TIGHE: Allison Mack Has a Right to Humane Treatment in Prison – She Isn’t Getting It

Allison Mack enjoys a meal just prior to entering prison.
MK10ART- Portrait of John Tighe

By John Tighe

As an alum of the Federal Bureau of Prisons AKA BOP, I can assure you there is no “Club Fed”. No golf courses or tennis courts or swimming pools.

Some people think Federal Prison yards look like this

Instead, what you will find at just about every federal prison is a rundown hellhole that at best is functional and at worst decrepit. Add into this lovely environment indifferent staff along with a few sadistic and perverted Correction Officers (COs) and you have a prison system fit for any third world, tin pot dictatorship.

Let me make this clear, I’m no fan of Allison Mack. In fact, I find her to be a fucking idiot. A washed-up S&M queen whose judgement is akin to a toddler. That said, she and every other involuntary guest of the federal government has a right to humane treatment.

I understand that prisons by their very nature are dangerous places and I have the scars to prove it. At the very least, COs should try to maintain a safe environment, but the truth is that many times the inmates need protection from the staff.  This is particularly true in female prisons. So, let’s take a look at Allison Mack’s current residence, shall we?

Allison Mack is a fairly attractive – albeit a little skinny – skank. Currently, she is an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Dublin, CA.

Photo of Allison Mack just prior to her scheduled entering of prison.

I’ve read comments here referring to FCI Dublin as a girls’ getaway, a bunny camp and the over used term a “Club Fed. In reality, it’s home to the “The rape club.” A brutal game of rape-the-inmate played by staff that should never be tolerated in any civilized society. Even if the victim is Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, or Keith Raniere. Yeah, I said it. Even Keith should be treated humanely.

According to an Associated Press investigation, FCI Dublin has a toxic and dangerous sex fueled environment. Even worse than Raniere could have dreamed up. This is nothing new – and, in fact, sexual misconduct by predatory employees has been going on there for years.

Inmates who complained or fought back were often sent to the Special Housing Unit (SHU). Sometimes for months. In one case, a prison work supervisor taunted an inmate by saying “Let the games begin” when he assigned her to work with a maintenance supervisor she had previously accused of rape.

Young, attractive inmates endured abuse and retaliation at Dublin – and many contemplated suicide. Finally, after years of this misconduct, BOP took a small corrective step which so far has resulted in four arrests of staff.

Last month, embattled director Michael Carvajal quit. No one knows if he was fired or just transferred but I am sure he’ll do fine. BOP takes care of its own.

Former warden Ray J. Garcia, the highest-ranking federal prison official arrested in more than 10 years, led staff and inmate training on reporting abuse and complying with the federal Prison Rape Act. Despite his arrest, he was still able to retire and keep his pension.

Thahesha Jusino, the new warden, promised to “work tirelessly to reaffirm the Bureau of Prisons’ zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment.” That’s a fucking joke.

This is what the AP recently reported about FCI Dublin:

“One inmate who reported a 2017 sexual assault said she was told nothing would be done about her complaint because it was a “he said-she said.” The woman, who is now suing the Bureau of Prisons, said she was fired from her prison commissary job in retaliation. When she went to report her firing, she said a Dublin counselor took her abuser’s side, saying: “Child, do you want him to lose his job?” The woman was moved to a different prison a week later.

In 2019, another Dublin inmate sued — first on her own with handwritten papers, then with the backing of a San Francisco law firm — accusing a maintenance foreman of repeatedly raping her and saying that other workers facilitated the abuse and mocked her for it. When an internal prison investigator finally caught wind of what was happening, the woman said, she was the one who got punished, given three months in solitary confinement and a transfer to a prison in Alabama.

In 2020, another inmate’s report that Dublin workers were abusing inmates broke through to the Justice Department’s inspector general and the FBI, triggering a criminal investigation that has led to the arrest of four employees, including former warden Ray J. Garcia, in the past seven months. If convicted, each could face up to 15 years in prison, though in other recent cases sentences have ranged from three months to two years.’

Sounds like a lovely place. Something we can all be proud of.

I can almost hear some of you reading this. “Fuck the bitches. They probably seduced the guards. Bunch of sluts they loved it.”

Yeah, well fuck you. Most of the inmates at Dublin are young, low-level drug users. How do you expect them to reintegrate into society after being raped and abused by the very people that were supposed to help rehabilitate them?

A prison cell at Dublin

I don’t mean to paint all COs as monsters but until the majority speak out against the minority sadists and perverts in the BOP, it will continue to be a stain on our collective humanity. That’s if we have any left.

This isn’t about just one isolated bad prison. In 2020, there were 422 complaints of staff-on-inmate sexual abuse across the system of 122 prisons and 153,000 inmates in the BOP gulag. The BOP is a hotbed of corruption and misconduct.

In Devens – where I spent 4-yers of my life – I saw three COs beat an inmate almost to death. The beating continued long after he was restrained. Then they erased the video to add salt to the wounds.

They were subsequently indicted on federal charges only after the outside hospital treating the inmate called the FBI. Of course, the CO’s union will back the three COs to the wall – and provide free legal representation to all of them.

Selling contraband to inmates by staff is criminal activity. But there was so much contraband floating around Devens – which is a maximum-security prison – that there was a price war on cell phones.

As far as the critically low staffing levels one hears about, let me explain that. One word OVERTIME. That’s where the money is and most COs sleep through the extra shift.

All new CO hires must be fully vetted before they can start working. And I don’t mean security clearance. I mean BOP is a family business. Like most police agencies, everyone knows someone or is related to someone. I mean just one honest, incorruptible CO could fuck up the entire system.

I must be naïve or something. I know most of you “Back the Blue” but is it too fucking much to ask for COs, cops, investigators, etc. to be fucking honest and keep their cocks in their pants and live on their honest salaries.

West Point has an honor code that reads, “A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” Wouldn’t it be nice if the thin blue line took a similar pledge? Then those who broke it could be fired. Fuck the unions.

I understand most of you don’t give a rat’s ass about inmates. But there is a vast and imposing American Gulag system in this county. We should all be ashamed.

And for all you Christians read this

Matthew 25:35-46 ESV

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ …

So, let’s look at the scale and uniqueness of the U.S mass incarceration. Less than 5% of the world’s population live in the United States, but more than 20% of the world’s incarcerated people are right here.

Many inmates suffer from some sort of mental illness – and the prison environment just makes these mental disorders worse. And remember that most of these traumatized people will be released someday.

Top 10 Countries with the highest rate of incarceration per 100,000 population:

  • United State: 629
  • Rwanda: 580
  • Turkmenistan: 576
  • El Salvador: 564
  • Cuba: 510
  • Palau: 474
  • British Virgin Islands (U.K. territory): 477
  • Thailand: 445
  • Panama: 423
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: 423

Think that makes you safe? Guess again.

The United States could reasonably be described as being among the least safe countries in the world. In 2019, it ranked 128th out of 163 countries and territories – and my guess is it’s only gotten worse since then.

The ten safest countries in 2019: Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Czech Republic, Japan, and Switzerland

Think you live in a free country? Guess again

Top 10 Freest Countries in the World per 2020 Human Freedom Index:

  • New Zealand: 8.87
  • Switzerland: 8.82
  • Denmark: 8.73
  • Australia: 8.66
  • 64
  • Ireland: 8.62
  • Estonia: 8.54
  • Germany: 8.52 (tie)
  • Sweden: 8.52 (tie)

And the United States?  8.44, seventeenth in the world!

Finally, think you’re a nice law-abiding citizen who could care less about the prison system?

Here’s a fucking wake up call.

Because the politicians and the press in our country love to push fear, we’ve our become a nation of pussies demanding to be protected.

So, politicians have passed law after law until the average American now unwittingly commits three felonies a day.

The average American wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep, unaware that they have committed several federal crimes that day. Why? The answer lies in the very nature of modern federal criminal laws, which have not only exploded in number, but, along with countless regulatory provisions, have also become impossibly broad and vague.

So, before you wake up some day with the Feds at your door, you better start caring about some of those new laws your local Congressperson {scumbags} wants to pass. You know, to protect you.

And if you think prison rape and beatings by guards are just fine and dandy, please remember that prisoners are people too.

Please Don’t Cry, Mi Nina

© Luis Verduzco

Published: October 2009

Daddy has to be away for a while.
Please don’t cry; show me that smile.
Be careful when you’re out to play.
Watch out for cars; don’t get in their way.
Daddy will write and I’ll call once a week.
Come on my precious, things aren’t so bleak.
Grandma’s there for you; she will help you along.
No, Daddy is not sure how long I’ll be gone.
Please, Mi Nina, don’t you cry,
Now Daddy has tears in my eyes.
I can’t help it Mija, Daddy was bad.
I’ll be all right; please don’t be so sad.
I love you more than anything.
So, smile, Mi Nina, though I am going away,
There’s still tomorrow;
We’ll be together…. Someday


These thoughts are mine and mine alone.

Former Federal Inmate John Tighe







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  • Uh, yeah. I’ll start sympathizing with Allison Mack…LIKE NEVER!! She killed people’s futures! Killed their happiness and lives!

    I would’ve been very OK if she had been sentenced to death.

    Oh, and she’s too stupid to actually realize how bad she has it.

    • A sadomasochist like Allison might find pleasure in it. The current prison life is much more harmless in reality for Allison than her cruel, sadistic fantasies I suppose.

  • Devens is not and has never been a maximum security prison. A fact easily checked for an “investigative journalist,” let alone someone who served time at that facility. Also, free tip from me to you, don’t trust AP reporting either. Like you, they get it wrong.

  • from Times Union:
    Former NXIVM president Nancy Salzman is expected to begin her three-and-a-half year prison sentence Monday at a West Virginia federal facility that once housed Martha Stewart and is nicknamed “Camp Cupcake.”

    Salzman, 67, of Halfmoon, who spent two decades as NXIVM leader Keith Raniere’s second-in-command in the cult-like personal growth organization based in Colonie, is scheduled to begin her sentence at Alderson federal prison camp, which holds 645 inmates and has been described as a more cushy environment than other federal lock-ups that hold more violent inmates.

  • John-

    Excellent article and I agree with 99% of what you said. I love your unpretentious, straight from the hip writing style. These days in the media it’s in short supply, save the Frank Report.

    The 1%, I disagree on, is Vanguard’s initial 2-3 beatings….

    ….Raniere had those coming. He raped at least two children, ordered women beaten by a karate instructor, and had a woman to run headlong into a tree and laughed about it. Plus, he likely played a key role in a suicide of Gina Hutchinson and Kim Snyder.

    Kieth deserved to feel the fear and physical pain.

    I do not believe he should be beaten or tortured henceforth…

    • This is the incredibly cruel and stupid mindset of the Frank Report’s Number 1 Troll, “Nice Guy”.

      “The 1%, I disagree on, is Vanguard’s initial 2-3 beatings….

      ….Raniere had those coming. He raped at least two children, ordered women beaten by a karate instructor, and had a woman to run headlong into a tree and laughed about it. Plus, he likely played a key role in a suicide of Gina Hutchinson and Kim Snyder.

      Kieth deserved to feel the fear and physical pain.

      I’d like to get a ruling by the Frank Report’s Number 1 enabler of “Nice Guy”, K.R. Claviger:

      AP – what do you think about advocating these types of extra-judicial punishments on the Frank Report?

      And following “Nice Guy’s” lead, what does your legal expertise tell you about the possibility of other, similar extra judicial punishments? Perhaps having Nancy Salzman beaten in prison, as you’ve allowed before, as “moderator”, onto the Frank Report?

      Can’t wait to hear your unbiased ‘legal’ opinion here.


      • You constantly ask people on FR questions, yet you won’t answer a simple one yourself.

        You’ve stated that you had “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer. Why?

  • John, you have more humanity in your little fingertip than the Nxivm people can ever dream of … and you seem to care more about Alison Mack (and the others) than her sister-wife-ex-spouse Nicky Clyne. Well written article with straight facts and none of the maudlin, virtue-signaling, savior-of-the-world complex that is so prevalent right now. No wonder you had/have such a loyal readership. Thank you.

  • Karma is a bitch — that bitch is frequently not humane.

    Not committing crimes, and evil deeds more generally, is not a guarantee of staying out of prison, but it does increase the odds substantially.

  • And at that point the police or BOP will fall back to the ‘a few bad apples’ saying and forget the second half of it because of reasons.

  • Let us hope Mack will be spared assault of any kind while she is in Dublin prison. The facts you mentioned about this particular prison are very disturbing.

    As for the numbers on prisons/laws/safety/incarceration/freedom in America, it is clear your country is in decline. I’m lucky I’m living in a country with a high “human freedom index”.

  • Mr. Tighe, thank you for your honesty and candor. I can’t imagine what you have endured, and I wish you every happiness for the freedom you now have. Thank you for this and your previous writings.

  • Valid points and I appreciate your admonishment of the flippant comments you find here in regards to Club Fed.

  • Was Mack ever one of the rumored Honey Trap gals who Vanguard sent to have sex with government officials so he then could blackmail to cover up Nxivm crimes?

  • “In reality, it’s home to the “The rape club.” A brutal game of rape-the-inmate played by staff that should never be tolerated in any civilized society. Even if the victim is Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, or Keith Raniere. Yeah, I said it. Even Keith should be treated humanely.

    Humanity – 1

    Tribalism – 0


      • But why did Alanzo have the “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer?

        He claimed that he did anyway. But now, he will not answer.

        This is the same dude who questions everyone else constantly.

        Who demands “proof” incessantly.

        He volunteered this statement. But he will not follow up.

        • I gave Neil 5 bucks to go to the grocery store once. He came back with a 2 liter of Diet Coke and a huge bag of Barbeque pork rinds.

          Dude knows how to stretch a penny when it comes to the keto diet.


          • You brought it up, Alanzo. This is a man you’ve been commenting about prolifically.

            What “personal interactions” have you had with Neil Glazer?

            Just answer a simple follow-up question to a claim that you recently made on a public forum, please.

            Thank you.

        • Anonymous 10:11-

          You’ve got as much chance of Alonzo answering your question as Alonzo has of keeping a job….

          • I agree.
            Just remember his refusal to address a statement that he made when he inevitably begins hammering commenters with relentless demands for an answer. Or “proof” or any of his other shenanigans.
            And also take everything he states with a massive amount of skepticism. Which I know that you already do.

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