Damon Brink Doesn’t Like Neil Glazer

Damon Brink has a website called Let’s Not Be Frank.

He doesn’t like the Frank Report, “a hateful blog” that “hurts the concept of justice,” with “hateful rhetoric,” with “so much damage, done to the truth,” and “words that seek to tear down people, cloaked behind and among words that appear to uplift.

Brink is “revolted”  He believes the Frank Report, along with Sarah Edmondson, Moira Penza, and the self-proclaimed victims of NXIVM, are “celebrating… weakness, depravity, and victimhood.”

“The damage,” he writes, “… in the case of NXIVM and Frank Parlato and Moira Penza and the NXIVM Victims is to the concept of responsibility.” 

“The Frank Report and A Little Bit Culty are the two examples of this.” “Frank and Sarah…” Brink writes, “don’t want to see this narrative. If you pay attention, you will see how hard they work to show you that you don’t want to see it either.”

Brink feels Sarah and I – and now Neil Glazer – are doing this.

Here is what Brink has to say in his article: The Civil Suit: Fraud in the name of Justice

By Damon Brink

I know a lot of the people in the Civil Suit… I think all of them have courage for sticking to their guns and revealing their identities, and standing up and saying, “YES! We were defrauded and want our money back.”…

I don’t agree that the Civil Suit or Neil Glazer and his law firm is a good way to go about achieving Justice or getting reimbursed from the fraud they claim.

Neil Glazer

There is a foundational narrative about NXIVM, of depravity, abuse, mal-intention, and horror. This narrative violates all of society’s social norms, it paints an indefensible picture of NXIVM, Keith, and anyone who hasn’t disavowed everything about it…

This narrative was created by a few people, a very few, and like dry tinder exploded when it hit the mainstream media in a culture that craves the safety and other-ism of horror… For a number of reasons, a counter-narrative has not been exposured to the public, and so we are left with a weak and false foundation… about NXIVM, and we are trying to achieve Justice from it.

I have to assume that most people involved in the Civil Suit as Plaintiffs know this and simply say, “fuck it, I don’t care. I was defrauded, and I want my money back.”…

But the people I know in the Civil suit, they… cared about Justice, peace, love, being better, improving, curiosity and humanity…

And in my opinion, Neil Glazer and every single person involved in his law firm, Kohn, Swift, and Graf, are complicit in taking advantage of that caring under the guise of Justice.

Maybe the Plaintiffs are aware of this also, they probably are, and if they are, I imagine they’re probably saying the same thing. “Fuck it. I don’t care, Fuck you, Keith. Fuck you, NXIVM.” Maybe they’re saying that’s exactly what Keith and NXIVM did to them, took advantage of their caring…

Keith Raniere is the Founder and Ethicist of NXIVM. Some people have changed their minds about him,

I just want them to know that the way they’re doing it hurts others too. It hurts me, and it hurts people who had nothing to do with the fraud…

Neil Glazer and his law firm are taking the hurt and pain and damage and caring, not just of the Plaintiffs, but of everyone who went through ESP and is using it as an exchange to get paid. That hurts the concept of Justice.

Painfully, this process is not unique, and you can see it in the media (Frank Report) and in the personal blogs and podcasts (A Little Bit Culty), in fact, once you see it, you can see it everywhere…

Maybe it’s hopeless, but the Civil Suit will not bring Justice, even if it brings money, and it will not bring peace even if it brings judgment.

What it will bring is more fraud in the name of Justice…



Brink is good at crafting new words.

In the elegant piece quoted above, he exposes us to a beautiful new word, “exposured.”

I will use it in a sentence: “When you leave the camera shutter on too long, the exposure gets exposured.”
John Cavendish Sapherson’s ‘Verbum Lactuca.’

Comparisons Are Odious

Historical significance:

Damon Brink clues us in on an interesting tidbit of history in his Imagine Your Responsibility (NXIVM/SOP),

In it, he wrote, “Keith Raniere once said ‘An unexamined life is not worth living.'”

Now we know where Socrates got it from.




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  • I am liking Brink less and less the more I learn about him. When I fell into the NXIVM rabbit hole a couple years ago, when I saw his name he came off as a gullible – yet likeable – duffus who was just blinded by NLP. But the more I read about him unconditionally supporting sex-offender Raniere, the more I realize Brink is likely a psychopath who would pimp out his own wife for a free “EM” OR “Intensive”. What a FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!

  • Damon Brink — the only dude on the
    Frank Report more delusional, disturbed, and chubbier than Alonzo.

  • Re: wordsmithery

    “the narrative”, “achieving justice”, “exchange”… the language used still indicates a brain marinated in the dressing for Raniere word salad. Time to rinse off the goods and find a new flavoring.

  • Damon Brink is a man for all seasons. Proud, stubborn, intolerable but there he goes keeper of my conscience – all of our consciences who once were part of the world of Nxivm.

    • Rupert,
      WTF conscience — the defend a pedophile rapist conscience or the let your wife die of cancer one?

      Whatever, you say dude. 👍🏼

      • Nice Guy lies about people he disagrees with because he’s a drunken dipshit troll who has the emotional control of a poopy-pantsed toddler.


  • Ugh. The smell of Damon’s beard is palpable from that photo.

    This was the longest, most boring and masturbatory possible way of saying, ” I disagree with the civil suit”.

    Which is hardly a revelatory or uncommon opinion from a Nxivm loyalist. In fact, it’s the exact same displeasure that has been endlessly expressed across social media by Keith’s followers.

    Yeah. We know.

    It’s disappointing how tedious and mundane these cult members really are at their core. Just like the leader. So unoriginal. So derivative. Predictable.

    Thought this SOP dead-ender’s stated purpose for his unfortunately named blog was to create a safe space for sharing positive Nxivm experiences? How did that mission devolve so quickly into inept chastising of Neil Glazer for doing his job?

    Frank.You REALLY deserve a better nemesis. What a bummer this light-weight snore fest of a clowny clown has declared himself your opposite. It’s so insulting that such an impotent, needlessly verbose being has tried to square off with you, Frank. You deserve a stronger, funnier, more colorful opponent,

    Oh, well. There will be no more skimming the musings of Damon Brink in this Frank Report reader’s future. Life’s too short. And his writing is way too long!

    • Yeah, it’s a crying shame this ass clown dunce is up against you. Why don’t you flatten him like a pancake?

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