Leaked notes of DOS woman Part 3: ‘Drills, fixing Vow, chains, collateral and “KR”‘ suggests DOS with KR all over it

I believe the first entries on the left column refer to Rainbow Cultural Garden.

The DOS slave quotes someone: A persistency build my life skills.

[Is ‘persistency’ a Keith made up word?]

ALB may stand for Albany?

Monica D may be DOS slave Monica Duran.

Next to her name is the word ‘drills’. What are ‘drills?’

KR seems likely to be Keith Raniere.

General’s Way is the name of a street in Knox Woods.  Allison Mack owns or owned a home at 7 Generals Way.

The line on the right column: “Vow/fix it” implies DOS to me.

As do the next two lines:

Collatoral   [misspelled? should be collateral?]

Chain, I believe refers to the necklace, belly chain or anklet that DOS slaves have to wear at all times to symbolize their slavery. They are literal symbols for the chains of slavery.

Further down on the right column she writes: “Game ask KR.”

Does she mean at the volleyball game ask Keith Raniere?

These notes were taken earlier this year, I am told, and before the DOS branding and collateral scheme was first published in Frank Report in June 2017.

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  • BOOM – the notes are India Oxenberg’s TALK TO Angelica – Angelica has to be Hinojos. – Maya and Celeste are Van Diens Mom is Catherine Oxenberg.




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