Jean Luc Brunel – Rape, Trafficking and a ‘Suicide’ in Prison – PART 2

by Paul Serran

On July 5, 2019: the White Evening of the ultra select Paris Country Club. Tanned, laughing out loud, drinking champagne arm-in-arm with friends. Brunel is living the high life.

The next day, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested disembarking his plane in New York, arriving from Paris.

The Epstein arrest and subsequent death in prison resurfaced accusations launched against the French agent by former models, including Dutch Thysia Huisman, who claims to have been “drugged and raped” by Mr. Brunel in the 1990s.

Thysia Huisman accused Brunel.

Thysia Huisman, talking to “Europe 1” about her abuse by the Frenchman whom she accuses of rape, said he is a man with “two faces”.

“My modeling agency in Belgium sent me to work for Jean-Luc Brunel, and told me to stay with him, in his apartment. Of course, I found that weird – but my agent had encouraged me, she said he could help me a lot with my career.”

“He had two faces,” she continues. “He could be very professional, very kind, do things professionally – and, at night, he would become a completely different person.”

Brunel kept telling her: “One evening, we’re going to sleep together”

“When I got there the first day, I asked where I was going to sleep and he said ‘in my bed!’ I said no, and he didn’t answer any further, I stayed up for hours before I ended up sleeping in another model’s bedroom, on the floor.”

And then, at this juncture, Brunel raped her.

“He gave me a drink, some kind of cocktail, and after I drank it I felt really weird, the sounds were different. He said ‘come and rest in my bed’.”

“I remember it was blurry,” continues Huisman. “He pushed me on his bed and he ripped my clothes off. The next day, I woke up naked in his bed, with bruises on my legs and an unfamiliar kimono over my shoulders.”

“When I realized what had happened, I felt so bad, ashamed, and dirty. What I regret most is not having filed a complaint. My agent in Brussels laughed at me, and she told me that it was not professional for me to have left Paris.”

“It was terrible to see how many women, after me, were provided to Epstein. I was very angry. Everyone knew, like my agency in Brussels. They all turned a blind eye.”

“Now we are trying to motivate other victims to speak up, maybe more recent victims, so that the police are forced to act on it.” Huisman hopes.

Quem é Virginia Roberts Giuffre: Virginia Giuffre, a mulher que denunciou príncipe Andrew por abuso sexual | CLAUDIA
Virginia Giuffre

The noose also began to tighten for Brunel in America, where sex trafficking and pedophilia do NOT always fall under a statute of limitations.

“I had sex with him many times, between the ages of 16 and 19.” said Virginia Giuffre. “He didn’t care about the conversation, he just cared about the sex”.

“Brunel brought young girls (ages 12-24) to the United States, for sex. Epstein told me he slept with over a thousand of Brunel’s ‘daughters‘. All I have seen seems to confirm it.”

On the Paris prosecutor’s investigation on the Epstein affair, the majority of the reports that the investigators received actually concern Jean-Luc Brunel.

“On the judicial front, we have nothing to charge him with because the crimes [are time-barred],” said a French police source.

But the investigation continues, even with Epstein dead.

Last July, a complaint for acts of “sexual harassment” was filed against Jean-Luc Brunel. Ten women claim to have been raped, sexually assaulted, or sexually harassed by the now-74-year-old man.

Of these ten testimonies, the most recent one is the key, as it concerns relatively recent facts crimes that have not yet broken the statute of limitations.

“A young French woman in her twenties has filed a complaint in recent weeks for sexual harassment against Jean-Luc Brunel. The facts described are less than four years old and are, therefore, not prescribed, as the prosecution confirmed to the French press.

Other testimonies are:

A 46-year-old Dutch woman claims to have been drugged and raped by Jean-Luc Brunel in a Parisian apartment, in 1991, when she was 18.

Zoe Brock

The New Zealand model Zoe Brock also came forth with claims of being sexually assaulted by Brunel, and also professionally punished for having managed to escape.

An unidentified Canadian also testified to the police.

Four other alleged victims were heard later by investigators, a judicial source told the press. They all have reported prescribed crimes, so they could not file a complaint.

I would like to finish [this PART 2] where I started, with the released pics from the Island featuring Brunel and Maxwell.

While it’s impossible for me to know for sure, when I look at this photo below, in my opinion, is hard to reconcile with the narrative that Ghislaine and Jean-Luc would be “partying”. He holds her head way down – and the dog is sniffing her, sensing something wrong.

That’s abuse in my book. No two ways about it.


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Paul Serran

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1 year ago

these men say they need to have sex so many times a day and they spend ridiculous amounts of money sate their sexual desires
It’s a banal and boring existence
but it is a horror story for the victims who have to go through it

An anthropological must
An anthropological must
1 year ago

This movie will blow your mind ladies and gentlemen.

1 year ago

The modeling industry is a direct line to human trafficking.

1 year ago
Sex trafficking goes beyond what people want to imagine
Sex trafficking goes beyond what people want to imagine
1 year ago
1 year ago

It’s not about being French. It’s about sex trafficking being in the modeling industry. I can’t stand stereotypes. Only excessively boring people stereotype. Yawn. Go back to sleep.

1 year ago

No one talks about Claude Haddad.

I was staying at his modeling townhouse in Paris with him and half a dozen other models. We were all teenagers. Many of the girls were only 13 and could hardly speak English, they were from the Eastern Block. Some of the girls were homesick but I was told that they had big families and they were expected to do whatever they had to do to send money back home. I remembered seeing the girls near Claude and they seemed to emotionally check out in his presence. I mostly kept to myself but I remember feeling protective of the other girls and also powerless because of the cultural differences. I thought to myself I would never flirt like they did with Claude or the men he had over.

Then one day Claude sent me out on a photo shoot in the south. It was the French Riviera. Id was told I’d be modeling bikinis. When I got there, it was freezing cold. The photographer had been flirting with the other model the whole time. She flirted back. I was actually quite amazed because he must have been 40 years older than us. I remember thinking he was repulsive.

I was shaking from the cold, wading in the Mediterranean Sea coast for the photos. The photographer gave the other model a thermostat to give me. He told me to drink it, it would warm me up.

My last memory was of the photographer laughing saying «  yes, yes drink »

He had a heavy polish accent.

Then I woke up in a hotel room with him finishing his sexual assault on me. His face was drooping on mine . His eyes were bloodshot. His grey hair stuck in patches around his sticky skin that looked like mashed potatoes. His nose was long, like an elephants trunk, with black nose hairs dangling, holding tiny beads of sweat. He was panting.

It all lasted about 20 seconds.
I realized I was being raped. I screamed out. He climaxed. I screamed louder, trying to use my drugged arms to get him off of me.
He called me a bitch and told me to shut the f up. I screamed louder. He pulled out of me and I coiled into a ball of hysterics. I just wanted to cover my body…

I was in complete shock.
He laughed. Spit in my face and called me an ugly witch.
To my absolute horror the other model was there.

I was completely speechless. The photographer threw his clothes on and they left me there, 7 hours from Paris.

I called a friend who drove all the way from Paris to get me.

He was 18. I was 16. I didn’t even know what to say. I just wept the whole way back to Claude Haddad s Town house.

Once I got there, I still couldn’t speak. It took me two days to finally tell him what happened.

When I did, Claude told me that he was angry with the photographer but , but but I’d have to leave.

The reason he said, was because I clearly didn’t want to have sex. He said that the other models there were willing to have as much sex as he wanted and he didn’t want any problems so I had to go.

I had no idea how to process what had happened.

The reason I started modeling in the first place was because I was sexually assaulted by the uncle of a girl I was taking care of. They were all in the entertainment industry on high levels.

Originally I left home early because my mother started to date an auto mechanic (man ) who sexually assaulted me. I kicked him in his privates and ran. My mother refused to believe me so I left home.

I stayed with my friend and her family and found out she was being molested by her step father who was a scientist. Later we found out he had been having sex with children abroad in India. He was an author and had his own child with the mother of my friend. For unknown reasons, she stayed with him. I cut off my relationship with that family permanently.

I was so incredibly vulnerable at that age.

Obviously my description of abuse includes many different people from many different métiers.

Sexual predators come in all shapes and sizes, from many different economic backgrounds.

But men and women in power are finally being examined. I am extremely happy about this because I hope that it will eventually make people question what is happening in their own families, in their own communities.

I will say that later on, eventually I did meet Brunel. He told me that in order to model with them, I would have to strip down naked infront of him. When I said no he laughed at me saying that I should imagine I was on the beach. When I told him I’d never get naked with him on a beach he kicked me out.

Later I joined FORD models and was treated better for some time.

But back then FORD was not in Italy so I had to work from fashion models. There I welcomed into @ sexual fantasy land «  i was told that I’d have to play the game and go to a castle with him and many super models whom I will not mention.

I did not go.
I was told I would not work unless I learned to play.

That week I got a job and the photographer grabbed my privates. I defended myself and I was immediately kicked out of the agency. Even though witnesses saw the attack.

All these players know each other. Later I was with FORD again but had a reputation for being «  difficult «  so I was not placed back in the Uber protective apt on Rue de Rivoli . Instead I was in an eccentric man’s house with many models who thought he was going to be the next King of France. He was doing tons of cocaine in that house.

It was absolutely terrifying. Eventually I left FORD altogether and was with Élite models.

Thats when I was called too fat and too old at 24 and 125 pounds at 5 ft 11. We were all told to lie about our age.

I knew girls that were so traumatized by their experiences I literally cried.

One model was raped by 30 assholes on a yacht.

They were all friends with royalty, billionaires, and there were always older women around who enabled this.

This is only a small piece of what I know ..

But what I can say to finish up ..
Is that I never ever even told my best friends that I was raped ..
Not even myself until I read about Claude Haddad and Epstein a couple years ago ..

Please keep posting
If you do
So will I

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

It’s called being French:

I saw this movie in 1994, it could never be made today. Which is a pity because it’s freakin’ hilarious.

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