Kristin Keeffe Slams Toni Natalie and Corruptible BK Chet Hardin

Toni Natalie Portrait holding Mic
Toni Natalie at the Albany Times Union forum [photo courtesy Albany Times Union]

Kristin Keeffe decided to weigh in on the Toni Natalie controversy. One man, BK Chet Incorruptible Hardin, thinks Toni is an angel.

Others are not so sure.

By Kristin Keeffe

I was involved as a witness in a massive bank fraud investigation that Toni Natalie was a key player in, and that had nothing to do with NXIVM.

I worked for Tonii in the 90’s, and again when NXIVM started. I worked for her, both during CBI and at her health food store.

Toni was one of the most corrupt and dishonest people I ever met in my life. She was like a career con artist – a sociopath. She was the main reason/recruiter of me into Keith’s life and world. If not for Toni, I never would have been involved with Keith.

In my own lack of education and life experience, and being susceptible to Toni’s sociopathic charms, I couldn’t process the reality of her. I wanted to believe she was my friend and mentor when she recruited me into Keith’s world.

On some level, I knew she was evil early on. But I just wanted to have friends and some sense of homeostasis. I was always a very lonely and isolated person. A psychopath raised me, someone much like Toni, so for me, appeasing a psychopathic/elder that was a mother figure was my happy place.

Toni did the big sell on me to envelope me into her world both in CBI and later NHN, which always ended up with me as her servant. I was psychologically susceptible (as stated above).

What would start as a job opportunity would end up in total servitude. I babysat her son 24/7, took her clothes to the dry cleaner, and got her dogs groomed. When she was sick, I took care of her and put curlers in her hair. I was a faithful friend (I thought), but the reality was I was a dehumanized servant.

I was supposed to have a real job, but I always ended up begging to be paid, and when I was it was always less than agreed. She made it so her mother controlled my bank account.

When Keith and Nancy started NXIVM, I was still working full time for Toni. After a few months of classes, I started to no longer rationalize Toni’s behavior, and I became concerned about her fraudulent conduct at her business.

Although I had been a people pleasing person, I was like ‘holy shit, she is a total con artist.’ She was stealing from and conning people left and right. Ultimately, I quit working for her, as I became concerned she was involved in serious illegal conduct that I was witnessing firsthand in my employment.

Thereafter, I tried to distance myself from all things Toni. I just thought, I can’t be involved in this. Although out of diplomacy and not wanting to comprehend the depths of her evil, I would still occasionally help out at her store for events.

Flash forward to NXIVM (Then Executive Success Programs) which quickly became a huge success. Keith broke up with Toni, and Toni started to spin off the rails.

I tried to move on from everything, but eventually I was asked by the FBI and DOJ about Toni’s financial dealings when I worked for her. Especially involving bank loans she was getting. I was asked to review some of her financial assertions based on my first-hand experience as her employee.

Toni Natalie 

Turns out she was involved in this massive bank fraud ring. It was literally, at that point in my life, the most earth shattering thing I had ever experienced. She was robbing banks! I never, never knew anyone who robbed banks! I had been an employee of hers, with little professional experience, and had witnessed many things in terms of her petty conning of customers, but massive bank fraud was a whole other thing.

I testified honestly and truthfully. Toni was facing 10 years in prison, but not based on me or my testimony. The FBI told me that everyone else involved (who had no involvement in NXIVM) had confessed. They didn’t need me as a witness. They just asked me to authenticate things I knew or had witnessed.

Flash forward, and Toni was able to get Chet Hardin (incorruptible_bk) to write a story about her and blame her illegal activity on the propaganda and persecution of her “by the cult”, and other bad actors and media outlets followed.

Toni was not indicted and got off her prison time. That started Toni’s new career. “Blaming persecution by NXIVM” as a way to make money. She’s done that ever since.

To my hardship, she’s spent the last ten years or more of my life trying to destroy me in every way she could, for testifying honestly about her – when questioned (under the threat of criminal persecution if I didn’t) about what I witnessed when I was her employee.

In retaliation, she’s lied about me through international media, tried to have my son taken from me, tried to have my son and me swatted, made up a book of lies about me to make me look violent and discredit me, and has done everything possible to get revenge. Because I told the truth about what I witnessed when I was her servant/slave and she was a bank robber.

That has been one of the biggest hardships of my lifetime. Dealing with this evil woman.

I am certain I never would have stayed involved with NXIVM if not for Toni’s corruption. I doubt Nancy or Lauren would have either. And Keith would never have gotten off the ground. The shock of Toni’s thefts pushed many people closer to Keith.

It’s amazing to me how one corrupt person, who is not even that sophisticated, but a good liar, can change the world badly for thousands.

I’ve had many hateful, untruthful things said about me online over many years. I always took the high road and did nothing. There was a team of ex NXIVM members led by Toni Natalie, who stalked and harassed me hardcore for years.

Toni would be outside my house trying to take my son’s and my picture. I got followed in the neighborhood when walking my dog. She called child protective services on me numerous times.

She called the police and said I murdered my son to get me SWATTED and traumatize him. It was a nightmare.

My house was vandalized. My neighbors shunned me, no children would talk, let alone play with my son. It got so bad, one neighbor tried to poison my cats. Instead of my cats eating the poison, another neighbor’s dog got into the poison and barely escaped death. The guy who did it pleaded guilty. He lived a few doors down.

All this was happening while I desperately tried to leave Keith and Clare and NXIVM.

Then when I literally ran away from Keith and Clare, they were after me, then I went through a whole series of horrors for the next 3-4 years.

BK and some people have been promoting a narrative regarding me without thought for the potential consequence to me. Put yourself in my shoes. What if some guy [Chet] who was an author started a Reddit Sub to indirectly promote his book to make money lying about you and doing everything he could to destroy your life out of malice and. a sick obsession?

When the truth was, you were a whistleblower. You built a whole case against an enormous criminal enterprise. People went to jail, and dozens if not hundreds of women and children were saved in large part because of your years of hard work and efforts. During which time your son had to hide and run with you and move six times, and never had a decent childhood.

And the stress was so terrible, your body collapsed and you got cancer with barely a 10% chance of living. You went through horrible cancer treatments and barbaric permanently disabling surgery after years of hiding and only your young child was there to help you through it, which was very hard on him.

Despite all that, somehow you survived, and the monsters were imprisoned, and your child was slowly recovering from the trauma as you tried to rebuild a humble career. You told yourself it was worth it.

But because you didn’t focus on “monetizing your story”, publicly for yourself, and going for a big money grab throughout, this book author got away with rewriting your whole life as if you were a VILLAIN. Saying the most hideous, horrible, degrading things about you.

Chet Hardin [as incorruptible bk] wrote to Kristin, denying he is Chet Hardin

Kristin, I don’t care what your beef with Toni Natalie or Chet Hardin is, but I am simply not Chet Hardin and I’m really getting fed up with this.

I am someone who has lived in the five boroughs of New York City for the entirety of my life, including the entirety of the period when Hardin was working for Metroland.

My own first exposure to anything NXIVM related was because it linked to the 2009 State Senate crisis where two NYC legislators –Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate– changed party affiliation at the behest of Steve Pigeon and the assistance of Jack Casey, an ESPian.

If you want to know why I am not going to give any more biographical information than that, it is not just because I find Parlato’s willingness to play so fast and loose with the facts distasteful. It’s practical because Parlato is employing someone who is convicted of stealing people’s identities and stalking. Multiple persons in NYC have an order of protection against him.

(That person, by the way, is posting on Frank Report under both his own name and under a pseudonym).

With this whole mess, Parlato has three people mixed up in his own little drama. I have come to believe that it’s because he is simply angry that his luck ran out and he is going to face the music.

Kristin responded:
Look, you are caught. There are no if’s and’s or buts about it.

Whatever compassion I might feel for your motivations, and my understanding of what a sophisticated sociopath Toni Natalie is and how she inspired you to go along with lies solely for your personal profit, enough is enough. Your days of getting a pass from me are over. You will have to deal with that.

To try and cover yourself, you are reaching for some desperate excuses… Frank Parlato, Jack Casey, etc. It just makes you look worse.

Personally, I think you feel bad about forwarding some things that were dishonest and hurt my son and me badly when we were heroes in this story. Toni Natalie would be in jail if not for me getting her off criminal charges. Not just once – but twice! And she was totally guilty both times!

Whatever compassion I might have felt for you personally, and my sympathy for your being hoodwinked by a sociopath like Toni, at a certain point it needs to stop.

Now you will be held to account. Your grace period has ended….

I have a right to respond to hideous, life-destroying lies about me from a person trying to make a big book profit. A person who accused me of induced suicide, murder of pets, raging alcoholism, and all kinds of other hideous and atrocious crimes that I never committed doesn’t get a pass and hide by anonymity.

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • I am a physician and specialize in psychiatry. And I can certify Toni and Chet are telling the truth, and Kristin and Frank are lying.

  • All of these cult people basically tearing into each other makes me laugh at how unethical all of these morons were while all belonging to a cult that professed to be about ethics.

    The Universe cannot reinforce more the correctness of those who were shunned because they spoke out against this clusterfuck so many years ago.

  • “BK and some people have been promoting a narrative regarding me without thought for the potential consequence to me.”

    But the bizarre thing is I don’t see a single thing said about you (Kristin) at that Reddit sub except for when you posted. What narrative is incorruptibleBK promoting about you there?

      • BK is obviously not Chet. So weird that Kristin is bashing a Reddit mod who hasn’t said a peep about her because of what someone else wrote in a book. Or let’s imagine for a moment that BK is Chet. So what? I believe he is also available on Twitter and maybe The Fall of NXIVM site. Did she contact him there too and tell him his number is up? maybe you are holding back some information that will make everything click, but right now this “butthurt” about BK’s identity is making zero sense to me.

        • Sit tight, my friend, there is more, much more to come.

          Patience, perseverance. You will soon know the identity of the man who hides behind BK incorruptible. The curtain will be drawn. But first, we need more denials.

          • Naw, BK has clearly, emphatically denied being Chet. We don’t need to wait. Kristin also has this “Wait and you’ll see…” thing about her claims about NXIVM whistleblowers, but the evidence never materializes. If you got the goods, please share them Frank.

          • Wasn’t it YOU Frank who said Toni’s brother paid $1,000000 to Keith so he would let her go?
            Make up your mind.

          • Pray tell, where did I say Toni’s brother paid Keith $1 million – and who was my source?

  • This is the kind of messy confrontation that Mark and Sarah want to avoid at their civil trial, which is why they dropped the Salzmans from the lawsuit, despite them having more involvement than all of the remaining defendants put together not named Keith.

    So I have a special assignment for the people tearing into each other both here and on the Reddit threads; cut it out, and tell the story that’s missing so many pieces. What do the Salzmans know that Mark and Sarah are trying to hide? I bet it’s a lot juicer than whether an Albany-ares writer is posing anonymously on a reddit thread in order to take shots at another upstate NY journalist.

    Or is it that if the information is discovered, that it might contradict previous information, and overturn narratives that so many believe are beyond questioning?

    • Actually, you should STFU and stop making every thread about Mark and Sarah’s fucken lawsuit, you fucken hater.

      We get it. You fucken HATE Mark and Sarah.

      You believe they are suing without merit.

      You’ve said that already —- about 1,000,000 fucken times.

      This thread isn’t about Mark and Sarah’s lawsuit.

      It’s about people on Reddit telling fucking lies about Kristin Keeffe.

      She’s defending herself.

      Nobody gives 2 shits if you don’t like her doing that.

      Go back to memorizing dick pics that resemble cheese doodles. If you can honestly remember the shape of a dick 20 years after seeing a photo, you need therapy

      My advice: FORGET about the shape of those dick pics and cheese doodles.

      And please stop eating cheese doodles —- cuz they’re messing with your mind, you weird fucker!

      Also… Stop fixating on Mark and Sarah’s lawsuit. You’re working yourself up into a frenzy over something that’s meaningless.

      If the lawsuit is without merit, it’ll be tossed out OR the jury/judge will wind up seeing that it’s meritless and award them nothing, or very little. See? That’s how it works.

      My own opinion: You should at least ‘consider’ the prospect of improving the world by OFF’ing yourself. 🙂 It’s easy. Just find a very high place, stand one step away from the edge, then take 2 steps forward and let gravity improve the world. 🙂

      Have a good day. 🙂

    • Wait and see

      Will it be Natalie to be the one dropped from the civil lawsuit soon?

      How can the attorney firm keep her as a client and risk the other victims who were truly injured?

      Imagine the questions she will be asked under oath at her deposition about her checked past.

      How about the so-called facts Toni put in her book?
      Did your brother die of suicide Ms. Natalie?
      Well, no, he had a heart attack.
      Why was it necessary to tell your readers he died of suicide, Ms. Natalie?
      I’ve told that lie for such a long time that I sometimes forget the truth.

      The suicide story is just the very tip of the iceberg of lies Natalie has told in her book.
      Frank exposed some of them when her book came out after people contacted him about her fibbing.

      What is it about Natalie that she has to lie when it’s just as easy to be truthful?
      Does suicide make a better story than a heart attack?

  • The whole chet hardin/bk thing on Reddit seems bizarre since she can’t seem to explain her thought process there at all.

      • This is what you said about the FBI tampering tale. That evidence never materialized either, just eight long articles repeating your and Chakravorty’s suspicions, leading nowhere.

        I have to admit your flowery and exotic tales of skulduggery are entertaining. Can’t wait for the next episode of hidden identities and conspiracy.

  • Sure, go after Chet if she is angry about alleged lies in the book. Of course, the more adult thing to do would be to set the record straight, not to personally attack the author using threatening language. But going after a Reddit moderator based on blind guesses at his identity? It makes her look like an evil attack dog. It looks like Keith’s inner circle definitely was a snake pit.

  • Great article, Kristin.

    Toni sounds like a filthy, vile, animal.

    Chet is an asshole and a deadbeat.

    You must stand your ground now.

    You must not hold back just because a few pussies (like Sherizzy and Aristotle’s Sausage) are acting BUTTHURT and attacking you here.

    Not sure why Sherizzy and Aristotle’s Sausage are acting so butthurt about your article.

    Don’t listen to those 2 cowardly pussies.

    Neither of them have the courage to debate you in the open.

    They are both like frightened little kittens —- attacking you without giving any SPECIFIC details, which spares them from having to debate you.

    We need more exposure of Toni, Chet, and others. Not less.

    The truth should not be hidden.

  • Frank & Kristin,
    You keep on saying you have “evidence” that Chet Hardin is incorruptible_bk.
    Share it. What are you waiting for?

    • We are laying the foundation. Be patient. The Falconer hunts with patience and not with the falcon alone. But with the hounds. This is not the only thing either one of us has to do, but just a minor matter.

      You will soon see the record straightened out. But it would be nice if BK would come out on his own first. Better for him to be sure.

  • Chet & Toni-

    Frank is an asshole. He tried to ruin my life with his news blog. He’s attempting to do to the same to you and Toni. It’s not enough to hurt people Frank wants to ruin lives! His malicious lies have impacted both my life as well as my child’s life. Employment opportunities have been affected and evaporated in front of my eyes. My relationships with Family members desecrated! It’s not enough to hurt people once. Frank always circles back. He’s SADISTIC! He’s a boomerang of hate. Please note and understand I don’t mean a word of what I’m saying. Frank is currently laughing at you and so am I. The first draft would’ve never found a real publisher. Keep dreaming. Enjoying the read? FU! Frank, is busy relaxing today. He loves to revisit the past. His twisted outlook. Frank delights in mental cruelty. Total sadist! Sicilians are the worst. They’re an abomination and insult to Homo sapiens everywhere.
    Frank hates the success of others. Jealousy envy and greed. FU Parlato! End it! I will be in contact with the authorities!!!!!

    I dare Frank to publish this comment. Bastard! A’hole!

  • How does Toni go from facing charges to publishing a book acting as an expert and a victim?

    Everything nxivm seems more and more toxic as the truth comes out.

  • Kristin Keeffe is on fire! Thank you Kristin for finally speaking publicly to get the record straight. You’ve been targeted and dragged through the mud for years by these attention seeking, manipulative, climbers.

    The most ethical, sensitive people are the ones that suffer most, but the truth ultimately comes out– even if it takes years. I hope you’ll contribute regularly on FR. You have a huge fan base who trust and believe in you.

    The world will be shocked to know of your true journey, how you and Frank Parlato crossed paths, and the many liars and takers who disparaged, threatened and intimidated you.

    Corruption is everywhere– but this will serve as an example to show the world just how deep it runs and the damage done.

  • Kristin,

    I came to this story very late. I have read Sarah’s book and watched The Vow, and, I think, most or all of the other documentaries. After reading your post, my question for you is what resolution would you like. If all the actors agreed to mediation what would you require them to do to resolve the damages you’ve described? Is there any way you could reach a peaceful place on your own? It seems to me that this ongoing trauma is keeping you from the rest of your life. I wish you well.

  • Kristin, Why the hell do you think this Reddit moderator is Chet? That seems just totally paranoid and, frankly, unhinged. Where is the evidence? What makes you so sure that it is him? I’m just as sure that it is not him, and you making threats that his time is up is really bizarre and frightening.

    • So typical. When a woman is involved the weak go for the “unhinged and paranoid” combination.

      It seems she’s remained calm for years and has now decided to set the record straight.

      How is that unhinged? Time will tell. Let’s see who incorruptible_bk really is. Kristin doesn’t make allegations without evidence. She’s smart and has navigated waters filled with snakes for a long time.

      • Incorruptible_BK has written nary a peep about Kristen. Neither had anyone else at that Reddit sub.

        It sounds to me like Kristen should be setting the record straight concerning the person she actually knows is Chet Hardin. that would be (drumroll) Chet Hardin! I think it’s wrong to have Keith’s ex-inner-circle woman, who, let’s face it, learned some pretty scary and underhanded tricks in all her years working for Keith, attacking the mod of a Nxivm sub on Reddit, one who very likely is 100% not Chet Hardin.

        I support setting the record straight regarding things that were published that are untrue. Definitely she should get the truth out there. But I see zero connection between that issue and the NXIVMCase Reddit sub. Pretty much nobody has ever written anything about her there. Zip. So what gives?

        • I am glad to know that you know 100 percent that bk incorruptible is not Chet Hardin.

          Then pray tell, who is he? If you cannot say who he is, then you don’t know 100 percent he is not Chet.

          If a man thinks he can attack with bias and reckless inaccuracy and hide behind anonymity, he is to be found out. Chet wrote a book with Toni with bias and reckless inaccuracy and he, as the journalist, should have been responsible for the fact-checking.

          OK, so he would not do it, and I did it for him.

          Instead of thanking me, he is pissed and hides beneath the cower of anonymity with the name that mocks him: ‘incorruptible.”

          BK Chet, with the same twist of lies, shifts his target to me, with no interest in ascertaining the facts. He makes me the bad guy of NXIVM, seething bias and hatred.

          No interest in justice. No interest in the fact that the Bronfman’s fomented the prosecution against me – that the whole case comes from the fruit of the poisonous Bronfman.

          I know I spoiled his party with Toni. But their book is filled with lies. But that does not give him the right to continue to lie about me or that I am going to let the lies stand or the lies about Kristin Keeffe stand.

          She is a victim of the poisonous Bronfman/Raniere. And Toni Natalie.

          We have a lot more to come.

  • Kristin – Your point about Toni pushing you, Nancy, Lauren, and others closer to Keith is interesting. The opposite happened to me (due to the following questions I’m posing), and I’d like your take on wtf was occurring behind the curtains.

    If Keith was over Toni and wanted to move on from her, why was he writing those groveling letters (that were filled with mind-fuck bombs) in an attempt to get Toni to come back to him? Why was the inner circle trying to get Toni to go back to Keith? Why was Toni having/not having Keith’s baby such an important topic? Why was “the mission” at risk if Toni left Keith (or as you say, Keith was leaving Toni)? Why was Toni’s brother calling Nancy and asking her to please leave Toni alone and let her walk away from Keith? Why did Toni’s brother feel the need to practically beg Nancy for help in stopping Keith from using “da voodoo” on Toni and himself?

    Witnessing this and understanding how batshit crazy it all was, I was pushed closer to Toni’s “side.” Not that my thoughts made a difference because I simply ejected and never talked to Toni or Nancy again. But you better believe I was scratching my head with a confused look on my face as I walked out the door. Any clarity you can provide would be awesome.

    • Nutjob -one question — did you actually witness the brother calling and intervening – or did you just have Toni’s word for that?

      • Witnessed. Nancy put it on speaker. I can’t remember if Kristin or Karen were also there. There was a group of about 5.

          • I was not making light of your experience. I know when I read Keith’s lovesick letter to Toni 20 years after it was written, I felt sick to my stomach.

          • Sorry. Am I going off narrative?
            There are people that know these facts way better than me, but my questions for clarity continue to be ignored. I’m telling you what happened. I’m not pretending to know the details. I’m asking for details.

          • I was only joking. The Raniere letters are fascinating, and seriously, you heard them fresh from the ink on the pages of the lovelorn Raniere. Did you laugh or try to suppress your laughter when Toni read them?

            Was she laughing?

          • She gave it to me to read.. She was kinda spooked by the situation. I think she wanted someone to understand what she was dealing with. I also think she was trying to help me understand Keith was a fraud and a kook.

            The NLP and mind-fuck tactics were in every sentence he wrote. Remember thinking he came off as an amateur because it was obvious and pathetic what he was trying to accomplish.

          • That is interesting. It reads hilarious now but I suppose then it was creepy and perhaps a bit frightening.

          • She was probably frightened by all it. I was really surprised by the letter and didn’t know what to make of it. The call I heard from her brother was when I think it clicked for me how fucked up of a situation it was.

            This probably gives more clarity on why it may have seemed as if I’ve been the lone wolf defender of Toni over the years. Lol

        • NutJob-

          You were with Raniere and crew from the beginning. You must have a very good idea who the rat is or isn’t.

          I finally understand why you asked Frank to retract his statement regarding “Nancy giving her daughters to Kieth.”

          You’re a good man. You care about Michelle and/or Lauren.

          I wonder what you’ve withheld telling Frank about the early days. I bet Frank wonders too.

          You’re much more of a class act than I would’ve guessed.

          Happy Holidays!

      • On topic, another thing I witnessed is a letter Keith wrote Toni that I don’t think has ever been shown. It was before the letter that FR published and was way more pathetic. Worse than Claviger hitting on Shivani. It was a long letter – one thing I remember from it (in case the letter has been published and I just missed it), is him using the Patch Adams movie to try and stir up Toni’s emotions. The whole thing was loaded with NLP tactics.

        • The fact that NXIVM used movies as a basis for their philosophical teachings is so stupid to me. How hokey and low-rent can one get?

      • Nah. For the most part, I was Chris Rock in the champagne room. Stupid Vanguard had dibs on all the hot chicks. Cruelly, this wasn’t disclosed to me during the pitch to get me to join. Worst sex cult I’ve ever been a part of…

        However, since this a Kristin article – I knew someone who had a crush on Kristin and he’s probably still baffled at her never giving him the time of day.

    • Some questions for Sausage that he won’t answer cause he’s a chickenshit pansy.
      – Why did you post that?
      – What’s the real reason you posted it – was it to invalidate her points?
      – Will you tell us about the utopian bubble that you live in?
      – Have you ever had sex?

    • Aristotle-

      “Well that reads as sane.”

      Not at all like a fruit cake who battled on team Chloe Sullivan against team Lana for over 5+ years.

      Please come back to planet earth. Your like a character from the “Illustrated Man”.

  • FTX co-founder Gary Wang and former Alameda Research co-CEO Caroline Ellison both pleaded guilty to federal charges in the Southern District of New York. The SEC said that both Ellison and Wang are cooperating with the agency’s ongoing investigation.

  • I don’t know what Kristin is doing but she is losing a lot of people on Reddit who were willing to give her a chance.

    It’s a shame because she could have used her platform to educate people about NXIVM and cults.

    This whole attack is just ugly.

      • I think there is a much better way to do it. I also believe attacking other people without acknowledging how you have also wronged them and many others hurts Kristin’s credibility.

        These threatening rants only make Kristin appear unhinged and hateful. It only undermines whatever message she is trying to convey.

        BK is not Chet. I believe that 100% along with a lot of others. Kristin’s accusations against BK make her look paranoid and taint all of her other claims. It’s hard to trust her message with all that mess.

        I hope she rethinks her approach to one that is much more productive.

        • Belief is good, and facts are better. Your 100 belief that BK is not Chet is only plausible if you know who bk is. Unless you can tell me who big boy bk is, then I think you should wait to see what comes next. But that’s your choice.

    • People only want to hear what Kristin has to say until it goes against their personal NXIVM narrative. I’d rather her be honest and shrug her shoulders at butt-hurt anons.

      • I disagree. Kristin is a good writer and was harmed by Toni and Keith. She did a lot to take NXIVM down, and I know because I witnessed it.

    • Oh dear. She’s losing a bunch of (gossipping, addicted, boring, loser) people on Reddit. I’m sure her heart is bleeding over the loss of strangers on the internet that adds no value to her life.

      • Anonymous at 3:59

        Kristin apparently cares what they think very much since she chose Reddit to garner support. She actually asked BK if she could post a teaser on his sub, which he kindly allowed.

        The way she went about getting her message out was ugly and it has distanced the very people she wants support from, you know, all those gossiping addicts.

        She went to them.

        • That must be why she is picking up tens of thousands of views. And hundreds of comments cheering her on. And where is that audience coming from? – From BK Chet.

          The worm has turned. And behold, it is not a worm but a dragon. Chet, come out of hiding.

          • Or dear. I hop on Reddit for various discussions of news. I don’t need Kristen Keefe or anyone else to raise me up, thanks. However, I think if she could finally get a book written, she’d prob make a decent paycheck.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

IMDb — Frank Parlato

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