Kevin: Two Greedy Critics Should Be Ashamed; While Danielle Roberts Suffered the Most

Sarah Edmondson with Mark Vicente

By Kevin

Who should I believe?

Should I believe all Danielle Roberts’ past mentors, teachers, co-workers, and patients, who describe her as a generous, caring, loving person and competent doctor?

Danielle Roberts received her white coat, and then she lost it because she branded women with her grandmaster’s initials.

A person dedicated to healing others and addressing the root causes of illnesses and ailments, instead of just managing the symptoms?

A woman who paid dues to earn her degrees, who worked her way through college when society saw hard work as a virtue and a sign of character?

Should I believe all the positive terms used to describe her are true? That she is a scapegoat and never profited or benefited from any illicit activity? That the branding ceremony was meaningful to her and a symbol of her belonging to a community, which is something we all desire.

Or should I trust a Government that lies about everything, that can’t be trusted to spend our money properly, keep us safe from street crime, or even count our votes correctly?

And should I trust a media that enables this, and considers us an enemy of the state, if we don’t see things exactly the way they do, on every issue?

A media that includes cable networks, podcasts, and book publishers that take subjects as serious as rape, sexual assault, blackmail, coercion and turn them into entertainment.

And they turn it into a brand for the protagonists in these stories.

The same protagonists who control the narratives, who control what you see and hear, and what you don’t get to see and hear.

Instead of shaming Danielle, you should ask the protagonists of the NXIVM story, Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, how many people they recruited into the organization, and how much money they made from their recruits, and from their recruits’ downlines.

Ask Mark and Sarah why Danielle, Allison Mack, and Nicki Clyne are taking a fall for India Oxenberg having had a bad experience when Sarah and Mark were her direct mentors in the organization.

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg, as seen in Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult

Ask Sarah how long before she got her brand, had she planned this out? Because we all know it’s normal for your first move when you believe the boss who made you rich is a predator is to contact HBO and set up cameras and microphones all over your house.

Because the Bronfmans control the police in Vancouver, right? Because every detective and beat cop had so much of that Bronfman money, despite no evidence of that.

And if I’m wrong, and the Bronfmans owning Vancouver police is true, then Sarah knew that long before she had her “awakening.” So why didn’t that bother her beforehand?

Picking on someone like Danielle Roberts while refusing to question anyone else about this case or the people involved, especially those pointing fingers and filing lawsuits, is shameful. Danielle lost her career, house, community, and many opportunities. For Allison, the same.

How about attempting to see Danielle as a real person, not as a villain, in a series of one-sided commercials for people who have a lot more to hide and a lot more to be ashamed of than she does?

Doing a hand stand in front of the MDC to protest for Keith Raniere

With her dog.

Doing yoga.



Defending herself in a civil lawsuit outside the Brooklyn courtroom with Brandon Porter, Nicki Clyne and Eduardo Asunsulo.

Attending a press conference to speak about Keith Raniere’s conviction and sentence.

On vacation with NXIVM friends in Fiji.

Speaking at a health conference.

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  • I’m pretty sure we can ask India Oxenberg herself about taking falls for Sarah and mark. I applaud them for leaving and for bringing things out into the open. They certainly saved a lot of young women from further abuse from KR. Thats enough for me.
    I hear you say: but DOS was great, it helped me. How selfish!! It didnt help Cami at any age did it. Change the world and make it a better place?? Start by at least having some compassion for that young person. Start by accepting that although YOU feel you were helped, plenty of other people felt abused and hoodwinked. Just because you don’t feel that, doesn’t mean that abuses didn’t happen to others.
    I could get into being abusive and short tempered on this thread about you…. but honestly there is no compassion in that, and I have spades of it.
    I do truly hope that someday you are able to see what happened here, to other people even if not to you, and that you show compassion and that you disengage from KR and live your own lives and not his.

  • Just when Danielle Roberts couldn’t get any more BATSHIT crazy, she post an instragram video talking about the naked dos meetings and naked group pictures. “Our pussies are beautiful.” Wow, Danielle, that’s certainly promoting a professional doctor image. You’ll get that license back in no time.

      • Or she was honestly responding to questions that were asked of her.

        Remember, a Dr. has seen all parts often, Danielle has birthed babies for women ,your born into this world naked , not ashamed.

        She has also cared for the dying.
        Her perspective may be somewhat different than the average Joe.

        Frankly, learning to love all your parts is Healthier than dispising
        the body God gave you & ultimately is very healing for eating disorders as well.
        I cannot speak to Ranieres ( never met) intentions but I can 100% tell you her healing intent was/is real no matter what his was/ is.

        • Maybe that’s why Danielle was so comfortable branding naked people fraudulently near their vagina with Keith’s initials. Maybe that’s why Danielle was so comfortable taking group pornography photos for Keith. Maybe that’s why Danielle was so comfortable taking close up spread labia photographs with the other women in Allison’s slave pod all together with Allison as the photographer sending them to Keith via text in real time. And maybe that’s why Danielle still defends all of these abuses now but that doesn’t mean it was a wonderful experience for the other blackmailed women.

    • In the 1970’s I attended a ‘Women’s Liberation’ meeting in our small town. The women running the thing were big, butch and very very aggressive. We were each handed a mirror and told to take off our underwear and look at our genitals with this hand mirror. I immediately put the hand mirror on a table and left. That was 1970. I have yet to see my own genitals. I will always be comfortable with the decision I made that day.
      I didn’t burn my bra either. That was another option.
      Listen to your gut. It will never deceive you.
      Or listen to Keith, and go to jail.

      • Are you for real?
        Totally understand if you choose to not participate in a town debriefing, so to speak, BUT to this day YOU have never seen your OWN genitals?
        Thats kinda scary…just like self breast examinations, you should check on your body periodically.
        You said you have children, right?

  • Once again, the “man” who knows “so little” about NXIVM, who is only on the “outside looking in,” seems to have so much history and details. “He” is obviously a deadender, or a friend of a (Roberts) deadender, if not Roberts herself.

    • I have not spoken with the good man in some time. He is a fine young man. He is a good person with a gentle and kindly spirit. He seeks the welfare of humanity, and though Harvard-educated he sees a different being than we all do when we contemplate the Vanguard.

        • Suneel does seem sort of emotionally retarded. I say that with kindness. He’d probably like Hitler because he was a vegetarian.
          Most things in life are not black and white. But Keith is definately a bad guy. I hope Suneel sees that in time.
          In fact all of them. Nicki, Michele, the ugly doctor, Marc, all of them I wish them peaceful thoughts. And better endeavours to place all that love and compassion. They got lied to. Sometimes it takes a while

          • Your Buddhist? I don’t think you know what kindness is after reading your posts!
            But then again, you don’t even know what YOUR own lady bits look like?
            Maybe, your mildly regarded?

          • Anonymous @ 9:32 pm.

            It’s “you’re”.

            Just something to keep in mind when you’re criticizing other people’s intelligence.

            And if Suneel closed his mouth once in a while he wouldn’t look as impaired.

            Being mildly regarded isn’t the worst. Would prefer to be highly regarded. But it’s still better than being poorly regarded. So that was a nice sentiment.

      • Anon @ 2:51
        No, You’re is a contraction for you are. YOUR IS BELONGING to you. And I wasn’t commenting on intelligence, I was commenting on the Buddhists kindness.
        Agree, mildly regarded is better than nothing. especially in today’s environment. You’re Welcome!

    • Both sides have legitimate claims about voting irregularities dating back to Bush v Gore over 22 years ago.

      Or maybe it doesn’t bother you that black men who were legally registered to vote in that election were turned away because they were incorrectly classified as felons.

      Or maybe it’s all Putin’s doing?

      • Difference between counting votes and manipulating people to vote in a particular way (Cambridge Analytica).
        Sticking partisan thugs on street corners to watch voting is voter intimidation.
        Attempting to replace impartial election officials with ideological crackpots is anti-democratic.
        No evidence was ever produced to support the Big Lie, just big lies.

    • I know a Raniere ex lover who has what I might euphemistically call a “hairy nude” of Keith.

      He is lying on a carpet or something posing in his birthday suit with his regal majesty alert and fully concupiscent.

      It is hard to undo such a sight from the labyrinth of memory and why this little lady kept it out on her tea table I’ll never know.

      There is no comedic touch you can add to that my friend. And all the comedy gold you have offered this website cannot undo it.

      So my question is do you think your friends would accept that as a substitute ?

      • Not cool, Frank. It’s almost Xmas time and you just brought darkness to our minds. That’s a vision of hell… but he cured my TS.

        • Christmas? Maybe a passage from Ayn Rand’s “Vanguard Shrugged,” might help you get in the spirit.

          Toni Fly tried to tear herself away from Keith. The effort broke against his arms that had not felt it. Toni’s fists beat against his shoulders, against his face. With lightning judo quickness, Keith moved one hand, took her two wrists, pinned them behind her, right up against one of the 19 streaks of feces on the wall and under his deodorant-less arm, wrenching her shoulder blades.

          Toni twisted her head back. She felt his hot lips on her flat breast. When they both stood, his head reached only to her breasts. [The prison had suspended her estrogen injections, she was flat as a pancake. In fact Keith’s man-boobs were thrice her size].

          Toni tore herself free. She fought like an animal in the small prison cell. But she made no sound. She did not call the guards for help. She heard the echoes of her blows in a gasp of his breath, and she knew it was a gasp of Vanguardian pleasure.

          She felt the hatred and his hands; his hands moving over her body, the hands that had broken slaves, mastered judo, and touched the tops of heads of his harem in countless recommitment ceremonies. She fought the last convulsion.

          Then she looked down and a sudden pain of realization shot up, through her body, to her throat, and she screamed. After all this, he was flaccid! Then she laid still while he gave her his magic DNA potion.

          It was an act that could be performed in tenderness, as a seal of love, or in contempt, as a symbol of humiliation and conquest. It could be an act of a lover or the act of a cult leader violating an enemy called woman.

          Keith did it as an act of scorn. Not as love, but as defilement. And this made Toni still and submit… the act of a master taking shameful, contemptuous possession of her was the kind of rapture she had wanted.

          Toni Fly became the 106th member of DOS. [Stay tuned for Rand’s next chapter -Toni gets branded.]

          • This is fabulous, we need more of this Ayn Rand spoof. Vanguard Shrugged, indeed! But hasn’t he changed his name to Vangone?

          • Keith’s penis measurement ‘All guys do it” mythology will go down well in the joint. When he’s in the shower, ‘knocking one out’ with a crumpled photo of Suneel in his hand. Did he measure Suneel and Marc’s tickloes? Asking for a friend……

  • Could someone list the political movers and shakers most involved in the organization and funding of ESP and NXIVM?

    “… Man is just a material machine. Study him and you can then manipulate his functions. “By studying the higher nervous activity in man, we will gradually come to know everything about his so-called psychology,” states Pavlov.

    Once the Bolsheviks had begun to consolidate power in Russia, they turned their minds to the very important subject of “controlling the masses.”

    In October 1919, Lenin met with Pavlov. The goal was to use Pavlov’s research to better control the people, the masses.

    How can we control people? This was the foremost question of the Soviet government.

    “We are building a new world …” Lenin boldly proclaims.

    One may wonder why we keep hearing similar ideas right now. The current threat of a virus is being used as a cover to build a new world, which in current times is being called, “a new normal.” It should cause pause when anti-humanitarians such as Bill Gates, state that the current “pandemic” will “define” this “era” in a manner similar to World War II.

    Lenin outlines his goals, “I want the masses of Russia to follow a pattern of thinking and reacting, along the Communist pattern. All of them.”

    The goal was to use external situations to train people to follow a preconceived pattern – a pattern of thinking and reacting which would be fed to them from above, from the self-chosen leaders of the Proletariat Paradise. Yet on a certain level, the political leaders of the Soviet times were not the true ultimate powers, they were funded and encouraged by powers above them. Although the Soviet manifestation has passed the controlling powers have not, and the desired principles of control have not.

    He continues, “Man can be made what we want him to be.”

    Such men and their ideologies have no value for humanity and its true well-being. Humanity must be whatever they want it to be, that is its only value.

    Pavlov asks, “Do you mean that you would like to standardize the population of Russia? Make them all behave in the same way?”

    “Exactly …” is the response of Lenin.

    Education is seen as one of the main tools by which to control human behavior. Education takes on various forms, be it in institutions such as schools and universities, or through various forms of media and such. The end goal is a standardization of the masses so that they think and react in a uniform mass, the Borg has spoken!

    Pavlov promoted “neurism.” In basic, it views man as somewhat of a computer (although computers did not exist in Pavlov’s time). Man is but a materialistic machine to be programmed. The main organ in man that must be controlled is the mind or brain. In such a view, if one could program the minds, the thoughts, of men then one could conceivably control the lives of men.

    In neurism, “The nervous system has a predominant, almost exclusive, role in all that man does, both voluntary or involuntary. The brain, and the brain alone, serves as the essential substratum for higher nervous activity … To adherents of neurism, the personality of man, his pattern of acting and reacting, is merely the product of individual experience during life.

    Control the atmosphere of experience and you can control humanity. …”

    • They have both been badly punished, and their punishments are not proportionate to what they did or to their roles in the organization.

      I know Allison’s character. And after listening to Danielle give her side of the story, on her terms, without any media manipulation, I believe she is telling the truth, even if there are things that I don’t understand.

      • Kevin says: “I know Allison’s character”

        Kevin, on Smallville you worked with Kreuk as well as Mack. You must know Kreuk’s character, too, so why didn’t she end up in prison like Mack? Was Kreuk smarter or less corrupt than Mack? Tell us what you know.

      • How did you “listen to” Danielle give her side of the story?

        Danielle. Roberts never testified in the criminal case.

        Isn’t “under oath” the bar the dead-enders have set as the only acceptable way to get verbal accounts believed?

        Pressumbly, Kevin also believes Camilla’s side of the story. Because Camilla gave a detailed impact statement at the trial.

        • There are videos of her online in which she tells her side of the story. She never endorses anything that is violent or abusive. Her side of things is that she helped with the branding process with the understanding that everyone had given consent.

          She also explains why she became a Doctor, that she wanted to treat and heal underlying causes of medical problems and not just symptoms.

          It’s very clear from listening to her for even just 10 minutes that this is a kind-hearted person who meant no harm.

          • Kevin listening to one woman for 10 minutes on YouTube Compared to sitting through an entire trial and listening to everyone in person and seeing evidence are two very different levels of experience.

      • I’m going to say something positive about Allison because I may have been too rough on the woman abusing predator. She has good gums.

    • Shadow-

      FYI: Kevin’s favorites periodically change and are based on a 7-day rolling average tabulated at the end of the week.

      I’m joking! Actually, it boils down to who he last masturbated to.

  • Frank – Perhaps you should remind certain people about rankings in NXIVM and rankings in DOS. Some people seem to find it difficult to separate the two.

    • That is a good point. For instance, Sarah Edmondson was higher than Allison Mack in NXIVM. Sarah was a green sash, and Allison an orange.

      But in DOS, Allison was a first-line slave, and Sarah was a second-line slave. So Allison outranked Sarah in DOS, but Sarah outranked Allison in NXIVM.

      • Frank-

        Is it fair to say Sarah Edmondson was the most crucial/important/significant member of NXIVM?

        Sarah Edmondson recruited all the heavy hitters either directly or indirectly via referrals from her own recruits:
        Like Bronfmans and Kreuk.

        I do not believe Sarah E. or Nippy are guilty of any crimes……
        ….Other than being naïve.

      • If Sarah was a green sash, why was she wearing a STRIPED PURPLE SASH with her friends Emiliano & Barbara J . @ La Ketch?

        • What are you Nxivm sash police?

          It’s not a real thing. Keith promoted people for giving money or that he wanted to sleep with and for all other kinds of manipulative reasons. There was no legitimate system..

          • Well He promoted Sarah to top of the class then & for way more years as well. She happily gave EM,s for all her new $ ( I mean) recruits.

      • Frank, how many slaves did Sarah have in DOS? Without disclosing their names or personal information, what were their experiences like?

  • You know what’s, ” greedy”?

    Needing to fuck an entire family of sisters.

    Not being able to wait until one of the sisters was the legal age of consent.

    Insisting on close-up spread labia photos of every woman you know

    And a child.

    Wanting your initials seared into every woman’s pubis. Fraudulently

    Those are the acts of the greedy man Keith Alan Raniere.

    That doesn’t even get into enumerating the millions and millions of dollars Keith squandered from the devoted woman who followed vanguard the dwarf king of Clifton Patk.

  • “Should I believe all Danielle Roberts’ past mentors, teachers, co-workers, and patients, who describe her as a generous, caring, loving person and competent doctor?”

    Did she brand any of them in the nether regions?

    “That the branding ceremony was meaningful to her and a symbol of her belonging to a community, which is something we all desire.”

    Not sure many of us would like to be members of DOS

    “Or should I trust a Government that lies about everything, that can’t be trusted to spend our money properly, keep us safe from street crime, or even count our votes correctly?”

    Oh come on, Kevinicki, quit whining about the Midterms. Women wanted access to abortion, and people wanted access to democracy. Get over it. There was a time, not too long ago, when US elections were not stress tests of the country’s constitutional order. It should not be touch-and-go whether authoritarian maniacs with a tenuous grasp of reality can be defeated.

    “Picking on someone like Danielle Roberts while refusing to question anyone else about this case or the people involved, especially those pointing fingers and filing lawsuits, is shameful.”

    Yeah, but wasn’t Danielle the one who branded Keith’s initials next to her pussy?

  • Images of DR doing a hand stand in front of MDC (in tribute to her extraordinarily immoral, criminal friend), and claims DR “suffered the most” will not rehabilitate her image. Considering the extent of the abuse of the young sisters from Mexico (including one sent to live in a room with its window blocked out – while KR encouraged further shunning and shaming of this young lady) – I am entirely disgusted with KR and all those who continue to follow him. Kevin, we do not care if “…Danielle Roberts’ past mentors, teachers, co-workers, and patients, … describe her as a generous, caring, loving person and competent doctor” – doctors need basic good sense and a moral compass. Your writing about DR only prompts readers like me to wonder if DR shares your view – is she really so lacking in remorse or insight about her behavior? If so, thank you again to OPMC for pulling her license to practice medicine.

      • That Keith directed Daniella’s family and Lauren and Karen and surely others to keep Daniella all alone in a room with nothing but a mat on the floor and a blacked out window to slowly lose her mind with no medical care is an indisputable fact. In addition to the Underoath testimony there are emails there are actual recordings of Keith instructing the shunning of Daniela and her prolonged isolation. It doesn’t matter who was there at the time. It matters that that information is out there now for years and Danielle Roberts continues to support Keith. When combined with lying to women about the brand and Searing Keith’s initials into their flesh Danielle Roberts is either a complete sadist or just supports one. Either way that’s not someone you should be practicing medicine.

  • Elon Musk
    13 h.
    New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.

    Negative/hate tweets will be max deboosted & demonetized, so no ads or other revenue to Twitter.

    You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically seek it out, which is no different from rest of Internet.

  • Addressing the comments below:

    Kristin Kreuk, who was never in DOS, and has never been accused of wrongdoing by anyone in DOS or the NXIVM parent company, was torn to pieces on this blog for having been a part of the organization. People suggested that an event she held for girls was designed to groom the girls for sex with Raniere, despite no evidence of that, and despite no one who attended the event or a relative ever accusing her of that.

    She received hate mail from people on this site, and her family members received harassing phone calls, all based on speculation and gossip.

    Look at the standard you held Kristin Kreuk to, the standard you hold the people who got something meaningful from the organization to, and compare it with the standard that Edmondson and Vicente have been held to.

    Edmondson and Vicente, who ran the recruiting centers, who profited for years, who continue to profit to this day. Vicente, who was a close friend of Raniere, and Edmondson, who had her hands in almost every program, activity and subsidiary, including DOS, who had no problem with DOS practices and protocols until she did.

    It’s a joke. You can’t be a hero for calling the fire department to put out a fire when you’re the ones who set the building on fire in the first place.

    Only when all parties are held to the same standards do people see how outrageous it is for a person to lose a professional license over this, or how unfair it is for people to be personally attacked over things that happened in their private lives.

    You think Raniere is guilty? That he hurt underage girls? Maybe he is. Maybe he did. The people who defend him disagree. And that’s not the same thing as endorsing or excusing the crimes he was convicted of.

    Because if it was, and if Mark and Sarah were being held to the same standards, you could ask them why they continued to support Raniere and the organization years after the allegations were first publicized.

    But that would require people to put on their thinking caps, put away the Elmers Glue, and turn off the entertainment show/television commercial disguised as a news documentary about sexual assault.

    You marks. Hoodwinked by a professional actress and filmmaker who have more in common with Raniere and the Bronfmans than all of Raniere’s supporters put together, times 10,000. You renounce Raniere while endorsing and supporting the two former members who are the most like him, who continue to use his practices and tactics to silence, threaten and demean their opponents to this day.

  • Frank, did keith ever get around to using his ‘tech’ to fix his own vision? Now that he’s not busy doing somersaults over people and one-second hand stands anymore, you’d think he’d have time for that. Idk just a suggestion if you ever talk to him again.

    • I regret to inform you that though his tech is easily capable of restoring his vision, as well as curing cancer and prolonging human life and controlling sleep he has been unable to find the time to fix his vision because he is busy solving greater world issues like how to free the worlds smartest man from a cage with 19 streaks of human feces that he shares with an transsexual rapist who has accused inmates of taking him 75 times. Or how did a fellow so smart end of like this. Real brain teasers.

      • Re 19 Streaks:

        How were the streaks counted?

        What constitutes a true streak?

        Can the streaks touch or cross paths?

        Are the streaks from different people or different meals?

        If the streaks are from the same person, the same meal, and the same occasion – shouldn’t they be counted as one streak?


        What’s so hard to believe about man, with a working “pussy” being rapped (75 times in prison)?

        It’s the only prison pussy in …..The dude is a hermaphrodite.

        • As Toni Fly said, “I’ve given prisoners blow jobs just because I’ve run out of things to talk about.”

          • Bullshit. Just because streaks dissect each other doesn’t mean they can’t stand independently of each other. Imagine if we had that same warped view of roads.

          • Nutjob has a very good point and he feels strongly about it. We need a better definition on how to count streaks. His road analogy is too apt to be ignored. Do you know if there are any consultants available? No need to reinvent the wheel.

          • —Bullshit. Just because streaks dissect each other doesn’t mean they can’t stand independently of each other. Imagine if we had that same warped view of roads.

            Once again, Nutjob, shows his genius for all to see.

            At the crossroads the roads are still independent. Glory be!

            Speaking of Crossroads!

            I dedicate the following song to
            my buddy KIETH and his apostles:


            Hope you like new digs in Colorado!

      • To be fair if Keith shagged the Bronfman’s then a transsexual rapist is sort of an improvement.
        I know who I’d choose.

  • In The Vow Part 2, ep 5, Keith is shown doing a handstand. In the post, Dr Roberts is shown doing a handstand.

    Did they ever do handstands together and kiss? Or maybe just she did a handstand while Keith kept standing and ate her hairy pu$$y. Or maybe just Keith did a handstand while the DOS gals gave him a group blowjob standing up. The mind reels.

  • ““Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

    – John Stuart Mill, 1867

    Way to go, Kevin.

    Many people here should support you but they are too ignorant, to partisan, or two cowardly to support you.

    But you better fucking bet – I do.


    • “Many people here should support you but they are too ignorant, to partisan, or two cowardly to support you.”
      Calling others ignorant while using three separate words for the word “too.”

    • Yes. Some of us are capable of distinguishing between ALL our paradigm’s social contract theorists. You should go back and READ John Stewart more closely, before invoking the most generic quote you can find. Mill is not your apologist. You’d do better finding generic excuses for your lack of understanding/ and or conscience – in Rousseau.

    • Jeez Allen, just the kind of fucked up thinking I’ve come to expect from you. You really need to go easy on that weed, definitely too much THC in the mix.

      First you quote JS Mill, and then clap Kevin on the back. Of course the irony is, as you must surely realize, that “Kevin” and the rest of the Deadender DOS losers, did exactly that; they stood by and allowed the abuse of so many vulnerable young women to take place over a 2 year period by a narcissistic, sexually depraved, sadistic psycho.

      JS Mill will be turning in his grave.

  • — On vacation with NXIVM friends in Fiji.–

    Frank, I don’t think you’ve ever reported on who went to Fiji, how many times, and what did they do there.

  • Kevin.

    If you don”t trust, “the government that lies about everything”

    Why (allegedly) serve in the military?

    • Not “allegedly,” but I not here to win points from anyone here.

      Because I love my country, even if I don’t respect people in most authority positions. Because I believe in our core values, such as protecting the rights of people who practice or believe differently than the majority.

      • Interesting that you “don’t respect most people in authority positions” when you clearly respect authoritarianism.

      • Which country Kevin? You’ve previously commented that you have lived outside of the United States for many years now.

        Kevin, you wrote the government lies about everything. You took direct orders from that government.

        Don’t try to deflect by saying they came through someone else in the military. Every person in the military answers to the government ultimately . They draw a paycheck from the government. They are a branch of the government. They receive lifelong benefits from that allegedly lying government That makes you a very active part of the alleged LIE. And a hypocrite.

          • I take responsibility for my decisions and my life, including for mistakes. Thankfully I have not committed any war crimes.

            If it comes to that, I have an HBO crew ready to film me and portray me as the whistleblower, with my junior enlisted member taking the fall.

        • I am an American stationed overseas. I was born in New York and split time between there and Vancouver, where my dad lived and worked. I do not have Canadian citizenship.

          I do draw a paycheck from the Government as an active duty service member. Thank you for pointing that out. Some or us have to earn a living. And I sleep well at night.

          • Does your employer realize that you believe that they are “liars” about “everything”?

            Never met a veteran yet who thinks War crimes something to make jokes over and push a Petty personal agenda. That’s pretty shameful

          • Kevin you draw a paycheck and receive benefits from an entity that you emphatically state lies all of the time.

            Sounds like exactly what you accuse Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson of doing while they were in Nxivm

            Before you try to deflect this is not talking about all of your accusations regarding the civil lawsuit.

            Speaking directly to all of the bagging on those two that you do on how much money they made while in the organization and still actively believing the ESP mission.

  • Mark and Sarah were India’s mentors in DOS? There’s no evidence of that being true.

    India’s master was Allison

    India’s grandmaster was Keith.

    There are more inaccuracies in this tantrum by “Kevin”.

    And the rest of the “Kevin” foot stomping is just same old whinning.

    “Blah, blah, blah. Trust NO ONE but Danielle Robert’s and those who praise Danielle Roberts”.

    • Not in DOS. On the parent organization. Vicente talked India out of a production assistant job that her mother arranged for her. He did that, not Allison, but he is forgiven for some reason.

      • facts wrong again, Kevin. He tried to talk her out of it but she went anyway. they say to be smart you must know all sides. I suggest you read Indias book. and Sarahs.

        • No thanks. I think I have some socks to roll.

          I do find India’s dyslexia interesting though. I’m willing to bet that teachers, school administrators and emotionally disturbed students did more to harm her than Allison ever did.

          As someone with dyspraxia (different from dyslexia), I know what she experienced in the classroom. There’s more content there than her retelling the story of Allison making her do a 30 second plank.

          • But you did have the facts wrong Kevin. If you want to be considered some kind of authority on how people must view everyone past and present in ESP and the sex trafficking ring of slavery please do try and get your facts straight

          • ‘As someone with dyspraxia (different from dyslexia), I know what she experienced in the classroom. There’s more content there than her retelling the story of Allison making her do a 30 second plank.’

            Don’t you worry Kevin, India always had a great mom who would never let her ‘suffer’ at school because of her Dyslexia. Just as she doesn’t have to suffer in life because of her misplaced trust in a nest of culty vipers. Good parents are solid gold.

            Most kids suffering from any kind of learning difficulty have a lot of help at school and noone laughs at dyslexia? anymore. Your special pleading over your ‘dyspraxia’ makes me think you don’t have it. Maybe your just bad at maths, maybe you had a bad teacher, or just insufficient interest in something quite so plainly truthful and rigorous as Maths. From your contributions here I’d say that was likely.

  • I don’t comment much, just absorb. But Kevin, I’m sorry. You’re an idiot. Down right stupid idiot. Dumb and dumberrrerr as you go. W. in T. F. are you sniffing?

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