Death Investigation: Liz Bazzani Didn’t Fall, Wasn’t Crazy or Suicidal; Knew Swami’s Dirtiest Secrets

Readers have helped us investigate what might have happened to the late Liz Bazzani, who disappeared in January 2017.
The official story [see police report] seems almost certainly untrue. And Sharon Ward is at the bottom of it. Her and her master Swami Chetanananda [SC] may be directly involved in the death.
Here is what one source I spoke with told me.

By Roberta

Liz was a very close friend. I knew Vanessa, and Pia, her daughters, too. I knew her sister Theresa.

I knew Jessica Butler, Natasha, Leiko, Karla, Lilliana, and others. I know women who Swami Chetanananda [SC] couldn’t get for sex. So there was a concerted effort to shun them.

I know women who were treated horribly by Sharon Ward.

I know women SC did get. Gretchen, Leiko, Moni, Kelly Ponzi, Jen, and Natasha. Many women wanted him and would do anything for him. I never understood it. I never fell under his illusion.

But nothing makes sense about Liz’s death. I don’t buy it was suicide. Liz told me a lot. We spoke many times. She knew too much about SC.

SC never forgave her for helping Leiko pack up and escape. SC was inconsolable. He locked himself in his room for days after Leiko left.  Dr. Andrew Bonner told people SC was a mess. He was like a woman when her boyfriend broke up with her.  Becky gave him prescriptions.

Leiko was a young woman whom SC wanted as his first disciple – which meant sex.

But he blamed Liz. He never forgave her. Liz helped Leiko sneak her out at dawn, so nobody would see her leave. She helped her pack. Helped her make arrangements to leave.

SC was inconsolable when Leiko left without notice.

He was the same when Karen Kreiger left. He was so upset.

Liz was not as close to SC as some think. I knew Liz well. We would talk for hours.

Liz was not SC’s disciple.  She met Rudi when she was 17 and considered Rudi her teacher, not SC. And yes, SC talked crap about most of his students. They seemed like lost, helpless sheep.

Liz told people she trusted or cared for never to ask SC for advice and never to be alone with him. That was good advice.

Liz knew about the drugs and womanizing.

SC had something to teach. It was unmistakable. They had a mediation class. The classes with SC were powerful.   But what got me was what happened to Liz and Natasha. That was too much for me.

Liz told me she told SC that if he ever sexually touched her daughters, she would kill him.

Sharon’s story was that Liz fell and hit her head was not true. She did not fall and hit her head.  She fell off a chair, but did not hit her head! She was not injured! She did not hit the floor.

Someone caught her.  I know who that person is.  Falling on her head is a pure lie.

Liz also did not have a mental condition. I spoke with her just before she was murdered/disappeared. She was not depressed. I do not think she was sick.

She had breast cancer and had chemo, but she was in remission.

She did not commit suicide, and she did not go out in the cold without a coat and with Ugg shoes. That’s nonsense.

Liz was with her granddaughter all that day. She was not ill. She was not depressed. She had plenty to live for. She was going to work the next day.

Sharon Ward is a horrible person.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Why did Natasha jump? Why did Liz jump? Any operative, shyster, or charlatan who hopes to shape a community in their own image must first master the techniques of mind control. Trickery, deceit, lies, and propaganda are surely one part of the equation. The other part is a tool for one-sided, neuro-technological observation that few fully understand. Together, these methods of force-feeding personalized disinformation make “mind control” possible. Under the spell? It is unfathomable now, as it was then, that more than 900 Americans – members of a San Francisco-based religious group – died after drinking poison at the urging of their leader, the Reverend Jim Jones!

      • Do you have a time line on these tragedies in relation to when Liz went missing? When did the student jump off the bridge and when did she leave the Center? When did the special “loved one” escape? Pinky told us about one of the first sexual assualts/rapes over 50 years ago, there is a lot of time to fill in with specific attacks, escapes. Liz could have provided all this information. Each victim/survivor has a piece of the abuse and harm puzzle. Use the Frank Report to tell what you know, what you saw, what you heard. Keep the pressure up on Shoemaker, he is fly fishing while his victims are in pieces.

        If you think what you saw was criminal, tell Nathan Wollstein, Detective Nathan Wollstein (# 39011), Portland Police Bureau, Sex Crimes Unit, (503) 545-3482. If you were exploited through fraudulent labor practices tell Carrie Aguilar, District Director, Portland District Office, 620 SW Main, Rm 423, Portland, OR 97205, Phone/fax: 503-552-5634, If you wish to open a civil case for injury and harm, get in touch with Carol Merchasin, or Christine Mascal,

    • No, I did not know Eva. And, the story about what happened to her, is unbelievably awful. However, it was not murder. Trying to tie Liz’ untimely passing to Swami is a real real stretch. Stop this crazy nonsense. And, get back to the root of this entire blog series. Taking in a sensationalist direction is actually points on Swami’s board. Because it is so outlandish as to discredit all of Frank Parlato’s investigative work.

          • Anonymous
            November 2, 2022 at 4:02 pm
            There are many many more victims other than those mentioned.

            Please consider telling Frank about your experiences. Dr. Philip Zambardo, who conducted the famous Stanford Prison Experiment, documented how “normal” people’s behavior could be influenced in a manner of days to the point where they would follow “orders” to harm others. Members of Shoemaker’s group lived under a coercive controlling environment. Everyone who lives within a controlling environment suffers from certain levels of abuse.

            Some of the narratives that Frank has published are of extreme physical and sexual abuse inflicted by Shoemaker and his hench people. Others who have not yet told their stories, have suffered from intentional infliction of emotional pain, social isolation, spiritual abuse, grooming, financial exploitation and gaslighting. All techniques used to make them dependent on the group and obedient to wishes/demands of the leader and the group.

            The story of Shoemaker and his abuses is out there now. It belongs to the world. Those of us who have spoken out will get reactions, not all of them will be positive. There will be lots of hate and bulling. There will be all sorts reactions. Your experience will be discounted. You will be targeted. Fly monkeys, fly We have a voice and we have power to speak about what was done to us. We can have each other’s back.

            Each narrative of joining, leaving, and recovering from Shoemaker’s group presents valuable insights into how this cult functioned. These narratives pave an understanding that cements the all the abuse and especially the most extreme forms of abuse into a pattern that the justice system can use. Please tell Frank about your experiences.

    • I’ve spoken with her recently. So exciting she’s in the PHD program! That’s awesome. Such a testament to how people can overcome all of this and go on to live big amazing lives.

      • You’re hoping to discredit her claims of disability aren’t you. You know she cannot even drive a car right? So you’re saying disabled people can’t get educations or what are you saying? Explain.

      • This is weirdly underhand and gaslights victims. What is your motive? You clearly have no idea the damage this man causes.

      • Yeah everyone just needs to put it behind them as if nothing happened, right? Maybe that works if you’re a disassociated sociopath like your master. For the rest of us, it don’t work that way.

      • I overcame all of it and I definitely lead a big amazing happy full rich life!
        But I didn’t suffer a head injury or wasn’t hung upside down on a hook on the wall and sodomized.
        Oh and I didn’t drink urine.

      • This is wicked and cruel. Please review the list of harm and injuries for post cult recovery, they were provided in other comments. Shoemaker and his evil cult are responsible for so much pain and agony. One victim/survivor had to have over 19 surgeries to repair the physical harm, one victim/survivor states she needed ” Years of therapy and various healing modalities allowed me to heal aspects of my mental, emotional and spiritual being. Beginning to repair the traumas of my past was an essential first step.” Others all still on their journey to recovery. Liz is dead. If you are ready and not involved in a legal case, tell Frank what you saw, what you know. Shoemaker and his evil cult have done enough damage.

  • Trying to link the death of Liz Bazzani to some “foul play” by Swami Chetanananda, or Sharon Ward is preposterous. It has taken this entire blog away from the central issues. So much of this attempt is speculative, and represents wild conjecture and ridiculous “tie ins”. Drop it already. I am no fan of Swami’s, having witnessed his shenanigans and dishonesty. But a murderer? Nah. Sharon Ward is a cult leaders assistant, for sure. But she is not a murderer, nor, an aid to a murderer. Forget this rap. It’s detracting from the main story line, and undermining the credibility of Frank Parlato. I know what I am talking about here. And, many who write comments here have no idea what they are talking about.

    • If you know so much, then write an article for Frank instead of constantly regaling everyone with how omniscient you are, but never actually saying anything of substance. Lots of insults though.

      • Fuck you. The majority of the idiots on this forum have no experience of the ashram, nor any intimate knowledge of what occurred, let alone any context for any of it.
        If I sound arrogant, it is because I know what I am talking about and YOU dont. Like I said, Swami Chetanananda is not a murderer, nor is Sharon Ward. If you know so much, then directly counter my points with something of substance.

        • I must have struck a nerve. Good. It’s you who’s making accusations and constantly giving opinions with no substantive evidence. Casting aspersions on others without backing anything up except to insult everyone. You’ve been telling us all for months how much you know and no one else knows anything but you, the omniscient one. Walk the talk or get the fuck out of here. I’d counter your points, except you don’t make any. You just write drivel and spew insults.

        • There is so much ‘substance’ here and it is growing everyday.
          Substantial truths about a substantial clusterfuck caused by people hiding their evil-doing behind shrouds of religious virtue.

          Your ‘point’ is countered continually, because it is weak and indefensible. Your days, your ashram experienced days – are well and truly numbered.
          You sound scared which would be the correct effect of all you helped to cause and continue to defend. Do you have anything not underwritten by fear in your life?

        • Holy shit I am shocked at you spiritual people. hahahahaha
          So full of anger, angst, hatred, jealousy, ego and just plain fear. Your chakras are clogged, your 3rd eyes are blinded. All your phony kindness, humility and spirituality has vaporized because it never existed.
          “Do your fucking work” as your spiritual master’s cup says.
          Oh and have a beautiful day.

        • “Fuck you”?… “The majority of idiots on this forum”? I don’t think you need to provide any further evidence that you have studied and continue to study under Shoemaker… your attitude speaks for itself. Your detachment, spirituality and compassion for others who believe something different from yourself, all appear non-existent.

          People are speculating, just as you are. People’s speculation is based on years of experience with his dishonesty; deceit and abuse. Yes… speculation. It doesn’t make him a murderer but HE created the environment which yields such speculation. There is also plenty of space between intentional murder and innocence. The circumstances around Liz’s demise is pretty outlandish and people who have experience with this organization are applying Occam’s Razor.

        • The person writing the snide comments, accusations and insults is deeply wounded and has unresolved traumas far beyond the ashram experience. Understanding that has given me the ability to just put up with the negativity and viciousness of what is posted here. Obviously the the Swami’s “spiritual work” of deeply releasing tension is not effective for everyone.
          If venting your anger, bitterness and the personal pain of your unresolved trauma here helps you cope, well just do it.
          We can work around it. I’m truly sorry for what you have experienced.
          I would venture to say most if not all the people commenting here have suffered either directly or indirectly from their association with Michael Shoemaker.
          We all want to heal.
          We want justice.

          • While I agree with you in principle, if you’re constantly the focus of the attack, as one person is in particular, then it can’t be very easy at all, and it should be called out for what it is, bullying.

          • Working through deep dark spiritual trauma brings pain, ugliness and sadness to the surface. It’s not fun. It is very painful. We understand that.
            Maybe this is finally working for you. Whatever it takes.
            We get it.
            It’s ok.

          • There are MANY people here writing snide comments who had issues before they came to the Ashram. I would also venture to say of course many of those people have well “fallen out of the practice” of spending an hour “connecting to the guru”. I’m sure we would all love some pointers on how we can meditate Shoe-less. Hook us up.

    • I agree with you to a point. I don’t believe they consciously set out to murder people. Do I believe they would cover up accidents that would look bad for them (violent sex game gone wrong, overdose etc) or psychologically and spiritually torture someone into taking their own life? Absolutely. The latter is an indirect form of murder but murder just the same.

    • Trying to link the death of Liz Bazzani to some “foul play” by Swami Chetanananda, or Sharon Ward is preposterous. It has taken this entire blog away from the central issues

      What are the central issues that the Frank Report has been focused on:
      1. That J. Michael Shoemaker is the leader of a dangerous and damaging cult that has been harming, exploiting and abusing people for over 50 years; He calls himself the Abbot and members of his group have died or gone missing under his leadership;
      2. This abuse has been in the form of modern cult labor and sexual exploitation, identified as human trafficking since it involves fraudulent recruiting, indoctrination, grooming and coercive control conducted through a conspiracy of the top leaders of the group, Shoemaker, Sharon Ward, Jim Brissette, Howard and Vivina Boster, etc;
      3. Victims/survivors have come forward to describe the conditions at the Movement Center that involved forced drug use, fraudulent “medical treatments”, BDSM sexual activity under coercive influence, chocking and strangulation, required and at times, unsafe “seva” labor;
      4. Victims/survivors have described the coercive control of information within the group, shunning; threats of harm in this life or in lives to come and coercive control of social contacts such as family and friends;
      5. Other victims/survivors have described fraudulent financial arrangements from requesting donations for special projects that were used to support an opulent lifestyle, inordinate pressure to provide funds for the building and expansion of the facilities; misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, and racketeering;

      Where does the death of Liz Bazzani fit into these central issues? Answered below with each point matching a central issue outlined above:
      1. Liz saw Shoemaker as her spiritual director and had followed him for over 40 years and from Indiana to Boston to Oregon, she was an indoctrinated cult follower and obedient to her guru;
      2. Liz performed hours upon hours of “seva” labor for Shoemaker and for the other members of the cult; she did not receive monetary recompense for all the hours she worked including hours worked for yoga teacher training sessions that produced income for the organization.
      3. It has not been reported if Liz Bazzani was abused by Shoemaker, the missing person police report states that she died by asphyxia by drowning, and the manner was undetermined. The narratives published by Frank indicate that Shoemaker chocked his sexual partners. In a recent Portland Police Report, a former resident said he knew the leader of the Center, SHOEMAKER, had choked women unconscious and sodomized them. It is not known where Liz Bazzani was asphyxiated and drowned, only that her body was found in a channel over ten days after she went missing. It is known that she resided with a man, Shoemaker who has been described as strangulating women from the Movement Center.
      4. Regarding communication and information, Ms. Bazzani knew everyone in the organization, her longevity and connections to the leaders meant she had unlimited access to information throughout the organization. She was a respected elder of the group and a confidant for other members.
      5. Comments on the Frank Report indicate that Liz Bazzani did not want her daughters or granddaughter to be harmed by Shoemaker. She was fearful that her granddaughter was being harmed, that she could be possessed. If Shoemaker or others from the group were threatening Liz’s family, this certainly could be seen intentionally inflicting emotional pain and coercive control over Liz Bazzani.

    • She was not sick. The BC was in remission. She didn’t fall. Someone was there and stabilized her before she fell from a chair

          • Anonymous
            October 31, 2022 at 4:11 pm
            “I would assume just like how anyone could fall off a chair.”

            …WHY not HOW. It’s all just a joke until someone gets a traumatic brain injury, right? Or jumps off a bridge, right? Or is found floating in the river, right?
            Big joke.

        • She was hanging mistletoe at Christmas. She didn’t fall is the whole point. Sharon said she tripped as the sidewalks were being redone in the Pearl where she worked but no one can verify this nor did Liz B tell anyone

          • Ok well that’s a whole new image in my mind. I pictured her sitting in a chair and falling off and I thought why would that happen. Thank you

        • Do you remember what Jess, Dan, and Ruth told us about seva work at the Movement Center? Improper work assignments, heavy work without proper safety equipment. There was a picture of Molly Meridith washing windows and leaning over a ledge, without safety gear. Was Liz on a chair in the kitchen to get something, or on a chair in a room or closet, it is easy to fall from a chair improperly placed. What gets me is that Liz was blamed for being missing. Sharon Ward said she was ill, her hair was thinning, she might have been demented, she might have been suicidal…..same old, same old, all the women who get harmed are to blame for their abuse. Classic blame the victim, DARVO! Why not blame the man who has been identified as the salami stranguler? Shoemaker. Liz died of asphyxia by drowning, and the manner
          undetermined according to the Police Report. Where she was drowned, unknown, how she was asphyxiated, undetermined. There may be absolutely no outward physical sign of the strangulation.,are%20too%20minor%20to%20photograph.

  • “I know women who Swami Chetanananda [SC] couldn’t get for sex. So there was a concerted effort to shun them.”
    Who the fuck are you people?

    • Mind blowing, isn’t it? People have stayed with him 50 years knowing the truth about him and his fake organization. Seems impossible.

      • Sing to this is the way we wash our clothes (may it be an earworm until you take action to stop the abuse)

        This is the way we wash our brains, wash our brains, wash our brains, (repeat)
        When we are the loved ones of the Swami

        This is the way we dupe the police, dupe the police, dupe the police (repeat)
        When our name is Sharon Ward

        This is the way we shut our mouths, shut our mouths, shut our mouths (repeat)
        When we see women raped and killed

        This is the way we love our Swami, love our Swami, love our Swami (repeat for 50 years)
        When he lives in Gold Beach Oregon

      • Noooooo the extent of his lies are unsurpassed. It is not accurate to assume the public knew about his business dealings or his sexual encounters.

        • Let’s face it. Most did. And if you didn’t, what the fuck were you telling yourself with young women constantly disappearing?

          • I disagree. Many students were loyal to their practice and absolutely clueless. The young women who left, left quietly without drama. They were either scared shitless or NDA’s. Sharon probably sealed the deals with lucrative pay offs. That’s why there is radio silence

          • You overestimate the number of NDAs. I would bet most left broken and fighting for their lives, shunned and left with no one to advocate for them. Unable to express what happened until it was too late. His hold on people was extreme and he didn’t let go even after you got away.

            Apart from a few who likely were paid to go away, there’s radio silence because the fight to get your life back after all the damage wrought was hard won, and no one wants to slip backwards into that hell. Plus, people are genuinely scared of him, scared of whatever demon lurks inside him now.

          • Someone just posted that when Leiko left Shoemaker was devastated, locked in his room and given prescriptions by Dr. Rebeca Resse. That had to be all over the Movement Center.

            On Shoemaker’s Facebook page (that he has taken down), on Aug. 31, 2018 he wrote “Let’s pray for Natacha..she is a good person who is struggling a lot..she needs our prayers”. There were over 100 likes for the post and 22 comments. That is a very public statement was seen by the entire community of “loved ones”. People left after Natacha was harmed.

            The cognitive dissonance suffered by the “loved ones” is best described by Alexander Stein, a cult specialist, “cult members are taught not to believe their own senses”. The gaslighting, the lies, the manipulation and the deceit has worked so far. Perhaps there is now enough public pressure building to bring law enforcement into the picture. A possible murder and child possession is hard to sweep under the rug.

  • One thing I do know, Liz knew everything about everyone in that ashram. Her longevity and connections to the closest most powerful people in the community meant she had unlimited access to information, and people confided in her. She was that kind of person. A rock. Everpresent. She was powerful, but reserved, so a silent kind of formidable if you were threatened by what she knew. If she thought her granddaughter was possessed and wanted to leave, then what the fuck happened that night?

    • What is this about about Vivi being possibly possessed?? Liz would have done absolutely anything for her daughters and granddaughter. She is greatly missed by so many. The whole story is completely heartbreaking and mysterious.

      • Can anyone speak to the idea that Liz was afraid that Vivi was being possessed? Was this a way that Shoemaker could control Liz by threatening her grandchild? What type of ritual would be used to possess a person at the Movement Center?

        Altered states of consciousness occurred during various rituals at the Movement Center. Ruth Knight told first time attenders at the “Open Eyes Meditation” meetings that it was common to see devotees shake, have sudden leg or arm movements, to groan or shudder. What happened at the Shakitiput, ecstatic dance, Chod and Darshan rituals, were altered states of consciousness induced?

        Was Vivi regularly being put in a trance? Was she being indoctrinated and trained for a special purpose? Young children can more easily move into trance states than adults. Remember what has been published in the Frank Report,

        Reported by Cindy Travis, “I remember being invited to Swami Chetanananda’s apartment for an “energy treatment.” During the craniosacral treatment, he informed me that “Mr. Wangdu” had initiated ALL of his daughters and granddaughters into sex. He said, “it was normal in other cultures for the father or grandfather to be the first sexual experience for most girls.”

        Did Liz have fear that this could be the fate of her grandchild?

        • This is probably Frank and a bit of a fishing expedition. It’s true that people had Qi or energy or kundalini energy. If you meditate or do Yoga, Qi Gong, or sitting Meditation, the energy will circulate. It’s normal and the life force. So that’s real. And nothing strange. Qi, Prana, Kundalini…. The kinks work out and yes, people had energetic experiences. This is common knowledge for any practitioner. Nothing weird

      • Did Liz have a reasonable concern about her granddaughter?

        In a public Facebook message to Claudia Henry, a long time “student “ of Shoemaker and current resident of Gold Beach, she is warned by Anna Merli, a friend of Margo Marver, that Viktor Usov may have been involved in harming children and that “children were exposed to Viktor in the Portland Swami community.”

        Shoemaker gave Marc Gafni room and board at the Movement Center and gave him a platform to speak about his ideas.

        Given Liz’s long association with Shoemaker and her respected, informal status among the “sweet old ones”, it is totally possible she knew the circulating rumors regarding harm and abuse of the “loved ones”.

        Here is a statement from an adult, second generation former member of the 3HO yoga group describing her abuse. This type of abuse is now being described by many who have left abusive yoga “communities”. Is it farfetched or outrageous to consider what may have been done to younger “loved ones” in the cult run by Shoemaker? From the statements by current and former members, about sexual activities among the “loved ones” we are now gaining a more complete idea about what the adults were doing in this sex cult. What was Liz concerned about for her granddaughter? Keep in mind that it has been reported that Shoemaker strangles his “loved ones” for sexual gratification. Remember the message we saw on the Frank Report from Shoemaker, “this is definitely not a sex cult”?

        TRIGGER WARNING Taken from the Yogi Bajan Kundalini Abuse Facebook page
        We are sharing the story of Emma Aders, a woman who is bravely telling the world how Yogi Bhajan abused her as a small child.
        Please read, and consider why anyone would have anything to do with him and what he created. He was a monster, a pedophile, a rapist and a criminal.
        From Emma:

        “For those (probably most of you that is)I hope you can take some hope in the fact that I successfully won this past few months in my legal pursuits against SSS!
        This photo is which is from a photo shoot taken to memorialize one of YB’s particularly brutal beatings and asphyxiation sessions of me.
        I found out from his secretary Hari Simran that in order to keep my mom in the dark he would take me to LA about once every other month so that he could do things that left Bruises that would heal within 7 or so days.
        When I first began telling my story, I often would say that my memory would only go so far and then things “started to go dark.” After years of therapy, once Premka’s book was released, I regained the memory that his most pleasurable form of abuse against me was to get sexual gratification from asphyxiating me. (in Española he would use a pillow so there weren’t marks but as this photo of a photo shows (the original is much more clear), in addition to two blackened eyes, there are distinctive fingerprints across my mouth. That memory of things going dark was when I started to become so deprived of oxygen that as he continued to escalate things each time because as we all know he was a sociopath who needed to always find new ways to entertain himself, he began suffocating me to the point of me passing out so he could get that adrenaline rush or would I wake up again.

    • That’s a beautiful and apt description. I can tell in your writing how much you know and loved her. The photo of she and K’s daughter captures that formidable protective lioness presence you write of.

  • And so after this incident did the whole ashram go silent or were people taking about the inconsistencies of the circumstances amongst themselves?
    Did Shoemaker have any memorial service for her?
    Did he pause his BDSM sessions for a bit?
    Everyone just carried on as though all was well?

    • No. There was a beautiful service. I have never seen the Meditation Hall so packed. There was a tremendous outpouring of love for Liz. I believe confusion was the general feeling as no one believed she was suicidal. There were whispers but the Swami students don’t question anything and remain mostly in the dark to what’s really going on there. 😞

    • I had left the Movement Center years before Liz went missing, but I knew Liz. I liked her and respected her. So when she went missing… I followed the events. One thing that struck me as super odd, was that there was a memorial service held at the Movement Center about a week after she went missing and before her body was discovered. Who has a memorial service for a person who has been missing for only about a week? I’ve tried to confirm my memory of this but the Facebook page that announced the memorial service has long since been taken down. Can someone confirm my memory?

  • Thank God someone is pursuing the sudden death of Liz. The power and influence of Sharon Ward has resulted in slandering Liz instead of finding the murderers.

  • Ok so very important point to make here: this 1:15am ping on 2nd & Taylor is where the cell tower that her phone used is located.
    NOT where her physical phone was.

    So the real question is: what was down in that 2nd & Taylor neighborhood that Liz would go to?

    Oh, Lapchi. Where she worked.

    • I don’t know about murder? Regarding Lapchi, one of the employees who moved out of the Country told me she had to give Salman hand jobs at work! Why would Liz go there at this hour? Nothing makes sense and appears something is being covered up

      • I just vomited. What…Theresa wasn’t enough for him?
        Shoemaker laid the groundwork for this vile behavior

      • Wtf? I only know of one person that used to work for Lapchi when is was still called Rasa, who I won’t name, who moved to another country, and it’s pretty hard to imagine this story being true about her being forced or that she “had” to give handjobs to Salman at work. I don’t believe it. I know she complains about working long hours and not being compensated fairly, but she didn’t come across to me as someone who would have ever agreed to do something against her free will like that.

        • Yeah, she wasn’t forced. She was into Kinky stuff at the time I knew her and went to Fairy themed retreats where people have orgies. So she was willing to please her boss and yes, she worked very long hours. This is absolutely true about the happy ending for her Boss
          It was consensual and yeah, she was her own individual. She disappeared like many.

      • Salman was a notorious philanderer. I know another woman, very young, he had sex with, and there were a lot of rumors circulating about him in the ashram.

        • It’s true and unfortunately not abnormal or unique. Consenting adults. Cheating partners. Unhealthy, abusive, toxic work environments and bosses. Women usually get the worst abuse and put up with it for the money or lifestyle provided. And, some tolerate it because they don’t even want to have sex with their partners. Theresa probably didn’t give a shit as Salman provided and she was Queen of her castle and the right hand of the Swami.

          • The lack of empathy and the deep misogyny expressed in these comments is appalling. Shoemaker’s indoctrination and cult manipulation at its worst. Shoemaker has harmed, abused, scammed, and strangled people for 50 years. Shoemaker’s legacy runs deep in his “loved ones” and flying monkeys.

          • @November 8, 2022 at 2:18 pm
            No one has empathy for Theresa and Salman and your attempts to make people feel guilt for contributing their experiences and stories is underhanded and victim-blaming. Exposing them as liars and cheats is acceptable in these circumstances considering the abuse they’ve watched and contributed to either directly or indirectly.

            You seem to be constantly attacking people in the comments because their comments don’t meet your expectations. At best it’s boring, at worst, you’re gaslighting victims. Everyone reads your contributions without making judgements, how about you show the same respect.

          • Likely not anymore, because let’s face it she’s not exactly a catch, but back in the day she was found cheating on Howard with Salman. And also, Theresa walked in on her husband (at the time) Kerry while he was in bed with Ruth. Incestuous hell-hole. Thinking about it, no wonder no one gave a damn about the Swami’s sex life. They were too busy going at each other like rabbits.

          • Just to clarify anon here beneath me, is definitely referencing Ruth Knight not me in regards to Eddie. Eddie was Ruth K’s husband. I’m Ruth G. They’re all in the same age group (similar to Shoemakers age). Also I think they meant Theresa was cheating on Salman with Howard (gross!). And tbh I wouldn’t be surprised I mean that’s all they did on each other – tattling, fighting, drugs, sex. While pretending to be spiritual and holier than thou all on the surface. Who knows how much of it was on SC’s demented orders too – in order to extract punishment on people for god knows what delusional slight. Sometimes I’m so amazed I got out of there at all. I am basically same age as Ayaz, and the same age as Natacha. I have heard horrible victim blaming things said about Natacha by others. I didn’t know Ayaz but I can only imagine what was said about him behind his back. And I already know what has been said about me behind my back by people so twisted by the beliefs there and their own cowardice they will never come out ever from it. That place is a reverse care place. A damaging hellhole.

    • What are you implying by saying Lapchi was near the cell tower on 2nd and Taylor? That still doesn’t bring any sense or meaning to how Liz would be out, alone on a snowy 28 degree night, without a coat, purse, money, ID, and then end up dead in a river. Someone else could have had her phone and gone anywhere with it to create a false scenario of pings/tracking or if the phone was dropped or tossed who knows who had it.

      If Liz had an appointment with Swami the evening of January 18th (Sharon’s birthday btw – was there a party at Swami’s for Sharon that evening? Did Liz cook for the party?) it seems doubtful that Liz would be planning to go to Swami’s and also going to work after that.

      We know Vanessa picked up her daughter from Liz at the ashram at 7:45 pm on the night of the 18th so it was late already on a winter’s night.

      So what got Liz outside of the ashram without her coat, purse, etc? Was she drugged at Swami’s and taken out, put into a car, driven to the river, thrown in or pushed? Was she dead before her body went into the river?

      These are questions that apparently were never asked because Sharon was in charge of all the information given to the police. Theresa, Liz’s sister, is one of Swami’s closest and longest-term disciples.

      So the people who should have been advocating for an investigation for Liz instead went along with or created a suicide narrative. Why, why, why?

      • I’m implying that Lapchi owners must have security cameras for their own building don’t you think?

        If her phone was in that area shouldn’t the police have checked security cameras on the place where she worked?

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