Cunha Issues Defiant Statement: ‘I Am Not Anti-Semitic; I Will Continue to Expose Corrupt CT Family Court!’

Nickola Cunha

On Friday night, Frank Report broke the news that Wallingford police arrested Nickola Cunha at Christo’s Restaurant and Bar while a CT Marshall waited outside.

Police appeared to time the arrest after the court was closed, so Cunha would spend the weekend in custody. They handcuffed Cunha and brought her to York-Niantic Prison to spend the weekend.

Cunha was disbarred on January 25, after more than two decades as an attorney.

Her offense was that she claimed Judge Gerald Adelman favors Jewish lawyers and therapists and has a deep prejudice against mothers.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Judge Adelman’s tool of isolating children from mothers is “parental alienation,” a theory developed by Dr. Richard Gardner. He believed that incest between fathers and children was expected and should not be condemned.

In fairness, Judge Adelman sometimes bridles his bias against stay-at-home mothers when they have more money than the children’s father.

Otherwise, he is known to rule that the father should have sole legal and physical custody. The children may not contact their mother because she alienates them. Even if the father sexually abuses the children, Adelman regards the mother’s complaint or desire to protect the children as proof of parental alienation. Like his mentor Gardner, Adelman seems not opposed to sexual contact between fathers and children.

Parental Alienation Syndrome was created d by Dr. RIchard Gardner in 1985. Gardner was often hired as an expert witness on behalf of fathers accused of molesting their children. 

Cunha’s critics interpreted her claim that Adelman favors those of his own religion as anti-Semitism. It remains unclear what will happen when Cunha is brought to Superior Court in Middletown on Monday.

A defiant Cunha said:

I did not say anything against the Jewish religion. If it was a Catholic judge, and everyone on the other side was Catholic. And all the decisions went one way, I would point it out. Because it is a pattern of conduct. I never accused the Jewish faith of this. It’s a money thing. Typically, it’s the father who has the money.
The attorneys and the GAL work together with Judge Adelman. They create a false fact pattern. It ultimately divests the parent without money of all her rights. Mothers end up penniless. They end up without their children. They end up homeless. This is a consistent pattern.
It occurs when attorneys like Nancy Aldrich and GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz work together.
When Judge Grossman and Judge Adelman are on the bench. It is a consistent pattern of concern. And it always starts with a therapist or custody evaluator, like Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly and Dr. Robert Horwitz.  Their findings of an appearance of a mental health condition for the mother are the excuse. This they use to take the children. This is how the cases start.
Then, they pivot when they can’t prove the mother has a mental health condition. They shift towards, ‘but the mother keeps violating court’s orders.’ Or she alienates the children. I pointed out that it is the same group of lawyers, guardians, and therapists in Judge Adelman’s court.
There must be judicial accountability. We must end this nightmare where children are voiceless. Mothers are stripped of fundamental human rights. And if you speak out, you are subject to retaliation.

Cunha also said any withdrawals she made from client funds were to cover fees for legal work. She said any client files she did not submit to the court under Moukawsher’s decree were withheld at the clients’ request.

She told the Hartford Courant:

I will continue to expose the corruption in the judicial branch, which results in children and domestic violence victims continuing to be harmed.
Enough is enough. These judges need to stop protecting each other. And what I litigated was 100 percent what I said it was. So Judge Moukawsher could enter whatever memorandum of law that he wants. But if anyone looked at the exhibits and transcripts, it is clear what happened, what was happening, and why it happened.
I was set up. I didn’t see it coming…. After 22-and-one-half years of practice, I have been screwed over.




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  • Please go to the FBI, dont go through the local CT office, they haven’t helped these frantic parents losing their kids. I was a victim of CT Family Courts from 2009-2014…these were my players: Maureen Gould, Judge Holly Wetstone, Andrew Hechtman, Atty David Golas, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Dr Stephanie Stein-Leite, Atty Leo Diana. A few other heinous mentions are Judge Jose Suarez and GALs Parul Patel and Monique Ryan…all of the above were complete horrors of the court! They are all horrible and evil. They all work together to destroy families while making money, its a business and they profit a ton of money by taking kids from one parent or the other.
    Today my X and i have a normal divorce relationship, we removed the HELL of CT Family Courts, my X admitted he paid the above judges decisions…its all about the money. The pain these people have caused is unmeasurable, perhaps one day karma will deliver a severe blow. The FBI is the only way to stop them

  • So all knowing Nickola Cunha turns out to be just plain nuts. From the Hartford Courant:

    Attorney Nickola Cunha, jailed for a weekend earlier this month for defying court orders, was released after agreeing to arrange a plan by Tuesday for an evaluation to determine whether, according to a court scheduling order, “she suffers from a psychological condition that the court could consider when determining whether she was able to obey the court’s orders regarding her clients’ records.”

    Cunha, a divorce lawyer, was subjected to a civil arrest order and jailed for failing to follow Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher’s order to disclose client records and submit to a law firm financial audit after he disbarred her and effectively closed her law practice.

    Cunha appeared in Superior Court in Middletown Tuesday morning and her lawyer, Norm Pattis, told Moukawsher that she is unable to pay the $15,000 price that he was told by professionals affiliated with Yale University such an evaluation would cost. Moukawsher gave Cunha another week to look for a way to reduce the cost to her.

  • Connecticut statutes in Chapter 876 provide the due process for regulating attorney discipline. Judge rule 2-45, suspends the will of the sovereign on whim of the judge by suspending statute to allow for tyrannical disbarment absent due process, allowing one judge to be accuser, prosecutor, trier, jury, and executioner …. not even remotely American …. a practice adopted from the King’s judges to promote the wrath of the chosen judicial monsters over the peasants of Connecticut. Someone can’t count to 14th Amendment, this is just not allowed in America.

  • Only two bloggers support Cunha. Frank Report and The Family Court Circus. That should tell you that these two are almost identical in their goals.

  • They’re going after Cunha so badly because she’s exposed CT family court corruption. She did it in Herzog case, in current case where Sue Coussineau is the GAL and many others.

    They haven’t managed to shut her up. It’s temporary but they’re trying hard.

    She didn’t come this far to let them kill her off. The retaliation is known. Minnie Gonzales warned mothers like Paige Styvan about speaking out. She said to expect retaliation. Paige never saw the 12 year old daughter she raised again.

    To never see a parent again. Can the public even grasp that? I don’t think so because its too evil to imagine.

    The death of a parent is life altering when they die if natural causes. The courts just kill them on earth. It’s sadistic and cruel.

    No father. No man, would subject his children to such a loss.

    • Cossineau is evil, i watched that pig in a suit quite a few times – she seems proud after she removes children from a crying mother. I am in PA now, they dont use GALs here, there are no kids being removed from working parents. Here in PA kids are only removed if there is abuse. In Adelmans court that means the abuser gets the kids. CT Family Courts are like the twilight zone

  • If y’all want to really stick it to this family court that you hate learn to get along with the people that you chose to procreate with and amicably raise your children separately. You can put the court out of business.

    People do it all the time. Wealthy people. Financially struggling people. Hell even teenagers do it. Act like responsible adults. And then there will be no reason to go crying to the court to sort out your problems. And effectively you can put the family court out of business except for the really extreme child abuse cases which they were set up to handle.

    Then overstressed family court systems in all of the different states can focus on saving children’s lives. Instead of refereeing grown-ups that don’t know how to act maturely.

    So. Handle yiur business. Keep the court out if your business. And put the court out if business.

    Otherwise you all are sounding like those people who keep eating McDonald’s – then sue the company for making you fat.

    • I had lists of Mediators to go to, but my X refused…he said he already retained a lawyer and said they promised to get the kids from me. It takes 2 to stay out of CT Family Courts, and when going through a divorce there is not a lot that spouses can agree on

  • Moukawsher’s scam rests on his assumption that he has power to summary disbar a lawyer he does not like …. but where is this written? It is not written, the legislature did not grant the Superior Court such tyrannical power absent due process. Sorry folks, Connecticut does not recognize the federal Constitution. A people incapable of ruling themselves. Sad, silly state full of stupid people, they deserve each other!!!

  • Why did the trustee, Corrine Bondi, appointed by Moukawsher not work to get replacement counsel for the mother in this matter? Is Corrine just another huckster who does not celebrate Easter doing Dark Lord Adelman’s bidding? The scam is obvious. Moukawsher took out mom’s lawyer in middle of trial, no replacement, Adelman finished mom off without counsel, ensuring she would never see the kids again. So obvious.

    • Cunha won’t give the trustee her field so the trustee does not have any information! Maybe if Cuban cooperates then she can help cunhas ex clients.

      • Files go back to clients. Not to the court and attorneys selected by the court to screw over mothers.

        Why would clients who have had their children and life savings taken by the court, want anything handed over to the court? Under the best of circumstances clients – citizens- have the right to choose.

        The court says something and we act like robots- if the court says it, it must be so.

        Think about it- you hire an attorney, they have all your info, and then the court decides all confidential information you provided to your attorney will now be handed over to strangers.

        And you have no say.

        This is CT Family Courts.

        Kind of like stealing children while making gals sit through trials collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars because the judge agreed to have the gal sit through trial.

        That is not part of any statute! It’s fee collection from family savings to one pockets. No cause for gal to sit through trials.


        Family court destroys families.

  • Choose your spouse carefully. Take who you procreate with very, very seriously.

    Have a prenup. Don’t fight for ridiculous sums of child support. If it comes down to it just walk away with your kids and live frugally.

    Most of all …never ever, ever, get involved in any family court or other court proceeding.

    Go to arbitration, work with a mediator. Keep the courts out of your life. At all cost.

    A court does not force people to come into it and then get involved in fighting over children and money that’s the two partners and the family that instigate such actions.

    Learn to get along with each other and stop picking horrible partners to start a family with and most of the problems will never come up.

    Find a religious leader you trust (if that’s something you believe in) have them work with your family.

    But two adults who feel they’re grown up enough to have kids and start a family need to learn to be grown up enough to settle things peacefully for the sake of their kids.

    And again. Stay out of court. That cannot be emphasized enough. It usually doesn’t end well. For almost anyone.

    Learn to solve your own problems like mature humans. Stop creating drama. A big secret to life is to not make it any harder than it has to be for yourself or those around you

  • Kelly Grohs (Millionaire)- two daughters taken, Marlene Anderson Harris- twin daughters taken, Margaret Sullivan- two children taken, Joriz Tiberi (Fairfield County)- six year old son taken, Karen Ambrose (westport-fairfield county) – three children taken, Paige Styvan (westport-fairfield county)- 12 year old daughter taken, Kathey Sorrentino- children taken, Angela Hickman (Westport-Fairfield county)-two sons taken, Cobie Jane (New Canaan-fairfield county) two sons taken, Sandra MacVicar (New Canaan-fairfield county)-two daughters taken, Diane Hart (Fairfield County)- children taken, Catherine Rookasin- children taken, Robin Herzog- three children taken, Susan Skipp- children taken…

    This is a quick list but there are hundreds of others. In nearly every case the father has total control of marital funds and funds are plentiful. The result is the same: mother denied access to marital funds, GAL gets on case, special appointed psychologists, parental alienation bs, followed by indefinite no-contact order– usually from ex-parte hearing, kids taken and traumatized, mother is vilified, then fabricated mental instability is promoted. The mother who is then reasonably distraught after being cut off from marital funds and having her children stolen, is a victim of litigation abuse and emotionally traumatized by such gross depriavation of her children– who are taken against their will and silenced.

    These women raised their childen until they entered the trap of CT family court. GALs have immunity, are encouraged to lie by the “hearsay rule” put in place by CT legislature, and payments to the GAL can never be dismissed because they are somehow considered, “Child Support”– But the court nor attorneys inform parents of these critical facts before assigning a GAL. It’s a business. A lucrative one.

    • So just so everyone is clear, when a father looses access or custody to their kids its no big deal. But when select women lose custody (your list) its indicative of a huge conspiracy?

      There was over 5000 divorces in Connecticut.

      I bet you every name you listed is in Fairfield county. So, just to be clear you don’t give a shit about fathers or about anyone outside of your little rich enclave.

      The women you listed are a tiny fraction of total divorces, and all of them had legal representation I would bet, more so then most could afford in Connecticut. But, they lost for whatever reason and now you and them are just bitter about it. Nobody in your little pity party probably takes the time to think if they had some degree of responsibility for losing custody. Nope. Its everyone else’s fault. You spout the same BS as the Cunha lawyer and your going to get the same results. Why cant anyone in your little rich wives group accept that maybe they did something to deserve it. Somehow, I bet the rest of the 4990 other couples are not screaming conspiracy theory and destroying the lives of their families on the internet. They are working through it.

      Telling that you made the claim anonymously.

      • To “No Tinfoil Hat Club”

        I 100% agree with everything you’ve said. Thanks for saving me the time of typing out a similar response.

      • I’m in total agreement with your post. I would just add that the Connecticut Court’s preference is shared custody between the mother and father but that relies heavily on the divorcing parents being able to work together. That was impossible with Karen Ambrose. The next option is primary custody with the more suitable parent with plenty of visitation for the noncustodial parent. It seems all the supporters of Karen (and similarly situated women) believe the best option after if joint/shared custody doesn’t work is primary custody always to the mother. Always. Not all mothers are the better parent. Not all fathers are the lesser parent.

      • Kids have rights to be raised by both parents. When there is not a finding of being unfit the court doesn’t have the right to take custody but in CT the call it judicial discretion.

        It goes against state law and policy. If kids are harmed DCF steps in and tries to protect kids while building bonds between parents and kids.

        Ct family court does just the opposite.

        This is not a small fraction. It’s a silent epidemic going on throughout the country. CT is particularly vile –

        And fathers do not lose custody, nor should any parent lose custody. This is what’s missing here.

        Even awful divorces do not suddenly remove children and put in a no contact order with a parent.

        They are criminalizing mothers in a civil litigation and killing them off. Children are traumatized. This is child abuse.

        Child abide confined by the courts – and then they attribute it to a high conflict divorce while they silence the children.

        Read. Look up 2014, 2015 and 2017 testimony. It’s difficult to imagine but true.

        Watch divorcecorp I’d you don’t like to read.

        • When the attorneys aid their lovely clients to use “silver bullet’ tactics dads don’t stand a chance. False allegations, falsified testimony and falsified evidence with false reporting spells DOLLARS for trash attorneys, GALS and trash parent who does it…unfortunately a majority of the times its woman BECAUSE they can get away with it “Believe all woman” no evidence needed.

      • To: Tinfoil Hat
        There are men in the group who have lost their kids. All parents that are disclosed are absent any abuse. I am one of the parents, and the CT Family Courts ate deeply corrupt. I moved back to PA, they dont use GALs here. Parents dont lose their kids unless there is abuse.
        In CT you only have to say the father is abusing the kids and the mother is removed. The courts are that vile, its all for money. Your description of these moms is very cruel, you dont know them and if you did you would realize they didn’t do anything wrong, they only fault is they entered family courts and trusted the wrong people.

    • See who is running family court? Pretty obvious the ideology involved. Judge Elliot Solomon boasts proudly that he trained all the family court judges. Sovereign people of Connecticut are subordinate to monsters like Solomon, Wetstone, Munro, Dranginis, Truglia, Adelman, Katz, Peters, Borden, Bright. Just a fact.

  • I have a short questionnaire for Frank Parlato Jr.

    It is ESSENTIAL that he answer these questions truthfully.

    Question #1: Do you feel that trusting Cunha — as one of your main sources — has made you a laughingstock in the world of journalism, now that she’s basically declared herself to be a legal fruitcake?

    Question #2: Do you feel that your blog’s reputation has taken an un-repairable hit, after Cunha left you with egg on your face?

    Question #3: Do you think you’ll ever be able to recover the trust of your readers again, after showing such bad judgement as to bet the farm on a mental case?

    Question #4: Will you now admit that Cunha’s judgement, as well as her word, are far from trustworthy? If not, would you agree that your pride is preventing you from admitting this truth?

    Question #5: Will you at least ‘consider’ reclaiming your honor via the most honorable process possible (Seppuku)? If so, please know that I’ll grant you the maximum respect possible (posthumously). 🙂 🙂

    • Hello….Im Frank. I like to make up conversations with this is me but not me… now to your questions Mr Magoo…

      1. I am delighted you put me in the world of Journalism. I mean I have a blog and sometimes me and Family Court Circus exchange nudes of the judges, but otherwise im not sure anyone but you would call me a Journalist. So, thanks!

      2. Absolutely not. When your claim to fame is a sex cult there is nowhere but up.

      3. I am sure my readers trust me like any other freak at a carnival. Fun to look at but glad you don’t have to go home to it.

      4. Everything Cunha says is absolutely trustworthy. As in, I post everything she says so I can build up a trust full of money (dont tell the IRS please).

      5. Is that the Japanese’s beer that comes in a can? Im not fond of those communists and i dont like the fact that they keep churning out one K-Pop sensation after another!

    • Magoo-

      The white man calls Japanese ritual suicide Hari Kari.

      Seppuku is woke the word – white little [redacted] use.

    • Magoo-

      We white men call Japanese ritual suicide Hari Kari.

      Seppuku is a woke word – used by
      little, white, progressive wieners.

    • To Magoo:
      You are a total Ass.

      What kind of effin response is this? Making fun of an Atty trying to expose the pain of removing children wrongfully?

      You are a complete moron, your parents must be ashamed of having you

  • Courts are depriving children of good mothers! This is the issue. Mothers suddenly are crazy by standards of strangers- a gal and the court appointed cabal members who back the gal, who are all paid by the father. The father who has sold access to marital funds.

    Get it?

    Sole custody and child abduction is purchased! Mothers are cut off from all money, kids taken, no way to fight effectively in court, and are finished off by vilification and defamation – insisting on supervised visitation (which ends when money runs out) and court ordered evaluations to find the evidence of mental instability they need to secure the outcome of sole custody.

    Stay at home mothers are the biggest target. The most vulnerable to the playbook.

    • “Courts are depriving children of good mothers! This is the issue.”

      No it’s not. You are wrong. Mother’s own bad behavior is saving kids from unstable mothers.

      • Parents do not get ‘no-contact’ orders when there is NO DCF involvment or state interest. There is no medical profession that backs any of these mothers as being unstable. It is a court playbook that is going on throughout the country; CT is a cesspool for this conduct, but it is a silent epidemic throughout the US courts. One example:

        The courts steal children often on the basis of parental alienation by Richard Gardner, and then they alienate the mothers and erase them from the lives of their children. It is the court-appointed actors– psychologists aligned with GALs, who drag out litigation for years, for financial gain while obliterating the family unit and rewarding fathers with the power to abuse and isolate their children. No good father would endorse such abuse of his own children. There is no family court order which requires any parent from keeping children from their mother– NONE. This is between parents. No DCF or state interest applies in any of these cases.

        Look up Erased from lives of children– it’s an epidemic. Same pattern exists. It is run by the AFCC– See Michael Volpe’s investigation into Orange County’s AFCC manual to traffic children. It’s money driven.

      • Courts never find the mothers unfit, the scam is a scam, violation of 14th Amendment due process.

    • Don’t go to court. Problem solved. Believe It or Not family courts don’t want to deal with two adults who simply can’t get along.

      That’s not what family courts want to spend all their time doing! There are families who have a real serious issues. Children who lose their lives because of the conditions of their family situation.

      That’s what family court is supposed to deal with. Everyone on here is acting like at the court just randomly dialed them up and demanded that they bring in all of their dirty laundry to fight it out over children.

      That’s not what happened. Two grown-ups who could not figure out how to get along and raise children when their relationship was no longer working dragged themselves into court.

      Don’t go to court. Learn to get along with each other. Work out things like child support and a prenup at the very beginning. Then stick to those agreements.

      There are things seen in Family Court that would haunt you for the rest of your life.

      Children who are starved and abused in ways that I will not even describe because they are so brutal and graphic.

      Family court is essential for those situations. It was not set up for bickering adults who can’t get along. It was set up to save the lives of children being horrifically abused. And the burnout rate dealing with the atrocities in Family Court is very high.

      The goal of most Family Court is reunification of the family. If you watch the news any time a child who’s been horribly abused was not taken away from their family the media and the public are justifiably outraged.

      It is a very tricky situation. Because taking someone’s children away from a parent is extremely high stakes and a last resort.

      Again, family courts were set up to help the very worst cases of child abuse, child sexual exploitation and neglect.

      And the goal even in those cases is usually to keep the child with a family member. And that is the challenge. It’s a very, very knife-Edge balance and you always want to favor the safety of the children, but balance the rights of the two parents and the courts often fail.

      But the first failure was within the family.

      Or they would not be in family court

  • Uh, what happened!

    I thought she was going to “continue to expose the corruption in the judicial branch.”

    But, she walks into court meek as a mouse and cries insanity! What a joke! Some fighter for justice!

    Yeah, Cunha’s crazy. But, she’s Q’Anon crazy – racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic. Therapy cannot heal her. Medication cannot heal her. She has a sickness of the soul.

    “I was set up.” “I have been screwed over.” Please! She screwed herself over! She said the words that she said. No one coerced her to make those baseless hateful accusations. She did that all on her own.

    Because that is what she really believes and she f**ked up by letting the court see her crazy. She had been dying to say all of those thing to the court. She couldn’t wait to get it out and she loved every minute of her rant.

    But she knows she’s in deep trouble- grand larceny is staring her in the face. If she becomes a felon, she will never get her license back. And, it’s clear she stole way more than 78k.

    It’s also clear that her claim of insanity is a concession that no Jewish RICO conspiracy exists.

    No conspiracy exists at all!

    After all that noise, here we are.

    Frank, why are you waiting so long to post this?

  • I’m disgusted by the way this mentally ill woman has been pushed further into her illness by people focused on their own selfish agendas to manipulate the court system through baseless wild accusations of conspiracy. I’m disgusted by the tabloid “journalism” that is reinforcing her psychosis. Just disgusting.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You are damaging this woman and the children she is abusing though her illegal and incompetent lawyering practice. She should have been disbarred and provided with the medical treatment she needs long ago. At least there is some promise she will start to get the support she needs now. Hopefully the children she has abused can start to heal too.

  • Frank, you’ve gone all in on a “source” who seemed crazy already, but is in fact such a crazy pants that her own attorneys say she’s crazy pants.

    How are you and the “Jewish conspiracy” exposers going to spin this one? Are Cunha’s attorneys secretly Jews? Or on their payroll? Or what? Are they telling a noble lie about her craziness to serve a just, higher purpose?

    Well… there is now national press coverage on this case with papers across the North American continent telling the world Cunha’s attorney says she is crazy pants and needs a mental evaluation.

    Lots of people wanted national press coverage and now they have it. But since the news media is a Jewish conspiracy, how can it be trusted to expose a Jewish conspiracy?

    This is a drunk fight in a dumpster that has been set fire on the deck of the Titanic.

    I got a large delivery of Amish organic popcorn in the mail this weekend. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show!

  • Nickola Cunha has no history of racism, criminal conduct, or mental illness. This is retaliation for exposing all that is known in ct family courts.

    Healthy, fit parents with no allegations of abuse and no state interest by dcf are having their children torn away from them.

    This is trauma inducing for children and destroys families. None of these “high conflict” cases were high conflict prior to family court. It is a playbook. It is racketeering. FR posted some testimony but there is testimony from hundreds of parents- men and women who have had their life savings taken and children abused and isolated in ct family courts.

    All of this about Cunha is to divert attention from the real issues.

    You will find she did not steal from her client. You will find no history or evidence of racism. You will find the court abused it’s power.

    Citizens are now shackled and handcuffed fir a civil proceeding? This should be concerning to all citizens in CT.

    And no accident that gal Sue Coussineau was at her hearing today- A sadist who lives to gloat as she protects abuse of children.


    Pro Bono Honors: Nickola Cunha Attends To Pro Bono Clients Like They Were Her Own Siblings

    Nickola Cunha’s desire to help others started when she began shouldering a big burden at a young age. Now a general practice solo in Hamden, Cunha Britain was just shy of her 21st birthday when her mother passed away, leaving her in charge of caring for her younger brother and two sisters.

    June 20, 2014 at 01:25 PM

  • Cunha is blessed to be surrounded by people with common sense who refuse to enable her delusions, and it is likely what will save her at this low time in her life.

    If only Karen Riordan had a similar support network of non-enablers who didn’t play along with her crazy talk and scare the shit out of her. Karen! There is no RICO conspiracy against you! Please get mental help for your own and your kids’ sake.

    • “You will find she did not steal from her client.”

      The court has stated on the record that they are not accusing her of stealing at this point. She needs to show her documentation though, after she withdrew the money in violation of a court order.

      If Cunha is legally entitled to the money, she should have known better than to just take the money without having any documentation. she is a lawyer after all, she should know how to cover her ass.

      To me it is a sign that she is probably experiencing some kind of mental or cognitive problems right now.

      I personally do not think she is a thief, I think she is a woman going through some kind of medical issue that is affecting her cognition and it is exacerbated by stress.

      • It’s theft. As an attorney, you don’t disburse settlement funds/arbitration awards to anyone including yourself as Plaintiff’s counsel until the client signs off on the distributions.

        She’s been stealing from Peter to pay Paul for years. She may be batshit crazy now but she wasn’t when she helped herself to clients’ funds.

        Cunha reminds me of that Mafia figure who feigned dementia by walking around in his bathrobe talking with dead relatives while he continued to function as the head of a crime family to avoid jail time. Bitch, please. You’re not as smart as you think you are. Amateur!

        • Ok. If she knowingly committed theft, then of course the label thief applies to her. It hasn’t yet been proven though, although it kinda looks likely.

          As for her mental capacity, I thought she was nuts when she actually accused judges of a Jewish conspiracy as well as protecting pedophiles and being biased against women and the disabled…nevermind With zip to back it up (unsurprisingly) not even some weak or trumped up statistics. Nothing! (Besides the whisper of a mad blogger in her ear, that is.)

          She has also stated on the record that she was just presenting the argument that her client Karen Riordan wanted her to present. So that tells you all you need to know about cuckoo Karen.

          it’s occurred to me that she might have thought (in her deluded state) “OK I’m just gonna say I’m crazy on Monday so they’ll let me off the hook “ actually I think she really is experiencing mental and/or cognitive problems. And a lot of people in a real psychosis or what have you will insist they are completely sane… So even if that’s what she says behind closed doors, I think she really is experiencing serious issues. I’m glad her lawyers and family have persuaded her to get an evaluation. It sounds like the most sensible thing I’ve heard since all this nonsense started.

          I know nothing about whether she has a history of taking money without authorization from clients tho. If that is true, then it would put a whole new light on this case.

  • Congratulations, you are supporting a so-called attorney who stole over $115,000 from her clients. But that’s OK cause you’re racist and antisemitic anyway. Also, how closely aligned are you with Paul Boyne, a murderous thug who calls for the death of judges and court staff and court-appointed attorneys? Are you as racist and antisemitic as he is? Asking for a friend.

    • I am opposing a judge who steals mothers from their children. For money.

      BTW, who has Paul Boyne murdered? You assume he writes the Family Circus. I do not know. And I do not care. I looked at it today, and I am against the idea of advocating violence. That is not the solution. First Amendment, NOT Second Amendment. That’s the solution.

      As for me, I like people and can’t find time to be anti-Semitic or racist.

      I got a better one than “some of my best friends are Jews.” I’m Sicilian and proud of it. But in my life, I have been mistaken often for being Jewish. Many people think I’m Jewish. It always flatters me. I am extremely flattered.

      • Frank – the only reason your promoting Cunha is because she rails against the Jews. Otherwise she is just a lawyer who stole from her clients. Cunha has don’t nothing to protect kids. The opposite – she is so incompetent that she loses every case so badly. Imagine if Karie had better representation – maybe she would have gotten more time with the kids. Maybe Cunha has caused all these problems because she is mentally ill – what everyone is finding out now. If you have a shit about kids you would be blasting Cunha as a fraud who makes it harder for her clients to succeed when she is not stealing from them. She is the problem and if these judges are all corrupt, well her actions have made it easier for them to deflect it now. Everything comes back to her being incompetent and you taking advance of someone who is mentally Ill for clicks on your blog. Your the predator here.

      • I’m confused. You’re not anti-Semitic that’s good. But you think people look Jewish? What do you mean by that I’m not following? What do you mean by people mistake you for Jewish? Are you wearing a yarmulke? Are you going to Temple? What would make them mistake you for Jewish?

        • I did not say I think people look Jewish.

          But evidently, some people think people look Jewish. Throughout my adult life, people asked me if I was Jewish. It must be a fact that Jews are good-looking. Otherwise, why would so many people have asked me if I was Jewish?

      • That’s the shortfall in your RICO claims, Frank. How are Judges Adelman and Moussaker (sp?) financially benefitting from appointing the “Jewish alliance” in GAL/custody evaluators and favoring Jewish litigants as Cunha claimed? Should be easy enough to follow the money or is she claiming a Jew helping out another Jew without compensation scenario? I’ve seen plenty of MOT judges/attorneys treat MOT attorneys poorly so I don’t buy this great Jewish conspiracy. It’s all bullshit.

        • I never claimed there is a Jewish conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy with GALs, attorneys, and therapists, and lawless judges. It’s not religion or race, it’s greed.

          • It’s still the same question though- what financial gain is there to these so called lawless judges? Are you claiming a kickback?

          • There is some motivation. It may be kickbacks. That’s hard to prove. I think it is collegial. Judges are friends with some lawyers. And no – it is not Jewish.

            It is money and favoritism. But there could be kickbacks. I remember a story of one judge – who would have a Christmas party [so he was not Jewish!] who had Christmas stockings. He’d invite all the lawyers. He would never ask. He just had the stockings hanging on the mantle. Never once did he ask anyone to declare how much cash came from whom. But the lawyer who told me about it said those stockings were plump with cash. Bulging. And they weren’t one dollar bills

            Now is the judge going to favor attorneys who came to his Christmas party over those who don’t?

    • He brought down the crazy, abusive women of NXIVM. His work prevented hundreds of women from being branded. How do you see that as protecting crazy women?

      • I didn’t say protect I said enable.

        Like when you enable a drug addict… You behave as though you are helping them, “loaning” them money, giving them a place to stay, but you are just Leading them to their destruction.

        That drug addict will be your best friend for it, but they are going to die a horrible death. At the very least, live a tragic life. A true friend would say “no this is wrong you are killing yourself I will not play any part in helping you destroy yourself. If that means you don’t like me, so be it.”

        Like with a crazy woman or man, you should say “listen honey you are deluded. there is no conspiracy against you.” But enablers won’t do that because if they say that to the crazy person the crazy person will leave them to go find someone else that agrees with their insanity. But the crazy person will continue on the path to self-destruction until they either come out of their psychosis or a non-enabler intervenes.

  • Well according to the news her lawyers are having her plead insanity. She is saying that the crap she has been shouting about the last few months is due to mental illness. I think that’s why only Frank has been covering this and all the mainstream media wisely waited. But wait, maybe Norm was paid off too – so let’s wait to hear her side! Hahahah. Frank will never stop waiting for yet another side because he’s too afraid to report the truth!

    • The truth is they are targeting Cunha for calling the court out on racketeering. She had proven gal Sue Coussineau was covering up the sexual abuse of an adolescent boy in one of her cases.

      Leanne Larson, “friend of the court” who slandered Cunha’s record and actions without benefit of a hearing, was on the panel days prior where Cunha demonstrated gal sue Coussineau was suppressing evidence of sexual abuse.

      Now that case is in juvenile court and sue Coussineau has managed special privilege to follow her ward into juvenile court- against all procedure.

      Sue Coussineau was also on the panel who investigated RICO in 2015- her role was to prevent data from getting to investigators. It’s all documented in Ann stevensons testimony snd court exhibits. Sue Coussineau, like Jessica Biren caverly and Jocelyn hurwitz, are court pets. They fuel fighting, and have contracts that supersede CT statutes and allow for billings of over $200,000.

      They brought Cunha to court in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed and shackled.

      Judge Moukowsher who disbarred her noted it was not a criminal proceeding, yet this is how Cunha was treated.

      She’s not pleading insanity. Quite the contrary.

  • So now her own lawyers think she is crazy.

    From the newspaper today “Pattis said he and his associate, Cameron Atkins, engaged in “a lot of soul searching” before raising the competency issue with Cunha and her family over the weekend and in the courthouse holding cells Monday.”

    Now is Frank going to throw in the towel and admit he has been promoting a crazy and corrupt lawyer or is he going down with the crazy ship Cunha?

    All the people here supporting her are just bitter losers who are projecting their own feelings of anger on an idiot. Shame.

    • Cunha will admit to being crazy to avoid the fraud charges and then scream something that Frank will print as if it’s the Bible. Then he will say it’s all a secret plan by…someone…..
      I think Frank has been fed so much BS by Cunha that if he admits she is nuts it throws into question everything else she gave him. He’s a blogger not a journalist.

    • Yep. I listened to her on a podcast that was about her getting disbarred on this case. She could not even remember the name of her client (Karen Ambrose). Sure, some people are just bad with names, but that was the specific case that she went on to discuss, and she blanked on the name… I suspect she might be experiencing some kind of cognitive impairment. If so, I hope she can get treatment and get better. And shame on CT Family Court circus dude for taking advantage of and enabling an unwell woman! Exactly like he does with all the other ones.

    • Pattis said she’s not the same person he met in January meaning the abuse of the court system – the witch hunt, and violation of her rights – topped off with being treated like a criminal- has been detrimental to her emotionally and financially.

      Anyone subject to legal abuse and retaliation would be in a position of trauma.

      And the judge was stunned to see how she was treated. He pointed out it wasn’t a criminal matter – and Pattis agreed that the public would never know that given such mistreatment.

      She hasn’t even had her appeal heard and the media is targeting her. They overstepped jurisdiction when they demanded her files. She had already been disbarred so the court holds no jurisdiction over her.

      The truth eventually come out but the thieves if family court work hard- and destroy lives to maintain silence. It’s too profitable for too many.

  • Her lawyer and her own family stated she had mental health issues that are preventing her from complying with court orders. She’s an anti-semitic nutjob. Did anyone bother to read the transcript of the disbarment? You can’t just go ahead and accuse judges and other officers of the court of racism and conspiracy with no evidence. Especially as a lawyer.

    “My case didn’t go the way I wanted” isn’t evidence of corruption, despite what Karen or people like Lizzie Weinstein want you to think. If you or Cunha have actual evidence of conspiracy or corruption let’s see it.

  • So – what happens when she was arraigned? Was she already wearing new white power tats or did she talk about celebrating Pride month with her cellmate?

  • To Cunha Supporters:

    — I have no doubt Attorney Cunha said what she said, and I have no doubt what she said is the absolute truth.

    Telling the truth and being an unethical attorney aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • First Frank did PR for Keith Raniere before he turned on him and then started going back and forth.

    Now Frank is doing PR for Nickola Cunha. How long before he turns on her and then starts going back and forth?

  • Bias and religion. When Moukhowsher decided to “suspend” the Ambrose trial so he could hold a hearing on Cunha he did so for a full month.

    The family is Catholic. They celebrate Christmas.

    Moukhowsher’s action had zero consideration for the day Christ was born, and his ruling prevented the mother and children to have any opportunity to even see each other for Christmas. Year number two this was done in “temporary orders” during covid.

    With all the court players involved not one person- not the GAL, the custody evaluator, the court appointed psychologists or any judge even gave a moment of consideration to one of the most sacred days of the years- for Catholics at least.

    This is what is done to children. Zero consideration for children and a mother who has never been accused of abuse or found unfit. Same story repeated in family courts. Listen to the testimony of mothers from 2017- deprived if holidays, birthdays. It’s sinister.

    The children need to be the focus. It’s a playbook.

    • She didn’t get any custody or visitation with the children anyway, so it’s a moot point. Also, maybe the case would’ve been finished well before Christmas if she hadn’t requested 15 continuances. Plus, I believe FR has stated that Moukasher is Christian.

      Stop with your insane obsession about religion and thinking that everyone different than you is evil. If anyone is possessed by a demon it is you. you are so baselessly hateful and paranoid. It might be time to get back on your meds or go to your Nearest Catholic Church and ask them to perform an exorcism on you.

  • Disciple Magoo-

    Word of warning and betrayal!
    I have it on good authority that Frank Parlato is a JEWGINE. It pains me to say such a thing. Frank is a quasi-good man, but nonetheless the truth is the truth.

    …Unfortunately, he is a Matzah eater.

    We all respect Frank, but respecting Frank doesn’t mean we have to trust him. He’s part of the global conspiracy to take over the earth – not exactly a trustworthy fellow. He’s F’ing a titty fucker. So it goes.

    Frank’s birth name is…….
    Franklyn Goldhoarder Silvershekles.

    Franklyn was a real estate scion of Zion — until nose candy ruined it all; no more titty fucking for Big Daddy.
    At one time he owned the Apollo theater in Harlem and produced the first rap song. The rap album’s sole purpose was to drive JESUS CHRIST out of Harlem. (Shit you not)
    So it goes…..

    It’s all here in the first recorded rap song. (Produced by Franklyn)

    Listen carefully, Franklyn is singing chorus background. Listen to the lyrics: chicken, watermelon, 40oz malt liquor and more racist clichés than Amos ‘n’ Andy. The minority’s love that titty[redacted] chicken around their necks. So it goes.

    Zyprexa has granted me lucidity!
    I’m the vessel of the Electric Red Sun.
    All the power and mystery is mine and mine alone. Don’t like this comment, well I don’t like the ‘antiseptic’ remarks hurled at the kites(Jews). Slaughter House Five style writing. So it goes. Get my point Mr. Pizza. 🍕 War demons begone titty F’cker! Hark, the hunted dogs bark – my quarry is in earshot. Tallyho!
    Confused? So am I cuz What’s on second, Who’s on first, and Franklyn is stealing home and raping Lady Liberty – cuz he’s a commie Jew and a titty fucker. So it goes.

    • OK Paul blowing you fucking disgusting piece of shit antisemitic dirty ass failure as a father deadbeat dad whose kids hate you? How’s your day going?

      • Son, I think you need to calm down. How is your hatred an antidote for the hatred you are seeing? But I don’t think Electric Red SunGod Speaks! is Mr. Boyne.

        Unless I miss my guess, SunGod is a certain disciple of a man whom only Scott Johnson, Alonzo, and sometimes Nutjob would dare to stand up to. And sometimes he is not a very niceguy. So relax. Of course a lot of times he is.

        • Frank,

          Electric Red Sun God, makes his first post after 3 months – then Scott Johnson shows up, magically, the next day.

          Seems obvious, who the Red Son is…

          • Hey, I never thought of that. It’s a clue. It’s definitely a clue.

  • Anyone wanna take bets on whether she’ll act like a Qanon kook at her court appearance or like an actual rational person and (former) legal professional? I give odds of 88% for kook and 12% for sane.

    Also taking bets on whether Frank has been dancing outside her jail cell over the weekend.

  • I agree with Cunha. She should not have been arrested it’s crazy. Magoo you’re just plain wrong

  • Family courts in Connecticut are an absolute disgrace. I am a victim. My kids are victims. Our lives will never be the same. The majority of cases ending up in this situation are high conflict cases, where one party holds all the money.

    The kids end up with the abusive parent. The parent with less finances loses everything. I have no doubt Attorney Cunha said what she said, and I have no doubt what she said is the absolute truth.

    What she said had nothing to do with prejudice. They are trying to shut her up. There are hundreds if not thousands of families who have been abused in the Connecticut family courts. What the system has done to silence her, is horrifying.

    I was asked to speak out and this is exactly what I was afraid of. Lynda Munro is another one.

    She was forced off the bench for a reason yet she is still committing horrific crimes in her mediation practice. How is it that a corrupt judge place in kids with abusers is allowed to continue to do so in a private practice? Now she can legally take payouts. The system is a disgrace!!!!

    • Absolutely accurate. They terrorize women and children (and sometimes men) in family court. It’s all about the money. If you speak up they will threaten and punish you.

      Their tactics are sinister and players known. They were going after her not only for outing Ambrose and Aldrich, Hurwitz and Caverly but she destroyed GAL Sue Cousineau in a public YouTube hearing.

      Cunha was defending herself but got on record that coussineau covered up sexual abuse by a father.

      And now- to retaliate and protect court pet sue Cousineau, they sent a 13 year old into foster care and now sue coussineau has made her way into juvenile court to try and take this child from his mother- another client of Cunha’s.

      The abuse and trauma to children when judges remove them from their homes is criminal. It’s racketeering.

      That’s why Cunha is in jail. She was just a fool in her presentation. But Ambrose kids were abused and it’s in the records. The gals like Hurwitz and Coussineau get paid big money to deliver to the abuser and silence the children. Sadists.

  • The Hartford Courant has Ed Mahoney on top of the story, he has been tasked by editor Rick Green to keep on top of family court, spin the stories to make mothers and their lawyers look crazy, ignore the court corruption, claim that [redacted[ then state again how bad these mothers really are, affirm state interest in separating mothers and children, then make fireworks over Moukawsher’s disbarment of a [redacted] attorney on orders of the [redacted[].

  • CT Courts are masterful at violating laws and constitutional rights, to get the outcome they want. In this case Judge Moukhowsher disbarred Cunha. Whether or not his method and procedure was valid is still to be determined; Cunha has an appeal pending.

    Judge Moukhowsher suspended a trial for over a month to hold a hearing to disbar Cunha for conduct exhibited during the trial. He then created a “fake” case titled “In re:” This is illegal. Where is the accountability of the judges?

    They denied Cunha’s client a mistrial, even when they put on the family case record– major allegations and conclusions against Cunha which they believe justify her disbarment. Statements and conclusions from the “friend of the judiciary”- a representative from the Bar, also made statements on the record which, like Judge Moukhowsher’s conclusions, have not yet been challenged.

    Perhaps Cunha does not have the right to challenge those conclusions, but where is the justice for the client and children whose case this occured within? The client was then forced to proceed without counsel. Where is the accountability of the judges in putting such narratives on a family court case record?

    Subsequently, Judge Moukhowsher created a non-existent case titled, “In Re:” – This is illegal. It violates all ethics.

    Cunha has many clients, mostly mother’s whose children have been taken, and rights violated, yet none of these women have been appointed new counsel by the court. None of these women have been offered a choice of attorneys to replace their trial attorney, Cunha.

    Many, like in the Ambrose case, were mid trial. There is no conern for their rights or the ramifications Cunha’s actions and her disbarment has had on innocent clients.

    Moukhouwsher ordered Cunha to turn over her files and her accounting. However, she was already disbarred and therefore longer under the courts jurisdiction.

    Cunha did appear and testified before the court regarding $30,000. There were no conclusions– no findings. But what is troubling is the fact that the trial judge who disbarred Cunha, is now the judge who is presiding over the hearings!

    This is a blatant conflict of interest. There is an appeal against Moukhowsher regarding her disbarment, and now Moukhowsher is the judge making demands and deciding Cunha’s fate on “issues” he alone created. There was no client complaint made against Cunha.

    The Bar is now seeking cause to make the disbarment of Cunha “hold” because of the questionable and appealable grounds that disbarred her in the first place. How is this fair or reasonable?

    Much like what occurs in court, demands for production of documents the court want to view are made– and without the legal right to do so.

    It becomes a fishing expedition– a witchhunt. Mothers and to a less extent, fathers, who have committed no crime have been ordered to turn over phones, computers, and personal devices for a virtual “data dump” by a “special master” of the court.

    This is search and seizure exectued in family court without cause or a warrant. Why is this being tolerated?

    Similarly, Cunha has been ordered to turn over all client files and banking when she is no longer an attorney.

    And where are the clients rights in all of this? Why does the court, and their chosen law firm, get access to client files and financial information? How is this possibly legal?

    We are so trained to believe the court is fair and just and honest. It’s just the opposite in Ct Family Court.

    Journalist and advocate Anne Stevenson testified and provided exhibits which demonstrated CT Family Court was involved in rackateering with their creation and fraudulent activity in the AFCC. Judge Adelman, Robert Horwitz, and the CT judicial branch were literally running a business out of the courthouse– a major conflict of interest. It’s all docuemented from 2014. Nothing has changed. It is too lucrative.

    Other attorneys know what’s going on. Anyone who dares to come out publicly will be targeted. Please see Testimony by Anne Stevenson. It’s quite clear and full of documentation and evidence. Our children and families are suffering because of the corruption. It’s money driven.

  • Frank: One of my many interests includes Dead Malls.

    There are many videos of dead malls on Youtube.
    Here is a 35 minute video of Niagara Falls Oxy Tower.

  • In the newspaper she mentioned that “some of my best friends are Jewish” line that every bigot and racist memorizes if they are caught. Real tolerant people just deny it. This is turning into theCunhaReport with Frank as her PR lacky.

  • What if the truth is she has no files. She shows up and just wings it and she is to embarrassed to admit she has never acted like a real lawyer. Imagine all the suits she would face by former clients!

  • Why the smoke-and-mirrors distraction mentioning Richard Gardner in an article about a lawyer getting arrested for contempt of court?

    It’s like if my neighbor got a parking ticket and I was telling my friend about it and said , “by the way that traffic law was inspired in 1980 by a so called “legislator” who said cannibalism is natural” WTF does that have to do with anything.

  • Yeah… Never have I ever… known anyone personally who’s had to publicly state, ” I am not anti-Semitic.”

    At a certain point, you have to take responsibility. At the very least you’ve spoken n a way that could be very misconstrued.

    In regard to taking client’s money? That’s a negative, ma’am. There is no justification for that, ever.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re going to replace it. Nor does it matter if you feel justified dipping in. It does not matter if you believe that you are owed money. There are legal ways to be made whole.

  • She was in a restaurant in her hometown while she was wanted? That’s a quick America’s Most wanted! “The fugitive is likely so dumb she will eat where people know her…”

    • I suspect Cunha herself was the one who alerted the police/state marshal. Very reminiscent of celebrities who have paparazzi on speed dial and then act “shocked” when they show up with their cameras.

    • I think she set them up for this as now there have been two Frank Reports on it and the Hartford Currant did a story on it also. Nickola Cunha isn’t “dumb” – I do think Moukawsher and Adelman are though as they walked into a trap as this story grabs National attention soon👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • I don’t think even Lifetime (the women-in-peril network) will bother making a TV movie about this. Too predictable,

  • Cunha got nabbed because she was out in public and someone at the restaurant ratted her out. Since when do these articles have so much assumption with so little analysis?

  • Your lying to readers Frank. The only reason she was arrested is that she has refused to turn over client files.

    This is all being done to protect all her other clients. Your favoritism to this corrupt lawyer seems to know no bounds. This arrest was a Capis because she refused to show up to court and hand over the files.

    The only corrupt lawyers you talk about are Jewish. Maybe you should ask yourself why Cunha gets a hard pass from you.

    • Hey Cunha Cell Mate – you do know Frank destroyed NXIVM, an organization with even more money than Moukawsher and Adelman combined. Grab some popcorn and a soda and watch the show.

      • Lol! Frank is all in for a thief and a liar. He is worried about getting her side because she has been feeding him stories. He’s not objective! When Cunha gets disbarred a second time for stealing Frank will make up excuses for that too.

    • Of course she wants to protect her clients from this corrupt system who steals and places children with abusers. Why would she turn her clients over so they could lose their families to this corruption? She’s trying to protect people.

      Perhaps you should read the facts before you state things that have no basis in reality. And Frank doesn’t only see things about Jewish judges. Linda Munro isn’t Jewish and she’s the most corrupt of them all.

      You’re either one of them or you have never been victimized by family court. Either way, please understand the depth of the corruption before you try and point a finger at somebody who is trying to help victims!

  • She 100% deserves to be held for two days. Her behavior is egregious, esp for a person who was a lawyer for 22 years. Snap out of it, Nickola. Everything she is doing is proving she deserved to be disbarred. She can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • “ The attorneys and the GAL work together with Judge Adelman. They create a false fact pattern. It ultimately divests the parent without money of all her rights. Mothers end up penniless. They end up without their children. They end up homeless. This is a consistent pattern.”

    Ok. She says it’s a consistent pattern. So where is her proof???

  • Finally one of their own steps up…
    So blatantly corrupt and legalized mafia that they laugh at you when you call them out on it.
    More need to speak up.
    It’s unfortunate that the good attorneys are gagged because they get blackballed by the thier colleagues and judges if they call them out on the illegal activities

    • Yup. Hopefully, they are going too far in trying to silence her. There is a tipping point somewhere…

      Like with Raniere, will Frank’s involvement cause tipage? It just takes one media outlet and one person who can stop it. Who out there that can make a difference would like to stop the RICO AND be rich & famous? There’s enough chickenshit people. Who will do the right thing and reap the benefits?

  • She is absolutely correct. This is a pattern all over Connecticut and the country.

    This Judge has consistently shown patterns that should concern the residents of the state of Connecticut. Years worth of cases. Family court judges GALs and attorneys have been able to operate behind closed doors. The general public is unaware of what is going on until they or someone close to them are forced to go through the courts.

    Thanks to the brave work of some reporters and this brave attorney the truth of court is being exposed. Religion is not the pattern here. It’s just happened to be a group of so people who happened to be Jewish. The curruption in Connecticut is beyond religion. I also believe decent Attorneys Judges and GALs are being forced into it.

    Otherwise they will never survive! Things need to change. The people need to have a say as to who is placed on and stays on the bench. GAls in Connecticut need to be abolished for good!

  • Ms. Cunha,

    Bringing religion or ethnicity into this discussion was unnecessary and counter-productive. From what I’ve read, the Connecticut Family Court system is corrupt and abusive. This seems primarily based on economics (who has the funds to pay the attorneys and GAL’s) rather than race. Unfortunately, the system is. so corrupt that judges protect each other from scandal.

    I’m not sure what your next move is especially since you are disbarred. I’m hoping you can find some friends in the press and the state legislature; but also, perhaps, you should consider retracting your statement to Judge Adelman as it serves no benefit to anyone.

  • The quotes from Cunha will be marked as exhibits in defamation lawsuits filed against her by the individuals she falsely defamed.

    She left out that she also accused Judge Adelman of protecting pedophiles. Cunha is batshit a crazy, delusional disbarred attorney and a far cry from being a whistleblower as she claims. Idiot.

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