Lauren Salzman Finds Out Keith Is a Coward – Tells Gripping Story of His Arrest

Lauren Salzman began to cry hysterically during cross examination and the judge halted the questioning,

This is the next in our series about Lauren Salzman. In our last post, we learned about a planned group blow job in Mexico, which Lauren, Nicki, Allison, Loreta, and Daniela Padilla were all going to do the blowing, so to say, and one gorgeous Vanguard was going to be getting, as the women described it, “pleasured.”

But it did not come off.

The women, including Lauren, just moved into the villa that first day, and Keith was not feeling well, and before he could even get better or get it up, a very sad event in the history of Nxivm occurred.

Sad for Nxivm, most auspicious and wonderful for hundreds – if not thousands – of others, including Lauren as we shall see.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren. If you can get past some of Lauren’s wonderful run-on sentences, this episode is quite dramatic.

Tanya Hajjar
Lauren Salzman

Q   So, what happened after that? [After Lauren agreed to move into the villa with Keith and the other women who were going to be part of the group blow job.]

A   So, right before we had moved over to the house, to the new house, I went over to talk to Keith and he wasn’t there, or I couldn’t find him, and I couldn’t find him anywhere, and I couldn’t find Daniella [Padilla] anywhere and there was — his room to his bedroom door was closed so I assumed that they were together and I was feeling very upset about this and talking to Nicki about it and then we moved our stuff over to the new house and when we came over to the new house he asked me if I wanted to — that he wasn’t feeling well and he wanted to know did I want to take a nap.

So, we laid down and took a nap and I calmed down a little bit and felt a little bit better and a little bit better with him and when we woke up he wasn’t feeling well, he communicated he wasn’t feeling well and asked if I would bring him some food and I went to the kitchen and I had brought him some food. I went back to the kitchen to make myself a smoothie and Loreta came running into the kitchen and said the police are at the door, they’re here for Keith.

Q   What happened next?

A   I ran immediately to Keith’s room and closed us in and tried to protect Keith and basically I tried to get him to leave, I was like you need to leave and I wanted him to get out — I wanted him to go out a window and he didn’t do that and he told me to call [redacted] and –

Q  Who is [redacted]?

A  [redacted], a mutual friend of ours, and I didn’t have a phone and I didn’t know how to work his phone so I communicated that and he was in the phone trying to find how to call [redacted] and I was like — honestly I just went into one mode which is like protect Keith and I put us on lockdown in this suite which was kind of ridiculous but I locked closed all the doors, all the blinds and I could see outside the window that federal police with machine guns and bulletproof vests, some of them wearing masks were like surrounding the property basically and I saw some of the women sitting across on a patio and —

Q   When you say, “the women,” who are you referring to?

A   Daniella and Allison and Nicki and basically they surrounded the whole property and they searched the whole property until they found that the only place they weren’t able to search was the room that we were in and they came to the door and they were banging on the door and Keith was going to leave to go into — there was like a walk-in, another room like a walk-in closet and he was going into the other room and I was like I don’t — I don’t know what to do and he said,” ask them if they have a warrant,” and then he disappeared and went into the other room.

And so I went to the door and I asked them if they had a warrant and they said, “open the door and we’ll show it to you,” and I said, “if you show it to me, I’ll open the door,” like do that first, and we went back and forth a few times and they said, look, you know — they were asking me if there were any other people with me and they were asking me if we had weapons and the whole time I just kept thinking like they could just shoot in this door and so I kept walking away from the door but then going back like to talk to them but I just kept considering that really like legitimately I might get shot right now and I kept interacting with them because my higher priority was making sure that Keith was okay.

And eventually they kicked down the door and they held me on the floor with four machine guns pointed at me and they were asking me is there anybody else in — is there anybody else here with you, like are you alone, who else is here and I wasn’t answering them and I expected — this did not happen but I was expecting that they were going to start becoming aggressive, like I thought they were going to kick me and when I thought that was going to happen I called out Keith’s name and at the same time in the room that he was in, the walk-in, there was a door on the other side and they were kicking down the door of that side but I called out — I wasn’t aware of that completely right then, so I called out his name and then he came out of the room and like for months after that I just like always felt like that was such a failure in myself that I hadn’t been strong enough to not call out his name, you know, like that I didn’t have the character to just protect him at all costs and I felt like I had let him down and then — but they — basically he came out, they put him on the floor too, they handcuffed him and then when he got — they let him stand up and they let him see the piece of paper and basically he called out to me what the allegations were, that they were out of the Eastern District of New York, that he was being accused of sex trafficking and I can’t remember what else and then they took him.

Q   Were you surprised, Ms. Salzman, that the defendant went into the walk-in closet when Mexican law enforcement arrived?

A   I was so surprised. I — because the whole — like my whole — everything we had done, like everything that I was teaching in NXIVM, everything that I was — that I believed that I — that I was learning in Jness and SOP and everything that I joined DOS to build all centered around the fact that we can live this principled life and that the highest principles that you can live are principles of love and love is when you do something lovingly without getting anything back and that you can die in many ways in your life but dying for a principle is like the most noble thing that you could do and I always wondered like in a moment where there was a situation, like if ever I was in, you know, this life or death situation or something would I be able to uphold my principles or would I just totally be a coward or would I forget and choose myself over somebody else, you know, but like in a situation — like this was the most life or death situation that I was in, I mean they didn’t obviously hurt me but I considered that they might. I chose what I believed we had been training for this entire time which was to choose love over everything including the possibility of losing my life and it never ever crossed my mind that if Keith and I were in the situation that he wouldn’t choose the exact same thing, it never occurred to me that I would choose Keith and Keith would choose Keith because they were there for Keith, they weren’t there for me and we all knew they were there for Keith so there was no need to send me to shield him or negotiate with them, he could have just protected all of us and just gone if he was going to not go out the window. Why, why would he do that, and it was — yeah, it was shocking and then I put it aside, beat myself up over my lack of character and spent the next three months focusing on how to help Keith but when I was indicted and I had initially like three months very alone, you know, with a lot of time to think, it was one of the things I just kept going back to.

Q   What do you mean?

A   I mean that everything he taught us was this: Society of Protectors; this is what men are; this is what men do; this is what is noble; this is when women don’t do; this is what women can’t do, and then he didn’t do it and I did it, and I was like, I cannot — I can’t even — I could not make sense of how that could even be in any universe where he was who I believed he was.


Keith Raniere Mexican arrest picture.


In short, Lauren found out that Keith was a coward. After all, he taught about men being stand-up and women being weak little entitled princesses; but he took the coward’s path and hid in a closet and let Lauren have machine guns pointed at her.

I suspect her testimony was highly coached beforehand. She was led to describe his cowardice to embarrass him before the jury.

At his moment of truth – he hid like a craven. And this debunked the notion that, despite all his peculiarities, his eccentricities, his sex-addicted teachings, when it came down to practicing the good standup bravery that he preached, he was a stone-cold coward.

It was a nice move on the part of the prosecution and it had the additional advantage of being true.

I think it is equally interesting that it took Lauren months to realize that she was not at fault when, with machine guns pointed at her head, she called to Keith for help and betrayed that he was hiding in the closet.

Perhaps the most telling thing she said was that she beat herself up over it for months afterward – but follow the timeline.

As soon as she was arrested and was forcibly removed from her Nxivm world – and facing prison – she finally began to realize that Keith was the coward, not [just] her.

Let us review  what she said: “I …. beat myself up over my lack of character and spent the next three months focusing on how to help Keith but when I was indicted and I had initially like three months very alone [as part of her bail conditions of being on home detention], you know, with a lot of time to think, it was one of the things I just kept going back to…..  everything he taught us was this: Society of Protectors; this is what men are; this is what men do; this is what is noble; this is when women don’t do; this is what women can’t do, and then he didn’t do it and I did it, and I was like, I cannot — I can’t even — I could not make sense of how that could even be in any universe where he was who I believed he was.”

Let me repeat that last sentence: “I could not make sense of how that could even be in any universe where he was who I believed he was.”

It is a little awkwardly expressed. To say it more differently: [Based on his action] “I could not make sense, in any imaginable universe, that he was who I had believed he was.”

Whether it was a realization of convenience, or if she would have ever realized that she was herself, for a very long time, in an alternative universe, one very divorced from reality is hard to know.

No, Lauren, he was not at all who you thought he was. And that is the great secret of this excerpt from her testimony.

Keith was not who she believed he was. She thought him a god, she found him to be a coward, like herself, in the end.

But now the question is: Is her separation from him real?  Would she go back to him tomorrow and do it all over again, were she not facing prison and he already in prison and likely to be there for decades to come?

If she honestly could be healed, if she honestly would not and could not go back to the monster, who she napped with, and brought him food [while she, perpetually on a diet, had a smoothie] – a man she adored and with whom she was perfectly comfortable with – a human monster – if she could really leave him, not by force of law, but in the deeper recesses of the mind and heart – I would almost be inclined to hope for leniency for her.

But I wonder if she isn’t pining for him, missing him, wishing he was back ruling her life. Sure, she betrayed him in court. She had to do it for she is a coward and knave and wanted to save herself, much like she did when the Mexican police came for him.

And it was wisdom too. She could not save him. Why should she be shot by a machine gun? They were going to get him anyway.

And, again, she could not save him from the US DOJ and a judge and a jury. With or without her testimony, he was going to be convicted; he was going away. Why not try to save herself?

But that doesn’t mean it was sincere. She was testifying to save herself. But if she could have, if she had the power, I am not convinced she would not engineer a jail-break. I mean this sincerely: I wonder if Lauren would, if she could, run off with Raniere tomorrow, off to Fiji and get pregnant and have his baby and live happily ever after.

It is an impossible dream now of course. But still, and I think this is the secret, I think this – in her deepest recesses of the heart, I think this is what she would wish for: To go back to Raniere and have him all to herself.

She would betray her mother, her father, herself, to get back to the room in Mexico and take a nap with him again.

But reality set in and practical Lauren Salzman testified that he was a monster, to save herself.





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  • (Lauren) “Where’s your warrant?”….LOL, Ma’am, these huge machine guns will have to do. Now, give us the rapist! Dumb slave. God bless her li’l heart.

    • Keith- “Go stall them and demand to see the warrant. I’m going to make my escape to this closet.”
      Seemed foolproof…

  • “I would almost be inclined to hope for leniency for her.”
    Funny because of all the people considered as “defendants”, she is the one that deserves it the least…

    She did it for 20 years and perpetuated the destruction of life when Raniere was doing else (like destroying more life)

    She was obviously not under hypnosis as she was one of the few who gave those sessions(with her mother)…she was not drugged, she was barely coerced and she was genuinely taking pride in doing what she did!

    In court, it was demonstrated that she is the cruelest (choice of punishment, frequent application of the said punishment…).

    She destroyed an incredible amount of life for her own profit (because she was one of the few first-line who actually MADE money out of this…she benefited from the whole situation).

    And yet, of all the people in the trial, you “hope for leniency for her”…

    BTW lets, once again, ignore the many facts …Lauren the ultimate victim…my ass!

    • “It was demonstrated she was the cruelest.”
      You sure you want to go down that gravel road in your glass car?
      With friends like you, AM doesn’t need enemies.

      • Nutjob,

        Is there anyone on planet earth you wouldn’t pity or defend?

        “The wicked witch of the west just wanted the pair of ruby slippers her sister willed to her. Nobody had to kill the bitch.”- NutJob

        “Dorthy was a selfish cunt.”-NutJob

        “Leave Jeffrey Dahmer alone. He just tried to add extra protein to his diet.”-NutJob

        Nutjob, you gotta screw your head on tighter or something.

        • You won’t find me defending Raniere.

          When ESP was just getting started, I know how naive, trusting, and enthusiastic about “the (pretend) mission” Lauren was. Keith loved to destroy people and Lauren is a perfect example of this.

          • NutJob,

            Insider’s knowledge? I will trust you are right.

            One day when it’s safe you should share.

            I don’t blame you for keeping a low profile.

          • I think Raniere’s sentence should include the sentences of all his victims. Say Lauren gets 5 years – add another 5 years to his sentence. He chose to play an evil Pygmalion, he ought to pay the price. For every person he worked to turn into a monster, he ought to pay.

  • Lauren believed what she wanted and decided to believe and what she had to want to believe, to conform. Whatever she could think to make exceptions for Raniere’s commandments and for his whoring around, she would just transfer her genuine resentments about it into questioning her own reactions. Here she and many others would stay stuck, accusing themselves of feeling badly about Raniere’s real behavior, as if any criticism of him were automatically wrong. This is what Lauren and all of Raniere’s sexual “congregants” had been trained to do. They were taught to blame themselves, as this cut them off from feeling okay to object to Raniere’s agenda and his programming.

    One of Raniere’s routes to successful sustainment of his dictatorship was making others accuse and condemn themselves for not being dedicated enough, “strong” enough or “noble” enough to cooperate with what were really his personal choices. He had to be right or else there would be even more trouble and exclusion aimed outward, as a control mechanism.

    Or sometimes Lauren could blame the other sexual partners of Raniere a little bit, too, but knew that doing that wasn’t cool or “kosher.” She’d be rejected or censured if she expressed how she was really feeling. So she would revert to blaming herself again. This was the only way that she could keep belonging in his/ her/their world. Raniere insisted that he was reluctantly having sex with others to “teach and enlighten” them with his ejaculation superpowers. So objecting to his fiction was to be seen as selfish and was letting “disintegration” take over and mess with Raniere’s so-called higher mission. He never had a higher mission. His mission was to be a sexual and a “spiritual” sadist and to do as much harm as he could get away with doing while disguising himself as an advanced one of superior intelligence who was kind enough to be the Master. No one would ever be worthy, but Saint Flabturd would keep trying to help them.

    No matter what Raniere did or said, the duty of his groupies was to support him, and they were required to go blind, deaf and dumb in order to support his real foulness, to deny their own emotions and thoughts about his behavior. He kept his acolytes in a tower of flowery but paranoid babble, fully injected with peer pressure, with members of the group pretending to trust him and each other, when essentially and realistically, no one could ever really trust anyone else for long, as they kept jockeying with one another to be amongst Raniere’s most favored. Yet even limpdick Raniere, as he eventually became, could not have sex with EVERYBODY everyday or night. So everyone had to be kept in confusion; thinking clearly about the whole huge mess was not allowed.

    How blind did one have to make oneself, and for how many years, just to keep going with him and his devotees? One was not allowed to see Raniere for what he really was. Always, the insistence was that he was the one who was right and oh-so-nobly teaching others the best and the “real” way to think and to live. The minute that someone bought into Raniere’s psycho control net, life was being lived without real attention or awareness. You had to ignore your own conscience, your own thoughts, just to survive as a member of this group. Everything was fake, but especially the “growth” or so-called progress.

    Lauren had to put herself into a lose/lose situation everyday, and who could guess how many times she went into this impossible quagmire, every day and night for a couple of decades, while her God was doing whatever he felt like doing, while insisting that he was faultless and always in the right. Everyone else just had to “wake up” and to get how superior and wise he was and to follow along with his fiction as though it were some form of existential advancement.

    Since he was really a complete phony, no one could really be advancing at all, but then you had to blame yourself for not getting it, for failing, while really you just kept spinning through the same old bullshit and pretending to be experiencing growth.

    We might see more of what Lauren really thinks and feels currently when she receives her sentence, and we might not. I don’t know if Lauren has been able to get in touch with her thoughts or her feelings by now, or if she is still caught up in her trap. But after spending at least half of her life on a rat-wheel of inner chaos and fear, jealousies and increasingly criminal activities, just in order to support Raniere (and therefore, her own habitual lifestyle) right now, I see her as still adapting to all of the changes since their arrests.

    She seemed to me to be hopelessly attached to Raniere during all of her testimony, and she struck me as being very unstable and still extremely caught up in “believing” Raniere’s conditioning. She might have been starting to blame Raniere and to let herself have anger towards him. Yet even still, she wasn’t evincing self-awareness. It was as if she had no center within herself at all, and that might be true. Lauren might not have ever had a sense of her individual self or to have ever able to think for herself.

    Lauren will never be able to figure out Raniere or her mother, Raniere’s co-leader. The one whom Lauren needs to begin to understand is herself, not them. Only then would she have enough room in herself to detach from her 20 years of dependencies. She seems to be a complete stranger to herself.

    During all of Lauren’s court testimony, she seemed as stuck as she had always been with Raniere. She was very, very emotionally miserable and still very much attached to her misconceptions about him. I don’t think that Lauren can get the strength on her own, particularly not for as long as she is glued to her mother and her mother’s interests. Lauren might need years of therapy to be able to even hear or to acknowledge her own voice, her own thoughts. Her entire mindset seems to be one of fear and sometimes, even panic, or overwhelming anxiety.

    If only she could understand that Raniere never, ever helped her. He was only ever “helping” himself. But it’s possible that Lauren will never be able to come out of her deep unhappiness and confusion. Certainly, I don’t see her being able to get a real grasp of any of this without genuine professional help. If Lauren or anyone in a similar position to her is still not getting counseling or therapeutic help, I don’t think that the real inner battle has begun to be faced. You cannot make a choice to give up having any real choices, to live under those conditions for years while pretending “it’s all for the good” without killing your own inner voice and perception.

    If anyone says, “I’m in ongoing therapy now to help me to overcome the years of conditioning and the damages,” I’d feel more hopeful that authentic recovery was recognized as being necessary. However, one has got to be able to see that and to stick with it. It will not be easy, and there’s almost never any quick fixes or sudden “freeing epiphanies.” One has got to have the courage and the determination to get real with oneself, to come out of the conditioning and, most of all, to be able to forgive oneself and to start over, again and again. Once is not enough; it is too superficial. To get free takes true grit. You have to be able to respect your own thoughts, to like and to love yourself enough. This is the opposite of how Raniere wanted anyone to live. He wanted to be number one and to make everyone else struggle and suffer.

    First you have to want that freedom. You have got to be able to realize that what you were calling “growth and freedom” was really living under a monstrous monster’s rules, designed to propagate his insistence that everyone live in his hell. He designed his dictatorship only for himself. He was utterly dependent upoan the group to worship him. There was no freedom, and there was no genuine growth. Even that comprehension isn’t going to be easy for someone as entrenched as Lauren has been to allow for herself. It is hard to see that Raniere’s group can even really see how deep their problems go, never mind that any of them will be showing definitively that they are trying to heal. Many are still very likely to think that nothing has ever really been that wrong. That is how stuck many Nxivm/DOS participants appear to be, even after Raniere has been in jail for so long. Look at Clare Bronfman, who is said to be carrying on with the mantle of Nxivm leadership still firmly attached to her self-identity.

  • Great Analysis Frank.

    Coached or just an excellent ability to identify what people/attorneys/judges want emotionally to get what she wants is probably her most outstanding interpersonal skill. Naive like a teen girl in love combined with the self-confidence to believe she was the one to change KAR.

    KAR’s ability to make people love him is an ability we all want. Think most folks just hope to find and keep one person to love, because just one strains our abilities and energy.

    Fascinating. Tragic. Self-destructive. Unproductive.

    Keep writing/posting, Frank.

  • Frank has just shit all over Tanya Hajjar and the EDNY — and I won’t stand for this!!!

    Frank suspects that Lauren’s testimony was “highly coached beforehand” in order to highlight Keith’s cowardice and make him look bad.

    Guess what?

    It’s not legal for prosecutors to “coach” a witness on how to make their testimony more favorable to their case.

    Frank is therefore making accusations against the EDNY that are beneath contempt.

    It’s also not legal for any attorney to ‘coach’ testimony, in order to make it more damaging.

    The witness is expected to tell the truth and only the truth. I believe that Lauren did that wholeheartedly.

    I demand that Frank issue an apology to Tanya Hajjar, Lauren Salzman and the EDNY as a whole, ASAP.

    Frank, your credibility is at stake here.

    Have a nice day.

    • Bangkok, it is naive, incredibly naive, to think that in their many interviews with witnesses that the DOJ does not coach witnesses. It may not be outright ‘you say this, when I ask you this’ but it is unsubtle enough that the cooperating witness knows what to say to be most pleasing. I am not singling out Tanya Hajjar, this goes on everywhere in prosecutions. They offer their support for downward departures on sentencing, the witness offers her support in the case. In Lauren’s example, she seems to have told the truth.
      But there are some instances where prosecutors suborned perjury, which I do not think Tanya or any of the EDNY did for a moment.
      But then again, why should they – the truth is Raniere is a craven criminal.

      • All attorneys “coach” their witnesses or as attorneys say “go over material and testimony beforehand” with their witnesses. It’s legal to go over material and testimony.

        Claviger or Le’Gal feel free to chime in and help Frank out with Bangkok.

    • Bangkok,

      Congratulations, Bangkok, you got me!

      I love the way you twist, conflate, and misconstrue people’s words with the sole purpose of causing them to react with anger or angst; you are a most subtle troll. Kudos to you, my child. I don’t have a son — but if I did —I know he’d be a total fuck-wad just like you.

      You, Bangkok, have the unique and special ability to drive men and women batshit-crazy.

      “ The son becomes the father, and the father, the son.” -Jor-El

        • Scott,

          Idiots are frequently bored by what they don’t understand.

          Last week when you complained about the length of Frank’s story on the Indian guru….

          ….You became the fist person to ever complain about the length of one of Frank’s articles.

          Frank’s story probably on an 8 1/2 X11 inch piece of paper came to one page and a quarter double spaced typed.

          You are the epitome of the word idiot.

          I bid you good day! 😉

        • Boring, eh? (that’s Canadian)

          Methinks Scooter Johnson’s low blog traffic (<50 visitors per month) and his low radio show audience (<20 listeners per episode) is quite indicative of his expertise in judging entertaining content. 🙂

          Scooter's radio show is basically equivalent to two friends talking on walkie-talkies to truckers passing nearby. It probably airs at 2am in redneck counties only.

          • Bangkok’s…..

            “Scooter’s radio show is basically equivalent to two friends talking on walkie-talkies to truckers passing nearby”…..

            … a f*cking pisser takedown.


            Scott you just got butt-raped!

          • Wrong again, bangcock. There is no radio show (what station would air content that attracted a single digit audience). It is a podcast. And it’s Peter’s podcast. Scott is Pete’s intern.

  • Has Lauren Salzman figured out yet that Keith Raniere is not the world’s third smartest man?
    The civil RICO lawsuit filed against Lauren by sixty Jane Does last week might be a clue.

  • Lustful Lauren is a coward and super selfish. She wanted sex too. She did not care that he was tired and we all needed time with him. He conceived of a greater purpose where we could gather together and commune as one. But not Lauren she wanted him alone no matter how tired he was or not feeling well. He wanted a nap. You can guess what she wanted? And when the moment came to lay down her life for Vanguard as she said he would do she betrayed his location. Lauren is Judas Iscariot and will forever be remembered that way

    • She will be remembered as a criminal, just like Keith Raniere and the other convicted felons of the NXIVM Criminal Enterprise.

    • Pea. In preparation for his group, he overdosed on the fake Viagra he bought online with Pam’s credit card. That’s why he was feeling so ill.

    • I think Keith was stupid in not realizing he needed more power over Lauren. He was loosing his grip over her and the idiot didn’t realize he needed her support now more than ever . He needed to have a strong harem to survive the attacks from the FBI. He calculated this wrong and did not focus on getting his harem to back him up. He was addicted to sex and just thinking about threesomes. That cost him his freedom . He should have focused on his new kid instead of planning group sex. He was probably caught because of this . Nicky posted the pics of Vallarta . 🙄 stupid

        • If Raniere is stupid and got a group of people to follow him blindly and pay cash for his stupid courses….

          What then is your excuse for not being able to build your Amway business?

          You were selling high-quality expensive powdered detergent and premium water filters.

          How many family members and friends lives did you ruin?

          5? 10? 20? Over 30?

          ….And you’re not even sorry; you are such a wonderful person.

  • Keith was not a mastermind. He was a sex addict and an idiot.

    He had the FBI on his trail and he is inviting families over to his house to sell them Nxivm courses. He could live without work thanks to Clare Bronfman. Why expose himself by inviting families over?

    If he was not such a sex addict, he could have just stayed with Marianna and his baby without making a scandal. Nikki would not have posted the pic and he would have not been detected.

    But he had to have his harem back, his courses back. A power trip for him to recruit new virgins.

    If he is left free, he will go back to sex trafficking. This story shows that. Thank god, he was stopped

    Great reporting, Frank

  • “And it was wisdom too. She could not save him. Why should she be shot by a machine gun? They were going to get him anyway.” I don’t consider this as wisdom, it was the only choice she had if she didn’t want to get beaten and/or shot.

    Also, I don’t care whether or not Salzman can change, as nobody can get into her mind. I don’t want to take the chance of her being turned loose into society any sooner than necessary, to give her the maximum amount of time to realize how f*cked up she is, and as a warning to other MLM scam artists.

  • I’ve read much of Lauren’s testimony, but I don’t recall reading that she was asked if she knew of, or heard about, Keith’s rape of underage girls. If so, did she find out from insiders or did she read it in that infamous Times Union article? And did she and other insiders try to keep that knowledge from other members?

    • NXIVM had a habit of discounting “negative” (aka factual) stories and the followers were told to ignore the stories, not to read them, and not to discuss them. It’s the way all MLM scams work. The Amway Rules Supervisor, a witch by the name of Karen O’Neill, even testified under oath at one of my hearings, that I was spreading “negative” (she used that word) aka factual stories about Amway. I had heard that word used by my upline before, but never from a corporate goon. Products not manufactured by Amway were routinely referred to as “negative.” People who criticized Amway were routinely referred to as “negative” as well.

      • So Scott is saying even Lauren, a top rank top insider, would not know about Keith pedo past even though she lived in Albany where the Times Union was available on every street corner?
        If many of Vanguard’s harem didn’t even know he was screwing other women, maybe few knew he had been screwing girls.

        • That is what I’m saying. Either they didn’t know or didn’t care. Remember, Raniere taught to men and women that it is proper for guys to have sex with multiple women, but women must have sex with only one man, so it wasn’t much of a stretch that he was having sex with multiple women, he was merely acting out his teachings. That’s called congruity.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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