Readers: Potent comments about Raniere’s alleged lies

Keith Raniere said he tied for New York State record for the 100 yard dash.

How I will remember Keith?

I’ll remember Keith for his 100 meter dash record, his Judo skills, for starting that successful vitamin company, and for how gracious he is when his significant others decide to move on from him.


Super Sexy Cult Leader:

By the age of 1/2 a year old I had developed interstellar travel. When I turned 1 year old I cured cancer. Pfizer bought my technology and then shelved it for the future.

At 2 years old I developed a cryogenic process to bring people back from the dead.

By the age of 3 my penis grew to 12 inches long. I patented special underwear along with 1,000,000,000,000,000 other patents in many different fields. Over 1 Trillion patents. I became the world’s first Trillionaire.

I flew my first space mission by the age of 12 years old alone to Mars. NASA begged me to do another but I said no….

Moron. Wake up. Before it’s too late.



Van Douche

… Raniere tying the 100-yard dash state record. Granted, there is no actual record on file, and Raniere was racing a mentally challenged guy, two guys on crutches, one guy without legs, a guy doing the race in a handstand, and a grandma in potato sack…but it did happen, somewhere, perhaps in the MWI of quantum mechanics, with a probability of about 0.00232444% +- .000002323.


Toni I Hope You Are Reading This:

The 100 yard dash thing is absolute gold. So crazy, I’ll bet you anything that’s the true story of how he tied the record. I can see it now – Toni and Pam being surprised that Keith & his little legs can outsprint them. Keith measuring off 60 yar—errrrr 100 yards, and handing Toni a stopwatch.

I hope Vanessa isn’t a troll because Vanguard calling himself a State sprint champion on his resume – based off this – is classic Keith and is making me roll on the ground laughing.


Van Douche:

[Mr. Raniere] is the type of person who … doesn’t tell the whole truth, but doesn’t explicitly tell a lie …  [F]or example, [he] “was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven.” Sure, he could have been, but it all depends upon what he means by “East Coast” and “Champion”. He lives on the East Coast (check), and he was a champion in a three person kid tournament that happened in the basement of his house (check) where his mom was the referee…. Another one is ‘he talked in full sentences by the age of one’ or something like that. Sure, his mom could have witnessed him doing this. But she could have exaggerated. I heard she had some problems with controlling her alcohol consumption. Or by “full sentences” she could have meant “I’m Keith”, or something else extremely simple…

K.R. Claviger:

If Raniere would lie about stupid little things like a mythical judo championship, then the bigger lies are just part of a lifelong pattern of lying about things…. This is the kind of lie that a small boy tells because he doesn’t realize how silly it sounds to those who hear it.”


It’s all a lie. Nothing about his background adds up. And the dumbest part is for years no one checked. Finally now people are starting to check. …. I encourage everyone / anyone to look into his biography and debunk most of what he claims. … There is no win for Keith in this. His empire is crumbling just like Consumer Byline did.

raniere champ
Evidence: Keith Raniere ties for New York State record in the 100 yard dash.

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  • “A demagogue, in addition to hypnotic glibness, must also be intellectually inconsistent, sometimes boldly so. This eliminates challenges to authority by weeding out clear-thinking young people from the flock.”

    Think about ALLLLL the clear thinking young people (and some older ones, too) who were cast aside, ignored, and encouraged to leave because they dared to ask questions and scratch their heads about inconsistencies. You know darn well that most of these people were not parasites, shifters, etc. They were one thing – A challenge to Keith doing whatever the F he wanted. The males had the double wammy – for obvious reasons.

  • I recently read a great article on the bane that is Ayn Rand’s philosophy, of which apparently Raniere is (unsurprisingly) an admirer:

    This article reminded me of the type of flock Raniere and his minions are.

    Select quotes:

    “What should we call Ayn Rand’s psychological ability to exploit the vulnerabilities of millions of young people so as to influence them not to care about anyone besides themselves?”

    “A demagogue, in addition to hypnotic glibness, must also be intellectually inconsistent, sometimes boldly so. This eliminates challenges to authority by weeding out clear-thinking young people from the flock.”

    And this one especially (tell me if it sounds familiar):

    “Rand’s integrity was her vanity, and it consisted of getting as much money and control as possible, copulating with whomever she wanted regardless of who would get hurt, and her always being right. To equate one’s selfishness, vanity, and egotism with one’s integrity liberates young people from the struggle to distinguish integrity from selfishness, vanity, and egotism.”

  • This is the tip of the iceberg. When everything comes out about Keith, and it will, people will be stunned at what this man is capable of. Lies about his background are small potatoes.

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