US Taxpayers to Pay $700,000 for Condoms for Swaziland so the Good King Won’t Have to Pay Out of Treasury

U.S. taxpayers will be required to work a little harder this year to pay $700,000 to provide residents of eSwatini, [Swaziland] with condoms.

Swaziland is a small, poverty-stricken African nation where AIDS is running rampant.

The money will go to fund the National Condom Strategy launched by the Swazi Ministry of Health.

This is a nice break for the King of eSwatini, for he won’t have to cut any of his $61 million annual budget to get condoms to his AIDS stricken people.

Taxpayers in American can handle this, thank you very much.

eSwatini, a south African country, is smaller than New Jersey.

Until recently, eSwatini was known as Swaziland [which is what most still call it] but its ruler, the good King Mswati III, changed the name so the country could break with its tyrannical colonial past.

eStwatini is Africa’s only absolute monarchy. Sadly, about a quarter of its 1.4 million people have ADIS or HIV.

Most of the country lives in poverty.

However, good King Mswati, 51, who is given to making appearances without a shirt and who has man boobs that would make Stormy Daniels sit up and take notice, lives modestly with his 15 wives and 35 children.

While the king has an annual budget of $61 million, it isn’t much considering the size of his family.

Happily, while American taxpayers will work to ensure his subjects get the condoms they need, the King will be driving in elegance and flying in style.

He owns two private jets, including a $13.2 million private jet given to him on his 50th birthday, a $625,000 Rolls Royce, a $500,000 Maybach 62, a BMW X6 and 20 Mercedes Benz S600 Pullmans.

Image result for maybach 62s

Overall, however, you won’t get many details about his life. The King has a curious policy toward critics.

If Frank Report were published in Swaziland, this would be the last time you would be reading it.

But no demands from the US in return for taxpayer funds are tied to freedoms the King doesn’t envision for his subjects. In short, US taxpayers are forced to enable his regime.

Freedom House scored Swaziland 16 out of a possible 100 points in its Freedom in the World 2019 report.

There are two daily newspapers and one is owned by King Mswati. All broadcast news is controlled by the government, whose members are handpicked by the King.

Critics were recently arrested for denouncing King Mswati’s policies. The leaders associated with the political opposition party, the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), were taken to police headquarters in the Mbabane capital.

Since there is no independent press, critics have taken to social media to criticize the King.

Last month, eSwatini’s National Commissioner of Police, William Dlamini said it was high time these internet scoundrels were arrested.

The eSwatini Observer, the newspaper owned by the King, reported, “the police service was hot on their trail and they will see to it that the perpetrators of the cybercrime [of criticizing the King] ultimately face the wrath and might of the law.”

Chief Dlamini said there were “highly insolent and morality devoid characters disseminating seditious, slanderous and very insultive statements about the country’s authorities via social media. The intent and motive of these statements is seemingly to vilify and pour scorn on the country’s authorities, which we find completely unacceptable and an insult to the entire nation.”

The National Commissioner launched a “high-level investigation” that would uncover who these anonymous individuals are behind these “vitriolic and damaging statements” so they could be dealt with according to the law.

The Swazi Observer reported back in 2012, “The premier said it was unfortunate that social media was a very complex phenomenon, which no single person or organisation could control.”

Unfortunate indeed.

In 2011, Prime Minister Dlamini, commenting after some unflattering information about a cabinet minister appeared on social media, said that it was important to keep information published on Facebook away from the Swazi people.

The Swazi Observer reported, ‘Dlamini said government did not have any measures to control the internet but relied on the support of the media which assists by shying away from information published or sourced from the internet.”

In May 2011, the Times of Swaziland reported Swaziland had specially “trained officers” to track down people who used Facebook to criticize the government.

Africa’s King Mswati III

But none of this repressive, anti-freedom government stuff seems to be stopping the US government from wanting to tax its people to support the African nation’s condom endeavor.

Among key populations targeted by eSwatini’s National Condom Strategy are “men who have sex with men, sex workers, their clients, and their partners,” according to the Swazi Ministry of Health, because they have the highest incidence of HIV.

So why doesn’t the fat King take care of his own problems?

Why should he?

The U.S. government already funds 90% of public sector condoms in eSwatini through various programs that distribute them to target populations. Presently, U.S.-funded condoms are randomly distributed at retail outlets and health facilities.

But now the goal is to “centralize all condom storage” in medical stores and consolidate support for condom promotion resources to coordinate and target their use.

“To ensure sustainability of condom distribution and access in Eswatini, there is a need to increase the commercial sector market share for those willing to buy condoms and target the free condoms to those unable to afford them.”

Yeah, sure. Sounds easy.

The additional $700,000 the U.S. is dedicating to the condom cause will be distributed to regional and international organizations interested in working with condom programming, according to the grant announcement.

That means most of the money will flow through middlemen, starting with the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) African regional division, which is purportedly dedicated to addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis, mitigating food insecurity and supporting democratic processes.

They are not doing well with any of these three.

In addition to having the world’s highest rate of HIV infection—26%—Swazi is facing a “staggering pandemic” of Tuberculosis that has lowered life expectancy to a mere 50 years, according to USAID.

The agency has given Africa billions of dollars in aid, including several billion to a scandal-plagued initiative to combat Ebola.

In 2018, Judicial Watch reported that two Congolese men were federally indicted for stealing loads of malaria drugs sent to Africa by American taxpayers and selling them on the black market.

But we’re talking condoms, not Ebola.

So how many condoms will $700,000 buy?

How many years of taxpaying will you pay, if you alone had to pay $700,000 in taxes to support the good but rather promiscuous people of Swazi and the good King’s lifestyle?

When you go to work, perhaps you will think about it. The money taken out of your paycheck, and all of it for years to come, will be going for condoms in Swaziland where a fat king rules, with 15 wives, and lets the suckers here pay for condoms for his people.

But how many condoms will $700,000 buy and get into the hands of the Swazi people?

On average, condoms cost about a dollar each in the US, which means theoretically US taxpayers might be providing 700,000 condoms –almost one condom for every other person in Swaziland.

But there are middleman costs. My guess is that one condom for one Swazi will be about $100 per condom, which means we will get about 7,000 condoms into the hands of the people there.

Image result for condom
Normally $1, but US taxpayers will pay about $100 for this handy item.

Readers should know, however, that even if US taxpayers are paying for condoms in Swaziland, the King is doing his part to help prevent the spread of AIDS.

He made a law that makes miniskirts and tank tops illegal because they provoke rape [and rape can spread AIDS]. Women who break the law face a six-month jail term.

Police spokeswoman, Wendy Hleta said, “The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women.”

Hleta also said women wearing revealing clothing were responsible for assaults or rapes committed against them.

“I have read from the social networks that men and even other women have a tendency of ‘undressing people with their eyes’. That becomes easier when the clothes are hugging or are more revealing.”

Wow, she read that on social media.

Happily, the ban does not apply to traditional costumes (seen above) worn by young women during ceremonies like the annual Reed Dance. During these events, King Mswati III chooses a wife (he has 15 already).

The ceremony involves young bare-breasted virgins – dressed in beaded traditional skirts only covering the front – dancing for the king. Underwear is not allowed.

But there are no conditions tied to women’s rights for US taxpayer support.

And good thing it is not, for then they wouldn’t get a dime for condoms In eSwatini, they know how women to be.

For instance, it’s customary for women to not eat the head or feet of a cow. Men do. It is believed that if a woman eats the brains of a cow, she will become intelligent; if she eats the tongue, she will talk back to her husband; and if she eats the feet, she will run away. For the same reason, Swazis say that you should never buy your wife a pair of shoes.

View image on Twitter
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The list of the good King’s wives.

[He doesn’t use condoms]:

  1. Inkhosikati LaMatsebula (The Great Wife)
  2. Inkhosikati LaMotsa ‘La Madone’
  3. Inkhosikati Sibonelo Mngomezulu LaMbikiza (1986)
  4. Inkhosikati Carol Dlamini LaNganganza
  5. Inkhosikati Putsoana LaHwala
  6. Delisa Magwaza
  7. Inkhosikati Senteni LaMasango (2000)
  8. Inkhosikati Angela LaGija (2002)
  9. Inkhosikati Nontsetselo LaMagongo (2002)
  10. Zena SorayaMahlangu (2002)
  11. Inkhosikati Noliqhwa Ayanda LaNtentesa (2005)
  12. Inkhosikati Nothando LaDube (2005)
  13. Inkhosikati Phindile Nkambule (2007)
  14. Sindiswa Dlamini, “The Liphovela (2013)
  15. Siphelele Mashwama (2017)


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  • If only King Mswati III would work with some fashionistas, he could make a fortune. What he and his subjects have got going on is just so much less revealing than tube tops and mini-skirts. Love the beadwork. Also, one can go braless and not have downward facing dog tits. Do the hokey-pokey, but good God. Invest in some bejeweled stripper tape.

    I’m curious about that scarf tied on King Mswati’s upper arm. He knows damn well that the scarf is culturally “inappropriate.” Do not even try to explain. I recognize that scarf. Hopefully he isn’t wearing a polyester knockoff. He needs newer and better, more prosperously beaded torso belts. His is so sparse and colorless.

    Even my old Wampanoag beaded belt is more splendid, far, far more splendid, and this mofo has two jets and fleets of cars. Inexcusable to wear a bad belt. Who pays for the Aids medicine for the 26% of the King’s population? Or don’t they get any meds, since those with the disease are defined as men who make it with men and/or as sex workers? Really? 26% of the population, huh? Great balls of fire with the statistics, and Hallmark doesn’t have a card for that. How come King Mswati III looks so cheerful? Not only is he appearing to be shameless, but he’s in desperate, dire need of a fashion intervention. He looks the the husband of a Real Housewife of New Jersey at a Halloween party or a wedding reception. In fact, until I saw his little moustache, I thought that the King was a pregnant woman, for crying out loud.

    The thing hanging from his shoulder with the multi-colored dangling balls is a little too clustery and repetitive and far too Toys R Us. Just no. He must stop ridiculing his gelatinous royal ass this way. Maybe buy a yo-yo. He could say it’s his kingdom so he can dress like a stripper and still be appropriate. As if he didn’t look like a fat stripper already. He needs a lot more than one hundred dollar condoms.

    • Hilarious fashion based mockery of a tiny African State with no strategic regional importance to your giant fat stripper of a nation, at all, at all!

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    Bravo, President Trump!
    We don’t need pro-Ukrainian snakes in the White House.

        • The whistleblower report is his “testimony” and it was verified by all the witnesses–under oath. Trump’s statements have been contradicted by the witnesses–under oath. Trump was afraid (but smart) to never say anything under oath–because he would perjure himself.

          • You must live in an alternative universe, because there was no “testimony” in the whistleblower report, it was all second, third, and fourth-hand claims. None of the other “witnesses” were actual witnesses, either, except for Sondland, who kept changing his testimony. Trump will probably be successful with getting the impeachment exponged, because the House of Representatives violated his Constitutional rights. LOL

  • Frank,

    Thank you for only posting RealSkin™️. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Call me crazy, but I think the good king is sporting solid D-cups.

    Girl Scout Cookies,

    Today at 5:48pm two boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies arrived. I like the foil pouches the cookie come in, but the new look of the outer boxes suck. Still the cookies are the same and go great with ice cold 2% milk. Go screw! 😉

  • For $700,000, Dennis K. Burke (aka Bangkok) would represent Swaziland as their lawyer, and accomplish absolutely nothing for them, as he did for Clare Bronfman.

    He would even act like the King’s fake friend, for free.

    After the money is gone, Dennis would likely try to throw the King under the bus, as Dennis has done with others…such as former business partners and clients.

    Watch out for Dennis K. Burke, King.

  • Re Supporting eSwatini (Swaziland):

    Two good reasons the United States should shell out taxpayer money to the king:

    1. The king is anti-Muslim jihadist in an area of Africa which happens to be pro-Islamic.

    Sudan-Nigeria-Somalia are terrorist safe havens….

    ….“The Swazi Muslim community, according to the report, is divided into two sections: the local Swazi Muslim community, and the refugees and immigrants originating from Asia and other African countries such as Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria.”

    Anti-Muslim laws are Anti-Jihadist laws. Please read:

    2. The second reason Swaziland makes a great ally in Africa and a place for future United States military bases is because it’s one of the last countries in Africa to not suck-up to China.

    Isolationist politics only help out the Muslim jihadists and the Chinese communists.

    Look at the big picture.

    Right now in Zimbabwe there are over 2 million Chinese nationals.

    China is sucking Africa dry.

    The United States should be sucking Africa dry but we’re always the good guys.

    Don’t forget pockets of Isis in Al-Qaeda are all over Africa.

    • Lastly, our government knows that the king is going to spend the money on frivolous shit; it’s called keeping an ally.

      $700,000 is Jack. There are wealthy people in my town that run farms on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and they all get payouts about $250,000 a year from the US government agricultural organization. The farms barely produce squat.

      Both Republicans and Democrats own the farms.

  • It’s uncanny how much Nithyananda Swami, Scott Johnson, and King Mswati III, three men from different continents, look alike.

    Plus: They all have the same cheesy-mustache.

  • Could Nxivm members live there ? What about Sara Bronfman ? Keith was their King. And Nicki could climb trees.

  • This has got to be a smokescreen for whoever past this b.s to pocket money. Your right those are 100.00 condoms. 1 for you and 10 for me. They should have given them body condoms.

  • I wasn’t aware of this name change, thanks for that information. However, the official name is “Kingdom of eSwatini,” as far as I know it’s the only country in the world that does not begin with a capitalized letter. Must be related to their extensive high-tech industry.

    I think you found the template for the Dem’s accusations of Trump. Thanks for that discovery, now we can keep an eye on this king see what the next Trump story in the lamestream media will be.

    The condoms are probably the least of two evils, much like Trump winning over Hellary THE Horrible, as not providing them would cause the AIDS cases to climb even higher and cost much more money in aid to treat, as we wouldn’t want to be considered racist for turning our backs on this country with such a promising future. However, it would be interesting to get Trump’s take on this situation, he would probably tell other African countries to pay their fair share. If ever there was an argument to let China take over another African country, this is exhibit 1. Anybody who isn’t thankful for being from the U.S. instead of a sh!thole country like this should have their head examined.

  • Swaziland is an example of what a country looks like when a clown like Keith Raniere runs it.

    Now if President Trump made foreign aid to Swaziland conditional on human rights like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press and fiscal responsibility, the Democrats in Congress would yell and scream QUID PRO QUO!

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