MK10: DOS Lied and Lied, Hiding the Gross Raniere


Here is another article from the artist and writer MK10ART. Most of the sketches and paintings below are her work. To see more of her artwork, click here.

MK10ART has her view of the Dossier project and DOS. It might be good for the Dossier women to read her article. It might help them get a blunt and candid perspective on how outsiders view their efforts. But, on the other hand, Dossier women are welcome to rebut any views they disagree with found on these pages.


Message to any women who are thinking of joining ‘The Dossier Project’ or supporting them

I don’t know what’s more flabbergasting, the fact that these DOS women are still in the cult or that they are still hunting for gullible people to support them. They have rebranded their cult group: “The Dossier Project.”


This isn’t fooling anyone who knows about Nxivm, but newbies to Nxivm should be warned.

If anyone out there is thinking of joining this gaggle of brainwashed gals, read this article first and know what you are truly getting into. It’s not pretty. Judging by their history, they won’t tell you the truth about anything.

DOS was set up to deceive from the get-go, as well as to control members, with the ultimate purpose of serving master Keith Raniere.

MK10ART’s sketch of Keith Raniere

Raniere is a sick, sadistic sociopath with sex addiction.

People can read a succinct breakdown of what DOS (Dossier) is about in the criminal complaint against Keith Alan Raniere from when he was arrested in 2018. Raniere was subsequently sentenced to 120 years in prison.

Nowadays, Dossier + other Nxivm cult members, particularly Nicki Clyne, are working hard to try and release Raniere. They want to try and prove he is a ‘victim’ of injustice. Clyne’s crusade to get Raniere released from prison is driven mainly by her guilt from exposing the location of Raniere’s hideout, leading to his arrest.

MK10ART depicts a pleasant scene where Nicki Clyne and her master Keith Alan Raniere share a thoughtful moment together.

For the newcomers, here is what DOS(sier) is about, taken from the criminal complaint when Raniere was arrested in Mexico. When Nicki Clyne was foolish enough to post a selfie on Instagram, which helped authorities locate Raniere and apprehend him.

FBI Special Agent Michael Lever was the lead case agent for the investigation of Keith Raniere.

Raniere Complaint, by FBI Special Agent Michael Lever

14. Based on information gathered over the course of this investigation, including RANIERE’s own admissions and emails between RANIERE and other members of DOS, RANIERE alone forms the top of the pyramid as the highest master. Other than RANIERE, all participants in DOS are women. RANIERE’s status as head of the pyramid was concealed from all newly recruited slaves, other than those directly under RANIERE.

So basically, if you join DOS or Dossier, you are joining a sick, twisted harem of women who have sworn obedience to Keith Raniere. This is similar to the Charles Manson cult of women who served him and ended up in prison. Currently, two DOS women have been arrested because of their DOS activities, and one sits in prison now, Allison Mack. You may have heard of her. She was a successful actress. This was before she joined Nxivm. After that, her life unraveled, and she committed crimes at her master’s behest. Ironically, she joined Nxivm, thinking it would improve her acting. It didn’t.

MK10ART’s Study of Allison Mack with her . brands in mind.

Just stick the faces of the Dossier Project women onto the Manson women, and you get the picture. This could be your future if you join the Dossier project. If prison life appeals to you, you may be tempted to join. But before you do, there is more to being a DOS(ier) slave than committing crimes.


B. Recruiting and Collateral
15. From the time of its inception through in or about Spring 2017, DOS masters recruited slaves mostly from within Nxivm’s ranks. When identifying prospective According to various sources of information, DOS stands for “Dominus Obsequious Sororium,” which at least one DOS slave was told by her master translates to “Master Over the Slave Women.”
According to a Latin expert I consulted, this phrase is broken Latin (“obsequious” is an English word, and the Latin would properly be “obsequiosarum,” and “sororium” would properly be “sororum”), but roughly translates to “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions”.

No matter what Nicki Clyne tells you, DOS stands for “Master Over the Slave Women.” Not ‘masters’ but only one ‘master’ (Keith Raniere) over the ‘slave women,’ that means you. You and the rest of the emaciated females in the DOSsier group are slaves to one man, Raniere.

In their professional-looking Zoom calls on Youtube, you will probably never hear the women discuss their master/slave terminologies or how sick and twisted that is. Instead, they will try to dismiss the titles as unimportant. Clyne will probably encourage you to dance in a video to a pop song about slaves, as she has done in the past. Dancing outside jails, like strippers, is a prominent activity for DOSier slaves.


Words matter and Keith Raneire weaponized them in DOS. Raniere, like many psychopath sadists, loves to control people. Raniere especially enjoys controlling young women and girls. So being a slave is serious. This is one thing DOSier is honest about, there are masters and slaves. You are always a slave to those above you.

This information was not shared with new recruits in the formation of DOS. DOS lied to new recruits, not disclosing the master/slave relationship until after some collateral was given over.
What kind of collateral?

From the time of its inception through in or about Spring 2017, DOS masters recruited slaves mostly from within Nxivm’s ranks. When identifying prospective slaves, masters often targeted women who were currently experiencing difficulties in their lives, including dissatisfaction with the pace of their advancement in Nxivm.
While avoiding the words “master” and “slave” in the initial recruiting pitch, a master would tell her prospective slave that the prospective slave had an opportunity to join an organization that would change her life. The master then told the prospective slave that, in order to learn more, she had to provide “collateral,” which was meant to ensure that the prospective slave would keep what she was about to learn a secret.
Collateral consisted of material or information that the prospective slave would not want revealed because it would be ruinous to the prospective slave herself and/or someone close to her.

Therefore, any collateral you hand over to Nicki Clyne was dutifully sent to Raniere. You probably won’t be told about this. Your collateral could end up anywhere, including with the FBI.

Words matter, you see, and DOS wants some words that could destroy your life. Why? No real reason, they will say, aside from “keeping the secret.” But in reality, it is about power and control. In other words, you lose more and more power, and they get more control over you.

If you didn’t want to fork over naked pics of yourself, most likely with a closeup of your private parts, you could make up some lies about yourself and your loved ones. Not just any lie, of course, but BIG ones that could ruin your life or theirs.

Imagine making a video where you ‘admit’ to a crime or accuse a family member of one.

Raniere also had legal documents drawn up where you would sign over your house or car, to be held over your head in case you betrayed the cult . . .er ‘self help group.’

After prospective slaves provided collateral in order to learn more about the organization, the masters informed them that DOS was a women-only organization (RANIERE’s role as the highest master was not mentioned) and that the goal of DOS was to eradicate weaknesses in its members. The Nxivm curriculum taught that women had inherent weaknesses including “overemotional” natures, an inability to keep promises and embracing the role of victim.
The masters also told prospective slaves that their respective relationships would be of “masters” and “slaves,” using those words.
If prospective slaves expressed hesitation about the program or about becoming “slaves” and having “masters,” the masters downplayed the terms, saying that all women are slaves to various things. In many cases, masters also used Nxivm techniques to manipulate the prospective slaves into believing that any hesitation to join was due to weaknesses on the part of the prospective
slaves and that the hesitation itself was evidence of why they needed DOS.
Prospective slaves who agreed to join DOS were told that in order to join they had to provide additional collateral, similar in type to the collateral they had already provided.
Some slaves were told that they had to collateralize all aspects of their lives, including signing over any assets, disclaiming their faith, and doing things that would ruin their careers and relationships if the collateral were released. DOS slaves understood that if they left DOS, spoke publicly about DOS, or repeatedly failed DOS obligations or assignments, their collateral could be released.

Keep in mind that DOSsier is about ‘grooming’ a new member. A young female Dossier member gives Nicki Clyne and the others more power over time. The collateral must be handed over repeatedly, but of course, they don’t tell you this in the beginning.

As a new recruit continuously exposes herself, literally and figuratively, to Dossier and Raniere, who sees everything, she will become more accepting of her role as a slave. It will seem normal to call Clyne ‘master’ every day when she seeks permission to eat or sleep.

Imagine the power of having all of these people calling you master and doing whatever you tell them to do. No wonder Nicki doesn’t want to let it go. The women of the Dossier Project on Youtube will tell you they are improving and becoming stronger. According to them, starving and giving over collateral is great for their self-esteem! Of course, they are lying to themselves and others.

In reality, what Dossier and Keith are doing is destroying women’s lives. (Just ask Allison.) And the Dossier women don’t even realize it. Probably because they are lying to themselves.


As famous psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson writes, “if you’ve stuffed yourself full of lies, your going to be in a crisis one day, and you’re going to have to make a decision, and you’re going to decide wrong, and you’re going to be in real trouble. You won’t have the clarity of mind necessary to make the proper judgment because you have filled your imagination and perception with rubbish.”

This sums up the thinking of DOS(ier) women. They are so stuffed with lies that they cannot even perceive, much less handle the truth. This is why Nicki Clyne (and other lost souls) will continue making fools of themselves, trying to defend a sadistic pedophile named Keith Raniere. This is also why they persist in trying to keep DOSsier going.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

They do not see the irony of their claim that Raniere is a ‘victim’ while they teach followers that ‘there are no victims.’ They swallow the lies and any secretions of their rotund grand master Raniere. Their mental health is deteriorated and gets worse over time as they refuse to accept reality. It’s tragic, and what Dossier needs is help, real mental help, and to stop lying.

So if you join DOSsier, instead of ‘eradicating weakness’ in yourself, you will learn all about lies, lying by omission, abuse of power (from a victim’s perspective) and become filled with so many lies you will not trust your own judgment.

MK10ART’s sketch of Nicki Clyne

But don’t worry, ‘master’ Nicki will tell you what to do. You may not like it, but what choice will you have?

If you like being lied to all the time about everything, maybe Dossier is for you!

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  • Excellent analysis! Love the comparison to Manson’s woman. Clyne is one of the sickest among them.

    The doe eyes fool no one. She plays for Raniere and herself. She’d shred Suneel if he gets in her way.

    Pretty little psychopath.

  • The court doccumented conversation where Nicki Clyne is trying to convince Lauren Salzman that Lauren simply must participate in the multi slave woman group blow job on their shared boyfriend Keith Raniere….is some epic cult groupie insanity

  • Wow. One of the best articles I’ve read here on FR.

    MK10 has excellent writing ability.

    It’s interesting that MK10 will describe Nicki Slime exactly as she is, yet Frank won’t say a peep or agree with MK10’s conclusions — mostly out of fear that he’ll upset his newfound friends like Isaac Edwards or Nicki Slime, as he doesn’t wanna risk having them cut off all communication with him.

    Frank is between a rock and a hard place.

    He can’t criticize Nicki Slime too badly or she’ll probably cutoff contact with him and so will Isaac Edwards —– yet he doesn’t wanna appear to be going soft on NXIVM.

    So, he just kinda remains silent on these issues. He just kinda sits on the fence, while not saying anything which might upset either side too much.

    Some people might call that being smart.

    I call it being unmanly.

    Frank stays mum cuz he’s terrified of losing contact with her and Isaac Edwards. He’s like a frightened puppy.

    Only pussies live like that.

    Real men say whatever the fuck is on their minds, without fear of losing contact with anybody.

    • Will I get the blame for what MK10 wrote, since I chose to publish it?

      Will Isaac Edwards figure this out and cut me off using a fake name?

      Will I even know Isaac is cutting me off, because he won’t use his real name?

      Will Heidi send Dennis Burke to talk to my pool guy?

      What if Kim sends me a canister of poison vitamins?

      Will Scott Johnson try to talk me out of being an Amway salesman now that I bought the tool kit?

      Will Patriot God find out I am part Jewish?

      Will Sultan of Six find out that I was at a party with Ben Szemkus with Kristin Kreuk?.

      No, it’s a scary world out there.

      I want to be a home health aide, maybe take a rich heiress on home confinement to the toilet.

      One thing I will do differently is dispense with the paperwork. I’ll take Clare to the bathroom, but we will use a bidet.

      • Frank that was hysterical! I died laughing and was reborn in the waters of parody. Hey quick favor I enjoy your iphone boat photo of you can you replace the serious photo of you with the happy boat photo until end of summer? Thanks!

      • — I was at a party with Ben Szemkus with Kristin Kreuk —

        Not with Ben, but I suspect you did party with Kristin. How was she?

      • Ah Ben Szmekus! I wonder how his lady friend, the one with the unrequited love for Napolean is doing? any news Frank?

        • No, I have not heard from Ben since I challenged his story of a NXIVM party where Keith Raniere branded Stormy Daniels.

          Also at the party were Allison Mack, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman, James Alefantis, Clare and Sara Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Elliot Spitzer, Ashley Dupree, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, David Brock, Michael Avenatti, Brandon Porter, and Roger Stone.

          After I said he was making this up, Ben explained my motive for trying to discredit this perfectly believable story. He said I was at the party too.

          • — He said I was at the party too —

            You were there, Frank. Kreuk said she was naked in bed begging for more, but you left, saying “Don’t tell Sultan.”

      • Point of Clarifiication required. Nobody named “Isaac Edwards” did anything. The actual name was “Issac Edwards”.

        Curiously, I wondered if there actually are people named “Issac”. To my surprise there are. I myself have never encountered an Issac before, real or made up.

        Some fun facts according to the Social Security Administration:

        – In 2021 “Issac” was the 656th most popular baby name, representing .022% of all male births.
        – In 1991, when I believe Issac Edwards was born, it was 609th.
        – Comparatively, “Isaac” was 130th most popular in 1991.
        – Sadly, “Suneel” did not make the top 1000 that year.
        – In 1991, Issac was roughly as popular as names like Bo (#605), Freddie (#606), Reuben (#616), and Guadalupe (#622).

        I will now be more keen to notice an Issac when I come across one.

        • Great info. I also am intrigued by the double s or double a in the spelling. But my main takeaway is that I wish I’d named one of my kids Guadalupe.

      • “Will Patriot God find out I am part Jewish?“

        I was only trying to figure out about Joe O’Hara (a.k.a. Jew O’Hebrew) and what his diabolical kike shenanigans are with his new so-called “news website” are!

        He is very suspicious and he charges money for it, let’s a woman work with him, and spins all his articles in a liberal way while he tries to to claim to be “unbiased”!

        When he was questioned by a fellow American about his ethical concern about charging people money that they should have a free right to, he then kiked-out and starting being a snarky bitch! This behavior made me suspicious because as a student of psychology and anthropology, I immediately knew there was some sort of kikery going on with him! So I’ve dedicated myself to get to the bottom of this!

        As for you, Ginzo, while it would make a lot of sense that you’re “part Jewish” to explain your complete reckless disregard for our U.S. Constitution while you continue to lie to the public about you being a huge advocate of it and that you “adamantly support” it!

        I am already aware of your genetic inferiority and it’s either the guido, a kike, and/or both in you!

        One way or another, I know that your genetics are cursed by niggerdry!

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

        • Recently your boyfriend asked me if you had sex behind his back and I replied, ‘Yes, who did you think it was?’

  • This is an excellent and truthful post about the cult of Keith and his Master all female Slave organization.

    It is disturbing how much the remaining slave women of Keith Raniere have gone out of their way to mislead or outright lie to the public.

    The dossier project slaves have unprompted lied about how many of them had sexual relationships with Keith and the fact that those relationships were initially instigated through blackmail in several cases.

    To be honest it isn’t even fair to categorize it as a relationship – it really is a rape or sexual assault through blackmail.

    That is just one tiny fraction of how far a field of what really went on in the Master all female slaves criminal enterprise these loyalist slave women of Keith Raniere present reality.

    It is telling that it takes an entire book (or two) to really dive into all of the ways that unsuspecting women were hurt by these other (fully informed of Keith’s involvement) women and their. Insane allegiance to master Keith. And then there is still always more. Information and other stories from different abused women. These DOS horror stories will be coming out for decades.

    So many of thhe nefariously recruited women suffer ongoing health problems.

    Their fertility is affected in some cases.. Many are still dealing with the aftermath of extreme starvation diets. Disordered eating that hasn’t been resolved or healed.

    That’s not even getting into the psychological aspects. Being repeatedly raped. Knowing all your blackmail is still be circulated and out there in the hands of demented followers if a madman.

    It’s interesting that people like Kevin have repeatedly commented that someone like Sarah should be criticized for practicing therapy without a license but I don’t see Nicki or Allison having a degree in nutrition.

    And the extreme exercise, starvation and sleep deprivation were not in any way supervised by any medical doctor. The DIS frontline masters are truly lucky someone did not die on their watch. Under their orders.

    It’s just astounding there was no medical check-up or psychological workup of any kind before just enlisting people to embark on this very, very dangerous path.

    • Mr. Excellent Post, my point about Sarah and Mark is very simple, very basic; that they should be held to the same standards as other people in the organization who have been punished for doing the same or similar things, especially since SE and MV outranked those people by leaps and bounds.

      Allison is being punished. Nicki and Danielle, while not charged with crimes, have been punished. But these high-ranking recruiters who made money off of them and outranked them are somehow off limits to any kind of criticism.

      Nope. Not buying it.

      That 10C had Sarah’s fingerprints on it, that I didn’t know.

      I wonder what else we don’t know.

      Does it bother you that MV was in a cult before? Does it bother you that they’re going to do it again, and that when it happens, the familiar scapegoats will have clean hands?

      • But they didn’t do similar things you imbecile.

        That’s why they weren’t charged for those things. Yes, they legally made money off of running self-help centers that is not a crime.

        Why is that so challenging for you to comprehend?

        Allison knew for a fact who was in charge of the Master Slave organization. She lied that no men were involved, she lied about the Branding symbol/intials and she lied about who was going to get the blackmail.

        Allison participated in racketeering and forced labor and sex trafficking. That is not something that Sarah did. It would be impossible for Sarah to do because Sarah did not know any of what I just outlined.

        If Sarah or any of the other women got women involved in the organization it was under the premise that it was only women.

        Mark Vicente did not brand anyone with Keith’s initials. Sarah did not brand anyone with Keith’s initials and lie to them.

        Mark and Sarah have been held to a similar standard that I think you would approve of and thoroughly criticized for participating in the cult and ESP. On this blog. On social media.

        In spite of being instrumental in bringing down Keith, Sarah and Mark are mocked all the time. People make fun of Nippy for his name (that should thrill you.) Considering what a petty obsessive person you are.

        And apparently you are the Arbiter of social justice. If you continue to spend your life trying to make sure that the people that you like are treated equally or better socially and on the internet than people you don’t like than you are going to die a very miserable person.

        It is an unattainable goal. People are entitled to their own opinions and they will always exercise them. It’s also important to point out to you yet again that opinions are different than legalities.

        And once again, all of the Frontline slave women were practicing nutrition and Fitness and health counseling without any kind of license. In one case that resulted in some very serious consequences physically. And they are lucky they did not kill someone with their idiocy.

        It appears that in spite of your previous claims to both know everything about ESP and Keith and cukt company and to also not know anything you clearly read every single word of this blog. And are a liar.

        Tell me again about how you were a PA on Smallville but went to the talent’s house to clean? That’s unheard of. It’s not even legal. You would never be covered by insurance and the unions and the actors would never allow such a thing in association with the production.

        And now that you’ve revealed how careful you follow this blog admit that you saw Frank clarify that no one was paid to appear in The Vow. Frank wasn’t paid. Sarah wasn’t paid. Mark wasn’t paid. The only people who profited were the actual filmmakers and presumably the network they sold it to. How long and how many times did you paddle that lie on here? I don’t even think you believed they were paid because you could have done the tiniest smidge of research or directly ask and find out you were wrong in making that statement. And then there is the lie that you told about Sarah’s children being in danger from her. You had the audacity to post on this blog that people should be worried about Sarah’s children being in her care as a mother. Presumably you saw Frank respond to that allegation as well? Frank stated that Sarah is an exemplary mother. Stop with your b******* Kevin. You are so transparent pretending to care how people are treated in the world but also promoting hate towards the people you don’t like and Manufacturing horrible stories about them.

        • You seem upset. Was it something I said?

          Please continue to educate me on the nature of the entertainment business. It’s fascinating stuff, considering that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Likely because you’ve never worked in it.

          You’re right, how could Sarah have known anything about the organization that she ran and made money from for over a decade? How foolish of me to question her innocence. I should let HBO do the thinking for me and be a carny mark who believes everything the television tells me.

          Read the lawsuits. Very little is mentioned of DOS. Much is made of the pyramid structure of the organization and the unpaid labor. But I’m sure the two people who owned the two biggest centers in North America wouldn’t have benefited from any of that. The HBO show would have told us, I’m sure.

          You’re right again about Sarah not caring about money. That would explain why she became the company’s head recruiter, because money doesn’t interest her. Her being the lead plaintif in a money-grab lawsuit, that has nothing to do with money either.

          Her giving EMs without a license to practice psychology, no big deal at all. She’s the good guy, remember? We should focus on that wicked Battlestar actress and the Doctor who had no managerial authority in the organization who danced outside of a prison a handful of times. That’s the real outrage, not Sarah practicing unlicensed psychology and then suing the people she did it to.

          You have a right to read the comments here and post, using a fake name, like a coward. But I don’t, even though I use my real name and know the person whose name has been dragged through the mud for four years.

          Whatever you say, Mark. Or is it Sarah? The third guy makes me laugh, what a money-hungry, irresponsible weasel. Mr. Ivy League who somehow had no clue about the nature of the organization his wife helped lead, not until the camera turned on. Ha ha ha.

          Enjoy your HBO mug, loser. No one is buying what you’re selling.

          • Maybe my name is “Excellent Post.” You don’t know. Just like we don’t know if your name is really Kevin.

            You’re projecting if you think I’m upset. Just pointing out all the things that you’ve stated that are lies and have been disproven on and then you move the target and start talking about Sarah liking money.

            Is that your anti-Semitism showing? Who cares if Sarah likes money? What’s wrong with liking money? I don’t know whether Sarah likes money or not. But if she’s a smart woman she does like making money. She has a family and children to support.

            And you are definitely a cult member without logic. I don’t know anything about the entertainment industry? But also I am Sarah? Who is in the entertainment industry?

            Now that is some rational thinking! How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did you pay for ESP classes to learn how to think so logically?

            Ha ha ha.

            You’re dumb.

        • The reason Mack is in prison and Edmondson and Vicente aren’t is because Mack was instrumental in running DOS. Audio evidence was presented at trial of her conspiring with Raniere regarding the branding procedure.

          DOS was the part of the criminal enterprise that cooked her and Raniere’s goose. They were running it together as partners.

          In former days, the FR ran an excellent perceptive article stating that it was the branding that got Raniere prosecuted and convicted:

          “ In my opinion, Raniere made two giant mistakes in his DOS scheme:
          1. collateral – meant to ensure secrecy and obedience and
          2. the branding with his initials on the groins of women.

          [March 11, 2021, DOS Caused the Downfall of Nxivm and Raniere]

          Vicente is in my opinion a profiteer and a scoundrel, but he had nothing to do with DOS or the branding.

          Edmondson got branded, reluctantly and under duress, but she wasn’t running the operation.

          Mack was running the branding procedure. Edmondson was in fact branded in Mack’s home.

          Mack admitted to coming up with the idea. She thought a tattoo wouldn’t show sufficient commitment to the master-slave idea:

          “[Vanessa] Grigoriadis [New York Times Magazine] wrote, “In [Allison Mack’s] apartment, I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, “I was like: ‘Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.’ ” She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts.”

          The brand, after all, is a combination of Raniere’s and Mack’s initials.

          I don’t think much of Vicente or Edmondson, they were both up to their ears involved in Raniere’s criminal enterprise, and both of them profited from it, and both are now profiting from condemning it. Rats deserting a sinking ship come to mind.

          But they didn’t brand women. That’s why they’re not in prison.

        • It IS a crime ( if being held to the same standards) to practice EM’s without a therapist license, Sarah’s mom is a therapist so I’m sure she knew this.

          • So what?

            What do you want authorities to do? Take away Sarah’s non-existent Medical license?

            Did any of the cult members who did EMs get criminally charged for practicing therapy without a license? Why not?

            Do you want all the people in Nxivm who worked as coaches or ever did an EMA to be prosecuted as practicing therapy without a license?

            Would that make you happy?

            Is that even a crime that carries any kind of criminal sentence?

            Isn’t that an issue that’s just practitioners being held accountable by a medical board?

            If this is your big issue and something you want handled by law enforcement – then fully support you going forward reporting every single person who practiced therapy without a license at ESP/Nxivm.

            Get em all. Who cares? Get them all. But complaining on a Blog isn’t going to move the needle on this matter.

            Do something productive get a complaint together and file it against all of the people that you believe should be prosecuted for doing EMS and practicing therapy unlicensed.

            Good luck in your endeavor. God speed.

        • Yes. “Kevin”. How was Nicki punished?

          Kevin is known to make false claims.

          This is probably yet another misleading statement.

          Nicki is still living in the US after commiting immigration fraud.

      • So you’re just here Kevin to make sure that everybody is held to the same standard? Hahaha and are you the one that determines what the standards are? Are you monitoring that everyone is being held to The same Standard everywhere? Like is this a theme in your life? Or you just want to make sure that select people from this cult are held to what you have determined is an acceptable same standard? Hahaha

  • Are the women in question allowed to comment here and respond? Outside of the YouTube videos, their website and the dancing videos from outside of the prison that they haven’t done in over a year, what are they doing currently that suggests they’re recruiting people or doing anything criminal?

    This is the wrong approach. If nothing is going on, then they are being further marginalized and scapegoated, making it harder for them to find or keep work and move forward with their lives.

    If something might be going on, this approach draws them closer into the group and makes it harder for them to find acceptance outside of it.

    Is it possible that showing some empathy and compassion, and not being so quick to judge, that these things might do the most good?

    • Kevin: Isn’t anyone allowed to respond in the comments? I believe Danielle Roberts has popped in from time to time. I agree that showing some empathy and compassion is good – I’m not sure why you don’t seem to have either for Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, or other whistle blowers, people who actually worked to get KR convicted, but whatever.

      The women of the Dossier Project also seem very, very bitter – they should all get some therapy. Their videos are gaslighty and obnoxious. Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Eduardo – THEY are the ones who don’t seem to be moving forward with their lives. Like clockwork, one of them says something about KR/NXIVM and “tampering” online every few days or weeks.

      And Eduardo is really, really a shit on Twitter. Just shitty. A shitty person. Everything negative. I hope they do move on. I actually think the NXIVM loyalists are all very sad.

      • My dyslexia kicked in. I read your comment as “Danielle poops in here from time to time.”

        In my opinion, people making fun of them is holding them back from moving on. Not allowing Danielle to practice medicine for something that happened in her personal life, that too.

        I don’t think she’s the person she’s been made out to be. Her punishment and suffering are way out of proportion to her role in the organization. I think there’s more to gain from listening to her than from stigmatizing her.

        She doesn’t see it as a cult. Maybe she knows something we don’t. Or maybe she is missing pieces of information about this group that could change her mind. But that dialogue can’t happen if we’re tying her up at the stake to be burned.

        • Kevin how do you know what kind of person Danielle is? Do you know her? Everybody in the public eye is mocked and it doesn’t necessarily hold them back from doing their jobs if your theory was correct then no famous people would be working. I think it’s so strange that you have appointed yourself the guardian of how these specific cult members are treated socially by people on the internet. You must be the most exhausting person to be around if you’re constantly monitoring how other people opine on each other and trying to micromanage that landscape. In the end of your comment you are directly stating what Danielle believes or knows to be true. Are you psychic? Or are you danielle? If not then you have no idea what you’re talking about

          • I’m not a guardian or gatekeeper of anything. She has no criminal record and was well liked by her actual patients, with high praise from mentors and other doctors. This is all public information.

            You don’t have to like her. But if people are going to take shots at her, they don’t get to complain if someone disagrees.

            That we’re supposed to see her as a villainous person, and then give a complete pass to two of the most prominent people in the organization is complete and total crap.

          • It does when they take their license and further promote her to bankruptcy, it was separate from her practice and she never had a slave. Exo eso was her involvement and she also worked for free when asked thinking she was helping ppl like Sally.,and her community. She wasn’t Frontline and was more than likely lied to by Allison as well. She envisioned a women sisterhood and believed it was meant to be a beautiful experience.
            People who love people are the happiest people.
            Anyone here familiar with Dr. Braveheart?

        • Burning at the stake? Where? Do you mean dialogue can’t happen because the steak is burning? Why are you tying her up? I’m nowhere near her, so ‘we’ refers to who exactly?

          • Oh the irony of Kevin saying that people don’t get to complain if someone disagrees. Do I need to point out that Kevin’s comments are almost entirely complaining about people with him Kevin disagrees? Kevin even resorts to name calling if he doesn’t like someone’s opinion.

          • Nowhere near her but probably one of dozens in a fake campaign of verified patients making complaints and calling a hospital she didn’t even work out during extreme co vid times, tying up the staff in your mismanaged attempt at stake burning..

          • Dont’ be a fool all your life anon @August 16, 2022 at 2:16 pm

            Your projections are all wrong. No one outside your cult need bother with ‘fake campaigns’ even if they lived in your country!

            Roberts dug her own pit and it will be up to her and only her, to figure a way out.

            I wish her the best, at least, a return to the integrity of her one-time profession.

            And release from the ascended idiots who invoke ‘burning at the stake’, in her name –

            Such sidewalk histrionics with a somewhat vindictive medieval flavor.

      • Eduardo is a complete bigot. He’s a misogynist and Know It All.

        Eduardo is also completely delusional that he has some kind of acting career.

        Who would even want to employ a person who has made such unprompted hateful public comments about entire portions of the population?

    • If you dance outside a detention center in booty shorts (Raniere specifically requested erotic dancers) for a child pornographer and continue to publicly support a pedophile then you’re going to get push back.

      That was a choice. It has consequences.

    • Hey Kevin, people have been kind. The problem is these women see absolutely nothing wrong with branding and cataloging human beings, specifically women, into lifetime vows of slavery to a master and backing that commitment with blackmail worthy material. They just don’t see any problem with this idea whatsoever! Believe me, people have tried. These women don’t want your kindness, they want your agreement and nothing else.

  • Just the fact that they ‘chose’ to come together to give their master a group recommitment bjs tells you all you need to know … Urgggghhh

    Take this story and re-enact it in a different time and place, and you have a medieval court somewhere like China or Persia. The king and his obedient harem, all vying for the royal seed and competing for the nightly attention of the master. Very feminist and badass, according to Dos lesson 69. At least the madams recruiting these young virgins for the Emperor’s bed chamber did so truthfully and did not lie and disguise it as some sort of ‘mutual self-improvement society’.

    Maybe KR is really the re-incarnation of the last Emperor of China?
    The society of protectors men can count themselves lucky (particularly the guy that got to taste one of KR’s ‘reserved fruit’). Surely they must have heard of the original roles of eunuchs in those courts. No, it wasn’t to keep their singing voices high. Their role was to look after the concubines (‘protect’ …) and making them eunuchs prevented them from poaching in the Emperor’s territory.

    Could creating the ‘society of eunuch-protectors’ have been KR next project, after branding the women? And don’t say you’d never fall for it/put up with it … these supposedly clever, modern, badass women did. Not to forget the men who willingly abstained from sex with their wives for extended period, because KR said so.

    Frogs are boiled very slowly and were probably thankful for the warm bath to start with.

        • It’s not believable AT ALL.

          In fact, it reads like a trashy tabloid. Just because Raniere slept with a bunch of women doesn’t mean he slept with ALL of them. The fact that Raniere had to establish a secretive, blackmailing, sex cult that deceived women into joining it via a facade of female empowerment shows that he was having trouble corralling further women into his immature, sex-obsessed lifestyle. There are plenty of swingers out there, but it is established that Raniere is a petty, jealous prick who can’t handle comparison — thus his delusions of grandiosity and his exorbitant, pretentious claims rooted in fiction. Real life is not a porn movie, nor is it in the imaginations of people who want to try to sow the seeds of doubt in the established relationships of other people without proof just to sell gossip to like-minded people on the rumor merry-go-round.

          • “The fact that Raniere had to establish a secretive, blackmailing, sex cult that deceived women into joining it via a facade of female empowerment shows that he was having trouble corralling further women into his immature, sex-obsessed lifestyle.”

            You make a good point. But Kristin Keefe on her website claims that for years Kieth taught his SOP students shockingly misogynistic theories that said their women were more like property than equals. So, is the sharing of SOP women less believable than dozens of DOS women being branded as slaves?

            Sarah E willingly gave up embarrassing collateral at the urging of her friend Lauren, so what might she have done at the urging of her husband? One thing is certain—both men and women in NXIVM became mindfucked by Keith.

          • Nippy (a former jock but a supposed SOP “cuckold”) was vehemently angered by the branding near his wife’s vagina and was effectively the catalyst that triggered the chain reaction of events that eventually led to Raniere’s downfall. It should be obvious now that there is no way someone like him would willingly share his wife’s sexual intimacy with another. Raniere did teach some true things (to keep a cult going), but that doesn’t mean everyone ate the compartmentalized misogynistic side of bullshit that came along with it.

          • Kristin Keefe said she found the SOP misogynistic teachings so abhorrent that it prompted her to finally leave NXIVM—after 14 years!
            But maybe years of SOP sexism had no affect on Nippy.

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