Bangkok Looks at Suspicious Omission By Kristin Snyder Spouse of Raniere Pregnancy to Police

Kristin Snyder was known to kayak in call kinds of weather. But she never wore purple slippers to kayak.

The opinions of Bangkok are entirely his own.  It is a serious allegation that Bangkok is making, and I want to point out that the Frank Report has uncovered no hard evidence of Bangkok’s speculation. 

By Bangkok

The Kristin Snyder story is one which Frank and I differ on.

I’ve already solved the case. 🙂

The problem with Frank’s entire investigative team, in this case, is that they suffer from confirmation bias (they wanna believe NXIVM and Keith Raniere had something to do with this woman’s disappearance because he’s such a bad man).

Nobody can say with certainty that Elaine Smiloff was the last person to see her alive, except the most obvious person who likely has something to hide here.

If I had been conducting this journalistic investigation with Frank —— when I visited Alaska to interview these witnesses, I would have asked one question to the most obvious suspect on camera:

“Will you agree to take a polygraph test, on camera, to prove that you had nothing to do with your wife’s disappearance — and to prove that you weren’t jealous of Kristin’s claims that another man impregnated your wife?”

Guess what? Kristin’s wife would have declined to take a polygraph for Frank.

I promise you that.

Why? Because a lying sack of shit has things to hide and ain’t gonna take a polygraph.

By her own admission, she was MORE WORRIED about police ‘investigating her’ THAN ACTUALLY FINDING THE REAL KILLER OF HER SPOUSE (by withholding key information from the police about her wife’s alleged infidelity, for the express purpose of keeping the police from investigating her).

Think about that carefully.

Purposely withholding CRITICAL information is basically the SAME THING as lying, at least from a moral point of view.


Did Kristin Snyder, an expert kayaker and survivalist, really take a kayak and paddle out to the bay and commit suicide by drowning?

If you truly LOVE somebody and they go missing, the LAST thing you’d do is withhold key evidence from the police — especially if you already know that you had NOTHING to do with the alleged crime and that it would be impossible to disprove your alibi.

Heidi Clifford revealed for the first time on camera in 2019, that Kristin Snyder said she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child. She said this to Frank Parlato and Kristin’s mother Jonnie Snyder, when Parlato visited the mother at her home in Dillon, S. Carolina.

Jonnie expressed shock and some outrage that Heidi did not tell her this important piece of information. Parlato asked her why she did not tell the police at the time, and Heidi said she was worried it might throw suspicion on her, and besides, she felt it simply was not true.

Another thing that’s fishy…

At that stage, it was just a suicide investigation (with a suicide note) —- so WHY would her spouse be thinking about withholding evidence from the police OUT OF FEAR that she’d possibly be arrested for homicide? LOL.

Does anybody else see the contradiction there?

IMO, Frank has a problem here…

If the ‘timeline’ and ‘alibi’ of Kristin’s wife are so ‘rock solid’ —- then she’d have NO REASON to suspect she could be arrested for anything. Capiche?

Yes, the spouse must always be ‘investigated’ and ‘cleared’ —- but that’s usually done quickly, especially if the spouse has a rock solid alibi and truly had nothing to do with the alleged crime.

So, again, there’s nothing to fear unless your alibi cannot be 100% corroborated.

And, if her alibi cannot be 100% corroborated here — then why would ANYBODY take her word for it that Elaine, not Ms. Clifford, was the last person to see Kristin alive?

Another thing…

The fact that polygraph tests aren’t 100% accurate doesn’t matter.

That was never my point.

It’s not the polygraph results which would have proved anything —- it’s the LIAR’S REACTION to being asked to take a polygraph which would have told us everything we need to know.

Another thing…

Common sense tells me that NXIVM’s hiring of an investigative team to locate Kristin Snyder hiding (alive) tells us that they truly believed she was still alive the whole time and had faked her suicide —- and they wanted to catch her lying about her alleged suicide.

There can be NO OTHER logical explanation for hiring such a team.

There is a grave site for Kristin Snyder, but there is no body in it. Did she really die? Or does she still live?

Of course, Frank won’t accept this COMMON SENSE —– mostly because his own confirmation bias won’t let him suspect anybody else but Keith and NXIVM.

Jonnie Snyder [seared] was shocked when Heidi told her that Kristin claimed she was pregnant with Raniere’s child. 

Here are the results of my armchair investigation into this matter:

There are 2 likely things that could have happened to Kristin (in my opinion):

1) Kristin’s spouse likely was jealous of Kristin’s CLAIMS that she was carrying Keith’s child. Remember, Ms. Clifford was incapable of giving Kristin a child, since she has no penis — and that must have ‘hurt’ and inspired ‘jealously’ when Kristin CLAIMED that another man had impregnated her.

Most men would get enraged at the thought of another man sleeping with their spouse and impregnating them —- and it’s SEXIST to assume Heidi Clifford had no such emotions (statistics show homosexuals get even more jealous than heterosexuals).

Thus, it’s quite possible that her spouse was somehow involved in Kristin’s disappearance.

Kristin Snyder standing by the Toyota Tacoma later found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note.

Oh, and statistically speaking, the spouse is often involved in cases like these, especially where jealousy and infidelity are an issue (it doesn’t matter that Kristin never likely had sex with Keith, it only matters that Kristin CLAIMED this to her spouse).

Heidi Clifford remained at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage, when Kristin Snyder was removed from the class. 

Again, if Ms. Clifford truly had a rock solid alibi (like Frank claims), she would NOT have withheld key evidence from the police, out of FEAR that she’d be arrested. That’s just common sense.

2) Kristin was obviously mentally disturbed during the final few weeks of her life, and it’s possible that she simply did what her suicide note said she did, without help from anybody else.

That’s it. Case solved. No more speculation is necessary.

Have a good day. 🙂

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11 months ago

I think Kristin is telling us what she believes to be true as she knows it but when she did her “thorough investigation” in Alaska it was on the order of Keith at a time she was deep under his influence. He wanted an investigation to have a certain outcome – that he and/or his teachings were not to blame and get him off the hook. That alone tells me that this thorough investigation was flawed, as she wasn’t some neutral party.

Frank Parlato
11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Kristin has her own theory and she told me she traced a living Kristin Snyder after the supposed disappearance.

11 months ago

Peaches is on the money- Heidi is behind ALL of this BS !!!!!! This is ALL headed to her –

11 months ago

Frank, I think if Clifford made up this pregnancy story or even if it’s true, Clifford owes us an explanation. I feel like she killed Kris, stole her money and bought those two special needs children to make her codependent ass look like a more gentle loving person. Plus I think she’s codependent and Kris wanted nothing to do with Clifford because of her character flaw.

11 months ago

Conformational bias! The same device used to secure outcomes of crazy mother and parental alienation in family courts.

Unbeknownst to the targeted parent, the “evaluator” is given a list of questions to answer- each is an indicator of the bs concept of parental alienation. She seeks to confirm the existence and like a checklist in a treasure hunt seeks to find the outcome.

All objectivity is out the window.

Heidi knows what happened. Heidi Heidi Heidi.

11 months ago


My child you’re so off the mark it’s like you’re home pissing on the bathroom wall instead of into the toilet bowl.
Your detective skills wouldn’t help you win a game of Clue®️ let alone solve a murder.

I’m glad you’re back!

Dirty Rat Bastard
Dirty Rat Bastard
11 months ago
Reply to  NiceGuy


I was just messing.
Happy Holidays!

11 months ago

This makes no sense.

11 months ago

Whenever a young woman dies mysteriously standard police practice is to always consider the possibility that she was pregnant at the time of death and that pregnancy motivated either her murder or her suicide.

There is a classic murder casein American history that inspired the novel “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser.

A young woman became pregnant and her boyfriend murdered her.
The case occurred in upstate New York in the Adirondacks. and in real life the boyfriend was convicted and executed for his crime.

An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy is a 1925 novel by American writer Theodore Dreiser. He began the manuscript in the summer of 1920, but a year later abandoned most of that text. It was based on the notorious murder of Grace Brown in 1906 and the trial of her lover. In 1923 Dreiser returned to the project, and with the help of his future wife Helen and two editor-secretaries, Louise Campbell and Sally Kusell, he completed the massive novel in 1925.[1] The book entered the public domain in the United States on January 1, 2021.

11 months ago

Is it even remotely possible that she only committed suicide? Don’t get me wrong, maybe she was murdered but just seems like suicide to me.

11 months ago

This time – I am beating you at your own freaking game. Get the facts from the family- not your own mind. You skip facts and you question what Frank knows- he has the facts- you said it yourself – he came to visit us in SC –
Come to the horses’ mouth to get the story right. As I am fond of saying “whomp, whomp !!!’

11 months ago

Sorry this is Kris’ sister. You have a few facts wrong….. Heidi wasn’t in the home for the first 3 hours when we arrived in AK- but you also need to know, she had NO rock solid alibi. So now what ? Who did you talk to?
Go see the facts again.
Heidi did NOT call the police or missing & exploited children. There was NO alibi. Do you still want to contest me ? I am Kris’ sister- bring it on.

11 months ago

“…Because a lying sack of shit has…”
I have always been attracted to Bangcock for his elegant AND elevated presentation of facts.

Briefly into the article I had developed a sense of disorientation which kept nudging me harder with every additional read paragraph. Then I realised Bangcock was talking about carpet munchers! 😮🤦

Next time, can you write a forewarning about it, Bangcock? 😐

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