Saturday?” The same press that asked that question in response to 11 victims coming forward against Jerry Sandusky and Penn State want to position themselves as victims advocates today. I don’t buy it.

      • So why defend KR ? It’s traumatizing for the minor whatever the decade. Just because society was irresponsible doesn’t make it ok. And:
        He wasn’t even charged for stagetory rape. His other crimes got him imprisoned. He’s a criminal at every angle.

        • Notice Kevin said “children”.

          Having sex with teenagers like Cami, Rhiannon, Heidi’s sister, etc., as an adult isn’t abusing “children” according to the deadender defender.

          • Don’t take my words out of context. I am referring to people who are underage, to include Rhiannon and the two Ginas. If they were manipulated into having sex under the age of consent, those are crimes, and the guy should have been locked up 30 years ago.

            It didn’t happen because the people who obsess over things like NXIVM couldn’t have been bothered to do their jobs 30 years ago when they could have done something, since there was no HBO camera around to document it.

          • Hate to burst your bubble, Kev, but your own words give you away – “if they were manipulated…” This is something of a tautology: the degree of adult manipulation grows in proportion to the immaturity of a child and their ability to give consent. That’s why in most jurisdictions a preteen victim is a significantly aggravating factor when sentencing a child rapist.

        • I’m not defending him. More to point out how insanely wishy washy the press is when it comes to moral panics about sex.

      • Jerry Sandusky is currently serving 30-60 years at Pennsylvania’s Greene supermax prison, having been convicted on some 40+ counts of diddling boys in the locker room.

        Sandusky is maybe not the best example of how society supposedly condoned pedophilia…

        • He had the run of the Penn State campus and used Pennsylvania public schools and his charity to traffic low income boys to his basement and team hotels, for three decades. When the assistant found Sandusky in the shower with a boy and squealed, using his chain of command, the chain buried it.

          The students rioted when Paterno was removed as coach. The community was furious when his statue was removed.

          I think it’s a pretty good example.

          • So because society didn’t adequately condemn it in the past, they shouldn’t be condemning it now? What kind of logic is that?

      • I don’t understand Kevin’s reasoning. Beyond the fact that KR was not convicted (as he should have been) of statutory rape, is Kevin suggesting that if law enforcement does not catch every single case of abuse they should not bother pursuing any of them? I think we can all agree that any abuse against children is disgusting. KR was not convicted of abusing children which is also disgusting; luckily, he was convicted of many of his other crimes.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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