Dershowitz’s 2 Demands: Court Hearing for Alleged FBI Cheating and Media Scrutiny

At a recent press conference for Team Raniere, the public learned Alan Dershowitz is now representing Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman in their attack on their convictions.

Dershowitz addressed the allegations of FBI tampering with digital photos that the prosecution used as the primary evidence of RICO predicate acts of possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a child.

Here is what Dershowitz said:

Alan Dershowitz

If this alleged FBI malfeasance turns out to be true, as our experts say it is, then this is really historic. This is really an attempt to frame somebody based on manipulation of data. That’s just unacceptable in an American court, and in the American legal system.

Multiple experts have concluded that government tampering of digital photos is, at the very least, a highly likely conclusion. If true, this represents a level of corruption that is so unprecedented, so high, by whoever may be responsible, the current situation is simply untenable. There must be immediate action.

There should swiftly be an evidentiary hearing that will determine the truth. Appropriate relief may include a new trial, obviously, but it may also include dismissal of the indictment on the basis of outrageous government misconduct. There are cases supporting that form of relief.

If there is a hearing, Mr. Raniere wishes to attend by video conference, rather than be transported.

Prison transport is no joy ride.

But this is a really important test of our legal system. Whether you like Mr. Raniere or not, the question is, can we be fair, even to those who are despised?

I challenge the media to vigorously and critically examine and evaluate all the facts until it is fully heard and addressed. That’s the appropriate role of the media. If this alleged historical government malfeasance is true, then every additional day that Mr. Raniere was prompt has been behind bars waiting for this evidence to be heard in a court would be a furtherance of this injustice.

The Department of Justice has complete plenary authority to investigate its own cases. There have been numerous cases where the Justice Department has gone to court and sided with the defendants in the case, saying “this is a substantial enough claim that we too want to have an evidentiary hearing. We don’t want to leave the situation where it is now with very credible and serious claims of very serious misconduct and leave the record the way it is.”

So I would believe that the Attorney General of the United States, the head of the criminal division, and other reasonable people in the Justice Department, would be on our side on this issue of an evidentiary hearing. If the evidentiary hearing determines that there were changes in the dates which went to the innocence of the defendant, they should come in and join us in at least a motion for a new trial, perhaps dismissing the indictment.

So remember, the Justice Department is not in the business just of winning cases.

As the sign in front of the Justice Department says, justice is done essentially when the truth comes out. So they should be as interested in, as we are, of the truth coming out.

Also, if the evidentiary hearing somehow manages to disprove these claims, which seems very unlikely, that also benefits the Justice Department. So it’s a win-win for the Justice Department, and they ought to be seeking an evidentiary hearing as soon as possible.

Why Isn’t The Media Covering This?

I think the media often bases its priorities on the popularity of the defendant. If this were a defendant or defendants who were favored by the public, favored by the media, I think many of the media would jump on this immediately.

But when you have a situation where a defendant is widely despised, I think many journalists don’t want to be on the side of possibly seeing what they believe is a guilty person acquitted based on due process or constitutional violations.

As somebody who’s litigated these kinds of cases now for over 50 years, I can say there is nothing more important than the media, which is, in a democracy, ultimately, the court of last resort.

The media looking into these cases and looking very, very hard at these cases, whether you like or dislike the defendant or the defendants, whether you approve or disapprove of generally at the Department of Justice to the FBI, those are not the issues.

The issue is, was there a manipulation here. Regardless of what other evidence may have been introduced, if there was a manipulation here, that really challenges our system of justice.

If this can happen to these two defendants, it could happen to a member of your family, to a friend, and even in the end to you.

And that’s why the media has to prioritize these serious claims of possible government misconduct.

If a defense attorney were ever accused of comparable tampering with evidence, there would be immediate media focus, and the defense attorney would be subject to discipline and possible disbarment, and you can’t have a double standard.

In fact, there is a double standard. The obligation is much higher on the government not to use improper means. It’s high on both sides.

But if anything, the obligation is higher on the government than it is on defense counsel.

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  • There is a photo of Keith Raniere with the same thinker pose with the right finger of the right hand supporting the face. Find out this photo and publish both photos of Raniere and Dershowitz side by side. It is a much used motif in photography as well as art in general. You have to know what this expression is supposed to convey and mean. I, for one, know the visual language and what it means.

    • The right pointer finger leaning on a face (with a knowing expression) might mean:

      “I’m a member of The Kakistocracy, too!” 😈

      Bangkok, AnonyMaker and Fool Me Not the other hand, seem to be on the (real) good guy team. If Bangkok weren’t on the real good guy team, he wouldn’t have written this three years ago:

      “1) Manson and Raniere both recruited women followers who WORSHIPED them as a living god.


      2) Manson and Raniere both recruited young followers to have sex with them.


      3) Manson and Raniere both conceived of plans for shaping their own grand vision for the world, while using female followers to assist them.


      4) Manson and Raniere both hated society’s rules and went about brainwashing followers to resist society, rules, government and culture norms.


      As soon as possible:
      Everyone on the actual good guy team reading this should read Bangkok’s article and all the comments.

      For example, “AnonyMaker” responded:

      “Good point.

      I think I’ve seen reports that assassins, were one of the “crafts” Raniere hoped to cultivate. And Dr. Roberts’ strange experiments would seem to be about the sort of desensitization that would help with such an attempt, somewhat similar to the “creepy crawly” missions that Manson used to get his followers accustomed into breaking into homes prior to the murders.

      If Manson were busted a year earlier, and Raniere a year later, their examples might appear very different, relatively.”

      Does Tom O’Neill’s book CHAOS (also published in 2019) give any clues about how and why “neurolinguistic programming” was used in both cases? Has anyone already mapped individuals, offices and techniques involved in both cases? If no one’s done that yet, someone needs to do that ASAP.

      Everything is just fine — or worst of the worst point fingers and keep secrets to control all of us and the entire world.

      • Bangkok is a genius!

        I miss old Bangkok. The new version is exactly like the NEW
        Howard Stern show….Boring.

        • Bangkok is good, great really. But he never cared about us making money.

          Who said this: “I have Amway products; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment — we can make fifty thousand distributing.”

  • Is the pointer finger pointing up
    touching the right side of the face (with a knowing expression)
    a sign for those who keep bad secrets?

  • “I think the media often bases its priorities on the popularity of the defendant. If this were a defendant or defendants who were favored by the public, favored by the media, I think many of the media would jump on this immediately.”

    This adds an emotional component that is not there. Its about clicks and eyeballs. Raniere’s name does not generate eyeballs so they don’t care. Its that simple. Its the same reason the press spent all of 2014-2020 covering literally every tweet Trump made. Their analytics showed people clicked the articles and viewed the news reports. Its the same reason why cute and/or hot blonde doing X (be it getting kidnapped, murdered, committing murder, etc), gets more attention then average looking male or woman doing same thing, people pause to find out. That Gabby girl is an excellent example of that. Her story, while tragic, was not national news worthy but hot blonde made it national news and the metrics (and thus revenue) supported that decision. Money follows what people want it to follow and the people has no interest in Raniere.

    • True Erasend, also I don’t think mass media interest is there for what are now a group of middle aged slaves. Even with filters.

  • So let’s say the FBI did fuck with the evidence and KR gets a new trial. But this time around Brofman/KR don’t stop Camila from testifying and she just says “Yup, KR raped me when I was 15”…Wouldn’t he just get convicted again on her testimony alone?

    • Not exactly. Raniere was not charged with rape. He was charged with possession of child porn and taking photos [sexual exploitation] of Camila when she was 15. Camila would have to testify that the photos were of her and the dates are correct. If there is an evidentiary hearing that will certainly come up.

      If they are her photos and the dates were not altered, then the only question remains is how the FBI got the photos. If they got the photos as they said, there will likely be no need for a new trial.

  • Dershowitz is in no position to demand an evidentiary hearing or anything else. He’s a private citizen, a hired spokesman for the Free Raniere club.

    His “demands” serve only to make him look more ridiculous than he already did. The octogenarian already made himself a laughingstock with his last summer’s complaints of being “cancelled” by the Martha’s Vineyard elite (Google it).

    The DOJ isn’t going to investigate these absurd tampering accusations for the simple reason that there’s nothing to investigate. The DOJ rightly considers the claim frivolous.

    Raniere is accustomed to weaponizing this kind of frivolous claim. Beating down his enemies with expensive meritless lawsuits. He doesn’t have that power anymore and he never will again. We have the DOJ to thank for that.

    So demand away, Alan, and collect you paycheck.

    Why is the media not covering this story? They already did. It got a bit of back page coverage in a couple of outlets when the the Rule 33 motion was filed. Convicted sex trafficker Raniere claims yadda yadda. It’s old news now.

    And anybody with any sense knows this story is going nowhere.

    So the FR can continue publicizing Raniere’s cause, alone.

    • Reply to
      Aristotle’s Sausage
      October 9, 2022 at 7:11 pm

      Re “So the FR can continue publicizing Raniere’s cause, alone.”

      So the Frank Report now has a special position in Raniere’s cause and can be the first and probably the only publication to report on it. What a privilege Parlato can be proud of.

      • Suppose two things are true: Raniere is guilty, and the FBI tampered with evidence. Would you prefer I only report half the story?

        • There’s a difference between reporting and advocacy. The FR long ago crossed that line.

          In openly advocating for Chakravorty’s tale of FBI evidence tampering, the FR is providing support to the Free Raniere club.

          The idea that it’s possible Raniere’s guilty and the FBI cheated isn’t particularly difficult to grasp. I get it. And in an abstract way it is of course perfectly true.

          In this case however it’s being used to mask a false equivalence. It’s also a point first taken up by the dead-enders. Loudly and persistently and suspiciously in lockstep.

          False equivalence. Raniere was convicted by a jury following a long trial that introduced a mountain of interlocking evidence proving his guilt. He was well represented by his legal team. He was convicted on all seven counts of the indictment against him.

          On the other hand, Raniere loyalists allege the FBI cheated. Evidence? Some mislabeled thumbnail images (images not germane to the trial), a “midnight tree”, a dispute over exactly how hard it is to alter Exif files. And they don’t like the order in which evidence was seized from Raniere’s library. They find it “suspicious”.

          This “evidence” is hammered repeatedly by the Frank Report, taken as proof positive of FBI planting the Camila pictures (?) That’s what I call advocacy.

          That’s what I call false equivalency.

          The FR is advocating Chakravorty’s accusations, arguing his side. And Chakravorty wants Raniere freed.

          Another thing to keep in mind is that Chakravorty and friends may not realistically expect Raniere to be released. Their plan may be simply to keep his “cause” alive, raise doubts, and rehabilitate Raniere’s name. In which case they’ve played you well. You’re working, unpaid, in Raniere’s service.

          That’s something Raniere has been very good at over the years. And one of the reasons he’s in prison.

          • He’s so good at playing me that he is in prison.

            I am advocating for an evidentiary hearing. Nothing more. How will an evidentiary hearing hurt?

          • There is crusading journalism. There is investigative reporting. This story is on my beat. I want to know if the FBI cheated and if they did not cheat how money got these experts to try to mislead the courts.

        • Frank has, in the last year or so, continued to provide a space for both sides – all the facts.

          This is even though his readership is incredibly biased against NXIVM.

          Frank himself was heavily fair-gamed by NXIVM.

          And yet he has allowed space for those who may have even fair-gamed him.


          Because Frank Parlato values the truth.

          I am from a different, but similar world. I can see what Frank is doing.

          And I believe you can trust him enough to listen to him and seriously consider his reporting.

          But hey – I once spent 16 years saying you could trust L Ron Hubbard. And then the next 22 years saying you can’t trust him because I’ve seen the patterns and realized what was hidden from me and what was really going on.

          I was duped once. And then came up out of that and waged a colossal war against them for 22 years. Still waging it. Won’t ever stop until their criminals at the top of their organization have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          People here really have no idea what I’ve been through and what I will still endure to get this done.

          So what?

          Here’s why you should listen to me:

          I’ve been through The Ringer. I’ve seen through the lies to see the real patterns. I had the courage to lose all my friends, all my business contacts, and my family, to tell the truth and expose Scientology – risking and surviving their infamous Fair Game Operations – to this day.

          I’ve earned the experience to see someone who’s been through The Ringer, too, and come out the other side. Someone who can tell the whole truth.

          Not just the Tribal-Ninnie truth.

          That’s Frank Parlato.

          But hey – all you people with no experience with cults and anticults – probably know better than me.

          And Frank.


          • You have no idea what experiences other Frank Report readers have or where they are in the journey. Not all former scientologists and cult survivors are as attention seeking.

    • Dershowitz was hired to throw an old man tantrum. That’s not going to cut it.

      he media actually loves corruption stories. Frank knows it is true that any good investigative journalist would be dying to uncover corruption no matter how they felt about the individual people involved in the case. That is a fact.

      Journalists will go as far as to spend years trying to uncover corruption or a conspiracy when there is none just because it is such a high-value target for all those types of writers and media Outlets.

      The fact that the mainstream and not too much of The Fringe media is interested in this at all actually is a testament to the fact that there is no there there.

      If any journalist thought they were going to crack some big cover up case involving the FBI they would be all over it. The alleged evidence is not compelling. There is no proof that has been shown. Nobody wants to waste their time chasing their tail over something that is a complete Fantasy Made Up by desperate people who want to free their cult leader.

      Although with all due respect to Frank he has a special connection to the case and possibly feels a little bit guilty. And it’s understandable why Frank would follow these idiots down any rabbit hole.

      But it is not that the media is ignoring it because it is a giant conspiracy against Keith. It is being ignored because there is nothing to pay attention to that has been uncovered or presented.

      • I doubt Frank feels guilty, because he’s not. I think he is being both generous and rigorous over this investigation, certainly he is giving them easily enough rope to seal their own fate. I accept Camilla’s account as fact. I also can see an opportunity for actually charging Raniere for this crime, because of their own actions to do something else.

  • That old pedophile demands LOL. He would have better luck demanding his caretaker serve his afternoon soup earlier and move his commode closer to his bed LOL demands. Dershowitz might as well stand at the corner shaking his fist and demanding the kids who are trick or treating stay off his lawn LOL he would have better results probably at succeeding and getting those demands met

      • Scott Johnson never showed any racism in the years I knew him. He had a garage full of Amway Premium Duck Biscuits for about five or six years. He told a young black man in his downline that he should invest his savings into duck biscuits. They would sell fast in the inner city.

        The young man tried his best but his neighbors just did not want premium duck biscuits.

        Scott never once resorted to stereotype like how lazy he and his people were, or that they’d rather get welfare than raise ducks.

        When they came to his house for a donation for an inner-city swimming pool, Scott went into his kitchen and came back and gave the man a glass of water to take with him.

        • ROLMAO!!! 👍🏼

          In all seriousness, Scott is a very generous man. One time he gave his wife Gonorrhea and Herpes.

          • Times have changed. It’s not like the Old Days — when we can do anything we want. A refusal is not the act of a friend. If Scott Johnson had all the Amway products in his garage, then he must share them, or let us others use them. He must let us buy the Amway Duck Biscuit at the price he pays…

            Certainly, he can present a bill for the duck biscuits; after all — we are not vegetarians.

          • At a time like the present, when so much is going on in our own world and being reported another voice may seem useless to study and understand. Such a notion, however, is incorrect. It is very important for us to know of our times, culture, other peoples, and the whole world.

            Shadow State has volunteered to come to the head of Frank Report and offer such information. Please respect him and never again use his name in vain.

  • Clare’s millions bought some media coverage through Dershowitz. That’s a fact. Dershowitz rightly concludes that media attention will be limited because Raniere is “widely despised” (his words). It’s obvious he’s in it only for the money.

    Raniere will lose his appeal. Then he will appeal to the Supreme Court where he will lose again or they will not even take his case. Then Raniere and his followers will have to accept that his legal possibilities are exhausted and he will spent the rest of his life in jail. Nicky Clyne will be overwhelmed with sorrow and grief for the loss of her beloved saint.

  • In a declaration to the 2nd Circuit, Suneel writes that AUSA Kevin Trowel again called the Rule 33 motion “frivolous” because Camilla came forward at sentencing and said photos were taken of her in “September 2005”.

    Problem: the tainted photos of Camilla presented at trial were dated November 2005.

    Suneel writes:

    “Finally, keep in mind that Trowel’s colleagues are possibly implicated in criminal alteration of evidence. His seeking to minimize this once again by calling it “frivolous” is shameful and suspicious.”

    Very interesting.

    See the whole blog post here:


  • We have all read the various threads from Frank outlining Kiper’s findings, which have been well summarized and commented by Erasend, and it would be hard to argue that manipulation of the photographic data did not take place. The questions for any evidentiary hearing are to:

    1. Determine the extent of the manipulation.
    2. Prove when the manipulation took place.
    3. Identify the individual(s) responsible for the alleged manipulation.
    4. Determine their exact motives – was it deliberate or accidental?
    5. Establish whether or not the individual(s) concerned was/were acting alone or were part of some conspiracy.

    I don’t accept the obligation is higher on the government to use improper means: we are all equal before the law, and that obligation is therefore equal.

    Regarding the role of the media, it is too early to say whether their coverage of this story should increase. Gutter press like the Daily Mail have already been covering it, unsurprisingly more for the salacious side than the constitutional implications. Serious media outlets will start to cover it when they see that it’s in the public interest to do do; at the moment there just isn’t enough evidence for this justification.

  • One question and one observation: “Represents” or “representation” when applied to a lawyer has a very different connotation then when applied to a public relations firm or media spokesman.

    I see no indication that Dershowitz has been hired as a lawyer to do legal work. He appears to have been hired as a flak- sort of like Joe Namath or the actor who used to say “Dynomite” promoting Medicare Advantage policies in television ads or over the hill actors pimping for “reverse mortgages.”

    Dershowitz should not be allowed to hide behind his license. And my question is this. I get that Bronfman money is paying for the hiring of all these experts but what does any of their work or their claims have to do with Clare Bronfman’s guilty plea or sentence? The ultimate irony would be if Raniere “gets out” and Clare Bronfman, his victim, stays in. The best proof of Raniere’s monstrous ways is Clare Bronfman!

  • I’d have to agree if the FBI did indeed plant false evidence to convict Keith Raniere (which it seems almost certain they did), then it’s a terrible breach of justice, and frightening since the FBI and other police authorities could do the same to just about anyone it chooses.

    However, like I’m sure a lot of other people feel, I have a hard time not enjoying the sense of poetic justice, of the irony that Raniere was sent to prison by someone doing something to Raniere that Raniere likely did to others. Though you hardly hear it anymore, the old Shakespearean phrase “hoist with his own petard” comes to mind.

    Presumably Alan Dershowitz has researched the case of Keith Raniere and the history of NXIVM. Has he never heard of John Tighe? Doesn’t he know it’s a virtual certainty that Tighe was sent to prison based on pornography planted on a computer by corrupt officials? Yet he comes to the defense of Keith Raniere who has wealthy supporters, and says nothing showing the slightest concern for John Tighe, forced to plead guilty because he didn’t have the money for a defense. Dershowitz seems to have a very selective concern when it comes to justice.

    • “Dershowitz seems to have a very selective concern when it comes to justice.” Add that to the entire justice system that’s very selective when it comes to justice and it’s tough to know where one ends and where the other begins. Maybe mainstream news will tell us what’s happening.

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