Kevin: Loudest Condemnation of Dubious and Exaggerated Anti-Raniere Narrative

By Kevin

Not for Keith Raniere

For the record, I have never defended Keith Raniere, and have no issue with the FBI prosecuting him, as long as they follow the law and their own guidelines and go off actual evidence. And treat people proportionately, which they did not do.

The issue is that 2018 Keith Raniere isn’t any different than 2008 KR or 1998 KR or 1988 KR. So why wait until 2018?

They didn’t know until a NYT article came out?!?

THAT’S how the FBI finds cases?!?

If KR is everything they say he is, there are hundreds of cops and FBI agents who should be in jail or lose their jobs and pensions. The people who’ve been held responsible for this, and who haven’t, is completely twisted.

Sex Trafficking?

According to Nicole’s testimony, Allison Mack was surprised about the incident at the townhouse. This likely means that Allison didn’t plan it or know about it in advance.

Nicole continued working for The Source and communicating with Allison after leaving DOS?

So, Nicole was allowed to leave. Her collateral wasn’t released, and she maintained a friendship and paid employment with Allison after leaving?

And per a letter posted to Michele Hatchette’s blog, Nicole wanted to introduce Allison to her brother during an upcoming pride festival? This, after the townhouse incident?

How did anyone know about Nicole’s “kinks?”

Was this a planned game for Nicole, per a fantasy that Nicole had and wanted to carry out (per Michele’s blog post)?

Or are they making up the thing about Nicole being kinky and wanting to act out a fantasy, and Nicole was legitimately scared out of her mind when they blindfolded her and tied her up?

Michele Hatchette wrote about her sister slave, Nicole, the victim of sex trafficking:

Nicole… was into kinky stuff and told Keith she wanted to explore her sexuality. As a result, he put together a single experience for her where she was tied to a table, blindfolded, and a woman went down on her.

She told her friends after the event that it made her “feel alive.”…  Nicole claiming to be a victim after having a sexual fantasy fulfilled…  is the only crime present here.    

What evidence is either side bringing to the table to support their respective claims?

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg

The claim about Allison “selling” India to Keith in exchange for money owed for Allison’s work in The Source… is there actually an email where this exchange is clear and easy to read, or is this a rumor that’s been exaggerated?

The email I saw had Allison asking for payment and promising to work with Clare to streamline the payment process going forward. India wasn’t mentioned once.

Did Allison actually do these things, or did the women sell her out for a payday and immunity from prosecution?

What was her motive? Why would she have done this? Money doesn’t work in this case, because Allison could have done voice work or acting work that would have more than paid her bills.

Did any DOS women ever release collateral, or threaten to? Other than the defector, who also committed marriage fraud on the side?

Funny how Nicki gets a ton of heat for a “sham marriage,” but no one blinks an eye at a sham marriage that a defector was given immunity for.

My, my, holy double standards, Batman.

Is Raniere So Bad?

If they were committing crimes, why did they film and record everything they ever did?

If Raniere is the most violent predator in America since Charles Manson, why did it take a NYT article to bring him to the US Government’s attention? And three decades after he was linked to accusations of hurting girls in upstate NY?

John Tighe

So, a blogger named John Tighe knew who KR was, knew what ESP was up to, and covered it extensively until he ran into legal issues, but no one else in media or government had a clue?

Despite KR running an MLM in the state capital after having settled with NYS, not to ever operate an MLM again after Consumers Buyline was shut down?

Why aren’t there answers to these questions? If there are, please point me in the direction where I can find them.

Danielle Roberts

The two lead plaintiffs in the Glazer lawsuit were part of the organization, and in leadership roles.

I am defending Danielle Roberts, who’s being sued for her role in an organization, by Sarah Edmondson, a person who held a much bigger role in that same organization.

Moira Kim Penza

If Keith Raniere was hurting people dating back to the 80s, and he had a fairly high profile, why would it take Moira Penza reading about Sarah Edmondson’s brand in a newspaper for something to happen? After three decades?

It’s weird. She’s likely lying, but if not, it’s sort of disturbing.

There are allegations that her team planted or tampered with evidence. It doesn’t make Raniere innocent, but if she cheated to win a conviction, despite the case being seen as an easy win, it means she’s corrupt, and has likely done this before. Maybe even to someone who was innocent.

And yes, she dangled a carrot in front of Danielle Roberts; sell out and we’ll reward you. Be true to yourself, and we’ll punish you.

She takes a position that Danielle deserved punishment, and then hangs out on a podcast with witnesses in the case who played much bigger roles in the organization she’s prosecuting than the people she toyed around with in her interrogation room.

Check out her resume. She represented Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and the NFL in its attempt to avoid compensating concussed players.

As for Nicki Clyne, she lost many of her closest friends and her community and is hurt by it.

You don’t have to support or agree with her positions, or those of her friends, to have compassion and empathy for her and what she’s going through.

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    • Bullying a woman who might have an eating disorder and is in distress…it must be so nice to be “on the right side” of things.

      • Don’t be sanctimonious, “Kevin”.

        You brought Sarah’s very young children into a blog debate.

        You vicious, unethical and amoral gossip.

        There is no moral high ground for you, Kevin.

        • I asked what Sarah’s collateral was, and if it involved anything to do with her kids. A completely reasonable question considering she was a top recruiter for NXIVM/ESP and a member and recruiter for DOS.

          It’s not a crime to hold her to the same standards as low ranking ESP and DOS members who have lost their livelihoods due to their associations with both groups.

          • Nope. That is a lie. You wrote that people should be “worried” about Sarah’s children. Then you went into your spiel about Sarah running the Vancouver center.

            Don’t try to reframe it.

      • Notice Kevin lies and says that the comments were born out of concern that Sarah’s collateral involved her kids.

        But ALLISON’S collateral did involve kids. Her own brother’s children. Allison falsely claimed her own child relatives were being sexually abused by closest flesh and blood.

        Are you coming down hard on Allison’s fitness to be around her nieces and nephews Kevin?

        You’ve had a very long time to try to justify and come up with some kind of b******* reason why you made such disgusting comments about Sarah’s family. And this is the best that you can do? Well now you’re going to have to judge Allison the same way. Well done!

  • “For the record……”

    Is anybody keeping score…For the record?

    Does Frank stay up late tabulating Kevin’s use of “for the record” or is Frank still busy counting the number of articles ShadowState wrote about Allison Mack?

    Is the record broken?

    Or is Kevin attempting to break the record for consecutive uses “for the record”?

    For the Record is Kevin being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, “for the record?”
    If you play “the record” backwards will Kevin become normal and

    • Define normal. I’ve taken up scuba diving, if you’re interested, and might start a blog featuring pictures of the creatures I find under the sea.

      I’m thinking of calling it “Kevin’s Blog.”

      • — Define normal

        Usual, typical, expected, etc.

        For example, it is normal that women are attracted to men and vice versa, since Nature evolved/created the two genders with complimentary sexual parts whose interaction is required to continue the species and all that it entails, i.e., nuclear family, raising children for the next generation, etc. It is normal not to be skinny or fat. It is normal to average around a 2000 calorie diet and not a 500 calorie diet. It is normal not to have heart or any other kind of disease. It is normal to have functioning arms, legs, and all other body parts.

        Normal presupposes that there is an order to things, a way things are “supposed to be”, reflective in terms like health and well being. Anything outside of this median is considered not normal. When people want to make things that are considered deviant (which means not normal) normal they try to “normalize” them.

      • It’s not “normal” to publicly express a burning desire to shit in a total stranger’s coffee mug.

        It’s not “normal” to obsessively hate a total stranger to the point that you make up lies about their children being in harm’s way while in their loving care.

        It’s not “normsl” to subject readers’ of this blog to very detailed descriptions of dick pics you saw a decade ago.

  • Kevin says:
    “For the record, I have never defended Keith Raniere, and have no issue with the FBI prosecuting.”

    Kevin TACITLY defends Raniere via the DOS slaves.
    Kevin will be defending Raniere directly.

    Kevin has no problem with the FBI but he’ll be attacking the FBI.

    For the record I’ve never found Kevin irritating and I have no issue with him.

    However, Kevin is a fucking annoying and I always take umbrage with his stances.

    I’m as delusional as Kevin. 😉

    • Hello Nice Guy,

      The women and Raniere aren’t one in the same. If he is guilty and did the things he is accused of, it’s the police and Federal Agents who overlooked or ignored his behavior for three decades who should be stigmatized, not a group of women who have not committed any crimes and who believe he is innocent.

      If anyone tampered with evidence, he and all co-conspirators should be considered for released, or at least a retrial. Same for anyone who was ever convicted by or took a plea deal with anyone on Team Penza or the Eastern District while she was there.

      • No, Kevin. Say what you really mean. The point you are trying to slide into our heads is this:

        So, now you see why people (not necessarily me) could see through you from the beginning of you “stumbling” across FR.

      • Kevin- the DOS women were never prosecuted for blackmail, but they all helped collect it.

        In addition they all lied to the other women that no men were involved.
        Kevin, seriously, do you truly believe the DOS women are innocent?

        I’d like try to understand your viewpoint. I just don’t get it.

        I’ll stop giving you crap.

        You claim we’re close minded, but you won’t answer our questions. How are you any difference than us?

  • Nicki Clyne doesn’t appear to be having any emotional turmoil! Check out her Instagram. She’s playing in the rain, moonwalking and jumping about in the mall, skateboarding, making stupid faces for her 24/7 cameraman, climbing trees…ya know, acting like a 5 year old. Oh, and let’s not forget the recent professional video of her new jeep…
    Yeah, I think she’s holding up just fine.

  • Why won’t Frank post our comments in a timely manner?

    1. There’s a feeder band trying to get him.
    2. Too busy being shocked that water may be a threat to his low-lying Key West bungalow.
    3. Ain’t no better time to body-surf than during a hurricane, bitch. Leave him tf alone.
    4. Nicki’s throwing some sorta MLM lingerie party, and uh, well, the hell with us.
    5.He’s trying to see how little attention he can give our comments, and how long our pathetic azzes will continue to post.
    6. Not sure what he’s up to, but Alanzo may be enjoying a good-ol-fashioned Parlato back rub…
    7. He finally accepted the meeting invitation from Patriot God. He’s now waffling between ditching that never-ending zoom call and asking Stone for a Proud Boy introduction
    8. He’s in Ghana banging poor Ronnie’s girl.
    9. Him and Kristin Keeffe are trying to explain the Niagara Syndrome to disheveled Niceguy.
    10.He finally made his move on Shivani

  • In my opinion, this was staged to give a false sense that justice was done. that way the case is closed without delving into the truly weird stuff.

    1- how is it that so many people with money and prestigious surnames or celebrities, had contact with KR and his company/cult game, these people do not relate to any former scammer by chance, many trusted contacts would have to exist between them for it to happen And since we’re talking about wealthy people and famous people, it means that people who would normally slam the door on KR and Nancy Sallman weren’t doing it, and that’s weird.

    2-there were several perceived enemies of KR, but the strange thing is that many people who could or should have been enemies of KR never were, I mean people like the Cafritz family, Carlos Salinas, Rosa Laura Junco’s father, Vicente Fox, richard branson and also edgar bronfman, and yes edgar bronfman was a perceived enemy of kr, but honestly taking into account all the economic and political power he possessed, he was able to destroy kr with his little finger and do it before breakfast but he never did anything against him, so it leaves me with more unanswered questions.

    And if that’s not weird enough, add in the odd number of local and federal politicians and authorities who never lifted a finger against him.

    • Charles Manson hung out with Dennis Wilson, Terry Melcher & Neil Young. Being famous or rich probably makes one a bigger target of scammers & scuzzy people than normal. It’s not weird that famous people were involved in NXIVM.

      About the local authorities turning a blind eye – NXIVM’s money & influence made that happen.

  • The whole story and the trial is one fucked up event. And, all the people are fucked up, on both sides.

    I don’t know how a jury convicted Raniere and sentenced him to 120 years for things that you, me, Nice Guy, Garaufis and Parlato have all done at one point or another. We’ve all fucked multiple women or wanted to. We’ve all come on women’s faces. We’ve all wanted to be in total control. We’re all fucked up. But, Raniere gets to pay the price for everyone, like Christ or John Lennon or … .

  • Nicki Clyne chose to get Keith arrested through her exhibitionism & pride. She posted their location on Instagram.

    Nicole is the one with the sham marriage – right? Wasn’t she instructed by the cult to marry him to solve her immigration issues? Aren’t they still married with kids?

    Sarah Edmonson didn’t have a higher role in DOS than Danielle Roberts & Danielle had more info about the brand’s meaning.

    The Bromfmans’ money explains why Keith & his cult were able to abuse people for so long. The Albany Times-Union did years of coverage of Keith’s crimes. They were legally threatened about it and didn’t they punish one of the main reporters?

    Why is a cult that required regular porn submissions calling people “kinky?” Other slaves testified that they were instructed to “seduce” Keith and critiqued about whether their messages were sexy enough. Using a slave’s messages as indications of their true feelings doesn’t work if they’re instructed to say things or to appear happy in photos.

    Are the remaining slaves still collecting regular collateral on each other? Or is it pointless now that Keith can’t look at it?

    • At least they still kept the collateral of the other slaves.
      If Raniere’s appeal is denied, he is obligated to turn over all extortion material from all slaves in full. Let’s see if that happens.

  • To Kevin- You are either clueless, or you are a liar. Excuse me for not taking the time to edumacate you if knowledge is what’s missing from your angle.

    For everyone else, Keith taught that lying is ethical and the correct thing to do if it benefits the greater good. He taught this to make it “good” to lie in situations like this.

    Because, of course, Vanguard is “good”, and lying to support Vanguard will help fulfill the mission. And the mission is “good”.

    Random request- is there a dead-ender who can update me on what”the mission” is? Cause when I was around, the world was supposed to end by 2008 if we weren’t successful at “the mission.”

    Some better advice for dead-enders – stop lying. Fuck your Vanguard and fuck his bad advice. You have several solid points. Rely on them. Put the misdirection and lying aside. It will benefit your undying support of Keith and it will build your self esteem. How do I know it will build your se? As any true Espian knows, glorious Vanguard taught me that.

  • Keith had a chance to present Nicole’s supposed kink fantasies as evidence at trial. Guess why he didn’t do that?

  • Why don’t you start with the Keith Ranier’s court transcript, Kevin, if you’re looking for answers? Nicole testified under oath; Michele Hatchette did not. Lauren Salzman, Mark Vicente, Sylvie LLoyd and Jessica Joan all testified. None of Keith Raniere’s supporters did; we can presume it was because they were “scared,” but scared of what if they did nothing wrong? Michele can say whatever she wants because she probably knows that Nicole is not going to risk her anonymity at this point to defend herself, not that she needs to since there was an entire trial and the jury made a decision based on her testimony and a whole host of other things.

    Your obsession with Sarah Edmondson is truly bizarre. There are others in the civil suit, others who are also suing Dr. Danielle Roberts for branding them. To this day, Dr. Danielle Roberts still doesn’t seem to think it was fucked up to brand around 20 women, naked, without anesthetic in order to maximize the pain, and without knowledge of what the brand actually stood for, KR’s initials.

    Sarah Edmondson’s branding video was released in Mexico during the trial. So, yeah, some collateral was released. Those who still support Keith Raniere, NXIVM and DOS have never given a good response to why collateral is NOT blackmail. Why take it if not for the threat of it being released? What’s the point? Why take so many nudes? Why secretly send some of them to Keith Raniere?

    Your attitude towards Moira Penza is puzzling. She’s a prosecutor and she had a successful prosecution. Good for her. Not sure why you think she’s a liar since you have no evidence of her lying. She’s allowed to go on podcasts. She’s also allowed to represent whoever she wants; everyone deserves legal representation. I’m sure Joseph Tully, one of Keith Raniere’s lawyers who has done a few podcasts interviews about Keith Raniere, would agree.

    Your anger at the criminal justice system ( if that is what you are angry at? you seem angry at a lot of things) is understandable. Keith Raniere, along with others like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Jimmy Saville, and Harvey Weinstein, and your average pimp, are often able to operate illegally for way too long. It’s disgusting and I’m not sure how you fix it, although I don’t think randomly firing people for NOT investigating something is something that can happen. Still, at least the system finally worked in this case and Keith Raniere was finally put behind bars, along with some of his accomplices.

    I don’t believe in the “tampering” conspiracy; I think the allegations are just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Good luck to the defense if it ever gets to that since it’s very hard to follow what the allegations say happened. Also, I’m convinced there was no tampering by, if nothing else, the fact that Camila said under oath during sentencing that Keith Raniere took photos of her and had sex with her when she was 15. Also, the fact that the defense said the photos should be thrown out because they were too old – not because Keith Raniere did not take them. I believe Camila, and all of the other folks, who testified under oath. They seem credible. None of the people who still support Keith Raniere have said anything under oath and none of them seem credible. This ridiculous argument – this is NOT about Keith Raniere, this is about JUSTICE – coming from them is not credible. Obviously, they want Keith Raniere released because they don’t believe he is guilty of any crimes, even though he was convicted of many. They don’t seem to care AT ALL about the people who Keith Raniere manipulated, enslaved, raped, stole from, lied to, or humiliated. It is appalling.

    Even if I did believe the weird “tampering” thing, Keith Raniere was put in prison for more the child pornography. Even if that charge was thrown out, he would still be guilty of all the other charges.

    • Very well put Anonymous at 12:59 p.m..

      if a person walks into a bank and has a finger in their jacket and tells the bank that they are holding them up it does not matter if they actually have a gun.

      They’re going to be charged with a crime. Blackmailing someone is similar in that it is a threat of the blackmail being released and used to coerce people or gain property, sex, power Etc that is the crime.

      It’s absolutely nonsensical when the dead Enders harp about whether or not collateral was released. And yes, of course, Sarah’s branding was point of fact, released.

      And it’s of note that it was edited by none other than Nicki “squeaky” Clyne to make it as favorable towards the DIS slavery ring as possible.

      It is also important to note that this editing and rekeasing technique backfired.

      It shows how out of touch the cult-deadenders are. – people were so horrified by Sarah’s branding.

      The publicdid not see the tape as in any way exonerating anyone in DOS or Keith Raniere. It only confirmed the absolute worst impressions, in spite of the editing by a dead -ender.

  • “For the record, I have never defended Keith Raniere”

    Followed by over 30 paragraphs of defending Keith Raniere and his criminal organization.

    This is what Shakespeare meant by that famous line, “methinks (s)he doth protest too much”

    Kevin complains that the Feds didn’t prosecute Raniere earlier. Somehow he thinks this renders their investigation suspect or invalid. Methinks Kevin doth need a course in logic.

    Kevin says he’s ignorant of the email exchange between the lovely kind generous felon Mack and her Vanguard that established the monetary exchange in DOS. The one on March 3 2016. The one one where Mack begs please Sir might I please get paid? I haven’t seen a paycheck since last year? And he replies directly that she needs to get India to strip naked in front of him while he’s fully clothed and let him take naked pictures of her with her own phone.

    Yeah, that email exchange.

    “Out of sight, out of mind” may be but just because Kevin chooses to remain ignorant of this damning email exchange (damning for both of these felons) does not mean those emails don’t exist. They were presented as evidence in open court and are public record. Perhaps it’s time for another quote: “none so blind as he who will not see”.

    Kevin’s defense of Raniere and Mack is as thin as it is ridiculous and pointless.

    • Aristotle, I’m not saying the e-mail exchange you referenced doesn’t exist. I’m asking where I can find it. The only one I found makes no reference to anything criminal.

      Asking questions and pointing out inconsistencies and strange behaviors of the police and prosecutors are not equal to supporting Raniere or his organization.

      Not wanting supporters of his punished for their associations is not the same as supporting Raniere or his organization.

      Why do the people who mock and ridicule his supporters give a pass to law enforcement personnel who either planted evidence, or, if they didn’t plant evidence, overlooked and ignored who you claim was a dangerous criminal for three decades?

      That doesn’t bother you? You don’t find that to be a bigger problem than, say, grown women giving up a couple of hours to transcribe a memorial service?

      Do you understand that taking the transcription of a memorial service and calling it forced labor, and then putting it in the same category as serious sex crime allegations has the effect of making the alleged sex crimes questionable?

      I love how it’s all dismissed as the Bronfman’s paying everyone off, with no sense of outrage or anger, as if that would be a totally normal and acceptable thing if that’s what happened.

      • There is anger and outrage about the Bronfmans paying people off. Their money fueled the financial & legal abuse of perceived enemies through extended lawsuits. And that was a weapon wielded by Keith Raniere, who you are defending. He said on video that he needed to crush his enemies so they couldn’t get up to attack again.

        Well, that’s what society has done. He’ll never start another pyramid scheme. He’ll never abuse another child again. He’ll die in prison and that’s what he deserves.

      • You think every single criminal act each step of the way announces that it’s a criminal act? Your logic is so flawed.

        It’s very telling that you’re so arrogant that you believe you’re smarter than the jury panel who sat and listened to all of the evidence and the cross-examinations. But here you are consistently saying Kevin that you haven’t found this or you don’t know about that not too long ago you were alleging not to know much about this case in many areas.

        But still you’re smarter than everybody who sat through the entire trial knowing exactly what they were supposed to be looking for to convict on the charges? Is that because you worked at Smallville when you were a small child and saw so many dick pics on the Warner Brothers set?

        What makes you so much smarter than all the people who decided and did their civic duty based on seeing every single bit of testimony and every piece of evidence?

        You came on this blog insisting that Sarah made a fortune off of the HBO documentary. Even after Frank clarified and you were too lazy to do the research yourself that Sarah made no money.

        Speaking of which…when are you going to come down on the modern day Manson girls Michele Hatchett and Nicki Clyne for appearing in The Vow 2? And making millions, right? For agreeing to be on camera this season?

        Obviously, you wouldn’t be such a hypocrite as to criticize everyone else for appearing in The Vow and not also criticize them.

        Or would you?

        • You can’t tell the difference between someone being portrayed as a hero and being portrayed as a villain on a television show where the hero has creative control?

          You’re kidding, right?

          You’re right, Sarah’s motives are altruistic. Especially when she hired Neil Glazer to sue a bunch of people who were in her inner circle for all the money in the world. But she’s not about that at all.

          You can relax. No one kept the pictures you sent Kristin or the threatening letters you sent Allison just because of how you felt about their tv characters.

          Looks like someone is jealous of the job I had 20 years ago. Again, relax. It was hard work, it was taxing, and if it makes you happy, it was a very difficult period in my life. The job was the only thing I had going at the time.

          • It doesn’t matter how the viewer interprets the participants who willingly and freely agreed to sit down for interviews and participate in the project.

            They are not victims. People like yourself have watched the documentary and come out of it thinking Sarah is the bad guy. So once again your logic is severely flawed.

            They are media Savvy people. At least one of them was in the entertainment industry.

            Every single interview the dead-enders have given that isn’t one of their friends podcasts they insist they were unfairly portrayed. How many times is it going to take before they make a different choice then? It’s so ridiculous that you believe people who freely participated are now somehow victims. It also goes completely against their own ideology.

            Literally have never seen the show you worked on. Allegedly worked on

            It’s really obvious how you did not address the fact that after insisting over and over again that Sarah directly profited from The Vow through participating even though she wasn’t a producer you are now not addressing the fact that the dead Enders also participated and by your very incorrect information would also have been highly compensated. Now you just switched to poor babies they are helpless victims yet again. You’re really not a very good communicator or debater. Every time a point is made that proves your hypocritical you just switch to a different angle. This is exactly the reason why most people have given up uneven trying to discuss anything with you.

          • Kevin why do you bring up penis photos from many years ago every time your hypocrisy is pointed out? Is this something you do in all areas of your life? Seek help.

      • False choice, Kevin.

        They can both be problems.

        Slavery is slavery.

        Forced labor is forced labor.

        Diminishing the loss of freedom and choice doesn’t make it okay just because you personally feel that kind of forced labor is “okay”.

        That’s not how laws work.

    • I totally agree. His post is so unintelligent that I didn’t have the energy to reply. After I read a few nonsensical statements from Kevin, I thought “why bother”.

      Maybe one remark: the fact that the FBI didn’t intervene sooner doesn’t undercut the credibilty of their succesfull case against Raniere.. Better late then never………

  • Damon Brink, Practicing at Love
    22. Sep.
    I know you’re a regular guy Robert, like me and maybe in another circumstance we would even get along, although I’m a Sox fan.

    I think you also know that personally I think you and the TU did a lot of harm by how you chose and what you chose to cover in the NXIVM case…1/4
    Quote tweet
    Robert Gavin
    22. Sep.
    Reply to @1damonbrink

  • One theory of how Raniere got away with so much for so long is because the Bronfman sisters threw around a lot of money to politicians.

  • — For the record…

    You mean: for the BROKEN record.

    All of these points have already been addressed numerous times.


    Tell Nicki to eat a burger a day until she looks healthy.

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