Family Court Critic, Nickola Cunha Arrested by CT Police for Contempt of Court– Denied Bail Will Spend Weekend in Women’s Prison

Nickola Cunha

CT Family Court crusader Nickola Cunha has been arrested. She was taken into custody by Wallingford CT police tonight at about 7:20 pm. She was dining with her husband, Luis Cunha, at Christo’s Restaurant and Bar when three uniformed police officers entered the premises.

They arrested and handcuffed Nickola Cunha. Police also arrested Luis Cunha for allegedly interfering with his wife’s arrest.

Christo’s Restaurant & Bar

According to witnesses, several more police officers and a CT Marshal were outside the restaurant.

Cunha, an attorney for more than 20 years, was disbarred by CT Judge Thomas Moukawsher on January 25. Moukawsher decreed Cunha lied to him and committed misconduct when she alleged abusive and prejudicial misconduct of CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adleman against women and mothers.

Moukawsher noted that Cunha alleged Judge Adelman favored Jewish lawyers, court-appointed therapists, and custody evaluators over non-Jews.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Moukawsher called her claims “empty and malicious.”

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

Judge Thomas Moukawsher found Cunha in contempt and issued a warrant for her arrest.  He claimed she failed to follow court instructions to close her law practice and allegedly withdrew $30,000 from a client’s account in violation of his court order. She failed to appear in court as he ordered.

Cunha admitted she withdrew $30,000 on February 2, a week after her disbarment.

“The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client. I provided a complete list of all active files. I turned over all files to the Trustee that clients didn’t request directly or directed that I give to an attorney on their behalf.”

Cunha has long been a thorn in the side of a well-oiled, tight group of family court practitioners. She maintains this is retaliation.

For years, Cunha has called out judges and attorneys for allegedly corrupt, collusive arrangements that seem to award custody to the parent with the most money in high-conflict divorce cases.

“It is a criminal racketeering conspiracy,” she alleged.

Unlike other states, CT judges can disbar attorneys for misconduct without a formal hearing process and with no right to confrontation of witnesses.

Luis and Nickola Cunha

The Friday night arrest appears timed to coincide with a plan to keep Cunha in custody over the weekend. The court did not provide her with an opportunity to make bail. She will appear in court on Monday.

Police released Cunha’s husband on $5000 bail.

Detractors have called Cunha anti-Semitic because of her charge that Adelman favors Jews.

Cunha claims she is not anti-Semitic and told Frank Report that she was stating what she believes is a fact.

Cunha argued that because she alleged Adelman favors Jewish court actors does not mean she is biased against Jews.

“I am not anti-Semitic,” Cunha said.  “Anyone who knows me knows that I have always vigorously represented litigants regardless of religion, race, color, creed, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.”

York-Niantic Women’s Prison CT

Cunha reportedly was taken to York-Niantic Correctional Prison to be processed – and is likely to spend the weekend there.

After arresting Luis Cunha, witnesses overheard police say he put his hands on one of the officers.  An eyewitness said he did not touch the officer. Frank Report learned that video cameras were operational in the restaurant and may show the truth of the allegations.

This week, Brian B. Staines, with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, filed notice that his investigation of Cunha suggests she improperly paid herself $78,000 in legal fees, declaring she had no right to charge a client for legal services performed for the client over several years.

A week ago, Cunha called herself a victim. Calling it a “grave, malicious prosecution, miscarriage of justice, and victimizing of myself by Judge Gerard Adelman, Judge Thomas Moukawsher, Judge Jane Grossman and Michael Kamp,” she said she seeks the “immediate censoring” of these judges.

Cunha has argued her arrest warrant is illegal and is retaliation.

“I was never afforded notice of the alleged wrongdoings that Judge Moukawsher falsely accused me of committing. I was never provided the ability to defend the false claims published by Judge Moukawsher. Judge Moukawsher continues to issue false narratives,” she said.

She added, “I fully respect and support all religions.”


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  • No one in Connecticut has the courageous intelligence to discuss how religious discrimination affects family court cases. What if there’s a case in which:

    all the judges and lawyers in a case are Christian
    the wife is pregnant in the 9th month of pregnancy
    the father wants to keep the child
    the mother doesn’t

    What if a lawyer for a mother claims, the judge and lawyers are all Christian, conspiring against the wife?

    Mr. Moukawsher’s case law doesn’t prevent religious discrimination in family courts. It ignores religious discrimination.

    It mocks the idea that there could even be such a thing as religious discrimination in family courts.

    “… As Rabbi Daniel Bogard put it: “A fetus is not a person. We aren’t alive after we take our last breath, and we aren’t alive before we take our first one. The idea that a fetus is a person is a Christian idea.”

    While many Christians maintain that life starts at conception, Jews see it as beginning at birth …

    … Rabbi Daniel observed a silver lining in all of this. He said that religious liberty lawsuits could change the U.S. for the better.

    “I’m confident that there will be a wave of religious liberty lawsuits across the country from Jews, who are living in a world where a small white Christian minority is imposing their religious will on the rest of us,” Rabbi Daniel said. …”

  • If this was how she truly operated then why now only after brining awareness to the truth would they be trying to make her look bad it just makes them look more guilty

    • Maybe because no one was paying close attention until she put a spotlight on herself? Ever heard that you shouldn’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house? It might apply here.

  • Well folks as a survivor of the courts. I’m in full agreement there is something terribly wrong going on there. Funds of a large organization were particularly with held to pay child legal services. Only my former spouses portions were covered.

    These funds were to be used in the best interest of the child. We’re not disclosed and particularly with held by an attorney. A Connecticut family court judge was made aware of it. Was aware it was being withheld for the sole purpose to inflict financial harm to myself the divorcing spouse.

    Give his client a financial advantage in court.

    Judge didn’t disbar him. Yes the judge insist I receive the money back and I was no longer obligated to pay for child Legal fees.

    Never written in a court order. I’m sure the grievance committee probably won’t see it as an issue either. If the Attorney was speaking out against a judge I’m sure suddenly it would be an issue.

    Maybe the problem was rectified by a judge, The Attorney got caught withholding funds to be used in the best interest of the minor. Was using these funds in the best interest of his client. Rules apply when they are convenient.

  • I research and document the structure of the corruption. Yes my personal story of one of being a primary stay-at-home mother and having court appointees psycho-label me and attorney’s lie about me (legal in Pennsylvania), but I TOTALLY know that domestic violence and their money are IN ON IT – the treatment, management, litigation, training scam. I wrote 3 books about it and I could write one about DV shills.

    Years ago in an email exchange between the Betsy Keller crowd (CT Protective Parents) where I was informing Betsy that The Dulos Law and “safety” is part of the scam I got this response from Cunha:

    “Frankly there is more complaining and the “I’m a victim” that screams from these emails than anything.

    If you want action, stop fighting and debating those trying to help.

    There is absolutely no reason to include me in these emails if feeling sorry for yourself is what what this is all about. Life is not fair, a lot of people have suffered more than any one of us could imagine.

    I wish you all the best.


    Nickola J Cunha”

    Can you imagine the ignorance of this woman? I am happy she is suffering – to me she deserves to be treated equally – the same as those she claims to advocate or. And I want NOTHING to do with Betsy Keller and her band of self-important over-privileged married-a-rich-guy-and-think-I-should hae-everything band of DV shills followers.

    You CT citizens will NEVER win because you take sides and you ignore the structure – there is training and hidden rewards for running this scam. You take them out not thru individual cases but by documenting their collusion and fraudulent structure.

    Doreen Ludwig
    • “Motherless America: Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program”
    • “Trumpian Abuse: Government & Family Systems that Prop-Up the Male Regime” March 2018
    • “AFCC net: People, Policy, Practices that Intrude in Child Custody Determinations” Oct. 2020

  • Who are the real perpetrators against society? Who is the press, both mainstream and alternative, afraid to challenge for their abuses?

    Hasidic Jews who do no work, pay no taxes, destroy school systems, have siphoned funds from communities for personal use and are protected in Albany by both Republicans and Democrats who want their political support. They alienate themselves from the rest of society and yet received all the financial benefits from that society without contributing to it. No one will challenge them out of fear of being called an anti-semite. Other Jews, like me, are afraid to challenge them. When we do, we are called “self hating Jews”.

    I am a Jew and proud of it but the Hasid’s behavior is a disgrace to Judaism and humanity. Someone needs to challenge their frequent and constant abuses and the favoritism shown them in Albany. I’d like to see Frank Report take this on.

    • The Hassidic community is a cult, much worse than Raniere and Nxivm.

      1. Once in the cult, you are sanctioned forever if you attempt to leave or challenge it.
      2. Sexual abuses are rampant.
      3. It is male dominated and meant to serve men’s interests. Women are child bearers and house keepers.
      4. It demonizes the outside world and members are taught both to fear it and to avoid contact socially.
      5. It has established a different set of rules and morality so members feel okay about their own dishonest behavior towards mainstream society.

  • The one comment on Avvo:

    Disorganized – always late
    1.0 star
    Posted by annaJuly 22, 2019
    Nice woman, but always late to court. And not 5 min late but 25 min and that was on every appearance. Very disorganized and not good grasp of facts. As her office is far from court she would find excuses why she was not there when needed. When cross examining witnesses would never stay on track and ask random non relevant questions. I feel bad with this review as unlike many lawyers she was not driven by hour billing but i hired her to force my ex husband to pay his back payments and show that he has hidden his funds in his new wife’s account. That was agreed upon as priority when i hired her, but never did she mention or question that in court. I have new lawyer.


    Wow! Look how much she cares about her clients? She could hardly show up in court for them. Some fighter for justice – what a joke!

    • Holy shit. This is a remarkable find.

      Frank, I hereby DEMAND that you respond to this review posted by Cunha’s former female client.

      Are you ready to concede that maybe, just maybe, Cunha is just as irresponsible and inefficient as we’ve been saying?

      Or have you decided to ‘close ranks’ with the Cunha family and become part of their tribe?

      If so, what kinda journalist does that make you, Frank?

      Can you honestly admit that you may have made a mistake in placing your confidence in this unpredictable, disgraced, and disbarred lawyer?

      Can you admit to making a mistake, Frank? Or are you too proud?

      By the way, I have researched the Parlato family tree going back for about 400 years ———– and my research has led me to believe that you likely come from POOR STOCK (I believe that most of your ancestors were paupers, peasants and lowly serfs).

      It is my firm belief that they first decided to come to America cuz they were broke paupers and Sicily no longer wanted those lowly, penny-pinching peasants begging on the streets and stealing shoes from tourists to sell at the local flea market.

      • First I object to your callous comments about my family tree. My forefathers were peace-loving, salt of the earth types, and not one of them were ever hung except in four cases and one of them I think was innocent.

        As for Cunha’s former client – she has been incentivized to cry for cash, just like Bangkok’s old girlfriend Lauren Salzman cried for less prison. And it worked.

        But I will look into it. Maybe you’re right but I want to hear Cunha’s side of it. They told the client that “we will hand you $100,000 if you just say Cunha cheated you.”

        She said, “Cunha cheated me. How soon do I get my cash?”

        Maybe Cunha did cheat her but I want to hear both sides. I can’t right now. Why? Because Cunha is in custody. Timed well for a Friday night to make sure she spent the weekend in the hoosegow. But we will get to the bottom of this and FR with the help of Magoo and Sherizzy will be following it every step of the way.

        No truth will be left undiscovered. Even a couple of questions about your parentage whispers about your father and that terrible joke about your dating a transgender man and the comment that if only your father had a similar relationship before you were born.

        • Wow Frank. You know if Cunha could clear herself she would have done that by now. She never will because she can’t and I bet you never admit she is corrupt trash.

          • I don’t believe she is corrupt at all. She’s a crusader fighting for a cause of justice for mothers who have had their kids taken away.
            It’s possible she is a 1 person office who takes on too much that she loses sight of business and official details that are essential.

      • I was a client. Nickola is definitely disorganized, late and can lose her train of thought. She drops a lot of balls but she’s not racist nor a criminal. Perhaps she’s taken on too much and was overwhelmed.

        Where is the judicial responsibility to intervene when they see an attorney falling apart or not coping as one would expect? Cunha asked for 16 continuances in one case and not one reason was on behalf of her client. Each time it was for her. Why doesn’t a judge intervene?

        Where is the oversight and concern?

        Instead of compassion for a meltdown, Hudge Adelman publicly shamed her abd called her a cry-baby. Is that ethical? Professional? Good fun? Non-biased?

        • Firstly, the judge is there to administer JUSTICE for both parties, not to ‘intervene’ if one party is being disorganized and less effective than other attorneys.

          Unless those mistakes rise to the level of being totally incompetent, the judge is not gonna intervene and ask an attorney if they need a nap or a bowl of chicken soup to make them feel better.

          Routinely being ‘late’ and ‘losing your train of thought’ are LONG TERM HABITS which separate good attorneys from bad attorneys ——- they are not things which the judge can ‘correct’ from the bench with a polite conversation.

          It’s no different than hiring a plumber who can’t keep focused and winds up botching his jobs. He probably shouldn’t be a plumber if he ROUTINELY does those things.

          Guess what? There’s nobody who can correct these HABITUAL problems with a simple ‘conversation’.

          Not everybody is meant to be a plumber. Not everybody is meant to be an attorney.

          A judge is only supposed to intervene when an attorney breaks certain ‘rules’ or is clearly violating their duty to their clients. And when judges do intervene for such things, it’s usually to admonish or issue ultimatums, or even dish out punishments.

          That’s how the court system remains punctual and effective. It’s not a place for Junior Varsity attorneys who can’t conform to the high standards of being an ATTORNEY.

          Being an ATTORNEY is a privilege that carries more RESPONSIBILITY than other jobs, such as stocking shelves at Walmart. It’s not meant for everybody.

          Frank will soon see that’s he’s been ‘backing’ a losing horse in this race.

          Frank doesn’t realize that if Cunha truly had the ‘documents’ to prove that it’s all just a big misunderstanding and that she’s done absolutely nothing wrong (lol) ——– then she’d have ALREADY given those documents to the court. LOL.

          Duh, Frank. Grow a brain and stop being a DUPE.

          In my opinion, it looks like Frank has bonded ’emotionally’ with the Cunha family and he’s now ignoring basic common sense.

          He’s a guy who is guided by emotions, not logic.

          This isn’t a ‘group hug’ forum. It’s a forum for truth. Frank himself said so. This rule applies to Frank also.

          Have a good day. 🙂

  • RE Cuna CoMingling Funds.

    Based on Cuna’s own admissions she deserved to be disbarred.
    She would have been disbarred in any state for withdrawing client funds. She stole from her client’s IOLTA. Total idiotic move. It’s against the rules

    “The funds belonged to me. I provided a complete accounting with three months of bank statements. The money was earned pursuant to valid written agreements with one client.”-Cuna

    LMAO! She’s batshit crazy. All attorneys know better.

    ASK K.R. Claviger! She committed one of the biggest ethics violations an attorney can commit.

    • No one cares what you think a woman is. No woman will have you. So ur obsession is pointless. Your transphobia makes you a trash fire of a person. Your views are idiotic conspiricys. And most important to the Frank Report is…

      No one cares. No one views your links. No one comments.

      I only respond to show other readers how to stand up against bigoted idiots like one believes your bullshit. Make your own trans hate site to attract othe incells like yourself because no one here cares about your twisted lies.

      • Lily, you combine the externalized violent self-hatred of a hetero incel with the cattiness of a stereotypical hetero high femme.

        I’m sorry you hate your body so much that you think it is “wrong” for you.

        It isn’t. Its just your body. Accept it for what it is. Do and express yourself however you like, but consider avoiding further mutilating your external and hormonal self.

        • Your comments are misguided and wrong. I love my body and the body all of my transgender friends. I have never claimed to be hetro or self hate. It is none of your business that i am a cis gender female and i only share this to debunk ur bullshit idea that i am someone who hates my body which has nothing to do with transitioning. My sexual orientation remains none of your business. I am happily married and anything but an incell. I have not multualed anything unless u consider a small tattoo and pierced ears too risque for yoyr narrow mind. I do not care if i fit intobur belief of what a woman should or should not be because wether u like it or not, a woman can define herself however she chooses. I will contoue to tell you, shadow or anyone else that transgender hatered is as you say the violent self hatred of a hetro incell. It is ignorant lies that none cares to hear. No one comment but me and i only do so to show other readers that it is not necessary to tolerate reading your garbage. Hate speech deserves to be fought against.

        • Thank you wtf for supporting equal rights and standing uo against hate speech. You are a true ally.

  • Attorney Cunha acted impulsively and paid the price. Even if the judge was a Zionist and phobic of non-Jews, Cunha should have never confronted her directly at court, especially about things that are subjective, prejudicial and can’t be proven. Bringing race into this was a big mistake, it heightens the tension overall, polarizes most everyone and invites retaliation.
    The question for Cunha now is, “What Now ?” How does she proceed from here, restore her professional status and credibility and resurrect herself?
    Please speak up, legal experts!

  • yet another example of why the good ol US of A is no longer a free country. This woman has been treated like a criminal for expressing her opinion and beliefs and in return has lost her livelihood and been put in prison.

    This nonsense about her ‘taking money’ from an escrow account is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to make her appear a criminal. An escrow account is an asset HELD by a third party (Canhu in this scenario) She provided an accounting of the escrow and that of her services rendered and owing. She paid for her services rendered, nothing criminal about that. She didn’t ‘take’ anything that didn’t belong to her but rather Moukawsher saw an opportunity to try and use something benign to harass and intimidate her further.

    I’d say Moukawsher is afraid that his unconstitutional behavior and that of his other CT Family Court cronies is about to come to light and thus making an example of this woman to try and silence anyone else who may seek to challenge him, nothing like a corrupt civil servant.

    Safe to say that there are other investigative journalists in addition to Frank looking in to this bizarre, heartbreaking and complicated story


    • FREE CANHU – that is incorrect. Co-mingling is a huge ethical violation:

      Keeping IOLTA Accounts Separate
      While you may use a general attorney trust fund that outlines how much of the deposited funds belongs to each client, you must keep the money segregated. For example, if a client gives you $1,000 to handle a matter and their costs are $1,200, you cannot “borrow” the other $200 from another client’s funds to pay for it.

      Stop trying to twist everything in a pretzel. She violated a court order and she co-mingled funds= DISBARRED

      • Sherizzy-
        CT family courts violate the constitutional rights of parents on a regular basis. Kids are being ripped from homes of (usually mothers) and sometimes fathers, against state law and the 14th amendment.

        These are major violations of civil rights and liberties of parents and children.

        Can you focus on the victims which are the children? They have no voice. You’re focusing on perhaps an ethical violation when children are being willfully abused by lawyers, therapists, and judges.

        There is no finding of unfitness of these parents. There is no claim of abuse by the state/dcf – yet children are being denied contact with the parents they love.
        Please use your intellect and address the deprivation of human rights in our family courts.

        Cunha is disorganized, and scattered. She’s worked for the woman for ten years pro – bono. She’s disorganized but not a thief.

        It’s been a witch hunt ti find something against her. She has the evidence. Other family court attorneys know what’s going on but they realize their careers are in jeopardy if they confirm the racketeering.

      • First time here and my first impression based on the info provided doesn’t fit with “co-mingling” of funds & that’s not what I thought the previous commenter was arguing either. If she had already earned those funds and provided accounting to prove it, that’s not what co-mingling is. Hopefully there is not a single attorney here that would claim that co-mingling is ethical.. not sure if any of us can determine whether she did or didn’t either way right now but what she described in her response, was certainly not co-mingling of funds..

    • That is not how client funds and attorney’s access to the money works. At all.

      Never. Ever.

      There would be arbitration to collect money owed. It would be handled separately.

      Under no circumstances can an attorney just dig into a client’s financial fund. Ever. Never.

      You all hurt any valid criticism about the court when you spin these wild whoppers.

      • Umm maybe I missed something here but once the funds are earned, they are not longer the client’s and can be transfered to the attorney… If a client paid a $20k retainer and there was $13k in billable hours.. that $13k has been earned. But that seems way too simple to be misconstrued so maybe I missed a comment saying she “borrowed” or took unearned funds but that certainly wasn’t what she represented in her statement in response to that allegation…

        • Again, that is patently false. No one has the right to go into anyone’s bank account and take money they feel that they are owed (whether they are owed or not is another story) but that is not how that works.

          If you are owed money there are ways to legally obtain the money but you are not allowed to just help yourself to what you feel you are entitled to out of a person’s bank account. Not allowed.

          There are scenarios of payments made directly to a lawyer or other agent and a pre contracted % taken out. That is a different scenario. As is the “transfer” that you reference.

  • Sherizzy’s posts are always 100% logical, accurate and truthful for this topic. Same is true for WTF’s posts.

    Nearly everybody else just ignores these FACTS which Sherizzy presents.

    Everybody else just pretends as though there’s a Jewish conspiracy going on.

    Everybody else just pretends as though this arrest warrant was cooked-up on a whim, with no facts to support it, and that this judge is acting extra-judicially.


    Frank, I can promise you that this judge has documented his claims ON THE RECORD (which support his arrest warrant).

    Cunha claims that she’s had no chance to defend herself on these issues —- but the judge’s records say otherwise.

    A judge cannot issue an arrest warrant for somebody without going thru certain procedures.

    That means the judge has DOCUMENTED PROOF that Cunha’s been made aware that she’s been ‘ordered’ to produce certain documents in court by a certain date.

    He also has DOCUMENTED PROOF that she’s repeatedly ignored those judicial orders and/or has failed to comply with them.

    If the judge didn’t have DOCUMENTED ‘proof’ of this, he’d be risking his job —– since he’d be impeached by the CT legislature for issuing an arrest warrant without adequate cause.

    This arrest is a very PUBLIC thing. The judge knows that. He wouldn’t have issued this VERY PUBLIC arrest warrant if he didn’t have the documentation mentioned above.

    That’s why the national media won’t likely share your outrage about Cunha’s arrest, Frank.

    Because when ‘real’ journalists (from the national media) dig into the records to see what happened —– they’ll see that you’re failing to report all of Cunha’s judicial fuckups, no-shows in court, conspiracy theories, and anti-Jewish comments.

    You should listen to Sherizzy, Frank. But sadly, you’re too proud to ever do that.

    I’m guessing that the Cunha family probably has you on speed-dial (LOL).

    I’m also guessing that they’re probably the ones who fed you this story in real time, LOL.

    This tells me that you’ve probably emotionally bonded with them, much like you do with all of your sources (which any real journalist would never do).

    Have a good day, Frank. 🙂

      • Agreed. Perhaps he will earn a seat on the Frank Report High Council.

    • What if the judges order is illegal and violates the rights of her clients? A mother just had her 13 year old son taken because of a judges order last week. She is another protective mother with no history of abuse. Like Ambrose case, the state has no claim against the mother. But this 13 year old was removed against his will from his home and tossed into foster care.

      It is another mother left with no legal representation since Cunha was disbarred.

      The treatment of the mothers- who have been left with no counsel after Cunha was disbarred demonstrates the bias and lack of surgical by the family courts. Ambrose and many other mothers were left mid-trial to fend for themselves. With no money, no legal training, and no preparation they were told to navigate on their own.

      And children are being taken by suggestion of corrupt gals that run the game. They taken the money usually from wealthy fathers, hire their buddies (Jewish or otherwise), claim mom is crazy or alienating and then with no history of abuse, against childrens wishes, they are snatched from the home and from their primary parent – no contact orders out in place.

      It is a willful destruction of families to fuel conflict and create money streams from needless experts and billings.

      The judge ordered Cunha to turn over client files. These clients have been abused by the court, the gals and the judges. They do not want their files turned over to the judiciary.

      The judges order violates the rights of Cunha’s clients.

      Yet you suggest she turn them over anyway? What rights do her clients have? Why should their files be turned over – and all evidence and records- be turned over to a firm they do not trust and have no say about.

      The judges orders violate the rights of the people. And you blame Cunha for not turning them over?

      The judges orders are often lies. It’s hard to believe but true. Hoping Frank has the time to prove it.

      Judges have says mothers kidnapped their children. Sometimes they’ve issued restraining orders and orders for arrest but the claims are false. Would you consider that to be a possibility? Even a known pattern in family court?

      Please let the readers know if you think that is a possible truth. That the court records are as false and judges orders based on no evidence or false premise.

      Please respond about the charges of kidnapping. Thank you.

  • The bias by Frank is obvious. He calls her a critic of the court and not a thief. This entire time Frank has known Cunha was a theif but he continues to protect her. Everyone else I. The system is corrupt, RICO and all that, but the lawyer who is actually accused of stealing is given the kid gloves treatment by Frank. I think he loves her anti-senitism so he pretends it’s about corruption.

    • I don’t think she is anti-Semitic. It was wrong for her to try to make the corrupt world of CT Family Court into a religious thing. The corruption runs through all nationalities and gender. In fact, there are more women than men in this vicious game and plenty of Italians.

      That does not mean I’m anti-Dago, being one myself. But through it all, no one, but no one, seems to care about the children.

  • I wonder if Cunha, Karen and others have healed from those FCC (family court circus blog) brands that they’ve gotten on their crotches? Stop listening to an evil man who claims to be helping women but really gets off on destroying them.

  • I was at the restaurant when this happened. There was no need for officers to come in as they did and make such a scene. There was a marshal outside. Why didn’t he go inside and speak with her? Let her know there were police outside who would be called in if she didn’t agree to go with him?

    Where is the civility? Why are citizens being treated like criminals? This is a civil matter.

    And the husband did not put his hands on the police. I had a good view and I did not see the husband put his hands on the police but I understand why he would given the situation.

    This woman is being vilified – convicted without benefit of even a hearing and all are floating and blaming when she’s yet to be heard.

    • Cunha seems to think she is above the law. She is egregiously in contempt of court. Why should she be treated any differently than anyone else who is in contempt? Maybe they brought the officers in case she was hanging out with her antisemite bro-in-arms who makes death threats on the judiciary. Or because she seems hell-bent on not cooperating with the law? She needs to snap out of it for her own sake.

    • I was there too – he was violent and screaming about the god dam Jews. Maybe that’s where Nickola gets it.

      • Liar! There’s not one word said about Jews. The tapes from the restaurant will prove it. Stop promoting anti semitism.

        • Well I am glad we agree he was violent and screaming. He did not seem to speak English very well so maybe he was trying to say something else. I hope her gets ESL classes as part of his diversion program but considering how batshit crazy his wife is maybe they will send him on a caring for the mentally ill class.

          Thankfully, Im just glad I wont have to see them eat at my favorite restaurant anymore.

  • Another child- 13 and able to speak for himself- like the Ambrose children, was ripped from the home and loving care of his mother. No-contact/supervised visits when no finding of wrong doing or unfitness as a parent.

    This goes on in CT family court. One parent is annihilated and “winner takes all”- to the monied parent.

    Cunha is the attorney on these cases because mothers are left with no access to marital funds, while the fathers have total control of marital assets. No law of equity is applied.

    Ambrose pays all the therapists, the gal and the custody evaluator.

    Mother me ex had access to marital funds or records financial payments to custody evaluator, his attorney or therapists.

    Same pattern in all RICO cases. Tiberi, Sorrentino, Skipp, Rookasin, Hart- it’s all documented.

    Feds need to step in – but Title IV reinforces the concept of sole custody.

  • If Cunha said the judge favored Italians, or favored Irish Catholics, or white men, this would be a non issue. But to dare to say someone favored Jewish people and it is used to create and spin a “Jewish conspiracy” —-

    Now after 50+ years on Earth, with no history- not even a single incident or allegation of being anti-Semitic or anti-anyone, now Cunha is the poster-attorney for being a horribly racist human being.

    And if that’s not enough, they are ignoring her appeal, while they trump up criminal charges and work behind the scenes to bring her to her knees.

    Why is judge moukhowsher – the one who disbarred Cunha- whom she has and appeal against- why is Mouk the trial judge in the proceedings regarding client files and/or accounting of client funds?

    HUGE conflict of interest – but CT family courts do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want.

    There us zero oversight.

    Why is Judge Thomas Moukhowsher presiding over current cases against Cunha- imposed by Moukhowsher as a result and connected to her disbarment by Moukhowsher?

  • Waiting to see how CT media spins this one. Surprised it’s not out already. Maybe they’ll wait until the hearing in Monday. More mud-slinging in their witch hunt to shut down a solo practitioner who has a walk filled with pro-bono awards.

    Shes refusing to give over client files because he clients have forbade her from doing so. The court has no right to take clients personal files against their consent or authority to do so.

    But they are forcing Cunha to go against best interest of clients so they’ll have all the power snd control.

    All of Cunha’s family court cases involve mothers separated illegally from the children they raised. Children traumatized by having a parent ripped out of their lives with no finding of abuse or wrong doing by dcf or the police. This is what this case is about.

    The courts don’t want this exposed. So much so that all of these mothers were left without legal representation and the judges- adelman, grossman, and nastri among others- have cut off all contact with mothers who raised their children dauly fir years.

    This is not about divorce. It’s the destruction of families while gals take in life savings and fuel conflict

  • Nickola has dedicated her life to fighting the corruption in the Connecticut Family Court system. These Judges are corrupt and have choices of either admitting they are corrupt or fighting to then end to continue hiding their corruption.

    Once it is exposed and I believe this bad PR move is about to expose everything they have been doing… Connecticut is no better than a Banana Republic and actually much worse because we are supposed to have a higher standard.

    Corrupt politicians, Judges and their ilk, including GALs and Custody Evaluators thought they could keep up their financial windfall at the expense of women and children. I believe the old saying is “shit is about to hit the fan”. Thank you Frank for continuing your incredible investigative reporting!! May the exposing of this travesty go international!!

    • Cunha is a hero and the comments against her in this page appear to be authored by corrupt bastard attorneys and other cottage industry scum. The judges in this family court circus are lower than cat crap. Hey scumbag family court attorneys and judges: the public hates you.

      The public jokes that the best attorneys are dead ones. The legal world shuns scumbag family law attorneys and we all know that a family law judge or attorney is seen as pathetic. Corrupt, amoral and could not have a meaningful career in civil law or transactional law. Family courts are for losers and moron lawyers. Expose these bastards Frank.

  • Read the allegations in the court file filed by the Statewide Grievance Committee against Cunha, Frank. If true, Cunha is a corrupt lawyer and a disgrace to the profession.

      • Bull but let’s wait until the hearing when Cunha responds and her former clients are called. She’s already perjured herself once so this should be interesting.

  • A judge can disbar an attorney in Connecticut? That’s confusing.

    Isn’t the process undertaken by a state bar or other Advisory board or panel for the state? In other States, the disbarring of an attorney involves investigators and a lengthy process.

    There’s usually lighter disciplinary action before someone is actually disbarred. Is this all different in Connecticut?

    And why was she taken to a prison? Wouldn’t there first be charges formally brought? And a trial? Before leaving the jail and ending up in a prison?

    • Corrupticut. No laws apply and the laws on the books allow for power and control to the government. Do not come to Connecticut.

    • There is in fact a detailed process for disbarring an attorney that’s administered by Connecticut’s Statewide Grievance Committee. It affords the accused the due process to which you allude. However, a sitting judge also has latitude to administer discipline. Per the 2022 Connecticut Practice Book:

      Sec. 2-44 Power of the Superior Court to Discipline Attorneys and To Restrain Unauthorized Practice
      The Superior Court may, and for just cause, suspend or disbar attorneys and may, for just cause, punish or restrain any person engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

      The state marshal’s apprehension of Ms. Cunha is a non-criminal proceeding. His job was to detain her and present her to the court. In criminal proceedings, there’s usually an arraignment in court within 24 hours of an arrest – even on weekends. As this is a non-criminal proceeding, Ms. Cunha is being detained until Monday’s appearance in court.

  • It amazes me how people cannot see their own anti-Semitism. So because Cunha will take money from Jews, she is not anti-Semitic? I don’t think so.

    She reeks of Anti-Semitism! Her portrait of the greedy miserly Jew who connives with others for money. No, not anti-Semitic at all.

    Curious how she never even looked to see if the Catholic, Protestant or Muslim judges were doing the same with lawyers of their faith. No, that didn’t even cross her mind. Because only the Jew would do such horrible things. She’s disgusting!

    It should be noted, since you failed to mention it, Frank, that the judge postponed arresting Cunha at least two times. He gave her several chances to turn over the files, and she refused to do so and went MIA.

    Even if she believes she had a right to that money, she was ordered not to withdraw any funds and to provide the financials for her clients. Instead, she took the money and never provided financials to the court. Or maybe the judge lied about that because he is also part of the conspiracy!

    Everything out of Cunha’s mouth is lies. She deserved to be disbarred and I truly hope it lasts far beyond five years. I have a feeling it will. She cannot turn off her crazy.

    Also, Cunha lied directly to the court. Bold-faced lies. It’s on the record. There was nothing for her to defend or argue. She would just be spinning more lies and the court knew that. And, he did actually let her argue some of the claims against her in the hearing afterward and that’s exactly what she did – lied some more and made an even bigger fool out of herself, if that was even possible.

    Again, people, read the transcripts. They’re public. The truth is in there and it’s screaming off of every page. Cunha put herself exactly where she is.

    • Thanks Sherizzy. Like you, I’ve read the transcripts and believe the judge was right to disbar her. I believe she also accused the judge of protecting pedophiles. Without evidence, that is totally insane. She has been unable to provide any evidence.

      Somehow, she ended up drinking the same Kool-Aid as Karen, became a member of the cult of the guy who writes the family circus blog. He lures in people at low points in their lives under the guise of helping them but just leads them to their destruction, sounds a lot like someone else we know a.k.a. Keith Raniere. He pretends to be their friend but I have a feeling he probably gets off on watching them destroy themselves by following his advice. Notice how much he loves to “help” women. I think it’s not a far stretch to surmise that a man who is blatantly anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist is also a misogynist.

      This was not a PR stunt by the court it’s a PR stunt by Cunha, obviously. She knew what would happen if she repeatedly refused to comply with court orders and then went out and dined in a restaurant. give me a freaking break.

      Frank why don’t you publish the part where her client said something like “yes I feel like I owe her some money for her services but we never discussed the amount or had an agreement”…Cunha can’t just seize 78,000 from clients willy-nilly like that with no explanation. What in the hell is wrong with her! She could have drafted an agreement with that client instead of being sneaky about it and going MIA.

      • I agree 100%, She went down the QAnon rabbit hole and is unfit to practice. She’s also no great attorney. Cunha did NOTHING for Karen, No alimony (allegedly), no visitation with her children (though Karen failed to show up for hearings for over a year and disobeyed court orders may have played a part) and had no defense to present for her client so she throws this unfounded and crazy ass conspiracy theory at the court.

        Why do people keep saying she worked pro bono for Karen? Cunha attended the hearing in Atty Nusbaum vs Karen Riordan just last week over attorney fees and Cunha stated she has a lien on the client funds held by Nusbaum for $100,000.00 for her representation of Karen. Maybe in the Fairfield County 100K is considered pro bono but it’s just another whitewash on Cunha’s “brave zealous advocate for destitute mothers”‘ false persona.

      • Thank you Nice Guy!. And also WTF, Magoo and Anonymous at 3:13pm.

        It’s such a relief to see others on here who follow the facts instead of resorting to fantastical far-fetched conspiracy theories to cover their own personal failures.

  • Sue Cousineau is a GAL whom appears to have her tentacles in family court and juvenile court. I recently heard that she made false statements under oath to Judge Nastri and withheld critical documents from the court in order to have the child removed from his mothers home and care. They took him by force – against his expressed will.

    A fourteen year old capable of speaking for himself was overpowered, threatened and removed from the care of his mother and his home to be placed in a strangers foster care home. This is an outrage! This is CT family court.

    The order, and court records are loaded with lies – once signed by a judge- they appear as facts serving to mislead the reader.

    The pubic is misled and character assassination of protective, healthy mothers ensues to the detriment of children. This is a playbook.

    Save and protect our children!!!! How many children are kidnapped and voices unheard because GALs like Sue Couinau taint and control the narrative to line their own pockets and eliminate and bury the words and reports of anyone who advocates for the child – in opposition of the GALs agenda.

    • “A fourteen year old capable of speaking for himself was overpowered, threatened and removed from the care of his mother and his home to be placed in a strangers foster care home.”

      People who make statements like this don’t seem to understand the dynamics of child abuse. Kids who are abused are trained to keep it secret and cover for the abuser out of fear of a worse fate. That’s why DCF can’t take the word of a child as the only and final say as to where they will live. They have to look at other evidence.

      Is that really so hard to understand?

  • They get her on a Friday night. Can the abuse and retaliation be more obvious?

    No need to hide it. No law applies in Ct.

  • Where’s ponytail Pattis? I thought he was Cunha’s attorney. Typical attorney- gets the money and does nothing.

    • Pattis may be ordered to turnover monies he received from Cunha as a retainer if she paid him with funds she took from her clients’ trust account in violation of a court order. Rut-roh!

    • I just started following this today. Of course Norm is involved with this cretinous, self absorbed client. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  • CT family courts… where children are silenced, abused and sacrificed. Adolescents and teens can speak for themselves but GALs and attorneys will not have it.

    When attorneys try to advocate and call out RICO- they are threatened and taken down. The court pets like Jessica caverly, Linda smith, Robert HOrwitz, Sidney HOrwitz, Janis laliberte, Jocelyn Hurwitz, sue coussino and others are protected at all costs.

    Give our children their own attorneys! The need to be heard. “Best interest” is total BS and applies to best interest of lining pockets of corruption.

    Ambrose kids and so many others are taken and “alienated” from they mother. Margaret Sullivan, Marlena Harris, Petricia Weaver, Catherine Rookasin, Paige Styvan, Angela Hickmann, Diane Hart, Kathy Sorrentino, and so many other mothers and children are suffering.

    This is not normal. It’s criminal and violates state law and constitutional rights.

    It’s a racket!!!

  • Yeah, defying court orders will ruin your weekend.

    If the CT court system is run by a Jewish conspiracy of paedo-enablers, as Cunha contends, why is she drawing money out of an account when she has been ordered not to?

    What did she think the judge was going to do?

    If she’s right about the CT courts, she’s an even bigger idiot than if she is wrong.

    • She was ineffective and blew a great opportunity to make a clear record. Too much stress and she couldn’t handle it.

      She blurted out nonsense – random statement about bias and the judge held her to it as if it were her thesis.

      She walked right into it and sank her own ship.

  • Wow! That’s absolutely awful. I’m so sorry that both her and her husband are suffering because of vindictive, power- hungry people who are abusing their power. Her rights and due process are being violated. I also support her stance. It’s not prejudice, it’s calling out facts that we clearly see. She’s not alone in feeling this way about family court favoritism.

  • All of her clients- mothers who had their children taken – and children denied the love,affection and attention of their mothers, have been left with no money, and no legal representation since Cunha was disbarred.

    Where is the concern for the rights of these mothers and children?

  • Distraction from core issue - parental alienation by pedo Gardner and bs claims mothers are suddenly crazy. Mommectomies of ct family court. says:

    How about the police arrest the judges and therapists who violate parent rights and steal children from healthy parents? Focus on the children who have a parent ripped from their lives without any claim by DCF and no allegations of abuse.

    Violations of 14th amendment are rampant in ct family court, but let’s go after the pro-bono attorney.

    • Your comment is dead on – this is a distraction by corrupt court professionals and they should all be arrested for RICO.

      Don’t forget the cases where there has been DCF substantiations of abuse by fathers, only for court professional like GAL’s, Custody evaluators and their hired gun attorneys to use their titles as professionals and use family court to interfere with the criminal investigation by police and states attorneys to get the dads off of criminal charges, overturn substantiations, and use a BS claim of Parental Alienation to call the mom crazy when she is trying to protect their child/children.

      These court thugs push a false narrative and make up evidence because they know it take more work to prove the lie and that appellate courts rarely hears or overturn based on a judges false made up narrative and so called facts that is not supported by the evidence. All in the name of money made off of our most vulnerable!!!!

  • She worked pro bono for ten years for that client. But for interference of judiciary, the client would never have pursued anything. She was happy to have nickola continue representing her in two more cases.

    This has all gotten way out of hand. Four police cars? Really? Surprised they didn’t storm in with guns drawn.

    • Calm it down –

      The co-mingling of funds is a big no-no. Another reason to disbar her.

      And I am positive they will find much much more. That is the real reason she refused to turn over the over files with the financials.

      Who’s the corrupt one?

      • They’re asking for all client files- not just her accounting. The clients should make the determination as to where their files go. Clients want files returned to them, not turned over to the judiciary under whom they’ve suffered and been denied their rights.

        Also- where is the procedure that allows for the judiciary to launch an investigation into the attorneys record keeping? She was disbarred and it’s on appeal.

        Procedurally, there was no complaint filed by any client.

        It seems this is a witch hunt.

        There were no allegations of wrong doing and now they are violating her rights by making such demands.

        Where is the law that allows for this? Oh- forgot its CT courts. No laws applies.

  • This needs the Feds. Time for the national media to step up. What a fuckin story for the first one in.

    • Long overdue. The abuse to children in CT family courts is destroying families for the benefit of profit for attorneys and therapists.

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