Alanzo: Why Rinder Has Not Revealed a Crime – Let Me Count the Ways

Mike Ridder

Michael John Rinder, 67,  is a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology International  and the Sea Organization. From 1982 to 2007, Rinder served on the board of directors of the Church of Scientology and was executive director of its Office of Special Affairs {OSA}, overseeing corporate, legal, public relations, surveillance of enemies, and abuse and silencing of critics.

Rinder left Scientology in 2007. Since then Rinder has been a severe critic of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige.  Alanzo believes Rinder, though in charge of the OSA, and harshly critical of the Church, has never revealed any crimes committed by anyone in Scientology. He finds this suspicious but is uncertain of the reason why.  

By Allen ‘Alanzo’ StanfieldI’ve tried to figure out why Mike Rinder has never revealed a crime over the years.

I’ve learned that with so many people lying, hiding things, etc. in the area of Scientology, one should never cling to a single “pet” hypothesis or explanation for the phenomena we can see. You should juggle many different hypotheses and assign a probability level to each one, based on how much the hypothesis explains.

It is a fact that Mike Rinder has never revealed a crime.

The question is why?

I’ll list all the explanations, or hypotheses that have tried to answer this very important question..

You can assign a probability level to each one – if you like.

Please add any that I might have missed.

The NO CRIME Hypothesis: Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Dave Miscavige didn’t commit any crimes. 11 top Scientologists, including Hubbard’s own wife, had been convicted of felonies and sent to prison. They’d learned their lesson. There were no crimes to report.

The SCIENTOLOGY/GOVERNMENT Hypothesis: Mike HAS reported all kinds of crimes – he went to the FBI 11 years ago. But because of pay-offs, underhanded dealings and other conspiracies, the government will do nothing about them.

The LIMITED HANGOUT Hypothesis: Because of the billions of dollars at stake for Scientology, David Miscavige and Mike Rinder worked out an “ALL CLEAR UNIT” kind of project where Mike would wind everyone up on moral outrages, but constantly steer everyone away from any criminal activity that might bring criminal subpoenas, forensic accounting etc. Miscavige has the money to handle any civil suit, what they can’t handle are criminal indictments.

The MIKE WAS IN THE HOLE Hypothesis: Mike was just a former spokesman for the Church of Scientology, never ran any OSA fair game ops, especially any criminal ones. So while there may be criminal activity to discover, Mike was always in the Hole or practicing speeches into the mirror, and didn’t know about them.

The TOO HARD TO PROSECUTE Hypothesis: Mike has revealed all the crimes he knows about, but because of the 1st amendment and lack of smoking guns on them, plus prosecutorial ethics, no charges have been filed.

The CYA Hypothesis: Mike knows about all kinds of crimes, but because of his own exposure to prosecution, he’s not talking.

The MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION Hypothesis: Miscavige and Rinder were up to their neck in criminal activity, but if one goes to the coppers, the other will too. So they’re both quiet.

Did I miss any?

What do you believe is the most probable, least probable, etc.?


Rinder was the head of OSA at this time

His job was to protect scientology from internal and external threats. He would have been the person ultimately responsible for silencing this woman. He would have personally approved the letter she was sent. 

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  • He covered up my rape by a top executive, who was protected by senior mgt and silenced me by placing me immediately in the RPF on the day it happened the moment I reported it to him.

    It took a while, but I finally escaped and not long after LRH died. I was told I was cleaning LRH spaces, the sound studio at GOLD… but was he really there?
    here’s so much hidden because they control the narrative of your life with your life history, a requirement to be involved. The traumatizing experiences make you have to leave. The COS is the most covert narcissistically managed, abusive in every way imaginable, and toxic environment.

    Low ranking Sea Org members were slaves worked to death or escape without pay or respect.

  • AloonzO doesn’t comment on his own article? “Shocking”! I wanna say something melodramatic, but than I remember what a pussy Alonzo sounds like.

  • Mike Rinder has reported multiple crimes to the FBI, as has Leah Remini, as has Amy Scobee and many others. Take it up with the FBI, not with them. You can find this information out easily, Frank. I expect better of you.

    • Rinder was once asked by someone who was investigating a possible Scientology murder who he’d spoken to at the FBI.

      The person investigating the possible murder wanted to speak to an agent who had been briefed on Scientology. Mike Rinder said he couldn’t remember who he spoke to at the FBI.

      Rinder was then asked what city did he meet with them in. Rinder said he couldn’t remember.

      Mike Rinder claims he went to the FBI. But taking Mike Rinder’s word for anything is a mistake.


    • I crave attention, so I’ve learned one should never cling to a single “pet” hypothesis or explanation unless it’s one that will start fights on the internet. I’ve also learned that when I say the words “Mike Rinder,” Frank is more likely to publish me, so I do that a lot.

  • Rinder was the head of OSA at this time
    His job was to protect scientology from internal and external threats. He would have been the person ultimately responsible for silencing this woman. He would have personally approved the letter she was sent.

    This text was from what I thought was a private email I sent to Frank last night, commenting to him about this article from Tony Ortega. I had no idea Frank was going to paste this at the end of my other article, so I’ll explain a little more.

    Tony Ortega has been calling Mike Rinder “a former spokesman” for Scientology for around 7 years now. He uses Rinder as his source for most every comment he needs on Scientology management. Ortega knows Rinder’s career timeline, and so it is very clear he is lying every time he does this. Although Rinder did give speeches, Ortega knows Rinder was not just a former spokesman.

    Ortega knows Mike Rinder ran all fair game for David Miscavige for 22 years, managed it, coordinated it, executed it, and reported all progress to David Miscavige every day.

    The start of the Danny Masterson criminal trial is coming up in a few months. Part of the charges involve the Church of Scientology silencing and intimidating Danny Masterson’s rape victims when they were coming forward to the Celebrity Centre to detail Masterson’s alleged rapes of them. Each came forward separately and didn’t know about the others.

    These women were all warned to keep quiet and to not go to the police with the threats that are built into Scientology – threats of declare, fair game, etc.

    The person who would have been in charge of handling this “flap” of women coming forward and alleging that a famous Scientologist on a hit TV show was raping them would have been the Commanding Officer of the Office of Special Affairs.

    These women came forward from 2002-2004.

    Mike Rinder was CO OSA during that time.

    Here’s Ortega’s article. You can see how Ortega and Rinder distract from these basic facts of the case and keep those facts from the public.

    I’m searching to find who was subpoenaed to testify in the Danny Masterson criminal case.

    Is there anyone here who can help me with that?

    You can email me privately at Confidentiality is ensured.

    Thanks for publishing this article, Frank.


    • I want to promote free speech – but I don’t want impersonations of commenters. Happy to get your comments but please speak in your own voice not someone else.

  • My feedback is that I come to this site mostly to read about NXIVM. I’m not interested in Scientology, tbh.

  • “You should juggle many different hypotheses and assign a probability level to each one, based on how much the hypothesis explains.”

    This statement by Alonzo may be the dumbest thing he has written thus far. It proves Alonzo hasn’t a clue what a hypothesis is…..

  • Come on, Frank. Should we change the name of the site to Alanzo’s blog? You are doing yourself a disservice by enabling him. Mark my words. In a year, he will be a part of the DOS dead-enders, harassing victims and spewing their lies.

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