Eduardo Asúnsolo Becomes US Citizen

Eduardo Asunsolo, moments after he became a US citizen, Jan. 20, 2020.

Eduardo Asunsolo has become a US citizen, as of January 20, 2022.

He is known to readers as one of the leaders of a group who believe Keith Raniere was prosecuted unfairly and deserves a new trial or to be set free.

Eduardo was born in Torreón, México, on February 12, 1982, the son of Rosa Maria Ramirez and Juan Manuel Asúnsolo.

His mother worked “countless hours” to earn money for him and his siblings to learn English, making his successful entry into the US much more possible than had he not learned to speak the language of the country he came to reside in.


In Mexico, Eduardo studied at Tec de Monterrey and had a multiplicity of interests. He studied Freud, practiced yoga, and went backpacking to Europe. He moved to Monterrey and secured a position in executive banking at Santander Bank.
A friend told him about NXIVM – and he enrolled “almost by accident” in a five-day class in Monterrey.
Eduardo with his mother – on the day of his naturalization as a US citizen.

The teachings impacted him intensely. Eduardo quit his job at the bank and started working in radio, getting his own radio show.

He obtained a student visa to come to the US to study theater under German-born director Mike Nichols.

Nichols directed Broadway plays such as Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, and Death of a Salesman; films such as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Graduate, Catch-22, and Carnal Knowledge; and television shows Wit, and Angels in America. He won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, four Emmy Awards, and nine Tony Awards.

Eduardo arrived in New York on the 4th of July of 2008, aged 26, and settled in Brooklyn. Asunsolo was coached by Nichols for three hours per week for two years.

He married and has two children.

In the US, Asunsolo began to acquire a deep admiration for the principles upon which America was built, the ideals of America’s forefathers, and the US Constitution.

Unlike others, Eduardo never went on welfare or sought to be a burden on taxpayers. Instead, he worked for Spanish speaking people who needed to have documents translated into English.
Some call them the Nxivm 5: (Left-to-Right): Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette and Marc Elliot.

He also worked for some 10 years, holding senior positions in several NXIVM companies, such as Society of Protectors (SOP), and The Source, the acting course, where he was a business partner with Allison Mack and Raniere.

After Raniere was arrested, Eduardo attended the entire trial – and, after Raniere’s conviction, he has worked to help show the world that Raniere was deprived of his due process rights.

As an American citizen, Eduardo has more standing to protest what he perceives as injustice.
[Note, please, his entry and entire pathway to citizenship was done the old-fashioned way – legally.]
He made this statement on his newly obtained citizenship:

“Although I earned this through honest, hard work, my becoming a US citizen is due to my parents. My mother worked at an American school for decades so that her children learned English early in life.

“I also owe much to my wife and her parents, who took me in and gave me the opportunity to earn a place in this country.

“I will always have México in my heart and blood. I’m a believer that nations can unite and make citizens of the world. In the Mexican national anthem, we refer to our country as a mother, and we promise that she has a soldier in each one of their children, in each Mexican. I can only hope to bring that devotion to this country.

“I feel privileged and honored that the United States accepted me as an American. I will do my best to bring the best of my own culture and to honor the American way.”



What does the future hold for Eduardo Asunsolo now that he is an American?

Stay tuned.

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  • To all the leftovers posting here: whether Eduardo did or did not commit criminal acts like Raniere has nothing to do with whether he lied about his affiliation to NXIVM on his N-400 form. Once again, you all are twisting words for your own agenda.

    Eduardo is a devout follower of Raniere and his teachings. Raniere taught his followers that it was OK to lie for the greater good, which meant his greater good or NXIVM’s.

    Eduardo could plausibly have believed that it was OK for him to lie to obtain citizenship as he was one of the five main people fighting for Raniere’s freedom.

    Nicki lies all the time – just read her Twitter feed. And, we all know about her fraudulent marriage to Mack, which she still lies about to this day.

    If Eduardo did not lie and was upfront with ICE about his affiliation to NXIVM, which was deemed a criminal organization in court regardless of whether Raniere wins on his appeal, he has absolutely nothing to be concerned about that the question was raised here on FR. But, considering how many of his friends have come out in droves in a panic to try to dispute this, it appears he is worried.

    Perhaps, he should request an amendment to his N-400 application to clarify his “mistake”.

    • If you were actually serious about this, and not simply seeking to smear a member of a group that you hate publicly – YOU would have gone to ICE.

      But you’re not serious, and are just seeking to smear someone from a group you hate.

      More proof that you are simply a vile anticultist with a pathological hatred for people who live and believe differently than you do, and should be ignored.

      You are so f*cking pathetic.


  • Good to see more knowledgeable and constructive commenters coming out to congratulate Eduardo.

    I hope we can have more of these commenters here on other topics to help raise the bar over the ignorant anticult cranks who’ve dominated the comment section of the Frank Report for far too long.

    It’s an opportunity to dispel some of the turgid and abusive bigotry that stinks up this place.

    More original and knowledgeable viewpoints are needed and wanted.

    Open a window. Take out the trash.

    Comment anonymously.

    Let it rip.


  • Thanks Eduardo for standing up for what’s right. The comments seem to assume that you’re supporting bad acts rather than that you don’t think bad acts took place or that if they did they should be fairly investigated according to the law and that this should be true for both sides. I’ve only heard you say these things not that what KR has been accused of is OK for a man to do. Amazing how hateful people twist the truth to their liking.

  • Congrats Eduardo. Thank you for standing for a fair justice system. Government prosecutors should be held to the highest standard of the law. I for one am not unwilling to hear what you, your team and some decorated experts have to say.

  • Congrats Eduardo. Thank you for standing for due process. I was hesitant at first but there are so many holes in the stories of the actors and actresses that are laughing all the way to the bank it’s insane. The face that the FBI planted evidence and that this has been certified by some of the highest experts even former FBI agents shed some serious light on this case and it’s a sad day for America when the agents who are supposed to be protecting its citizens are committing very serous crimes. Thanks for exposing this no matter how hard the haters make it. They must know you’re onto something to be all in a fluster.

    • Who’s laughing?

      At the trial there were many, many people crying who were sexually assaulted and maimed with Keith’s initials under threat of blackmail being released after being gas lit by their “friends” who had made them starve & take nude photos for Keith all while lying about Raniere’s involvement as “grand slave “master” over them all.

      Or do you think Cami’s mom and brother were giggling about the child pornography Keith took of their family member spread eagle at 15?

      Or…Maybe Danielle’s abortion just cracks her parents up?

      The hilarity of Keith sleeping with all three of their daughters? Always good for a laugh…

      Tell me again why those alleged experts did not testify on Keith’s behalf at trial? And why Keith’s own lawyers did not contest that Cami was under age?

      • And it’s totally perplexing that his defense called no witnesses. Why weren’t these people who swear there was no coercion called to testify in his defense? It says A LOT that there was not defense presented.

    • It’s probably more likely that he WATCHED, Mike Nichols movies 3 hours a week, and is practicing more puffery by calling it “coaching”. Just like I go to church every week for an hour and then eat a free donut- coaching session from Jesus!

  • Wish there were more like you out there, Eduardo, willing to pull down the curtain of these fake Me Too campaigns fueled by men trying to take down other men and using women as pawns. Welcome to America!

    • So, every time a woman comes forward, it’s just a fake campaign run by men?

      You are wrong.

      But if you WERE right, then men are total dicks for doing that to other men and you should work hard to change those kind of men. Because that would mean all those men are despicable, dishonorable, criminal liars who hate other men and clog up the court system with their sociopathic lies. I don’t know of any men like you describe. But you claim to know if many – so you need to show proof of it and/or bring those men to court.

      It’s a very Keith Raniere mentality you display. Women are only pawns useful to men. And they cannot think or act for themselves. And they are never truly abused by men.

      And men are free to rape and abuse women because when women seek justice, it’s all a just a made-up campaign run by other men. They only people who really matter.

      You’ve really internalized that misogynist “tech” and hold a very low opinion of a lot of men, as well.

      What about young girls (and boys) who are raped and abused and photographed explicitly nude by people like Keith Raniere? More fake campaigns against men?

      You must have graduated at the top of your JNESS class at Nxivm!

  • Glad to have a new honorable citizen here in America. We need more men like you, Eduardo, willing to do whatever it takes to expose corruption.

  • The amount of scrutiny one has to go through to obtain America citizenship is no joke. Very glad to know he has a clean background. For all of the people making blind assertions and spewing hate to the individual citizens standing up for justice might be good to take in some new, provable information when it comes your way.

  • It makes sense that coming from Mexico where there is rampant government corruption Eduardo is passionate about exposing it here in America when he witnessed it first-hand. Sadly, he cares more about this than Americans do. We should all stand up for fair trials and expose the psychopaths and bad apples in the government, but Americans are too lazy or just straight up don’t believe it happens here. Well, it definitely does and those crimes need to be exposed too. Bravo, Eduardo, and thanks for your efforts. Congrats to you and your family.

    • Fuck off for calling an entire country of such a widely varied people lazy.

      Yeah. Right. No one in the entire country of America believes in or cares about corruption – except for the brand-new citizen Eduardo.

      You’re a bigot.

      You do know that you can try and build up your friend without criticizing almost the entire population of a country, right?

      And if Americans are so, so, terrible, why become a citizen of the United States?

        • Right… I am angry but you’re cool with a whole country of humans being called lazy?

          What if the commenter said that about all Mexicans being lazy? Still cool with such bigotry? Or do sweeping generalizations about an entire nation not seem prejudiced in your world? They do to me.

          Keep your pity for yourself and your pedophile cult leader who will die in prison. While you never move on. Now that’s a sad life!


    • PATRIOT GOD!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!


      IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

  • RE Eduardo’s Future & Current Path:

    Presently, Eduardo is on a path to nowhere. He and his friends have failed miserably at bolstering public interest and sentiment in Keith’s plight.

    The only interest Eduardo and the gang have garnered in 2 years, is from a whacky cult groupie.

    If this is Eduardo’s idea of a successful PR campaign, he has set the bar low.

    Does Eduardo believe his time is well spent, accomplishing nothing?

    When Raniere’s appeals are used up, I wonder, what is Eduardo’s game plan?
    Raniere’s cause is sucking up Eduardo’s life. We all know Raniere wouldn’t waste his time on Eduardo.

    What does the future hold for Eduardo Asunsolo? Well, if Eduardo sticks to what he’s been doing — not a hell of a lot.

  • I’m interested to know if Eduardo’s wife is in NXIVM. It appears he was in NXIVM when he married her. It also appears that she is American.

    Eduardo married an American and got a green card, that’s not “hard work”. In fact, Raniere had his followers do this all the time so they could remain in the country after their initial Visas expired.

    I also wonder if Immigration was aware of his connection to Raniere, a convicted sex trafficker, or to NXIVM.

    NXIVM was deemed to be a criminal enterprise. Accordingly, Eduardo worked for a criminal enterprise. Immigration had a right to know this information. Somehow, I doubt he gave it to them. I know they ask very specific questions about past criminality. Did he lie on his application?

    Someone should look into this. Sorry, but anyone who worked in the inner circle of a criminal organization and is still advocating for his sex trafficking convicted felon cult leader, does not deserve to be an American. His allegiance will always be to Raniere before this Country, and Raniere has no respect for the constitutional principles of this Country, such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press, among others.

    • Sherizzy wrote:

      “Sorry, but anyone who worked in the inner circle of a criminal organization and is still advocating for his sex trafficking convicted felon cult leader, does not deserve to be an American”.

      As a virulent anticultist, Sherizzy suffers from the same core stupidity that a racist does.

      She’s unable to distinguish one individual from another within her targeted group. In her mind, Eduardo is the same person as Keith Raniere just as every black person is the same as every other black person in the mind of a white supremist/racist.

      Sherizzy could have done a Google search and gotten the answers to the questions she raises here in less than 30 seconds. But the truth – which is the exact opposite of the way she is presented it – is not important to her. She would rather slime someone from her targeted group, and assassinate their character with guilt by association, rather than reveal the truth about the thoroughness of the background checks necessary when applying to be a US citizen.

      Don’t fooled by these guys. They are the dregs of a free society. They are the true “deplorables” who will destroy freedom and civil rights for all of us.


      • Alfonso,

        Holy moly!

        You’re finally showing progress; in four paragraphs you only used
        the word anti-cultist once.

    • “…and is still advocating for his sex trafficking convicted felon cult leader”

      So, I guess anyone working on the Innocence Project to examine the cases of potentially wrongly convicted murderers shouldn’t be allowed US citizenship bc they are advocating for convicted felons?

      It’s not like Eduardo is planning to dig a tunnel to bust Raniere out of jail (not that I know of). He’s just asking questions and looking at the legal process, right? Is that really so reprehensible?

      Congrats on citizenship, Eduardo!

      • Comparing people who are just focused on trying to get their personal mentor and friend out of prison (a man who has access to unlimited financial resources) with the Innocence Project is insulting.

        The Innocence Project scrupulously investigate thousands and thousands of cases submitted by total strangers who lack the resources to have their case reexamined. And at any given time, they are simultaneously working to pursue a more perfect justice for many, many people in prison, whom they do not know at all personally.

        If you want to get your own personal friend out of incarceration because you believe that they are innocent and you have the resources, time and money to pursue that legally – of course – go for it!

        But that does not make you a Superhero fighting for the justice of all Americans. It makes you just the same as every single other person in America who has a loved one or a family member inside the walls and wants to get them out – because they feel that person is innocent.

        That is all. No more. No less.

        If you want to be considered a justice reform advocate, then you need to do the work.

        And it’s not dancing nightly with glow sticks in front of a detention center.

        Especially for a perceived cult leader.

        The bad optics that are from those kinds of stunts have been brought on by the participants themselves. And they should take responsibility for that perception.

        The grandiosity of their “mission” as one for all the people is disingenuous. It is a self-serving quest focused on freeing one man. And that’s okay. But stop trying to play Joan of Arc. It’s not helping.

        No matter how many blue suit, red tie photos in front of a flag that you post – none of you have any proven track record of fighting for anyone’s freedom but Keith’s. So no special accolades for you. Sorry.

        • Ok so I guess it’s unAmerican to advocate for justice for a person you believe is innocent but who also happens to have been a friend and mentor.

          • I wrote that I agree with advocating for a friend (that you believe is innocent )at least 2 or 3 times. It’s the right thing to do.

            That personal advocacy for a friend or mentor does NOT put you on par with “The Innocence Project”. Which you brought up.

            Do you really not understand the difference?

            Who said “unAmerican”? Literally wrote that many, many Americans are currently advocating for their incarcerated loved ones.

            You could almost say that due to the high volume of the prison population in the USA – this is a unique phenomenon intrinsic to the fabric of American life – having so many people on the outside who are fighting for loved ones experiencing incarceration. Also, the USA has a justice system that allows for appeal.

            However, most of those people do not have access to a fortune like Keith.

            And, most importantly, they and their personal advocates do not falsely portray themselves as magical angels of freedom who are fighting for ALL.

            They are honest about their pursuit to free 1 specific loved one, with no pretense about it being altruistic and for the greater good. They do not pretend to be on the same level as people who have dedicated their lives to helping total strangers.

            And they don’t compare themselves to the Innocence Project. A respected group that helps STRANGERS. And is a transparent organization of integrity doing tangible actions to help MANY incarcerated humans simultaneously with whom they have NO personal connection.

            They don’t just tweet. And dance. And make websites that go nowhere. For ONE inmate.

      • ….Calling the victims liars, profiteers, and government conspirators is not called
        “asking questions”.

        • Well, if he sincerely believes KR is innocent, then it follows logically that he believes people who testified as victims weren’t being truthful and may have had motives other than the pursuit of justice. No surprise there.

          • Nicki-

            You phrase everything as a question…

            Recently, under another alias you asked, “What’s wrong with asking a few questions?” Please try a new schtick.
            How’s the T-shirt business going and who has a bigger shlong, Keith or Suneel?

      • That is an inappropriate analogy, to say the least.

        My main point was that I find it very difficult to believe that ICE would have approved Eduardo’s N-400 form if he disclosed his true affiliation with NXIVM.

        I also find Eduardo’s silence on this very telling.

        • “That is an inappropriate analogy, to say the least.”

          It’s not an analogy.

          Just as the same herpes virus causes both chicken pox and shingles, the same core stupidity which makes you unable to tell the difference between individuals in your targeted ‘cult’ – such as Eduardo and Raniere – is also the same core stupidity that makes someone a racist.

          It’s no surprise that you thought this was an analogy.

          Also, just gotta ask, are you aware that you are accusing someone of a federal crime here on a public message board?

          Probably not.


          • Alanzo,

            I wasn’t responding to you. I was responding to Guess Who. I will not respond to your idiocy anymore.

            Maybe you should look at the date and time that comments were written before you call other people stupid.

  • This is a true success story and represents what America is all about. And I genuinely mean that.


    • If you “genuinely mean that”, then you know nothing that “America is all about”!

      Get the hell out of our country, you traitor!

  • A country that defends pedophiles for a citizen that defends pedos. At least he is more dar from.mexico. asunsolo recognized that Obama was in Nxivm right? It was Him or the other cult member. I love how usa dont allow a lott of the needed people that search for the american dream, but these one that protects someone accused of doing a terrorist conspiracy to control democracy based on mutilating vaginas of sex trafficking slaves is welcomed.

  • Congrats to you, Eduardo, you’re a decent man. Don’t let a few assholes on this site get you down. In time, people will realize what you have done.

    You’re fighting for truth for all Americans. And now you’re a citizen. It’s perfect. Poetic and perfect.

  • Whether he’s right or wrong, Eduardo does his best to fight for what he believes in.

    I think Raniere is not pure evil. He also isn’t a saint. But 120 years when murderers get 10 years? Something ain’t right.

  • Frank,

    Was Eduardo reported as one of the Nxivm members who were trying to lure “enemies” to Mexico so they could be falsely imprisoned by authorities?


    • Shadowstate1958- You must be a white man. These people are seeking what they are owed, from years of oppression and slavery. All our community wants are reparations. What’s wrong about that?

    • Some Americans call themselves Patriots for blindly following a leader who is a con-man and liar…sort of like Nxians. Some naively ignore the vile truth about their leader and when his evil is revealed still refuse to believe it…sort of like Nxians.

      • According to the US National Debt Clock America now owes almost 30 trillion dollars because of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better.

        How soon before senile Uncle Joe starts World War 3 with Russia to make the American peasants forget all of Joe’s scandals and failures?

        We’ll Meet Again – Dr Strangelove: Final Scene

    • Important political peple and law enforcement were using nxivm/executive success programs, branson, weinstein, and epstein girls. these girls were traded around….guess it was American afterall.

  • Alex, you are right, but Alanzo isn’t even able to cut his own Ring Dings®, let alone anyone’s throat. That’s what his home health care nurse is for.

  • We should all be proud because this clown becomes an American citizen.
    Yippee, a freedom fighter for a Cult Leader. A guy who proudly protects a slime ball boss of like Raniere.

    Hopefully, he will wake up and do something positive for himself and this country.

    So far, he’s been a burden & a pain in the ass

  • Any way you look at it, he took the honorable road. He did not sneak into this country and look for taxpayers to pay for him.

    • Wow….

      US tax dollars?

      The vast majority of Mexican illegal aliens work….

      They work for peanuts for US employers who don’t pay taxes on them.

      Who do think works on the vast agricultural farms in California and throughout the United States?

      You can drive up to Home Depots all over the Southwest and pick up illegal Mexicans to do manual labor.

      I am a Republican.

      I don’t believe in illegal immigration…BUT at the same time, I’m not blind to what is going on.

    • Ya, right, he married am American NXIVM member just like Nicki Clyne married Allison Mack so they both could stay in the United States after their VISAs expired.

      Eduardo and Nicki did the NXIVM way of beating the immigration system. Something to be proud of.

      Not sneaking across the border but under the immigration laws.

      Of course, their spouses and close friends are not going to be truthful about their marriages. That would end them up in trouble with the law.

      Eduardo’s mother must be very proud of her son. After all that education, he ends up being a ringleader for a mob boss of a sex cult.

      Hey, it got her citizenship. Welcome to America, mom.

    • Hi, Alanzo 👋

      Rhetorical question: Is there any enabler of the sexual abuse & rape of women (especially young women) that you aren’t proud to know?

      Obvious answer: No.

      Your disappointment at being too late to vulture on Keith’s sloppy seconds/thirds/fourths is palpable.

      Of course, in the case of Eduardo, “know” means you tagged him on Twitter. You’re such a loser that even the Discarded DOS Dolls and Raniere’s Butt Boys won’t have anything to do with you.

      But I stay in touch, so aren’t I considerate?


    • Hi Martha, this is Eduardo.

      Thanks for the opportunity to fill in the blanks.

      I was not a private student but part of NAW (New Actors Workshop) an inexpensive but wonderful school. His class had anything from 25 to 30 actors and directors at every point.

      I was unfortunately and fortunately not rich at all. I was actually buzzing tables at a restaurant in midtown to pay for my living in NYC.

  • When you come to America and participate at a high a criminal conspiracy with a cult you ARE a burden on the tax payers.

    All that investigating. Long criminal trials. Incarceration of his fellow cult criminals.

    That shit ain’t free.

    KRC, what would you guess Nxivm/ESP and all things Keith Raniere – including John Tighe’s case & Susan Dones etc. cost the good taxpayers of the United States?

    Remember Nxians themselves laundered money and preached not to pay taxes. Not to follow the laws. Multiple immigration frauds. Including documented cases of marriage fraud. You know… Normal ” admiration of the country” stuff.

      • Alex-

        There won’t be any neck slicing…….

        The halfway-house Alanzo resides in doesn’t allow knives. 😉

    • Hi.
      I wish we could dialogue without mockery or hate, but I understand this site is based on the freedom of speech, so as much as I disapprove of what you say I will die for your right to say it.

      If you ever do decide to provide information on how I participated at a high level in a criminal conspiracy, I will welcome and publish every piece of evidence you have to support your claim.

      • A series of empty cliches and nonsense. Exactly what I expect from a NXIVM dead-ender.

        Your image salvage campaign is doomed, Eduardo

      • Eduardo,

        — I wish we could dialogue without mockery or hate.

        Funny, I wish Keith Raniere never raped or molested anyone.

        You mentioning, freedom of speech is priceless. Raniere silenced his critics and curbed their free speech via intimidation and lawsuits, all funded by Bronfman money.

        BTW: Did going on Mexican television and begging Emiliano Salinas to call you work?
        I remember the two of you shared a magical car ride. 😉

      • Eduardo,

        — I wish we could dialogue without mockery or hate.

        Funny, I wish Keith Raniere never raped or molested anyone.

      • “I understand this site is based on the freedom of speech”

        What planet do you live on?! Frank, is a fucking price of shit when it comes to free speech on here! You obviously haven’t seen what this jackasses does to say something that stupid!

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