Michael Rosenbaum and Erica Durance Discussion on Smallville’s Most Famous Star -Allison Mack

Anna B. Mercury

Since I have come aboard on Frank Report, this blog has taken the trouble to provide readers with deeper insights into Smallville and my personal favorite, Allison Mack.

Today’s post will provide readers with some transcripts of a discussion between two of Mack’s supporting actors, Erica Durance and Michael Rosenbaum. The discussion was had on Rosenbaum’s podcast, “Inside of You.” A provocative name for a podcast and something Durance must have considered more than once if in fact she actually did not indulge in it.

As all intelligent adults know, Smallville was a TV show starring Allison Mack and co-starring Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk. It premiered on October 16, 2001.

The opening theme: “Save Me” by Remy Zero. Zero clearly wrote the song with Allison’s character Chloe in mind. No doubt he wanted to be Inside of Her.

I don’t care how you do it
Just save me, save me
I’ve made this whole world shine for you
Just save, save
Come on
I’m still waiting for you

Allison waited for Clark Kent to realize she was the woman for him.

Smallville lasted 11 years and was arguably the most popular TV show in America for the first 10.

The show took a big plunge in ratings when Allison left the show to work with an Albany life coaching group. But, once she stopped appearing in every show, it was all over for Smallville. It died a boring death without the gorgeous Emmy award-winning actress. She captivated a whole continent with her endearing personality.
Without her, it was a total flat affect.

The show was an interpretation of the Superman story, featuring young Clark Kent.

It really centered around Mack, who is the one original new character in the Superman story, not even imagined by DC Comics.

Young Kent comes to grips with his emerging superpowers. He must hide his abilities from his superficial friends, including Lana Lang, a brunette who uses him, and Lex Luthor, played by Rosenbaum, who becomes his enemy later.

Clark learns to undress in a phone booth and become Superman.

Complicating matters is the presence of two dynamic powers – kryptonite, which cripples Clark, and Allison Mack, the female who builds him up.

Allison Mack dominated the show, and once she left, it was bye-bye to ratings. Readers know also that Allison left the show to be with her real-life Superman – Keith Raniere. He was known to undress in an executive library and become Vanguard.

Here is some of the discussion of Inside Of You With Michael Rosenbaum — and his guest, Erica Durance.

Michael: Today I think you’re gonna really enjoy this without further ado I love this lady. She’s beautiful inside and out and really fun to talk to. I hope she’ll come on the podcast every year. I try to get my old buddies from Smallville to come on here at least once a year so without further ado let’s get inside of Erica Durance.

I don’t walk around like this. I just put on my fancy new shirt for my interview.

First of all you look fantastic. I don’t know what it is. Is it your hair? You look really good, I’m not lying.

Lots of lighting on in here. It could be because I’ve learned that if I wear color it makes me look less dead and old; a tide of color.

Now what’s the big interview for?

It’s you!

Oh it’s me. I’m the big interview. You dressed up for me? I love it. Where are you?  You’re in Canada, right?

I am in Canada. Vancouver BC. Hey, should I be matching you with intellectual glasses?

I think you look great without glasses and with, but I like without better.

One really nerdy thing about me. When I was a kid, my sister got glasses in grade three, and I was in grade one, and I’ve always wanted them. So last year, I had the slightest problem with my vision, and I was like, yes!  Anybody who actually needs glasses thinks you’re such an idiot, but I technically need them for night driving.

How’s your anxiety? I know we talked about it last time. How’s all that stuff going? How have you been, how have you been dealing with it?

It depends on which time of day you catch me.

Is it that in the mornings it’s tough, and then in the afternoon it gets easier?

This isn’t a sexy story, but anybody who’s had down moments knows that you somehow at 3am you end up in a bathroom. Why are you in your bathroom? Why aren’t you still just on the couch upset?

But I just end up in my bathroom, in the bathtub fully clothed. So, it’s not exciting. No water. I was just in there shaking, I was totally freaking out. I was chatting with my sister and said, why is it that I end up in the bathroom? My sister said, “I do the same thing!”

So maybe you could put it out there. When are true anxiety moments, where do you end up?

It’s your safe place. You’re getting a bathtub, it sounds like a safe place for an earthquake. Are you supposed to get in the bathtub during an earthquake or tornado? When are you? Are you ever supposed to get in the bathtub?

I don’t know. I do have anxiety, but I’m also working on ways to manage it.

Now look, I’m not a doctor, I’m not like someone who knows everything. That’s for sure. But it feels like you get anxiety, you’re uncomfortable, there’s your ups and downs, you go in the bathroom, you’re freaking out a little bit, but then you get a job, and everything starts to dissipate and you relax a little more. Is that true?

I think that is true. I don’t want to say that it’s all based around working. But it is based around, for example if somebody thinks they have a sense of purpose. They can focus all that intensity somewhere and say this is what I’m gonna do. So, depending on how you’ve validated yourself or what your kind of pattern has been your whole life, if that’s interrupted and changed, then it can create anxiety.

For me, I started working as a janitor um when I was 10. My family decided we needed to make more money, and so we cleaned a few local buildings after school. Then I really liked having money, so I was a waitress at 15 as soon as I could get my card, and then I’ve been working ever since.

So for me to go from working to then getting such a great job on Smallville, and then going onto Saving Hope. I had this rhythm; this is what I did. I wanted to go out, work, come home, and not spend 10 hours at home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that makes you happy, you won the jackpot. How did you get the opportunity to act?

Michael Rosenbaum as Smallville’s Lex Luthor

I was working as an agent, but still auditioning for stuff and nothing was happening. I was doing the regular shows in town, like the Stargate and Chris Isaac show, just to build up um my union status, and then David Nutter saw me audition.

David Nutter, Director and Producer

David Nutter contacted my manager to have me test for Tarzan as the sister, which I don’t fit that role at all, but then Warner Brothers signed me on a holding deal, but I didn’t know what that meant.

I remember sitting in the Universal Hotel, they said, “Hey, you’re not right for this, but they’re going to put you on a holding deal.” And everybody was freaking out, but I didn’t get the part. I didn’t understand. I was way behind on the significance of signing a holding deal.

Then I did a little pilot called Gramercy Park and I got the lead in that one. So they knew me so that by the time it came around to Smallville auditioning.

Smallville actresses Allison Mack, Laura Vandervoot, Kristin Kruek and Erica Durance

How many times did you read for it? Don’t say once.

Once for Koreen and once for Greg, but then I had to test.

So you had to pass casting, you had to pass Greg Beeman, the executive producer of Smallville, and then you had to test for the network and the studio, fly down LA.


You know, I don’t think we got into it really last time. But you always said Allison [Mack] was really nice to you. Right? You worked with Allison Mack.

How honest do you want me to be?

Allison Mack and Erica Durance

I want you to be really honest. I don’t want you to call me up though, afterwards and go, “Cut that out.”

Oh. Okay.

But feel free to talk about it. Because Allison came to me. Everybody knows that. She came up to me and [Tom] Welling and said, ‘Oh Rosebaum, you’d really excel in this. There’s this, you know self-help thing’ and blah, blah, blah.

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum

And I said, Yeah, no. And I looked at Tom [Welling] kind of kiddingly, and jokingly I said, “Sounds like a cult, doesn’t it?” But you know, I didn’t do it. Did she ever try to get you to do it?


Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Smallville’s Clark Kent and Lois Lane


She did?

Erica: Yes.

Because she tried to get Laura as well. She tried to recruit Laura [Vanderwoort].

Laura Vandervoort as Smallville “Supergirl”

I said the idea of sharing all of my personal secrets brings up a visceral reaction in me as well.

Wait a minute, so that came up right away?

No, she didn’t bring it up until the latter part of the seasons. Right?


You know, we had an interesting relationship. Me and Alison. I think she felt like she wanted to like me. I think she felt like she wanted people to see that she liked me.

But I don’t think she really, I don’t think having me there was something that was great for her.

Erica Durance and Allison Mack

So she thought that potentially, maybe she was a little threatened by this new girl that just came on the show.

Maybe it came off as her being threatened, but I found there were too many little idiosyncrasies of things that would happen, where I’d walk away. And I was like, I thought we got along today, and then I’d go home and think, but that was super mean, but nobody would see it. Right?

So there are all sorts of those little things that would go on. Perhaps it was something that she was working on, too. And that’s why some days, it would be like she’s maybe working on trying. Maybe we’re just two different people. I don’t know. But some days, it would be like, she was super happy to see me and super friendly, and other days. You know, it was not the same.


And so, yeah, we weren’t ever really close.

But she liked you enough or hated you enough to invite you into the (NXIVM).

I think that was about her. I think she liked being in that position of knowledge and wanting to recruit and bring people in. I think she obviously really believed in it. But I just didn’t trust her motivation when it came to me.

You felt like she didn’t really like you. She didn’t really connect with you.

It’s not like somebody didn’t like me in kindergarten or something. It’s just the vibe that she gave me was not something that I thought, “Oh, I feel like I can trust you with myself and my innermost thoughts.”

Right. That makes perfect sense.

So that’s kind of our main experience. And she did approach me to talk about it. I should do this thing, and it’d be really good for me.

But I didn’t trust it. And it was too reminiscent of like a very, right right wing version of my upbringing, which was confess your sins to everybody around you to keep you on the straight and narrow, but you’re talking about humans there.

So it’s never going to be this glorified idea of helping each other. It will be I know your shit. Let’s talk about it with others. So I didn’t find that somewhere I wanted to put myself. Like, I’ll get my therapist or someone else. But I’m not going to join a group of people. And then talk about my personal shit with them.

You know, the first time Allison mentioned it, I thought, ‘Oh, you know, there are a bunch of other people, they’re very supportive, you build confidence, you build all these things, you learn about yourself.’ You know, the idea sounds kind of cool.

That’s how they get you, right? Like the idea is to work through your shit and have a sense of community.

That’s how they get you. We’re all looking for a sense of community. So we’re all a little gullible, a little naive.

But as a child growing up in a conservative Christian environment, I had been a party to those experiences where you confess your deep, dark secrets, and promise to uphold each other, pray for each other, and help each other, and it’s just not a human possibility.

Not with that many people, you might have one or two confidants where you could say, okay, this is something you want to work through, and I’d like you to hold me accountable. Because I have a problem with this.

But on mass, I’ve never seen that work well. I’ve always seen that used as a tool to manipulate people. Or if not manipulate, then the larger group of people would shame some people because of that, so I’d seen things like that in my own life. And I’d seen that with my family. And so I was like, not for me.

Not for me. I understand that makes perfect sense.


Some of you probably think these two are jealous because Mack was a superior actress. However, envy is always present in the human breast, even Durance’s breast.

Allison Mack and Erica Durance
Allison Mack, Erica Durance and Kristin Kreuk

Mack is not only a stellar actress, but I am told she even developed with Super Vanguard, an acting school. It is called The Source, where top-notch actors and actresses improve their craft and become consummate actors like Mack. Mack and Vanguard, the most intelligent man in the world, teach the aspiring actors.

So Smallville tanked when Mack left. She settled down in Albany, New York, to teach acting and recruit beautiful women and teach them how to be empowered like herself.

I’ve meant to catch up with Mack for some time. The last time we spoke was in 2016 when she told me about a woman’s empowerment group she was developing.

I plan to follow up and see how she is doing, how the acting classes are going, and how her relationship with that handsome hunk, Vanguard, is doing. I placed a call to Mack on her cell phone, but did not get a return call by press time. So I will ring her again next week and promise you the scoop on TV’s most outstanding actress.


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  • Allison Mack has always been a minor actress. Always trying to steal the spotlight from real actors like Rosenbaum Wellington Durance. Mack is definitely a demon hell spawn succubus.

  • Previously to this entire cult reveal, I would have been angered at the idea of Erica Durance thinking Allison Mack was threatened by her but now that we’ve learned about Mack’s actions, I think Durance was correct.

    There is no way anyone with a feminist or even pro-woman feeling would be okay with the amount of abuse Raniere encouraged the “masters” to inflict on the “salves.” I truly hope Allison Mack is getting therapy while she’s in jail because she really needs to question while she participated in all of this abuse.

    • A possible explanation:

      Psychology Today

      Sexual Sadism Disorder
      Reviewed by Psychology Today Staff

      Sexual sadism disorder is characterized by taking sexual pleasure from humiliation, fear, or another form of mental harm to a person. Sadistic acts include restraint (such as ropes, chains, or handcuffs), imprisonment, biting, spanking, whipping, or beating.
      [ … ]

      According to the DSM-5, to be diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder, a person must experience persistent and intense sexual arousal from causing or fantasizing about the physical or mental suffering of another person, with or without their consent. These symptoms must be present for at least six months and cause severe distress or dysfunction in social, professional, or another significant area of the person’s day-to-day life. When combined with traits of antisocial personality disorder—poor impulse control, dishonesty, and lack of empathy and remorse—sexual sadism can be especially dangerous and difficult to treat.


    • Mack will blame it all on Raniere, “he made me do it.” She’s got the perfect out.

      Prisoners almost never blame themselves for ending up in prison. It’s always someone else’s fault.

      I’m willing to bet Mack still sees herself as a feminist and sincerely believed she was a feminist throughout her Nxivm years. She was just “misled” by Raniere.

      Her actions obviously tell a different story. She’s got a mean streak a mile wide. She’s vindictive toward other women in particular. How much nastier does it get than blackmailing other women, lying to them to get them branded on their nethers?

      Branded with his & hers initials. Her initials and Raniere’s, intertwined, AM & KR.

      How vindictive, how twisted. And she had it done in her own home, the branding. She’s a sadist, she has no conscience, she has a lot in common with Raniere. No wonder she was attracted to him.

      It has never come out, who exactly designed that brand. I’ll eat my hat if it wasn’t Mack herself. She took credit for the branding idea, and we have audio of Raniere putting her in charge of the details.

      It must’ve eaten her up inside that her lover and mentor was screwing all those other women. Many of them younger and prettier than her. She got her revenge.

      This is the woman who’ll be out on parole in a year or two. World beware.

      • It has never come to light who exactly designed that brand.

        You are completely lost, the trial Lauren recognized as the one who designed the brand, according to Keith’s idea about the different meanings that could be attributed to them.

        • I don’t think so, that’s not in any trial transcript I’ve read.

          There is audio of Raniere telling Mack how the branding “ceremony” should be conducted. He clearly put her in charge of the operation. That was presented into evidence at the trial.

          Branding was being conducted in Mack’s home. That was revealed by Sarah Edmondson, who was herself branded there. Others have corroborated that fact.

          The brand, crude and barbaric as it is, is clearly the initials KR and AM intertwined. The FR has published numerous photos of the branding that make that abundantly obvious. Mack’s and Raniere’s initials intertwined like a schoolgirl with a crush on a boy would doodle in her notebook. Why would anybody other than Allison Mack create that design?

          The vindictive bitch was having her and Raniere’s initials branded on her rivals’s pussies.

  • Here’s a look at the rabbit hole of recruiting, or “referring” according to the Coach’s List:

    Eric Durance was a failed recruit of Mack’s

    Mack “referred” by Kreuk

    Kreuk “referred” by Hildreth

    Hildreth “referred” by Toby Dean Smith

    Toby Dean Smith “referred by Sarah Edmondson

    Sarah Edmondson “referred” by Teah Banks

    We know most of the these names, but—

    Who is Toby Dean Smith? He grew up in South Africa like Mark Vicente. He wanted to be a film maker, studied directing in Vancouver and was an aspiring actor/film maker when recruited by Vicente. Smith later became a Nxivm Coach. Today he is a working TV director.

    Who is Teah Banks? She grew up in a Christian cult, Radio Church of God. When she starting questioning the sect, she was expelled. With her then boyfriend, Mark Vicente, who had left his former cult, Ramtha, they both became recruits of Nancy Salzman and joined another cult, NXIVM. Based on her experiences in two cults, and knowing the extent of the cruelty of the people Banks once considered her friends and mentors, however, has led her to formally swear off any self-help group or organized religion. This time, she says, it’s for good.

    Rolling Stone did an article on Banks and Vicente and cult hopping:

  • I want to go to the next comic con when Allison is appearing. Can someone let me know when that is?

  • Mack is not only a stellar actress, but I am told she even developed with Super Vanguard, an acting school. It is called The Source

    Anna Mercury

    Isn’t it odd that Anna Mercury thinks that Allison Mack is a great actress and shares the same initials with the now incarcerated Allison Mack?
    Is that some kind of coincidence or what?

    Could Anna Mercury be a member of NXIVM?
    Could Nicki Clyne or one of Nicki’s minions be Anna Mercury?
    How about it, Nicki?

  • 2 questions random questions not related to this article..
    1. I recently read an article on Sarah Edmonson noting she was previously married before marrying “Nippy” Ames. Is this true? She never mentioned anything about this in any interviews.
    2. Is Mark Vicentes book coming out soon?

  • Frank, I have a modest proposal.

    How about appointing a Frank Report High Council that represents the range of contributors to the comments section?

    It should include a range of people from the sublime: Susan Dones, KR Clavinger, Sherrizy

    To the ridiculous: Patriot God, ShadowState1958, Alanzo

    And Two Lawyers can be the legal counsel. (Where did they go?)

    The High Council can even have a Latin motto like “Verum non semper aequum, sed reddit legis.”

      • As long as they aren’t accusing Connecticut judges of being involved in a Jewish paedophile conspiracy, they are probably still practicing.

  • Anna B. Mercury
    Since I have come aboard on Frank Report, this blog has taken the trouble to provide readers with deeper insights into Smallville and my personal favorite, Allison Mack.

    How old are you, Anna?
    Seriously, how old are you?
    Why don’t you deluded Superfans tell the truth about the CW and it’s hit show Smallville and its delusional actress Allison Pimp Mack.
    The CW is the Water Closet of TV networks.

    The CW is the toilet of American TV networks.
    Its shows are comic book retreads with zero plot and two dimensional characters.
    Even retarded children try to avoid the CW.

    And Allison Pimp Mack was so delusional as to see herself on a par with great Shakespearean actresses.

    Let’s see what others think of the CW.

    Why do people say that the CW sucks?

    ·3 mo. ago
    Yes, you have insight into the thoughts and reasoning of people you have never even met. You are fucking brilliant! Here it is, CW shows come off as amateurish and childish. I love me some fantasy and horror and sci-fi, but CW’s attempts at the above are, again, amateurish, childish, and geared towards the shallow.

    Name deleted
    ·3 mo. ago
    uhhh no they just look like complete shit, theyre shot like a soap opera, the extras stare at the camera and over-act in background, the camera angles make no sense, the actors constantly drudge through their lines, and the overall set design is some of the worst ive ever seen. you’re either 9 or a retard if you enjoy these shows

    In a media universe with hundreds of TV networks where you can be educated by the Discovery networks, you deep dive into the literal outhouse of TV networks.
    Most videos on Youtube have more care put into them than the average piece of CW offal.

    Here is a video of TV shows more dramatic than anything on the CW.

    • Shadow criticized Anne Mercury: “In a media universe with hundreds of TV networks where you can be educated by….”

      Let me finish for Shadow:…”educated by Fox, by Breitbart, by InfoWars, etc?????

      Beware Pots and Kettles, Shadow…also Glass Houses.

      • deepstate2020

        How is that six dollar per gallon gasoline working out for you?
        Are you anticipating the ten dollar per gallon gasoline?
        How about the summer of electrical brownouts and blackouts?

  • Why do these Smallville actors not talk about Kristin Kreuk being in the cult?

    They are happy to say Ally Wack tried to recruit them, yet no mention of Kreuk.

    Really, are we to believe Kreuk didn’t bring up the NXIVM cult and try and recruit anyone when she recruited Mack and was in just as deep during and after her Smallville run?

    They get on with Kreuk, so do not even mention her at all.

    Fake, like Erica Durance’s silicon tiddies.

    Also, these aged Smallville actors have all sunk to scrapping the bottom of the barrel, doing these sad fan conventions.

    • “Kreuk was in just as deep during and after her Smallville run”

      Not in as deep. She was not living in Albany or teaching the Source or doing taped interviews with Keith, etc as Mack was.

      However, apparently Coach Kreuk did get a couple Vancouver recruits and had Nxivm meetings in her home, but maybe she was less pushy. Still, it is odd that her involvement in Nxivm is not mentioned by Kreuk’s ex-cast members. Are they just being kind to the “likable” Kreuk, or did she induce them in some way?

      • In the 2011 coach list, Kreuk and Mack were both equal rank, yellow sash with two stripes and Mack was not living in Albany.

        This was post Smallville.

        And Kreuk did more than recruit a couple of Vancouver idiots.

        • There have been hundreds and hundreds of people who have worked with Kreuk or were in NXIVM with her…and I don’t recall any of those people claiming they witnessed anything bad that she did. Weird.

          Not counting the ones posting smack in ALL CAP!

          Prove me wrong.

          • Here’s one: Allison Mack. Kreuk recruited Mack into NXIVM. So Kreuk is partly to blame for Mack’s downfall…..

            Rosenbaum’s podcast lost all credibility the moment he has Kreuk on but doesn’t discuss NXIVM with her. Obviously Kreuk doesn’t want to talk about it. But with the woman she recruited in jail, the least she can do is be open about it so as to warn others not to make the same mistake (joining cults). Especially since she seems to have some kind of fan base of young adults….

            Out of curiosity I watched some scenes of smallville on YouTube. It’s rubbish: special effects are laughable amateurish. Like they did in the fifties. It’s so bad it’s not even cult (no pun intended).

          • There have not been “hundreds and hundreds”.

            She is not discussed because they get on.

          • “So Kreuk is partly to blame for Mack’s downfall.”

            That’s Ike blaming a door to door Avon saleswoman for your eventual bankruptcy because you couldn’t get enough of their garbage products.

    • Several reasons.

      Kreuk isn’t a convicted felon currently serving time in prison.

      Kreuk didn’t have people branded.

      Kreuk is still a member of the acting community. It’s not a great look to be dumping on your fellow actors.

      Kreuk doesn’t want to talk about it.

      Rosenbaum doesn’t want her avoiding his podcast.

      None of these people owe you or anyone else an in-depth investigation into who did what to whom.

      As for these sad aging has beens, Tom Welling is still acting and producing, Durance is still acting and producing, Kreuk had her own network TV show, Rosenbaum as far as I know just has the podcast, some voiceover work and convention appearances but still likely makes a hell of a lot more money than you.

      • Daylight robbery. The idiots who hand over perhaps 18 hours of wages from their pointless boring jobs to a bunch of bottom of the barrel actors, for thirty seconds of their attention, who have resorted to nerd conventions, is stupid.

        • People who go to these conventions evidently have a great time, otherwise they wouldn’t go. The actors get well paid and apparently they enjoy the reunion and chance to meet fans in person. Everybody wins, seems to me.

          What makes you want to shit all over people innocently having a good time?

          • Sausage boy, you are part of the problem. If you can’t see it, you can’t see it.

            You have one life. Working a shit job for peanuts, taking up most of your life, only to throw the money you earn over bullshit, giving it to already excessively privileged e-list celebrities is pathetic. They would make fantastic slaves.

        • Everyone spends their money how they want. Some go to conventions. Others buy booze, lottery tickets, or tickets to a game/pay per view to watch players that don’t know them from Adam. To each their own. As someone who has been to a few of these conventions, there are many other events going on. Most go to socialize, not meet actors.

  • Every true fan of the show knows the real focus of Smallville was the smoldering gay relationship between Clark and Lex.

    This is probably why Michael Rosenbaum named his podcast “Inside of You”.

    All the other Smallville characters were just background. Lois was obviously Clark’s “beard”. Chloe had a schoolgirl crush on Clark but he never took her up on it, it was almost like he wasn’t interested in girls…

    Lex was completely bald to make his head resemble a penis.

    I mean, how obvious is that!

    In practically every episode there was a scene set in Lex’s stately mansion where Lex and Clark would have a lover’s argument, tempers and nostrils flaring. Lex knew Clark was hiding some kind of “secret”!

    I wonder what kind of “secret” that might be…

    • Well it’s a-fish-hole now. Sausage will have no one tarnish the Luscious Lois Lane played by the Buxom Erica Durance. The “Sultan of Sausage” won’t even tolerate on-screen character romances if they get in the way of his fantasy. Anna’s article was like a moth to the flame for this guy (pretty sure that was the whole intent lol!). Frank, you have commented that there’s no unrequited love like that of Sultan of Six for KK, but I think another contender has just entered the ring!

    • the fiery gay relationship between Clark and Lex. It is a difficult thing to deny, but it cannot be denied that Chloe became the most remarkable character I have ever had interesting after Clark, and if we take into account that she was an unprecedented character in the history of superman and became so popular that DC.

      I ended up buying it and adapting it to the comics, although they really didn’t do it well, Allison was also the only cast member to be nominated for a teen choice awards, and even more interesting is that her character ended up inspiring another character who was also very popular, I mean Felicity Smoak.

  • Allie was the whole show. No question. But Anna you need to catch up on what happened to her and Keith. They were both unfairly charged and their lives were ruined. By false prosecution including by the person you wrote for the horrible publisher.

    • Hey, Nicki Clyne

      Fess up and admit that you got your name “Pea Onyu” from an improv song that Sia would perform during her tours.
      Give credit where credit is due.

      Sia – I’m Gonna Pee On You live at Webster Hall, NYC [09/17]

    • Hey, Pea!

      Any word on whether the Bronfman sisters are providing funding for Nicki to get treatment for her early onset menopause caused by years of starving herself for Vantard’s pleasure?

      Hormone replacement therapy? At least a face lift? Things are getting so bad the blur photo filter isn’t able to handle the job.

      Any chance they might spring for a boob job?

      If so, she should ask Durance who did her’s… that doc is talented!

  • The sheer arrogance to approach a co-worker in a work environment and suggest they need therapy is mind-boggling.

    It also implies that you are in some way better off mentally and emotionally more stable than they are because you’ve gone through this stupid program.

    And let’s not forget that this is a pyramid money-making scheme. – which is also totally inappropriate to be recruiting people from your job into on the job.

    Most people don’t even like being asked to buy their co-workers child’s Girl Scout cookies at work. Let alone, have some delusional employee trying to get you to take cult classes that cost tens of thousands of dollars when you are just trying to do your damn job.

    Someone should have reported Allison to HR or a union rep. She did not understand work boundaries.

    The place to work out “issues” is life. It’s called living. Can you imagine bears taking time out of being a bear to take classes to learn how to be a better beat?

    People just need to “people”. That’s how you become a better person. By living life. Having a life. Creating a life.

    Be like a bear. Just “bear” and don’t take stupid classes. That is all… Now give me $20, 000.

    Now sign up for my next masterclass intensive!

    It’s called, ” Be a Busy, Buzzy Bee. And just Be”.

    And there’s no pussy porn photos required!

    • This a bit dismissive. Yeah, life is to be lived to be learned, but people often have problems and issues that need resolution.

      But when they do, they need to go first to those who they care about the most (and who care about them) — typically family and friends — and when they can’t help, go to a trusted, licensed, regulated professional therapist or counselor, and not some dubious group led by a man already shrouded in controversy.

      • Get what you’re saying. Not dismissing therapy. Specifically was calling out the self-help courses. That are usually not run by any kind of licensed therapists and are a complete waste of money. And in fact are quite dangerous for people who do have serious issues. Specifically High control groups do not help people with any real issues. Because once you leave the highly regimented Community and very structured way of life you are still without the tools to get by.

        In everyday life. It is not unlike prison in that sense.

        In these kind of self-help groups and classes (specifically large group awareness training structured like a pyramid scheme) theywant people to just keep taking classes and classes and classes instead of getting the tools and moving on with their life. That is the part that is being criticized.

        • — Not dismissing therapy. Specifically I was calling out the self-help courses —

          Professional therapy may fail to really cure patients, and may leave you broke, and the therapist may even have sex with you — but therapy patients don’t end up with their crotches branded or in jail for sex trafficking.

          Thus, the slight edge goes to therapy. IMHO

          • Anatomy says, ” Its a hip”

            Reading through these comments sounds like the males want burkas over women’s face and full body armor., whilst they whip out their little wees wees in a pissing contest. Seriously, no one here has skinny dipped or run through the woods naked just to feel free? I feel sorry for all you idiots.
            Half of you probably attended Woodstock or streaked during your college years.

            Most of you are full of s–t!

            Christian’s never said they were perfect and the more you demeanor, judge the less interest people will have in religions hence a personal relationship with your God is best.

  • Allison was just upset she couldn’t turn Erica into another personal jezebel for vanguard.

    Which now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s what the ‘j’ in ‘jness’ stands for.

  • Durance is a woman of ample bosom and modest intelligence, but even she was able to see through Mack’s grift without attending a single seminar.

    What does that say about the people who not only took one class, but many, many more?

    It must be awfully embarrassing for those who woke up and eventually had enough sense to leave. Must be true for the vast majority of people who get sucked into cults and finally quit.

    This is why I understand and empathize with Alonzo’s and Nutjob’s bitterness towards those of us who have never fallen into the cult trap.

    • “Durance is a woman of ample bosom and modest intelligence

      Her bosom is obvious, but how did you determine her intelligence?

          • Not whorish. Only misogynistic incels equate minor female nudity with being a whore.

            I’ll give you not very Christian though.

          • — Erica Durance admitted to hosting naked parties in an interview —

            Sounds like Vanguard should have joined her sex cult.

          • No, misogynistic voluntary shaggers think so too.

            Getting her bare tits out for all the world to see is not “minor nudity”, you creature.

            What else does she need to show, her puss or her butthole?

          • “Getting her bare tits out for all the world to see is not ‘minor nudity’, you creature.”

            Compared to what exists out there it is, yes it is trash boy.

            And it’s still not anywhere near being “very whorish” except to incels and extreme puritans.

            You know what is though, and further evidence of incel-ness? Countering such a commonly known hyperbolic reaction of incels with the implication that one engages in misogynistic voluntary shagging.

          • Saying there is more out there does not mean getting her tits out is just minor nudity.

            You chose to ignore the bit about this actress hosting naked parties and the bit about her getting her tits made larger.

            Basic Christian values are not extreme, not all Christians are puritans and incels would probably enjoy viewing an actress’s tits.

          • “Saying there is more out there does not mean getting her tits out is just minor nudity.”

            Oh OK. So what do you define as the criteria of just “minor” nudity? A minor segment of the crack of a butt? A nipple slip? Ask anyone who is objective (which leaves you out of it) if baring breasts on screen makes a woman “very whorish” and no one besides incels and extreme puritans will agree.

            And didn’t Erica strongly say the nude parties were just made up crap by the pervert Howard Stern when she went on the show? And when did plastic surgery make you a whore?

            You display all the symptoms of incel-ness.

          • “Oh OK. So what do you define as the criteria of just “minor” nudity? A minor segment of the crack of a butt? A nipple slip?”


            “Ask anyone who is objective (which leaves you out of it) if baring breasts on screen makes a woman “very whorish” and no one besides incels and extreme puritans will agree”.

            You will find the majority of people around the world from every culture frown upon female promiscuity, including countries that have high birth rates and follow every religion. Female promiscuity is only worshipped as a religion in Western countries, which is why you are so triggered.

            “And didn’t Erica strongly say the nude parties were just made up crap by the pervert Howard Stern when she went on the show?”

            She backtracked.

            “And when did plastic surgery make you a whore?”

            Not plastic surgery, enhancing the size of your sexual parts. Not done for the benefit of a suckling infant.

            “You display all the symptoms of incel-ness”.

            Fantastic. And an extreme puritan, generic muslim, Arab, African, South Asian, East Asian, Mexican and Orthodox Jew. I think you are either a loser fan of Smallville or Erica Durance, who got triggered when she was called whorish, a projecting incel/white knight type, or a very unappealing female with whorish tendencies herself. Definitely a cunt.

          • Miss Kristin Kreuk never had breast implants so her body remains as pure as the driven snow. Not counting Vanguard regularly making snow angels on top of her or branding his name on her in yellow…thus still pure.

          • HAHA. You went from baring female breasts on screen to be seen by the world (how many people even saw the movie she was in where she did so?) to “discussing” world views on female promiscuity.

            It’s no wonder you think it is “very whorish”. Plenty of people do nude modeling for art in schools. Do you go around calling them whores? What about the men who bare their butts on screen? Are they whores to? Or does your whore label only apply to female nudity? Like I said, extreme Puritanism or incel-ness. A whore is someone who sells sexual acts for money. Period.

            No Erica didn’t backtrack. She denied the nude parties and explained herself on how it came about on the Rosenbaum podcast. Knowing how creepily perverted Stern and Stern’s show can be, I believe her.

          • You really are easy to trigger.

            “You went from baring female breasts on screen to be seen by the world (how many people even saw the movie she was in where she did so?) to “discussing” world views on female promiscuity”.


            “It’s no wonder you think it is “very whorish””

            Most people around the world from every race, culture and religion thinks so.

            “Plenty of people do nude modeling for art in schools. Do you go around calling them whores?”

            Yes. Just because “plenty” of people do something, is not an argument. Plenty of people joined ISIS too. Still cunts.

            “What about the men who bare their butts on screen? Are they whores to?”


            “Or does your whore label only apply to female nudity?”

            Female promiscuity is considered worse all over the world.

            “Like I said, extreme Puritanism or incel-ness”.

            Like I said, puritans, generic Muslims, Arabs, Africans, South Asians, East Asians, Mexicans and Orthodox Jews all agree and incels probably want to look at an actresses tits.

            “A whore is someone who sells sexual acts for money. Period”.

            Erica Durance certainly received money to get her tits out.

            “No Erica didn’t backtrack”.

            Yeah, she did.

            “She denied the nude parties and explained herself on how it came about on the Rosenbaum podcast”.

            She literally admitted it. And if you watched that podcast, you must be a loser fan and this is why a random comment about this actress on a small website has gotten right under your skin.

            “Knowing how creepily perverted Stern and Stern’s show can be, I believe her”.

            Awwwww, that’s wonderful. I’m sure Erica Durance’s life benefits so greatly from your unwavering fandom.

  • Weird article but transcript useful. For those that read it, it’s pretty innocuous statements and only dumbasses would find anything to be offended by in Durance’s answers. It was lots of words to say “We didn’t connect, we didn’t get along and were not friends.” Its falls under BFD.

    The only “information” provided is further proof that Mack tried to recruit actresses from Smallville set If anything it’s also an interesting pattern of her only recruiting from top 10 of call sheet. Why not background actors, the walk-ons, the one time no name guest star? People coming and going should have provided literally hundreds of recruiting opportunities for her.

    Oh yeah, a sign that Anna is a bit delusional is her opening paragraphs. The theme song was not written for Smallville. The producers just picked it as the theme song which was written in 2000 by the band. Show had 10 seasons, not 11 but guess if includes production time 11 years is about right.

    It also was not the most popular show on TV for any of its seasons. No CW show has ever been number one or even top 100.

    For example, in 2002 Smallville was CW’s 2nd most popular show but 113 out of 156 shows for the season. Number one was 7th Heaven and it was 106/156 shows. They did then and continue to have some of the lowest ranking shows on network TV (defined as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW), rankings so low that on only other network every single one of them would not make it out of the first season.

    However, between the low budgets of the shows, their ability to get a few million of the coveted 18-34 demographic (due to tendency to spend all their disposable income) so higher per commercial fees, and international airing right along with streaming rights to the shows, each one was extremely profitable despite low ratings. That has recently changed with the streaming wars with CW up for sale as a result.

    Big fan of Smallville, fan of Allison Mack the actress (call me when getting out of prison) but there is no reason to be hyperbolic about selling the show or the popularity of the actors as they were only popular in their CW niche.

    It’s no different than music’s one-hit wonders where for a brief period of time everyone knows them and once that window closes most people just go “who? oh yeah I remember them, wonder what happened to them.”

    Most CW stars, if they are lucky and do not get big heads during their brief one hit wonder window, go on to do steady TV work. Mack could have easily done that but instead…

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