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Keith Raniere's weight appears to fluctuate at various times.



Raw Dawg wrote an intriguing letter.

For readers trying to determine the veracity of what Raw Dawg wrote, a word of caution is in order: It is true that a number of men recently left the Society of Protectors [SOP}, a multilevel marketing company which teaches men about gender relations.

Men known to have left include several high profile members closely associated with Mr. Raniere.

Raw Dawg says he enrolled more than 20 people and spent more than $100,000 on multilevel marketing companies which teach the philosophies of Keith Raniere.

This information, [left SOP, recruited more than 20, and spent more than $100k] limits the number of people who Raw Dawg might be, if it is truthful.

If Raw Dawg was seeking to shield his identity, he has risked outing himself. If the info is false then he is deliberately trying to cast suspicion on others.

That said, let us evaluate what Raw Dawg writes:

The reference to Keith Raniere’s personal hygiene is corroborated by sources who say Mr. Raniere does not bathe after or in between sex with women and his appearances in public.


Sources said they detected a foul fishy smell lingering on or about Mr. Raniere which they identified as an “after sex smell” and further described it as “salty,” “ripe fruit” “dead animal” odor which is not seductive or inviting.

Women known to have been in his house when he lived on Flintlock with the late Pam Cafritz and Marianna Fernandez say it was extremely untidy, with clutter and piles of items everywhere, and bed sheets appeared to be changed infrequently.

tubby raniere
Keith Raniere.


In regard to Raw Dawg’s blunt comment that Mr. Raniere possesses a “very small penis” this may not be true. At least two sources volunteered that before he became impotent, this was not the case. This led to speculation that he may have a prostrate condition, possibly prostrate cancer.  If he has not done so recently, Mr. Raniere is advised to have a physician check it. It would be our suggestion that he avoid Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. who is a committed DOS slave to Mr. Raniere.

It seems to be true that at least 13 women left or wish to leave DOS. Many more reportedly have left ESP after the blackmail and branding rites of DOS became public.

Mr. Raniere’s purported nickname “The Garden Gnome” is not one that I have heard before. Mr, Raniere’s weight fluctuates depending on his diet.  He is unable to maintain the low [500-900] calorie diet he prescribes for his female students, according to numerous sources. He is often exhausted, which some attribute to the high demand the women place on him and consequently he needs to eat more.

It is true that people who left Mr. Raniere consider Mr. Raniere a sociopath or psychopath. Many feel guilt and regret over having followed him for long.

Sources say Mr. Raniere has “collateral” [material he could use to blackmail or confiscate assets] of both women and men.

The collateral required of the slave women of DOS is often nude photos. However, nude photos must be able to significantly  hurt the woman in one or more areas of her life if released to certain people. Collateral would not be such as the photo shown above of Allison Mack, leader of DOS, which might be described as innocuous. The nude photos required for collateral must be graphic and raunchy and which would cause the viewer of such to think less of the subject.


There are powerful fathers from Mexico who have DOS daughters. This is true. I have not heard from any of them to date. If they are “livid” they could impact the future of the Mexican operations for Mr. Raniere.

Several sources who know Clare Bronfman say she does appear to get upset at how much money she has to fund into the organization and from time to time appears to feel used. Whether this has increased now that the exposure of DOS slavery has made it almost impossible to recruit new members into Mr. Raniere’s multilevel marketing businesses, is not clear.

She seems to be easily placated by Mr. Raniere and is said to tear up when she speaks of him.  That she is hated [or disliked] by other women of Mr. Raniere’s female circle is supported by sources who say she is “very cold and extremely jealous”.

Since she pays for almost everything related to Mr. Raniere and his women, she operates on the axiomatic ‘golden rule’ – ‘she who has the gold rules.”

Except for Mr. Raniere, she gives orders to everyone, including Nancy Salzman, who has been reduced to little more than a figurehead, sources say.

The entire Executive Board of Executive Success Programs has no say whatsoever according to sources. Miss Bronfman and Mr. Raniere make all decisions.

Whether the IRS is actually “coming after a bunch of people involved in the group” is hard to say. Law enforcement agents have in the past obtained court order[s] to tap phones of people connected to Mr. Raniere and the offices at New Karner Road.

wakaya retreat wakay
Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji.

Last August Miss Bronfman bought most of Wakaya Island in Fiji. It has many people speculating whether it was done to have a safe haven in the event of US prosecution.

Fiji is known for judges susceptible to bribery. Its treaty with the US, provides that a Fiji judge can refuse to extradite and conduct the trial of US charges in their own court in Fiji. That means if Mr. Raniere [and Miss Bronfman] were to be charged in the US while they were in Fiji, a judge in Fiji could try them in his court and the IRS, the FBI and all the witnesses would have to travel to Fiji to conduct the trial.

Raw Dawg says S.O.P. stands for SOcio Path. Another reader says it is “a term of art” for Swingers-Open(marriage)-Polyamorous.



v week 2012 lunch time
At Vanguard week, devotees and fans of Mr. Raniere often wait for hours for his appearance. It is held at Silver Bay resort on Lake George. Low turnout threatens to cancel V-Week this year,=.


Vanguard Week, the annual 10 day celebration of Mr. Raniere’s birth, 100s of people often wait as scheduled events and performances in his honor are delayed for an hour or more since Mr. Raniere is not in attendance.

The audience and performers do not want to put on the show without him. Often the reason for Mr. Raniere’s delay is that he is sequestered with a woman in his cottage. It is reported that he often emerges hastily, and may have chosen not to bathe since his audience of devotees and students have been waiting eagerly for him.


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6 years ago

Meh. He might as well have a small penis. No virile man uses and abuses people like he does, so I guess it’s rather fitting that he’s now impotent.

Notice how his inability to practice what he preaches to others is always met with some excuse. He can’t conform to a 500 or 800 calorie diet because the women “exhaust” him and so he needs more than that because of the “burden” he undertakes. He doesn’t have to conform to a monogamous relationship like his slave women because men are polygamous by nature, he has too much love to spread around, or no one “owns” his penis. Women can’t leave him or sleep with other men because it will negatively affect his spiritual energy, but he can play delay games with them all he likes. He can’t drive cars because his aura (or whatever) sets of radar detectors.

What a fucking pansy.

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