Kevin Strikes Again; Attacks the Usual 2 NXIVM Enemies

Kevin is a guest contributor whose views are his own. Frank Report does not necessarily agree with him, but he offers an interesting perspective.   

By Kevin

If the DOJ is tampering with evidence with Keith Raniere, they’re also doing it to people whose crimes aren’t as severe as his, to people who might have been innocent and taken plea deals because they didn’t have the means to defend themselves in Moira Penza’s criminal justice system.

Moira Kim Penza, a former Assistant US Attorney, is now an attorney in private practice. 

But Moira is a cute looking young woman with the right politics, and a snappy dresser, so all the ideals, values, and beliefs that people like her pretend to believe in become irrelevant, because, hey, she’s a woman and IN THE ARENA!!

How many convictions did her team win? How many people serve, or have served, prison sentences because of her manipulations?

I bet at least some were black. So where are the BLM people? Too busy buying mansions with other people’s money to question a well dressed white woman with the right politics and connections?

What does it say about our leaders, our press, our prosecutors, when guys like Raniere and William Fly, a man who thinks he’s a woman, and who raped his daughter, look sympathetic by comparison?

William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly is a cellmate of Keith Alan Raniere in the SHU at USP Tucson.

Are Explorations of Meaning [EMs] an Issue?

Why is Sarah giving EMs an issue?

I don’t know. Maybe because she’s suing her former friends and associates, most of whom she outranked, for hundreds of millions of dollars, with the use of EMs being one of the reasons.

Despite her being the one to have done it to them, not the other way around, as the lawsuit suggests.

Was Nicole Sex Trafficked?

My comment about wanting to see concrete evidence is in relation to Allison Mack’s and Nicole’s relationship. Was Nicole trafficked, or was this a role play game where Nicole gave consent, as Michele Hatchette suggested?

If this was a sexual assault, and Allison was in on it, why did Nicole continue to spend time with Allison and introduce her to family members after the incident?

Forced Labor a Little Thin

The women weren’t compensated for sex work. They were compensated for transcribing a friend’s memorial service, including women who never slept with Raniere or anyone else in the organization.

It was up to a jury, and the jury’s decision stands. My opinion doesn’t change that.

But the jury’s decision set a legal precedent that opens every school, business and house of worship to lawsuits. Those employees or students or congregants who volunteer on weekends so their companies/schools/churches can brag about all the good they do in the community? Who weren’t paid a dime? Who volunteered because they feared retribution if they said no?

Based on the legal precedent set in the Raniere case, that is forced labor conspiracy, period.

There is zero difference whatsoever between the forced community service that most people in the real world are required to perform, for no pay, and the women having transcribed a memorial service.

Most “volunteers” are doing work far more strenuous.

This case sets a precedent where volunteering is a crime. Or is it only a crime if the complainants are the right kinds of people?

How many hours of volunteer work did Sarah’s Vancouver recruits tally? Was that also a forced labor conspiracy? Or not, since it’s Sarah and she’s on team Good Guy?

Dirty Pictures Sent to Kristin

Take it easy critics. I didn’t keep any of the dirty photos sent to Kristin Kreuk.

They, and the threatening letters sent to Allison by deranged female fans, were turned over to management.

India was a co-conspirator in the original indictment, and got a literal get out jail free card for knowing the right people. If Allison is a criminal, so is India. If India is a victim, so is Allison. Period. No way around it.

India ran an errand/catering business in the organization called Delegates. It’s a documented fact. She admits to this in interviews she’s given.

Who were the workers for Delegates? How old were they? What were they paid? What was their wage rate?

All this hysteria about grown women transcribing a memorial service, and no interest in whether the Delegates workers, some of them teen girls, were exploited.

Why is that? What sounds more like forced labor to you? Women in their late 20s and 30s transcribing a tape for a friend who passed away, or teen girls doing manual labor for no pay?

Mexican girls who likely didn’t have the power to say no, and may not have known little English?

Speak up. I can’t hear you.

And no, being on team “Good Guy” doesn’t exempt India, Sarah, or Mark from the standards they hold other people to, people who played no role in any criminal activities, who were not management, and who did not own or operate centers.

My Job at Smallville

The job I had wasn’t anything glamorous, not even close. Some of us had to work to eat. It wasn’t like today, where everyone fakes a disability and gets a check for it. Back then, we had legit disabled people earning their pay, and today we have people who’ve never lifted a finger collecting disability because they got a paper cut once.

I was proud of the work I did. It was gofer work, but it was work, and it meant something to me. It was a foot in the door that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

What exactly doesn’t add up? What’s so confusing to you? What, because your mom bought your car for you, and your boyfriend took care of your food and rent, do you think everyone else had it that easy too?

Never Threatened Sarah

I never threatened Sarah, or anyone else. I have no interest in ever meeting her or talking to her. I believe she hurt her friends to save herself, while posing as a heroic figure.

I’ve never sent her so much as a letter or an e-mail. What threat do I pose to her? Because I come on here and point out things about her that are all on the public record?

If it makes you feel better, I don’t live in the United States. I live about as far away from the continental US and Canada as possible before you head back.

Penza Can Defend the NFL

On a side note, I hope that Miami quarterback who suffered two serious concussions in four days is doing better. If not, and he forgets how to count to 10, the NFL might call one of the lawyers who represented them against the players in the big lawsuit some years ago.

I think her name was Moira Penza. But yeah, she’s a nice person and all about doing the right thing.

End of Kevin’s editorial

By Frank Report: A word of explanation on NFL concussions

There is a professional physical contact sport where men use helmets. The helmets are inadequate to protect their heads from concussions. The players are aware of this fact, but choose to play anyway since the job pays well.

The team owners could make changes to the sport to reduce, but not eliminate, head injuries.

This would require factors that could impact net profits.

With good lawyering, defending concussed players’ lawsuits can be financially advantageous rather than radically changing the game.

There is no shortage of players who are willing to play for the money offered, knowing they will likely suffer concussions.

According to Kevin, Moira Kim Penza represented the owners of this sport in defending their position.

Defendants are entitled to attorneys. If she did it for money, she is not different than the players who risk their brains for money or the owners willing to permit concussions for cash.

This issue is nuanced.

One of the fascinating aspects is that the fans – who drive the sport – want the dangerous conditions of the sport to continue.

They would not pay to watch a touch football game.

The physical contact, the use of force, creates the excitement of the game for fans.

If you want to blame Penza for her role, should you also blame the fans, who thrill to the contact and crave a violent sport?

Or blame the players who agree to play under dangerous conditions for money and fame?

Penza uses her brains to make money instead of bashing her brains to make money like the players.

Would Kevin, or you, be willing to stop watching football to protest the sport? Would you accept millions to play the sport with its risks if you had the ability? Would you risk fan support to soften the sport if you were a team owner?

Would you turn down millions in billings as a lawyer to defend the owners because of morality?


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  • “Kevin” is Nicky Clyne. Not that it matters. It’s just good to know.

    Question. Why wouldn’t you want meet Sarah Edmondson?

    How can you make up your mind if you don’t talk to all participants, in this case?

    Isn’t that the whole premises on which, for example, DOS 2.0 is build?

    The fact that al DOS women claim that their side of the story, is told incorrect. And you are here to tell the real story, from your perspective.

    Most important, you invite everyone to join in, and ask questions.

    Aren’t you in a way obligated to do the same?

    You seem to be believe the illusion that there are teams. That there is a “good guys” team. If you are right and teams exist, i would like to suggest calling them: team smart vs team not so smart.
    Except maybe, Bonnie, nobody was eager to leave. But like bonnie said: once you see it, there is no turning back. The “good guys” just woke up in time. And they had the intellect to understand to get the hell out.

    And if NXIVM would have just left them alone. I wonder what the situation would have been these days.
    Same goes for India Oxenberg. I think I made this comparison before. Keith being on safari, in his infinite wisdom thought it would be a smart idea to walk into a lion pride and take a cub right under the nose of a lioness. Her mommy.

    It’s how the situation around India was managed, that is the problem.

    Trying to “steal” a child from a parent. Not allowing any contact. And that kind of stuff.
    Talking about putting a spotlight on your own head.

    You all did know that Catherine is a well-known woman. Probably even well connected. What did you all think she would do? Roll over and play dead?

    I have a daughter in the same age as India. How would I react if others prevented her having contact with me or the outside world?

    Think the answer is simple. I would destroy anything and anyone.

    Just like Catherine Oxenberg did. Thats what good parents do.

    These are just some examples that where not handled well. And in the end, it all accumulated and exploded in everyone’s face. Leaving a lot of people hurt. It’s time to wise up. You are wasting your life on a 63-year-old charlatan. Sooner or later, you will come to realise that, maybe you wasted the best years of your life on a fantasy.

    That’s what Mark, Sarah and India did.

  • “Kevin” writes: “Most “volunteers” are doing work far more strenuous.
    This case sets a precedent where volunteering is a crime. Or is it only a crime if the complainants are the right kinds of people?”
    Most volunteers aren’t being blackmailed like these women were.

  • Kevin or Frank,
    Frank – cute, someone else found YOU out. You contradict yourself in SO many places and you don’t think about loosing your writers. Boring-!!!!!

    • Talk about cute, you were the cutest when you wore your skimpy bikini on the beach and lay down to get a gorgeous tan. I know you were mad at those PETA volunteers when they tried to push you back into the sea.

  • Anonymous
    October 5, 2022 at 2:57 am
    Who is the woman who writes this under the name of Kevin,can tell by the flow of words, the phrases that are used, even the words selected that a woman is the author of these Kevin stories.

    And the woman’s name is “Clicky Nine.”

  • Gotta hand it to you, Nicki, you’re nothing if not persistent:

    “I don’t know. Maybe because she’s [Edmondson’s] suing her former friends and associates, most of whom she outranked, for hundreds of millions of dollars, with the use of EMs being one of the reasons. Despite her being the one to have done it to them, not the other way around, as the lawsuit suggests.”

    Nicki Clyne (Motion to Dismiss – 14-15)
    “If her [Edmondson’s] complaints are true, I should be suing her. She recruited me, encouraged, and, if the complaint is true, indoctrinated me, not vice versa…Edmondson, the lead plaintiff in this case, is the real culprit…She made money off me, preyed on me, cajoled, pleaded, and inveigled me to take more and more courses which she now claims were deceptive and hypnotic and harmed her.”

    Strange the way ‘different people’ can have exactly the same warped logic, don’t you agree, “Kevin”?

    • It is not “warped logic”

      Kudos to Sarah for putting herself at risk going to the press to expose DOS…but it is also true that she got rich from recruiting students and running a Center. Thus it is logical for others (including MANY on this site) to note the hypocrisy of her suing the organization that made her rich and powerful for many years off the money her recruits and students paid her.

      • Sorry, Nicki, but it really is warped logic. I know you can’t see that because your mind is so fucked up from all the BS down the years, and you continue to surround yourself with delusional morons.

        Yes, Sarah made money out of it. She was recruited earlier than you at a time when the organization was growing to recruit gullible misfits like yourself. Ever watched a goldfish swimming in a bowl at feeding time? She was sprinkling in the feed (the bullshit promises of Raniere’s pseudo science and philosophy), and the little fish like you were gobbling it up, and paying huge sums to gobble up more.

        I’ve no doubt Sarah and Mark believed some of the crap themselves; they were also being paid to believe it, which in my opinion is a mitigating factor. You must also realize that you outranked Sarah in DOS. Though you knew what the brand represented, none of you First Line Masters divulged that information to the ranks below. Your hubris blinded you from what was obviously coming down the tracks when people copped on.

        • Talk about hubris blinding you. I’m not Nicki, and so you missed the LOGICAL point.

          If Sarah E had not been the whistle-blower on DOS, she logically would have a defendant in the case of ex-Nxers suing the cult to recover their money.

          • But she DID expose DOS so she’s not a defendant, just like India she saw the light, she smelled the coffee, she saw the evil of her ways and she so bravely acted to save others from all the shit that was occurring.

            Don’t despair, Notkevinicki, one day you just might see the light and do something brave too!

          • “she DID expose DOS so she’s not a defendant…”

            …in the criminal trial only. That does nothing to absolve her of culpability for being part of the NXIVM scam of selling bogus MLM courses and profiting from it.

            Adding insult to injury, Sarah then joins those she herself scammed in demanding money from her coworkers at NXIVM for doing what she herself had been doing, and becoming rich.

            light bulb, yet?

          • Love it….you just can’t let it go, can you?

            One day you’re gonna realise that criminal and civil litigation are two sides of the same coin. By exposing the criminal wrongdoings of Raniere Inc., Sarah also paved the way for the civil suit to go ahead.

            You might remember that for some crazy unknown reason, certain people did not face criminal charges, even though they were clearly guilty of criminal behavior since they were labeled by the prosecution as co-conspirators.

            In the interests of justice it makes sense to me that said people should maybe also face the music and make some restitution to their victims. Nothing like a civil case to shine that light bulb on what went on.

          • You are so hopeless that I give up trying to educate you. You’re as dense as Shadow.

            BTW, I am both Nicki and Kevin, we’re the same person and you are so smart to discover that.

          • If you’re not Kevin how do you know that Kevin is not Nicki?

            Unless your Nicki?

            Or Kevin? Lol

            Sounds like you are Nicki and Kevin

  • It’s not a fantasy role play when blackmail is involved.

    Most people would try to stay on good terms with people who held damaging blackmail over them and their families.

    In Nicole’s case she very eloquently has expressed that the blackmail would severely damage her family.

    Perhaps Nicole thought by introducing Allison Mack to her brother it would engender feelings of compassion and understanding ain Allison.

    And maybe Allison could find it in her heart to see Nicole’s family as real people and Allison would not seek to harm Nicole’s family by releasing the blackmail.

  • Who is the woman who writes this under the name of Kevin,can tell by the flow of words, the phrases that are used, even the words selected that a woman is the author of these Kevin stories.

    I wonder why you are hiding behind false flags? It’s not like we all don’t know the players, it’s not like we all don’t know not one of them walked away from there with clean hands, we all know there is so much finger-pointing going on,we all know it’s been a mudslinging contest between the players in Nuxim from day one, we all know from Keith to India there are no true victims among the players just those who got out before the house of cards fell and those who pushed the house over trying to save their own ass’s and those smart enough to know where the money was coming from and how to get their puggy little fingers in the pie knowing Clair Bear has deep pockets.

    So why hide we all know the truth, we also know there are still some of you who for whatever reasons you have refuse to give up the sinking ship. A fact that boggles the mind, a hand full of people in a leaky boat can’t save the ship.

    Keith and Nuxim are a lost cause if he survives prison or more like if he survives the other prisoners, he’s still gonna die in prison from sickness or old age and if his supporters haven’t figured things out yet, you are making things worse for him now Tucson will work on moving him move into a different prison probably Florence, with little or no question asked nor answers given as to why, just one day he’ll be moved out, gone forgotten by most of us except maybe the hand full of people in the leaky boat.

    • “the flow of words, the phrases that are used, even the words selected that a woman is the author of these Kevin stories”

      Could you enlighten us and give us examples of these words and phrases that expose the writer’s gender?

  • “ How many convictions did her team win? How many people serve, or have served, prison sentences because of her manipulations?”

    What is Kevin talking about here? There is no proof of tampering by the FBI in the Keith Raniere case presented yet, let alone in other cases Penza did. Kevin describes “what ifs” and a moment later he thinks his speculations are facts.Example:

    “I bet at least some of them are black. Where are you BLM people?”

    Here Kevin asks himself why BLM people aren’t condemning Penza.
    Well Kevin, maybe because it’s just a hypothetical statement of yours and not something that really happened?

    Kevins arguments and reasoning must be among the worst on the FR, and I’m somewhat disappointed that Frank posts this as a discussion topic. We deserve better!

    • 🔼 This 🔼

      Kevin uses his imaginary facts to “prove” his point. Lots of dumbasses do this in their online arguments.

      Like apparently most of us have had our mommies and daddies buy our cars for us while we sit on our asses collecting disability (????)

      Only poor Kevin had to work. Fetching coffee and sandwiches at WB. Poor Kevin, boo hoo. Playing the victim.

      Then he flips tone and tells us we should be compassionate and nice like he is.

      His nasty ridiculous and frankly obsessive attacks on Moira Penza are apparently the product of a loving heart.

      I actually like the way Frank posted this article. By taking snippets from Kevin’s various rants and pasting them together, it makes Kevin seem kinda insane.

  • “I didn’t keep any of the dirty photos sent to Kristin Kreuk. They were turned over to management.”

    Kristin should be pissed! Those pics belong to HER.

    Did she at least get to see them before management took them? She might have seen a dick she loved and replied with her crotch shot. Maybe she’d be married now with a few big-dick sons and would never have had to settle for Mark Hildreth’s or Vanguard’s.

  • Kevin
    Why are you continuing to go after Sarah ? Why? She is NO longer in NXIVM and this whole NXIVM thing has been dead for months.
    Just thought I would let you know – that some of us are in contact with each other on a daily basis. Why are YOU harassing people ?

  • Camilla wasn’t a rich white woman. Camilla was an undocumented Mexican minor child.

    Daniela was also an undoccumented Mexican young woman brought into the cult and country by her parents.

    Moira Penza stood up for their rights and against their mistreatment.

    Multiple people in both the civil and criminal cases aren’t wealthy. Or white. They aren’t even all women.

    If a criminal racketeering operation is made up of a lot of rich white women and the federal criminal prosecutor has a case to bring are they supposed to say, “I’m sorry I am going to ignore this sex trafficking, identity theft and everything else because Kevin is worried about BLM finances”?

  • Ugh. Kevin, this is getting tiresome.

    You spout opinions without doing your homework. You also spout opinions that boldly contradict the information publically available on the case as well as what’s here on the frank report.

    If you paid any attention at all, you would remember that Alison did not know and was surprised to hear that Nicole was raped.

    It’s clear you’ve made zero investment in learning about coercion, abuse and trauma otherwise you would not ask such offensive questions like “wasn’t this just sexy role play” (you’re an asshole for suggesting) as well as why Nicole may still later have maintained good relations with Alison.

    Furthermore, you are clearly not acquainted with employment law. As a for profit enterprise, there are very few situations in which an individual may legally be considered to be a volunteer. I’m not from New York so I don’t know the exact laws of the state but in short, anybody doing any form of work for a corporation is an employee of said organization.

    Volunteering is a normal thing to do but only for non-profit entities and qualified educational institutions. These types of organizations must follow rules to maintain their status as such. Corporations are basically not allowed to enlist a bunch of free labor and make money off of it. This is the law because it makes sense.

    Nicole wasn’t the only one in the same situation, either, Kevin. You should study harder and pay more attention. Alison Mack probably got it the worst. She actually had to beg and send India to pose naked! It’s so sick and also illegal to do this to people.

    Why do you think Claire got such a long sentence, Kevin? Not only did she not pay, she and Keith were screwing with people’s immigration.

    But go ahead and keep asking your offensive questions and spouting your uninformed opinion.

    You’re probably just Suneel pretending to be from Smallville, anyway.

    • “It’s clear you’ve made zero investment in learning about coercion, abuse and trauma otherwise you would not ask such offensive questions like “wasn’t this just sexy role play” (you’re an asshole for suggesting) as well as why Nicole may still later have maintained good relations with Alison.”

      It’s not about reality, Kevin! It’s about becoming indoctrinated into “coercion, abuse and trauma”, and then looking at reality through those filters!

      You don’t use our filters, Kevin!

      That’s why you are a criminal stalker who wants to take a shit in Sarah’s coffee mug!!!

      Drama! Drama! Drama!!!!




      • You and Kevin are both trash.

        Nicki and these clown women are welcome to waste their lives on a goofy, lazy conman and his idiotic lifestyle. What they aren’t allowed to do is break the law in order deceive and force others to do it and not face the civil and criminal consequences. They should start being the “badass” women they claim to be and stop being whining and crying victims about it.

      • this was a very un-self-aware comment, Alonzo.
        Compare your prose with 2cents. Your criticism is pure projection, imo.

        • Thanks coalminer. I think I’m done with reading anything from Kevin. If he really is just some guy from Smallville with a curiosity about this case, I totally understand. But? He could try harder. It’s pretty lazy to pick sides without doing much research.

          • If you’re done responding to Kevin, thank you for all your input up until now. Much of what you’ve been saying has spoken for me and allowed me not to post.

      • Alanzo,
        Why don’t you defend the poor Swami from the anti-cultists?

        The Swami has never been prosecuted in a court of law unlike Kieth Raniere.

        Please answer the question.

        Thank you!

        • “Why don’t you defend the poor Swami from the anti-cultists?”

          This question is a great example of the black and white thinking that plagues the anticult tribal ninnie.

          This question assumes that I don’t believe humans can become corrupted and abuse their power over others.

          It represents a 180 degree misunderstanding.

          I’ve personally told Frank that his series on the Swami is a public good. I’ve talked about how my experiences in Scientology taught me the ways certain ideological, spiritual and religious teachings can be used to exploit people by humans with power.

          The purpose I share with anticultists is the exposure of the exploitation of peoples’ spiritual vulnerabilities by those with power over them.

          It’s why I criticize the FBI and the prosecution, and the judge, in the Raniere case. I believe there is ample evidence they abused their power.

          I’ve specified teachings in my own religious tradition, Buddhism, that have been abused over the centuries to exploit peoples’ spiritual vulnerabilities, and buddhist teachers who have done this.

          What I don’t share with anticultists is the idiocy that these only occur in minority religions, or that they occur BECAUSE a religion is a minority, or that being a minority religion and believing differently from the mainstream is an abuse of power in and of itself.

          That’s ninnie thinking, and it’s rampant in anticultism.

          The thing about the Swami is that he doesn’t have very much power in society. What would really show us all that Frank has big clankers is going after a well-connected Catholic Bishop or Cardinal who moved pedophiles around, abused donations, or engaged in pedophilia himself – the more mainstream, the more people harmed, the better.

          That would be an even greater public good.

          Abuses of power don’t just happen in minority religions or “cults”, they happen everywhere humans with power exist.

          This is what a pinheaded and blinkered anticult ninnie will never be able to see.


          PS – If you don’t like me calling you a pinheaded and blinkered anticult ninnie?

          Then don’t be one.

      • Kevin said he wanted to shit in Sarah’s coffee mug. And repeated it.

        Kevin brought up Sarah’s children. And made false allegations of a terrible nature infering concern over Sarah’s parenting.

        There’s nothing hysterical about acknowledging the reality of Kevin’s bizarre comments. About a total stranger (allegedly) as written by Kevin.

        Kevin wrote those comments. Does Kevin write comments hoping people do not read or believe them?

          • “I need to taste Michelle Hatchette’s ‘Diva Cup’ to ascertain whether or not she has high sodium.”

            I find Alanzo’s to be morally reprehensible. Disgusting!

            Take a look at it before Alanzo deletes the post!

      • Oh Alanzo! You’re so silly!

        I’m hardly dramatic and far from hysterical.

        If you’re gonna call me out for calling Kevin an asshole for suggesting that the rape of Nicole was just “sexy time” then I think it’s time to call you out on a review regarding the principles of affirmative consent. Here’s a good primer:

        Even forgetting the blackmail, there is no possible way that Nicole could have given affirmative consent. Nicole did not know exactly what was going to happen on the night she was raped. She testified to that. Evidence proves that all she knew is that she going to do whatever Keith asked. That’s not affirmative consent.

        Alanzo, I understand you’re old school and while I always try to demonstrate respect to my elders, you’re clearly unaware that “no means no” isn’t the standard any more.

        I’d wager you could probably stand to learn something from me if you could step off your high horse and come down to my level for a change.

        Also, I’ve been kind to you. No need to call me names. You’re right I see things through my own filter but I’m perfectly entitled to my opinions even if they disagree with yours.

        • Besides miraculously ‘discovering’ naked pictures of Camilla – with the file dates changed – on a hard drive they could link to Raniere, flipping Nicole was the greatest achievement of the prosecution.

          Did they apply the same tactics to Nicole to get her to flip as they did to Michelle Hatchette?

          This affidavit has been sworn to and submitted to the court. The prosecution has seen it and NOT charged Michele with perjury.

          You reject the facts documented here because you believe the person reporting them is “brainwashed”.

          But facts are facts, whether you reject them or not.

          Why wouldn’t the prosecution apply the same tactics to Nicole that they applied to Michele in this case?

          I mean let’s talk about coercion and consent, shall we?


          • Michelle Hatchette?

            Someone’s penis tingles at the appearance of her name.

            Alanzo yearns to drink from her sacred chalice(Diva Cup).

            “Sweet ambrosia makes the best libation—yummy Michelle!”

            “Michelle tastes better than a V8 or a Vegan Milkshake.”

    • Solid points my2cents. Additionally volunteer organizations do notCollect life ruining blackmail on people and then tell them they have to do volunteer work. It is inherent in the word volunteer that it is voluntary which would be impossible if you were being blackmailed

  • Kevin did not keep any dick pics.

    Kevin is describing each penis curve, skin color, shape, size of every phallus from memory over a decade later

    Is that supposed to be less weird?

    • Even Creepier wrote:

      “Kevin is describing each penis curve…”

      How many penises are curved, anyway?

      I know some of them lean one way or the other, but how many of them are actually curved?

      I’m asking the lurking and secretive anonymous commenter “Even Creepier” this question because I get the feeling they’ve been around a curved penis or two in their day.

      Or more.

      Can you, “Even Creepier”, please give us your hunched and furtive perception of curved penises in the male population?

      Thank you.


      • How common is Peyronie’s disease?
        The condition afflicts as many as one in 10 men, according to Endo. The curvature can be painful during arousal and intimacy. Diagnosis rates, the company said, remain low because men with the condition may be too uncomfortable to speak up and get help.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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