Raniere’s Second Wave of Trauma 40 Years After His Mother

Barbara Jeske, Karen U and Pamela Cafrtiz -- were superb salespeople for Consumers' Buyline and were also part of Keith Raniere's harem.

Keith Raniere explained how he suffered from his mother’s illness and death as a child.

We published his trauma in: Raniere: Alone I Cared for My Mother and Suffered With Her

Few know that Raniere experienced a second loss from womanhood when he was in his fifties. He lost three of his four main consorts.

Who knew the man who said “he who has the most joy wins” was a man of sorrows?

He told the stories to his attorneys. The loss of his mother, and then 40 years later, the loss of three of his main consorts.

His attorneys repurposed it into a sentencing memorandum and made oral arguments at his sentencing hearing.

Frank Report obtained a document with his exact feelings on the matter.

My Personal Life

By Keith Alan Raniere

I never married. Instead, I maintained long-term intimate relationships with different women throughout my adult life.

I committed to being with several of them for the entirety of my life. Some of these relationships involve a sexual connection. Some did not.

Some relationships involved sexual encounters with more than one woman simultaneously. Some did not.

Some relationships started off sexual, but changed to non-sexual, but still remained intimate.

Other relationships remained sexual throughout.

Lauren Salzman’s nickname was 4 Lorn.

Lauren Salzman and I had a lifetime relationship, but the sexual component stopped. Yet my commitment continued, even though she testified against me at trial.

Some women wanted to pursue sexual practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. Most did not.

These were adults who consented to these relationships.

Every woman knew I had multiple partners. They knew I always did and likely always would.

Yet, knowing this, each woman commenced a relationship eagerly.

Karen Unterreiner

Since 1977, I have been in a relationship with Karen Unterreiner, a woman I met in college.

From my perspective, this relationship continues, though my incarceration has made this difficult.

Barbara Jeske

From 1990 through 2014, I was in a relationship with Barbara Jeske, who died from brain cancer.

Raniere kisses Barbara Jeske

Kristin Keeffe

Kristin Keeffe .
Kristin Keeffe

From about 1990 until 2014, I was in a relationship with Kristin Keeffe. On October 5, 2006, Kristin gave birth to our son.

In 2014, Kristin and our son left the community.

Following the departure of Kristin and our son, I spent a lot of time, energy, and money searching for them.

At one point, I found her living in Florida. For a while, I paid their rent so they could live in a decent home befitting a mother and son.

Pam Cafritz

Raniere and Pam Cafritz
Keith Raniere with Pam Cafritz. She died in 2016.

From 1990 through the time of her death in 2016 from cancer, I was in a relationship with Pam Cafritz. She was perhaps the most significant relationship of my life.

Keith Raniere with Pamela Cafritz.

Pam Cafritz, Raniere’s partner of 26 years, who died of cancer in 2016.

The late Pamela Anne Cafritz
Pam Cafritz second from left.

Pam was a beloved and missed member of our NXIVM community. She was a friend to virtually everyone.

The trial showed evidence about a memorial service for Pam. It was amazing to me that the forced labor charges related to efforts performed by a few women.

So many volunteered to make her memorial service special. It was befitting to who Pam was to each of the people participating in the memorial.


I lost my mother at a young age after a long, difficult illness. I experienced the same thing later in life.

Over a few years, I lost the companionship of three of my four closest lifetime partners.

Kristin, who left with our son in 2014.

Barbara Jeske, who died of cancer in the same year.

Pam, diagnosed with cancer in 2014, passed away two years later.

My closest female companions left me in different ways. Two of them left after painful, protracted illnesses.

The End

The following are the comments of Frank Parlato

Commentary by Frank

Raniere’s story about his mother’s illness and death deeply affected you, no doubt. Perhaps it changed your internal representation of him once you got this data.

Yes, reports came from readers. We heard plenty.

In parlors, bedrooms, poolside, or on the toilet, readers wetted themselves when they read the sad tale of a heroic son who loved his mother too much.

Whether in lands of the fir tree and pine, or the palm tree and vine, readers wept copiously. Whether amid snow peaks solemn and white or cornfields sunny and bright, they could not hold back.

Tears flowed like a leaky sewer pipe after the tenant upstairs flushed.

And if that was not enough, Keith experienced a second wave of inharmonious karma.

Keith turned 54 on August 26, 2014.

Kristin Keeffe left him in February 2014 with their son. She had handled his litigation endeavors for years.

Pam had cancer, and I believe a kidney was removed. Her life was no longer built around her work in his service. Her life now focused on her own health care.

Barbara Jeske started fading in 2013 and died by September 2014. She was a high-energy worker in his cause.

Keith Raniere with Karen, Pam and Barbara.

How Insensitive

Three of his four longest-serving women went away.

The attorneys tried to explain how womanhood hurt Keith Raniere by leaving him.

But Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sat unmoved and cold as the attorneys told him so sincerely of Raniere’s loss.

Vague, and drawn, and sad, Raniere sat in court with a memory of that last look at Pam, Barb, Kristin and his mother.

The judge just stared in icy silence and sentenced him to 120 years.

If Raniere had told his tale in his own words, the judge would have likely given him but half the sentence.

Viva Executive Success!

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • Three low rent properties. I’m glad my penis never visited any of that real estate.

    Raniere really went slumming.

  • Frank
    How would this perp know I had called & or emailed ? You obviously have backed yourself into a corner – nice try once again

  • Frank
    Thanks for having your writer scold me- YOU are seriously behind that comment – we will print this comment out as well, and make sure the courts see it-
    YOU sir, have lied and are STILL lying and have done 0 for Kris.
    This is the woman that called me who is commenting- – didn’t think I would recognize the tone and some of the things that she said to me over the phone ? Nice try – go jump woman –

    • Kim, I do not control what people say in the comments section. I know you are suffering from distress from a number of your friends dying. You shared that with me. All of them so young too. It is tragic. Almost all of them dying before their parents.

      And these were your close friends.

  • Anonymous
    I am the same KIM who lost her ONLY sister and NOW FR is jerking us around as a family- NOT keeping to his word – and NOT solving her case – begging for more time all the time – his favorite catch phrase is “please wait & be patient”. That has gone on since he visited us – and still hasn’t done part 2 of his documentary that he promised Mom & me- it is always “be patient” and “I’ll do it later”.
    My family & I are telling him- “YOU are out of time & excuses”. Kris case will get solved without YOU

          • Once again – thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

            Much appreciated. Have a great weekend!

            Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do — and if you do name it after me.

    • Kim, Do you know how many readers call Frank for help? Any idea? Do you know how many victims are out there who are being abused and tormented? The tragedy of your sister’s death is horrific, but there are thousands of us just like you who have sought the help of Frank Report. Have you paid Frank Report? If so, how much? If not, why does he “owe” you?

      What makes you more important than Natasha? More important than the women and children abused by Swami Chet? More important than Cobie Jane whose children have no mother? More important than Kelly Grohs whose father died and they were stolen from her and given to the power of a guardian ad litem? More important than the hundreds of children trafficked through family court and DCF?

      How many hours has Frank Report given to you? How much time has he listened to you? How many calls have you made? How much time have you taken from his life– that he devotes freely to helping others as best as he can?

      You are not the only one suffering. Nor is your sister the only one whose fate is unknown. I empathize with you, but your wrath, and sense of entitlement are misplaced and need to be put in check.

      If you’ve paid for services/contract that far exceed the hours and days FR has devoted to you then sue him. Or, as you say, solve the mystery yourself or by other means. She’s your sister. Do what you need to do and stop the public scolding and childlike tantrums.

  • Frank, I still find it amazing that Sarah E had no clue that Lauren was sleeping with KR and that she was part of his harem. Weren’t they friends for many years? How was Lauren able to keep that from Sarah for so long? Did you know Lauren during your involvement in NXIM before you left?

    • I knew Lauren only slightly. I knew Keith had several girlfriends, and I do not recall if I suspected Lauren was one of them. There was no open discussion about this with me.

      Sarah was in Vancouver. I can imagine they kept this from her. Lauren would not hesitate to lie. She certainly would not have disclosed her relationship to Keith with such prudes as Sarah and Nippy.

      If Sarah said she did not know, I believe her.

  • The 3 women mentioned may have known he had multiple partners. Others have stated that he went to lengths to duplicitously present himself as monogamous, and hide his relationships with them and others. And of course he grossly misrepresented himself to followers outside his inner circle, as being celibate.

    Also, we know from Lauren and others, that women he was in relationships with, were often strung women along and manipulated with deceptions and untruths, such as telling them they were the one who was going to get to bear his child. And then his parenthood was hidden from his followers with a web of blatant lies.

    So no, he did not conduct his relationships with honesty and integrity or truthfulness, even if he might have stuck to a few points of principle – and I would question his claims about that, too.

  • Frank you left out the story of how Raniere and crew snuck PAM Cafritz out of a hospital on a gurney and dropped her — laughing about it while Pam lay on a stairwell in pain.

  • Infobae


    Allison Mack turns 40 in a jail cell: from TV star on Smallville to convicted cult leader
    The actress is serving a three-year sentence for her role as a recruiter and organizer of the abuses to which NVIXM and its founder Keith Raniere were subjected. What the initiation rite was like. The women branded like cattle. The nudity as a guarantee. The trial and the fall of the actress

    Matías Bauso
    July 29, 2022

    Today, at the prison in the Californian city of Dublin, a few miles from San Francisco, one of the inmates may be allowed more visitors than usual. She wears the number 90838-053 – her ID number within the prison system – hanging on the left side of her orange prison jumpsuit.

    It is a special date for her. It is her 40th birthday. It must be the saddest celebration of her life.
    Allison Mack, the actress who for ten seasons played Chloe Sullivan, the best friend of the young Clark Kent in the series Smallville, today reaches 40 while serving a three-year prison sentence she received in the middle of last year for having been a member of the NXIVM sect led by Keith Raniere. The fall was abrupt. From TV star to inmate.

    However, when she heard the sentence that sent her behind bars for three years and forced her to pay a $20,000 fine, she was relieved. The prosecutor had asked for 14 years.

    Allison Mack was born in Germany in 1982. Her father, an opera singer, was performing in that country. Two years later her parents moved to the United States. She performed from a very young age. She got her first role at the age of 7. Then with ups and downs she participated in many commercials, plays, series and movies. Her big break came in 2001 with her role as Chloe in Smallville, the series that tells the story of Superman’s youth. The character for some years had a parallel miniseries on the web, Smallville: Chloe Chronicles. And in 2008 she even became the director of an episode.

    A year after finishing the series about Superman, between 2012 and 2014, she appeared sporadically in the comedy Wilfred.

    After some setbacks and a stagnation in her career she joined NXIVM, taken by a fellow cast member. After taking some of the initial self-improvement courses, her beauty and fame caught the attention of Keith Raniere, the leader of the organization. At the end of one of the courses, someone approached her and invited her to meet Raniere. She was told that she would be the special guest and that a private plane would be made available to her. The meeting between the leader and the actress took place a few hours later. From that moment on, NXIVM became the center of Allison’s life. Her acting career was put on hold. She was also in a relationship with actor Sam Witwer but the engagement fell apart.

    Raniere’s name is Keith but he always preferred to be called Vanguard. Spoiler: he is also in prison but his sentence as the ultimate perpetrator, as an abuser and for a charge of rape of a 15 year old girl was longer. He will not be released even if a miracle of longevity were to occur. The judge sentenced him to 120 years in prison.

    Raniere was the founder and leader of NXIVM, a society that was at the same time a company that provided self-improvement courses, a sect, a criminal group and a vehicle for the abuse of women. The courses and seminars were presented as ideal for the personal and professional development of its participants. Each one of them cost thousands of dollars and were organized in such a way that one was concatenated with another. Thus the training of a student/client took a lot of time and a huge amount of dollars. Raniere was convinced that he was “the man with the highest IQ in the world”; he said so whenever he could (which cast doubt on the postulate). His power of conviction, with his serene and enveloping speech, caused his followers to multiply in a few years.

    The organization had several different cells. One of them was composed only of women. It was a kind of exclusive group, with a very restricted membership. Its members were led to believe that membership was an enormous and exclusive privilege. This select and secret subgroup was in charge of Allison Mack. It was called DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium). It was presented as a place of female empowerment. That definition was nothing more than a euphemism.

    The harangue with which the young women were summoned was more or less always the same: “We are women coming together and committing full time, one to the other, to make our selves more powerful, to push us to face our worst fears and expose our greatest vulnerabilities, to know that we stand side by side no matter what, and to keep our word in coping with pain,” Allison Mack would say with conviction.

    Admission required several steps. The first was an oath of allegiance and submission. Then there were assurances to be given. The women were forced to reveal family secrets, many of them unspeakable, in front of a camera: their words were recorded. This emotional nudity was not enough. Allison Mack, the recruiter, demanded a second guarantee. The nudity also had to be physical. The applicant had to send her unclothed photos, which were kept under threat of being made public in case of defection.

    The dynamic of the relationship was one of absolute submission. The novice had to submit to Raniere, Allison or whoever they wanted. Masters and slaves. Until she managed to climb a step in the organization chart and she had her own handmaids.

    The initiation rite was atrocious. 3 or 4 women in a room. Their mistress blindfolds them and orders them to undress. They all obey without hesitation. Their will is already bent. As they take off their clothes, although they see nothing, they know that the others are doing the same. Then they are pushed into a van. They travel naked, with only the blindfold over their eyes, they drive a few kilometers. They do not know where they are going.

    At the destination, someone helps them get out. They enter a house. One of the women, perhaps, peeks under the cloth and sees that it is a luxurious dwelling. They lay the first one down on a stretcher. Suddenly the rest hear piercing screams and the smell of burning flesh. As if they were cattle, they are branded. In the groin. The screams and tears do not stop the operation. The one who stoically endures the torture is congratulated and made an example of. In the air lingers the sweet stench of charred skin. In her groin remains, marked with fire, a strange symbol.

    Once the moment is over, at home, and with the help of a mirror, the victims will be able to decipher it. If viewed vertically, the hieroglyphic becomes an A and an M, the initials of Allison Mack. From the side, with a landscape view, what emerges does not cause, at this point, any surprise. Clearly, in that tattoo carved with hot iron (or with an electric scalpel), cauterized on the skin, appear a K and an R, the first letters of the first and last name of the leader, Keith Raniere, who will later have sexual access to the initiated women, those marked with his initials.

    Being a member of DOS meant becoming a slave. One became part of a pyramid structure in which the women who occupied the higher positions were the mistresses of those lower in the hierarchy. The slaves had to be available 24 hours a day in case they were called by Allison Mack or Raniere. They were obliged to be on a permanent diet and had to submit to the sexual initiatives of the leaders.

    Whoever violated confidentiality, committed what Mack or Raniere considered an indiscipline or whoever did not obey blindly risked that the photos and confessions given at the beginning, sensitive and intimate material, would be disseminated. A clearly extortive procedure.

    A cult with sex slaves, brainwashing and even branding as if they were cattle.

    Allison convinced her slaves that having sex with Raniere had “healing” powers. He liked very skinny women, so they were all subjected to diets of less than 800 calories a day. The other major obligation the slaves had was to recruit other women. If they did not do so, Mack would exert unbearable pressure on them, always brandishing the photos, films and sensitive data he had hoarded on each one of them. The incentive was access to the leader, the doors Mack could open (increasingly closed since his involvement in the cult) and that they could have their own slaves at their disposal.

    Allison Mack, a magnet. The applicants were young, skinny and beautiful. They all seemed to follow the same physical pattern, that of Raniere’s taste. Many testimonies agree that Mack was the main recruiter and head of DOS.

    One of his most notorious recruitment attempts came via Twitter in February 2016. He ripped into Emma Watson in a tweet inviting her to his group. “I’m involved in a unique humanitarian movement for women’s development. I would love to tell you about it. As a colleague of yours I know we share a view of the world. I think we could work together. Let me know if you are willing to talk.” Mack received no public response from the Harry Potter actress.

    Allison Mack was the boss (mistress) of a small army of nearly 20 women who were at her and Raniere’s beck and call and who could not engage in romantic or sexual relations with other partners. Nor could they demand to see Vanguard more frequently. They were only to be available (and extremely thin) for when they were required for individual or group sexual sessions.

    The daily dynamics of the slaves required them to ask their mistress for permission to eat (in the trial one of the victims narrated how for weeks she blamed herself for Raniere’s erection problems because she was two kilos heavier than required) and even to sleep, to report their movements and every food they ingested. Even if there was no planned activity they had to make themselves available to their mistress and Vanguard. Every now and then, all of them, mistress and slaves, took a “Family Photo”. Naked, hugging and with broad smiles they would send a picture to Raniere.

    Allison Mack, at any time of the day, would send a message to one of her slaves. The text was only a question mark. The reply was to come in less than a minute. “Here I am. Ready, Mistress.” Whoever was late would suffer physical punishment. Beatings with leather slices, icy showers or some other martyrdom.

    The court sentence was delayed because of the pandemic. In the meantime, the actress had to serve house arrest (at her parents’ house and without access to cell phones or devices with internet connection) and pay a bail of 5 million dollars.

    In those days she tried to take some subjects at the University of Berkeley but was repudiated by the other students. He also divorced Nicki Clyne, a Canadian actress from the Battlestar Galactica series, who was also a member of the cult, and was forced to marry her so that Clyne could obtain U.S. citizenship. It was not until the investigations into NXIVM’s crimes came to light that the marriage became public knowledge.

    Raniere was first sentenced to 120 years. The prosecutor asked for 14 years for Mack. But her sentence was reduced because she decided to cooperate with the investigation. She told the prosecutors how the organization was organized, the modus operandi of the subjugations and pointed out Raniere and others responsible for NXIVM.

    In this way, she managed to get the initial charges of sex trafficking, abuse and organizing slave labor dropped and was only charged with racketeering, something similar to being part of an illicit association, being part of a criminal organization, and extortion. Her admission of guilt was reduced to those two crimes.

    Before the judge and before some of her victims, Allison Mack apologized. They were detailed and seemed sincere. She said that what she did was because of “a misguided inclination to Raniere’s teachings.” That at the time she joined the organization she was emotionally unstable trying to find a direction for her artistic career and that this vulnerability allowed her to act in this way. She maintained that she was only looking for Raniere to turn her back into a great actress.

    She ended by saying, “I apologize to those I brought to NXIVM. I ask them to forgive me for exposing them to that nefarious and emotionally abusive scheme run by that twisted man. I ask your forgiveness for pushing you to put your money and your body into something so horrendous. I feel the weight of enormous guilt for violating their trust, for violating their trust, for violating their trust, for violating their trust.

    I feel the weight of enormous guilt for having violated your trust, for having taken a horrible path. I apologize to all those I spoke badly to and those I hurt. I believed at the time that I was helping. I believed in love and empowerment. I was very confused. I never wanted to be an evil person, but I was. Raniere and the organization were the worst mistake of my life. And they are the biggest regret.”

    The judge in communicating her sentence told her that forgiveness was not enough: “You, young lady, did enormous damage. I believe in your remorse, I believe that you are a different person now, but it is only fair that you spend time in prison paying for your serious crimes”.

    Today Allison Mack is far from red carpets, magazine covers, movie sets and Hollywood luxury. She’s still in California, relatively close to the movie mecca, but she’s locked up in a cell. Maybe someone will bring her a cake this afternoon for her to blow out the candles for her 40th birthday.

    If she continues her good behavior, Allison Mack will be eligible for release from Dublin Federal Prison on December 15, 2023.


  • Perhaps this is true. He does not have to convince me that he is screwed up. This does not mean he gets out of jail.

  • None of this is an excuse for his crimes. None of this is mitigation for his crimes. He has been charged and convicted for only a fraction of his crimes. That says enough for his decades-long, perhaps even 40-year, criminal career.

  • Yeah I feel so sorry for this asshole. He never gave a thought in his life to anyone but himself, other than how to manipulate these women.

    “I maintained long-term intimate relationships with different women throughout my adult life.

    “I committed to being with several of them”

    HaHa. I wonder how that typically insensitive remark flew with all the women with whom the pig had long term sexual relations and didn’t commit to! Like Mack, doting on this creep for a decade, worshiping the ground he walked on while growing old in his service. Waiting, waiting, submitting to threesomes with the fat hairy slob and increasingly ignored as her looks faded.

    Raniere’s idea of being nice to a woman was to tell her she’s too fat. His idea of a compliment was to set her the task of finding him a new fucktoy, some girl younger and prettier than her.

    This creep is so clueless he can’t resist boasting even when he tries to make a play for sympathy. No wonder his lawyers didn’t put him on the witness stand.

    • Your self-esteem has to be really low to sleep with this creep.

      Which is not a denigration of the women – not at all.

      They have my sympathy. At least the ones who finally “saw the light”. But not his non-existent existent blue light or whatever BS.

      It is a castigation of this creep, who manipulated and abused the state of many of these women to get into their pants as just a mark on his chalkboard.

    • A.S. -“HaHa. I wonder how that typically insensitive remark flew with all the women with whom the pig had long term sexual relations and didn’t commit to!”

      That was the comment of the month! When i read this I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks!

  • Frank
    Really ? Really ? Are YOU really siding with this piece of garbage ? For what ? Why? This is outrageous. YOU are totally obsessed with this piece of human garbage – he is a stalker, rapist and killer – doesn’t that tell you something ?
    Why are YOU so obsessed with this monster 👿? Why ? YOU are talking out of both sides of your mouth 👄- YOU don’t care about the victims – YOU love ❤️ the monster 👿-

    • Kim

      I think you may have missed the point of the article. I am not siding with him. Have someone explain the end to you and look up the definition of sarcasm. That will explain it. Also look up “irony.”

      The irony is that what Keith calls trauma is something that many – maybe all people – experience. The loss of someone in their lives. But the ridiculous thing is that he complains about losing three out of four partners when most people have one partner.

      Now it is OK to have multiple partners, but I would not plan on getting much sympathy, because you lost three of them – especially when you still have 18 left and start a slave organization of women with you as the head master and the only man.

        • The Kim I know who lost her sister is the nicest, sweetest, kindest young lady. She is very sympathetic. She told me once that she would be sincerely sorry to hear her neighbors were devoured by wolves.

          So no it must be someone else. This Kim has a nasty streak a mile long. She spits out comments not unlike a prune passes through a colon.

    • Wow, you have zero reading comprehension. I guess you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm.

      You really are like a cafeteria lunch lady in more ways than one……

      If you had a penis — you’d be Scott Johnson.

    • Your reading comprehension is [redacted]

      There are a number of remedial reading online courses to help adults in need.

      God Bless!

  • Frank,

    Raniere writes,

    “From 1990 through the time of her death in 2016 from cancer, I was in a relationship with Pam Cafritz. She was perhaps the most significant relationship of my life

    Then you write under her second picture in her subsection of this article,

    “Pam Cafritz, Raniere’s partner of 30 years, who died of cancer in 2016.”

    Actually the proper math would make it NOT “30 years”, but *26 years*. I presuming you either unintentionally got it wrong or are just using haphazard journalism by rounding the years up to the nearest tenth?

    • The caption is an old one. I was told they were together for 30 years. Here Raniere corrected it. I’ll change it. Though I seem to remember at her memorial, she was described as his partner for 30 years.

  • Keith is such a deadbeat dad. You don’t get bonus points for contributing to the rent where your child is living you idiot!

    One could argue the reverse that this is not a sad tale of a man who is so severely damaged by loss. Rather you could argue this is a man who had multiple women who loved him and devoted their lives to him and he spent many, many happy years with them all.

    And that is much more time together than many other souls ever get. Though there were no victims anyways? He is seriously one of the whiniest men ever.

    Does Keith think he’s the only person who’s lost a long time relationship due to someone’s illness? And that his crimes don’t matter as a result? Great logic, Keith

    The guy didn’t have a job. He didn’t financially support himself or his children and he had nothing but free time to spend with his loved ones. Most of whom either lived with him or right near him. How many other people experience that for decades? Very few.

    Keith humble brags about his sex life (and lies that ALL of the women were fully aware of each other’s role in Keith’s life) Who’s gonna pity a dude who’s like: “I fucked them all. Sometimes at the same time. Until I got sick of someone or they aged out of my desired range. I fully plan to keep fucking whonever, whenever always and forever… ”
    Wah! Feel sorry for me! Wah wah wah.

    Keith does neglect to mention that he had to Blackmail women into doing what he wanted sexually in many cases and he does neglect to mention that he built an entire indoctrination mind f*** system based on convincing women that they should do things they did not want to do and were uncomfortable doing and must take orders from their master who was going to direct them to have sex with him but other than that it’s mostly honest hahaha

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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