Michele, You’re Lost, But Raniere’s the Most Lost of All

Here is a guest view from someone who knows a little inside information about NXIVM and has a message for Michele. 

Vina Wray is responding to Michele: I Get Zero By Refusing to Lie –Nicole Gets $400K for Crying ‘Victim’

By Vina F. Wray

Ah, Michele.

Michele Hatchette, you project your experience in DOS as if it should be every woman’s experience.

Not true, Michele

It would be like saying all women of color have the same life experience. But I’m sure Oprah and Brittney Griner have different lives than yours.

You were a low-level NXIVM coach, so you were unaware of what the higher-ups were doing in forming and running DOS.

One thing we know. It was a “club” intended to get sex for Keith Raniere. But not all members fit into his “chosen ones.”

You, Michele, were likely not on his “Fuck List.”

India Oxenberg and Michele Hatchette 

It was well known among the higher-ups that Raniere didn’t like his women Black.

Brown, yes, but he drew the line at Black.


Had you been young, skinny, and a virgin, he might have gone for you, just to pop your cherry.

You say, Jessica Joan admitted to stealing your collateral under oath.

Do you think she intended to blackmail you?

Jessica Joan

But wasn’t that the purpose of DOS collateral if you broke your Vow?

But why would Jessica Joan steal your collateral and blackmail you? What money did you have that would help Jessica?

This makes no sense.

Where is your proof of this?

Michele, you go on and on about Catherine Oxenberg caring enough about her daughter to do what it took.

Catherine and India 

She had to get her out of NXIVM and back home. Why would that be an issue for you?

It saved India from arrest and prison. It saved their relationship, and they have a healthy, happy relationship today.

Why do you have a bee up your ass about anything Catherine did to save her daughter or help any DOS victim?

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Accusations of Heavy Handed Prosecution

You and the other DOS members and supporters of Raniere go on and on about the government.

You say they met with you and attempted to “sell you” that you were victims of Raniere.

Let’s say that is true. So what? What harm did they do?

It’s their job to question everyone involved and work their case.

Raniere did far worse things. He filed civil and criminal actions against people who left NXVIM and spoke out.

They had to fight those cases in court. This sometimes cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, driving most into bankruptcy.

Susan Dones Nxivm
Susan Dones had to defend herself in court pro-se against a battery of NXIVM attorneys. She won.

NXIVM didn’t win one of those cases because they based their lawsuits on lies.

Boo-hoo, get the fuck over it, Michele and the rest of you. The prosecution questioned you twice to three times.

And Clare Bronfman paid your legal fees.

Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor

As for sex trafficking, how many people does it take to be guilty of sex trafficking before it’s OK with you? One should be enough, don’t you think?

Raniere has a history of sex abuse. Should the courts let him escape his sexual predatory ways because you’re good with who he is?

Keith Raniere 

There is a long history of “forced labor” with NXIVM.

Still in the Cult

Unfortunately, you don’t understand the entire concept at this point. You can’t, since you haven’t woken up yet.

When you study how cults work, you will understand what you were in. You will realize what Jessica, Nicole, and others see about DOS, NXIVM, and cults.

Blaming Frank

You want to blame Frank and the Frank Report for losing your job. You lost your job because he was the first to make DOS public.

It got out that you were a member of DOS and supported Keith Raniere. Not every employer wants a cult member or someone who belongs to an organization such as DOS.

I wouldn’t hire any of you for the mere fact that you stand behind Raniere. I would hire any of you who has woken up and rebuilt your lives.

Hate, What Did You Expect?

Regarding the hate you say you get, I am sorry you have to go through this. But your Twitter account and being part of the Dossier Project means you invited that.

You have to take responsibility for that yourself. You are proud to support DOS and Keith Raniere. You danced in front of MDC and made yourself a public figure. You stand by Raniere’s side and speak out about it.

Some people don’t take kindly to people supporting a man found guilty of his crimes.

Most people do not believe he is innocent or that the FBI tampered with his photos. He has taken naked pictures of his women for decades, dating back to his CBI days. Why would he not take pictures of a 15-year-old?

The End Is Near

The appellate court will soon settle this with a decision. The ball is rolling on all his motions.

Within the next couple of years, we will know what will happen with all of Raniere’s motions.

My guess is nothing.

He will remain in prison until he dies of natural causes.

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  • Oh Michele. I see you. I really do. I was a seeker. Didn’t know who I was. Started off innocently enough with astrology. I was already a Buddhist, had been since the age of nine. But there was a yawning emptiness in me that I tried to fill with booze, drugs, people, food, this satsang, that satsang, this meeting that meeting. This guru, that guru. Til one day I sat at the feet of the wrong guy. And he said the magic words and I was hooked. Luckily for me I was poor, there was no money to be had from me.And I was too old for him,. He like Keith, likes them young and blonde. One night before he went on stage I heard his conversation with a young girl.He was already on wife number 3 under the age of 25. He was ‘celibate’, yep right! It rocked me because if he wasn’t who he said he was, then how could I be this enlightened helper that he said I was? I had allowed him to define me. He became the ground I stood on. Now with that swept away who was I? All the people around him had helped convince me I was in the right place. I clearly wasn’t. And the worst part was my daughter was ten then, and I was bringing her into it.
    I had to redefine who I was. Make new friends and begin my search again. That was the easy part. The years I spent squashing myself, my intuition and my real honest views on things and not speaking out were the worst.
    I’m 60 now.
    NXIVM programme taught you to ignore your intuition, your inner voice. It’s almost as bad as cutting off your hands and sewing your lips shut. You know that don’t you? Your intuition is your voice of survival. The voice of everyone you have ever been before on your journey to here and now, this Michele, and the others you were before in the myriad of lifetimes you spent here.
    Walk away from these broken toxic women. Find a new place where you can be you.
    I write this with much love to you Michele. I really do.

  • Why do the dead-enders believe they are going to relitigate this case on Twitter? The DOS slaves could have taken the witness stand. They did not.

    Keith could have mounted a defense.

    Keith did not.

    Keith’s attorneys could have subpoenaed Camilla.

    They did not.

    The trial is over.

    A jury found Keith guilty.

    Keith is never getting out of sex offender prison no matter what the dead-enders post on a blog.

    If Keith had a shred of decency he would release his remaining followers.

    But he doesn’t. And he won’t.

  • What are some other examples of forced labor that members were forced to participate in, where they were not compensated for work performed?

    For example, if Danielle provided medical care for some of the women who were sick, and wasn’t paid, was that forced labor? Or did she volunteer? What’s the difference between the two? Why would providing medical care be seen as volunteer work, and transcribing an interview be seen as forced labor, when providing medical care is clearly the more important service?

    Not saying forced labor didn’t happen. But what was it? Transcribing interviews can’t be the only example that they have.

    Because if it is, it opens up a big can of worms for a lot of companies that make their employees do things off hours in the name of volunteering that the employees generally aren’t compensated for.

    Ever hear of The Big Give? It’s a massive volunteer competition where companies and Government agencies compete against each other over a period of two months, in the summer when the weather is most brutal, after work, before work, and on weekends, to see who can volunteer the most and perform the highest impact volunteer work. The team that loses gets nothing. The winning team gets a check that goes to the company. Employees who do the heavy lifting, whether their team won or lost, get nothing. Maybe a slice of pizza and a bottle of water to hold them over in between sweatshop sessions.

    If transcribing an interview for four hours gets you $413K(!), what should Big Give laborers get for their time and labor?

    Full disclosure, my team won five years in a row from 2015-19.

    Total number of hours donated = 800.

    Total winnings toward the agency (my then Squadron at Holloman AFB)= $6K.

    Personal compensation=0.

    Amount of winnings spent on teams that did the work= unsure of dollar total, but one time we did get to go bowling and they threw in a soda and fries.

    Mr. Hutz, um, I mean Glazer, do I have a case?

    I’m a dude, so no one would care much, but half the workers were pretty girls. Throw in some sniffles about how their backs hurt, and maybe we’ve got something here.

    • Danielle was giving medical care and advice to non patients of hers? In what capacity? As a professional? Because that is very problematic for many reasons and opens her up to malpractice. Or was Danielle just helping as any non medical professional friend would do? Why do you care so.much about Danielle’s life but not at all about Camilla? Or her sister Daniela?

    • This is an interesting conflation, and frankly a reframing of reality that’s smacks of reductionism and victim-blaming. Presumably, all those hours you and your colleagues undertook went to verified and vetted 501c charities, and not to a fraudulent, criminal organization that mind-fucked you into believing your only worth came from what you did for them?

      Hop down off your high horse, and maybe stop the humble-brag, victim-blaming bs. Your experience bears no resemblence to the coercive control happening in that criminal enterprise, and your suggestion that it does is reductive nonsense. Do better.

  • It’s true that Nexium should not have been labeled a sex cult.

    It should have been labeled a “no sex for anybody but one old fat child pornographer and pedophile.”

    Calling it a sex cult can almost make it sound fun. For some perverts.

    But upon closer examination those that may be titillated by the idea of a sex cult would realize that there was really only one person that was going to be having sex and it wasn’t going to be them

    it was going to be Keith every time.

    Most of the slave women spent their time waiting around to send Keith explicit pornography of themselves or be summoned for working on their issues in his filthy bed. And they couldn’t even masturbate.

    Worst sex call ever. All the HPV. But very little actual satisfying sex for anyone but Keith. Lots of humiliation though if you’re into that kind of thing. Lots of waiting around. Honestly it sounds about a sexy as going to the DMV. Except with very long pubic hair as a requirement.

  • Two thoughts about Michelle’s statements.

    First, could Michelle be so upset about the efforts that Catherine Oxenberg used to get her daughter out of NXIVM because that’s proof that Michelle was in a cult? You wouldn’t have to do what Oxenberg did if it were easy for India to escape the mental shackles that kept her stuck in Raniere’s orbit. Michelle has to work pretty hard to tell herself she isn’t in a cult when she saw how hard it was for someone to get away.

    Second, could there be a valid reason that the US Attorneys were “mean” to Michelle when interviewing her? I would suspect this was all an act on the part of Moira Penza to see how Michelle and the others whining about bullying would do on the stand. That’s especially important in a major trial with huge press coverage. They figured that Michelle might be a witness against them or might still be loyal to Raniere, so they wanted to push her to see where her true loyalties lie. It’s easier to lie when discussions are calm than when the potential witness is rattled. I am sure that the prosecutors figured out pretty quickly that Michelle would be no help to their case and could actually be counted on to try to undermine it.

    • One thing we know for sure is Michele family doesn’t give a shit about her being in a Cult like Catherine Oxinberg does about her own daughter.

      Maybe deep down inside Michele Hatchette is sad no one in her family fought for her sorry ass like Oxinberg did for her own blood.

      Now Hatchette is left with nothing but a bad reputation.

      She could of walked away one of the heroes who helped take down NXIVM & got herself a nice victims compensation settlement.

      Now she goes around spreading her sour grapes & spreading her lies about what people did while they were in meant after they woke up after the Nightmare in NXIVM should means.

      It’s never the same on the other side of a Wake Up after you leave Cult Think.

      Hatchette has no idea what this means. She is still caught up in Cult Think.

      • That’s a good point @ 1:52 pm Catherine was willing to crawl through broken glass for India.

        And Catherine has given thousands to help other women leave Nxivm and get counseling (Kristen Keefe has said she personally was helped by Catherine no strings attached). Catherine has also helped people (strangers) leave other high control groups and asks nothing in return.

        She’s a good human.

        India is a lucky and blessed daughtet

  • Alanzo says something true. It isn’t sex trafficking but the collateral is evil. I think it should have been a state case.

    But as manipulative as DOS was and is – weren’t the women adults ?

    Don’t they have any responsibility for their own actions?

    • Yes, everyone is responsible for their own actions, you tiresome deadender.

      The problem with your repetitively stupid emphasis on so-called responsibility to absolve yourselves and your grandmaster for perpetration is that it ignores the crucial point: any type of deception/force UNDERMINES it. This is the principle behind fraud/criminal laws.

      Your leader was full of bad intent. It doesn’t matter if people can’t read minds or hearts. They can make that judgement post facto based on wholistic retrospection of actions. This is how the law works when it establishes whether a murder was committed in the first, second, or third degrees.

    • The women do bear responsibility for their actions that’s why at least a handful of them were arrested and at least three are doing time right now

      • Frank, how many more times do we get to read a re-wash version of Michelle Hackett story of Why DOS is so great & so & so is bad & a lair?

    • A state case? That’s laughable. There was trafficking over state lines and international borders. That makes this 100 percent federal.

  • Cami did go under oath in front of the Judge. She had to saying what she had told him was the truth about what happened to her in order to get her victim compensation.

    None of Raniere’s loyalists were willing to testify for him at his trial. That is just fact.

    Now three years later, they come back saying they were all too afraid of being arrested by the DOJ.

    BS, the DOJ would of have to had evidence to arrested them on charges. If they did, they would of been dragged into the NXIVM case to begin with.

    It’s a story, a lie they a selling because it sounds good & some people stupid enough will buy it hook, line & sinker.

    It sounds like something Raniere cooked up for them to sell to the public.

  • Michele still has time to reclaim her life. As for Keith, it does not matter. He will spend the rest of his life in a box.

  • Thank you for reminding the public of the retaliation Raniere visited upon those who spoke out against him. The time, expense and stress inflicted by Raniere and Bronfman’s money on the victims is often overlooked.

    Michele makes herself a proud public figure. She’s subjecting herself to scrutiny and then complains about it.

  • Michele wasn’t brave enough to testify under oath. Nicole was brave enough to testify under oath.

    The dead Enders refused to believe that Camilla was actually abused as a child and posed in explicit pornography as a minor. At Keith’s hands.

    The dead-ender excuse for ignoring the mountain of evidence against Keith Raniere? Camilla didn’t testify under oath.

    Well neither did Michele. She was too scared or too cognizant of the fact that she would be committing perjury if she wasn’t honest. And that Michele being honest would not help Keith’s defense. Michele also had those pesky previous statements to authorities. The ones in which Michele admitted to unwanted sexual contact with Keith through blackmail and her master’s orders. Michele stated that but for her ‘collateral’ Michele would have left DOS.

    There is no reason to believe anything Michelle says now. By the Keith loyalists own definition of believability – Michelle is not to be believed. – because Michele did not testify under oath.

    Michelle was not cross-examined. Michelle could be lying just like the dead enders have accused Camilla of doing.

    Michele took and kept the wrong vow. Nicole took the vow to tell the truth. And she upheld it. Nicole was brave I believe Nicole.

  • Anyone who thinks what happened to Nicole makes NXIVM a forced labor and sex trafficking operation has never actually seen a forced labor and sex trafficking operation.

    • rehab for people caught up in forced labour and/or sex trafficking is a significant part of my 25 year long career. This (nxium) both looks like and is a racket involving both sex-trafficking and forced labour. You are the one that needs to pull up on your understanding of these things Alonzo. You gave your life to a cult. Congratulations.

      • NFW


        Even The Branding of slave women with initials is very common in sex trafficking. It ticks every disgusting criminal box for forced labor sex trafficking and a blackmail extortion ring.

      • If you are going to cite your credentials/work experience for why you should be believed, you need to post under your real name and provide those credentials so we can check you out.

        Otherwise, like other anonymous “experts” here on the Frank Report, you could be just another cowardly anonymous liar, or convicted felon pretending to be a legal expert.

        But how do I know that you’re likely a liar? Because you lied about me when you said “You gave your life to a cult. Congratulations.”

        Some of the worst people in the world come here to the Frank Report to be the biggest assholes they can be.

        The Frank Report: A World Renowned Congregation of Toxic, Lying Assholes


        • Allan-
          Run along and go change your socks for the month and reward yourself by [redacted.]

          Additionally, I suggest you spruce up your home by emptying two cans of Lysol in said dwelling.

    • Alan, you must not understand Cults & the way they run. There is an unspoken rule of working for nothing.
      NXIVM had their members coach rank & above doing things for little to no pay.
      They changed how people got paid constantly & punishment took place in the form of non-payment for work that was done but payments were never made.
      This is forced labor even if you don’t want to see it the same way as a woman giving her pimp a blow job because he wants it.
      Locking a woman up in a room for two years & making her hack into emails because she is attracted to another man, come on, that isn’t forced labor?
      Having DOS slaves doing work for their Masters that they don’t get paid for?
      Giving Raniere sex, group blow jobs, sex trafficking & forced labor.
      Raniere got what was coming to him for decades.
      May he rot in prison

    • “My name’s Alanzo and I think I’m smarter than all the lawyers/government who actually know the law and reviewed all the evidence”

      Naive or arrogant or stupid? Probably a bit of all three.

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