Danielle Roberts Attacks Penza on University Blog, Calls Her a Liar

Binghamton University’s blog Pipe Dream posted what was supposed to be a simple celebratory piece about the lecture of a distinguished former student in their campus – but instead, it became another battlefield in the ongoing information war regarding the Keith Raniere appeal.

Danielle Roberts and Eduardo Asunsolo crashed the party with comments sharing their by now well-known allegations of prosecutorial misdeeds.

University blog got caught up in the NXIVM war

The piece in question is Alumna speaks about dismantling the NXIVM sex cult. ‘Moira Penza, ’05, was instrumental in the investigation and conviction of the Albany-based sex cult leaders in 2020.’

‘Students and faculty alike gathered in the Innovative Technologies Center this past Tuesday to listen to Moira Penza, ‘05, give a powerful lecture about her success in dismantling the NXIVM sex cult. The lecture gave a behind-the-scenes look at the process of the trial, the evidence put forward and, ultimately, what led to the conviction of the individuals involved.
Penza, a graduate of Harpur College, had double-majored in English and history before she studied at Cornell Law School. She described her decision to attend Binghamton University as “one of the best decisions of [her] life.” Now, she works primarily on behalf of victims of sexual violence.’
Nxivm prosecutors Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza

The Pipe Dream goes into the unavoidable explanation of what the NXIVM prosecution was all about, and then describes some of the content of the lecture.

‘Penza led the audience through the factors and evidence that went into the trial, what needed to be proven in order to convict Raniere and others and how they did so. Ultimately, Penza and her team were able to convict Raniere on all counts of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. Raniere was ultimately sentenced to 120 years in prison.
At the end of the presentation, Penza addressed the audience with the lessons she learned through handling such a case.
“When you have the privilege to act on something, you do so,” Penza said.’
Harpur College - YouTube
Harpur College hosted the Penza lecture.

The article interviews a few students present to the lecture. So far, so good.

‘Faculty were also moved by Penza’s words. Harpur College Dean Celia Klin described the pride she feels when seeing such successful Harpur College alumni such as Penza, and how this serves as a constant reminder of her purpose at BU.
“I know it when I see the students who are currently here, I believe in what they are learning and that they are going to make a difference in the world, but then I see it all the time in our [alumni],” Klin said.

The article details the wonderful achievements of Dean Klin, and it really would not have made news were it not for the fact that she was attacked on the comment section by fellow BU alumna Danielle Roberts.

Roberts has a scathing appraisal of Ms. Penza’s work, and pretty much accuses her of prosecutorial misdeeds. Drama at Binghamton U!

Roberts is also a Binghamton Alumna.

The Danielle Roberts Comment:

‘I’m also a Binghamton Alum, graduated Cum Laude. I let Erin Cody and Dean Klin know about the crimes and lying Ms. Penza participated in to win this case that “was very personal to her”. They decided to let her come to influence our pre-law youth anyway.

During this talk, not once did this prestigious lawyer mention anything about Truth or Justice, she rather explained how she played her cards to fit this case to her narrative/belief about the case and “win”. In my opinion practicing law should be the practice of searching for and upholding truth, not winning at all costs and possibly putting innocent people in jail for life.

Not once did Ms. Penza question if she could have been wrong. As a doctor, I know the authority of my words and the impact giving someone a diagnosis may have on the rest of their life. I always ask myself “what if I’m wrong?”

I don’t think this was a positive example to set for our aspiring legal students.’

NXIVM loyalists hijacked the comments section.

Another commenter responded to Robert’s comment by writing: ‘As a doctor it is good that you always ask what if you are wrong, if you are letting pride or hubris limit your critical thinking on a given patient. Apply that same principle to this case and ask yourself what if you are wrong rather than the convenient jump to conspiracy theories about the FBI where there is more than ample supporting evidence beyond this convoluted, obscure issue of photo metadata.’

Danielle Roberts does not think her analysis of metadata is obscure, but as easy to spot as a bikini.


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  • Why do u guys always put pics of Danielle in bathing suits or yoga poses ? You are objectifying her and that’s because she is a woman.

    Stop it.

    • She objectified herself. Where did the pics come from? She knew they were taking her pic. Also…side note…did Roberts brand herself or just others?

      • Guess you prefer a veil over the face and a complete covering from head to toe.
        What young woman hasn’t worn a bikini at one time or another?

        So yes she did receive a brand ,Kinda awkward to be able to give yourself one I should think!

        Pretty sure any male counterparts who have indulged in a brand didn’t give it to themselves either~

        • The DOS slaves don’t have “male counterparts,.

          Unless you know of a Grandmaster old woman who had a bunch of men get branded with her initials fraudulently on their balls? And the men were given seduction assignments to sleep with the old lady even though they thought no women were involved in their own male sorority. And the males were black males and Forest to make p*** on demand for the old lady who is secretly running a slave organization.

          • Alonzo is right cant hold back the tide ( tsunami) of potential millionaires from lawsuit profits.
            Going to soak up some sun now , ppl here a little dark for my taste. Have a Blessed Day.

          • I don’t know but that might describe Vicente’s former group Ramtha lady something or other Maybe he inspired the idea to Keith Raniere ?

            However I was speaking more about branding in general that men have done. Like PeaceCorps, etc.

        • Oh the DOSvskave dead-ender doesn’t want women to be objectified LOL. Forcing your friends to make pornography exactly how your shared boyfriend wants you all to pose is pretty much making women into objects so is calling them f***** away slaves the slavery was the height of objectifying women all for one slovenly man’s pleasure

      • And yet Masha Amini wore her Required Attire & still was killed by the morality police. There’s just no pleasing some folk!!

  • Must be really hard to live hating someone like Moira 😂 meanwhile she is there, living the best of her live 🥂

  • Thank god they took this dumb asses medical license. Couldn’t imagine letting someone who is so idiotic and delusional be a physician.

  • I don’t feel anything about Keith Raniere.

    You are the one who’s very emotionally invested, Kevin.

    Occam’s Razor.

    It’s simply illogical to believe a far-reaching decades long conspiracy that involves people in more than one country and of completely different generations.

    Rhiannon. Gina. Daniella.Gina M. Susan Dones. Camilla. Frank. Kristen Keefe. India. Barbara Bouche. Varo. Jessica. John. Joe O’Hara. Mark Vicente. Multiple Mexicans who do not get nearly enough of a voice. Adrian. Toni Natalie. Jane Doe. All of them. The list goes on and on and on.

    All of them are lying?

    And what about Keith Raniere himself? Is he lying when he puts in writing that his sexual relationship with Cami began when she was 15? And that is when Keith took explicit nudes of Cami? And in Keith’s words, “still have them.”?

    Occam’s Razor.

    Multiple government agencies colluding with former cult members and the aunt of Keith’s baby in Mexico? It’s so far-fetched and improbable.

    Yours is the emotional argument.

    The Logical rational argument is that all of the empirical evidence supports the narrative of the victims. There are emails. There are texts. There are medical records and medical professionals willing to testify under oath. There are copious amounts of very similar pornography.

    The odds that all of that evidence. And people. Humans who are willing to testify under oath and be cross-examined in a court of law versus manufactured and planted by the FBI child pornography theories…

    It’s just so painfully obvious which scenario is more likely true.

    Occam’s Razor

    Authorities saw that reality. The jury saw that simple truth. The general public can clearly see the overwhelming data upon close examination of the case.

    Only people who are too closely and emotionally involved cannot see what is right in front of them

    There are allegations of Keith praying on children sexually go back decades.

    And that is way back when no one even knew or cared about Keith or ESP or any of these other people following Keith now.

    Once again, the odds of that kind of coincidence and that a 12 year old such as Rhiannon went to the police and filed a police report way back then as part of a conspiravy…?

    And then Keith was later accused again. By another underage girl and then yet another and again another is highly improbable as a conspiracy.

    It is much, much more likely that Keith in fact committed these atrociousand depravef acts.

    Kevin, you have written before that you believe Keith abused young girls in the past.

    Pedophiles do not change. They cannot change easliy and without extensive interventions.

    Even with highly targetef therapy and being incarcerated, the odds of them reoffending when they are released is extraordinarily high.

    Keith received no punishment and no counseling for his pedophilia.

    Occam’s razor.

    The odds that Keith did in fact reoffend as a pedophile are greater by far than the odds he somehow rehabilitated himself.

    There is a reason there’s a sexual offender database and that pedophiles are monitored and tracked. Because they almost always reoffend.

    Occam’s Razor.

    Looking at the case far less emotionally than you seem able to do is the only way to really be objective. There’s also a reason why juries aren’t made up of the accused closest friends family and followers. Because they cannot be objective. And neither it appears can you Kevin. You are very very emotionally invested in this and it is pure projection to put that kind of sentimentality on other commenters

  • Why do most people refer to Danielle Roberts as a doctor? Is that fashionable in America? Anyone opening some book related to the human body is smashed bang called a doctor? Must be a symptom of a group of people who take the contents of religious texts literally…

      • Alex may not subscribe to my old friend, Nice Guy’s adage, “Never pass up a chance to have sex or annoy Scott Johnson.” I think your question is personal, but if Alex wants to answer, that’s his prerogative. I already know Nice Guy’s answer.

  • “….and possibly putting innocent people in jail for life”
    Seriously? You gotta be shitting me – the one word you could never put next to Raniere is ‘innocent’!

    And does ex-Doc Roberts really expect us to believe that she often asks herself the question What if I’m wrong? Well doc, maybe you shoulda asked yourself that question before you scarred all those victims for life with a white hot pen next to their pussies with Keith Ranieres initials!

  • Is that the infamous Eduardo Asunsolo who recently spoke in disparaging terms on his Twitter account about a witness (Cassidy Hutchinson) in the January 6th congressional investigation? Seems such people have a big problem with investigations into despicable individuals. What that says to me is they are equally despicable.

  • Bahahahahahaha
    Danielle Roberts says
    “As a doctor, I know the authority of my words and the impact giving someone a diagnosis may have on the rest of their life. I always ask myself “what if I’m wrong?”
    What a joke.
    Did she ask herself this before branding women who had collateral over their heads, had been on starvation diets, and sleep deprivation?
    Maye that is why she finds herself without a medical license. Danielle Roberts didn’t ask herself how is being the BRANDING Doctor going to impact the rest of my life.

    • Good point. Did roberts think branding would help her medical career and be good for her future? Great resume material huh?

        • Why would a brand “of the elements” bother Sarah’s husband?

          That’s what Sarah was told she would be getting. Most likely her husband was angry as any husband would be that his wife was totally lied to manipulated and deceived by what are supposed to be her best friends.

          Yeah, he probably didn’t want Keith’s intials on her snatch either but neither did Sarah.

          Nippy isn’t going to get mad at Sarah because somebody else lied to her and deceitfully branded her with Keith’s initials.

          Sarah never agreed or consented to that brand. No men were even supposed to be involved.

          Sarah is completely blameless in being branded with a dude’s moniker as far as her husband being upset by it.

          That’s the problem with the lies the loyalists tell they don’t logically make any sense.

          • Me thinks her bridesmaid & bff should have mentioned that in her invite IF she didn’t.! Yet, she’s forgiven, So thoughtful…as is her Mom ( Mrs. Robinson) Nancy., even though Camilla named her as the enabler whose care she was under in the infamous lawsuit.

            Its a sad day but this case taught me Trust No one
            .Maybe Sarah forgives them cause she believes she wouldn’t have made her millions ( already existing) without the lawsuit, without Lauren ; & Mrs. Robinson.
            I was taught if your going to show grace, show it to all., even those who you recruited & then turned over to Mrs. Robinson!

  • These Hypocrites tried to get Moira. Penza canceled.

    Which is a practice the dead enders have railed against in general.

    The dead-enders have complained endlessly that they themselves were victims of cancel culture.

    Trying to shut down free speech on a college campus is the exact opposite of what Squeaky Clyne tries to preach to all of her desperate Twitter followers.

    Dead-ender hero Elon Musk would hate these dead Enders.

  • Forget how you feel about Keith Raniere, and put yourselves in her shoes for a moment. Imagine being an accomplished Doctor, well-respected by peers and patients, having earned everything you have, and then having someone like Moira Penza make a name for herself by making an example of you.

    Calling you a sex slave even though you weren’t, saying that you’re violent and unsafe when nothing could be further from the truth. Taking away your license to practice medicine because you associate with something that is unpopular or misunderstood, and not because you did anything bad to a patient or anything illegal, neither of which she did.

    She’s been consistent since day one, that she did not victimize others, and was not a victim herself. This doesn’t fit into any of the accepted narratives, so she’s been badly punished in her personal and professional lives for almost five years.

    This is wrong. She doesn’t deserve this. Not when Penza counts people as friends who played much bigger roles in the organization she prosecuted than the ones she interrogated and threatened.

    • Moira Penza didn’t take away her license you moronic deadender, the medical board did. Is Danielle stalking their trash cans too?

      • If she had given the US Attorneys what they wanted during the interrogation and folded, the medical board wouldn’t have come for her license.

        They punished her for her position on the issue, not for any criminal activity (because she did not commit a crime) and not for anything she did to a patient (as these were not her patients, and she was not practicing medicine).

          • Protecting the public from a morally unfit doctor is not sad.

            In any case, the former doctor is free to start or run a business – she just can’t practice medicine.

            I hope she will reach a point of being able to assess her own contribution to her situation.

          • Jen T
            Or get a license in anything
            But I’m sure you think that’s fair too!
            Then she shouldn’t have been told by NYS ( in writing) that this wasn’t the practice of medicine, eh?
            Maybe then , she could have made a better choice, eh?
            One to fit y’all narrative

        • No one ‘came for her’ or her license. She was put under board investigation after complaints were filed by people she branded. The whole persecution angle is so narcissistic; no one cares about any of these people nor is anyone ‘after’ them. The dead enders project that narrative because they are the kind of people that DO come after those they deem hostile.

          • A complaint (ONE) by someone who lied about the duration of actual skin contact time by more than 75% to a National Newspaper.
            Who was laughing & making jokes, wonder what else such a person would lie about especially when their hubs was angry?

        • So she’s a dumbass. She doubled down and gave up her career that was very important to her for a ridiculous vow made to conman. Even ignoring the question of ethics concerning the branding, this shows she lacks judgement and so is not a person you would want making them for others when it comes to medical issues.

          • When it comes to medical issues You always make your OWN decision, you weigh the opinions & you choose a course of action

          • Anonymous at 9:24 a.m.

            At the time Sarah was making jokes she thought she was getting a branding of the elements in an all women’s sorority.

            It’s not surprising at all that Sarah had a different take on it when she found out that it was actually a brand of the frontline DIS slaves shared boyfriend’s initials.

            The amount of betrayal that is and how unethical and disgusting and pure pimp sex trafficker tactics understandably made Sarah feel differently.

            And who cares if it’s one woman complaining? If a medical professional kills a person does it not matter that they “only” killed one person?

            Or if there’s a complaint about a serious medical malpractice issue and it was malpractice on one of your family members would you really not care if it was just one person complaining?

            The amount of mental gymnastics the dead-enders do to justify such aberrant behavior is really hard to fathom.

          • Thats strange all I’ve seen her do is try to defend her career in a process that was predetermined
            She saw the vow as a tribute to strengthen women to be more independent

      • She and others have said repeatedly that they did not have sex with others in the group, and were never asked to.

        And others have said there was sex, but that there was consent, that it was private, and no one’s business. So from their point of view, the “sex slave” label doesn’t apply to them.

        • Untrue. Even Michelle Hatchet told the government that she was given the seduction assignment with Keith and she only did it because she was blackmailed. Michelle also stated that she was afraid to leave the slave ring because of being blackmailed.

    • Moira Penta did not take away Danielle’s license to practice medicine. Danielle lost her license because of her own actions and the board that governs that decision has nothing to do with Penza.

    • Kevin or whatever you real name is, can’t you see how goddam stupid you sound? Moira Penza didn’t take away her name, she done that to herself. Doctors can’t just go round branding folks for no reason. They have to sign an oath saying they aint gonna do no unnecesary shit. Whats more is they especialy don’t do shit thats got a risk to it. I know that cos my wife died from an infection after getting burned. That shit can happen so quick and there aint nothing you can do. You think that witch doc should still practice for real?

      • If you read any of her articles
        ( pertaining to this kind of cauterization) you would understand the difference of what your wife experienced vs. This methodology . Ignorance is bliss though, I understand.
        My sincere sympathy for whatever happened with your wife, nonetheless

        • Thanks for yours sympathy. All I know is burns is burns and anytime they can get infected. Its no problem if you get it in time and treat it but she got a thing called septasemia and it was to late to do nothing, God knows they tried all the drugs

          • Your welcome 🙏

            Just to start theres 1rst , 2nd, 3rd degree burns

            I actually found her article very helpful in understanding her point of view & the way the cautery works to avoid severity of those kind of burns. It’s quite specific (if it won’t trigger you) you may be surprised in what you learn

    • She has been “consistent” (for whatever that’s worth), but many members of the public don’t accept her claim not to have victimized others. Wasn’t there a complaint made to the Office for Professional Medical Conduct by at least one of her victims? Hasn’t she been stripped of her medical license as a direct result of an investigation by the OPMC?

      I am a former school teacher (retired), and while teaching, I was careful not to behave in ways that would make me appear (even falsely) as unfit to be a teacher. My point is, when one is in a position of respect and responsibility, society expects certain behavioral standards to be upheld and displayed. When one deviates outside those norms, it poses a risk to one’s work and career.

      Burning a “brand” onto naked women in their pelvic area certainly seems to fall outside of social norms – it seems harmful – and a number of women so branded now acknowledge their consent was not freely given. If the consequence of holding the laser and performing this branding of KR’s initials on these women is loss of a medical license, I don’t see how anyone can find that surprising. I think it was entirely appropriate this doctor’s license was pulled. I take my hat off to the OPMC for their action in this case, well done, and let’s hope it protects the public from any further harm from this former doctor.

      The former doctor needs to stop trying to pin blame on others, and instead focus on her own behavior and mistakes. It’s the only way forward.

      • “The former doctor needs to stop trying to pin blame on otherels, and instead focus on her own behavior and mistakes.”

        Except she’s not the one suing anyone and making movies and documentaries pointing the finger at others. The person who filed the complaint, who made serious money recruiting for what everyone here now refers to as a “sex cult,” she’s the one doing that.

        Danielle has a right to defend herself, her name and her reputation. It’s almost as if people are offended that she’s not taking her beating with a smile on her face, as if we’re shocked that a person who’s been attacked for five years would have the nerve to speak up for herself.

        • you and she need to put her punishment in perspective. Thats all there is to it.

          five years of what? she got off lightly and the sooner she starts smiling about that the better. This whining refusal to accept guilt for the machinations of a criminal cult and her crazy defiling part in it – is only likely to bring her more obliquy, more attention for the wrongdoing she committed against her own profession, and fellow travellers.

          It seems to me these damning, hubristic efforts are being encouraged – but by what? Keith’s orders? the collateral still held and therefore in effect, over the heads of the remaining dos members?

          Find the sense you were born with Kevin, stop encouraging people to tarry in their error, if any of these cult members are truly your friends try helping the healing effort – instead of gouging old wounds with fresh lies.

          • Pretty sure Keith Cannot give orders from the SHU, nice try though!
            She has a right to defend herself
            Apparently, they weren’t her friends either.,whether to save face, a marriage, make a boatload more money, All are possibilities. , & these ppl practiced their EMs on the defendants.
            They want to sue top dogs is one thing but this incessant NEED to continually harm this woman is beyond reason.
            They participated by saying Yes & showing up

          • She got off lightly and the sooner she starts smiling about it , the better?
            You sound like others description of Keith Raniere…

            I think co conspirator # 2 got off lightly , with a pot of gold to boot!

    • Put yourself in pretty much everyone else who was branded situation. A doctor participated in a conspiracy to fraudulently burn a man’s initials into a private area of your body. These were your friends who swore to you that no man was involved in the organization and hid the fact that their Mutual boyfriend was the leader. Through blackmail and coercion you were asked to do things you never wanted to and certainly did not agree to with full informed consent. If we’re going to be putting ourselves in other people’s position you may want to try on their point of view as well

      • Except he wasn’t HER boyfriend but her business partner. Do you have control over all the business partners you’ve engaged with?

        • Her business partner? LOL. Danielle has his initials burned into her snatch. Danielle made graphic pornography for this cult leader.

          Danielle danced outside his prison cell like a Manson girl. Danielle gave life ruining blackmail to this Grand master of DOS slaves .

          No matter how you try to spin it this is not just Danielle’s business partner LOL

          Maybe you’ve been in ESP too long to understand that that’s not how most business partnerships work?

          You cannot be anyone’s partner in anything if you are their slave and are blackmailed.

          By definition that’s not an equal relationship. Danielle’s business partner LOL! You dead-enders are too much…

          • Business relationships consist of all different kinds of equality….
            Corporations with varying percentages of stock in the company,
            franchise’s who have 10% & authority over where and whom you buy your goods from., though you own. Your own company…, partnerships, etc. Many are Not 50 50 .
            If he and Nancy did some neurolingual mumbo jumbo ,They should be the ones to pay.

          • Nice try trying to warm your way out of that you never said business relationships originally you specified partner.

  • Where did you find these pictures of young Danielle in bikini? Excellent research.
    Adam Wendt brilliantly replies to Danielle’s accusations of Penza and the FBI.

  • Danielle Roberts also made an Instagram video attacking Moira Penza on Tuesday, Nov. 8. It was incredibly disturbing. I highly suggest watching it. Danielle mentioned in the video that Erin Cody had a police officer return Danielle’s phone call after Danielle left a message encouraging the school to not host Moira Penza because of the child porn tampering allegations. Danielle is going to great lengths to discredit and attack Moira. I hope this is in Moira’s radar and law enforcement’s. I hope this doesn’t escalate.

    • I watched that too!! She’s fucking lost it. The scariest part amongst all the misogyny is her saying that she always asks herself if she’s wrong. She needs a family intervention and a stay in a mental health facility. I don’t see things ending well for her.

      • You thought she lost it & was crazy when she mentioned on Instagram that going hungry can sometimes be a good thing too and yet a nobel prize winner agrees with that assessment..

        When the human body is hungry, it eats itself, it does a cleaning process, it starts by eliminating all sick cells, cancer, and aging cells.

        ʜᴜɴɢᴇʀ ᴋᴇᴇᴘꜱ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴅʏ ʏᴏᴜɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ꜰɪɢʜᴛꜱ ᴅɪꜱᴇᴀꜱᴇꜱ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴅɪᴀʙᴇᴛᴇꜱ.

        During hunger the body makes special proteins that are created only under certain circumstances. And when they are made, the organism selectively gathers these proteins around sick, cancerous or dead cells, dissolves them and restores them and benefits the organism of nutrients produced from this process.

        This is how recycling is done during fasting. Scientists have achieved through lengthy specialized studies that the process of autophagy requires unusual conditions that force the organism to do that process.

        These special circumstances include a person abstaining from eating for 16 hours (cycle 8/16). Humans should function normally during this period.

        ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴘʀᴏᴄᴇꜱꜱ ꜱʜᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ʀᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ꜰᴏʀ ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴄʜɪᴇᴠᴇ ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴜᴍ ᴄʟᴇᴀɴꜱɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴅʏ ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴀᴛᴇ ꜱɪᴄᴋ ᴄᴇʟʟꜱ.

        It is recommended to repeat the process of hunger and thirst one or two days a week according to Yoshinori Ohsumi – Nobel Prize in Physiology and MEDICINE

        • This is all getting quite silly. What is the point of this post on fasting? Is this supposed to rehabilitate DR’s sullied reputation?

          In any case, fasting for a day or two is one thing — surviving on a severely limited caloric intake for an extended period, while being ordered to report every morsel one ingests – that’s another.

          The readers of the Frank Report, unlike KR’s former “slaves” are neither sleep deprived nor starved. We won’t fall for BS the way the cult members did, so you may as well stop posting it. DR and/or her friends need to stop with the bogus arguments. We all know KR liked his women ultra-skinny (even while looking like a tub ‘o’ lard around the middle himself).

          • How do you know, Jen T
            We’re you one of them ?
            From looking at pictures of the chick whose on unemployment but was able to move to Hawaii, ( a Very Expensive State), btw, she didn’t fit that description at all.
            Jay, I believe was her name, nor did Sarah Bronfman for that matter.

        • Fasting has been a religious practice for many millennia. The VanFraud wasn’t promoting it for its spiritual and physical benefits. He was abusing it in an unhealthy way to manipulate women to fit his physical preferences for his own sexual gratification. He was full of bad intent and the sooner you realize this and stop wasting your own time for this conman who would trade places with you in an instant, the sooner it will be better for you.

        • Every doctor who does not want to lose their medical license was going to advise people not to go on a starvation diet unless they are under a doctor’s care. Were all the women who were starving in DOS under Dr Danielle’s Medical care? Not everyone can just go on to starvation diet there are so many underlying factors. And not eating while you’re basically asleep does not count as a starvation diet. Waiting a few hours after you wake up before having breakfast and then embarking on a normal caloric regiment has absolutely no relation to the extreme prolonged everyday starvation the dos slaves were doing and why their hair was falling out they stopped getting their periods and were suffering severe physical and mental consequences from actual starvation. Comparing the dos slave practices of total starvation and caloric restriction over many many years and having to ask somebody for permission to eat and a non-slaved person just routinely stopping caloric intake after dinner and waiting a little bit in the morning to eat breakfast or just not comparable in any way. The most important factor is in the second description the person is in charge of their own medical and physical and health food. If you have a master telling you what weight you should be and making it about your appearance and some kind of weird sacrifice and discipline and it has nothing to do with your actual health and most importantly you’re being blackmailed into doing it that has nothing to do with the person who chooses to fast from time to time for their own reasons. And once again all changes in diet especially extreme are always recommended to be discussed with a personal medical physician who can look at your overall health picture and underlying conditions that you may or may not have medical history.

          • NO, thats the whole point NONE of them were her patients. She was working as a hospitalist & at making curriculum for eso exo excersize class.

    • Which of Danielle’s Instagram videos did you find more disturbing? The one where she spoke about authority, how it is earned, and how a person who has authority has a responsibility to earn and maintain the trust the public has in that person?

      Or the video where she spoke about vices and distractions, and how we should make an effort to do with less of the things that don’t add value to our lives? That documenting the amount of time we spend with electronics, or binge eating foods we don’t need could lead to us redistributing that time to more meaningful things, such as relationships with family members and friends, community service, education, and exercise?

      Shiver me timbers, she’s out of control! Someone call the FBI! I’m shaking in terror!

  • Uh, just so you guys know:

    These “attacks” on recent former Assistant United States Attorney Penza probably are on law enforcement’s radar.

    This is pretty much a case of open mouth, insert foot. You’re doing yourselves no favors pursuing this dumb tactic, and it’s certainly not helping your incarcerated hero Keith.

    It’s just more proof that people who join cults are idiots.

    • If law enforcement is looking to press charges against or further bully a woman who’s been through enough, all because she posted a comment to an online forum, that proves her point.

      It’s not a crime to question Moira Penza’s motivations, her narrative, or the tactics she used while acting as a US Attorney. Not even close.

      • It’s a really bad look. The harsh reality is that Danielle just can’t win in the public eye. The overriding public perception is that she is a diehard cult member. People are generally afraid of diehard cult members. To most people, it is frightening to see her giving the appearance of cyber stalking the lawyer who put away her cult leader. Frankly, I sympathize with Danielle‘s plight, and maybe at this point she thinks she has nothing to lose, but it really just makes her look kind of unhinged and potentially threatening to Penza, whether that is the reality or not.

          • Why was Danielle branding her business partners initials on her vagina? Why was Danielle lying to women and burning her business partners initials on to other women’s vaginas? Why was Danielle’s business partner blackmailing her sexually and otherwise? Why was her business partner lying to her about the entire structure of the Master Slave organization that Danielle was an enthusiastic participant in? And still supports? Dead Enders are constantly trying to reframe reality but anything in person can see right through it. You can’t be partners with someone if you’re their slave

        • Never heard her threaten ONCE
          She wrote in an opinion about the responsibility of seeking truth & justice from both sides.
          I thought the endless hours of interrogation seemed more threatening, honestly…YOU ever been interrogated, WTF?

          • No, I have never been officially interrogated, thankfully.

            My point is about perception. I would say 90% of the public who knows anything about cults only knows it from hearing news stories and seeing documentaries about the worst of the worst… Manson, Jim Jones, David Karesh, Heaven’s Gate. Most people find cults and cult members scary. Let’s face it, relatively harmless cults don’t really make the news. of course it is ignorance to paint all alleged cult members with that brush, but it sure as hell happens.

            Danielle trying to smear Penza to people at the university accomplishes about as much as a Manson member decrying the prosecutor who put Manson away. (after all it’s not like Manson actually killed anyone himself.) Even though Danielle did not make any threats, it can be perceived as threatening behavior the same way as if a Manson member was following a prosecutor online and posting negative things about them and trying to prevent them from speaking.

  • What an idiot. This had the exact opposite effect that the dead-enders were hoping for and just made it so obvious what deluded and self-important cult followers they were back then and still are today.

    It’s so cringey.

    • If their allegations about evidence tampering are true, it makes no difference if they are “cult members” or supporters.

          • Untrue. A handful of paid experts are saying what they were paid to say. It does not remain to be seen. The trial is over. Neither Keith nor his defense team alleged these were tampered with photos at the time of the trial. In fact they pretty tactically admitted but Keith took the photos and they were of Camilla at 15. Keith is never getting out of prison.

        • Its a pretty qualified handful of experts being paid at the going rate who wish what they’ve seen wasnt true due to their past association with the FBI and duty.
          If he stays in jail so be it at least they know they tried to expose The Whole Truth which is how it should be, btw.
          No reason to bully them & wish for their complete destruction especially when so many took the classes and half found them valuable.

          • Nothing in the comment disputing the veracity of the paid experts claims delved into the territory that you spin out into.

            It’s simple logic and facts. No one took up this case because they saw evidence of corruption or out of the goodness of their heart. It’s not a heroic stand. It’s a job. A highly paid job.

            Experts were scouted out and paid for by Clare Bronfman and they’re going to say whatever they’re paid to say or there wouldn’t have been an employment agreement reached.

            The end.

            The rest is about your feelings.

          • Seems to me you are questioning their veracity when you state their going to say whatever their paid to say~

          • Good Lord Anonymous at 2:26 p.m. you are obtuse. Yeah the veracity of their claims is being questioned read the comment again all the rest of the stuff brought up was never mentioned except by you. It’s a very simple statement they are paid experts they were paid on behalf of Keith and they’re going to say whatever they were paid to say. All this over the top rhetoric about bullying is your deal and it’s about your feelings any logical person understands the concept that a paid expert who is being paid by the defense (or by the prosecution) is going to testify on their sides behalf – it’s a job. End of story. Now take all your little immature hurt feelings and leave them out of a grown up conversation. Paid experts are paid to testify. The end

    • No Mary, I’m not Michelle but I get intimated from an IRS audit to certain degree so I can only image the intimidation from a Rico Federal Interrogation

      Add to that that her business endeavor which Frank insinuated tax impropriety was , in fact, paid up to date in taxes.

      I just think the system Never tried to help her is all .

      • 8:03
        They could easily turn down Clare, they are set with their retirement pensions . They have no need to take such a controversial case unless they think it has some merit.

        • Nah. It’s money. A shot at the spotlight. There’s always “merit” to defend a person. That’s how the legal system works. It doesn’t mean the defense believes the guilty person is iinnocent. It’s a job.

          Did they turn down Clare’s money?


          It’s the money it’s a job

          • Agree to disagree
            Not everyone likes the spotlight & though they may be few & far between some ppl actually do wish to see the integrity of our system kept intact

          • Keith doesn’t give a shit about the integrity of the system. His personal history constant use of litigation as a weapon and his indirect manipulation of those in law enforcement and the judicial system in the local NDNY where he resided for so many years is all evidence of this (see Ms. Keeffe and more). He’s always and only ever been it for himself. He attaches himself to principled things only for himself. Anything and everything he does is only about himself. He would trade places with you in an instant if he could. You know why? Because like every selfish, self-interested person, they are always and ever only about themself. The sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you.

          • 5 36 AM
            I’m not directly involved
            But I dont think anyone with the exception of Keith & Nancy Saltzman should be made to pay the price for something that was in their heads whilst others thought they found something worthwhile.

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