NXIVM Civil Suit: Suneel Responds to Glazer; Has No Collateral, or Hard Drive; Repeats Assertion of Tampering With Camila Photos

Suneel Chakravorty

As the civil case, Edmondson et al v. Raniere, et al, continues, a status conference held on Tuesday before US District Court Judge Eric Komitee advanced matters slowly.

For the 81 plaintiffs, all former NXIVM members, attorneys Neil Glazer, William Hoese and Zahra Dean appeared.

Neil Glazer

For defendant Clare Bronfman, attorneys Ronald Sullivan, Craig Martin and Sara Horton appeared. For defendant Sara Bronfman, Jaime Wareham and Israel David appeared.

These attorneys appeared in person, Their clients, the Bronfman sisters, did not appear. Clare is in prison in Philadelphia, and, last we heard, Sara had left the USA and resides in Portugal.

MK10Art’s portrait of Sara Bronfman

Defendants Keith Raniere, and Allison Mack are also in prison, with Raniere in USP Tucson and Mack in FCI Dublin in CA. They did not appear or have anyone representing them. Suneel Chakravorty, via the power of attorney granted to him by Raniere, informed the court that the Vanguard is seeking to hire an attorney to represent him.

Kathy Russell, Nancy and Lauren Salzman also did not appear or have anyone in court to represent them.

Defendants Dr. Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne and Dr. Brandon Porter appeared pro se by telephone.

The Court set the following schedule:

– The defendants’ anticipated motions to dismiss are due by January 14, 2022;

– The plaintiffs’ response is due by February 14, 2022; and

– Replies by the defendants, if any, are due by February 28, 2022.

All discovery is stayed pending resolution of the motions to dismiss.

Danielle Roberts’ motion to have the court appoint counsel for her was denied by the judge.

Before the court is a motion by the plaintiffs to be able to sue anonymously. The judge ordered that by December 10, Plaintiffs shall submit an additional letter in support of their motion for this protective order.

Attorney Glazer, who is the lead attorney on the case for the plaintiffs, had previously requested a subpoena be issued to Suneel Chakravorty to get his under oath answers concerning nude photos of Camila which might be collateral and hard drives once belonging to Raniere, that might be in his possession, and might have evidentiary value in the civil case.

Judge Komitte referred the decision of whether or not to permit Glazer to serve a subpoena on Chakravorty, who is not a party in the lawsuit, to Chief Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak.

Prior to the hearing, Chakravorty fired off a letter to Judge Komitte presenting his position on the matter

In his letter, Chakravorty denied he had anything of evidentiary value for the civil case:

“…. I am not in possession, nor have I ever been, of any hard drive, or copy thereof, from the criminal case [against Raniere]…  I do not possess any DOS collateral, nor do I possess or have I ever seen any nude photographs of Camila, one of the plaintiffs in the case before you.

“To my knowledge, I possess no evidence that has any relevance to this civil litigation.

“I do possess redacted nude photos [where the breasts and genitals are blurred] of a 27-year-old Camila, taken in 2017. which contain no visible appendectomy scar. The original, unredacted version of the photos, which I do not possess, were not collateral.

The first-line Masters in a circle around their Master. The first-line Masters have also been referred to as the Founding Sisters of DOS.

“I was informed that these [nude] photos were voluntarily and happily taken by the founding sisters of DOS as a ritual before meetings and were not meant for anyone to use as collateral.”

Chakravorty went on to explain that he possesses the redacted nudes of Camila to help free Raniere.

“The purpose of the redacted photos is to possibly be used as evidence in the criminal proceeding of the USA v Raniere, to show that the prosecution’s determining the age of the subject [Camila] in the photos based on the lack of an appendectomy scar is not dispositive and the redacted photos are not to be otherwise disseminated.”

In the criminal case, evidence was presented that proved to the satisfaction of the jury that Camila was under the age of consent when photos of her were taken by Raniere. Among the evidence was testimony that Camila had an appendectomy when she was 16 and that the photos presented to the jury showed no visible scars, suggesting that the photos were taken when she was 16 or under.

Chaktravorty’s argument is that these later photos, – which were taken of Camila in 2017, when she was 27 and which reveal no visible scar – put into question the dating of the Camila photos shown to jurors in the criminal trial.

Suneel told the judge “I would be glad to submit these redacted photos to the Court, ex parle and under seal.”

Chakravorty pressed the Camila matter further, going on at length about issues that are not rightly part of the civil matter, pressing in a public letter, his allegations that the FBI tampered with the Camila photos to convict an innocent Raniere.

“As Mr. Raniere·s power of attorney,” Chakravorty wrote, “I have referred cyber forensics experts to his criminal counsel to investigate his allegation that the FBI falsified and tampered with evidence. These experts signed a Protective Order and had access to protected discovery materials. The experts include the following:

“Dr. James Richard Kiper, Ph.D., who served in the FBI for 20 years and retired in 2019, in good standing. He is a celebrated whistleblower and the ”raison d’etre” of the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2016.

“Mr. Steve Abrams, M.S., J.D., who has advised and trained federal, state and local law enforcement in cyber forensics for three decades, on over 1,200 cases.

“Mr. Wayne Norris, who has been an expert witness in roughly I00 cases. holds several patents in nuclear instrumentation, and has a diverse technical background, from working on the Apollo project, to project managing for the US Navy. to digital forensics.”

Chakravorty, continuing in his argument that is not directly related to the civil case, but undoubtedly presented to be placed on the public record, that his experts were shocked at what they saw in the Raniere case.

“After examining the forensic evidence,” Chakravorty wrote, “they issued reports which may be used in a motion in the criminal case.”

He listed as their findings:

  • FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth provided false testimony.
  • An unknown person improperly accessed and altered data on the camera card on 9/19/18.
  • Photos were added to the camera card while the device was in FBI custody, between 4/l l / I 9 and 6/ I l / I 9.
  • Date and times of photos on the hard drive were manually altered.
  • Folder names were manually set to exact dates and times in 2005, to corroborate the fabricated photo dates.
  • The backup folder on the hard drive containing the photos was backdated and manually placed on the hard drive and efforts were made to conceal the forgery and make it look like a legitimate automatic computer backup.

He then quoted the experts starting with Dr. Kiper

Dr. James Richard Kiper

Kiper: “In my 20 years as an FBI agent. I have never observed or claimed that an FBI employee tampered with evidence, digital or otherwise. But in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered constitute evidence manipulation. And when so many human-generated alterations happen to align with the government’s narrative, I believe any reasonable person would conclude that evidence tampering had taken place. My analysis demonstrates that some of these alterations definitely took place while the devices were in the custody of the FBI. Therefore, in the absence of any other plausible explanation it is my expert opinion that the FBI must have been involved in this evidence tampering.”

Cyber lawyer Steven Abrams

He quoted Abrams: “[I]t saddens me to conclude that the most plausible explanation for these artifacts is manual alteration of the digital photographic and file system evidence and an unsuccessful attempt to cover that manual alteration, at least some of which had to have occurred while the evidence was in the custody of the FBI.”

Wayne Norris cyber expert.

And quoted Norris: “I believe based on what I have reviewed that Dr. Kiper is correct in his assessments that no plausible explanation exists for the anomalies in the Government’s exhibits other than intentional tampering on the part of the Government.”

Chakravorty concluded his letter to the judge with, “I hope that the above information assuages Mr. Glazer’s concerns and provides this Court with useful context.”

Maybe it will assuage Mr. Glazer, but I wouldn’t count on it.

In the meantime – and yes, I know it’s been said before – Viva Executive Success!




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  • Paul-

    Excellent article!

    “The prosecution’s short opening statements were delivered by the younger and prettier AUSA Lara Pomerantz. It’s a deliberate maneuver to present their case with someone that roughly matches the demographics of the victims. (This worked out well in the Keith Raniere trial)”

    I had no idea that DAs actually do this.

    Hope all is well. I look forwards to reading your next article.


  • Suneel has been quiet as a church mouse of late after being mentioned by Glazer. Raniere is out of SHU and Suneel pops up again; must have received new instructions from his master on how to play the next move. Will be fun to watch the next salvo.

  • Suneel keeps saying he has Raniere’s power of attorney but it means nothing.

    It doesn’t mean anything to a court of law. He cannot represent him in court as if he’s Raniere’s lawyer.

    Raniere himself could have written the very same letter letting the Judge know he was looking for a civil attorney to represent him in this matter and he had been in the SHU.

    He could have paid his current attorney, who does civil matters, an extra fee to write one simple letter letting the Judge know this without taking on representing Raniere.

    This letter written by Suneel was intended for a deeper reason if you read the message.

    We’re on to you, Suneel Chakravorty.

    Frank, they got you to publish it anyway. It’s crap.

  • Why is Suneel writing the Judge in the civil case about this so-called Rule 33 BS?

    More hot air for him to puff his chest about and for Frank to, once again, post.

    As if we haven’t heard it for how frickin long? Just file the dam thing.

    Oh, that’s right Keith Rainier can’t find an attorney with balls big enough to file it.

    Why… because Raniere’s team hired their own expert during his trial

    His defense team didn’t put him on the stand. One guess why? Raniere’s expert couldn’t find anything wrong with the hard drive either.

    Frank, this Rule 33, I have proof is getting old. It’s only keeping hope for Raniere’s faithful alive. You’re fanning their hope by continuing to post this BS.

    If there was an ounce of truth in this, any of Raniere’s lawyers would have had it filed already.

    Stop it, Frank, for the love of God. It’s never going to happen because it’s a big lie.

  • Oh man. At this point? I hardly have anything left to say.

    I’ve challenged suneel to post his dick pic many times. If it’s no big deal? Shouldn’t be a problem for the guy. But he won’t.

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    In an 18-minute YouTube video titled “Seriously Alec?,” John Schneider said Thursday’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was “all designed to make us feel sorry for Alec Baldwin.” He also claimed the actor’s tears during the sit-down interview were “bullshit.”

    Seriously Alec?

    • A few minutes into this Schneider tears up in an extremely convincing demonstration of how easily actors can manipulate us. Had me thinking of Allison Mack’s teary eyed performance before Judge Garaufis in court.

      A reminder to us all not to be taken in. Baldwin’s 20/20 tears may have been genuine. Mack’s may have been genuine. Or they may have been fake. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to tell the difference.

      As for poor Alec Baldwin, I stand behind him. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t stand in front of him!

      • Aristotle wrote:

        “Baldwin’s 20/20 tears may have been genuine. Mack’s may have been genuine. Or they may have been fake. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to tell the difference.”

        Aristotle has laid out some hardcore epistemology here:

        We are blind to our enemy’s sincerity.

        • Alanzo-

          It’s so interesting that you of all people mention epistemology, cuz everything that comes out of your mouth is from your opinionated/perspective. 😉
          I have an important question for you!
          My question to you touches on ‘eschatology’. In your Universe of Alanzo, is the End of Days marked by the eating of the last Ring Ding? I find you to be somewhat of a wise sage.

        • –We are blind to our enemy’s sincerity.

          No. He’s just simply stated that actors are good at fooling people, and that it is difficult to distinguish what is fake and what is real with them because they are skilled at making the inauthentic (simulation) appear authentic (real). In other words, actors can be very good liars.

          You question your enemy’s sincerity for an altogether different reason. You simply don’t trust them when they want something good for you precisely because they are your enemy.

          I highly doubt any of these people are Aristotle’s enemy. He just doesn’t trust them because they’re in a situation where they face severe punishment, knowingly and willfully perpetrated acts that resulted in the former, have a background of simulating due to their profession, and would be willing to use that skill to ameliorate it.

  • Any and all nude photos taken with each and every DOS slave once the women were blackmailed slaves are collateral.

    Keith literally instructed them to “take it again. Look happier” when demanding nudes.

    It was baked into the mind-f×ck of DOS. You are a blackmailed slave but must “appear” happy.

    And forcing the women to be nude together was grooming them to normalize group sex with Keith.

  • “I have blurred nude photos of one of the DOS victims, Camilla, taken shortly before she left NXIVM, but someone (not Camilla) told me those photos were taken happily and voluntarily so therefore I don’t possess any collateral.”

    – Suneel, confessing in a letter to the judge that he is in possession of collateral

    • Good catch. His statements are strange like that plus, if you read them carefully, inconsistent depending on which piece of evidence he’s talking about, and leaves him wiggle room as to what he as, or may have in the past, possessed or viewed. No wonder Glaser wants to question him under oath.

  • Good reminder that Suneel has been as quiet as a church mouse since he wrote this letter over a month ago.

    He’s all hat and no cowboy.

    If there were an Olympics event in grasping at straws, Suneel, Nicki, Danielle, Alanzo and other assorted dead-enders would win the team gold medal. 🥇

    Such a major surprise Danielle Roberts’ motion to have the court appoint counsel for her was denied by the judge.

    Who would expect that a few days after she posted a video on Twitter announcing the money she has raised for attorneys?

    These idiots are all pure comedy.


  • huellas.mx

    noviembre 25, 2021 By Redacción Huellas

    Métodos de la secta Nxivm en el Queen Mary School

    Los reproduce Gena Cuevas Guevara, hija de la directora
    Exprofesores y empleados aseguran que reproduce en la institución educativa el modus operandi que utilizó Raniere en la oscura organización, usada para someter a mujeres en sus esclavas sexuales; Gena fue una de las “instructoras” del estadounidense
    Redacción Huellas de México

    Nacida en el seno de una familia pudiente, hija del psiquiatra Pablo Alfonso Cuevas Corona y de María Eugenia de Lourdes Guevara y Nieto, directora general del Colegio Queen Mary School, Gena Cuevas Guevara es, podría decirse, el lunar del clan Cuevas Guevara.

    Millonaria gracias a la tenacidad de sus padres, fue una de las “instructoras” o “ayudantes” del estadounidense Keith Raniere, fundador y líder de la oscura secta Nxivm (se pronuncia néxium) cuyo plan de estudios de desarrollo personal utilizaba para someter a mujeres en sus esclavas sexuales, por lo que un tribunal de Nueva York lo sentenció a 120 años de prisión en octubre de 2020, al ser encontrado culpable de asociación delictiva, lavado de dinero, extorsión, tráfico sexual y posesión de pornografía infantil, entre otros delitos.

    Gena Cuevas Guevara, ahora es acusada de reproducir en el Colegio Queen Mary School (que dirige su madre), el modus operandi que por dos décadas su mentor Raniere utilizó, además de los delitos antes citados, para implementar esquemas fiscales que le facilitaron la evasión de impuestos a empresas, sindicatos y gobiernos de los tres niveles.

    Desde que Raniere cayó en desgracia, el nombre de Gena volvió a ponerse en la palestra pública por su relación con el estadounidense, y por lo que se asegura viene haciendo en el Queen Mary School con el disimulo de su madre.

    La hija de la directora general de la conocida institución educativa tiene todo: ocupa uno de los cargos más altos en dicho Colegio, tiene nombre, poder y mucho dinero. Es amiga de políticos, de empresarios y de algunos simpatizantes del oscuro culto creado por Raniere que incluía, según reportes, a actrices de Hollywood, herederas de la élite de México y Estados Unidos e incluso a dos de los hijos del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari; a una hija del dueño del periódico Reforma, Alejandro Junco de la Vega; a Ana Cristina Fox, hija del expresidente Vicente Fox; Federico de la Madrid, hijo del expresidente Miguel de la Madrid; Alejandra González Anaya, hermana del exsecretario de Hacienda José Antonio González Anaya; y Javier Jileta Verduzco, exdirector general de vinculación con organizaciones de la sociedad civil de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE).

    Abusos y discriminación

    Las acusaciones en contra Gena Cuevas Guevara no son nuevas. Incluso se han incrementado, ante el disimulo o la indiferencia de las autoridades educativas y del Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación, Conapred, órgano dependiente de la Secretaría de Gobernación, creado para prevenir y eliminar la discriminación como es cosa cotidiana en el Queen Mary School, ubicado en la calle Río Balsas 12, alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, en la Ciudad de México, para someter a los profesores, trabajadores (as) administrativos y al alumnado.

    –Para impedirlo, debemos insistir en que intervengan las secretarías de Educación Pública y de Gobernación, así como la Comisión de Derechos Humanos –dicen exprofesores, padres de familia y alumnas acosadas, abusadas sexualmente o sufrido discriminación dentro del citado colegio. Parte de estas denuncias aparecen en más de un centenar de denuncias publicadas en diferentes páginas web o en cartulinas colgadas en tendederos afuera de las instalaciones del citado Colegio.

    De acuerdo a estas denuncias, la hija de la directora general del QMS, por medio del coaching Francisco de Zataraín, quien en su página web se anuncia como “conflictóIogo, agente de cambio, especialista en comunicación estratégica interpersonal, fundador y presidente de la organización Contra el Bullying AC”, el profesorado y los trabajadores de administración (“gente muy valiosa trabajando en ese lugar sometida a abusos”) tienen que soportar ofensas a su familia y “ataques” psicológicos” para ganarse su confianza y no ser despedidos.

    En los textos publicados en las redes sociales se relata lo que sucede en esa institución educativa: “Para empezar, dice uno de los textos publicado el pasado mes de abril, es necesario dejar en claro que el QMS reproduce el sistema desigual del país: unos pocos, los de más arriba, gozan de todos los privilegios, mientras que el resto, quienes prácticamente sostienen la escuela, viven sometidos a abusos constantes… y el terror a ser despedido.

    “Basta con que algún coordinador o director tenga algo contra alguien para empezar a llenar su trayectoria de obstáculos. Para ser despedido, basta con caerle mal a quienes toman estas decisiones, de esta forma se pondrán todos los esfuerzos en justificar un despido.

    “Trabajar ahí deja secuelas emocionales, lo sé porque lo viví y porque muchos me lo han compartido. No me sorprende que no se haya levantado la voz desde la perspectiva de los trabajadores, pues en nuestro caso, nuestro futuro profesional puede verse afectado. El poder que se ejerce ahí no es algo sometido simplemente a caprichos, sino que se torna grave desde el momento en el que se sabe que Gena Cuevas Guevara, hija de la directora, se formó y trabajó como coach en el programa ESP de la controvertida secta Nxivm”.

    En las denuncias se recuerda que otros miembros del personal, siguiendo los pasos de la hija de la directora –que ocupa uno de los cargos más altos en el colegio–, intentaron formarse en este grupo, entre ellos la coordinadora Gabriela Olguín, con poco éxito, ya que son grupos muy elitistas y el estatus socioeconómico determina quién asciende y quién no.

    “No obstante, el deseo de pertenecer a este grupo se refleja en sus mismas prácticas violentas y punitivas hacia el personal. Podría ser una elección personal y sin importancia, de no ser porque esos comportamientos e ideas han influido con determinación en la forma de tratar a las personas y de llevar las cosas dentro del colegio”.

    Sostienen que, sin embargo, la forma en la que operaba Nxivm, mediante Cuevas Guevara se ha reproducido dentro del colegio. “Se le da más importancia a esto que al tema académico”. La hija de la directora del Queen Mary School y el grupo que la sigue “siempre buscan influir en los demás y ganar adeptos. Dentro de las capacitaciones laborales a maestros se han invertido grandes sumas de dinero –del dinero de las colegiaturas, claro está– para dar pláticas y capacitaciones que no llevan a nada.

    “Francisco de Zataraín, quien es sumamente violento, es una especie de gurú para Gena Cuevas, así como para las coordinadoras Erika Vigil y Gabriela Olguín, quienes reproducen ese mismo modelo violento con sus empleados. Los maestros son obligados a participar en estas sesiones donde este sujeto, sin conocer la situación de cada uno, elige a alguien durante sus pláticas para humillarlo lo más posible; razón por las que la mayoría de las y los maestros (si no es que todos), lo detestan.

    “Estas sesiones someten a grados inimaginables de tensión al personal. Pero esto no importa, porque su vínculo con las coordinadoras es mucho más fuerte. Todo lo que él dice o propone no se cuestiona, incluso cuando la charlatanería de Zataraín es demasiado evidente. Pero si algún docente expresa su inconformidad, se le dice que es porque él o ella no quiere cambiar: la responsabilidad siempre es de otros.

    Reclutadora de Raniere

    Después de la condena a 120 años de cárcel a Raniere, la hija de la directora general del Colegio Queen Mary School volvió acaparar los reflectores.

    Como “entrenadora” de la secta Nxivm, reclutó a otros en el grupo y junto con ella aparecen poco más de 200 “entrenadores” que seguían el escandaloso sueño de Raniere, la mayoría reclutados por el hijo del expresidente Salinas, Emiliano Salinas Occelli (director de Nxivm en México y el seguidor de más confianza de Rainere). Todos eran miembros de alto rango de la secta, contra los que ninguna autoridad ha girado orden de aprehensión como, en Estados Unidos, se hizo con Raniere y los otros líderes de Nxivm: Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman y Allison Mack.

    Meses antes, el 10 de febrero de 2020, sin embargo, una demanda colectiva resucitó el escándalo de Nxivm en los tribunales y, por primera vez, cuatro mexicanas enfrentaron cargos en la Unión Americana: Daniela Padilla Bergeron, Ivu Nevares, Mónica Durán, Loreta Garza, Camila, Mariana, Daniela y Rosa Laura Junco. Garza dirigía Rainbow Cultural Gardens, una red mundial de jardines de niños de la secta en Monterrey, Nuevo León y Junco, como parte de The Knife, el instrumento propagandístico de la secta. Padilla, Durán, Garza y Junco son acusadas de ser “armas de primera línea” y de organizar y dirigir la secta bajo las órdenes de Raniere.

    Clasismo y acoso sexual

    Las denunciantes también recuerdan el clasismo, la discriminación y el abuso sexual al que hace años fueron sometidas algunas alumnas y, al parecer, prevalece en el QMS: “En cuanto al tema del clasismo, puedo decir que evidentemente hay privilegios. No se trata igual a todos los alumnos. Si se considera que uno da mala imagen, se le expulsa, como ocurrió con una chica de 6º hace algunos años, cuyo nombre no revelo porque no me corresponde a mí esa denuncia. En el caso del personal, la voz de los hombres cuenta mucho más que la de cualquier mujer”.

    Exhortan a denunciar estas anomalías: “Si alguien más está dudando en compartir su testimonio, les animo a hacerlo, perdamos el temor y la indiferencia. Muchas veces vivimos estas situaciones y las asumimos como normales, internalizamos la violencia y no cuestionamos lo que ocurre. Nos acostumbramos a callar, pero así jamás detendremos estos abusos. Esto tiene que parar. Es por ello que no debería sorprendernos lo que las exalumnas que hoy levantan desde este blog han dicho.

    “Si como empleada estuve en desventaja, puedo imaginar lo que ellas sintieron, pues al ser menores es muy claro por qué las ignoraron en momentos tan difíciles y es muy lamentable que las hayan invalidado y hasta amenazado. Su edad y sexo las pusieron en una inmerecida desventaja.

    “Hay daños irreversibles y se siente una gran impotencia el saber que al colegio sólo le importa su imagen y reputación. Pero me da cierta paz saber que aporto un poco a que estas chicas se sientan acompañadas, que sepan que somos muchas quienes les creemos y que, por lo menos en mi caso, si algún día vuelvo a trabajar con niñas o adolescentes, estaré con los ojos muy abiertos para detener esta serie de eventos catastróficos que nos marcan por siempre”.

    Estas denuncias ponen en evidencia la dinámica interna del citado colegio (algo muy parecido a lo que se hacía en la secta de Raniere), en cuyas sesiones en las que las coordinadoras seguidoras de Gena Cuevas humillan y reducen a basura a los empleados y al alumnado, sin que ninguna autoridad hago algo para impedirlo.



    November 25, 2021 By Redacción Huellas

    Nxivm sect’s methods at Queen Mary School

    They are reproduced by Gena Cuevas Guevara, daughter of the principal.
    Former teachers and employees claim that she reproduces in the educational institution the modus operandi used by Raniere in the obscure organization, used to subjugate women into his sex slaves; Gena was one of the “instructors” of the American.
    Editorial Staff Huellas de México

    Born into a wealthy family, daughter of psychiatrist Pablo Alfonso Cuevas Corona and María Eugenia de Lourdes Guevara y Nieto, general director of Queen Mary School, Gena Cuevas Guevara is, it could be said, the mole of the Cuevas Guevara clan.

    A millionaire thanks to her parents’ tenacity, she was one of the “instructors” or “assistants” of the American Keith Raniere, founder and leader of the obscure sect Nxivm (pronounced néxium) whose personal development curriculum he used to subjugate women into his sex slaves, for which a New York court sentenced him to 120 years in prison in October 2020, having been found guilty of criminal association, money laundering, extortion, sex trafficking and possession of child pornography, among other crimes.

    Gena Cuevas Guevara, is now accused of reproducing at Queen Mary School (run by her mother), the modus operandi that for two decades her mentor Raniere used, in addition to the aforementioned crimes, to implement tax schemes that facilitated the evasion of taxes from companies, unions and governments of the three levels.

    Since Raniere’s disgrace, Gena’s name has been in the public eye again for her relationship with the American, and for what she is said to have been doing at Queen Mary School with her mother’s dissimulation.

    The daughter of the general director of the well-known educational institution has everything: she occupies one of the highest positions in the school, she has a name, power and a lot of money. She is friends with politicians, businessmen and some sympathizers of the obscure cult created by Raniere that included, according to reports, Hollywood actresses, heiresses of the elite of Mexico and the United States and even two of the sons of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari; a daughter of the owner of the Reforma newspaper, Alejandro Junco de la Vega; Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former President Vicente Fox; Federico de la Madrid, son of former President Miguel de la Madrid; Alejandra González Anaya, sister of former Secretary of Finance José Antonio González Anaya; and Javier Jileta Verduzco, former Director General of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

    Abuses and discrimination

    The accusations against Gena Cuevas Guevara are not new. They have even increased, in the face of the dissimulation or indifference of the educational authorities and the National Council to Prevent Discrimination, Conapred, a body under the Ministry of the Interior, created to prevent and eliminate discrimination as it is a daily occurrence at the Queen Mary School, located at 12 Río Balsas Street, in the Cuauhtémoc district of Mexico City, to subjugate teachers, administrative workers and students.

    -To prevent this, we must insist that the Ministries of Public Education and the Interior intervene, as well as the Human Rights Commission,” say former teachers, parents and students who have been harassed, sexually abused or discriminated against at the school. Some of these allegations appear in more than a hundred complaints published in different web pages or on posters hung on clotheslines outside the school’s facilities.

    According to these denunciations, the daughter of the general director of QMS, through the coaching Francisco de Zataraín, who on his website advertises himself as “conflictologist, change agent, specialist in interpersonal strategic communication, founder and president of the organization Contra el Bullying AC”, the faculty and administration workers (“very valuable people working in that place subjected to abuse”) have to endure offenses to their family and psychological “attacks” to gain their trust and not be fired.

    The texts published in the social networks relate what happens in that educational institution: “To begin with, says one of the texts published last April, it is necessary to make it clear that QMS reproduces the unequal system of the country: a few, those at the top, enjoy all the privileges, while the rest, those who practically sustain the school, live subjected to constant abuses… and the terror of being fired.

    “It is enough for a coordinator or director to have something against someone to begin to fill his or her career with obstacles. To be fired, it is enough to be disliked by those who make these decisions, in this way they will put all their efforts into justifying a dismissal.

    “Working there leaves emotional sequels, I know because I lived it and because many have shared it with me. I am not surprised that no voice has been raised from the workers’ perspective, because in our case, our professional future may be affected. The power that is exercised there is not something that is simply subject to whims, but becomes serious from the moment it is known that Gena Cuevas Guevara, daughter of the director, was trained and worked as a coach in the ESP program of the controversial sect Nxivm”.

    The allegations recall that other staff members, following in the footsteps of the principal’s daughter – who holds one of the highest positions in the school – tried to train in this group, among them the coordinator Gabriela Olguín, with little success, as they are very elitist groups and socioeconomic status determines who gets promoted and who does not.

    “However, the desire to belong to this group is reflected in their very violent and punitive practices towards staff. It could be a personal and unimportant choice, were it not for the fact that these behaviors and ideas have purposefully influenced the way they treat people and run things within the school.”

    They argue, however, that the way Nxivm operated, through Cuevas Guevara has been replicated within the school. “More importance is given to this than to academics.” The daughter of the director of Queen Mary School and the group that follows her “always seek to influence others and gain followers. Within the teachers’ job training, large sums of money have been invested – of course, of tuition money – to give talks and training that lead to nothing.

    “Francisco de Zataraín, who is extremely violent, is a kind of guru for Gena Cuevas, as well as for coordinators Erika Vigil and Gabriela Olguín, who reproduce this same violent model with their employees. Teachers are forced to participate in these sessions where this subject, without knowing the situation of each one, chooses someone during his talks to humiliate him as much as possible; reason why most teachers (if not all), detest him.

    “These sessions put unimaginable degrees of stress on the staff. But this doesn’t matter, because his bond with the coordinators is much stronger. Everything he says or proposes goes unchallenged, even when Zataraín’s charlatanism is all too evident. But if any teacher expresses non-conformity, he or she is told that it is because he or she does not want to change: the responsibility always lies with others.

    Raniere’s recruiter

    After Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison, the daughter of the CEO of Queen Mary School was once again in the spotlight.

    As “trainer” of the Nxivm sect, she recruited others into the group, and along with her appear just over 200 “trainers” who followed Raniere’s scandalous dream, most of them recruited by the son of former President Salinas, Emiliano Salinas Occelli (director of Nxivm in Mexico and Rainere’s most trusted follower). All of them were high-ranking members of the sect, against whom no authority has issued an arrest warrant, as was done in the United States with Raniere and the other Nxivm leaders: Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack.
    Months earlier, on February 10, 2020, however, a class action lawsuit resurrected the Nxivm scandal in the courts and, for the first time, four Mexican nationals faced charges in the U.S.: Daniela Padilla Bergeron, Ivu Nevares, Monica Duran, Loreta Garza, Camila, Mariana, Daniela and Rosa Laura Junco. Garza ran Rainbow Cultural Gardens, a worldwide network of the sect’s kindergartens in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and Junco, as part of The Knife, the sect’s propaganda tool. Padilla, Durán, Garza and Junco are accused of being “front-line weapons” and of organizing and directing the cult under Raniere’s orders.
    Classism and sexual harassment

    The complainants also recall the classism, discrimination and sexual abuse to which some female students were subjected years ago and, apparently, prevails at QMS: “On the issue of classism, I can say that there are obviously privileges. Not all students are treated equally. If one is considered to give a bad image, one is expelled, as happened to a girl in 6th grade a few years ago, whose name I do not reveal because it is not up to me to make such a complaint. In the case of the staff, the voice of the men counts much more than that of any woman.”

    They urge people to denounce these anomalies: “If anyone else is hesitating to share their testimony, I encourage them to do so, let us lose fear and indifference. Many times we live these situations and we assume them as normal, we internalize violence and we do not question what happens. We get used to remain silent, but this way we will never stop these abuses. This has to stop. That is why we should not be surprised by what the alumnae who today raise from this blog have said.
    “If as an employee I was at a disadvantage, I can imagine what they felt, because as minors it is very clear why they were ignored in such difficult times and it is very unfortunate that they were invalidated and even threatened. Their age and sex put them at an undeserved disadvantage.

    “There is irreversible damage and it feels very impotent to know that the school only cares about its image and reputation. But it gives me a certain peace to know that I contribute a little to making these girls feel accompanied, that they know that there are many of us who believe them and that, at least in my case, if I ever work with girls or adolescents again, I will be with my eyes wide open to stop this series of catastrophic events that mark us forever.”
    These denunciations highlight the internal dynamics of the aforementioned school (something very similar to what was done in Raniere’s sect), in whose sessions the coordinators, followers of Gena Cuevas, humiliate and reduce the employees and students to garbage, without any authority doing anything to stop it.

  • Frank’s an asshole and won’t post our shit, patriots! I’ll just copy and paste our previous conversation about reminiscing Patriot God here and to restart it and continue it! Hopefully, the dumb nigger posting our shit will put everything in chronological order and not leave shit out this time but no guarantees with a sorry dumb guido like him until he’s executed and a true white patriotic man is operating this website!

  • Yada yada yada about Sunil.

    What happened at the 12/1 Ambrose hearing ??? Please tell me Judge Aldeman was removed ?

  • So- I am just an observer. I was asked to attend an intensive around 2003(ish) by my sister’s best friend’s lesbian moms (six degrees?). I was def into it until they said the cost. I’m a cheap bitch. My concern is this- I have been following this story and blog so much, I am feeling compelled to write to Keith. I need some advice regarding this urge. I have grown to respect the community of the Frank Report very very much. So should I send a message – or refrain so I don’t get mind f**ked?

    • Don’t waste your precious time writing to a man of very average intelligence. I have met him and thought he was a fraud 30 seconds after watching him interact with his harem groupies.

      • That’s funny – perhaps – who knows – you could be dead nuts right – but I am still curious to hear his “insight” – I’m nosy – not a groupie – I’m quite educated – probably more than you – but not more than Suneel

    • Write to Alonzo. You’ll get the same bang for your buck. He needs a follower and will definitely write back. Guaranteed!

    • Why are you so compelled? Think carefully about why. Do you want to understand why he did what he did?

      Why he did it is not so hard to understand. He did so for his own pleasure and because he thought he could, without regard for anyone else. He convinced others to destroy their own lives. Two doctors lost their licenses to practice medicine. At least one actress went from a millionaire to flat broke, and is now in jail. Other lives were destroyed. The emotional trauma inflicted on others is staggering.

      Or is there some other reason, like attraction? General curiosity? Of course, you do not have to answer these questions for anyone but yourself.

      Keith proved to be very skilled at manipulating women that were in some way emotionally vulnerable. Just look at the women that are still defending his actions. If it had not been for the branding and the blackmail material, he would still be gaslighting women so he could have sex with them. He is a despicable human being.

      You can do as you wish, but my advice, is to walk away and not sucked into a toxic situation like so many other women were.

      • Probably the best advice ever. Thank you for the questions – I honestly do not know what compels me. I appreciate your candor.

      • That’s funny- perhaps- does he have Pam’s 8 million? I’d consider it- but then I’d be a polygamist- and the world isn’t ready for a woman with more than one husband. Also- I have already experienced the cauterizing instrument- when my Fallopian tubes were cut. You are welcome humanity.

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