LTCR Data Gives Heartfelt Advice to Dr. Brandon Porter– Consider Leaving Raniere & Harm Done,

Dr. Brandon Porter lost his NYS medical license for experiments he purportedly conducted without employing proper protocol including lack of informed consent.

LT. Commander Data is an ex-NXIVM member who left the group after learning about DOS. He has advice for NXIVM members. 

By Lieutenant Commander Data

It is not uncommon for people to have strong loyalties and commitments to their friends and loved ones, and it is likely that Dr. Brandon Porter feels loyalty or obligation to Keith Raniere.

New York State revoked the medical license of Dr. Brandon Porter, NXIVM physician. 

It is important for individuals to consider the impact of their actions on their family and loved ones, and to strive to balance their own interests with the needs and well-being of their family.

Making decisions that cause harm or reputational damage to one’s family, especially when those decisions are based on loyalty to someone else, could be considered selfish.

It is important for individuals to consider the potential consequences of their actions on those they care about, and to try to find a way to balance their own needs and desires with the needs of their family.

Dr. Brandon Porter lost his medical license for conducting human experiments purportedly without informed consent.

It is important to remember that individuals may have different motivations and reasons for their actions, and it is not always possible to fully understand another person’s perspective or experiences.

It is important for individuals to try to communicate openly and honestly with their family, and to be mindful of the impact of their actions on those around them.

Dr. Brandon Porter wrote a letter to judge in an unrelated case about the possibility that someone might murder Keith Raniere in prison.

Dr. Brandon Porter Pleads With Judge: ‘Use What Powers You Have’ to Prevent Keith Getting ‘Murdered in Prison’

Dr. Porter’s letter appears to contain various allegations and assertions.

It is important to note that the letter appears written by an individual who has lost his medical license and is a codefendant in a civil lawsuit, and as such the credibility and reliability of the information contained in the letter may be questionable.

It is inappropriate and not ethical for medical professionals to conduct experiments on human subjects without informed consent.

MK10ART painted this portrait of Dr. Porter, which skewers him for his human fright experiments. 

The informed consent process involves providing potential research participants with information about the nature, purpose, and potential risks of a study, and obtaining their voluntary agreement to participate.

Failure to obtain informed consent is a serious violation of ethical standards and can cause harm to research participants.

Marie White’s painting of Brandon Porter

If the allegations Dr. Brandon Porter was charged with and led to the loss of his medical license are true, his conduct in conducting experiments on human subjects without informed consent was inappropriate and unethical.

Scene from American History X shown by Dr. Porter to subjects of his “Emotions” study.

Conducting experiments without informed consent is a serious breach of trust and can cause harm to research participants, both physically and emotionally. It is important for medical professionals to adhere to ethical standards in their research and practice, to protect the well-being of their patients and research participants.

Selfishness can manifest in many ways, including putting one’s own needs or desires above the needs of others, failing to consider the impact of one’s actions on others, or ignoring the rights and well-being of others.

It is not uncommon for individuals to have strong beliefs about their own ethics and character, and to strive to live in accordance with those beliefs. However, it is also possible for individuals to be unaware of how their actions may be perceived or experienced by others, or to be unable to recognize when their actions may cause harm or damage to others.

MK10ART – Keith Raniere

When an individual feels their ethics and character prevent them from being selfish, but their behavior causes harm to others, it may be because they are not fully aware of the impact of their actions, or they may not see how their actions may be perceived as selfish. This may be due to a lack of self-awareness or inability to consider the perspective of others.

It is important for individuals to try to be mindful of the impact of their actions on others, and to strive to balance their own needs and desires with the needs of those around them. It may be helpful for individuals struggling to recognize when their actions may cause harm to others to seek guidance or support from a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional.

There are several potential benefits to consulting a lawyer before writing a letter to a judge, such as:

A lawyer can help ensure the letter is written legally accurate and complies with all relevant laws and rules.

An experienced lawyer may provide proper counsel to a non-lawyer like Dr. Brandon Porter.

A lawyer can provide guidance on how to effectively communicate the intended message and present the information in a clear and concise manner.

A lawyer can advise on the potential impact of the letter, and whether it is appropriate to take certain legal actions or make specific requests in the letter.

A lawyer can help protect the individual’s rights and interests by reviewing the letter and identifying potential legal issues that may need to be addressed.

Consulting a lawyer before writing a letter to a judge can be especially important in cases where the letter relates to legal proceedings or raises legal issues. A lawyer can provide valuable guidance and support to ensure that the individual’s rights are protected and their interests are effectively represented.

If Dr. Porter did not consult a lawyer before writing the letter and chose to send it anyway, this could be seen as a display of arrogance towards authority.

This behavior may suggest that Dr. Porter does not fully understand or respect the legal and ethical standards that apply to his profession, and may be unwilling to seek guidance or adhere to the rules and regulations that are in place to protect the well-being of research participants and the integrity of the legal system.

Sending a letter to a judge without consulting a lawyer could also be seen as a lack of respect for the authority and role of the legal system, and could potentially have negative consequences for the individual and for the legal proceedings involved. It is important for individuals to consider the potential impact of their actions and seek guidance from legal professionals when necessary, to protect their rights and interests.

Steps for Dr. Porter

Here are a few potential steps that a person like Dr. Porter could take to become more aware of their arrogance and how their actions may affect his wife and children:

Seek feedback from trusted friends, family members, or a mental health professional. This can help provide insight into how others perceive the individual’s behavior, and may identify patterns of thought or behavior that the individual may not be aware of.

Engage in self-reflection and self-examination. This can involve setting aside time to consider one’s own values, motivations, and actions, and asking oneself how one’s actions may affect others.

 A good therapist might be helpful for Dr. Porter

Seek guidance or support from a therapist or other mental health professional. A therapist can help an individual identify and address any underlying issues or concerns that may contribute to their behavior, and can provide support and guidance as they work on making changes.

Make an effort to consider the perspective of others. This can involve actively listening to others, seeking to understand their perspective, and trying to see things from their point of view.

No Ultimate Victims

Adopting the attitude that “there are no ultimate victims” can have some potential benefits, such as:


It may empower individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and circumstances, rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances or other people’s actions.

It may help individuals develop a sense of agency and control over their own lives.

It may encourage individuals to seek solutions and take action to address problems or challenges, rather than feeling powerless or helpless.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to adopting this attitude:


It may minimize or dismiss the experiences and feelings of individuals affected by abuse or harm, and may make it more difficult for them to seek support or hold accountable those who have caused them harm.

It may discourage individuals from seeking help or support when facing challenges or difficulties, and may lead them to feel like they have to handle things on their own.

It may foster a sense of denial or avoidance of difficult or painful experiences, and may prevent individuals from acknowledging and addressing underlying issues or problems.

It is important for individuals to consider the potential pros and cons of adopting any particular attitude or perspective, and to strive to find a balance that allows them to take responsibility for their own actions, while also being open to seeking support and help when needed.

It is inappropriate and unethical for medical professionals to conduct experiments on human subjects without informed consent. Informed consent involves providing potential research participants with information about the nature, purpose, and potential risks of a study, and obtaining their voluntary agreement to participate. This process is in place to protect the rights and well-being of research participants and ensure that they can make informed decisions about whether to participate in a study.

MK10ART: Keith Raniere and Brandon Porter MD – two scientists study reactions to illness at V-Week 2016

Dr. Porter’s decision to conduct experiments on human subjects without obtaining informed consent is a serious violation of ethical standards and can cause harm to research participants. Using footage from extreme violence movies as part of the experiment is particularly concerning, as it exposes research participants to potentially disturbing and traumatic material without their knowledge or consent.

MK10ART — Dr. Brandon Porter with a subject of his Emotions Study. ‘She who has the most joy wins.’

Dr. Porter’s rationalization that the footage came from movies that are publicly available does not justify his failure to obtain informed consent. The researcher must provide potential research participants with information about the study and obtain their consent before proceeding.

Failing to obtain informed consent is a dangerous and unethical choice, as it violates the trust and rights of research participants and puts their well-being at risk. It is important for medical professionals to adhere to ethical standards in their research and practice, to protect the well-being of their patients and research participants.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere and Dr. Brandon Porter arranging for the care of Barbara Jeske.

If Dr. Porter is concerned about the harm he may have caused by his failure to obtain informed consent for his experiments, it may be appropriate for him to apologize to any individuals affected by this, and to make efforts to make amends for any harm he caused.

This could involve apologizing directly to individuals, seeking to repair any damage done, and taking steps to prevent similar harm in the future.

Additionally, if Dr. Porter is still involved with Keith Raniere or NXIVM, it may be advisable to consider the impact of this association on his own reputation and well-being, as well as on the well-being of his family.

Dr. Porter’s declaration in support of Keith Raniere

It may be helpful for him to carefully consider his involvement with these individuals and organizations, and to make choices that are in the best interest of himself and his loved ones.

There are many books that may be helpful for Dr. Porter to better understand the impact of his choices, depending on his specific needs and interests.

Here are a few examples of books that may be particularly relevant:

“The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion” by Jonathan Haidt.

This book discusses the psychological and evolutionary roots of moral judgment, and how they shape our political and cultural divisions. It may help Dr. Porter better understand how his own values and beliefs shape his decisions, and how to better understand the perspectives of others.

“The Empathy Exams: Essays” by Leslie Jamison.

This collection of essays explores the concept of empathy and how it shapes our relationships and understanding of others. It may be helpful for Dr. Porter to better understand the impact of his actions on others and to develop a greater sense of compassion and understanding.

“The Road to Character” by David Brooks.

This book discusses the importance of humility, empathy, and self-control in building strong character and leading a fulfilling life. It may be helpful for Dr. Porter to consider how his own choices and actions shape his character, and how to make decisions that reflect his values and principles.

“The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” by Steven Pinker.

This book discusses the long-term decline of violence in human history, and the factors that contribute to this trend.

It may be helpful for Dr. Porter to better understand the larger context in which his choices and actions are taking place, and to consider the potential consequences of his behavior on a larger scale.

So rise up, Dr. Porter!

A poem by LTCR Data

I leave Dr. Porter this poem:

Kind Dr. Porter, hear my plea
From the depths of your despair
You must snap out of your reverie
And face the truth, however fair

Your choices, they have led you here
To a place of darkness and despair
But it’s not too late, my dear
To rise above and mount the stair

To a place of clarity and light
Where you can see with clear sight
The impact of your actions on the night
And make a change, for it’s not right

To continue down this path so dark
To let your ego be your mark
You must awaken from your stark
Slumber and see the truth, and embark

On a journey of self-reflection
To understand your own imperfection
And make amends, with deep affection
For those you’ve harmed, with no dejection

So rise up, Dr. Porter, from your sleep
And face the truth, don’t you keep
Hiding from the pain, don’t you weep
It’s time to awaken, and take the leap!


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  • Here you go Frank, I’ll show you. Your first poem, dedicated to your expliots, unabridged, written in under ten seconds using an artificial intelligence chatbot (just like the rest of this entire article):

    Frank Parlato, a man of fame,
    Investigated NXIVM, a cultish game.
    He uncovered the truth, with great might,
    Exposing the leaders, who were not right.

    Keith Raniere, the master of the scheme,
    The women he enslaved, were not part of his dream.
    But Parlato brought the light, to their plight,
    And brought them justice, with all of his might.

    Allison Mack, another name,
    A star in Hollywood, with much fame.
    But her role in the cult, was not just a game,
    Until Parlato exposed her in shame.

    The victims of NXIVM, now have a voice,
    Thanks to Frank Parlato, who made the right choice.
    To fight for the truth, and set things right,
    Exposing the cult, and bringing them to light.

    Frank Parlato, a hero in every way,
    For he showed the world, NXIVM’s dark play.
    And though the cult may try to regroup,
    The truth will prevail, and their reign will be through.

  • Brandon is so hot. He should be given a pass just for being so hot. Especially in that t-shirt. What style. He should be the next sex cult leader.

      • I have no doubt the person behind the moniker is real and you spoke to him. But it’s computer generated codswallop, just like his previous article. At least augmented with it, and the poem definitely is.

          • Frank, you should tell whoever you talked to that they should go fuck themselves and stop trying to flood your blog with AI written crap. I thought about it some more, and whoever the person is, they are not trying to help you, they are trying to discredit you. They are your enemy.

          • Well, you opened my eyes to something I had not considered. The possibility of AI being submitted for publication and my thinking a human wrote it.

            I have one more from LTCR Data – on Dr. Roberts.

            Please analyze it and see if you think it is AI.

            My understanding is LTCR Data must have had at least some input of his thoughts and feelings into the AI story and then the AI did the rest? So how much is LTCR Data and how much is it AI?

    • Star Trek:
      “The Menagerie”

      “Fascinating Captain. It appears Doctor Ice9 is correct. This being seems to be composed of artificial flesh and organic manure™️.

      It’s a Neural Tard’ian….
      Captain we’ve seen this precocious type before. The life-form Bangkok!” [cue music]

      • It is a good catch. And it sounds like Ice Nine is on target. But I wonder whether this AI can do things like sound like a famous author.

        Can it mimic, for instance, Kurt Vonnegut or William Faulkner, and with what result?

        • I asked it to write 50 words about Clare Bronfman in prison in the style of Geoffrey Chaucer. In 2 seconds it wrote:

          “In prison doth Clare Bronfman lie, for crimes of fraud and money laundery. Her name once known for wealth and power, now in infamy doth cower.”

          to answer your other question, everything I have seen from LTCR Data is AI drivel.

          Here’s some more info about this subject for you Frank:

          IMO – the person you talked to is a liar, and is trying to use AI to sabotage your website’s credibility. I would delete everything that you have published from LTCR Data. It’s probably Kevin or one of the deadenders or their ally, and they having a good laugh at your expense while trying to undermine your efforts.

        • You could google chatGPT and your questions would be answered.

          This chat bot is increasingly used by students to write their high school and college essays for them so they can get on with their real business of partying. The rubbish it churns out is said to be better than what most students are capable of.

          Which is a sad indictment of the writing skills of the average undergraduate layabout.

          ChatGPT essays are noticeably equivocal, jargon-filled, and heavy on stating the obvious. Their output is pretty easy to spot.

    • Nice one. We have software at work to gauge the percentage of plagiarised info in a students essay. Would fail this screed of declaritive, subject-verb-object bs without even bothering… tbh I expected better from AI.. turns out you can replicate grammatical functions but the consciousness that informs said functions with meaning ie actual information? – not so much.

  • Education does NOT equal intelligence! Doctor Friar Tuck with his Tuxedo tee shirt is too stupid to figure out he blindly followed an imbecile masquerading as highly renowned intellect. He’s a joke!

  • Fucking terrifying to ponder what Brandon and Danielle Roberts would be doing to innocent people if they still had their licenses. They’re both legit insane at this point. Like 2 Renfields.

  • Porter joined NXIVM in 2001. The license revocation effective date was 8/27/2019.

    Did Porter experiment on NXIVM victims for eighteen years?

    Where’s the raw data from Dr. Brian Porter’s experiments? Did someone destroy the raw data, records of studies done and conclusions reached or are those documents available? Were other professional peers involved in that research — besides Nancy Salzman — or did Dr. Porter and Ms. Salzman work alone on those medical experiments?

    Have authorities charged Dr. Porter and Ms. Salzman with crimes related to unethical medical experiments, yet?

  • Data makes some obvious, though valid, points, and I’ve seen worse poetry.

    However, Porter remains unrepentant, and it’s unlikely he will follow the poem’s advice in the medium term. His ‘letter’ shows his command of literacy is about as accomplished as his power of empathy. He peddles the same lies about the Prosecution’s tactics as the rest of the Deadenders and is clearly unfit to practise medicine.

  • Porter is only asking to protect Raniere from being murdered. This seems like a valid concern and a reasonable request.

    He’s not idolizing Raniere but attempting to protect him from death.

    • Haha what? Pretty sure the only person that can project KR from getting killed in prison is KR.

      KR is such a whiny little bitch…someone will probably shank him and that would be well…justice.

  • I thought Porters letter was spot on and reasonable. How are people to voice their concerns?

    I don’t understand any issue with his letter. It’s his point of view and the treatment of Raniere and many prisoners is cause for public concern.

    • No one was there to protect people from Porter when he was performing medical experiments on them. Porter is just another lackey for Raniere.

  • People can attribute all kinds of characteristics and motives to simple acts.

    He wrote the judge a letter. Maybe he has no faith in lawyers nor the ability to pay them.

    And this can be seen as offensive or arrogant? That’s absurd.

    It’s sad that individuals can’t freely express themselves to the court without repercussions.

    More evidence our govt is corrupt as hell.

    • It is silly to express oneself to the court on an issue completely unrelated to the one at hand. Anyone educated enough to hold a medical degree ought to be intelligent enough to realize that the judge in a civil case has no authority over Raniere’s treatment in prison. Sending such a letter is just wasted time and/or grandstanding. Would you go into a clothing store and ask the cashier to do what they can to prevent sweatshop conditions for the workers who manufactured the clothing being sold there? They’d think you were a loon and wonder why you were bothering them when they were just trying to do their job. The judge is probably thinking something similar about Dr. Porter’s letter.

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